Ubiquiti WiFiman

4.8 (21K)
183.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ubiquiti Inc.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ubiquiti WiFiman

4.79 out of 5
21K Ratings
2 years ago, DR2THMUVR
Signal Mapper / Other Functions
For those not seeing the signal mapper or possibly other functions. Yesterday I switched UDM Pro from the new interface to the original interface. By doing so, today I lost some functionality of WiFiman. Signal mapper was one of them. I realized that maybe the interface needs to be in the new interface along with the WiFiman toggle turned on. So, today I switched the UDM Pro back to the new interface making sure the WiFiman toggle was on. Still no full functionality to WiFiman. Then I did a restart of the UDM Pro. Now I have the full functionality of WiFiman.
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3 years ago, tdawg2k7
Basic but good
I have a smaller Ubiquiti setup. 2 unifi APs and 1 edgerouter. I like the built in speed testing as well as the widget. I really wish there were more options within the network discovery though. At any given point I have ~25 devices on my network and seeing just an IP address with the name “Generic” does not give me any clue what the device is. I would have to either go to the Unifi app or into my router to see what is what. I realize it would be impossible for the scan to know exactly what to name the devices but at least let us configure aliases manually. Also the ability like others have pointed out to be able to open a browser to the desired scanned port.
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1 year ago, J from Maryland
More Stable?
Updated review: I had encountered lots of bugs with the WiFiman wizard on my iPhone (I have a cloud key gen 2 plus). It was not giving me a signal rating in an old version of the app. Then an update broke it in a such a way to tell me that I needed a wizard to use the feature, which was clearly connected elsewhere in the app. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, and it wasn’t until I finally tried on my iPad that the setup gave me the answer- if location services is off the signal mapping doesn’t work, but that’s not the error it provided. Now that I have figured it out it works great… but taking away a star for all the troubleshooting I had to do.
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5 years ago, Uta Buuta Solo?
Inaccurate speed test
The speed test regularly shows higher bandwidth than you actually have. WiFiman reports 32Mb up and down on a connection that is 30/30. It shows 26Mb on a 24Mb pipeline. It may not seem like a big deal to most of you but inaccuracy is inexcusable. The Net Analyzer app has a much better speed test which matches results from wired speed test. This and the OOkla speed test apps are both off and inaccurate. The IP scanner is meh. There are 10 other network apps that do the same thing. Plus, half the time devices will show up as “generic” even when I am actively using them while running a scan (e.g. my iPad Pro always shows up as “generic”). PS - I use Ubiquiti at home and at businesses that I serve. I am a fan of their products but this app is pointless IMO. It offers nothing that other apps already do better.
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1 year ago, RJMBlack
Better and Better
Unifi network App for iOS has worked flawlessly , connecting to my cloud key 2 + for ~ 2 years. This complements the full access from my pc to the cloud key , via web browser to access the wifi devices . Not all attributes are available from the iOS app - but enough to remotely , from anywhere get status and make a lot of changes on the fly - all from a little smart phone in my pocket. - It does NOT fully replace access from my PC/Mac but enough to get most things done. Bravo ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
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2 weeks ago, koelsh
Don't ask for reviews
Overall pretty good app but has joined the cacophany of apps and websites that demand reviews. The thing I want to point out is the demand to review pops up randomly while using the app. Now, why would I be using the app? Because I'm trying to get work done. The popup demanding a review is actively preventing work from being done. "Oh but it's 'one' click to dismiss it" true and when a dozen apps and three dozen websites are poping up EVERY SINGLE DAY demanding reviews we're talking real time being stolen from the user. Update: It demanded on Feb 13, 2024 and has again May 30, 2024. Double checked and I had turned off the App Stores in-app rating/reviews framework which turned itself on again in the interim.
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5 years ago, McKlintock
Helpful info in one place!
This app does most of the basic network troubleshooting and information gathering that I do already on my Mac and other websites/apps, all in one place! It does a consistent ping of several IP addresses and outputs a line graph of the response time for each. It does the gateway automatically plus whatever custom IP addresses you want, I typically do several well-known public DNS servers. It has a nice speed test option, and scans for other devices on the network, showing you open ports and the ping response time for each. It also shows the apparent public IP address along with the name of the ISP. A great replacement/upgrade for the UBNT Discovery app! — Klint P.S. Someone gave this a bad review because it isn’t a Wi-Fi analyzer. Apple removed the ability for third-party app developers to create Wi-Fi scanners, but they do give you the option to do it in their own AirPort Utility app if you enable it in Settings>AirPort Utility.
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1 year ago, Bill Dempsey
Shows more info than router display.
The interface layers sometimes seem oddly organized. But stuff like that is just personal preference. There are things I’d love to see added though. For new features, I’d really like this app to flag any configuration choices I made that may have created new attack vectors. It would be great if it made “best practices “ recommendations after doing a thorough evaluation of your configuration. A report page showing all open ports accessible from outside your network would be another wish list item. Also, include information (MAC and IP plus ports used)about all other devices currently connected to the client at each IP address in your network. Not everyone who uses this is a certified network guru. So help us out a little. 😀 Overall, this app is a very useful tool for monitoring your network. I use it daily.
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1 year ago, KeithK3
The best WiFi analyzer on iOS
It’s free and add-free, has a nice, clean UI, and presents useful information about your WiFi connection. My only complaint is that the signal strength analyzer is only available if you have a Ubiquiti UniFi network (which I would love, but can’t afford). But it sounds like there is a good reason why (and why no other app is going to provide accurate signal strength measurements) - Apple limits the ability of Apps to get low-level information from the WiFi antenna
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2 years ago, brwainer
Widget was broken for months; fixed recently
My original review is below. About a week after posting this review, an update came out that fixed the widget. The widget has shown “Unable to load” for months, on both iOS 15 and now iOS 16. Normal troubleshooting steps including reinstallation and checking permissions have not helped. Please fix or remove the widget. It was very helpful in general, not just with Ubiquiti network equipment.
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3 years ago, Obyone89
Please bring back internal speed test feature
Good app but in recent versions the only speed test showing seems to be the full Internet speed test. In previous versions of the app I would see TWO speed test results, both Internet speed and also a separate, internal speed test of my connection speed from my device running the WiFiman app (usually my iPhone 12) to my internal gateway, in this case a UniFi UXG-Pro. It was nice to see both my internal wireless network speeds as well as the Internet speed test.
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3 years ago, zzencz
If you own a UniFi, this app is awesome!
It strikes the right combination of very simple and very powerful. On surface it’s a internet WiFi speed test app. But if you own a UniFi gateway, it tests both the wifi speed all the way to the internet and local speed to your gateway. It also scans the network, visualised your topology from device to the internet and even auto-discovers devices on your LAN and allows you to ping/port-scan them.
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2 years ago, wynterwolf
Wi-Fi floor mapper is AMAZING
What would take it to best-in-class (well, it already is, just more so) is the ability to save your floor mapper without taking a screen shot and the ability to map out all of your AP’s at the same time to see the range of each one by itself or merged with one or more other AP’s. Currently, you have to create a special AP to one band and locked to one AP.
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1 year ago, archimedesk
The golden standard app if u are using this brands networking equipment. But still awesome if u are just using cellular connection and vpns on your iPhone. Double verify the vpn connections IPs .. some vpns show as on in the status bar, but the IPs and servers are not checking out, basically u thing your iPhone is using a vpn even though it’s not. Pairs with a new Wi-Fi spectrum analyser in their store. If your really into Wi-Fi. 5 stars
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2 months ago, Nik. A
Teleport since recent update
Since the last update I have not been able to connect through teleport from only my iPhone. My iPad, and MacBook Air connect with no problems. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app, sending a new invitation, reconfiguring the teleport feature on my UDM SE, and resetting the vpn settings on my iPhone. I’ve nofitied via app and email, with the response of “it looks like your error message indicates that initiating wireguard was unsuccessful, please try again later”. Not a very helpful solution to a relied upon and touted feature. All devices and equipment up to date. UDM SE UniFi OS v3.2.12 iOS 17.4.1 WiFiman 0.27.0
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5 years ago, Waffles was taken
Updated: Great, and now has port scan feature
Update May 6, 2019: ubiquiti added portscan on the May 1, 2019 update, and sent me a message to say that it had been added...it works nicely, and is a great feature addition for the WiFiman app. Thanks for the update, I definitely appreciate the feature, and I now feel completed. This was the original review: great Ubiquiti devs: why doesn’t this also do port scans? Great app for scanning local subnet like a ping-scan, and getting bonjour info, but would love portscan feature to see open ports on stuff on the local subnet. Portscan please. Give me port scan so I can use this app instead of another app...everything else in my life seems to involve Ubiquiti products, I need portscan so I can be completed.
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4 years ago, Coolidread
Still a great toll but..
I with I didn’t update it, because with the previous version I scan, click on and IP address and it gives me the option of opening in web browser, great to access camera, access panels, and so on, now, this version I can’t do that, don’t know why they remove it but it would be nice to put it back.
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4 years ago, 4Frame
I’ve been a Ubiquiti fan for over 6 years and I’ve had nothing but absolute convenience, performance, and simplicity with their products. This app is great! Except one thing... It doesn’t allow domains that start with a number to be pinged. I tried numerous ways, but each time a number is placed at the beginning, the button to add greys out. Please fix this guys! - A happy UniFi user
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1 year ago, MrTacGhillie
Great signal mapper + zero config VPN
It’s really nice to be able to map out my home to determine wifi hotspots, the VPN was super simple to set nice and easy secure connection to home base! If I had to add one thing to this app, I would be the ability to auto enable the VPN when connected to cellular or a network that isn’t your own wifi. Over all super pleased with it!
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2 years ago, Horologist77
Great app but not working?
This is a great app with great features. One of best features is Signal Mapper which used to work fine but with the current is NOT working on my iPhone. This app is enabled on my network Dream Machine Pro. I cannot locate the problem. I contacted Ubiquity support and they have not solved the problem. If Signal Mapper was working I would rate 5 stars
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2 months ago, Just One Guy Studios LLC
Pairs extremely well with UniFi
This tool has been essential in planning my mesh network. You can do P2P speed tests which helps significantly with understanding WiFi strength without WAN as a variable. You can walk around the building and see how the mesh network seamlessly transfers you between access points. There's nothing like it!
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3 years ago, TenderBits
Must-have tool
No matter the vendor of your home network products, this is a must have tool. Performs speed testing, network discovery, as well as channel analysis. Also has an easy to use and beautiful interface. I work in IT and I use this for work and at home. Integrates great with Ubiquiti’s other apps, as well.
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4 months ago, camsqu
Great on iOS/iPadOS, teleport crashes on macOS
I have generally had a great experience with this app for information gathering and testing on both iOS and macOS, however recently the teleport VPN function completely breaks networking on my M2 Mac. Reinstalling the app does not help and now just selecting the teleport tab immediately disconnects WiFi until the app is closed, even though I am not even logged in anymore and have no VPN configurations.
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4 years ago, occasional downloader
New 0.9 version is a significantly upgrade
The new interface is great, and I no longer get a “something is wrong” message when I’m connected to VPN. Kudos to the developers for an excellent upgrade. I waited until the point bug fix to update so I can’t speak to the missing ping issue that appears to have been fixed.
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1 year ago, ArdavanKa
Signal insights stopped working
The wifiman feature is enabled on my UDM Pro and I’m connected to the same network, however in the recent updates the signal insights stopped working and it complains that it cannot find the UDM Pro even though the UDM Pro is listed under the discovery tab
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1 year ago, andurilb
Fantastic app with great tools!
I really like this app, it’s got so many great tools and they work flawlessly! The network discovery is so fast! It loads up instantly! My only complaint is the signal measuring tool is broken on the iPad. It works fine on my phone so I am kind of surprised it’s not showing up on the iPad. If the devs can fix that this is 5 star easily! I have it installed on my phone and it’s really great!
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2 years ago, jcoastalhomes
Best speed test app out there
If you’re looking for a speed test app that isn’t intrusive doesn’t have a bunch of ads and gives you accurate information this is the app to get. been using it for over a year now!
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4 weeks ago, Mike_Bib
Great App!
This app is very good, really enjoy the experience of using it and the great data available on this application! I would give 5 stars, but I have experienced it crash on me a few times even though the app was updated and I have the latest 15 Pro iPhone which I always keep updated.
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3 years ago, Laser121
Works well!
Gives me upload/download documentation to have information to prove to my ISP that there is a problem. The information is also time/ date stamped to give more information as to what, when, and where these recurring specifically happen! Love it!
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2 years ago, justins9
Signal Mapper only for Ubiquiti Wifi
This app is good at what it does and has a nice layout. My only disappointment was that the Wifi mapper only works with Ubiquiti devices. I’m not sure if there is certain hardware required or why that is, but imo, if this mapper was available for everyone it could potentially lead to new Ubiquiti customers.
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4 years ago, deanblackketter
Super useful, especially the widget!
This app answers the question: “Is the network down?” Instantly. One request: in iOS 13 the widget appears with a medium grey background and a slightly darker text color. It would be great if it could offer a little more contrast and follow the dark mode settings.
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2 years ago, DanManAz
Buggy: first speed test great, blank screen after that
Quality control seems to be a problem with this app. It used to work great, but recent releases have been very buggy. For example, on my iPhone 11, I can install this and run a single speed test. But then a few minutes later, trying to run another speed test results in a blank screen. And then it’s nothing but a blank screen for every attempt after that.
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2 years ago, grandgeezer
Limited but mot useless
It’s relatively little this app can do that the unifi network app doesn’t. The port scanning could be interesting and could potentially provide O/S information, but it takes a long time and you can’t let the device screen-lock or the app crashes. It should probably suspend or block the screen lock instead.
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4 years ago, Oldmandfe
No longer working on iPad or iPhone
The latest version, 0.9, locks up during the upload speed test and and this is every time, not random times. It looks like I lost all of my saved results from the previous version. The previous version worked well but the new one is useless.
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5 years ago, Splunker dwarf
Great network app
I really love this app, it’s great for so many things. Getting ping times, public ip, speed tests and even a network scanner. I have replaced 3 other apps with this one. Awesome! There are a couple improvements I would like to see: Speed test- it would be nice to be able to label them, so when you jump to different access points or in different rooms you can more easily differentiate between tests. Scanner- possibly limited by apple, but it gives very vague info unless the devices are unify. A basic manufacturer name would be helpful.
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4 years ago, Aaron Weinzierl
Pings are back!!
** 11/1 edit: 5 stars / ping is back!! This WAS my most used app to check on basic wifi / ISP health. Using the ping option let me check wifi with a few local pings & ISP with a few web pings. Without this it’s just another speed test / network scanner.
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2 years ago, They Took My Namr
Missing Functionality and Support
The app performs okay at performance testing the network compared to the USG-Pro dashboard, but has zero in-app support or help. I still haven’t found the signal mapper function (the primary reason I downloaded the app), and there’s nothing the tells me it should exist outside of Ubiquiti’s website. Additionally, my nano-hd AP’s don’t show up in the device list, though all of my U6’s do.
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4 years ago, meesteridle
Ping times gone!
Before the last big update, the ping times to multiple IPs/FQDNs was very nice to have. Why was it removed? Another gripe is that the speed test portion never completes. It finishes the download test but the upload test never finishes.
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5 years ago, MLeBlanc38
Hangs on speed test
I just downloaded it for the first time. I noticed in the upgrade comments they fixed a bug where it got hung up. Unfortunately, each time I run a speed test, it starts ok then 20 seconds later it crashes, returning me back to the home screen. When I double click the iPhone home button, the app is there, but it starts over from scratch when I click on it.
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2 years ago, Om3gaDU
Great app, please fix widget
I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and it’s fantastic. The iOS widget though has been broken since last app update 3 weeks ago. Please fix, the widget comes in handy to monitor network pings right from it.
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5 years ago, squarefish_
Good upgrade from the discovery app
This is a great improvement from the UniFi Discovery app. While it helps on device discovery it also does much more. My only complaint is that the Speedtest feature shows significantly slower speeds than my Ookla app (both on iOS XS).
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3 years ago, jasnrx
great little wifi tool
On my simple home network, this is useful to see which AP I’m connected to, test my connection speed, see ping latencies, and check signal strength.
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4 years ago, VinceP
Update 4: The app is now working.
1: App does not finish speed test correctly. It just stops on upload speed page. 2: Latest update still has completion problems on iPhone11 Mac. As Biden would say “come on man” 3: Still unable to complete correctly and create history database. 4: Seems that it now works and creates history database. Now let’s fix the iOS controller. It has issues with font sizing and some button presses on the home page have been disabled (ie, APs,clients and guest) button press has no page jump.
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2 years ago, csaunders4z
Requires UDM/UXM
Would have been nice if anywhere in the app description or in the UniFi Network app it clearly communicated that there is a hardware requirement of a UDM or UXM to be able to use this. Alas, no. There’s a link from the mobile Unifi network app to open WiFiman but no indication that it might be useless to you. Cloud Key controllers, don’t bother trying. Unfortunately, this experience just reaffirms how this company handles UI design, documentation and customer communications — thoughtlessly.
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3 months ago, msharp
Requires Ubiquiti hardware to be useful
There may be some nice functionality in the app but it requires a router made by Ubiquiti. If you don’t have that hardware there are plenty of other apps that scan your network. The network scanner itself is not that good. There are plenty of standard devices that other scanners recognize but this app does not.
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4 months ago, Guy S. 1985
Signal Tab Broken
I bought a hardware WiFiMan and loved this app following, but unfortunately the Signal Tab suddenly stopped working for me as it cannot see the hardware device. Odd enough, other tabs that use it work just fine. Very disappointing major bug.
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3 years ago, Nike120001
This is one of the greatest apps
I love my Ubiquity gear and this app is just as easy to use as the rest of their software and does an awesome job of giving you all the ping and connection info you might need to diag a problem! Well done Ubiquity!
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4 months ago, duncanemac72
Very helpful
Fast and convenient. Helps gather connection data quickly, which helps basic troubleshooting
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2 years ago, jeeves78
Does not work
As soon as you tap on one of the tabs at the bottom, the whole app freezes and quits working altogether. If you kill and and start it again, it works, but again, you cannot use the other tabs at all. This unfortunately makes the Discover tab completely inaccessible, which is the only thing that I use the app for.
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1 month ago, frederick md user
No help or documentation
An interesting utility but has some rough edges. There is no onscreen help, and no way to align floors stacked on top of each other. It also didn’t want to switch between APs, even when I was standing under the next one. I am sure there is a way to upload a floor plan in some format, again documentation. There is also no way to upload the results from my portable iOS device back to the server. Lastly, since I have two APs , can’t it do some triangulation to tell where people and devices are?
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