UKG Ready

4.2 (22.8K)
58.1 MB
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Current version
Kronos Incorporated
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for UKG Ready

4.2 out of 5
22.8K Ratings
1 year ago, Roogs
Unable to access timesheet from to do items
App is very helpful except when trying to actually view the time card you want to approve. When clicking the item, the view timecard button flashes for a half second and then disappears as the whole screen goes white. If you click the right area you can still get to timecard but it’s hit or miss and confusing to users. After one timecard has been accessed, subsequent time cards don’t show the issue—it’s just the first one per session.
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9 months ago, Queen Bean Casseroles
Fails at Convenience
The easy clock-in feature on the app’s homepage is useless. If you tap it, it requires you to enter in the password you created since Face ID is not an option at this point. That wouldn’t be so bad, except the app’s password requirements are beyond ridiculous. You will never remember your password. I’ve been forced to write it down. I leave it permanently posted in our shared office on a white board. All my coworkers have theirs written down too. Seriously, the password requirements are that bad where we’re forced to write them all down for ease of use. Face ID is only an option to log into the app. If you want to clock in that way, you have several counter-intuitive screens to tap thru before you can create a time punch. Horribly inconvenient when you’re trying to clock-in with seconds to spare. Another issue is the forced two-factor authorization that locked me out of the app. You frequently have to authorize your app, adding more time to clock in. This app could be easy, but the security is over-kill. My banking app is easier to use. I’d rather have an old fashioned punch card system than use this system.
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3 years ago, Black8Hat
Auto Log off
I have this app to clock in and out for work. The issue that I have with it is that logging in is too annoying. First, there is no way that I’ve figured out to keep me logged in after closing the app, so I have to log in every single time if I want to clock in and that just wastes time and adds unnecessary steps. Secondly, it forces us to change passwords every month or so. I understand that we should change passwords regularly, however it is becoming more of a hindrance to constantly come up with new passwords so frequently. I know it’s a security issue, but it has made using the app more difficult and infuriating to deal with. It’s more concerned about people signing in than my bank is and I honestly don’t think people will care about my pay stubs as much as they would to get into my actual bank account. My point is, as far as logging off and changing passwords goes, those should be things the user does at their own time. Not something forced upon by the app. Or at least give us the option to change that. Please and thank you.
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2 years ago, Bflying
App with potential that needs some major fixes
I really have had high hopes for this app, I think it’s got potential and I like the fact that it’s similar to the website on one hand and the other hand I wish it was more of a native app and not merely a skin over a website. This app looks like a screen scraper app that simply has a shell with a browser behind it. There are some critical issue that they need to fix quickly. 1. There are too many times when you go to do functions such as request time off, when you only get half of the screen I have seen this multiple times on multiple devices. So for example when you pick the accrual type we have over five, but only 3 show even though you have 70% of the screen still available. 2. Or, when you finally can to the part where you start the request for time off, 80 to 90% of the time you can’t get the bottom half of the screen in fact if you hold your finger over it sometimes it will appear and then disappear it is really buggy and I wish they made a true native app but regardless of that it needs to be resolved ASAP. These and similar issues prohibit functionality and people using the app like it should be used.
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1 year ago, Ralph01funtimes
Not user friendly, sometimes very sluggish and unresponsive
Password expiration notices come while you are trying to do something else rather than a day or two in advance like other time trackers I have used. The program is sluggish to respond especially when signal strength is weak. It will allow a time punch when it can’t establish a connection with the server, but these punches are never merged into a time sheet when connectivity is re established. Randomly logs you out without warning, sometimes multiple times daily. Password resets take more time than they should because of slow responses from the service. Verification texts sometimes take longer to receive than the duration of the verification prompt occasionally requiring numerous attempts. Complaints about these issues go unanswered. If the choice were up to me we would not use this service.
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5 days ago, Don't slow me down
This is the MOBILE version of the app
Soooo it’s assumed that you are in the field and are on the go, ya need access to things fast and quick. So maybe make it so I don’t have to swipe and click around a lot to clock in and clock out. And who is there right mind told you to have it auto log you out before at least 30 mins. Once again, I’m on the go… I don’t really have time to log in again so I can clock back in from lunch. Make the mobile app easier for the people that use it, not harder. And the buttons not so tiny either. Once again I’m in the go and don’t have the time to sit and look and make sure I’m touching the right button. $0.2 BIG BUTTONS people. Most people that use the mobile app are on the go!!! And probably busy doing other things.
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8 months ago, D. Elli.
Would not recommend
My company implemented UKG for use over a year ago. We constantly have random issues with the program. I don’t know if it’s the need to do updates or what but the system has on multiple occasions locked employees out and will not allow password resets by the user which creates an unnecessary burden for HR. When punching in and out it will randomly not recognize or erase punch in/outs and a supervisor then has to either modify or add them manually. This creates extra work for supervisors to stop their already busy day to attend to UKG issues. Luckily my company does not use it yet for payroll but many other companies have had issues with payroll not being processed or stolen due to data breaches. There has to be safer, better, more consistent programs available. Ultimately I would not recommend UKG for any company to use.
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1 year ago, Kakarot571
Never miss out on Time
I love this app for several reasons. First off I know my schedule and don’t ever have to worry about forgetting when I work. Which is amazing if you forget to look at the paper schedule and don’t want to call work to see when you work again. Secondly you can fix and time issues you have right then and there. If I forgot to clock in or clock out. I just simply put a note onto the day the that needs to be fixed to have my time correct. Also I see how many hours I actually worked for the week to ensure my checks are accurate.
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3 years ago, yellow coat dude
Maybe easy for the management, but not for the average employee
Cumbersome and generally there is a signal problem in bad weather from remote device use. Some of us actually live in the mountains, not near town. The scheduling seemed to have disappeared on this account. Maybe it shows again later? Maybe the employee is terminated and doesn’t know yet? If checklist shows complete on employee Kronos here, the office shows some unknown requirement on the checklist is yet undone. Somehow there seems to be a digital incoordination, which could erode trust or faith by an employee (not me I’m hanging in there and wish to help). Next season will be easier to onboard once the little glitches work out. But for now, this is not a popular way to get assignments nor conduct messages. Thank you for listening to your surveys, please.
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12 months ago, Shipleyland
Inconsistent and inconvenient
UKG has weird features like a non existent start page whose purpose is to hold your tabs for doing the real function of the app, timekeeping. It logs you out at unusual intervals and forces you to use passwords you haven’t used before which means it stores all of your previous passwords. It is inconsistent in its uptime and it is unintuitive with where its functions for workforce are. Many features are unimportant or unimplemented causing clutter. The user interface needs work. However the back end works exactly how you want it to! It stores and keeps times, uploads offline. It checks when you have clocked to warn you of missed punches. That part is amazing. But the UX needs a lot of simplification. Too many buttons, too many steps to get to my functions.
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3 years ago, thethomasboy
Complete but not intuitive
It feels like this app was designed by an HR department. While it has plenty of functionality (even an ical/Google RSS link to auto add your work schedule👍🏻), it is quite difficult to navigate and difficult to review. To the devs, I would strongly recommend hiring a design/UX firm. Regularly used functions are hidden, looks/acts like a spreadsheet, notifications need work, small buttons, etc. E.g. my company asks everyone to review and correct their timesheets for missed clock-ins/outs. You have to manually expand and review each day, compare to original schedule, figure out what is missing, then dig for the option to send a change request. Since the schedule is already IN the app, there should be a simple algorithm that highlights days that are outside those hours for review/approval. And if there’s an odd number of punches on any day… likely a missed punch. Day should turn red, notification, whatever. Again, seems to have features but they are NOT user friendly. Needs improvement
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1 year ago, Bbtemp
Great when it works
This app will go months working great and then suddenly I will have months of problems with it. It can take a long time to log in and load screens and I regularly get the we can’t connect to the server error message. I have been “late” to work several times because it takes over five minutes to clock in. The biggest issue I have is when it randomly tells me I’m not in range to clock in or out. I will be sitting at my work desk and it won’t allow me to clock in because I’m not at a designated area to clock in. The app doesn’t work right consistently, and when you are using it to record your work time, it’s important to work all the time.
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1 year ago, Mamafitzy
Good in most ways
I like this app, I’ve been using it for two years now and only had a few bumps in the road. One thing is I would like to see when I get paid again. All I can see is my pay that I get, witch is ok but still would like to see my next pay date will be. Thank you for creating this app, it sure does come in handy for business owners . Have a wonderful and safe day!
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1 year ago, Taurus_woman
Annoying App
It’s rather annoying to have to keep being locked out of your account or having to constantly have to update your password. Who are we protecting our time clock from? No is going to benefit from clocking you in or out? I also find it annoying that you can’t stay logged in on your personal devices. It’s also a problem when updated it starts you over like you never signed up before and you have to start from the beginning. You have to reach out to your payroll person to get the company user information. I feel that it needs much more improvements.
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6 years ago, Fscotth1
Poor navigation
I’m needing to approve timesheets and this app is horrible. It sorts by employee ID by default instead of last name...who does this??? The default should be last name. Then, after pulling up a timesheet to review and edit, you cannot go back to your sorted list and have to start over again... one by one. I have 100 employees to review and this app will take me hours to do instead of the laptop which will take 20 minutes. Why does the view default to the current month instead of current week? Why does it default to ID instead of last name? Why can’t you go back to your list after reviewing a timesheet instead of having to start over again? Why can’t companies hire competent programmers?
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4 years ago, Spader James
Pretty simple and better control understanding
Better understanding with my benefits, paid time off and weekly hours accounts. Always had to contact someone in person all the time and sometimes could take a few days for results. I planned vacation time for the Thanksgiving holiday and I planned for 7 days off but only 3 days paid plus holiday. The approval is paying me 7 days off paid. I’m sure this will be come more feasible to use and improve as time matures .
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3 years ago, CJ HonFS
Barely functions and has to many nags
Clocking in should be a simple punch not have to go through a login then select the day then select the time and then verify the time again. App wastes valuable time every day and doesn’t handle midnight well at all. And not to mention how little security the app has when it logs out gives login screen but a simple close the app and re-open it brings right back to logged in. Granted this saves a few seconds by not having to enter 64 character user name with 32 character password twice a day.
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8 months ago, Varmint5911
Keeps getting worse with every update
The app recently got updated, and now it's somehow worse than before. When I go to clock in, more than half the time it shows buildings near where I was before, if it even gives me the drop-down to select my location, otherwise I have to go to my timesheet (which currently has a pop-up about DST every time I open it) and then try to clock in again. It also times out as soon as it's not actively open on the screen. But thanks for changing the layout of the home screen, that was a truly pressing issue smh
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1 year ago, Mspcchickie
Lifeguard/swim instructor - private and group/ membership
Very slow. Does not allow me to select which payroll option to log into when doing a remote change or log in. I must indicate in the notes box - this does not always translate into the proper area. VERY frustrating and causes much extra time to be used to correct the “punch in”. Cannot see which hours that are in each payroll option until AFTER it has been approved and is already turned in to payroll. Extremely frustrating to work with.
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4 years ago, i am currently eating sushi
pls fix!!
so my employer uses this app for clocking in/out and also scheduling. we recently moved to using keny for scheduling but its so messy for reasons that i will list below and it would be nice if they could be addressed. 1. when i click on details, i cant see where i am working. i have to click on the icon that schedules a cover request to see where i am going to work at which is very inefficient. 2. when looking at open shifts, you should be able to see ALL open shifts that day and not just the ones in the scheduled availability that you have provided. thank you
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5 years ago, phiOG
Functional and powerful
A lot of the complaints about the app are related to settings set by your organization. I know because I set them up for my work. The app works great. I use it to view PTO balances and make requests, review historical paystubs, view time card, review benefits. As a administrator, I’m able to use it to make edits and run quick reports when I’m not near my computer. I would recommend as a functional alternative to powering on the computer.
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2 years ago, Mountain Dawn
Easy to use…except when it’s not.
This is a difficult and frustrating app to use. It logs you out every time and doesn’t remember your password, so you have to manually type your entire password in every time you clock in and out. Sometimes you’ll open the app and wait for a few minutes and it won’t load, so you have to close out the app completely and restart it. It doesn’t always record your clock ins and clock outs either, so I’m constantly having to put in change requests for punches I KNEW I did but the app didn’t record.
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2 years ago, video & audio don't sync
What a hassle
I tried clocking in for half an hour this morning but couldn’t because the server was unavailable. Now I have to go through the laborious process of entering and submitting a timesheet correction. Never had any trouble in the past when I used the AESOP time clock with a previous employer. The mobile app frequently hangs (forever) in “spinning circle” mode and refuses to progress to the time clock, repeatedly leaving me unable to use it to clock in. This requires deleting and reinstalling the app. Then it’s good for a few days or maybe a week before the problem reoccurs.
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2 years ago, Reverbup
Not where you’d like it to be
I have found the app does not communicate itself nor carry out main stream functions as well as one could expect from any other. Sometimes the data is just flat out lost. Another example: if it states it will send an email the email is never sent. Try, try, again. In other user aspects of the program the interface appears presumptuous. In other area’s of the program; it seems to be weighed down with old data. So, a lot going on, there. A little elbow grease here and there, would go a long way.
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5 years ago, Steven Newby
This app is broken
If you exit out of the app by pressing home on your phone, the app will log you out about 50% of the time, regardless of you select Keep Me Signed In. When you enter back in to the app after being logged out, the app takes you to a screen that informs you that you have been logged out. From there, there is no way to log back in. You actually have to go round about to hard shut down the program and then reopen it in order to get to the log in screen. If you routinely have to shut an app down in order to access it, that app is broken.
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10 months ago, Nerdburful
Most Convoluted App Ever
I use many apps and this one is the worst I’ve ever had to use. It’s not user friendly in the sense that (1) it seems to have consistent glitches, and (2) finding information or making changes is never intuitive. For example, I used my password this AM to log in. Later today, I went to change my password to meet the new requirements but the system says my current password is wrong (even though I successfully used it this AM). I have been unable to change the password and am, again, frustrated by the app. In another example, figuring out how to make time changes is a nightmare. My supervisor ends up having to make such changes for employees. That shouldn’t be. Finally, finding a “nickname” is crazy stupid. I have entered over 7 names and they’re all “taken.” I am using words I have made up, like “nerdburful.” Seriously?? Makes it appear you don’t want to post negative reviews.
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1 year ago, hjsjdbfhejdj
Needs work
Glitchy and time consuming. No simply way to add per diem have to add each day amount and type for each day. Hours don’t update after clocking out and sometimes don’t ever update totals. Can’t view pay stub easily to verify if everything is correct. Vacation hours don’t update correctly. oh now I have to pay back 40 hours of vacation pay due to glitch of doubling my vacation time. Also would be nice to use offline as sometimes I don’t have service.
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3 years ago, DanMasn
Daniel M
Worst app I have used. Slow to load between selections and it is constantly giving me error messages prompting me to enter my password. And then after entering the password saying you must contact an administrator to log back in. In which case it’s someone from HR at work. What a nuisance and what a waste of time. And we are told to use this app to request time off and sick time when it doesn’t even function properly! Non of my banking apps are as difficult or annoying to log in to as this app. I wish I had four hands so I can give this app 4 thumbs down 👎👎👎👎. Seriously though, fix the log in issue please. Thank you.
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4 years ago, christrh
Relatively New User
The user interface is not very intuitive. When I try to do things I would expect to be able to do I find I can’t do the way I expect. I can do but I need a calendar to do since it uses a dial to select a date and not the calendar if taking multiple days. There may be a way but I could not figure out quickly so not intuitive if this ability exists.
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1 year ago, T.V.A.
Mobile App Unusable for Clocking In
I’m sitting at my desk trying to clock in using the mobile app and get an error “ Your current punch location is not within the geographical limits configured by your administrator.” . The punch map shows I’m close but not close enough. To me it seems the issue isn’t with the limits set by the admin but rather with the accuracy of the location reported. Meanwhile, while at my desk I close the mobile app, log on UKG using my laptop , clock in and go about my day. Interestingly, I can clock out using the mobile app.
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3 years ago, dblbrrl
Being computer illiterate as I am, from the 80s, and knowing this app would directly affect my pay check, on might would understand my problem. Not only was I incorrect about my assumptions, but found this program was not only easy to use, but quite enjoyable!!!!! My wife is so proud of me for finally moving into the modern times-if an do this-ANYBODY CAN!
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3 years ago, $j*uydcbnm
Clunky at best.
For starters, I’m sure that my company hasn’t loaded everything on the front end that needs to be, but I still seem to have issues getting to the information that I need, it’s just not clear on the pathways. Another issue I’ve continually had is the notifications. Every time I go in to read a message, when I click on the message it instantly disappears. It still shows I have a message, and if I switch tabs and back, it’s there again. And if I try to open the message, gone. And to top it all off, what’s with the turtles??
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1 year ago, RLR Trans
Very complicated and unreliable
The edit time sheet function is horribly difficult could be made so much simpler! It's unreliable when it says that it will update when it reconnects when it goes back online DON'T BELIEVE IT!not only will it not but if you think it has done so and you just continue to punch in and out thinking it had updated itself from a few hours ago it didn't and your punches will be completely off now! I have written reviews like this but they never seem to appear..
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1 month ago, ArabellaArabellaArabella
Terrible, unintuitive layout, not built for flexibility
I unfortunately have to use this app for my work scheduling, we had a better scheduler but our company dropped it and we were left with this. Very unintuitive layout, it takes upwards of five minutes for our manager to approve a shift change, and it’s very susceptible to small technicalities making it unusable. My workplace has very flexible hours, and this app clearly isn’t suited for that. Things are poorly communicated through this app, and using it is an egregiously stressful experience. I wish I could rate it 0 stars.
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4 years ago, aaadddsseeyyt556644$&
With this being a payroll app, it needs to be simple where anyone no matter their age can use it. Doesn’t matter how many times I show someone how to work it, they always come back saying they still don’t understand how to use it. I have been telling them lately to not use it and go online maybe that would be simpler for them. They still have issues. Personally I don’t care for either one, I don’t use the app myself except to do a quick check on something. So , Eh!, I only use it because I have to, otherwise I’d change the whole platform to simplicity. Whatever!
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4 years ago, Gbuell4274
The app is very informative if you could actually navigate it easier. The past several times trying to login the facial recognition would not even come up even after several times entering my login info and the window for the facial login saying it is enabled would pop up. When it was time for benefits renewal new docs would show right up but to actually change or keep the same I had to actually navigate the already difficult app.
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3 years ago, Architeuthisthegreat
Broken app
This app is billed as a companion app. It fails to let me log in. Instead of one app to handle timekeeping you need to log into two app. The “pro” app works fine and is able to log in but the “ready” app fails to be ready for quickly accessing time keeping functions. Especially for something as critical as clocking in and out. Doubly so for states with labor laws that penalize for missed lunches and clocking out late for mandated breaks. Just combine the two apps. Logging into two apps to only need to use one is not conducive to efficient workflow or happiness of employees forced to use shoddy HR software.
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8 months ago, cece 4.0
I never ever had a problem with ukg until…
I’m always login my ukg and suddenly it just stops working. When i try to login it, it likes logs in and then backs all the way back out to the login screen. Can y’all help me because i have some information i need to update in the app for my job.
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1 year ago, iTriedItOut
Functional, Rough Around The Edges
Does everything I need it to. Shows me paychecks, time off accruals, random employment info, MOST company policy documents, and manages all my stuff without having to do much of anything really so that’s cool. However, the app feels… Rough. I don’t know how else to explain it. Sort of like whoever put it together only had a few weeks to bang something out to get it up and working and never did anything else. It would be nice if there were in-app directories for contacting HR representatives overlooking my account. Maybe a page for submitting tickets for extended support. As it is now, I don’t feel like it’s very easy at all to get in touch with an HR rep. Overall, it’s fine. No major issues. Seems to work most of the time. Just average.
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3 years ago, th3darklady
One star because I’m repeatedly asked to review and it keeps logging me out of my account.
I’m giving this app a one star for 2 reason: 1. It is constantly reminding me to leave a review even though there is an option to not leave a review. Which I keep selecting. Get the point. I don’t want to leave a review. The only reason I am leaving is because I’m venting my anger. 2. It keeps randomly logging me out and When it’s time for me to clock out I have to remember the password. Which I don’t remember because I’m always logged in and I’m forced to change my password every 3 months. (An app like this doesn’t need to change a password every 3 months). When I tried to recover my password it automatically locked me out of my account. I waited 30 minutes to try again and still am locked out even when I try and do a password recovery. I’ve never liked the app.
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2 years ago, vbtreyd
Worse after recent update
This app tends to lock and won’t open until I power down and restart the phone. This is very tedious and a significant burden given the fact it is how we clock in and out for work! The information available to us is ok, but again, it isn’t so easy to access previous time cards and hours without scrolling and digging through multiple screens. Overall… meh.
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2 years ago, chcurtis
Convenient time card tracking
Easy to use time card tracking. It’s especially good when you log in and out several times in a day (as when working from home). The one thing I would add is the ability to see my time stamps, not just cumulative hours per day.
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3 years ago, Patrick D.R.
Hot steamy garbage can called UKG
This app is absolute steamy hot garbage. I’ve been using this app for my current job for about a year and I’ve been force locked out of my account at least 5 times. I can clock in in the morning and go to clock out at the end of my shift and it will tell me my account is locked. I’ve contacted HR more times than I’d like to get my account unlocked. I know this isn’t just me either because I have about 4 other coworkers currently locked out of this garbage app. Not sure why my company hasn’t switched to something else but fingers crossed.
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10 months ago, Manni Lou
Helps me stay ahead. Instead of having to keep calling and waiting to see when they put out the schedule I can see my days soon as they do it. And keep track of my hours for the week, and when I clock out for break I can look and see so I’m never late
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11 months ago, Cpt. Gutshot
Great product
Super easy to use HRM product that allows you to have all of your HR needs at one location at your fingertips with the mobile app as well as the desktop version. Would highly recommend to any company looking to organize all of their HR needs to one source.
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1 year ago, Macruno
Could be better
I have to use this app for work if I’m not near my computer. I have had issues with clocking in and out. It would be better if the clock in/out buttons were grayed out so you could not accidentally hit the wrong one. I clocked out twice in a row and had to request a time change to fix it. Also the app does take a while sometimes to open causing a late entry.
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2 months ago, jonny cat
Logging in isn’t great
I have to close the app and reopen it in order for it to remember my login information. I’ve tried uninstalling, restarting my iPhone, and reinstalling the app, as well as redoing the password saver a couple of times, but that hasn’t worked. This has been the case for maybe a year. I tried to find a way to contact support directly and let them know, but this is the only way I could find to leave feedback.
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9 months ago, WheatBreadIP
Good app, easy to use and navigate.
Recent update made it easier to navigate to time clock and time off requests. And allowed us to add these things to our home page so you don’t have to search around the menu to find them. Good app as far as time clock apps go
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1 year ago, Lsvgs93
It shuts me out on a regular basis. I can’t get access to the amount of what my paycheck is. I’m being forced to use this and have my check direct deposited into my account. There is a lot of times I don’t know what the amount of my check is and have to go to the bank to get all my info. Reading my Y.T.D taxes etc are hard to read on my phone. I don’t bank on line, I do not have a debit card and never will. I don’t use credit cards unless I absolutely have to. This is the worst system I’ve ever been forced to use. I hate it.
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1 year ago, bry bread
Bad. No good. Terrible.
Terrible. Several times a week the app loses my credentials and I have to re-input information, reset my password, and wait for a confirmation email that can take hours to arrive. At this point I’ve changed my account information several dozen times and lost money due to an inability to clock in. This is hands down the worst workplace time app with which I have ever had the misfortune of working. I would not wish this nightmarish system on my worst enemy. If I could give lower than one star I would.
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