Type & Speak - Text to Speech

4.5 (787)
33.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bakery Scent
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Type & Speak - Text to Speech

4.47 out of 5
787 Ratings
2 years ago, Awd2018
Really good
This text to audio speech has been very useful. Copy and paste a chapter of a book and you can listen and read or take a walk and listen. The voices are fairly natural and understandable. Helps improve my school study and concentration. Some quirks: it does not pause. Audio starts from the beginning always. Phone calls interrupt the audio and the app jams, requiring a phone reset. Does not hold 20+ audio files. Positives are more than negatives though.
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5 years ago, danny19135
Horrible App! Don’t waste your money.
This app is absolutely horrible, buggy, slow, and crashes frequently. I have about four minutes worth of text that I am trying to convert to a computer voice. When I type the text into the box, it allows me to listen to it in its entirety, but when I go to save it, it only saves twenty seconds of it. I had the free version, which was just as bad. When I tried to save the same text on the free version, a box popped up saying that I had to upgrade if I wanted to save more than a certain amount of characters. So that’s what I did, but it will only let me save twenty seconds. I feel like this is deceptive, misleading, and a total fraud. False advertising! Apple should do something about this. I’m mad that I even have to give them a one star rating just to be able to leave a comment. If you are reading this and thinking about getting this app, don’t do it. Total waste of time and money. If you are reading this and you are one of the developers of this garbage, give me my money back or I’m taking you to court!
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5 years ago, AppleFanTara
Slow and Buggy
I originally posted that this app doesn’t work, but I’m changing this because it finally did manage to process the text I pasted in. But I keep experiencing a lot of bugs. Like if I switch voices once I’ve started playing the text, it stays on the original voice unless I shut the whole app down, open it back up, paste the text, choose the new voice, and THEN press play to hear it. This makes it difficult to choose a voice, because I have to keep doing the whole process over again every time I want to hear what a different voice sounds like. For the price, I’d say it’s worth it when it works. If it were any higher I would probably ask for a refund.
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3 years ago, KrayzieFemale
No male voice? Only female?
Don't waste your money! There's only one voice and it's female. No male voice. Plus, it's super buggy!!! Free version has ads every 3 seconds, which pop up in the middle of speaking!!! Makes app useless. My friend lost his voice and got this app. The ads kept popping up that he could barely get a single sentence out! The ad would pop up after a couple words, so it was completely unusable in a real life situation. He also noticed he couldn't change the voice. It was just a female's voice, the farthest thing from his own voice. Then he found the option to rid ads and limitations if you pay. So he did and was able to finally get out a sentence. Unfortunately, he STILL couldn't change the voice to male. It said remove "limitations", so we both assumed that would be an option available after he paid. Nope. You don't get a choice at all. You can change speed and pitch. That's it. It would have been nice to know this in the description. He tried to use it since he paid for it, but the app is so buggy and has glitched out during the worst times. After a few days he gave up.
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11 months ago, borderlineboi
Doesn’t let you export anything over 5000 characters
I paste the text I need spoken in app, tells me to pay for pro version to export text over 2000 characters. Reluctantly I pay the five dollars to do so. I paste the same text in the pro version and go to export, it says “cannot export over 5000 characters. So I just threw away five dollars. Why did it let me paste the text in the box if it wasn’t gonna let me export something that long? Why did it tell me to pay for the pro version to export if even the pro version wouldn’t let me export? It tricked me into thinking I could do something that it was never gonna let me do. And they got my money. Im no closer to accomplishing what I needed to do, and I already lost five dollars to the cause. Thanks for nothing.
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7 years ago, outlying
Awesome for studying GRE vocab!
I only use this to listen to the vocab words and definitions when I'm walking my dog. I write flash cards in study blue and copy paste the review sheet into Speak4me. I can also save these files to listen to whenever i want. The pro allows u to save lots of files. This has been an awesome app, thank you! One note: wish it kept playing like itunes music does when using other apps or your phone goes to sleep. I have to change the display to never sleep which is a hassle to turn on and off every time I want to use speak4me.
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3 years ago, Ochwa
Has good basics Great price but...
Doesn’t stop and start with headset. Only takes 5,000 characters, can only edit my writing by listening to it back, other don’t catch major theme flow problems. Would like to record my very long stuff as well using electronic voices. Maybe a more expensive version, may have missed it. Found some that were tons per month.
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9 months ago, briebee9104
So happy
I was upset when the old app automatically switched over to the “enhanced” version. I’ve been using the updated app ever since. It lacks a lot of features, and although it appears more polished, it doesn’t function as smoothly. I’m so excited to see that this version is still available! I missed being able to tweak the pitch and the wide catalog of voices. 5/5!
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2 years ago, DV in SD
Speak for me!
In 2018, I had a layngectomy (vocal cords completely removed). This app has helped tremendously for the past year. I have saved phrases in “favorites” and have used them often. I even use it with Alexa! Fortunately, I recently had a prosthesis placed, and now am learning to speak with it. But this app has eased a lot of frustration over the last 15. months.
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3 years ago, irinanikole
Appreciate it
Thank you for the app. I use for long texts and it has to start from the beginning every time if I have to stop, is it possible to make a pause button? Also trying to turn the slowest setting and it’s still kind of fast. Anyways, I appreciate it !
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4 years ago, Cgpriceisright
love it
such a great product and favorite of all the apps to use. I mean if you wanted to go above and beyond, you could add voices like (Morgan Freeman 👀) or have more variety. Maybe also a pause function that doesn't restart it to the beginning. But other than that, highly recommend this easy to use tool
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5 years ago, qwert1614
Exactly what I was looking for in a pinch when I needed a voice presentation and raspbian was being a pain and apparently my Mac office suite says it can’t use text to speech... weird. Anyway this app has a really cool ability to quickly and easily create audio with very customizable voices that sound great! Better than the office suite voices anyway. Fantastic app.
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4 years ago, SteampunkChipmonk
Speak a little disappointed
I have the pro version Speak4Me. You allow us to use voices Nicky, Nicky [Enhanced] while editing and playback, but not in export. I bought this app to get rid of the ads, support developers and thinking, “Because we had the teaser of these voices in the unpaid version, we will certainly get them in the paid version.” WRONG! I am terribly disappointed. While your app is good, it's not great because of this letdown. Two stars to get your attention and three stars for the disappointment in the app.
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2 years ago, ForgivenMuch034
Life saver
Last March I suffocated to death and woke in the icu with a tracheostomy blocking my throat. I was told I would be able to speak for months. This app gave me a lifeline. I used it to speak to doctors, nurses and family. I was trapped in my body and had no other way to communicate. I still suffer from aphasia at times wich makes me unable to talk. This app one again lets me keep communicating. It’s such a blessing!!! The only thing I wish was that it had a clear button so I don’t have to wait for the back space command to erase the last sentence.
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3 years ago, Chalceon Vector
A most useful tool.
The diction used in this application is almost flawless; of course I’m talking about the free and upgraded application. The free application allowed commercials but even with commercials the application was again I say; “almost flawless, Thank you: Mr and Mrs application maker. Good job!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Jfjdisndndkdkak
Very useful for accessibility
I’m very ill at the moment and lost my voice completely so having this gave me my voice back at a low cost. Helps me communicate my needs and thoughts with family and loved ones. Thank you!
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5 years ago, flaagers5
Please leave me alone.i don’t want to write a review I’m in a meeting and now I can’t communicate. I paid for the right to use it and now I’m held hostage until you get me to say what you want. I will look for another site..
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2 years ago, Pepito693
Fix, this, bug!!!
I have been using this app for a long time now, it was pretty helpful to make stories, however when I press share and select one of the voices, the screen just stays on generating audio. I would of gave this five stars but this has been happening for a long time now. If you fix this bug I'll give the app five stars.
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2 years ago, Devdevil233
Issue with Generating speech.
When I attempt to generate a speech, it’s stuck on “Generating Audio File.” I’ve learned to be patient, and set my phone down while taking a 15 minute break while waiting on it. I come back, however, to my surprise, it’s still stuck on “Generating Audio File.” It’s of my highest hopes and interest that this bug gets fixed. Until then, this review will remain at 1 star.
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2 years ago, Bookee
Unless you want to write or grab short text to be read back to you, this is a pointless app. I wanted an app that would read a kindle book while I walk. I trusted the fake reviews. iOS used to have that ability but Siri came along, and that is one of the most annoying features of iOS. Do yourselves a favor and save .99.
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2 years ago, anickt
Was working fine…
It has been over a month since I notified the dev. They updated the free app but not the one I paid for. Now it does not export audio like it used to. Needs a fix. The non-Pro version exports as expected but it’s got ads. Also, I paid for the pro version to get rid of ads. I’m afraid dev has stopped supporting this app. Too bad because it’s well done.
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4 years ago, FrozenLizard
Can’t share or download lines.
What’s the point of using this app if I can’t even share the lines I’ve written with people, or download them to Dropbox or anything?
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4 months ago, looking for cable again
helped before & after my surgery
Had vocal chord problem & lost most of my voice Slill on voice rest, but this is a life saver in the meantime!!
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1 year ago, Chosen 13
Improve Abbreviationsqo
Not bad but would help if the speaker knew abbreviations instead of having to spell everything out. Trying to keep up with normal conversations and that just takes more time!
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3 months ago, Justrob1978
This app tells me how the say words I have not seen before. It also helped when I strained my throat and couldn’t talk.
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2 years ago, honey2479
Worked fine for a bit
Worked fine for all of about 2 days now it won’t even share audio. Also it looks like no one has worked on this app in over a year when improvements are clearly needed.
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3 years ago, Kobey77
Overall very useful. I would like the ability to clear the text after tapping Listen. Also some more enhanced voices. For the price, though, it can’t be beaten.
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2 years ago, Speaking4themajority
Love it till i got a iphone 11
All the enhanced voices were gone and most of the voices are no longer there once i got my new iphone. Fix it!!!!!!!!!!! Lost so many of the voices!!!!!!!
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5 years ago, Steelkrow
Voices high pitched and you can’t delete or hold a conversation. Speak it was a much better app, but not updated for IOS works well on iPad, but not on iPhone
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4 years ago, csfhvcrt
Difficult to clear
It is difficult to clear.
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2 years ago, egrier40
Can’t export audio file
Went for pro thinking pro would be able to export files as free did not work. Like free, pro never completes generating audio file when pressing share. Simple to use, but doesn’t do what I need it to do or what it is supposed to do. Waste of time and money.
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6 years ago, vikingz2000
Good, but...
... it’s a little buggy. I purchased the pro version, but “Sharing” does not work—it takes you to the “Voices” screen.
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3 years ago, mlemons55555
It was amazing until it became pointless because I can’t share the audio. The cheaper version seems to work, but you can’t have more than 2000 characters on that one. Fix the issue and it would be a 5.
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6 years ago, Jcbally
Nice app but found bugs.
I cannot save my file and share via email if I have any question marks as it will stop the recording right after the ?? Other then that it’s a nice app with good quality of speech.
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7 years ago, Mikozy
I don't usually write reviews but I made an exception regarding using this App... This is a great app if you just need a basic no frills text to speech app. Thumps up!!!
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6 years ago, Jftman1953
Comes up short
No multitask, narrative stops the second you move to anything, browser, email..... Purchased then found a 5000 character limit conversion to audio file. Tipping point for my needs. I can chew up 5000 easy.
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5 months ago, Voices are horrible
Voices sound automated
I would have liked this because I JUST need it to text and then speak the text. I have a temporary vocal cord condition and can’t speak. The voices however sound automated or like there singing? I tried everything to try to correct it?
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4 years ago, Dianelaney
App want to play, no sound
At first I thought there was something wrong with my phone, but every other app works just fine. No audio will play making the app useless. When I click on the link for app support it takes me to “page not found “.
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6 years ago, kranky konsumer
Just ok
Most of the voices are hard to understand and the “close” button to wipe a line of text is At the edge of the screen, small and difficult to get to work.
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5 years ago, ok2bhere
Love it, use it daily
I’m dyslexic and use it not only to listen to text, but to check my writing for autocorrect errors.
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4 years ago, itstime to fix
Speak4Me Pro
I have the Speak4Me Pro version i. Which you pay to have. I was disappointed to find out that paying for the app you lose the different voices. I tried to contact them through the app and got zero response. Fix this problem and I will upgrade the review.
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5 years ago, SapphireSheri
Amazing App!
This is an Amazing App and So Helpful to me for so many different uses! Very useful and a go to from now on my phone
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4 years ago, The Raging Bastard
Very convenient
Had surgery and it was very hard to talk. This made life easy!!! Thank you so very much!
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4 years ago, Carl Todd
Great tool
Has throat surgery and can’t talk for a a few weeks. App makes so easy to communicate
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6 years ago, Grace’s MacAir
Good app
I am reviewing from vocal cord surgery and this app has been helpful. I got the pro hoping for less robotic voice but no luck despite different accents.
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3 years ago, KPPhoenix
Great for if I go non-verbal
With my autism, this will be great to have if I go non-verbal while in a public setting.
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5 years ago, Fashionyesyesyes
Great until stopped working
It was a great app until it stopped being able to share the recordings. That’s what I mainly used it for.
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7 years ago, Jules4238
awesome app ever
It's worth the money! I can prank people with it and I can finally play around with this app! So best app ever!
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6 years ago, Mr. Upset 8882
I can’t share anymore
This app worked supper well for a while but now it won’t let me share the audio files. In fact, it won’t even prepare the audio files so I can’t transfer or put the additional voice filters on.
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4 years ago, viva zalatta
Very useful if you bought the pro.
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