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User Reviews for UKG Workforce Central

1.46 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
8 months ago, seriously?everyuseristaken
Impossible to work with
Honestly this app is one my job uses. It’s ridiculous. It doesn’t save your password. You have to change your password once every month, on top of that it doesn’t tell you your password has expired and doesn’t give you the option to make a new one. You just go to see your schedule and *poof* your password no longer works, thus making it a job concern cause if you don’t save your schedule in your calendar or your photos and don’t remember your schedule you are completely screwed over. This app needs to seriously get some major updates before it starts losing users/business. Especially when working with other businesses so that way people don’t lose their jobs over a simple stupid password that gets deleted every month and doesn’t even give you the option to change it, renew it, or even be able to change it with your phone number. You gotta be physically at work to change your password.
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2 years ago, 2CentsW
Worse than Abacus
I have used it twice and already am looking for needles to stick in my eyes. 1) There’s no quick way to punch in - forced to enter password each punch, NO fingerprint NO face ID login. 2) NO daily hours worked total (yes YOU have to calculate how many hours you worked each day) 3) Only PAY PERIOD (2-week) cumulative hours, NO shift, NO day, NO week subtotals 4) The Geo Fence was showing me in the parking lot not in the building where I was and took me 5 minutes to punch in - had to shut down app & turn off location services then relaunch both just to punch in - lost work time, lost wages. 5) The most important task PUNCHING is a teeny tiny word in small font IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER IN THE FOOTER 6) SLOW SLOW SLOW. I suspect this app’s requirements writers & testers were getting a lot of laundry & yard work done and the developers are cheap offshore labor who never used smartphones nor a timecard app before for their $100/week paycheck. The system McDonalds used 35 years ago is better than this.
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3 years ago, Jdinolfi37
Ill state it as simply as possible so the morons who designed this app have somewhat of a chance at understanding my feedback. This app is the worst app ive ever used. I would rather be skinned alive than try to navigate through this poorly designed, train wreck of an app. As hard as I try to imagine it, I simply cannot think of a scenario where the idiot who designed this app looks at the final product and says “ive done it”. I am thoroughly disappointed that my employer forces me into attempting to use this piece of trash. Id be better off trying to read hieroglyphics in order to know what my schedule is, than waiting 9 hours for the app to load. I consistently get told that my session timed out after i sit waiting for 10+ min. just to see what my schedule is. If the developers can even decipher this review, i want you all to know that you have created the worst app by a landslide, and whoever is forced to use it is offered nothing but inconvenience. If I could leave a -100 star review, i absolutely would.
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2 years ago, CyanideRave
$22B company can’t fix this
UKG is worth $22 billion, but they can’t have the security measures in place to prevent this from happening in the first place? Some people got paid 10% of their paychecks. Some people got 0%. All because this company decided it didn’t care enough about its customers to be secure. The merger happened in early 2020, but nobody from either Kronos or Ultimate thought “Maybe we should update our security protocols just in case…?” Don’t even get me started on the trash UI of this app which hasn’t been updated in years, long before the merging of the two companies. Looks like it’s from 1997. It’s literally that bad. The ONLY good to come from this hack is nobody has to be subjected to such an ugly UI. That says a lot about how bad this app is. Why Edgewood Healthcare went to Kronos from ADP in the first place is beyond me. At least when ADP was “hacked” it was mostly due to individual companies not being careful with activation codes. Kronos? Nah, ALL customers are affected.
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3 years ago, pilgrim.go
Spooling, spooling , spooling, error.
An app designed as a time clock must be quick and dependable. A time clock app should not spool and spool for minutes (messing up the clock in time), then give an error message. The message is sometimes (not always) a “server error.” I suspect the WiFi trying to override cellular data (or vice-versa) may have something to do with it on occasions. The slowness may be because of the mapping feature. The location recorder / mapping feature must be active (turned on) to clock in. If turned off, it will not work. However, even if turned on, if there is a glitch with the mapping, the employee can not clock in. I have had to go back into the settings to verify the mapping is on, like flipping a breaker switch. My experience: In the last week, I have attempted more times than I was successful in clocking in with this app. I am contacting our personnel department to report the issue. Bottom line: When it works it takes too long, when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, stellabrand
Very poor interface
This app is hard to use, which is unfortunate because my employer has decided it will be the ONLY way to clock in starting in January. My biggest complaint is that I can’t have it save my password and there is no Face ID option. Even worse, when I try to use the iOS “keychain” function to log in quicker, it won’t automatically pull up the associated password that way either. So I literally have to type in my long password required by my employer, or do a manual search in the list of saved passwords. So annoying!! Also, the screen to add a time stamp is not intuitive. It has all these things about transfer at the top, and the “punch” button is hidden down at the very bottom. For someone like me who only needs to clock in and out each day, with no complicated transfers or deduction cancels, it would be a lot more obvious if the PUNCH button was placed prominently and obviously. Please, please update this app to make it more user friendly.
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3 years ago, A. Moor.
Big tech wants to take over, but can’t understand their own technology
I can’t believe this is an actual app made by actual people pushed out and approved by actual people to be used by most companies to date, and yet some how with all of this the app still remains in a state of instability and complete ignorance towards the user. Let’s make a list from just having this app for 2 days: 1. Timed out requests happen more than I can count 2. I’ve watched scheduled times switch days back and forth uncontrollably and the only way to stop it is force closing the app. 3. UI/UX come from what feels like a website from 2001, no information hierarchy, buttons placed to just be there, colors and design chosen by an exec with no design experience whatsoever. 4. Wanted to switch apps real quick for a piece of info for the app? Sorry, you need to sign out and back in because the connection is immediately severed once the app is switched. 5. Alerts and notifications don’t like to be told what to do, so in any case it doesn’t matter what you try to do, the alerts won’t disappear no matter how many times you hit delete. This is just the few things I’ve run into having this app for less than 2 days, but as someone who works in the design industry, having to use this app feels like a punch in the gut and tearing my diploma in half.
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3 years ago, TheLividArtisr
At least it’s 0.004% better than dimensions
Worst. Who did you hire for the coding and design? 2 year olds? No, a 2 year old could do better than what you did. Incredibly hard to navigate, incredibly slow, and severely user unfriendly, even for those who are tech savvy. I don’t know if your budget was $30, but even with that you can hire better people to make this. Imagine using this on an old computer, or the terrible mobiles we are given at work. Takes a minute to load (which is way too much when you’re on the clock trying to work) and that’s if you’re even lucky to get the app to launch. I literally cannot think of any reason why this app is terrible other than it was designed and coded by some high up exec. who’s never had to deal with the actual program. I never leave reviews like this. When an app makes you want to jump off a cliff with no parachute, you’re doing something terribly wrong.
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12 months ago, COOKIE MONSTER624
Absolute Trash
If I could give this 0 stars I would. Businesses have got to stop using this horrible application. Absolute garbage, nothing worse. I would rather physically fill out paper every single week that deal with this app. Nothing has been done to fix it in years, I have seen other alternatives that companies use that work much better and make this look like it was created by a high school student who took one coding class and published it. Absolutely horrible, repulsing, disgusting, and putrid this remains in use. I hate this app. h a t e. I hope businesses make the switch soon and quit giving this joke a chance. As a sports fan I will say this, BOOOOOOOOOO. I would rather walk 10 miles on hot coals than use this. I would rather fish with my eyes closed and a spear in the deep sea. I would rather live off of nothing but granny smith apples and vegemite.
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3 years ago, mjboudreau
1. It’s a challenge getting the touch buttons on the bottom left and right corner to respond because the wording is too far down in to the corner. Suggest reconfiguring the format of the page for the screens or moving the words that require a touch response not so close to the bottom or corners. 2. Session timed out time is too short. As a manager I often have to switch between two apps to confirm schedules, etc, and when I switch back my session timed out. Maybe have a user setting for session time out with option from 1-minute to 5-minutes. 3. Needs more functionality for managers that you can do with the PC version such as opening up the shift for the day and adding in pay codes such as precept pay or charge pay, etc. 4. Allow flagged items to be marked as reviewed.
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4 years ago, Korlithiel
It’s fine
The app, set up correctly, works fine for seeing a day of scheduling at a time. It works fine for seeing and submitting other information. But at no point is it smooth, logging in takes a bit and must be done from blank each time, regardless of the remember me setting. Security seems fine, it automatically logs you out after a bit, but if you need to pull the schedule into another app you likely need to go day by day for the notes about each shift. For me this routinely means logging back in at some point while checking over my schedule. So it would be tremendously convenient if it was easier to export to Calendar, if it allowed for FaceID, and if it remembered log-in credentials. Still, beats out the standard method my work puts out (paper sheets in the break room) for scheduling.
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3 years ago, DarfNader
Miserable UX, complete lack of stewardship
It’s pretty clear KRONOS provides this app only so they can say they have one. They’ve all but yielded the space to third party mobile app devs. This app is so clunky it makes even the simplest tasks a confusing ordeal for no particular reason. For example, the view for shift schedules (not shown in the screenshot examples, natch) seems to be deliberately designed to confuse employees. There are line breaks between the day name and the shift times but there is nothing between each day. It makes zero sense. The real-world result is constant confusion amongst the shift employees who have irregular shift start times. Without fail, every day at least one team has to start the shift with at least one person short because someone misread their schedule. The only thing more ridiculous than this bad UX is the fact that it has been this way for as long as anyone can remember.
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3 years ago, bjohnmackelmore
NOT user friendly - plz hire a design team
This app is so difficult to use. It automatically logs off too quickly before I can even write my schedule down in my calendar. It’s difficult to read my schedule and I’ve shown up to work at the wrong time and date because of the way information is displayed. Information is hard to find and my accrued hours are difficult to figure out. I wish I could login on my computer to see my schedule but instead I have to deal with this barely functioning app. What a shame that so many businesses actually rely on this piece of junk and expect their employees to use it. I would hope they’d consider hiring some UX and UI designers to make it more functional and user friendly. I would expect they’d have enough money to hire some real designers considering hospitals and large corporations like Nike use it.
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2 years ago, Madelyn3140
Literally never works . Don’t use it if you were thinking of it
I honestly never write reviews but I had too on this app. Sadly where I work we use this but it is awful. U always have to sign in, it never keeps you signed in which is just an inconvenience. There is a certain amount of time it will keep in the app before it logs you out. Not only that if you want to take or see if someone can cover your shift it always comes up with an error. Almost no one can put their shift up on this app. That feature almost never works. I hope one day the people who run this app actually fixes this app. It is honestly disappointing. Almost everything about this app is just awful. The only thing you can really do is check your schedule and that’s it. Everything else doesn’t work.
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9 months ago, OtherWatermelons
Can’t even use it. Given no reason
Every single time I’ve gotten my work account reset and reactivated, all the way back to the first time making the account, I’ve been getting blocked from my work information with no reasons given at all. On top of that, it mixes up the answers to my security questions and even still uses old questions after I changed them. When changing my password, It tells me a password I have definitely not used on the app has already been used and I need to pick a new one(for every dozens of attempts). To top it all off, the support team even stopped responding to one of my managers regarding fully fixing the issue. I can’t access scheduling, payroll, coworker schedules or anything and it’s been like this since our store opened!
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6 months ago, Nurse Machelle
It’s ok
I don’t know why the screen times out so fast. By the time I take a look at my personal calendar to compare with my work calendar, this app has timed out and I need to sign in again. It’s pretty annoying because I really need to look at it…I don’t work M-F…instead a completely varied schedule, no pattern, and changes sometimes. Wish they’d change this part of the app to save me time in planning. Otherwise I love having the ability to see my work schedule from an app. Like the month view. Wish it could also differentiate which location I’m scheduled to work at instead of me having to memorize.
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1 year ago, Drew Villacis
Worst Time Management Application !
First off, I cannot fathom you’ll understand how ridiculously long it takes for the app to allow you to clock in. You normally get a screen where the punch in/out options are available. To get to that screen I’ve had hundreds of times where I’ve waited beyond a minute or even 5, which in all honesty would make the difference of you being late or not. Obviously, I got to work on time but I hate the fact that I have to ask my manager to modify my time punch because this app is so terribly put together that I can’t seem to clock in on time even when I arrive on time. I will be asking my employing company to look for another means of work time management because this application does not deserve to even be accessible to all!
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2 years ago, Nicki4713
Needs some work
This app needs some work It’s a bit hard to navigate or say how many issues it has because there are so many. However here are a couple of issues that I have run into. The app alerts you to tasks that you need to complete but it doesn’t clear the tasks once you’ve completed them. There is no way for you to save your password to open the app or use your phones password features like Touch ID or Face ID so that you don’t have to constantly put your long password in it. There are many other issues with this app and I think that the developers should do beta testing so that they can fix these issues to create a superior product. The app feels like it was alpha tested because it’s a subpar product that feels rushed to get out.
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2 years ago, KValuation
Absolutely Frustrating
I have been using this app for 3 years now to access my work schedule, and time and time again, it has failed to impress me. This app always leaves me frustrated, as there always seems to be something wrong with it. As many other reviews have stated, this is hands down the worst app I have ever used. In fact, it’s unusable. I have to sign in about 4 times, sometimes more, for it to finally give me access to my account. There are always error messages popping up. Some days the log in page won’t even load. The creator must not even read reviews, because it hasn’t improved at all despite countless one star reviews. Warn your employers! Refrain from using this app if you can! Or risk not being able to access your schedule...
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2 years ago, Turtelman
Worst work app I’ve ever used
The employers have so much customization options that I didn’t think it was possible to request a day off on the app, only to find out that it’s possible for the employees to remove the option and mine did. Half the time I get an error message when trying to open the app. I only open the app once a week to screenshot my schedule and just look at my photos to see what my schedule looks like for the week. And heaven forbid you need to post a shift to get it covered. I had to that recently for a shift a few weeks out, and trying to figure out how to do that was the most convoluted task I have tried to do on a work app. Last work app I had it was all very streamlined, it even had Face ID! Never thought I’d say that I miss that app
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3 years ago, EthanTGOL
50 Shades Of Awful
I’d rather use nail clippers to remove the bottom half of all of my teeth and then bite into some ice cream than ever think about this app again. I could cry onto a keyboard, short it out, and take all of the zeros and ones that came from it and make a better app. Y’all should fire whoever made this and hire a monkey. If a monkey can eventually make Shakespeare, one could certainly make something better than this, on the first try, mind you. This doesn’t deserve any of the stars it gets, and I don’t know who’s getting paid to rate it anything higher than one star, but they should be ashamed of themselves for selling out their dignity. I have to stop writing now; I’m nauseous thinking about this. I’ve never been happier to delete an app in my entire life. Good riddance.
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2 years ago, Swackson
Slow, login and opening take forever
I was hoping not to get this back after the ransomware attack or maybe they might have improved it while it wasn’t being used by anybody. Well, since my company made us start using it again I long for the days of Workforce and Teams Shifts. At least those apps would open and open quickly. This app is terrible. It takes so long to either open or fails to open that its next to useless. I have one thing to do and that is punch in an out. That act that take a second entails waiting most times minutes for the app to open, login and take you tot he right page…..if it does that at all. I don't know why my company stuck with Kronos and I don't know why Kronos cant make something that works.
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3 years ago, mgburbi85
Someone PLEASE correct the UI of this APP! The “apply” button is glitchy and in the most awkward location. Same can be said for pretty much all the other functions. Also, whomever thought making the “apply” button change into the “approve” button after clicking is insane. Because the reaction time is so slow, you don’t even realize that you inadvertently clicked again and it then approves your time card!! This then causes another back step that takes up more time (removing the approval)and subsequently losing your progress and starting over. Another issue is it never wants to log out!!! The app spins, but never changes or confirms successful log out... just freezes and requires the app to be forced closed. VERY. POOR. DESIGN.!!! PLEASE IMPROVE! MAYBE EVEN START OVER!
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1 year ago, Mrs. Dooley
My biggest complaint at the moment is that there was at one point a way to request time off through the app. There’s a glitch when you hit the + to add a request, a screen pops up for a mere second to choose what kind of request, then goes to the open shifts. Idk why that page automatically selects open shifts, buts it’s terribly annoying and inconvenient. So now I have to wait until I go to work and try to find time to long in and request off there. It’s preferable to request off ASAP which is why I liked using the app. The website won’t work on my phone for whatever reason Also, there should be a way to save password and/or use your face to login like the other UKG apps. Idk why this one doesn’t use that.
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2 years ago, Noma8901
Worst app ever; creator should be embarrassed
Update: I genuinely hope my employer terminated the contract with this terrible service as a result of the nation wide outage. I’ve had to use this atrocious application for clocking in and out with my employer for 7 years and every year it gets worse. I have a new phone on the latest software with a reliable network and even that can’t make this app function properly. I can log in as I’m walking out the door and it finally connects around the on ramp of the freeway. Thank you for adding several minutes to each pay day while also giving the illusion that I’m chronically late because of how long this application takes to load. I hope this company goes out of business. That is all
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2 years ago, mjc68564
Why does any employer use this
This is the worst designed app ever. For one, the login is literally the webpage login like as if i were on a computer so i haven to zoom in to login (literally type it all out since it can’t store my login info) and answer the security question AND agree to the terms of agreeing. I can’t just use my iPhone facial recognition to login. It wouldn’t be so bad but the app “times out” after a minute or two, so you have to keep logging in if you are trying to look at your work schedule and plan something on a different app. The set up can also be difficult to read. I would honestly it rather be 2010 where employers posted a paper schedule every 2 weeks than to use this app.
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10 months ago, question mee
It’s okay…
It does what it needs to do I can see my schedule and all other things work related, but my only problem is the constant errors messages. This app doesn’t get enough updates as it needs to. This app has been down for 3 days now and I’m unable to get into the app at all. Unfortunately I’m unable to see my schedule for this week so that really throws me off. There has been no communication from the app about when this will be resolved. I even checked their socials and nothing has been said about the app being down. The app just keeps giving me this error messages.
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3 years ago, Nadaleem
I agree with the previous review. This is the worst app ever made. I cannot believe that it was not only created and published, but is actually being used by employers. What are you thinking!!!!!!???? Once again, this app is not loading so I cannot see my schedule. I hope I don’t have work today because who knows! When it does load (miraculously), it times out so quickly that I have to reload it all over again. This process makes me want to chuck my iPhone out the window and quit my job. Seriously. Why do the creators make this app so confusing to read too?! It’s just a simple schedule!!!! Do better!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you’re an employer, please please PLEASE use a different app. Save your employees the torture that comes with downloading this trash.
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2 years ago, real6ixside
Major changes but simple
I’ve never used an app where i must log in every single time to check my information. Then once I login there im promoted to the Kronos screen after having verified myself twice im once again being asked for verification. The app should refresh when not in use but it shouldn’t log out or at least have the option to save your information. It’s very inefficient. The “upgraded” interface honestly has devolved its functionality it’s even more tedious and not user friendly. I suggest taking notes from Amazon’s AtoZ app, very excellent and was made im short notice. This company has been around for a while it is no reason for you not to have a proper functioning interface.
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2 years ago, Sliphnir234
Worst app of my life
I have never written a review for an app before, but this thing has made me so angry. It has very poor design in every aspect of it. I can’t do anything with out it having to reload 10 time because my “session has timed out” after it only being up for less than 30 seconds. I can’t put a time request in because, once again, if you spend more than 30 seconds doing something it times you out and starts the whole login process all over again. I can barely clock in/out of work with it. It has no accuracy whatsoever. I have stood right next to time clock and it still shows I’m not within the area. I hate this app and it has only made my life worse.
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10 months ago, JjRdz89
NO stars needs to be an option for this app.
If my work didn’t use this app for time cards requests off and availability changes I would not even touch this app with a pre paid phone. From white screens to being logged in and being told invalid username/password despite seeing the full menu with my name at the bottom to being timed out seconds after logging in or in the middle of requesting time off. This app is a joke and doesn’t look like it will be fixed anytime in the future cause I have been using it for as long as I have been at my current job. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to see if that would fix it but it doesn’t matter problem persists.
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12 months ago, cibersis
Can’t even get a log on and password
After entering my company server name, which is the first step in creating a log on and password, an error message appears and that’s the farthest I can go. I’ve deleted the app off my phone and re-download it. I’ve shut off my Wi-Fi in settings to try it with cell service only with no success either way. So app is definitely a dud. Before I even tried to use it my manager told me not to bother because it doesn’t so no one uses it. I have to physically go into work to take a snapshot of my schedule, just like the old days practically. i’m just wondering how long companies will keep this app in service when no employees can ever use it properly.
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3 years ago, _saints44_
Extremely Difficult to Use
The app does NOT keep you logged in which is very annoying since I have it on my personal device. It also does NOT allow my password to be saved. I have to click saved passwords, search for my organization, then click it. It does not recognize it automatically making it very hard to sign in. The app also displays the schedule in a weird format. They need to add an export feature where I can put my schedule straight into my Apple calendar. Another feature they should add would be an option to switch shifts and an option to request off. There are FREE schedule apps that are designed and work much better. Bad design and hard to use. Very disappointed.
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3 years ago, ItzaLovee
This app is so bad! It’s like they don’t even care about the reviews or bother to even read them. I can’t even express how badly it makes me want to slam my phone. Trying to log in before a shift is impossible due to the fact that it crashes every single time. And the layout? Please I beg you update it. My coworkers and I have mixed up shifts or have even not shown up on days due to the way the days and time shows directly under each other it makes ZERO sense. Another thing is that we’re not able to use face recognition or Touch ID, that would make singing in so much quicker and easier. It’s 2020 get it together. AND READ YOUR REVIEWS!!!!!! People have been pointing out some really reasonable things.
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2 years ago, Tristonjg
Takes way too long to load and sign in
Extremely inefficient and poorly developed app. Plan on at least an extra 4-5 minutes every work day to spent trying to log in and waiting to reload after your “Session timed out”. Really disappointed with the new developers. I thought this app would get fixed a few months ago when new people took it over. New icon, but it’s the same, slow, clunky app is was and they have not done anything to make it better. It takes an very long time to reconnect after my sessions time out, which it has to do about ever 2-3 minutes and is extremely excessive. The sign in also takes too long, without the option to remain signed in. I really don’t want to have to re-sign in every single day I go to work. An app like this is so simple it would take one person from your team to work on these problems and fix them. It seems as though they don’t care about the user experience, when we’re the only reason they have a business in the first place.
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9 months ago, HFT employee
Constant password glitches
This is the worst app I have ever used as an employee. The app glitches very frequently saying my user name or password is wrong. I have reset it at least 10 times during the three months I have worked for my current company. I reset my password and still get the same message. No company should use an app that glitches this frequently and subjects their employees to this stress. I have used other apps while working for other organizations and never have this type of issue! I just want to see my vacation time, schedule, and time card each week—lease fix your app, so we can actually get a function from it.
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4 years ago, Meshy Pants
Takes forever to load every single screen, not just the app but on desktop as well. Even when I click keep me logged in, it logs me out every single time I used it. Location services are completely inaccurate. I believe it grabs your location from where you sign in and NOT punch in. I am currently in a battle with my work who is accusing me of punching in outside of work - which I have never done - because the location is inaccurate. Thank God security badges log when we enter the building or I would have been fired due to the inaccuracy of this app showing I was punching in on the highway etc. I can’t believe my company would even go for this product with all the awful reviews.
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9 months ago, ShadywarriorsSexywife
It does the job, but not as well as it could
I think there is room for improvement with this app. It’s not very user friendly, just bare minimum. I would LOVE it if they could update it with a function to see the staff schedule for they day- like everyone who is already on the schedule for the unit for a particular day. This would help to make it easier to text co-workers to ask if they could trade knowing if they already work or workded the night before. And to know who is charging, or if you are highest senority on a holiday or something. Thank you
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1 year ago, Dontmindthegap
The worst app I’ve ever used
The most basic task this app is required to do to have any semblance of functionality is to connect to my work’s server. I would say it has a less than 10% success rate at doing even that, which means that I cannot access my schedule, my time card, my requests, etc more than 90% of the time. It is practically, infuriatingly, useless, and yet completely required for my job. I have literally begged management to choose some other (ANY other) format for scheduling because this app is truly the bane of my existence (and I am not alone, everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE on my team feels the same way and experiences the same issues.)
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3 years ago, Nicholas Fish
Why do employees continue to use this app?
I have never left a review for an app but my experience with Kronos has been so horrendous that I need to warn other users. This is the a worst scheduling app on the marketplace. It seems like almost every week it incorrectly displays when I am scheduled so I can’t make any plans for the week, and then it updates 2 hours before your shift and shows the correct dates. This means I have the wrong schedule and has resulted in myself and others at my workplace coming in late or not being able to make their shifts at all. Terrible and useless app and I’m surprised no one has sued the company after getting terminated for missing shifts. Wish I could give zero stars.
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3 years ago, Cayden82
I would give this zero stars if I could.
Never in my life have I seen an app so bad. I don’t understand how one app can crash, freeze, or just straight up do nothing and give a white screen every time I open it and I don’t even get an indication of what is wrong. I have an XS, my phone is powerful, so how the heck can this app run like I put it on a nokia flip? I have installed this app on fellow team members phones, put the same exact server that I have in, and Kronos says “that server doesn’t exist” like... yes? Yes it does? I’m on it, on the same app? I guarantee this app was outsourced to some 15c an hour coding company, because no decent and self respecting programmer would ever create such a garbage waste of digital space.
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8 months ago, OrcasIsle
I hate this app
This app is horrible. Lazy execs choosing this app for their company have obviously never bothered to use it to see if it works. It usually takes three to four login attempts to make it through their buggy connection to clock in, and it logs you out immediately after leaving the app. It constantly and invasively requires you to update and change your password as you are trying to clock in for your shift. I’ve spent ten minutes at times sitting at work trying to login and change my password only for the app to crash while logging in and changing the password. Clocking in and out is a frustrating nightmare.
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3 months ago, 1937362bailey
This App is a nightmare
I’m forced to use this because someone SOMEHOW convinced my employer to utilize it. Some people can save their password, some can’t. The password is super complicated so it’s annoying to have to enter it in 4 times a day. Clock out 30 minutes for lunch? You have to hard close the app, log in, punch, sometimes it lets you punch without logging back in.. probably 5 percent of the time. Otherwise you have to once again hard close the app and log back in. If you try to log in without restarting the app it normally just goes blank when you click log in. Please god fix this app, or please go out of business
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1 year ago, Just tryna have fun
Certain features for certain people?
This app has a clock in and clock out feature but it doesn’t work for everyone. It only appears on some peoples phones. It also forces you to reset your password every once in a while right after changing my password it told me I had entered the incorrect password and completely locked me out of my account. (I’ve been locked out multiple times) when you get locked out you have to contact your administrator. This app has been a huge pain for me. I can’t pull up any important records or electronic paystubs when I need them. I hope UKG fixes their app because this is ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Sentient Coffee Mug
Clunky and Not User-Friendly
I’m not one to write reviews-even when an app is inherently bad-since I feel like it isn’t worth the effort the vast majority of the time. But then again. this is hardly an app to begin with. This is simply a poor adaptation of the website itself. By downloading the app I was hoping to avoid the poorly formatted and frankly frustrating login pages of the native website my place of work uses to access Kronos. The app booted up and proceeded to greet me with the exact same login page. Overall, the app is just fairly clunky to use with a user interface that’s harder to understand than hieroglyphics.
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3 years ago, Corimar330
Awkward, limited, poor design
I can’t select specific date ranges like in desktop app, can’t even narrow it down to a single week if it’s already in th second half of a pay period, and some views only work in landscape mode. It also has the quickest time out I’ve ever seen and won’t save my password. It’s a hassle to use almost every time. Additionally, the line dividing a shift date from its shift time has proven confusing to new users at a quick glance. I’ve had multiple team members miss shifts or show up late because they reasonably believed the information grouped together into a box showed their actual shift.
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3 years ago, LadyLucky002
Why would you do this
This app is hot garbage, and the developers/ people driving the company know it. I've been told it's better on other devices, but it should just work on every device. It doesn't load my schedule. Thats these one job it needs to do. This is not on my company as they do post the schedules as they release. I don't know why a billion dollar company would make us use this when it is by far the worst schedule app. In fact it's so bad Is rather they. Engrave it into stone, Because it take just as long you get the results, but at least the stone won't lock me out after 3 minutes and have my schedule instead of eating my time.
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2 years ago, Usa all the way
UNREAL how any Apple App can Hold a Low rating
It absolutely Blows my mind how any company can even buy a program like this one to implement for their employees when it has such Horrific ratings and such bad user problems. Its clear that Kronos is not on top of its game in ensuring its a friendly environment all that need to utilize it. There is NO reason that IT could not address all these issues that are listed yet our gamer apps care and will release a fix to the problem the 1st time they see there is one instead of blaming others . Only 25 Fixes in 2 yrs For All these Operational problems ??? Get moving - my angry birds fixes issues by the week !!
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3 years ago, density524
Really poor UI design
Come on guys, go look at the UI guidelines and move the buttons you need to click on into a more usable area. Notable is the Punch, and Sign-out “buttons” - on a newer phone without a physical home button they’re both down in the part of the screen that the phone is expecting to be used for interaction with the virtual home button. Those buttons are also unnecessarily small, and if your work isn’t using location tracking when punching in/out most of the screen is empty serving no purpose, and a tiny button at the very bottom almost off the screen.
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2 years ago, A Straw
The god of time couldn’t fix this app if he had an eternity
This app is so inconsistent, support is so incredibly unhelpful, and the fact that this software is still used by pretty big clients after years of mediocrity is unbelievable. I’d have an easier experience if I sent a courier pigeon every time I wanted to view my schedule. Maybe one day it won’t take 10-15 minutes just to log on to a server for 1-2 minutes before logging me out again, but I do not see that happening. In conclusion: this will make you feel like you are having a brain aneurysm whenever you are misfortunate enough to need to use Ultimate Kronos Group’s (ridiculous name btw) abomination of an app.
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