UKG Workforce Central

1.5 (4.8K)
38.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kronos Incorporated
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for UKG Workforce Central

1.46 out of 5
4.8K Ratings
4 months ago, ~Stormy
I have worked several different jobs and...
... dealt with multiple scheduling applications, and I have to say that this is the absolute worst I have ever dealt with. How bad is it, you might ask? Well, let's just say being required to use this app was one of the biggest reasons I left the job requiring it! Buggy. Glitchy, and totally worthless. I went back to a lesser paying job with a far superior scheduling app just to save myself a headache. I can now easily view my schedule, put in for a shift swap, shift transfer, use my pto, vacation, unpaid time, get real time updates/news, see my schedule up to 3 months in advance, log in with face ID, and stay signed in for 30 days at a time. None of that was possible with this horrible app. This app simply needs to be stamped obsolete and taken out of circulation.
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4 months ago, Daleyplanit
If you like getting frozen out this is the app for you!
Do you like extraordinary long wait times to get into the app? Do you like 10 minutes of waiting on a white screen before anything loads? Do you like timeouts? If your answer is yes, to the questions above this app is for you! This is the type of app that wakes up in the morning and says “do I really want to work today??” Spoiler alert, most days it does not want to work. This app deserves a top award for most dysfunctional. i’d happily provide a review for its features, but I’m frequently unable to access them. Bonus: If you’re a big fan of schadenfreude then this is the app you want to recommend to friends!
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7 days ago, itshenryfromthetelevision
Please stop using this company I’m begging you
If there is ever a class action law suit against this company I will hands down donate 1,000 dollars to it. The struggle to log into such an important app is insane. The amount of people that have probably gotten fired because they had to schedule off work but this app wouldn’t let them is probably in the thousands. The people who made this app should be ashamed. There is no reason why a app should require so many barriers. Change passwords so frequently. I think it would take a class action lawsuit to get companies to stop using this company. It’s embarrassing. It’s horrible. Please stop existing for the good of humanity.
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3 months ago, Hudved
App needs a makeover!
My son has been locked out of the app for days. Can not create a new password because he doesn’t remember the answers to the security questions. He never gets an alert to change the password. He has to go to HR to have them reset it. He did so and was told there was no one in that day that could fix it. It was a holiday weekend. They do post the schedule on paper. He is often off work on the day the schedule is posted so he has to make a special trip to work to get it. It is very inconvenient. It is harder to get into any other apps we have.
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3 months ago, krrs_
Needs to be updated
App looks very old and generic, I mean it is a work app but honestly can we add some color or a new interface. Speaking about interfaces, it logs u out after u close the app and needs to be logged into after 6 mins. Have had many issues of it not connecting to a server, has no Face ID login feature nor save password works. I don’t see why this app is even verified for places of work to use as a harsh as that sounds y’all can really do better especially with the resources and companies pouring their money into your pockets.
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6 days ago, RedJ Paint
Should be zero stars
This app absolutely is horrible. As a manager, if the app actually worked, it would be awesome to be able to review and check scheduled from the app. However, when you have an app that constantly logs you out and tells you your sessions timed out and you have to log back in every time you click on something it’s broken. If it was possible to use something, I would. Sadly, this is the program WORK uses.
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2 months ago, @mari22
Why do I need Adobe flash to clock in for work?
I have had this app on my phone for 3 years never gave me a difficult time. Went to work early in the morning trying to clock in and it was saying I wasn’t connected to the server. When I tried to figure out what was wrong it wouldn’t give me the option to type in my password. It takes me to a screen saying I need to get Adobe Flash which requires a paid subscription.
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2 months ago, Psikik08
Uninstalling and reinstalling for the third time today….
I’ve gotten to where I write my schedule down now from where I have to uninstall every time I try to check my schedule. This is the second company I’ve had to use this app for and absolutely HATE it. It’s gotten worse over the years, often not showing when I clocked out, and the time outs are quicker. Ugh.
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4 weeks ago, Lazmike90
Barely works
I used this app since I started with my 6 yrs ago. It's completely trashed. Half the time it doesn't work. Half time it barely works. It takes 3 or more attempts to log in then it will immediately log you back out. If you do log in then you can use it for 1 min then it will log you back out. There's nothing good about this app but I have to use it for work
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3 months ago, IH8teAds
Random Log Outs
I keep randomly getting locked out of my work’s server and it’s frustrating. I was gonna check my schedule for updates and it says I have to sign in with an email. I attempted to and it said it was the wrong one, then I tried another and said “oh another user with this already exists” It’s a nice and simple app but it needs to be fixed big time.
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7 days ago, kiyli1001
Slow and Doesnt work at all
I tried logging in and everytime i put my server name in it tells me to click subscribe to continue with no option to click subscribe... i deleted the app and dowloaded it back several times and even tried different days... still doesnt work. Plus the app just looks out of date and unreal.
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4 months ago, Nosey#.
This app needs to be updated
This App won’t allow me past a white screen with 3 circles on about 90% of the time . How am I going to have use when it won’t let me in to check my schedule and other important information. Very dissatisfied.
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1 month ago, MR. ANTZZZ
This app needs an update. It keeps on saying Server error even though I’m putting the correct server. I deleted and reinstall the app a hundred times but it still showing the same error message. I know I’m putting the correct server because I checked my coworkers server and it’s completely the same. Their’s is working.
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2 months ago, NurseKbrock
Worst app
I am supposed to use this app work to check my schedule. I’ve been unable to get into the app for 2 months now. I’ve even tried utilizing the help desk at work and no one is able to help me. It keeps saying, “unable to contact server.” I wish I could give it zero stars, but that’s not an option.
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2 months ago, Im Maria
This is the worst app I have ever had the displeasure of using, or shall I say FORCED to use. It never works properly, times out after 30 seconds, doesn’t properly display accrued time off. It cheats you out of time and I believe it’s all intentional because there is NO WAY an app that is suppose to support the personnel of a Billion Dollar company is THIS HORRIBLE!
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3 months ago, Rumplestiltskin112211221122
Does not load
App fails to work. Installed , deleted, and reinstalled numerous times to see if it would work. App connects to server but fails to load data. Just a blank menu screen with my name on it. Can get to the settings menu and attempted numerous times to reload. The app is pretty much useless.
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3 months ago, Mnnich
The app is fine when I can connect to my company server, but I am currently unable. I’ve tried resetting my phone’s network and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Nobody at work can figure it out either.
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3 months ago, ntventz
Awful interface, lack of function, unable to transfer schedules into other calendars, never saves passwords, you have to log in several times to log in, key board glitches on second log in. Awful.
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2 weeks ago, Ivey417
No information provided and the FAQ pop up is not mobile phone friendly. Asks for the server when I am already connected to it. Coworkers phone connects right away while mine doesn’t do anything. Garbage app
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3 weeks ago, nolamilome
Kicked out
I’ve been kicked out of the app server for two days now. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. There is no other way to find out my work schedule and keep track of my hours. Terrible!
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2 months ago, Nightxnight
Update your app!!!
The developer really needs to update their app. Multiple people in my company are having a connection to server issue. Some can’t even login to begin using the app. This is post r example of how your company handles their client services…
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2 months ago, slappydangle
Trash App
This app works less than half the time. Terrible that it’s required to use for so many companies when it barely works. I recommend all corporations look into a better app for their employees to track their time. Garbage.
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2 months ago, 99blessed
Having the exact same problem as everyone else
I even tried deleting the app and putting it back in, but it says I need a server…? Never had that option before.
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2 months ago, YMarik
Please fix it
So im using this for a long time now after the update of my phone its keep saying unable to connect server like that, i callrd IT and said theres nothing wrong of it so why i cannot log in? Pls do an update and fix it
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3 months ago, Suzy kh
It’s not good at all it’s hard to login from iPhone so many steps to check your schedule or anything else??!!! And now I can’t open at all 3 days I’m trying to login it’s very bad I will delete it and I will try another one
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3 months ago, Yung Dill
I haven’t been able to connect to the server a month ago and still can’t access my timesheet. Unacceptable being this is the only way I can enter time as well as guarantee my time is correct
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4 months ago, jimmy vin d
When it’s working it’s pretty decent but it constantly loses contact with the server. Also won’t save a password or utilize Face ID for quicker login. Needs some serious updating.
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4 months ago, shanapearl
Not connecting to server
Hi, It’s always losing connection to the server. Will not remember or store login information. it would be way better and faster if you could or do face recognition.
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4 months ago, Chipr10
Not Great
Not a great app. No quick way to login you have to input information everytime. Constantly losing server contact.
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4 months ago, blahbeach
Help please
I downloaded the app and do not see the time punch button. All I see is Time Card. I can pull my schedule up but not clock in. Ive updated ios. Downloaded the latest version of UGK. What do I do?
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2 months ago, Outer belly button
I’ve been trying to create my account for literally months. When I go to the app it says “cannot connect to server” you guys need to fix this app…
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3 months ago, twitter digits
Doesn’t work
I use it on Apple products and waited more than a year to see if it works. Please fix. Works on some days. Fails on others. Need reliability.
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3 months ago, Dee2221985
Won't Connect To Server!!
The worst app ever!! I always have to go to work to check my weekly schedule. Already told my boss that the app doesn't work on newer iPhones 🤦🏽‍♀️
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1 month ago, TROY PRO
This crazy app wont let me check my schedule and always lose its serve. Fritolay can do better than this junk app. So unfortunate.
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4 months ago, Beverlyred
Wonderful update. Have not been able to log in since update! Ugh!
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1 month ago, Matt_Rocks33
The worst scheduling app to exist
If I could rate this app a 0 star I would. I’d much rather go back to paper punch ins then use this poor excuse of an app. Needs a serious update, stuck in 2005.
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4 months ago, Mukilona
I am stuck with this dumb App because my non-profit company is using this . I hate how extremely tiny the texts are in this App and can’t make it zoom-In.
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3 months ago, Augustus Napoleon Johann
I’m going to SCREAM
This app is AWFUL ❤️ It’s been “unable to connect to server” at my work for weeks. I am a student, and I have NO time to deal with this. Get up to date, Kronos
Show more
4 months ago, NEWBORN2B
Can’t connect to server
App crashes a lot and now it’s telling me can’t connect to server! 🤦🏾‍♂️
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2 months ago, Cdel_1
Hasn’t worked for me
All of a sudden the app stopped working for me. Wish I could give 0 stars.
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3 months ago, ChuperDJ
This app is trash!!
I would advice all companies to stop using this product, they are stealing your money!!
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3 months ago, ? Someone
Still a trash 5 years later
Enough said.
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1 month ago, Jeb Ediah
Literally the worst app ever made, almost like it was intentionally designed to not work.
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4 months ago, wm'e'q
Not working
This app is not working !!! So frustrating!!
Show more
3 months ago, smoke and mirrors 23
No server
The app doesn’t work properly.
Show more
4 months ago, Imcarnivalr
Been offline all week!!
I can’t clock in!!
Show more
1 month ago, eramfero
This app is a joke.
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2 months ago, OtomeThot🖤
Total waste of space 🙃
In all the years we've had technology I don't think i've ever come across a more pointless and useless app. Coworkers never respond to Request To Cover/Swap Swift/Request Swift even if you do it days or weeks in advance (they don't deny or accept it just sits there unanswered), when you try to send out those requests it's confusing (some coworkers names will look normal whereas others will have colors next to them but of course we're never told what those colors mean and sometimes if you select a coworker you'll get a warning message "Violation Warning this person can only work 39 hours and they've worked/are scheduled for *blank* amount" meaning they're part time but their worked/scheduled hours 99% of the time will be well over 50+ meaning they had already broken their own rule long before I even came along), to even use the request feature to ask your employer for time off it has to be a month or more in advance if not it'll automatically be declined (if you could do it short notice that'd be great but if you can't and it has to be that long in advance why even have that option on here? by that point you could easily just do it while you're at work or just talk to management/your scheduling manager and would have literal months to do it), our employer said that we could use this app at home and yet the app on one hand will say you can use it at home and on the other will pop up a warning message when you're logging in hinting at you not being able to use it at home or at the very least not being required to (if that's true why even have this app? why would I waste the space downloading an app on my phone that I can only use at work when this same program is on our work computers that we can easily access while we're there?), the login process is a pain (there's no auto save feature so every time you get on you have to enter your password and security questions and even if you leave the app for a second it'll log you out and make you do it again), you're supposed to be able to look at your whole schedule (past, present, and future) but it'll only show you the current week the rest will either be blanked glitched out or you won't get the option to move from the current week at all, you don't get notifications or at least not the really important ones (always get the junk mail but schedule changes, requests, etc never show up period at worst or at best you have to login to see that you got them), etc. If they added a call out feature (having to call the store, can only speak to a MOD, and hoping you get ahold of someone on top of that someone being a nice person is a pain- lost count how many times i'd be on hold forever, how many rude employees I came across who would hang up on me, having to inconvenience my coworkers who were in the middle of work to find a MOD for me, having to talk to only a MOD meaning if they're in the middle of something after a coworker was nice enough to find one for you they can't pass it along to the MOD so you either have to call back when they're not busy or inconvenience your coworker further by making them wait around until the MOD is done with what they were doing if at all, being in a stressful situation and having to deal with this stress on top of it, calling out being an employee's only last minute way to get time off (everything else requires a month+ or coworkers who never respond to requests), etc when if they had an automatic call out feature on this app or even on the phone it'd make life so much easier for everyone involved), properly notified us of ALL notifications especially when it's about our schedule or request, was crystal clear on if employees can use this while off the clock or not (if not get rid of it), made it easier to login and stay logged in, fixed the glitches, and made the coworker to coworker request system more active it would be so much better but as it stands now it's just a hindrance.
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7 years ago, imjusttryingtoearnaliving
Probably the WORST app I've even used
This is a terrible and confusing app, and I don't even know where to begin. First of all, you have to log in every single time you use it. I don't understand why it can't 1) stay logged in 2) use fingerprint recognition to log in or 3) have an easy pin for easier access. Then, the app just isn't user friendly. Every other scheduling app I've used at other jobs has lists of other employees and contact information, as well as messaging options and easy communication between employees and managers. This app is very confusing in regards to requesting off and requesting on. It also does not allow you to see the entire week's worth of shifts, only seven days in advance (example: if it is a Tuesday and the schedule came out for the following week, I could only see this Tuesday through next Tuesday on a screen, not Sunday-Saturday). When trying to get rid of a shift, you can only give you shift away to five people, and you can't even see who is already working that day! I don't know how someone is supposed to get their shift covered or swap shifts with someone if they can't see what everyone else is working. This app is terrible and I would not suggest it to anyone. It really gets a 0/5 but that's not an option so 1/5 will have to do. They need to scrap this app and start all over.
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5 years ago, potat tomat create
It was working fine until it suddenly wasn’t.
I relied a lot on Kronos to know my schedule a few days in advance, sometimes up to two weeks and to double check that I was clocking in at the correct times, but lately it’s really been buggy. The app doesn’t have Touch ID which is a little annoying since my company is allergic to any passwords that are less than 15 characters, but whatever. The real issue with me is how often the app freezes mid-log in with a message telling me that connection to the server can’t be made. So I get kicked into the log in page and I have to type my monster password in. Again. Lately it’s been happening multiple times, sometimes needing up to four or even five log in attempts before I manage to access my schedule and punches. Sometimes I log in and try to select my schedule and as it’s loading I get the server error message and get kicked back out to the main page all over again. Very frustrating. My company was planning to phase out of paper scheduling and rely solely on Kronos to get us scheduled for shifts, but they haven’t rolled it out yet. I’m glad they haven’t, because the app has been a REAL hassle to navigate lately.
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