Twilio Authy

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Authy Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Twilio Authy

4.72 out of 5
41.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Mr. Wiggoni
Authy wins
There are so many Authenticators that I had to analyze each. This one wins due to the ability to change devices and numbers. If you use google authentication you have to do everything all over and there is no backup with google authentication. If you have issues, contact them where they’ll give you steps to recover your account. It’s a bit troublesome in the beginning to figure it out and why it’s not working. You must remember that when you do it, you’re on a trusted devices. If you go into your emails section to “remove all devices” and try again, it’ll request the Authenticator. Which, is what we need. Next, be smart, write down your backup password so you can log back in. I’ve read the critical reviews and that seems to be an issue with their forgetting. Please note, it doesn’t work for yahoo because yahoo doesn’t have it and depend on the two step which can be a problem if hacked. Once those criteria are changed, your screwed because there isn’t support for lost accounts that ever help. They have their version but it’s a physical device that plugs into your machine, via usb, to continue. But that’s specifically for yahoo. At any rate, it’s pretty solid and this is old technology that should have been used years ago to prevent forgotten or hacked passwords.
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4 years ago, Victor Sevier
This is actually better than Google Authenticator!
This authenticator does everything right, it keeps my codes secure, backed up and it does get the job done, and it also is just the absolute best! And it actually works parallel with Google Authenticator! Although, there are a couple of issues that need to be addressed: 1. Authy for Desktop The issue with the desktop version is that every time it is started up, (and this also includes the desktop web version) the codes aren’t synchronized correctly because the codes are refreshed at different times than it actually is on the mobile version because the mobile version always refreshes and gets the right codes in real time, and it’s just not advised to any user reading this, to get the desktop version. It still syncs the right codes, but the syncing is delayed. 2. Dark Mode support! Now, this isn’t really an issue but it’s just like feedback to the developers to add Dark Mode support because the app already looks great, but I want it to look better so please add it and so it can go easy on my eyes when I use this in the nighttime. But, I also have one question. Why is there a clone to the app made by the same devs called Starling 2FA? Isn’t Authy enough or is this supposed to be a companion because, I kind of don’t understand as to why there is already a clone...
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3 years ago, Clark-B
Mostly great with two glaring issues!
Possibly the best 2FA app out there. Unfortunately though it’s lacking two important features and one of those may be a deal breaker for some users. At the very least these two issues keep the app from receiving 5 stars from me. First and most importantly the app lacks the means for adjusting the size of the icons representing each account. So, if your eyesight isn’t perfect or you have trouble seeing, it can be extremely difficult to make out which account is which. There desperately needs to be a way to increase the size of the icons representing your accounts or at the very least, a way to change from a grid style display to a list. Second, there should be a way to sort your accounts in alphabetical order. Why this simple feature is missing is mind-boggling. As a developer who’s tinkered with iOS, this feature would literally only take a few minutes to add.
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7 years ago, thestarfire
Thank You Authy!🤗
Thank you for writing An intelligent app and an option to the horrible POS Google Authenticator. I lost all my codes when I lost my iPhone because Google Authenticator doesn’t have any back up options. I see it as a huge blessing that I lost my iPhone due to hardware failure (Apples not making them like they used to😭). But huge win for me because I was just starting to use 2fa. If this had happened using the google Authenticator app it would have taken me 20-30 hours to try and reset all my accounts and I would have lost very valuable stuff as well😝. Google does search well but that’s about it😂 Thanks for the only intelligent solution currently available for 2fa! You guys are awesome!🤗
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1 year ago, Husky390
Very secure
This is a very secure way to protect your account. There’s no one that can log into your account. I absolutely hate the horrible, almost indecipherable, fuzzy, hard to see pictures showing crosswalks, stairs, bicycles, cars , or motorcycles that I have to keep proving I am not a robot every time even after logging in from my same phone 1000 times!!!! It still thinks I am a robot using my cell phone and same ip, which is face ID protected anyway. Then the entire log in us also face-ID protected. .Then I have to get busy copy/pasting security numbers , using Face ID, switching from Authy to my exchange with a 15 second window of opportunity. So don’t worry- no one can get into your account but after using Authy for over a year, it’s still a little hard to use. But it’s super secure!! You won’t get in for a while either while you are figuring out how.
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4 years ago, Christopher J A
Far from the greatest
Over the years I have set up over 40 websites with 2fa, but every time I got a new phone, I would need to add them all in again, since I used Google authenticator. That’s a pain. With my latest new phone, I wanted to make a change and start using an app that I could transfer, between phones. I chose this app due to it having a desktop app. After adding about 20 of my sites, I started to realize that none of them were named correctly, at least on the desktop app. They were named after my account name. I also started to realize, that the iPhone app kept crashing every time I opened it, and I had to start it up again. At this point, after trying to figure out which site was which, I decided to move on, and installed Microsoft authenticator. What a much better choice, as I do use a lot of Microsoft sites, to begin with. I can also backup and restore all my sites. So, with Authy, an initial bad experience sent me elsewhere.
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6 years ago, awaldoch
Fully featured
I’m very happy with this app overall. It works well, it’s easy to set up, looks nice, and most importantly: it’s secure. My only two gripes are the lack of landscape support on iPad and the speed at which the app opens. When I’m using 2FA on almost every site I’m on, I don’t want to wait 4 or sometimes 5 seconds to load up the app. I want it to happen instantaneously. Sometimes this app feels a bit bloated. I still prefer to use Authy over something like Google Authenticator, which is much faster, because Authy’s UI is better and it’s more fully featured. But even so, these two issues have prevented a 5 star review. I love that this app receives continuous updates so I’m holding out hope that this will be fixed in the near future! Still the best 2FA app out there!
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6 years ago, HarveyBaller
Excellent use for Apple Watch
Not the best graphics, or interface, app even feels a bit sluggish at times and the Settings section UI could be better. But this is the best “Authenticator” app available. The ability to have all your codes securely backed up, and synced across multiple devices, is great. Meaning, you upgrade your phone, and all your hard work is still available. You add an account to one device, you have access to it other places. I also can’t say this enough, love the Watch part of this. So convenient to be able to find my codes on my watch. Even without my iPhone I can still access my codes when I need them quickly. Might be my favorite part.
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6 years ago, sosa0810
Suggestion please read authy
Hey I really enjoy what authy is during. I just have one suggestion that I would appreciate if you can send the head of director of developer. After registering two steps Authenticator with some website, some doesn't show a logo on it. I recommend to have a option to select your own imagine. For example i register the two step authenticator with authy on my account with runescape; however, it doesn't show a logo relating to the game. It give only a option to the ones in your database. Instead of searching for ever website for the logo, let the user be able to select the image they want or if you can create a algorithm to do it. Thank you.
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4 years ago, BigBang VIP
Don’t even use any other MFA apps!
Before I had Authy, I was using the MS Authenticator app and Google Authenticator app. All of my work logins require MFA. Well, one weekend, I lost my phone and was completely screwed when I was trying to log into work. You see, because my apps were on my phone, I couldn’t retrieve my codes. I also couldn’t log in with a text to my phone because I didn’t have my phone. The authenticator apps I had were useless if I didn’t have my phone. After that whole debacle, I got Authy which can be installed onto your phone and desktop. It makes it easy for copying and pasting on your desktop as well. I will never recommend any other authenticator app.
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4 years ago, jhb303
Excellent App
This is the best 2-factor app in the App Store. It is easy to use, updated regularly, and very flexible in that it allows backups and multi-device syncing. It even has a useful Apple Watch App. Before you use this app, or enable 2-factor on any of your accounts, spend the time to understand how 2-factor works and what this App does. 2 factor is a powerful security measure that can keep your accounts safe, but it can cut both ways. If you don’t know what you’re doing you can lock yourself out of your accounts for good. Learn how it works and you’ll be able to improve your security significantly with minimal headaches.
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3 years ago, k05a
This app gave me a big headache
This app gave me a big headache, first of all after install this app automatically linked to my Gemini exchange and I don’t see the option to unlink it. This app is also linked to your phone number which I hate the most so you will have a problem if you lose your phone. So I decided to uninstall it and when did it I lost access to Gemini. I couldn’t install Authy again because I did not check “Allow Multi-device” before. So I had to submit 2FA Account Recovery in Authy and wait 24h to recover my account, they recovered my account after 25h and after that I could login to Gemini but I couldn’t withdraw any money because after Authy linked my Gemini I have to wait another 72h to be able to withdraw any money. This is ridiculous, I just want to deactivate this app and get rid of that and never use it again!!!!
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4 months ago, Eaglemach3
I love this app; but, I need continued desktop support
I love Authy so much because it’s fast and easy and has awesome cross platform sync features. It is very usable unlike so many others in the market. Unfortunately Authy has made a massive mistake by killing their desktop support and unfortunately I will be forced to migrate completely away from Authy when I can no longer use the desktop app. This extremely poor decision to kill desktop support is a deal breaker for most of the users and unfortunately unless this decision is reversed, I will not be able to continue using this app.
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2 years ago, JohnMosesBrowning
Works well, but, has annoying holes
Authy works well and is my preferred Authenticator. That said, there are some annoying features. It frequently interrupts usage asking to enter the backup password. This is the wrong time to ask! I’m busy trying to log into something. I do want to backup, but, there is no way I can find to initiate the backup when I want to. Bad design. The desktop version is almost useless. The display of individual items are frequently not labeled as to the website or application to which they apply. This almost always forces me to use my phone instead of the desktop app. Poor design.
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5 years ago, Trumpi27
Customer support is lacking
The app is great until you need to change your telephone number. I recently moved to the US and got a new telephone number. Unfortunately I received a recycled number from my carrier and the person who had my number before also had an Authy account. I’m already 1 week into trying to change my number and it seems that you cannot contact them by telephone to get this resolved. Email here; submit this form here; get rejected; this is my experience. I hope that Twitch ditches them soon because then I will no longer need it. Update: I’ve been in contact with support and my change was rejected again. Are they even trying? I have no texts or calls to the number. Update 2: I tried merging accounts because I had no luck with support. Now I have access to someone else’s tokens (and my own too). So much for security.
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6 years ago, faelynne
Landscape View! OMG!
I have been using Authy for some years now and have found it to be very useful for secure 2FA sign-ins. I like it better than almost any other similar app because of its ease of use, nifty little icons that make it easy to find what I’m looking for, widgets, visual timer, and overall security. What was driving me to distraction was it not having landscape view since I primarily would be using it with my iPad Pro while typing on my external keyboard. I had actually begun to transfer out of it to another program when landscape view showed up! Now I don’t really need to transfer away! I can stay with Authy! THANK YOU!!!
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4 years ago, AppPERFORMANCE
Use For 1Password Account 2FA
1Password recommends not to use itself for 2FA for THEIR OWN account login (but I use it for ALL OTHER logins). As they put it: “It’s like putting the key to a safe inside the same safe”. They give two recommendations to use for their own account 2FA: Authy and Microsoft. I’ve always had an aversion to Microsoft: ever since they intentionally “went after” the first web browser company, to deliberately put them out of business (by making IE “free” and included with Windows), the only other mention on their site was Authy. Since I trust the security model and expertise of 1Password (and therefore their 2FA recommendation for the 1Password login), Authy is it! Since I only use Authy for ONE login, my review is obviously limited, but if 1Password mentions it, that’s good enough for me!
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6 years ago, Daanyul
Lack of landscape view is very aggravating
I like the app and find it quite useful. But not having landscape mode makes for an immensely frustrating user experience, especially on an iPad. It turns what could be a simple app-switching experience into a physical wrestling match with my iPad to get it reoriented. I do not know why this feature isn’t higher priority. I’d be happy to pay a few bucks, maybe up to 5$, for some sort of crowdfunded stimulus to encourage this feature. I’m sure there are many others who feel similarly. I’d be surprised if it were that difficult of a feature to add.
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3 years ago, tonejac
Much Better Than Google Authenticator
This app is solid. I used to use Google Authenticator until when I changed to a new phone, I couldn’t get my old 2fa keys to come over to my Jew install of Google Authenticator on the new phone. I was locked out of all the stranded from my apps where I set up 2fa. Authy is cloud based so I can have it running on multiple devices. It’s been extremely reliable flexible and useful. My only small gripe is that the logo sizes for each item in my list of apps is way too tiny (but that is just a small visual thing).
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6 months ago,
it works if you have auto updates on
Another app that locks you out until you update the app. Obviously they have some vague hand waving explanation of "to ensure your safety and to make sure youre using the most optimized version of" blah blah blah. there really isn't a good reason to lock you out of your authenticator besides some corporate PR reason. Forced updates are a lame trend since so many companies can't be relied on to consistently release quality updates. It shouldn't happen. Other than that yeah it works consistently. just minus three stars for taking part in this trend of forcing customers into an update cycle that we don't want to be a part of. If it's stable and it has all the features you want, you shouldn't update.
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2 years ago, April and David
Authy is the best of the bunch…
…but even the best apps have room for improvement. Authy could benefit from 1.) the ability to sort tokens, 2.) the ability to view the key for a token, and 3.) something different from locking my Authy account after entering my backups password wrong a few times (this could lock somebody completely out of their digital life). Authy was the first app I used a long time ago and I’ve tried three others. Out of the four, Authy is the winner hands down and Twilio is an excellent company from what I can tell. So much so, that I am going to become a paying subscriber to another of their services.
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3 years ago, DjPaulVolume16
This app is a lifesaver. Highly recommended over SMS two factor authentication and some other similar apps like Duo Mobile and Google Authenticator. This should be used for your password security needs! I quickly learned the pitfalls of SMS 2FA when I unexpectedly had to change my number, and I had to go to great (and time consuming!) lengths to access my accounts again. Authy prevents you from having to experience this when you change your number for whatever reason, and your accounts are all organized and protected in one central location. A must have!
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2 years ago, SkepticG8mer
New device? No problem!
I learned my lesson a few years ago. I used google authenticator as my 2FA for everything. I was naive and didn’t understand the implications of a new device. My thinking at the time was that I would use iCloud to backup everything. I would restored my data to a new device and go throughout the day like any other. Was I wrong… The nightmare I went through for several days to try an access my accounts was unprecedented. On one hand, I appreciated the technology. It worked! On the other, total chaos. After days of going back and forth with companies (around 200 accounts) to access my accounts, I searched for an alternative. That’s when I discovered Authy. The true test was two weeks ago when I upgraded to a new device. I resorted all my data from the iCloud, opened Authy, confirmed my identity, and voilá. All my 2FA accounts were intact.
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7 years ago, majorgearhead
Broken Apple Watch experience
Update: Found if I uninstall the Apple Watch app and reinstalled it that the proper icons come back, however so do some accounts that were previously deleted. To fix that second issue I had to move one of my providers around on the home screen and the watch syncd up then. One more star since it is somewhat working now. Will rate higher when this is addressed in update. Reported a broken Apple Watch experience with company where the logo’s for the 2fa providers do not sync up to what is on the phone. They said it is supposed to be this way. That is not correct. They worked before and even the app page shows logos. Rating low until fixed.
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1 year ago, timl2k9
Sync issue
I have Authy installed on multiple devices. I recently switched phone numbers and updated Authy with the new number. I forgot about Authy for a while, but when I came back to it on other devices it had not updated to the new phone number. This led me to believe my Authy account was still using my old phone number. When I set up Authy on a new computer with the old phone number it acted like there was nothing there (and there shouldn’t have been). That was a big scare. If the sync had been working properly, none of this would have been an issue.
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2 years ago, roovolution
There are better apps
This app was fine when there were no other options, but now both Microsoft and Google have better, more intuitive apps. Also 1Password, which has excellent support for 2FA 1password will even scan QR codes on desktop and automatically fill in codes on sites. When I tired to delete my Authy account, they make you go through a series of acknowledgments, which is nice because you want to make sure you’re not locking yourself out of something. But at the end I get an error saying that I have apps register with Twilio, and so I’m stuck which is very annoying. Anyways, I’m glad to be rid of Authy. My suggestion is for people to try something else.
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6 years ago, cellojones2204
Great app but some room for new features!
I love this app. It's much better than Google Authenticator in my opinion because it allows you the option to backup the account and sync it to multiple accounts. There are little things that I think could be improved like adding in more website logos or being able to add images yourself. Other than that though, I think this app is almost flawless! Edit: so I’m noticing that sometimes when I try unlocking it with TouchID, it doesn’t actually do anything so I have to enter the passcode to actually unlock it. It’s very strange cause it doesn’t happen all the time.
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5 years ago, jedimasterkyle
Total life saver!
I recently upgraded my iPhone and when I found that I could not log into one of my instagram accounts due to the two factor authentication, I thought I was done for. Stupid me forgot that I had enabled two factor through Authy. Since I had enabled backups of my accounts through Authy, I was finally able to get back in! The only things I would recommend for the next version is more company logos (like Instagram) and the ability to sort accounts, whether alphabeticaly or by date created.
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1 year ago, flyguybravo
Still incomplete with no signs of forward movement
How many years have I had this app on my phone now? It still lacks a means of exporting tokens from the app, and the Apple Watch app is entirely useless. If you have more than 3 or 4 tokens, UI elements on the watch just flash/flicker and its impossible to scroll beyond the first three or four. But of course, you can't change the order of those items so I'm left with only the items I need maybe once every two years. It such a disappointment because this app COULD have been something incredibly useful. Save your time and look elsewhere - there are far better apps serving this purpose at this point.
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6 years ago, JJAABB6569
Locked out of major account 24 hours now
I have an account online which I use to do business which utilizes this Service. I have been locked out now for 24 hours and unable to conduct my business. I received one email asking a question for me to answer over 12 hours ago and with numerous emails have not been able to speak with a support person. I use the same phone number and email on a new phone and none of my tokens appear anymore for those accounts which were set up with this service. I highly do NOT recommend this app and service! You want a company which provides immediate help and assistance - not a Company and Service that is unresponsive now going on the second day. If you have business critical work do not use this app and service.
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1 year ago, MiniG0D
Authy was compromised? UI needs work
Simplest issue ever for these people to fix and they are completely tonedeaf to feedback: THE ICONS ARE TOOOO SMALLLLLL. Yes Twilio, we all have lots of accounts and you already limit the length of name that shows up, why can’t you make the icons bigger so we can quickly find the right account? Shouldn’t be too hard! Also the whole adding of a new account is kind of clunky. In most apps you can add an account without needing to go into the whole administration/setup area… there are just too many extra unneeded clicks. Super easy fix but again don’t listen to users! Last, I just found out that they were hacked yet I’ve never seen any emailed notification or announcement in the app, etc. Super disappointing!
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7 months ago, Mistclaw
if youre someone who believes you'll remember your password, then by all means this isnt for you, but on the off chance you do, please write it down. there is absolutely little to no support whatsoever when it comes to decrypting your 2FA. the support page just directs you to write it down or, the chance you switch devices and the old one is already long gone / factory restarted, theres no way to recover any of it unless the apps / logins youre trying to get the authentication from, offer back up alternatives to 2FA such as email or phone numbers. genuinely, i believe there should be an option to recover this in the chance that you cant remember that password, and its on a game you play frequently, just get a different authenticator app. should you forget your backup password or where you wrote it down, its not worth the trouble to try and find support from these developers. they dont even offer contact support. TLDR : get a different authy app, no support / contact support in existence, camt recover back up password if forgotten
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6 years ago, Piper2011
Does the job.
I enjoy the simplicity of how it works, and the system is very safe, my only problem with it, is how long it takes for them to verify your account in case of any problems you have authenticating with your phone number if you haven’t used the app in a while, or update it, change number or info. It once took me over 2 weeks to get It working, lately it’s been better in just a few business days they “authenticate” you, not really sure how that process of verification works, so I can really say much. But if you ever are in an emergency and are unable to gain access, don’t count on Authy to be able to help or act quickly.
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3 years ago, Jeff-in-MA
Best Mobil Auth app
Been using Authy for several years after trying another Authenticator app. That app screwed me when the mobile phone it was on died. There was no recovery for me (the recovery codes were also on that phone. My bad!) Had to start from scratch on all my 2FA accounts. Then I found Authy with secure cloud backup of all my 2FA accounts. I’ve had several new phones since then and all I need to do is install Authy and recover from my backups. No recovery codes to worry about loosing.
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4 years ago, colincw
Promotes proprietary system rather than an open standard
I’m sure the interface is wonderful, but this app is ruined for me by promoting a proprietary system. Specifically I’m trying to setup two factor authentication for SendGrid, owned by Twilio who also makes this app. There’s a secure, open standard for two factor authentication. With it, any number of apps can be used. I’m already using one such app and don’t care to migrate to Authy or any other. Nor do I want to provide my email address to yet another service for something can that can be done securely without. Additionally, by baking in SMS as a backup it reduces the security of two factor authentication, allowing SIM stealing to circumvent it. While SMS backup is a wonderful option, it shouldn’t be required.
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1 year ago, Steve25469
Locked out of app, can’t access finances
My old phone that had Authy installed was destroyed. After getting a new phone with my same number, I can’t log into the app because it requires me to authorize the new login from a previously used device… despite the fact that this device has the EXACT same phone number. Now financial sites and other extremely important things that used this, I’m locked out of because I can no longer use the app. This “security feature” was enabled by default without me even realizing it until I was in this situation and have been unable to find a way to fix it or how to contact them about it. That’s why I’m leaving this review.
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4 years ago, the1maximus
Fantastic App
I absolutely love Authy. I have stepped up and switched all my available accounts to Authy about a year ago. In a recent release you can now search for the logo of the account you are securing, which makes it much easier to spot your accounts. One thing I absolutely love over the other authenticators, is that Authy follows the color scheme of the account. So for example Wyze Cams are a teal color, in authy the colors are teal, but in Snapchat it’s yellow. It may just be a small detail, but it’s the attention to detail that sets them apart.
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5 years ago, Sh3rb3tS
I use Authy to secure all the accounts I own. It is the same thing as google authenticator but better. Authy developers seem to care more about their app than google. But since I have so many things I use 2fac for, I like to keep them organized. And some things have 2fac but authy doesn't recognize them and have a logo. I would suggest making a feature where you can change the logo to a custom photo that is in your photo library so that you can be better organized
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2 years ago, Wood mite
I’m using this more and more
I just found out that all the trouble could be avoided by using Authy instead of Google Authenticator. I lost access to a bunch of accounts because my old phone broke and I could transfer the keys to my new device. With Authy I was able to re-establish my accounts without TOO much crying. I’m making sure to have this on all my devices (including Mac now, nice!) , so that now if any one dies suddenly I’m not up a crik’. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Bee-Bo Animations
Too many issues
It’s a great app if you can remember your backups password. But, it just isn’t what it claims to be. First, there are far too many bugs and glitches in every part of the app. Second, customer service is not helpful at all. If you forget your backups password, you might as well move to a different authentication app, because trying to change it will only result in glitches, and you will be locked from receiving any more tokens. I will be going with Google Authenticator from now on. Authy isn’t worth my time. They just want your service. They don’t care about their customers.
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5 years ago, Kevin 72638393
Easily the Best
This is easily the best authenticator app and provider available. The backup options are great, as is multi-device support. The website is a wealth information, and their various options (like backup and multi-device) are optional so you can choose the features you need. I also love the secure ways for account recovery that the site outlines in cases of emergency. The best app and the best company. I would gladly pay for this service (hint hint Authy - please charge me. I want this to be around and awesome for a long time).
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6 years ago, D’Anconia Copper
Much better than Google’s Authenticator
Why did I wait so long to switch from Google’s authenticator? I onboarded all of my accounts; and, it was a snap. Took a cup of coffee and a couple hours. Now I have peace of mind knowing that I won’t accidentally get myself locked out due to human error or setting up a new device. I even like the Apple Watch app, which is a nice, convenient touch when my phone is away from me. Haven’t tested to see if the Watch app works over LTE, but that would be icing on the cake. Thanks Authy!
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5 years ago,
Ability to switch to different phones
One of the best things that makes this authenticator app better than all the other ones is the ability to transfer your codes to a new phone if you get one. It even allows iPhone-android transfer or vice versa. That is one of the main reasons why I love using Authy and not any of the other 2FA apps. The app is also very easy to set up and use your 2FA even allows for copying codes for the situations where you have to put your codes in on your phone. Highly recommend this 2FA app.
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3 years ago, Teomouse
Small glitch in design
The app has a small but very annoying glitch. When adding an account, if you want to change the name, you can't proceed further after typing in the name because the popup keyboard will obscure the "save" button. Sometimes there is no way to go forward because there is no default name and there is no way to make the keyboard go away after you type in a name. I had to go use Authy desktop app to add instead. Very annoying. iOS 15 user.
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4 months ago, overiken
There are better options now
I have used Authy for upwards of ten years. Decided to move to 2FAS Auth because Twilio has yet to add list mode on iOS, dark mode, folders, etc. It was the best ten years ago IMO but there are several other better options now. I am so disgusted with Twilio/Authy and how hard they made it to export my 80 accounts to another app. Almost every other app allow account export of some sort. If you're technical search "authy export tokens" and you'll find a Github Gist with instructions on what to do. Otherwise you'll have to move every account over manually one at a time.
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2 years ago, SHSL AdBlocker
Functions correctly but with ugly UI
I’m surprised nobody had talked about how ugly the UI is. Very old looking with a lack of nice animations. Also, editing any accounts are a pain because of the process to get to its settings. Not intuitive. Should be able to get to an account’s settings just by tapping the app icon or even holding it down to get a context list. Besides a severely needed facelift, this app functions as intended and has no problems on that front. I hope that the devs have a visual makeover soon.
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3 years ago, jonathanrabbit
Does what it needs to
The Authy app works great for 2FA, and I really like that they include a widget, Apple Watch app, and desktop app. All of these features make this an obvious choice. My only grievance is the inability to sort 2FA accounts in the UI. The display order is simply based on the order that accounts are added, so there’s no way to see all of my different Google or AWS accounts grouped together, for example. I’ve been using Authy over a year, and I’m amazed they haven’t fixed this yet.
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6 years ago, authysucks
Ludicrous lockout time
I understand that it’s a measure against brute forcing your way into the app, but the ludicrous part is that it maintains the number of failed attempts through reboot. After a few failed attempts over a few months of using it I’ve been locked out of authy today for “130 minutes” (this happened at 12 PM, it’s not 6 PM). It turns out 130 minutes actually means 6+ hours as I’m STILL locked out of the app with 58 minutes remaining. I am unable to login to CRITICAL services because of this. What’s worse is that the failed pin attempts that have locked me out are a result of failed TouchID scans. yup, I’ve been locked out of my 2fa codes because I had a wet thumb or barely misplaced it over the sensor. Incredible.
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5 years ago, CodeQuills
Very Confusing
I was trying to verify my Twitch account and it told me to verify it on Authy. So I decided to download it. But when I tried to verify it, it didn’t work. So I looked up how to do it. And it said I had to have two devices to do so. But yet I do not have two devices. Plus trying to get other 2FA verification codes on the account is just as hard. And this lead to me getting angry. Because everything on Authy is just really confusing and I wish it was more simplistic so we have a better idea on how to do it. Now I have two devices and I was able to get verified on Twitch but really, just make it easier to get verified on 2FA please
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6 months ago, Lina MacNeill
Worst App Ive Ever Been Forced To Use
My employer now forces us to use this thing with Dayforce. It’s NOT a one time login, I get thrown out every two weeks or so (right when I’m trying to clock in for the day), and even if I go over to this stupid app IMMEDIATELY after the authorization request is sent Dayforce still says it “didn’t hear from me” so after multiple failed attempts I end up just having to get an authorization number sent to my phone—you know, the same method any halfway decent piece of software uses when it wants to make users waste time with 2FA. All this has done is make clocking in and out harder and take five times as long. Trash.
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