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Kronos Incorporated
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User Reviews for UKG Workforce Central

1.46 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
3 weeks ago, jimmy vin d
When it’s working it’s pretty decent but it constantly loses contact with the server. Also won’t save a password or utilize Face ID for quicker login. Needs some serious updating.
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2 weeks ago, ~Stormy
I have worked several different jobs and...
... dealt with multiple scheduling applications, and I have to say that this is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with. How bad is it, you might ask? Well, let's just say being required to use this app was one of the biggest reasons I left the job requiring it! Buggy. Glitchy, and totally worthless. I went back to a lesser paying job with a far superior scheduling app just to save myself a headache. I can now easily view my schedule, put in for a shift swap, shift transfer, use my pto, vacation, unpaid time, get real time updates/news, see my schedule up to 3 months in advance, log in with face ID, and stay signed in for 30 days at a time. None of that was possible with this horrible app. This app simply needs to be stamped obsolete and taken out of circulation.
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3 weeks ago, Daleyplanit
If you like getting frozen out this is the app for you!
Do you like extraordinary long wait times to get into the app? Do you like 10 minutes of waiting on a white screen before anything loads? Do you like timeouts? If your answer is yes, to the questions above this app is for you! This is the type of app that wakes up in the morning and says “do I really want to work today??” Spoiler alert, most days it does not want to work. This app deserves a top award for most dysfunctional. i’d happily provide a review for its features, but I’m frequently unable to access them. Bonus: If you’re a big fan of schadenfreude then this is the app you want to recommend to friends!
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6 days ago, krrs_
Needs to be updated
App looks very old and generic, I mean it is a work app but honestly can we add some color or a new interface. Speaking about interfaces, it logs u out after u close the app and needs to be logged into after 6 mins. Have had many issues of it not connecting to a server, has no Face ID login feature nor save password works. I don’t see why this app is even verified for places of work to use as a harsh as that sounds y’all can really do better especially with the resources and companies pouring their money into your pockets.
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4 weeks ago, Nosey#.
This app needs to be updated
This App won’t allow me past a white screen with 3 circles on about 90% of the time . How am I going to have use when it won’t let me in to check my schedule and other important information. Very dissatisfied.
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4 weeks ago, Chipr10
Not Great
Not a great app. No quick way to login you have to input information everytime. Constantly losing server contact.
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4 weeks ago, NEWBORN2B
Can’t connect to server
App crashes a lot and now it’s telling me can’t connect to server! 🤦🏾‍♂️
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2 weeks ago, shanapearl
Not connecting to server
Hi, It’s always losing connection to the server. Will not remember or store login information. it would be way better and faster if you could or do face recognition.
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4 weeks ago, blahbeach
Help please
I downloaded the app and do not see the time punch button. All I see is Time Card. I can pull my schedule up but not clock in. Ive updated ios. Downloaded the latest version of UGK. What do I do?
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1 week ago, Dee2221985
Won't Connect To Server!!
The worst app ever!! I always have to go to work to check my weekly schedule. Already told my boss that the app doesn't work on newer iPhones 🤦🏽‍♀️
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4 weeks ago, Beverlyred
Wonderful update. Have not been able to log in since update! Ugh!
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4 weeks ago, Mukilona
I am stuck with this dumb App because my non-profit company is using this . I hate how extremely tiny the texts are in this App and can’t make it zoom-In.
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4 weeks ago, wm'e'q
Not working
This app is not working !!! So frustrating!!
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4 years ago, potat tomat create
It was working fine until it suddenly wasn’t.
I relied a lot on Kronos to know my schedule a few days in advance, sometimes up to two weeks and to double check that I was clocking in at the correct times, but lately it’s really been buggy. The app doesn’t have Touch ID which is a little annoying since my company is allergic to any passwords that are less than 15 characters, but whatever. The real issue with me is how often the app freezes mid-log in with a message telling me that connection to the server can’t be made. So I get kicked into the log in page and I have to type my monster password in. Again. Lately it’s been happening multiple times, sometimes needing up to four or even five log in attempts before I manage to access my schedule and punches. Sometimes I log in and try to select my schedule and as it’s loading I get the server error message and get kicked back out to the main page all over again. Very frustrating. My company was planning to phase out of paper scheduling and rely solely on Kronos to get us scheduled for shifts, but they haven’t rolled it out yet. I’m glad they haven’t, because the app has been a REAL hassle to navigate lately.
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3 weeks ago, TROY PRO
Dead app
This useless app needs to be shut down.
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1 month ago, Imcarnivalr
Been offline all week!!
I can’t clock in!!
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7 years ago, imjusttryingtoearnaliving
Probably the WORST app I've even used
This is a terrible and confusing app, and I don't even know where to begin. First of all, you have to log in every single time you use it. I don't understand why it can't 1) stay logged in 2) use fingerprint recognition to log in or 3) have an easy pin for easier access. Then, the app just isn't user friendly. Every other scheduling app I've used at other jobs has lists of other employees and contact information, as well as messaging options and easy communication between employees and managers. This app is very confusing in regards to requesting off and requesting on. It also does not allow you to see the entire week's worth of shifts, only seven days in advance (example: if it is a Tuesday and the schedule came out for the following week, I could only see this Tuesday through next Tuesday on a screen, not Sunday-Saturday). When trying to get rid of a shift, you can only give you shift away to five people, and you can't even see who is already working that day! I don't know how someone is supposed to get their shift covered or swap shifts with someone if they can't see what everyone else is working. This app is terrible and I would not suggest it to anyone. It really gets a 0/5 but that's not an option so 1/5 will have to do. They need to scrap this app and start all over.
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5 years ago, sukehh
The app doesn’t even really work for me now
The company I work for uses this app for scheduling and before the layout got changed, I didn’t necessarily have too many issues with it other than the occasional server error and such, but the layout they use just recently got updated without me really knowing about it, and now I can’t even check my schedule, because when I try to sign in I get stuck at the screen where it says that I’m signed in, because when I click “close” it doesn’t even work, then the x in the upper right hand corner is smack dab in the middle of the three dots, so the x is practically useless. I’ve tried uninstalling the app, turning my phone off then back on, then reinstalling the app multiple times, but I’m having the same issue. I’m not sure if this is something on the company I work for’s end, or on the apps end, but it’s really annoying.
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6 years ago, Saved27
Why would you make an app/site that doesn’t work with half of all devices?
When my manager told us were getting a new employee login/scheduling system, I was excited. Then she told us it was actually worse than our first one. She described it as an antiquated platform with fewer options that was harder to use. Having downloaded the app today, I agree with her. It’s useless. This app works like old apps from the first smartphones: buggy, few options, poor navigation, and not user-friendly. I not only can’t request my schedule, I can’t even check it. The FAQs are comical and don’t answer questions at all, and they don’t offer a link to their homepage or even a “contact us” or support email. I was hoping to check on the webpage, but it turns out you can’t use an Apple device because the site requires Adobe Flash Player. Like many people, my iPad has replaced my PC or laptop, so I can’t check the app or logon from the website, either. Surely the website developers know about half of Americans use Apple devices? I work part-time one day a week at a location 20 miles from home, so I can’t just zip down there and check their employee computer system for my schedule every day. So much for convenience.
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5 years ago, BlackRoseQueenJessica
Why am I stuck on the security questions?!
Ok, so to be frank, when I from my employer heard we were going to apps for scheduling and requesting time off (which is beyond awesome since retail workers really need to have that ability to have a life too), I was excited. Come to find out, I started to have trouble when my authorization for the app came up as SMS instead of the mobile app itself. My managers had to reopen the training to get the authorization set up again and again since it still showed up as sms after that. Now, it shows on their end that I am authorized to use the mobile app. Why am I saying all of this? Because I am stuck on setting up the security questions. Every time I attempt logging in to the app, I get asked to setup security questions. Whenever I click save and continue, the screen just stays on the screen where I set up the security matter what I do(check for iOS updates for my iPhone 8, update apps, uninstall and reinstall the app, even talking to my managers) and I am at the point of just asking them permission to call our IT people from my home for help. Please fix this issue or tell me what is going on..
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7 years ago, Maenaenot
Not easy to use
It's a huge hassle to have to log in every time you want to use the app. Please add fingerprint accessibility and/or an option to save passwords for people using personal devices. There is currently a glitch where the app will not log out and instead freeze if a person forgets to log out before closing the app. When entering the app after not logging out in the prior use, the app acts as if it is logged on until the user attempts to access info- then it glitches and sometimes closes the app to the home screen of the user's devices. When attempting to request days off on the mobile app, it only gives the option to change each day individually unless the days are within two weeks of the current date. This is quite inconvenient since most employers ask for requests to be inputed at least two weeks in advance. Please give the option to change multiple days and weeks like on a pc (but keep the time options instead of doing time blocking on the computer- because that's also a mess). I would love to love this app, but I really need it to be easier to use- and less of a time eater in my work life.
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1 month ago, Mhoff54
user name and password
I wouldn’t even give a one star rating- every time you do an update- it is dreadful to sign in to it. Changing passwords is a joke? too!!!!! I feel like I’m being set up to fail-because that’s what happens when to try to sign in- so I think whoever designed this app(and sign on procedures should only get a failing grade also. Because it is a FAILURE!!!!!! Why do I need my HR Mgr to fix it? When I know my phone and it’s software best. She has a different phone also. Lastly, why does the sign in page only go one way- horizontally? I don’t look at my phone horizontally, so have the page is missing, and the info cannot be input unless you get out of app and turn your phone horizontally - while I have phone horizontally, then you put in password-I got it changed but then went to Wakefern was- and that password needs to be changed- I changed it only to fail again- tells me it’s too soon to change it. Please make this app more user friendly- as now I cannot get in either site!!!
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5 years ago, Cherie926
Why do this app even exist? Updated review
It never works. Every time I sign in I get a white screen and nothing else. I have to find a computer at work and wait to clock in. Very bad app. This app is named after the Greek word “Cronos” the god of the universe aka “Saturn” For the developer to name such a terrible app after a god is beyond me?? It never updates our location and rarely records our time. People has gotten into trouble at my job because the app didn’t update their time punch. I’m having lunch with the CEO of my company and I will make it my business to bring up this problem to him. Hopefully he will invest in another app service that can keep track of his employees time. In the meantime I’ll make it my business to research another time keeping app developer that’s worth the money and contract. I hope your contract gets cancelled or not renewed KronosMobile, you have done nothing to improve your app after thousands of the same complaints over the years. Say what you will, but the problems has not been fixed and it looks like just pure laziness on your teams behalf.
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4 years ago, iPhonelunatic
This is the worst app Target has ever decided to make us all download and use. All of the previous apps worked just fine so I don’t know why they decided to change apps yet again to this one. It has no option to stay signed in on your own device, it is almost impossible to get signed in because it wants so many levels of security and tells you you’re denied when answering the questions correctly. There’s no option to use finger print or face scanning to sign in on your phone. If by some miracle you do get in it shows the schedule weird not by calendar week. So if I look on a Thursday it will show Thur thru Thur which looks like you are not scheduled on the Friday because it chopped off part of the week. Worst stupid decision they ever made. We had a perfectly good app and they changed to this. And now Kronos wants me to install an additional app to add even more security.🤬 No thank you! I don’t need yet another app to help prevent me or anyone else from seeing my schedule on Kronos. I’d give it zero stars if it would let me.
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1 year ago, seriously?everyuseristaken
Impossible to work with
Honestly this app is one my job uses. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t save your password. You have to change your password once every month, on top of that it doesn’t tell you your password has expired and doesn’t give you the option to make a new one. You just go to see your schedule and *poof* your password no longer works, thus making it a job concern cause if you don’t save your schedule in your calendar or your photos and don’t remember your schedule you are completely screwed over. This app needs to seriously get some major updates before it starts losing users/business. Especially when working with other businesses so that way people don’t lose their jobs over a simple stupid password that gets deleted every month and doesn’t even give you the option to change it, renew it, or even be able to change it with your phone number. You gotta be physically at work to change your password.
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2 years ago, 2CentsW
Worse than Abacus
I have used it twice and already am looking for needles to stick in my eyes. 1) There’s no quick way to punch in - forced to enter password each punch, NO fingerprint NO face ID login. 2) NO daily hours worked total (yes YOU have to calculate how many hours you worked each day) 3) Only PAY PERIOD (2-week) cumulative hours, NO shift, NO day, NO week subtotals 4) The Geo Fence was showing me in the parking lot not in the building where I was and took me 5 minutes to punch in - had to shut down app & turn off location services then relaunch both just to punch in - lost work time, lost wages. 5) The most important task PUNCHING is a teeny tiny word in small font IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER IN THE FOOTER 6) SLOW SLOW SLOW. I suspect this app’s requirements writers & testers were getting a lot of laundry & yard work done and the developers are cheap offshore labor who never used smartphones nor a timecard app before for their $100/week paycheck. The system McDonalds used 35 years ago is better than this.
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6 years ago, Hunchohare
Not user friendly
The fact that I have to log in every time is annoying. The way it shows the days of my shifts is not easy on the eyes. I as the user have to put in the effort to carefully look at what dates correlate to what shift times, they are all just bunched together for the week. I also have to put in effort to add up how many hours I’m getting a week while our previous app, Branch did and even calculated my earnings for the week. Kronos app is just plain annoying and not user friendly. Shift coverage is also real annoying to look at and navigate through. I don’t get to immediatley read who needs shift coverage and for what job role. I have to go into the tab, tap on the information icon, and read through the description of coding to identify what the job role is. As an app you have to work for the user, not make the user work for the app. Many improvements are needed as far as user friendliness. I don’t know why my employer decided to switch from Branch, which was by far a better app the Kronos.
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3 years ago, Jdinolfi37
Ill state it as simply as possible so the morons who designed this app have somewhat of a chance at understanding my feedback. This app is the worst app ive ever used. I would rather be skinned alive than try to navigate through this poorly designed, train wreck of an app. As hard as I try to imagine it, I simply cannot think of a scenario where the idiot who designed this app looks at the final product and says “ive done it”. I am thoroughly disappointed that my employer forces me into attempting to use this piece of trash. Id be better off trying to read hieroglyphics in order to know what my schedule is, than waiting 9 hours for the app to load. I consistently get told that my session timed out after i sit waiting for 10+ min. just to see what my schedule is. If the developers can even decipher this review, i want you all to know that you have created the worst app by a landslide, and whoever is forced to use it is offered nothing but inconvenience. If I could leave a -100 star review, i absolutely would.
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2 years ago, CyanideRave
$22B company can’t fix this
UKG is worth $22 billion, but they can’t have the security measures in place to prevent this from happening in the first place? Some people got paid 10% of their paychecks. Some people got 0%. All because this company decided it didn’t care enough about its customers to be secure. The merger happened in early 2020, but nobody from either Kronos or Ultimate thought “Maybe we should update our security protocols just in case…?” Don’t even get me started on the trash UI of this app which hasn’t been updated in years, long before the merging of the two companies. Looks like it’s from 1997. It’s literally that bad. The ONLY good to come from this hack is nobody has to be subjected to such an ugly UI. That says a lot about how bad this app is. Why Edgewood Healthcare went to Kronos from ADP in the first place is beyond me. At least when ADP was “hacked” it was mostly due to individual companies not being careful with activation codes. Kronos? Nah, ALL customers are affected.
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3 years ago, pilgrim.go
Spooling, spooling , spooling, error.
An app designed as a time clock must be quick and dependable. A time clock app should not spool and spool for minutes (messing up the clock in time), then give an error message. The message is sometimes (not always) a “server error.” I suspect the WiFi trying to override cellular data (or vice-versa) may have something to do with it on occasions. The slowness may be because of the mapping feature. The location recorder / mapping feature must be active (turned on) to clock in. If turned off, it will not work. However, even if turned on, if there is a glitch with the mapping, the employee can not clock in. I have had to go back into the settings to verify the mapping is on, like flipping a breaker switch. My experience: In the last week, I have attempted more times than I was successful in clocking in with this app. I am contacting our personnel department to report the issue. Bottom line: When it works it takes too long, when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, ChuckNasty
It’s Time For An Upgrade!
Kronos, You guys are one of, if not the, largest timekeeping applications on the market. I work for an extremely large company that spreads across all of North America, Canada, several other countries, and we all use Kronos to log our hours. I know funds aren’t an issue so please update your software! There’s not a single employee I’ve met across any company that has good things to say about Kronos. The log in process is about as slow as it can possibly be, you can’t clock in and then look at your time card without getting an error message, and much more problems. I have to email timekeeping at least once a week to get my time card changed strictly because of the app not working properly. To be such a large operating system, your software is still running like a startup company. Invest in your programming please! There should be no reason you have an average of 1.4 star reviews with the amount of users y’all have... listen to your customers and fix the issues!
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3 years ago, stellabrand
Very poor interface
This app is hard to use, which is unfortunate because my employer has decided it will be the ONLY way to clock in starting in January. My biggest complaint is that I can’t have it save my password and there is no Face ID option. Even worse, when I try to use the iOS “keychain” function to log in quicker, it won’t automatically pull up the associated password that way either. So I literally have to type in my long password required by my employer, or do a manual search in the list of saved passwords. So annoying!! Also, the screen to add a time stamp is not intuitive. It has all these things about transfer at the top, and the “punch” button is hidden down at the very bottom. For someone like me who only needs to clock in and out each day, with no complicated transfers or deduction cancels, it would be a lot more obvious if the PUNCH button was placed prominently and obviously. Please, please update this app to make it more user friendly.
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4 years ago, GandalftheWhitr
Worst app ever.
I cannot understand the thought process that went into making this app. It’s the worst app to look at your schedules and have to get used to how it’s displayed. There needs to be a huge overhaul or completely change how it looks and how you navigate through. One main thing is not having the ability to stay logged in or use Touch ID or Face ID. They do not update or keep up to date with all the new tech that makes day to day life much easier. They’re stuck in the past and looks like they have no urge to even continue improvement. If you ever forget your password and can’t remember your security answer to one question, the app doesn’t even ask any of the other security questions so you can reset your password which is the point of the security questions. I would never employ this company if I myself ever needed something like this. Honestly think the company I work for is paying so much money for something not worth it.
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7 years ago, Caleb A-Marek-A
Easily the worst app I've ever been forced to use
I work at an Academy Sports + Outdoors and we are only able to check our schedules outside of work through this app. It was slow, laggy, but I could still eventually see my schedule on my LG V10. Now that I have the iPhone 7, this app is somehow WORSE! On the log-in screen, you can't even see what you're typing. It's like being in desktop mode and not being able to scroll and look around. The interface after logging in is worse than that! Stays on messages and anytime I try to go to another tab or even look at the calendar-view the screen just goes white and never loads. Have had this app for as long as I've worked at Academy, so about a year and a half. It worked okay on the Note 4 I had before the LG10, but then after an update it was unusable. Terribly made, awfully updated. Programmers seem to be working hard to make the app worse. If I could give it negative stars, I would.
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3 years ago, A. Moor.
Big tech wants to take over, but can’t understand their own technology
I can’t believe this is an actual app made by actual people pushed out and approved by actual people to be used by most companies to date, and yet some how with all of this the app still remains in a state of instability and complete ignorance towards the user. Let’s make a list from just having this app for 2 days: 1. Timed out requests happen more than I can count 2. I’ve watched scheduled times switch days back and forth uncontrollably and the only way to stop it is force closing the app. 3. UI/UX come from what feels like a website from 2001, no information hierarchy, buttons placed to just be there, colors and design chosen by an exec with no design experience whatsoever. 4. Wanted to switch apps real quick for a piece of info for the app? Sorry, you need to sign out and back in because the connection is immediately severed once the app is switched. 5. Alerts and notifications don’t like to be told what to do, so in any case it doesn’t matter what you try to do, the alerts won’t disappear no matter how many times you hit delete. This is just the few things I’ve run into having this app for less than 2 days, but as someone who works in the design industry, having to use this app feels like a punch in the gut and tearing my diploma in half.
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5 years ago, I am a concerned worker
Updates that need to be made
First off for iOS users alone there needs to be an update where it allows you to either face ID login or touch login to some extent or at least the genuine feature of being able to save your password. Second of all the timing out feature is just more of a hassle then anything else. And why can’t there be a feature to run on multiple servers especially for the working person who has multiple jobs that use your app as their time card and schedule why do I have to save my server and go into my settings to reset it every time I want to switch over to see one of my jobs and what happens if I said lose it then I have to wait till the next time I go into work just to get a revamp on my server it’s 2018 almost 2019 y’all need to be more on top your game.
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6 years ago, Clarnooo
Touch ID and Schedule features can be better.
I’ve seen great improvements overtime with this app. However, some things can still be addressed. The app navigation is still a little weird. A feature to export your work schedule to your phone calendar would be tremendously helpful. Saves a lot of time and irritability that comes with logging in due to the lengthy password requirements. Also, please allow the user as a individual to turn the Touch ID on/off as they chose. When you work for a larger corporation where it’s IMPOSSIBLE to discuss things like scheduling functions, it makes it hard to pass the word on to have them “allow” employees to use Touch ID. The company I work for has 100,000 employees. No way for me to say “hey john, turn on Touch ID” i don’t even know where to begin with a request of that magnitude.
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4 years ago, TheLividArtisr
At least it’s 0.004% better than dimensions
Worst. Who did you hire for the coding and design? 2 year olds? No, a 2 year old could do better than what you did. Incredibly hard to navigate, incredibly slow, and severely user unfriendly, even for those who are tech savvy. I don’t know if your budget was $30, but even with that you can hire better people to make this. Imagine using this on an old computer, or the terrible mobiles we are given at work. Takes a minute to load (which is way too much when you’re on the clock trying to work) and that’s if you’re even lucky to get the app to launch. I literally cannot think of any reason why this app is terrible other than it was designed and coded by some high up exec. who’s never had to deal with the actual program. I never leave reviews like this. When an app makes you want to jump off a cliff with no parachute, you’re doing something terribly wrong.
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3 years ago, mjboudreau
1. It’s a challenge getting the touch buttons on the bottom left and right corner to respond because the wording is too far down in to the corner. Suggest reconfiguring the format of the page for the screens or moving the words that require a touch response not so close to the bottom or corners. 2. Session timed out time is too short. As a manager I often have to switch between two apps to confirm schedules, etc, and when I switch back my session timed out. Maybe have a user setting for session time out with option from 1-minute to 5-minutes. 3. Needs more functionality for managers that you can do with the PC version such as opening up the shift for the day and adding in pay codes such as precept pay or charge pay, etc. 4. Allow flagged items to be marked as reviewed.
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4 years ago, Korlithiel
It’s fine
The app, set up correctly, works fine for seeing a day of scheduling at a time. It works fine for seeing and submitting other information. But at no point is it smooth, logging in takes a bit and must be done from blank each time, regardless of the remember me setting. Security seems fine, it automatically logs you out after a bit, but if you need to pull the schedule into another app you likely need to go day by day for the notes about each shift. For me this routinely means logging back in at some point while checking over my schedule. So it would be tremendously convenient if it was easier to export to Calendar, if it allowed for FaceID, and if it remembered log-in credentials. Still, beats out the standard method my work puts out (paper sheets in the break room) for scheduling.
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5 years ago, MarbyMD
I have used many scheduling apps and this is by far the worst experience I have had. Between the constant (and I mean constant) server issues and the terrible interface, I cannot see why any employer would willfully use this app as a primary form of schedule. About 1 in 20 times I might be able to actually log in, and if I do get to log in, I better pray that it doesn’t crash before I can check what hours I work. At first I thought hey, maybe they are just having some problems but for the past 7 months this app is only one thing. Consistent. Consistently crap. In those 7 months the app has only recieved 1 or 2 updates and they apparently did nothing to fix any issues that many people are complaining about. There is a reason they only have a 1.5/5 rating on the App Store. Encourage your employer to search out other more user friendly, dedicated services and do not support KronosMobile.
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6 years ago, jakejekdjskabdkdk
I really hate this app
I only use this app because my job uses it for scheduling online, and It worked well, at first. But I’ve been noticing that my schedule doesn’t show up for the whole week. Like this week, the app said i work only 3 days. But come to find out, i was actually scheduled for 4 days and i missed a day of work. I don’t know if it’s my manager who’s typing it in wrong or what. it’s annoying because at the end of the day, it’s “my” fault for not going to work. It’s my fault for “not paying attention” or “checking the schedule in the break room” I really i should be able to rely on this app. But i can’t. My coworkers tell me they don’t use this app because it’s not accurate. But it SHOULD BE ACCURATE. I like being able to check my schedule at home. I used to have to drive to my work and check my schedule there. the idea of being able to online is great and convenient, but it just isn’t accurate.
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6 years ago, Peru209
Too slow and antiquated
I work at Target and the manager decided to use this app and get rid of the other app we used to use which it was Branch, and honestly Kronos is the most antiquated app. Nothing compare to the competition like Branch. Every time you need to get a notification you need to log in or you won’t get any notifications. The displays are so hard to read. Most of the time the app takes long periods of time to load. From having a decent app like Branch to Kronos it was a downgrade. Also, every time I try to post a shift it won’t let me do more than one shift, or the rest of the team members wouldn’t be able to see them. I don’t even use this app even though I want to pick up some shifts just because it takes so long to log in I don’t even bother to use this app. I’m sorry for the harsh words. But this app need some serious fix. At least trying to keep the app on to receive notifications.
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5 years ago, Miaeow
Kronos Should Just Stop Existing
Kronos is honestly horrible. I don't know why any company uses Kronos, including the company I work for THE HERSHEY COMPANY. I mean come on Hershey your using the absolute WORST scheduling system in the world. Nothing EVER makes sense in Kronos whether it be the app or the website. Everything is so confusing and trying to find answers or help is practically impossible because the system is so flawed. Theres always some sort of bs problem when I try to log in, when all I want to do is check my schedule; something that should take 5-10 minutes MAX. Even my mother whose been using the system at her job for almost 30 years HATES IT. It would probably take years for Kronos to fix itself, which is why they should just stop existing there that horrible. There HAS to be something better then this. I hate to sound cliché but I would give this zero stars if I could, Hell, I'd give it negative stars!
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1 year ago, COOKIE MONSTER624
Absolute Trash
If I could give this 0 stars I would. Businesses have got to stop using this horrible application. Absolute garbage, nothing worse. I would rather physically fill out paper every single week that deal with this app. Nothing has been done to fix it in years, I have seen other alternatives that companies use that work much better and make this look like it was created by a high school student who took one coding class and published it. Absolutely horrible, repulsing, disgusting, and putrid this remains in use. I hate this app. h a t e. I hope businesses make the switch soon and quit giving this joke a chance. As a sports fan I will say this, BOOOOOOOOOO. I would rather walk 10 miles on hot coals than use this. I would rather fish with my eyes closed and a spear in the deep sea. I would rather live off of nothing but granny smith apples and vegemite.
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4 years ago, DarfNader
Miserable UX, complete lack of stewardship
It’s pretty clear KRONOS provides this app only so they can say they have one. They’ve all but yielded the space to third party mobile app devs. This app is so clunky it makes even the simplest tasks a confusing ordeal for no particular reason. For example, the view for shift schedules (not shown in the screenshot examples, natch) seems to be deliberately designed to confuse employees. There are line breaks between the day name and the shift times but there is nothing between each day. It makes zero sense. The real-world result is constant confusion amongst the shift employees who have irregular shift start times. Without fail, every day at least one team has to start the shift with at least one person short because someone misread their schedule. The only thing more ridiculous than this bad UX is the fact that it has been this way for as long as anyone can remember.
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2 months ago, Howard Gimbleson
Any companies considering using this app, I implore you not to if you care about your employees. This app seems to make every step of the process as infuriating as possible. It does not allow you to save passwords, the ui is cluttered, it will not recognize known devices/users (although you get the option whenever you login to “save password,” or “recognize this device.” These options do absolutely nothing.) you can’t request shift changes, etc. I’ve been in customer service for almost a decade and every job I’ve had in that time has used some sort of app that this app is supposed to be used for, and every single one of them makes UKG look like a complete and total embarrassment. If you’re looking for a job and they tell you they use this app, RUN. It’s the quintessential symbol of managerial incompetence
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3 years ago, bjohnmackelmore
NOT user friendly - plz hire a design team
This app is so difficult to use. It automatically logs off too quickly before I can even write my schedule down in my calendar. It’s difficult to read my schedule and I’ve shown up to work at the wrong time and date because of the way information is displayed. Information is hard to find and my accrued hours are difficult to figure out. I wish I could login on my computer to see my schedule but instead I have to deal with this barely functioning app. What a shame that so many businesses actually rely on this piece of junk and expect their employees to use it. I would hope they’d consider hiring some UX and UI designers to make it more functional and user friendly. I would expect they’d have enough money to hire some real designers considering hospitals and large corporations like Nike use it.
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3 years ago, Madelyn3140
Literally never works . Don’t use it if you were thinking of it
I honestly never write reviews but I had too on this app. Sadly where I work we use this but it is awful. U always have to sign in, it never keeps you signed in which is just an inconvenience. There is a certain amount of time it will keep in the app before it logs you out. Not only that if you want to take or see if someone can cover your shift it always comes up with an error. Almost no one can put their shift up on this app. That feature almost never works. I hope one day the people who run this app actually fixes this app. It is honestly disappointing. Almost everything about this app is just awful. The only thing you can really do is check your schedule and that’s it. Everything else doesn’t work.
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11 months ago, Nurse Machelle
It’s ok
I don’t know why the screen times out so fast. By the time I take a look at my personal calendar to compare with my work calendar, this app has timed out and I need to sign in again. It’s pretty annoying because I really need to look at it…I don’t work M-F…instead a completely varied schedule, no pattern, and changes sometimes. Wish they’d change this part of the app to save me time in planning. Otherwise I love having the ability to see my work schedule from an app. Like the month view. Wish it could also differentiate which location I’m scheduled to work at instead of me having to memorize.
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