TXU Energy

2.7 (861)
165.1 MB
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Current version
TXU Energy Retail Company LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for TXU Energy

2.73 out of 5
861 Ratings
4 years ago, Solo's Mom
On Again. Off Again.
This app would be solid if it worked consistently. I constantly have to resubmit payments when I utilize the pay service in the app. You can save or enter your payment info each time. Then there’s a button to “submit” or “cancel”. Each time I hit “submit”, the spinning image appears and I wait and it goes right back to the submit page. Over and over and over again. Please fix this issue. Thank you.
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2 months ago, daten333
Week by week
Why does this app have to be removed and reloaded every time you use it? Not thought thru. updates every three four five days .just depends on the person who is on the other end- when they decide to work. I would say if you check it every week it won’t disappoint but if you are one who likes to see your use daily- so sad too bad. It appears these untimely updates happen when the weather turns very cold or very hot. Thee very times when you need to watch the usage. Not happening with this lazy app. A company this big can’t afford to hire a developer who actually understands the purpose of the whole thing. Oh and it also can’t count days. It counts days remaining from the day you’re viewing but that’s misleading because the actual days of use remaining could be another three or four depending on the last day to view. It has no weekly use chart. But that too would probably be two or three weeks behind. Making it- yes- nearly worthless. Disappointing. Constantly - gotta change the light bulb times- but I’ve yet to see improvements. Might as well just read the meter and do the math yourself.
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4 years ago, MuuMuu Iris
Talk about finger on the pulse of my usage
This app is the first energy app I've ever seen. It is so easy to understand, even I get it. The one thing I didn't think I was sure I understood, I made a phone call abs, we'll I did understand! That was the summer pass program.. Now, for sure it isn't half the bill, just half the usage, but what a great program! And TXU and before them WTU, always encouraged me to make purchases that would lower my bill. We were finally able to do that. When we had Gideon Heating and Air Conditioning install a new system, I had no idea it was even possible for it to pay for itself in less than 4 years, but that's what it looks like. Our usage just plummeted. And we're cooler this summer than we've ever been. One other thing, because Benny told me that I would not save like I could if I'd just get a turbine on the roof and insulation in the attic, and he got me connections to do that easily and reasonably priced. Between TXU and Benny Gideon, we no longer dread the drain to our fixed income and we're comfortable all day, all night long. Hats off to both of y'all.
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10 months ago, rrdawson
Glitchy at best
The app is terrible, glitches on sign in, error alerts with no explanation, failures to load. But thats to be expected right?-because if u have ur consumers using a glitchy app then maybe u can increase the likelihood that people get booted and forget/can’t pay, which means you guys can COLLECT MORE CASH from late fees & disconnect/reconnect services! It’s a borderline predatory business practice. And no matter what the app developer says about this review, consider this: what other reason could they have for collecting so much money from everybody but can’t seem to be able to develop even a halfway functional app that consumers can use? Almost every other energy provider in our market has a vastly better app. Somebody should take these reviews and file a PUC COMPLAINT (public utilities commission). Bet it gets fixed then!
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2 years ago, dallaskid007
Can’t Make Future/Scheduled Payments
I have had this app for a few years and it has been updated so many times but you still can’t make a payment for the future. If you want to pay your bill using today’s date, it will work but my bill is not due until later this month. I tried to schedule it but get a different error message this time. It says “Payment failed”, which is pretty vague. I don’t understand why scheduling a payment for the future won’t ever work. So if you forget to pay on the due date, you will be assessed late fees. Just seem really scam-ish…forcing people to only be able to make same day payments via App. They should publicize that the App works like this and set the real expectation and limitation of this App..
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3 years ago, cash balances
Very basic app
This is a very basic app where you can view your usage, current amount due, and make a payment but that’s about it as far as servicing your account. It lacks the ability to view monthly or previous statements, the ability to view your payment history, and the ability to view or make changes to anything related to your profile or account settings. It is also missing a place to view contact information if you have any issues so if you need to contact anyone you have to go to the website to get a phone number. Lots of room for improvement compared to other utility apps I have used before moving to Texas.
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2 years ago, rooftopcatmadrid
Can’t add a new payment method, no idea why
Tried to add a bank account/routing number as a second form of payment method. Info I added was correct, but I got an error message when I hit the submit button. Happened 3 times. Message said to call customer service, and there is no clue as to what the problem is. My previous experience with TXU customer service was very poor, with incredibly long wait times (over 40 minutes) to speak to someone. So, I am very disappointed that this app is not functioning any better than your customer service system. You should really be able to do better than this.
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3 years ago, TheLastBlessing
Free Power
My plan ended; didnt know TXU tries to play the "well we told you so" game by sending the end date with the bill. My bill was more than double one month in the summer. TXU acts like it was soooo hard to make an adjustment to reinstate my original plan going over a half-decade. They know when electricity is used thanks to cancer-causing S.M.A.R.T. meters; they know i used my electricity during free power times. You dont want to return loyalty? Fine. I would rather divert from the Great Reset this dark company is probably apart of anyway. Im going to another company, or no company. Rest assured, when im on the cusp of moving i will steal electricity (we are capable of infinite energy, ive had enough of playing ALL these games)and not pay these thieves.
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1 year ago, Spanky2018
There is no way you can talk with a representative.
We have been without power for over 20 hrs now. I am a disabled veteran and I use medical equipment to sleep by. Because of the lack of communication abilities.i can not find out when the service will be restored. I’m not able to sleep . Which affects my health. I get a text that it has been repaired and it says enter OUT! Which I did do. Then your app says unable to make contact through texts because of issues. You would think since the ice out we had two years ago Oncor would figure how to be prepared for this. Very poor service and the Texas Governor office will notified.
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2 years ago, y tho here for 100
More issues (fixed)
Also when i try to rest my password it never works. When it ask for security questions when i the first answer it works just fine, but when i kove to the second question it never works, it never types anything in the space or sometimes only types 2 letters, now i cant pay my bill 🥀
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6 years ago, TheEliteDon
Simple App
Very useful app to see information about your bill and how much energy is being used. One flaw is it’s quite outdated when it comes to looks and functionality on new devices. This app is still not support on the iPhone X, but works perfectly. It’s not something major just something to keep a look out for. Other than that great job for providing this to us customers 👍
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6 years ago, us1marine
New app is terrible
This new app is full of info I don’t need . I like the older simple to navigate app . I have multiple accounts which I used to be able to read now I have a mess of info I don’t care about , I used to be able to monitor current use easily but now I’m not sure if the option is still there with all the stuff I don’t care about . This app which used to be a simple way to manage and pay my accounts is now an annoying app I don’t really care to navigate. I don’t ever rate or write reviews but this new format compared to the old deserves negative star ratings
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5 months ago, User46451
Some information is just made up
This app has what TXU calls an “Energy Dashboard” that purports to show you what percentage of your electricity is used for different things. That information is fake. It shows I use 38% off my electricity heating water, despite me using natural gas for that purpose. So don’t use the information to help you decide where to make changes in your usage. The daily/monthly usage data is helpful.
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2 years ago, DD's Nani
Options screen
This app does not give you the option to view your bills and payment. When trying to access the tab come up to move your services or choose another plan. Sometimes after a few tries it might come up but today it didn’t. And I was not able to log out. It’s rather frustrating. That really needs to be fixed.
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6 years ago, PrincessMargaretAnne
Why Fix What Isn’t Broke
I really liked the old format better! Why does everyone think they need to change something that’s working just fine!? Now I have to figure out this new formatting and that takes time. -__- Update: once I’ve paid my bill could you show a $0.00 instead of making it look like I still owe the payment. It looks like it didn’t go through and it makes me want to pay it again!
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7 years ago, Shoegamecrazy101
I love this app. It's so easy to log in pay your bill & review your current usage for the month. My favorite feature is to see the estimated bill so you can have an idea of what next month will be like & you can make adjustments to keep your bill at a reasonable price. The only thing that would be cool is if it had notifications to remind you the bill is coming up.
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2 years ago, Has game too
Finding my plan
We have had TXU for going on 27 years at this current location. I can go look at most things I am looking for, My plan is listed BUT, when I try to click on it to see the plan & see how much I am being charged per kWh, it is No where to be found. In fact I don’t know how much I am being charged until I get my bill!!!! How about showing me exactly what I am being charged per kWh!!!! Please tell me exactly where to find this, I would appreciate it, unless this is something you don’t want me to see until I get my bill. Ok, you can answer others, but cannot answer mine!!!! Not a happy camper. You could tell me as to where to check to find out my cents per usage!!!!
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1 year ago, Kindly Disappointed
Have to delete App to get an estimate
I like the convenience of looking the estimate of what my bill is throughout the month. The last couple of months I have to delete the App and reinstall to get the new estimate. I have even called to find out is going on and was told I can go online to look at my estimate throughout the month. Please can someone find out what’s going on with your app?
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3 years ago, Alexford01210
App keeps crashing
I would of reviewed this higher because I have not really had any problems until now. I’ve currently moved out of my old address and into the new one. In the app when I click the “move or change address” the app glitches and closes out. Not convenient at all.
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6 months ago, damned99
I am not sure where the individual who complained about no being able to look up historical bills and payments. Not able to check your present contract, etc. I seem to have been able to find these things in the app for as long as l have had it (Which is about as long as it has been around). I have used the app since my first iPhone ( a 2 or 3). So if anyone has trouble finding things in the app, they are not looking at the app. I find it simple to use.
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6 years ago, Phil27800
Keeps getting better!
With each update this app gets smarter and easier to use and understand. I’ve been using this app for years and am amazed at how fast it is and how personalized it has increasingly become providing helpful data re: usage! One of the best of its kind!
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5 months ago, Bennyt&therocket88's
Does not work correctly
This app is always on the fritz. It does not work a lot of the time. I don’t pay my bill from the app because it might not get to them. I don’t use it for anything other than to see an amount which is usually broken links when I try to use it. So I have to wait for paper bill. Service of the company is good and if you call they are friendly.
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3 years ago, confused person7
Doesn't work
I have been trying to use the app to make a payment and all I get is network connection.. I have tried using wifi, mobile network, laptop and all day the same... I uninstalled the app and downloaded it again and it still says the same thing... I'm just unsatisfied with the way it doesn't even have a refresh or create a new account after uninstalled
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3 years ago, Grams#35
Not happy
This application seems to work when it wants to. Can’t reach the servers and tells me to try back later. Not my internet connection because this is the only application not working with my internet. Have tried to use it for three days now. Have deleted it twice and reinstalled nothing. Restarted my internet nothing. Even restarted my phone nothing. Very frustrating!!!.
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6 years ago, Stephis36
Notification alerts
It would be nice if there were alerts when your bill is due or a notification like other apps. Also sometimes it would be good if the app would update at times if it takes some time to cycle through when putting in info.
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7 years ago, grannie-b42
Easy and Convenient
Update: It's been three years since I rated the app. I'd just wanted to say I'm still happy with the app. I use it regularly to keep up with my electric usage and to pay my bill. App is very easy to use. Convenient for paying bill and tracking usage.
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6 years ago, --cmm--tx--bred--
Favorite feature: bill forecasting
New update was nice for Touch ID login. I appreciate the forecasted billing. Thank you for correcting the issues in the update to make the billing more detailed as the app did before the update. I like being able to make adjustments to my energy usage to help me through the month. Great company, TXU. Thanks for the app!
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7 years ago, UB1
Good app / hard to get the free gift cards
This app works well even when you've lost your log in info. What is frustrating about TXU is that thehe be promise you gift cards when we put sign up but you have to jump through mysterious and tedious hoops to get them. I never got mine.
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7 years ago, Chaps4040
A problem with this app
For the most part this app is easy to use. The problem I have with it is when I've messed up and forgot to pay my bill. It's wanting me to pay the bill I'm wanting to pay as well as the bill not yet due. This is the only problem I've ever had with this app.
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7 years ago, Nina Seer
Can you update to remember my credentials/thumbprint?
App is OK but could be significantly better. iPad version does not adjust for landscape. It does not remember password or allow thumbprint verification. Graphs could be more informative and easier to read. It's hard to tell if it's a month from last year is higher temperature/usage then this year because of layout.
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3 years ago, lenababy39
Problem with this app
I really love this TXU Energy app this is how I pay my txu bill… I just use this app to check on how much my bill was going to be for August now it’s saying connection failure please fix because on my end is good
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4 years ago, whooptidooo!
Energy Dashboard does not work
Have called them as the daily and hourly info has not worked for a couple months. Agents want my date of birth and last 4 of my SS in addition to my acct number and phone....really??!! Fix it; doesn’t have anything to do with the info they want. Online website also doesn’t give the info either!
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3 years ago, Jjb from ATX
Sometimes it works…
Like other reviewers, the app sometimes works and often doesn’t. Worrisome with autopay or when trying to pay bills. Today it says I’m not connected to Internet which is wrong as I’m connected to wifi. I hope I don’t get late fees because their app doesn’t work 1/2-3/4 of the time and customers can’t pay their bill. Please fix this!
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2 months ago, CredCdead
Easy payment!!!
Ok, so this is the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever had an app be as quick to get my payment done! EVER! I mean, I pay online for all my bills… and none have been this smooth. Thanks TXU for setting this up to be such a nice experience for me. ☮️♥️‼️
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6 years ago, johnnie929Mhertz
Great app for payments and energy usage
Works great; lets me keep track of payment history and usage. However, at this moment, app crashes while I’m typing my password in login. I have an iPhone X, on software update 12.1.1. I’m patient, however my payment is due soon (: Otherwise, 5 stars!
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2 years ago, daisie616
Convenient check!
I like the feature of knowing where I stand in electricity use each week in my cycle. However, this app could use more features such as viewing past history and payments as other electric companies have.
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3 years ago, MaryChan1
Not good lately
I’ve always been satisfied with this app, but I haven’t been able to access my account for the past week. There’s no update available, and I’ve even uninstalled to reinstall it. The message says connection failure as if I’m not connected to WiFi or have cell data when both are working fine. Super inconvenient.
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6 years ago, Jason Lanier Brown
iPhone X Crashes
Please add support for the iPhone X. It’s been along time since it’s been released and most every other company with apps out there have gotten on board. I’m sure you guys have a big team of developers I can get this done easily and it’s really frustrating because your website is not mobile friendly. I have to call if I want to schedule a payment for a few days later! FRUSTRATING!!! ...but still WAY BETTER than that “Stream” Pyramid scheme!!!🙄
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4 years ago, ibames@TX
This APP is the Bomb, best thing since sliced bread, some of us do have a bit of a learning curve with this, but overall, it’s great👍🏼 Also, Find & bookmark the Outage Map & the Texting info to sign up for, cause we know East Texas has it’s own mind when it comes to weather here👍🏼😝ENJOY‼️👏🏼
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7 years ago, Chaos5628
Easy and convenient
Making payments is a cinch and I like being able to check my current usage to stay on top of what the next bill will be.
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6 years ago, customer!!!!!
The payment history has issues.
The payment history doesn’t reflect the correct payment when an underpayment is made after a customer makes overpayment was made to help lessen a higher bill that occurs during summer and winter months. I liked the previous app better.
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3 years ago, Ahsuwhsbdva
Mixed feelings
Was working just fine and now it’s telling me that I need to make sure my device is connect to internet which it is I even tried wifi but I know a person that has the same app they don’t have that problem so
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6 years ago, Lilbuda13
Payments on new app
My experience with this app is fantastic. I was able to go in and everything was saved. Made my payment in about 2 seconds and got an email confirmation. Thank you for a great app.
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3 years ago, jkshsjs
Tracking error issue
The other day it said my bill was 2$ less than last week I woke up today it said it had 14$ more than before I checked my usage and its never up this high I don’t use to much electricity but now its estimating my bill to being 80$ when my current usage from today is 32$ its very confusing to find an accurate calculation please fix
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6 years ago, Texan O
I want previous version back!
They recently updated their app and this is absolutely HORRIBLE! Focused on designs and too much unnecessary junk graphs. I can't find the only information I need from this app at all. Made it so complicated. Adding more colors and visual stuffs does NOT make this app better. If you cannot make it better but make it even worse, just stick with the old version. Stop decorating the cake that is empty inside!
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4 years ago, deposit rasily
Payment history
Need to have completed payment tab so we know it’s paid already. Very confusing how to search all over to see past payments. I clicked on payments and it asks for payments again and I couldn’t find the payment I just made.
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7 years ago, RebaDolly!!!!
I love that you can pay your bill on the go!!! Sometimes I say oh heck I need to pay my bill and if I'm driving I pull over and pay my bill so AWESOME! Easy access through this APP!! Fast and back on my WAY!!!!!
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1 year ago, Waste45
Security Verification
Was not able to get past Security Verification step to register / open app . 4 times entered my current D/L # and rejected each time. Seeing other comments about very limited capabilities ( no statement access, edit profile,…) as I am used to with Duke Energy in NC, I will not be using this app. Waste of my time. TXU should save their money or do the work to make this app useful.
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7 years ago, Le iPhone
Quick and easy
From the time you log on until you get your confirmation is less than a minute. How can you not like that?
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3 years ago, FootballtravelFan
App Broken!
This app is broken. I’ve tried to login for the last couple of weeks and I get an Alert that says error calling login, password: invalid password. My password is not invalid, can go to the website and login without any problems. Don’t send me another email telling me to update my app until you fix the problem.
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