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Processing Point Inc
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1 year ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for uAttend

1.89 out of 5
164 Ratings
3 years ago, Sormflaith
Was tolerable, now insanely bad.
Constant crashes, forced logouts, frequently cant connect, and now I can’t log time if I’m working graveyard shifts. If you work past midnight it’s a royal pain recording your time correctly. Upgrading my rating to 2 stars for now because they seem to at least be improving things.
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4 years ago, Finale Stack Up
Horrible new update
There were flaws with the last version. Like editing lunches and breaks for employees using the app would lead to an error and give a phone number to call. But now!! I got the update sometime last week or maybe earlier. Regardless the time I couldn’t log into the app. It would crash as soon as I put in my log in credentials. Today, at least 7 days after I got the update is the first time I’ve been able to log in (mind you I’ve been deleting the app reinstalling and turning my phone off am on hoping it would help) So finally I can log in, it looks cool more up to date. It’s Saturday, a new pay period for my job so I go to the “calendar” to view last pay period. I get the loading spinning icon and....... IT CRASHES !!!! Horrible.
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2 years ago, nicknamestakenso
This app is the actual bane of my existence. Hardly ever functions the way it should, app crashes and has to be reopened on a daily basis, at times does not register clock in/out punches, claimed that my company ID does not exist when I literally clocked in with the ID the same morning. Our uattend time clock device is completely obsolete; has hung on the wall with a loading wheel for the past year because it worked for a week and stopped. I’ve hoped for so long that my employer would discontinue using their devices and applications for time keeping. Save yourself and employees from this grief and run far far away.
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3 years ago, kswissp
I try to like this app despite all the negative reviews, but it’s really hard too. This app doesn’t even come close to being “stable”, I constantly have to keep calling my employer to fix my time card because I’m constantly missing punches due to the app solely not letting me punch out for absolutely no reason, and on top of that, sometimes the app crashes right as you open it so there’s another chance of missing a punch or possibly punching in late. I’ll Update Review if problems are ever fixed but till now I’m stuck bugging my employer to fix my hours.
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4 years ago, Chris b cream
Whoever makes the updates should be fired
Of course there needs to be updates and maybe the last version of this wasn’t perfect but it was simple, loaded fast and never crashed. This new update made the app crash constantly. If you make it past the crashing level then you have to pass the ridiculous loading time for the app to even OPEN! It might look a little sleeker but whoever approves of these updates should be fired. The problems with the app now are beyond frustrating and they should never been approved.
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3 years ago, JA PTI
Too many issues
I click my guys in and out at the end of their shift. Many times it will clock them in TWICE instead of clocking them out. I do a group punch and it will drop the last guy or 2 and not record their time. I have had several instances when it shows guys in then out but doesn’t record their time. Last thing, I clocked 2 guys in and out. It recorded the times twice on one guy and not at all on the other. I need a better time keeping app.
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5 months ago, FIXNITFAST
One of the absolute worst time card management systems I’ve ever used. I thought ADP was bad. If you need to clock in at 4 this app will crash 3 times before you even get a chance. It’s like it was designed to not allow users to clock in on time. Some may say, well hey just give yourself some extra time to account for the crashing. Nope, this app is sentient and somehow knows that you’re trying to do just that!
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4 months ago, alondramht
It crashes CONSTANTLY!
Our company started using this app to track punches in and out for the PD staff and it crashes every single time you open it. It shows the starting logo and then crashes. You have to consistently try to open the app three to four times for it to finally allow you to punch in or out. It doesn’t matter if you have full signal, 5G or even LTE. It will always crash!
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4 years ago, Negrolo735
Great Looks but Lots of Headache
Comparing it to the previous version is a lot more troublesome to use. Now is almost impossible to select a job to log my hours since the menu won’t let you read more than 4 letters from the job name. Also it doesn’t let you correct in case you log a wrong amount of hours. Previous version didn’t looked as good but was way more functional than this awful version.
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5 months ago, Shelby S12345
Hasn’t worked in over a year
App just force-closes immediately upon trying to open. Hasn’t been usable in over a year, at least. Using the website through a phone browser is clumsy at best, so not having the app work is a problem. I would find a different timekeeping system if you’re in the market for one.
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1 year ago, Queen Myrrah
Basic tools don’t work
I don’t know many apps are out there for this purpose but I know this: uAttend doesn’t work as it should. The BASIC tools don’t work, like: logging in; clocking in/out; adding/removing lunch/coffee break; checking the previous weeks. That is BASIC functionality! I hope this company at least read their reviews because 1.9 score is trash.
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3 years ago, courtsand02
The app is extremely slow to open. If you are going to have an app where people need to use it to clock in and out for work it needs to open faster. It takes way too long to open the app just to sign and out. Please work on this! Other apps load quickly not sure why this one has to take so long.
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11 months ago, Tito 96
Doesn’t save notes
I work weekends at my job and I must leave notes specifically on those days, letting them know vital info and it wont save it! It affects my pay!
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1 year ago, Gavgnome
Deserves a negative rating
I would give this app negative if possible. Fails to work properly under the easiest conditions. I cannot clock out after it took THREE HOURS to clock in. This has happened for a week now. I have been working at this company for a week. I don’t write reviews for apps, but I am so filled with hate red for this app that I must.
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4 years ago, DE5PA1R
New update requires location data for no reason
It requires location services to be enabled when punching in and out, which means it’s recording your location, so it’s most likely selling that data to advertisers. The app was fine without this requirement so there’s no reason to add in this functionality that no one asked for and everyone hates.
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2 years ago, Johanna RD
Awful, update made it worse
Worst app ever, constantly freezes and glitches. It closes itself out, I have to open it five times before it works. In general features are more difficult than needed to be used. The old version was better but even then it was scraping the barrel.
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3 years ago, USCGnolan
I’ll type my password in perfectly and view it, still won’t let me login. Says password incorrect, I’ll reset password and then try logging back in and it’ll still say wrong password. If you’re a employee or employer, use a different app/company. This one is a waste of time and money
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2 years ago, CitizenP13
Awful... Just awful...
Idk how this app can continue. It's literally the worst app of its kind I've ever used. Won't open 45% of the time, crashes on launch 45% of the time. So it's a functional app 10% of the time. Do they not employ a tech team? If so, are they first year students?? If not they should be terminated. And horse whipped.
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4 years ago, Hannible999
Like anyone using this app I have to use this for work purposes. After the recent update I’ve been having lots of issues. Honestly the only app I’ve been having issues with and it’s really frustrating when you can’t punch out. If the app is going to be marketed to businesses for convenience it should be convenient.
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4 years ago, XsilentninjaX72
Good job!
I’ve never had any issues with this app. The recent update made this even better!
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4 years ago, KDb12
Absolute Garbage
Can’t log in.... Crashes.... Total waste of company resources developing this company embarrassment! Makes me want to ditch the entire system and go elsewhere. They need to rethink their mobile system entirely. It used to work until the latest update to the app. Look around before you decide to go with uAttend.
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4 years ago, ikedawn
App quit working after update
My boss has me using this to track my time and until the recent update it worked fine but wish it would show total hours worked. Since last nights update it no longer recognizes my phone but won’t let me login either
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2 years ago, Rachellj12
Doesn’t work
My company recently switched to this. I can clock in without issues and then I clock out and problems arise. It says I can’t clock out for a minute and I try again with the same error message. If there are bugs please fix it.
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4 years ago, Joel Krupa
Not a great start.
I lost all my credentials when the new look of the app installed by itself and showed up on my phone hours before my shift. I lost all my usernames and passwords before my shift so I had to scramble to find my information in time to punch in. My information should have carried over. Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, slowappneedstobefaster
Since the update, all functions are extremely slow causing missed punches because of the time it takes the app to pull up. Still having the same issues after all the newer updates
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3 years ago, MultiN00bmam
Doesn’t even work 98% of the time
Just stuck on the loading screen then crashes and uninstalling then reinstalling does nothing to fix it. Updating does nothing to fix it, just an awful app.
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3 years ago, John Queer
Every. Single. Day. It does not LOAD… I have to close the app out at least 10 times for it to finally work. This has been going on for a year now. I absolutely do not recommend. Find a different app to use.
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4 years ago, carlyggarcia
Can’t view time card
Ever since I downloaded it, I haven’t been able to view my time card. Which is important to me because I work everywhere.
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4 years ago, mygsj
New version is horrible
We have been using Uattend for years with no problem. Now with new versions of app every time it updates you have to input company ID number and user and password! Updates seem to happen every day!!! This is ridiculous Aghhhh
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2 years ago, elGranGomez#1
I hate this app
Unfortunately I got use it for work but is a pain in the a&$@ it crashes all the time it’s always giving me hard time Do something please or don’t make any more freaking apps for work
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4 years ago, Unicorn 2
To many bugs with the update.
The new update has way to many bugs, it doesn’t open and when you open it it closes up by it self, the old version was better and faster.
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4 years ago, Nelly belly 27
Can’t Log Out
The app used to work fine on my iPhone 10s. With the update, I can’t log out half the time. Getting annoyed with having to uninstall and reinstall to have app glitch again. It is as if it can’t keep the correct time.
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2 years ago, Big Earn74
Constantly freezes
Can we please have an update the app will freeze and constantly crashes when trying to update timecard
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3 years ago, SmileyNed
It crashes and takes forever to actually register. Doesn’t matter my connection it just is so slow and crashes way too much for it to be used for businesses.
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4 years ago, hailyim
This gives error when I’m trying to punch out
This app is very simple and clean When I check out and right after I want too check in it doesn’t work or if i want to end my lunch break it won’t work
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4 years ago, DanielleLucy
Can this app track your location at all times??
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4 years ago, dms1$$77
I am agreeing with my fellow reviewer. Since update 2 days ago I cannot punch in or out without deleting the app and reinstall it! This is more time wasting than I care to do while working! Would be nice for it to be fixed!!
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4 years ago, Emily Holcombe
No longer able to log in
Since the most recent update I can’t log in. Just keeps telling me to check if location is enabled (it is). So frustrating.
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5 days ago, Musa Shohatee
Needs update
This app need to be updated asap Have hard time to log in and when u do u don’t have account to everything
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3 years ago, Luis99998
Right from the start
Does not allow to enter Company Name. Problem right from the start. Deleted and re-installed multiple times. App is useless.
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4 years ago, Yusef Dappnor
Awful Update
App constantly crashes at certain job sites, can’t add a note if I forgot to add one right after I clock in. The old version wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t nearly as troublesome as the new update
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2 years ago, Jacky👿
App crashes; cannot open
My iOS is up to date, however the app crashes, preventing me from accessing it. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, Sndjdkpznvfgjmbvd
Ok before update
The app was mediocre before but since the latest update it is terrible. Hard to navigate and seems to be lots of bugs that need fixed.
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4 years ago, doinkyTHEcup
Just crashes now
Never had a problem before. I was able to clock in today but now it’s just crashing. Can’t get past the splash screen.
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3 years ago, Razial1337
Not great on iPhone 11 Pro Max
The app hides the clock, WiFi, battery, and cell signal on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The app overall doesn’t seem like it was designed for larger iPhones.
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4 years ago, Bgrant68
Not too good!
The new app is terrible. I constantly have to delete and reload. The old version worked good for me. The new has more capability if you could keep it working.
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3 years ago, Jkoth
Bring back the old version
The old version was so much easier to use!! Bring it back!!!
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1 year ago, Jsingh1012
New update
The new update is horrible can’t even log in it crashes. Please fix
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2 years ago, willybillybobbie
More glitches and crashes than any other app I’ve used in iOS.
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2 years ago, Pbambam
❌Bad update. Can’t even punch in because the whole button is missing in the app , I’ve already reinstalled twice. 👎🏼
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