Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver

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Current version
Uber Technologies, Inc.
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3 weeks ago
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16.2 or later
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User Reviews for Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver

4.51 out of 5
610.3K Ratings
2 weeks ago, BossC0178
Earn when you want!
I’ve been an Uber Eats driver for a few years now. The app is constantly updating to accommodate the new construction in the Tampa Bay Area, which is nice. If you don’t know your city well I would suggest routing your deliveries through Waze or another map app your phone offers. Uber def tries to stay on top of it but my biggest complaints are not being able to find a place and getting another order come through, which is a double edged complaint bc I’m grateful it’s another delivery but I may not want to accept it bc it’s in a bad part of town or too far for my time left. The other part is that I drive in circles looking for a location and if the customer doesn’t put specific delivery notes you will never figure out how to deliver. This should be a requirement for apartment complexes with secured entry or those who live in mother in law suites or duplexes. Other than that this app has been a life saver when I needed extra money to supplement for gas, food, birthday gifts or unexpected necessities beyond my budget. I love the flexibility of being able to get off my 9-5 and turn on deliveries on the way home, do 5-10 and make some extra cash and go home! The only other inconvenience would be that you don’t get your tips right away, they come within an hour of your delivery so all you hey up front is your delivery fee. But I get why they do that.
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3 weeks ago, Joseph Derricott
App has been a great filler for a part time job, and allows you to make money that is suitable for you. There are some bugs though, such as the acceptance feature of matching the driver to a delivery and duplicate deliveries. I had an order to pick up for an estimated 42 dollars, so naturally I was intrigued to see such a high delivery. It turned out that once arriving to the restaurant and waiting for the order almost 10 minutes, I was told that the order was already picked up by someone . This made me feel like I was cheated out of the order. In result, uber support gave me a 3 dollar incentive for my “patience and wait time”. I understand that I did not complete the pick up ,however, there should be higher accountability on their behalf for falsely matching me to an order that was already in progress of being delivered. I know the tip on the order was at least 33 dollars due to the short total of 10 miles. I am a new driver less than two weeks in on uber and I feel that as a new “employee” I was neglected. This is an amazing app if you want to boost your earnings without compromising full time work schedule. I’m glad they constantly update the app to improve the map quality and driver experience. I just wish my time and anticipation was worth more than 3 dollars … Try it out with a reliable vehicle that you don’t mind driving for hours at a time or racking up miles. Once you gain a decent strategy and stick to it you’ll definitely see more good results.
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2 weeks ago, JessKy973
Uber faults
I worked for Uber all last year. And at first I thought they were a great company. I loved how they put my safety before anything. It was good money etc. but then people started scamming. Now I’m a female who worked my but off and would actually work in bad neighborhoods because that’s where the money was. But as you can finally see because it’s finally coming to the light for everyone to see how people scam. They would get the food delivered but yet they would call and say theu never received it and I got penalized and lost my job with Uber. I messed up and wouldn’t take pictures or get the codes just by pass it which was a huge mistake on my end but it’s not fair this is my income so I can support myself and kids. Now it’s finally coming to the light for everyone to see how people scam. I would work all hours through the night in some really bad neighborhoods just so I can make money and keep a roof over my head. They didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. Just took the customers word for it even though they had my gps and saw that I went to the address and all. Didn’t matter. People who scam don’t think about how it affects others all because they want a free meal. Very sad. Think twice before working for them. At least door dash has my back at all times.
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12 months ago, Nikki Lorie
Somewhat good
I’ve been working for Uber for over 6 years now it’s a decent gig if your a single mother like me and can’t get a regular 9-5 due to your child’s schedule. The only flaws I absolutely hate that Uber should look into is when delivering at night or anytime really and you get to a restaurant and it’s closed, your not compensated for gas which I feel like is only fair because you have driven to the pickup location so not only did you waste gas driving to the location you don’t receive any compensation from it unless you contact Uber support. Uber should make each restaurant go in an update their closing times. Most haven’t updated their closing times since before Covid so now with every place being understaffed your likely hood of delivering at night and running into closed restaurants is high. It would save us the stress and gas and it would also save the customer stress since they are under the impression they are getting food and aren’t the time wasted waiting on that closed restaurant could have been spent at one that’s open. Update…..Also Uber should stop letting customer say they didn’t receive their food when reality they did I’ve been delivering for years and have never stolen anyone’s food even with documentation that the order has been delivered to the correct address they still say the didn’t receive it and that’s messing up my job my income. Uber needs to require everyone to have a pin set when receiving food to verify they actually received it!
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7 months ago, Lovingodin
App is good. Support is abysmal
The system crashed today and I lost half my pay and the delivery it crashed in the middle of didn’t count towards the promotion. I called customer service and spent 1.5 hours on the phone transferred between TWELVE people. Every person said this isn’t the right department we will send you here. This includes supervisors. I was transferred between 12 people and 5 departments before the issue magically resolved itself, much to support’s surprise. Also typically to my understanding new drivers are supposed to receive a new drive promotion. This never happened for me. A week into driving I call support and ask and he tells me it can take 10 days to show in my account. I’m on day 15. Since I was already with support for the above issue I asked about this too. I’ve now spent another hour being transferred between 6 more people, everyone saying oh yes I can help get this on your account and then they disappear and a new person picks up and makes me start over and now the 6th guy says I’m apparently one of the unlucky ones that just doesn’t receive the promotion. He had me on hold and was investigating and now I just got hung up on. So to summarize I’ve spent 2.5 hours on the phone and spoon to a total of 18 Uber driver support employees today and at no point did anyone ever have a single clue what was going on. Extremely frustrated and disappointed with the quality of support. And I’m exactly where I started. Horrible.
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12 months ago, MM12ADAM
App not being maintained by company
I’m almost a weekly basis the app is been having issues. In fact these issues have gone over for several years. They say a specialized team will look into it but it doesn’t get fixed. For several years, there’s still a distance fencing, that is never been fixed although it has been put in writing, and told me verbally it would be. many drivers, including myself is having a serious issue with the filter navigation. Lately for the past four months unless you complain, you will not receive the minimum fare within the area and state I live in the biggest problem is customer service. I don’t think for the most part most of these individuals are properly trained, and for the most part you get pre-written electronic responses to your problems. Most of the time, and I repeat most the time have nothing to do with your issue. I have countless correspondence about this. My big issue is that Uber is taking much more than they used to and yet the service given is less and anytime there’s a problem there’s no consistent compensation. Sometimes like any business model sorry or apologizing no longer solve the issue. I still use the app, but nowhere near the amount of time arrives I used to. That’s in essence, I lose money, the company, loses, money, and writers will use a competitive service lately I’ve seen some very unethical practices being done through the app by the company.
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1 year ago, jcapo87
Needs some improvement
I’m a driver for the app. I’m constantly dealing with the app freezing on me. Which causes me to lose time on my deliveries and me having to restart my app. You need to reconfigure when a new order pops up. I don’t like when I’m literally about to turn onto a customers road and a new delivery pops up. It’s frustrating! I’ve also had issues where I’ll take a picture of an order that’s a leave at door order and I’ll hit the sun it button and walk away only to have my app mess up on me and lose the picture and my customer already start taking there order in. But then my customer will call in and say I never delivered there order. Totally unfair to me because it reflects bad on my record and this has happened 4 or 5 times to me so far. I’ve called in and spoke about it. But it’s still happening. Now I have to call in as soon as It happens so it doesn’t affect my record. And now we have to worry about an acceptance rate and cancellation rate in order to stay current on the app. The acceptance rate is a joke because here in NJ these orders I’m going to say atleast in the Burlington county area where I drive are crapy a good 75 to 80% of them are $2.50 to $5 orders and that barely puts gas in my car to do this let alone keep up on my car maintenance to do this. This is my main source of income right now. So you have to step up your game Uber. This is a main source of income for a lot of single parents.
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5 months ago, C_Jenk007
I’ve noticed inconsistent opening and closing the app out. Also across the board it’s not the same in Diffrenet areas. For example Tulsa airport (in Oklahoma)waiting area is not the same as XNA airport in Northwest Arkansas. The Tulsa waiting lot in Tulsa is way more convient and up to date. It shows a weekly view of flights arriving in the area and the best times to try to earn by wait times. You could plan your whole week out using the Uber app if your a serious driver! I noticed that last week how behind times the XNA wait lot is compared to bigger cities. I feel like the drivers in this area should be able to experience that side of the app because there is very many serious driving in the XNA are. It’s also Bicyvle capitol of the world that sponsor big name gravel bike riders alongside RedBull. The airport is also undergoing big construction projects making our airport more efficient and to grow with other airlines. We have the University of Arkansa 15 miles from the Rogers Bentonville area that provides good income on the weekends along with flights flying to over 20 prime locations in the nation. We have big SEC sports right in these mountains that we drive for along with elite Wal-Mart and Tyson executives that fly right into this area. It helps supplement incomes being able to drive for Uber and if I could make a better career out of it I would seriously consider. Maybe someone reads this and gets back with me on the “XNA update”
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3 years ago, Mas_non
Good app but improvements are needed
Over the last 5 years of driving this app has gotten a lot better but still has problems. Lots of map problems though as roads that have been completed for several years are not on the map but a few roads that just got completed are on the map. The surge from uberX shows up on delivery only accounts and makes it confusing if the delivery should have a surge. The rewards should be better. Send us notifications of when it gets busy for delivery in an area so it gives us the opportunity to go online. Support has been getting better over the years but still needs major improvement. Biggest issue is the competition for when we make it to a restaurant and they only allow drive thru and it has 20+ cars in line (that’s like an hour wait) and then we don’t get compensated or we have to wait the entire time. Same type of issue with closed restaurants and order and pay restaurant that refuse to take orders. More promotions in Montana for Uber eats and uberX would be great as a 1.3x boost for delivery at dinner isn’t that helpful. Some of our drivers have over 20,000 deliveries completed. Feels like Uber doesn’t care about its drivers and is all about greed. Late night drives are risky and $150 cleaning fee doesn’t cover the cost at all. Most details in Montana cost over $500 and won’t be available for a few weeks.
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3 months ago, ConstantinDior
Uber Ex driver
I only worked three days for Uber. The first day I had congratulation. Second day no problem. The third days I was tired and two times I missed the exit on the highway, the customer told me no wiry take the next exit. In result of such detour I may drive one or two miles more to reach the destination. Another customer asked me do not follow the Uber direction because he knows very well the area. I did what the customer wanted. Suddenly my account was deactivated by Uber, accusing me doing FRAUD…! I have Mazda CX9 that use lots of gas. What interest I could have to make a detour to bring a customer to his destination ? As I remember I never had Queen of England as customer. The very ordinary people that I had as Uber customers could complain to spend 2 minutes more in my car ? When especially they pay a ridiculous cheap amount for a long distance ? A mistake of a driver in the third days of work should be dressed by a warning, not kicking out a person who went through car inspection and background check. Most all how an employee could qualify me as a person who did FRAUD ? How much was my earning or benefit by doing such FRAUD. Naturally I was victim a Moron’s decision who didn’t want to confess the real reason to kick me out after 3 days good work !
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9 months ago, Nick in CO
Being held hostage, waiting for a reservation
There Hass to be a better way, when excepting rides that have been reserved ahead of time. The app tends to hold the driver hostage for up to two hours the full hour before the ride request, and sometimes a whole hour before no rides or given even when you’re in a certain area, and that surge money doesn’t carryover to the ride request for the reservation. We should not be held hostage while waiting for a reservation. The app does not give you rides closer to your pick up as an example. I had a ride reservation that was two hours away from me. I had plenty of time to get there, but the app gave me a ride in the opposite direction, and then another ride nowhere closer to the request and because no one else was going up the mountain to get these people, they waited an hour and a half past their requested time because there were no other drivers. I live in a mountainous region and I missed reservation request because there’s no service in the mountains even though, if I had waited for the ride to be given to me, I would’ve been late so I needed to travel towards my pick up and still the ride was lost. The reservations are also a problem for the passenger. They do not like the drivers waiting 30 minutes outside their house because they have arrive so early this whole reservation situation needs to be worked on and made better in my opinion
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12 months ago, Gamefreak1225
Could be better - 3.75 stars but not quite 4
The app is ok but not good. It constantly tells me to go the wrong way down one way roads. Wants You to make illegal Uturns as well. Rarely does the app have the fastest route. During big events it doesn’t take into account road closures and/or no turns at intersections and doesn’t know how to re-route. These closures are the same for all events so it’s not like it changes. It knows there’s construction and it’s a 3 year project but Uber app asks every single time I’m on that highway if the construction is still there. It’s annoying because it’s a 3 year project!!!!! It will be there for a Long time so stop asking! The quest payouts are less and less each week and not worth the effort. I received a notification that I was eligible for a boost and to click the notification to activate it but it didn’t appear in my opportunities so I had no way to activate the boost even though I was driving and it was coming up. I don’t get any reservation requests. They must come through all at once in the middle of the night when not awake bc I wake up to 20 opportunities but when I open them there’s not even 1 available opportunity. The heat map of surges is not viewable while your doing a ride. It used to be but not anymore. You can’t make money if you can’t see where the surge is especially given the fact that Uber takes 60% of the fare in my city.
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12 months ago, bree1423
Better pay
I’ve been driving for Uber 3+ years and the app itself has gotten better however the earnings seem to have gotten worse. When I first started delivering an order for a grocery store like Kroger or Safeway was usually 9+ dollars and now I get offers to take 3 deliveries from Walmart and it pays $5??. Some of the grocery orders are $200 orders going up to a third story apartment, and we’re gonna make $2 for carrying all those groceries up the stairs? Not to mention I live in Arizona and in the summer time we deliver a lot of cases of waters. Carrying 2-3 cases of 24 packs of waters up stairs in 100 degree weather for a couple bucks is crazy. The other issue I have is people removing the tip after the trip. Many people offer a high tip so that a driver will take it faster and then once it’s delivered they lower it? Obviously if there was an issue that’s understandable but when I’ve delivered it on time and there’s nothing wrong with the order it seems unfair that they can change the tip amount to a lower amount just because they don’t really want to pay that much? There are also not very promotions in my area and I agree with previous comments that late night deliveries are risky and we are sitting in drive thru lines for 20-30 min sometimes and dont get any compensation for that. It seems like those deliveries should pay more
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2 years ago, perdondonramon
Better updates with the app, not the driving itself
Driving with Uber has changed over the years and sometimes not for the best. We still have riders that use fake names, we do not know if the rider is a Sex Offender or have criminal records. We carry passengers in our car, that can even be mentally unstable, might carry guns and that put us in jeopardy. Plus, still continue to have trips requests where we need to drive more miles to pickup than the miles we get paid for that ride. We are still forced to use the Tollway roads, we get charged a price and you pay us back even less. We have riders that smell like Weed/marihuana and we can’t choose a proper option when we rate them to let you know that rider is a problem for us drivers. It leaves our car stinky and other riders might think we are high as skyscrapers giving us a lower rating due yo lack of support of your behalf. So… we are the ones affected in all your decisions, but we have a very little to say. Our voice isn’t heard enough or when it is, is after months having the same issue. Because of all of those issues, I might close my account with Uber after 4.5 years. I have given enough time to improve your app, rules, and prices and so far the only you have done is cover your own bank account while for us drivers there is always less money, more miles, more hours and, more expenses. That’s enough! Thank you
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3 years ago, reservation problems
The app has improved a lot over the years however accepting reservations is far from reliable. Numerous times I have accepted reservations and while on my way to do the pickup I keep getting requests and even when trying accept trips in direction of pickup the app doesn’t process the accepted trip. Worse yet they count the trip not provided against my acceptance rate which could hurt my rating. On 2 different occasions I had 6-8 trip request sent and counted against me lowering my acceptance rate by 6% taking me from 98% down to 92%. Also on my way to pickup reservations the trip drops off and I have lost the trip also losing money, time and gas. The last trip my screen told me finding trips instead of giving me the navigation route as if the trip never existed. I had also turned on Waze and that got me to my destination and I picked up the customer and only then did the Uber app begin working again showing me I still had the trip. So again these problems and the lowering of my acceptance rating has made me hesitant to accept further reservations going forward. Customer service was useless when I relayed the problem and said they would note my account but never corrected my acceptance rating which is very disappointing. Again the app has vastly improved but the reservation component doesn’t work well at all.
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1 year ago, TurtleDiabetes
Getting worse
When I first started I really enjoyed this. It was a great way to make a little extra cash on the side and involved very little stress for the driver. Lately I’ve been nothing but disappointed with this app. This app consistently promotes AWFUL orders. $3 for 9 miles, $2 for 7 miles, $4 for 12 miles. I understand that this is due to the customer not tipping, but to tank my acceptance rating by declining these offers is ridiculous. Don’t get me started on the Trip Radar. It’s the most useless feature on the app-offering worse than bar none. I’ve recently had several experiences where I, the driver, had to take the fault for restaurants mess ups, and customer greed. I find it ridiculous that the customer can change their tip after the order has been completed. I recently drove 14.4 miles to a hotel and hand delivered the order to their room. I was met with confusion about the PIN number system(which deserved a rant on it own) and received no tip and my first ever poor rating after over 250 deliveries. It is infuriating that the customer is easily able to avoid a tip by simply leaving a bull**** review. This happened to me once more when I had to wait in a drive thru for 30 minutes and received no tip because the customer thought it took too long. Due to all these reasons and more I will be vastly lowering my driving on this app, most likely only going on occasional weekends. Really upsetting what’s happened to this app.
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2 years ago, AmorDon
I Like it but it could be better.
There should be a setting to where we can put how many miles we would like to travel and what area(s) we would like to deliver in. Y’all should make it to where the orders don’t reach the delivery drivers until the order is prepared and ready to be picked up. Because the wait time at these restaurants is ridiculous. Especially when you have to pick up another order or have already picked up an order . Also when the weather is bad that’s when people order food the most so it would be better to pay us more on rainy days. I also feel that the amount time they have to change the tips should be 20 or 30 minutes. I think 1 hour is too long especially when you’re done for the day. And Uber customer service should keep tabs on the promotions so that when we have a problem like not getting paid from the promised promotion, they should know the times and dates or should be able to see past days times and dates of past promotions so they won’t have to ask us to send in screenshots of the promotions we didn’t get paid for because what if we didn’t screenshot it. I can’t think of anything else at the moment but other than that , I like the app. Orders come in very quickly. But we could be paid more for fares when the customer doesn’t tip . Who wants to drive 5 plus miles for $2.75? Gas has went up
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2 years ago, agent0313
Best app for ride shares or private taxi.
I love it as a customer and as a driver. But in regards to the attention for its drivers they don’t seem to care at all. Driving at night as everybody knows it’s risky and people don’t care and don’t mind for whatever is not their property, specially when they’re drunk or drinking. A cleaning fee is way more expensive than 200$ in Florida and one day somebody made a mess on my car and they only send me 30$ which didn’t even cover cleaning the carpets, even the less the chairs and doors which were leather at that time when I was driving a Volkswagen Passat. They don’t give enough promotions or incentives for old drivers, only for new drivers or if you invite someone. Corporate should take into consideration we as drivers are the ones making your money. We have to buy tires, brakes, engine fluids, pay for services, tolls and gasoline, and you still take more percentage than we make and without giving enough promotions. Offering 100$ for making 60 rides in 3 days is almost impossible for most people, so what about those who can’t? This is absurd and should change. I understand the company wants to grow by getting more new drivers, but giving highest paid promotions for them to join, and having your 5 star drivers who have been with you for more time to get lower paid promotions just messed the whole point of keeping the company growing...
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3 years ago, Sulio
Needs work
I’ve been doing Uber eats trips for a couple of months now and my biggest problems with this app are as follows. 1.) The GPS leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are locations completely inaccurate but when the app asks you if the correct location is accurate it doesn’t update. It constantly tries to have me perform dangerous maneuvers to get to a specific place when it should know that making a u-turn when it could have told me to make a right or a left a block before to be able to make a safe turn. And the repeated voice prompts are completely annoying. I don’t need to be told 4 or 5 times back to back to head to my pick up or the like. 2.) While I appreciate the system trying to give me the opportunity to stay busy, it is completely unreasonable to be bombarded with trip requests when I’m trying to see where I need to pull over or make a turn as I’m approaching my destination. It is also annoying to be sent requests as I’m trying to take a photo or put in a delivery pin and inadvertently accepting a request I have no idea about and then having my trip requests paused because I cancel the request I had no intention of accepting. Sending these requests after the current delivery is completed would be the best in my opinion. I’m sure there are other points that could be made but these are ones that are really bothersome for me.
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11 months ago, Npecps
Driving waiting to restaurant for more than half an hour without getting paid
I did drive numerous times for ubereats going to restaurant for miles then wait for approximately 40 minutes, after waiting for that long I called customer service to help cancel instead of waiting for an hour and Uber would said they would not pay me because I got too many similar compensations , basically I put wear and tears plus gas in my car driving to a restaurant and did wait for almost an hour and uber want to keep the money for themselves which means Uber does not care about the fact that drivers use gas when going to restaurant that is 5 or 8 miles away our car will need maintenance after a week or two but uber does not care about how long we wait in restaurant since they will said you got too many similar compensations. The food normally must be ready when we arrive , our job is to pick up and drop off but when we wait for 40 minutes and not getting paid because Uber said the system said I got so many compensations and they will end a message to the account department and the something happens over a year, I think new driver need to know about it .I feel like uber thing it’s driver fault if the food is not ready or if restaurant is closed or if food is taken an hour to be ready. One day I did wait for 54 minutes and I got paid 3 dollars and it’s been like that but most of them times they don’t pay so you waste your time waiting and driving to restaurant
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2 years ago, Leatherwolfma
Why am I constantly having network trouble?
This is the second time driving this week that I keep having network trouble. I have 3-4 bars on my phone and my VPN is off. All of a sudden I look at the app and it says “offline no network”. Today alone it happened 3 times. I was driving to a hotspot and looked down to see I was offline. I tried for 10 minutes to sign on and all I got was “unable to connect, we are having technical difficulties”. A version of this happened twice during my ride shift. The next two times when I started the ride it was unable to connect to the network and sent me to Apple Maps for directions. That cause another error and I had to use Siri to put in the destination and that worked fine. Earlier in the week I spent over 20 minutes trying to get back online. I even rebooted my phone and it still hadn’t closed my previous ride even though I completed it and rated the rider. When I signed back in it buzzed through several ride requested one after another then the app crashed. Once again, I rebooted my phone and when I finally was back online I was timed out because of the requests I missed. I signed off and went home. Ever since the last update of this app there have been problems I have never seen or heard of in the past. What is going on?!
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5 years ago, bonkers !!
This app needs work
I have only been working with Uber for about 4 weeks and have been VERY eager to earn money !! I have done OVER 137 trips and it says I have declined 30 trips !!!!! There is NO WAY I have missed that many and I have NEVER declined 1 trip !! But the WORST one is where the app messed up while finding trips, and a customer called me from a previously accepted trip that ‘dropped off’ and went back to looking for trips. He seemed desperate to get to the airport so I agreed to take him. I verified with Uber that I would be covered insurance wise even though the app was OBVIOUSLY having issues. I tried 6-7 times over 10 days afterwords to reach out to CS to get this trip ‘fixed’ so I could be paid. The kicker was when I received an email notice that I would NOT be paid due to NOT contacting them within 10 days and to “in the future be sure to notify Uber within 10 days of any issues”. To say I was upset would be putting it lightly !!! In calling CS I informed the rep that it was not their personal fault but I was VERY upset and took it out on them. And she was able to ‘fix’ it right then !!! WHY DID IT TAKE 10 days & 6-7 reps before I could get it resolved !?!?!? I am gonna get my CDL license so I can make REAL money driving for delivering goods instead of people so I can provide a living instead of just side hustle money with Uber . This is such a shame since I love to meet people and drive my car !!!
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1 month ago, Roeka.sh
Needs toooooonnnnns of improvements!
It offers your orders that are not even remotely close by! In 10 minutes it offers 150+ orders and 149 are 18 miles away going another 30 miles!!!! They mostly dont even make sense, 2. If you use the app navigation while you driving it offers you orders while you are on the delivery which if you have to take a turn or whatever that moment you will miss it and it increases the chance of accidents,3. when you are trying to take a picture of the delivery orders pops up which causes accidental acceptance of the orders snd you have to cancel them!!! 4. When you trying to scan ppl’s ID or take a signiture stupid orders keep popping up caused app freeze so if the customer already left you have to contact them again to scan their ID again!!! Suspicious to customers and veryyy inconvenient to both. 5. The alarm like it makes when offering orders like it doesnt stop so if you are driving and it pops up you have to close it which is 1.very dangerous 2. Veryyy annoying as if you dont It keeps going on for the time they trying to offers you the order, and if you do this all day you get such anxiety from the noise!!! 6.if you get a bad rating it will stays there for eveeer because it’s based on last 100 reviews not orders!!!! Stupid right???!!!!Overall not a single thought behind this app!!! And the fact it’s been like this for past couple yrs with all the technology and esse of upgrades tells me alot about their engineers.
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1 year ago, Jae2487
Not perfect but what is
I’ve been a driver for over 10 years commercially been using the app for 3 weeks now. Maps need to be updated I wish surges would have a timer or something so you knew if it was worth while to travel to. I still don’t understand how fares work some shorter rides pay more than some longer rides and don’t seem to be adjusted for either time spent or distance. I wish the app told you ahead of time whether a rider wants toll roads or not because that can make a big difference time wise. There’s no way a 45 min plus ride should pay out 10 or 12 bucks I don’t care what city your in. My riders are great and I appreciate them whatever they tip. I’m used to getting cents per mile it would be nice to throw in a little considering some fares are so low they don’t even cover the gas burned to complete. I wish there was something inside the app that told the drivers hey were getting requests from these areas. My map always says your in a busy area expect requests but low and behold nothing. Where are the fish?! Lol all in all I’ve been having a great time but I hope in the future some things can be better so we can all make money and provide stellar service to the clients
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3 years ago, WellsCobra
Auto background checks are awful…
I decided to get this app and sign up for uber just to find out after the strenuous process of finding my papers and documents was for nought. If their automatic background checker messes up or finds a “discrepancy” kiss your uber driving dreams goodbye and say hello to painful weeklong processes of trying to get in touch which their support team (which can take more than an hour if you even get the help you need). I got in touch with a support agent after 40 minutes of waiting and she said there was an issue with their auto background check and that she would have the internal team fix the issue and that I would get an email saying I'm ready to drive in a day or two. To my surprise instead of an email saying Im ready to go I got an email saying there was a discrepancy on their auto background check, checkr, website and that I would have to manually put in my info to the website. I did it after the strenuous process I’d been through to get here and to my surprise it said i would need to contact someone in checkr support to get my “discrepancies” sorted out. With no info on how to actually do such a thing on their website and the pain and suffering I had gone through up to this point I decided to throw in the towel. In conclusion this is the worst experience I’ve ever had applying to any job, so if you’re as lucky as I am with background check “discrepancies” I recommend moving on and considering a different company to work for.
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5 years ago, Mgvivi83
There are good days and bad.
I have no idea why you allow ratings that do nothing to help your drivers improve. I have never done anything to deserve less than 5 stars, other than when there are app glitches, and when I get rated below I have no what I need to improve. This is the most frustrating thing for me personally. Hardly any riders tips me and I am polite, careful, and help them with their bags or assistance getting in out of the car when needed. We are providing a service that takes most of our fare and tipping should be automatic. The only other thing that could explain no tips is if the company is taking them. But how can that be proven? I am grateful I have a job to work until I can find something better, but I constantly worry about what will happen if I ever have a real problem with a customer or anything else really. I have been driving for almost two years now and wish the fear of actually being able to trust the company I work for would go away. You have so many drivers though so the opinions of a few don’t seem to be worth your time. It really is not becoming worth the wear and tear on my personal vehicle with prices going down and the passengers having no idea what we have to pay just to drive for you all with commercial insurance costs, fuel, tires and everything else that goes into taking care of our vehicles to provide safe traveling for YOUR customers.
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2 years ago, Marcellus Jowers
Good money making ability - terrible support team.
I’ve been delivering with Uber since October 2021 and I would like to say that you can make fairly decent money if you prioritize delivering throughout your day. However there are three large issues with the app the main one of these being if you’re only delivering on the Uber eats and you will not receive your surges I’ve probably lost out on more than 1000+ dollars simply by not receiving my search funding. Other than that if you were to do you deliver for another app such as lift for shipt and you are online with Uber but not currently doing a delivery, Uber will track the driving time that you do for the other company towards your overall 12 hour driving limit. this has recently caused me to have to go off-line early and miss out on money that I really needed it to pay bills. My final issue is that when you call customer support even if you have diamond priority support you will get redirected to an overseas customer service agent who will provide you with canned responses to your very specific individual needs, and most of the time when you call support, your problem will not be resolved and it just ends up being a waste of time. So all in all if you just need money Uber is a great way to do it but if you’re not careful you will not get us paid as much as you should be.
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2 years ago, ihitharleyquinn
I started off delivering for Uber Eats via bicycle. I was then given the option to rent a car so I could drive Uber X. Instead of having me complete a new background check BEFORE I was approved to rent the car, Uber allowed me to rent for a week and then proceeded to take me completely offline for 3-5 business days until it was passed. I called, emailed, and texted Uber support numerous of times where I was told to either create a new account for Uber Eats while my background check was being completed OR there was nothing there could do; couldn’t even be transferred to another agent. This went on every single day for an entire week. After my background check was approved, my rental agreement was up the following day. I had one day to make an entire week to pay for the rental. Uber not only stole from me but also blocked my account because of fraudulent activity after I was told by multiple support agents to make a new account to be able to continue to deliver. I was twenty deliveries away from myself and my roommate getting the referral reward. I have saved every screenshot of every conversation I’ve had with Uber support for when I review on my social media accounts. This company is very unethical, VERY unprofessional, doesn’t care for their drivers, and completely wasted a week of my money and time because of their negligence. I would definitely try Lyft, DoorDash, or even your local Domino’s before I EVER recommend Uber Eats or Uber X to anyone in my lifetime.
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5 years ago, Kendall858
Useless Customer Service
I have only been driving for a month and 141 rides but have been in contact with Uber customer service 4 times and they have never resolved an issue any of those times. 1 - Received a 1 Star rating and wanted an idea on what I did wrong and then explain I did have a passenger with special needs (his words) have issues getting out of my vehicle and left his phone in my car. Mom called and apologized and we took care of it but just wanted Uber to know. 2 & 3 - I have had 2 riders call me and want me to cancel the ride because they can’t figure out on their end how to cancel on the Uber app so I cancel and get dinged. 4 - Acceptance rate - For some reason I keep missing rides with the Uber app and not Lyft. I’m at 97% on Lyft only missing 3. On Uber I can’t get above 84%. I think it is because when I am helping with luggage or opening the doors for riders the rides are coming up. On Lyft they automatically put them in the que and I asked if I can make it so Uber does the same thing because I can’t get to 85% to become GOLD. On all these issues they just keep saying no one can call me back but they will pass on the information. You would think they would want input from a new driver learning for the first time but that’s not the case with Uber. Just go out and have fun giving rides and enjoy your riders and try not to worrying about the stats because they don’t track them fairly...that is my opinion of coarse. Have a great day..
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2 years ago, lmfb07
Always something
I’ve been trying to get my Uber debit card issue result for going on three weeks at this point because of the language barrier majority of the people I get in contact with cannot comprehend the issue all they do is copy paste a generic response when they see the word “bank” and “debit card issue” it’s absolutely ridiculous they’re not even comprehending the actual issue and just do nothing on top of this the app it’s self is not like it is for everyone else on my end. I do not have an option to pause while I am online nor can I see the map of gas stations and bathrooms available to meet in my area it’s really annoying and frustrating that I have to go off-line every time I need to pause for a second and that I don’t have access to this awesome feature every download the app five times at this point and it still doesn’t provide me with these features if someone could actually fix this for me and get back to me with it in the month that would be OK since it seems like every other issue takes weeks upon weeks for you guys to fix even though it’s super simple y’all really need to move your customer service call center from a non-English-speaking country it is doing nothing but make you guys look awful as none of you are testing if these people can actually speak and comprehend English just because they put it on the résumé doesn’t make it so
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3 months ago, RHReaper
Not built for drivers.
The Uber application irritates me for a number of obvious and stupid reasons. Such as, the navigation voice over directions will sound even when the option is off randomy, the messages inbox has no batch select option which forces you to view each message individually or, have forever notifications, messages also can't be deleted from the inbox, the app will demoralize me by displaying that I will lose my Uber status because of my acceprance rate, then the app will send requests I've already turned down over and over lowering my acceptance rate, sending requests that are so little money that it would be working at a loss, and accepted requests disappearing and or the job is reset and you have to return to your starting point for low or no pay. In the end, the app should be focused on what we as drivers need and want out of it. Instead, arrogant programmers and sociopathic managers decide what we want and need. Just more evidence of American companies nihlism and their lack of fairness, loyalty, and care for people. Money is God to these people and companies, and fairness or good faith cooperation, are just tools of deception used to manipulate those with ethics and morals. If they do something that appears fair, you inevitably find out it is just another lie and manipulation for Uber to be more and more greedy. I'd stop working for them but the truth is, this is all companies these days. "Go die for all we care!", should be their company mottos.
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1 year ago, 5777619
Problems are too many to count!!
Problems are a ton! So frustrating! I came to the conclusion that they just can’t fix them and I completely gave up! Frustrated of sending hundreds of feedbacks and absolute zero improvement! It actually gets worse with every update!! I don’t know which one to bring up here, from all the bugs and freezes all the way to the slowness of the app using the latest iphone model and software and they would always blame your phone and connection!! It will ask you to take a picture of yourself when cruising 70 miles on the highway! It will freeze up and you won’t receive no trips and when you sign out and try to sign back in it will ask you to take a picture and you realize that was the bug blocking you from the requests with no notification! The upper menue would disappear and you would need to close and reopen the app 100 times a day to make a temporary fix! Sometimes It will take minutes to automatically sign you out after declining 3 trips in a row and you would wonder why you’re not receiving any request! As I said problems are countless!!! Never ending problems! And I’ve been witnessing this downhill since 2018! Good old days when the app was so smooth and functional! I know this review won’t do anything but i just had to get it out! So frustrated but apparently this is how it is and you either quit this job or deal with it! That’s the kind of mentality the Uber management has!
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1 year ago, deacticated for no reason
A company that doesn't care about its employees, cares about customers rating more though.
I was making deliveries for this company, working hard under the rain sometimes. Never did serious violations, never stole the food or something like that like other drivers do. My rating was 73% and I never was aware that it must be at least 86% in California state. They never sent message or notification saying that I will be deactivated if I have rating less than 86%. And I had more thumbs-up from customers and complinments by the way. So recently I was just deactivated without warning, notice, investigation. This is such an unfair! They say that the reason is low rating and actions which were against “Community Guideliness”. I was always sure that people get deactivated for serious reasons but this was something unserious and something what can be fixed but they just deactivated me permanently and said I don’t have the right to appeal, they just rejected it. If you decide to work for them, know that you are worthless to them and they will deactivate you one day for nothing. You will just waste your time. You can read on the Internet how many people were deactivated even for a customer complaint, which was not true, but customers are people for them, and employees don’t count as people for them. For this reason I’m not going to use any Uber service like delivery, rides, rent anymore. I’m not your customer anymore. I'd rather use services of your competitors.
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4 years ago, Labdidhwjsdu
Accomplishes the minimum
After driving for UberEats for several months I can say the driver app does the minimum of what it needs to do to connect you with deliveries. However, the constant glitching of many key features can be incredibly frustrating. The map’s GPS software is sluggish and often thinks roads exist where they don’t, or subdivides straight, continuous roadways in ways that create confusing delays in providing directions. At the time of this review, the tip notification system is totally haywire and sends at least two notifications per tip, often more and at random times. The weekly and daily earnings pages frequently fail to load, especially the expanded trip summary pages. If one trip summary can be accessed, it sometimes seems to keep all the subsequent ones from loading properly. The messaging feature used to constantly cut out in the middle of typing, which made it difficult to keep in touch with customers and insanely annoying experiences retyping the same thing 5+ times (this seems like it may have been fixed by the most recent update, but time will tell). The help section of the app is unavailable while on an active delivery, which makes it the most difficult to contact support precisely when it might be most urgent to do so. Overall, the app accomplishes the necessary basic functions, but the user experience is frequently unpleasant.
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1 year ago, Alligator42908
Can’t zoom in on map.
You can’t check where the order is going. When they offer you an order they give you a very zoomed out map and no way of knowing if it’s going to a sketchy apartment complex, or if your going way out of a hotspot. And when you do end up accepting the order they swiftly do a 180 flip and zoom in on your arrow so you can’t even check where it’s at when your able to interact with the map because you have zero clue where it was in the first place. Very tricky and untrustworthy app. Edit: also they give you like 5 seconds to accept the order so if your driving and get an order sent to your phone good luck figuring out if it’s worth taking. Edit 2: they added this thing called the “trip radar” which makes it to where you have to accept the order really quickly otherwise another driver will take it. They added this for the sole purpose or making the driver accept the order as quickly and impulsively as possible. Just remember, they’re not on your side trying to help you make extra money. They’re trying to pay you the least possible and make you work like a slave. Edit 3: I swear take off the trip radar. Even if you go to accept an order from the trip radar most of the time it will say another driver matched this delivery even if you accept it before. The trip radar is nothing but a complete garbage addition to the app, and it only shows how greedy Uber is and how little they care about drivers.
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2 years ago, Swifg87
The up and down app
The app is great when it wants to be, other times not so much. I have been driving for Uber for a little over a year. And in that time I can say there is good but there’s a lot of bad. The app has a lot of issues, you shouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall an app for it to work is one. I have experienced a few solid weeks of making good money then all of a sudden the app is having issues that no one from Uber knows how to resolve. I really feel that this is by design. Uber doesn’t want their drivers to actually make a good living. Because if an individual is making good money let’s say for 3months straight Uber fears you have the opportunity to find something better, with less pressure to cover your bills. For the past few weeks I’ve been starting my day off early to get the morning surge pricing and would be done by 3pm. After the first week of doing this the surge pricing went away. The next thing to go was the app working properly. The map is usually a light grey when it’s not too busy and red in areas that are surging. All of a sudden my entire map is white except little pockets that are surging. Now I barely get any rides. I think this is to keep you working for them. Luckily I also drive for Lyft so when they start pulling the usual I just turn on my Lyft app. I recommend also becoming a Lyft driver also, so that when this happens to you, because it will. You’ll at least have a back up to still earn money.
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3 years ago, Mdog31
Don’t change states if you’ve been driving a while.
I drove in Utah for over 2 years. Requested to change cities when I moved to Atlanta. They made me submit ANOTHER background check when I had just completed one earlier in the year. And to my surprise the background checked flagged a speeding ticket and listed it as bail forfeiture and unpaid. How is this possible when the speeding ticket occurred in July of 2020 and I passed a background check on the same account in February of this year? Then when I try to bypass the system and creat a new account to drive on. They flag both my accounts for fraud. After deactivating my diamond account, they only opened up my new account to basic trips and deliveries. Meanwhile I’ve done over 200 trips already on this account and not earning any points whatsoever towards the higher tiers of pro status. My pro status doesn’t exist after four weeks of driving. And now all of a sudden they stopped offering promotions in my area. These guys are morons and just give you someone who speaks broken English to talk to through their support line. They never resolve your issue and you waste your time and lose money. When I asked Lyft to change my city. They said, “ok. What’s your new address?” An hour later they had me approved to drive. That’s almost laughable on Uber’s part. Meanwhile Über continues to charge riders upwards of $25 for a 15 minute ride and only pay me $10. Think I’m just about ready to tell them to shove it.
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6 years ago, gtre348
Uber has failed
What can I say about Uber. Although I have a great record/rating as a driver, Uber has failed me multiple times with there glitches and errors. I didn't think I would ever have to write a review until now. I am very upset! The whole purpose of drive Uber is to make quick cash. I drove Uber for several hours last night and my funds were not available to me. The reps on the phone couldnt give me any type of time frame or estimate when this mistake may be fixed. I stopped doing Uber for the night since I couldn't cash out. This morning, I expected to cash out, but now my funds won't be available to me until the 17th of September!! I needed that money to pay on something now which is why I drove last night!! On top that big problem, Ubers drop off locations for passengers are still not accurate. I took one women to a location and she didn't even stay in that area. This has happened multiple times. I try very hard to give my passengers the best experience possible(and it shows on my account) and Uber can't even give me that. If the money issue happens again, I may switch to lyft. As a company, you can not promote your business telling people you will make quick money or earn money fast if your app doesn't work correctly. Thats considered FALSE information. I understand that apps/programs have issues sometimes, but one thing you must try to avoid is mess with someones money (and I mean hold/freeze it).
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3 years ago, J______g
Uber Eats driver
The app is pretty great. I ONLY do UberEats.. The quests are generous and help make you extra money. I actually do this full time now to focus on my own business and I get by. However, they should have an option for us to decide if we are willing to deliver out of the state. I understand that people that aren’t from NY or NJ think traveling in and out of the city is a breeze, and when you live in Jersey City and Bayonne it really is, but that doesn’t mean I WANT to go back and fourth, MORE THAN ONCE in a day, let alone an hour, idk how tolls are anywhere else but getting into any part of NY is EXPENSIVE. Especially now that the pandemic has made the state of New York even more broke. I don’t mind doing it, but there are days when it’s just not worth it and when I really just don’t want to. So please, idk if you people at Uber actually read these but please consider giving us an option to travel out of state, or maybe give us an option to enter how many miles from our preferred location we are willing to go. And can you maybe figure out a way to get us to our destinations without having to pay multiple tolls, I’m doing this to make money, not to pay 2 to 3 tolls for a person who’s only gonna leave a 1-2 dollar tip. If there are going to be multiple tolls, you should figure out how to make it worthwhile.
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3 weeks ago, Dhjeschesxbfscvjds
The app needs changes
I have worked for this company for 7 years delivering food this is my top 4 complaints. First of all there is a bug in the app that has never been fixed where you will get an offer and it will turn your music down and not return back to the original level until you either kill the app or open Siri. No other delivery app has this problem its unacceptable to have gone this long without ever being fixed. Second allow us to either change the chime for delivery notifications or mute it altogether i cannot stand the sound any longer i hear it in my sleep please let me have the option to change it. Third let us apply a filter to the orders we get offered. I will never accept and order that is under $1 per per mile ratio and i will prioritize $2 per mile ratio so there is no point to even show me and order that is less than that. I spend my shift declining 70% of what i am offered because they are under the $1 per mile threshold and it would be a lot more relaxing to know when i get offered an order it is worth my time. Today for example i was offered an order that was $6 for 24 miles. Why would anyone in 2024 accept a pay of $6 for 1 hour of work? Lastly there either needs to be a required tip amount to make the order a $7 pay for us drivers or an increase to the fare you guys pay because $2.50-$3 fares are not enough.
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3 months ago, Dejsm2
Flat Rate Trip Promotion
I have been driving for Uber for almost 3 years. Recently has been the worst and most testing times to deal with support. They recently added a new feature called flat rate fare and anytime it ends unjustifiably Uber priority support can not source any information that can help resolve your issue. I have twice, had to cancel a order through support because a previous driver took it. Both times, it ended my flat rate and said I declined 2 or more orders in less than a hour. Not only is this false, when I called priority support they only read me the guidelines I have access to on my application. Twice I have been bounced around to 5+ representatives who can not assist. Twice I have spoken with supervisors that have also told me “we do not have knowledge on flat rate promotions”. Why is it that you can offer a promotion, that is faulty in the app, and not have one single representative that can help without transferring to 4 other peers? Also, if it happens to end and you do not document (screenshot) the information to ‘prove’ that you signed up for it, they will not assist any further because it doesn’t even show up in their system. Not for now, nor future promotions. Everything that’s new has an adjustment period and flaws. That however, is not for the partners of Uber to be penalized and left without repercussions. This is overwhelming and discouraging to future partners. As a high tiered driver, I would not recommend to anyone.
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4 months ago, Silence & Dream
Needs some improvements
1. While waiting for a rider, start writing him/her a text message and wait for the “Earn $$$ more if wait additional X minutes” alert which appears on expiration of the 5-minutes timer enabling the driver to cancel the ride without a fee. Expected result: the alert appears on top of the text messaging view; the alert can be dismissed; the driver should be able to continue writing the text message. Actual result: alert doesn’t appear, unable to write the text message (soft keyboard’s key presses are ignored). 2. Navigation is irresponsive to motion at slow speeds (up to 5 mph) even if distance traveled at the slow speed is significant from the perspective of finding a right building or turn. Very confusing. 3. In gated communities, in late night, navigation often directs to closed gates without security. I’m unable to enter the community and have to find another entrance with security on my own, which adds a significant delay to arriving to a pick-up point. It’s understood Uber doesn’t have information about gates and presence of security at gates, but big data analysis could be used to identify gates without security (analyze drivers’ stops and U-turns close to pick-up points at late nights and mark those places as “potentially closed gates”).
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4 years ago, m gonzalez 84
Uber eats driver
I recently started working and i love what i was doing with uber i would make all my delivery on time in order to keep the customer happy....i had some issue with some order and I reported uber with the situation...is a rough time do to covid 19 and most of the restaurants would tell to cancel the order because they had run out of item...i did my best to contact the customer and sometimes I didn’t get a response from them....i called uber support and most of the time i wouldn't get a response... even dough i make sure i delivers all my delivery uber decided to deactivate my account because they said i had incomplete delivery....there customer out here that would complain even dough they get their food deliver.... some customer use trick and say they didn't get their food in order to get their money back and just eat for free....is not our fault there some cruel people out here that would do harm to you just for fun...i feel bad and disappointed because i lose my way to provide money for my family...i Am pretty sure i was doing the best too keep my job and my earnings but uber decided too deactivate my account permanently ......i didn't agree with this decision because I followed all the guidelines and i was blame at no fault.... i did more than 100 delivery in 4 days and my rating was 92% but all this didn’t matter to uber specialized team.....all i hope is this issue to be best review and i would love too work for uber once again.....
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2 years ago, SweetBubblez
Is walking deliveries working
I deliver for uber and so does my husband. We currently have to do bike mode but we walk it due to walking mode not working and it’s so hard to walk 4–6 Miles especially when we have our kids with us too. We first did Uber when we became homes less last year on June 2021 and it saved us. Now it’s like 2022 uber changed and it’s stop giving walking deliveries. Me and my husband together made $400 a day doing Uber walking and customers loved us. They saw we was a hard working family and now we barely work Uber anymore cause we can’t afford a car cause everything is too much rent, gas, car insurance. I’m currently pregnant where any second I could give birth and now he’s working his best doing bike mode walking and it’s hasn’t been easy. He does about 4 deliveries back to back and he comes home so exhausted. Uber needs to go back the way he was before and bring back walking cause a lot of people like us use to make money this way or better say earn our living this way. A lot of us liked it the way it was before. I was so much better. It’s not easy trying to find a job now these days so Uber was the best support systems now it’s failing on its loyal employees that deliver for them. We have called and spoken to couple of representatives but nothigg by has improved. Go Back to what you guys were.
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10 months ago, Zaya327
Got banned for posting a video of customer who stole
UBER DO BETER!!!! A customer reported that he didn’t receive his food from Uber. I went to the customers door and asked if he received his food. A slight moment of hesitant then said no( I always wait for the customer to come out and grab their food at least 5 mins sometime they are not home) I let him know I watch him come to the door look around for a bit then grab the food. This day I was driving my other car and forgot to change it on the app. I expressed to the customer I would like for him to let Uber know he received the food. He expressed he would. Later that evening about 2 dreadful hours of cancellations and small order. I received another big order to this customer which was Chinese which was for the same customer. He also reported this order missing this time I recorded it. I expressed to Uber the situation with the customer after reporting twice he didn’t receive his food. Uber told me this happening twice in the same day resulted in my account being deactivated. As A result I ordered the same exact meal for this customer and may have added a little something to make him go poopoo you welcome sir and Uber you are absolutely repulsing if I was someone making a livelihood on this app instead of pocket change after work you would be ruining someone’s life by word of speculation and the fact I had to go out of my way to prove it and get banned for exposing a lying customer.
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8 months ago, Sasha
The GPS is HORRIBLE my God. Had me deliver to a deserted desert 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’ve had to drive MAAAANY times through a neighborhood to another to a main St. To get where I need to be when I could have just made a left turn. They owe me so much gas I can’t even count. I also HATE that we have no idea where we are delivering to until we have picked up the food and hit pick up complete. It’s NOT FARE AT ALL. They know we can’t cancel once we have the food. Anyways, I’m glad I have the job but it’s so not ok. Just ridiculous. Extremely stressful with just those two. Oh! They have me picking up food all the time from places that closed like an hour ago or more. Come one Uber. Do better. Also, they are the WORST customer service I’ve ever dealt with in my life. I’m being serious. You get transferred six times no matter what. Seriously. Not five not seven SIX. I’ve counted. That’s how many times I e had to call them. I’ve had time to count. And each person says “I promise this is the right department “ EVERY ….. SINGLE ….. TIME. AND you tell them that the guy before promised and then they say “ well this time it is the right department “ but it’s NOT and never is. I swear on my dogs that I’m not overextending at all. I really hope they work on this stuff. It’s not just some small issue. I love ❤️ my customers though. I deliver a lot at the same times so they know me by now.
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3 years ago, ptgprndbd
I really hate to write a negative review like this. In fact, this my first cynical review of any kind in my life. Unfortunately my poor experience with this app has given me no choice but warn others of the potential issues ahead of them. I have a decent paying job. I have been trying out these type of delivery apps for the past few weeks in an attempt to make a little extra cash. All have worked out well expect this app. I registered my information as instructed, but when I go to deliver I am told by the app I am unable to go online and to contact support. So I contacted support. A total of seven times over the course of eight hours, through phone, the app, and their website. Not a single person can give me any answer or support as to why my app is not working properly. No disrespect or malice to any individual I have spoken to, all were very professional and concerned of my situation. Unfortunately, the system this company and app has in place seems to be completely broken. I’m being told by multiple employees that all my information is correct and that my case has been upgraded to a “Priority” but here I am sitting at home, willing and able to go out and work for this company but unable to, with no explanation whatsoever. Like I said before I really hate doing something like this. But this is literally my last ditch effort to get any type of answer from anyone related to this company regarding my situation.
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3 years ago, UBER DOESNT CARE
Drivers are the Minorities (please read before you sign up)
Been driving with the app for 6 mouth’s and what I notice with the app is that the customer support isn’t the best when it comes to drivers and dealing with their issues. I experience rating glitches, being on hold for 1 hour just to get transferred around to the same department. The communication system with the emails is the worst line of communication between drivers and Uber. You explain a issue and they tell you the specialist will reach out to you (which can take 6 hours) so if you have issue dealing with your app good luck, Uber could careless who handles the situation. It’s a hassle dealing with a company that only looks to make there riders happy and not both sides. As a major company everyday is a problem using the Uber driver app, if it isn’t a glitch it’s problem with a rider lying and possible getting your account ban. Customer service tells you the same thing it’s like they don't do the actual investigation all they do is listen to rider and that’s enough evidence they need. I been waiting for 3 days to get a problem fixed so I can use my account again ( keep in mind Uber is my only job I have since the pandemic makes it hard to find work) I Pleated with the Uber customer service agents and they don’t care to fully handle the situation. Uber started off good but ended bad I'm trying my best to get my uber back but uber showing they can care less to help me.
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3 years ago, Jcgnzlez
App freezes constantly and must be restarted.
Constantly the app freezes and I must restart. After a recent update the navigation is touting unnecessarily long trips even when the destination is to a location that’s on the same street it sends you to make 3 extra turns that just make you circle around for no reason. Lastly constantly while I’m either texting my customers or even support a new trip will pop up as I’m on the middle of writing and because of it being set up so when a new offer appears if you tap anywhere on the screen you’ll accept a trip without intending to, without being able to see what the trip was offering as pay or destination and then you have to cancel and that is also held against you if you cancel too many trips. Besides then having to go back into whatever part of the app you were using and rewrite the message entirely. I suspect that might even be intentional so that you accept a trip nobody wants to take. The way that is set up when you receive a new offer and it making you accept it because you were I. The middle of writing something is incredibly frustrating and it should be changed so that there’s an on screen button that has to be pressed or slided to accept a new trip instead of just touching your phone screen anywhere because it’s also occurs that I have my phone in my pocket while I’m walking to leave the order and it makes me accept a trip.
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6 years ago, cant_stop_meow
Uber is on its way out
If you have not noticed Uber is trying everything they can to stay relevant, everything except the things that really matter. The first being listening to their customers both drivers and riders. Notice they change their logo, their app, their surge pricing, but they won’t change customer service... the reason this matters? Here is a real world example. The app automatically initializes the next part of the trip without me pushing a button. The reason this matters is because I had a ride with a stop and when I clicked at the stop, I let the passenger out. I then had to move the car to park and when I did it assumed we were done at the stop. As a result I missed out on roughly $6. When I called to explain this the lady that answered did not seem to have English as a first language. After that call she actually adjusted the ride so that I made less money. I called a second time and the gentlemen seem to struggle to understand my English as well. He too did not fix my issue. Do yourself a favor and avoid Uber. Edit Now the developers want me to take the time to submit another report about the issue. As I said uber does not get it. When drivers are out there and an issue with pay or trip arises we need it fix ASAP so we can get back to work. Missing out on money when the margins are already thin is crushing. So no I will not message you again, and like you are seeing everyday I am another driver who has moved on from Uber and not looked back.
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