Ultra Character Map

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X04 Studios Inc.
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3 years ago
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10.10 or later
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User Reviews for Ultra Character Map

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6 years ago, nutjob
What I Needed and Even More
When the “Show Emoji & Symbols” repeatedly starting failing on my Mac (a common problem according to the web), I desperately looked for a substitute. And I got just that with this app—and SO MUCH MORE. In addition to showing you how to type special characters, it lets you search for them by their Unicode names, and as a developer, I can take full advantage of that. But there’s more! As a designer, I can put in sample text and see it in all sorts of different fonts, helping me pick just the one I need to make my client happy and express the emotion I need for a project. I’ve slowly built up again a set of favorite characters (and thank you for providing THAT feature!) that I use daily in my work and correspondance. Ultra Character Map deserves its name: it truly is the ultimate character map!
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2 years ago, B'bba
Still no KeyCaps option, but this helps!!
I use some music symbol fonts, and I have missed some long lost function to look at keycaps to see where the symbols "live" on the keyboard. Ultra Character Map does two things I've found very helpful. First, it can create font catalog (print or PDF) that you can customize. This is great when you have large numbers of fonts (like when you stupidly install one of those 2000 fonts collections). And second, it can create a reference file to show you all the characters that are available in that font. Though this isn't a KeyCap option, at least you can find your desired character easily, and either copy-paste or use the key-strokes (which are shown).
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6 years ago, SansEverything
Just what the doctor ordered, but—
I have a number of homemade fonts (made using the late, lamented Fontographer) that have special symbols not used in Unicode. this is a great way to find out where everything is. Once any letter is highlighted, you can type any key combination to go to the letter it encodes. The “but” in my review title is: this feature doesn’t work for accented characters that require two successive keystrokes. The letter ü (u with an umlaut) is option-u, followed by u. The letter é is option-e, then e. If you type option-u, u in Ultra Character Map, it ignores the first input, and just gives you lower-case u. Should be fixable, though. Developers, are you reading?
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2 years ago, Buzz9848
Excellent Little Utility
I love this little program. I use it to enlarge the Apple emoji characters so I can see them more easily. Also, I can quickly view all of the characters of any font to find just the right one for any project. I especially like the ability to copy any character of any font to memory as text or as a graphic. I can paste a graphic font character onto a page, set its attribute to ‘wrap’ or ‘no wrap’ and easily resize it to whatever I need without disturbing the size of existing fonts and line spacing on a page.
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4 years ago, Elizabethan Writer
Almost Perfect
If you want to fill your manuscript with accents, diacriticals or pronunciation marks then Ultra Character Mao is indispensible. The one glaring flaw is that the size setting for characters are the same for both screen display AND for copying and pasting. This is very inconvenient as I need to see with my eyes the characters I am choosing to copy (so the sizes need to display the marks in conspicouous ways) but I then need to modify the size on my manuscript when pasting. Programmers, please fix!
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7 years ago, moneymfd
Very handy tool
I used this to find characters for music like the last review. I guess I didn’t notice that it didn’t have key combinations. However, this totally changed the way I used some text symbols in a class seating chart (I teach music). I was able to grab symbols to use (like the emojees) without hunting around and use them as a graphic file. From B’bba’s review, it sounded like it could use a couple of features, but it sure was a pleasant surprise for what I was using it for.
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5 years ago, MarilynnDeSilva
Very Useful Tool
I can access glyphs and diacriticals without having to create the text in Photoshop. Can even do some basic metallic & 3D text on the fly. Essential for anyone who creates text documents as a graphic design. Would like to have the font name prominent at the top, especially since the representations in the side bar are often illegible. With this improvement this app will truly rate 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Bill Greaves
New and improved, this is a great and useful application, but...
it has one drawback. It would be beneficial to the users to be able to search the font names for a specific font instead of having to scroll through all the fonts to find the one you want. But that's a quibble.
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6 years ago, DavidRaymondMontgomery
I am changing this...
I totally misunderstood what I was looking at. I found that I was so very wrong. This is great software when you understand it. That is why I am changing this from a 1 star to a 5. While you do have to make the characters 1 at a time. That is a small thing compared to the results you get! I am giving this a 5.
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3 years ago, Alizae21
Just what i've been looking for
I used a Windows for years & used Character Map UWP. I've been looking for a program on my MAC that is comparable to that. This app is EXACTLY like it! I'm sp glad I found it! I'M ABLE TO SEE ALL MY FONTS & its eaSy to transfer the glyphs to all the programs I use. I love it.
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4 years ago, johnmfisk
This should be a core macOS app
Every now and then, you run across an app that fills a much needed gap - this is it. It REALLY should be part of the core macOS set of utilities. The Emoji & Symbols app is totally pathetic and marginally useful. If you are authoring or creating content, you need this app. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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5 years ago, Fingerbo
Great Font Manager
During the Mountain Lion OS era, the native Mac font manager, Font Book, becamse very unstable (for me, anyway). I bought this app to help fine tune (and find) glyphs, special characters, etc., in conjunction most often with doing comic book lettering and in InDesign. It proved enormously helpful. So, highly recommended.
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7 years ago, simply riverside
All that FONTS!
great little application displays your entire font family that is on your computer, you can size the window to your screen and you really get to see your fonts in all there glory ;-)
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7 years ago, gyg11
Ultra Character Map
Works great! I can find all the characters for every font. Especially use if for the large variety of music fonts—knowing exactly what symbol each key represents has saved lots of time.
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5 years ago, RchrdHrmnn
Ultra Character Map V. 2.0.6
I have many fonts installed including music and math specialty fonts and collections of glyphs. I can find what I want quickly and get them into my document with ease! I highly recommend this Ultra Character Map.
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7 years ago, Radar_Iridium
Gives me all the characters I need for writing in multiple languages as well as uncommon symbols. Also has very nice feature of metallic finishes and multiple colors for characters. Well worth the price.
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4 months ago, Tomzer1
Find that Special Character!
The best utility for finding special characters in fonts that I've yet found on macOS. Great organization and interface.
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3 years ago, Matman67
Perfect for Font Lovers
A perfect app for font lovers. Please continue to keep it up to date so we can use it forever! It ould be nice if we could filter fonts by their names.
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2 years ago, Clarkintosh
Critical utility for full Unicode access
This utility is one of the only ways to access AND INPUT the full range of Unicode character. Intuitive interface and good display.
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7 years ago, humbug/e/
Great tool that makes text style selection easy
Makes choosing the “right” font style for flyers and greeting cards easy and makes me look like a great designer. AND easy/peasy to use.
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6 years ago, Terre Spencer
Useful every day for this writer and graphic artist
I appreciate the features—especially the ability to scale glyphs—and use this app nearly every working day.
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5 years ago, richrat4
All glyphs known, apparently1
Great when you want to replicate or approximate a strange glyph, to find it buried in a font you own, but made with three unintuitive keystrokes, like apothecary synbols in a paper i was writing! indispensable!
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7 years ago, jjjjjjjjjj111
I can’t possibly explain how much I love this app. It makes my life so much easier when designing items for my etsy shop!
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6 years ago, Amilcare P
Almost perfect
I’m using it as the table for a rather complex music signs font is incorrect and incomplete. What ULTRA CHARACTER MAP cannot provide is a clear picture of the application of multiple character forms. This might be useful to add.
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5 years ago, 55nick
In dispensable
It’s my “go to” when I need a special character or want to know more about a font.
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2 years ago, BoDean2000
The best app on my computer. Its the key to using some fonts that are patterns and not letters. They are useless without this app.
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4 years ago, Kappi_26
just what I needed!
just what I needed and so very easy to use! I just love it!
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4 years ago, Trolls have gltter
Samanthia Font
I sure it's really great, I'm just new to it and not sure how to really use it. I other. fonts come out in blocks and when I type with it in cricut it changes to normal font writing.
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7 years ago, Brando11111
Is there no way to create folders in this to organise fonts?
I have looked everywhere, but can’t find any way to create my own folders in this so I can organize fonts. Surely there must be a way? It’s just a totally useless bit of software if there is no way to actually group and organise fonts.
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4 years ago, JakUnlimited
Doesnt work with typekit fonts
This is kinda a major thing...developers should mention that in the description ...
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4 years ago, R----H
Need more ux help
This app gets the job done, but it leaves me wish for more features and a more intuitive design. It could stand an update as well.
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10 months ago, VAkln
Love it!
Been looking for something like this FOREVER!! Love it.
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7 years ago, JohnHook
As good as PopChar at a much lower price!
As good as PopChar at less than 1/3 the cost!
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6 years ago, Anacortes Eric
Eminently Easy to Use
‘Nuff said.
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10 years ago, Mykill G
GREAT, One Issue
This is GREAT. I am a professional graphic designer and it is really nice to be able to access all the glyphs (even hidden ones) without actually having to be in a design or document layout app. Compare feature is nice, and the keyboard shortcut feature is nice. ONE ISSSUE and only for pro graphic users, is the ability to see ONLY fonts installed on your system, library and user folders. I have font management software,as do most other graphic professionals, and it stores the fonts in another location to keep my system clean and fast. 4000 fonts in the Library or User folder is not an option, so the ability to point this app to other locations would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, no complaints and worth the money
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8 years ago, DrFranco42
Simpy a must-have app
Update on my rating from before. This is a great utility that finally replaces the sorely missed Character Map utility from long ago. Easy to use with quite powerful extra features. Originally I had rated this only 4 stars because it was not fully compatible with older versions of the OS in allowing access to additional font libraries (e.g., Microsoft specific libraries). That ancient issue resolved, this app is simply essential for anyone requiring access to less common symbols in particular fonts. I need this all the time in my academic writing. Can’t recommend this highly enough.
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10 years ago, Opusracer14
Finally! A font application that every designer can love!
I’ve been an illustrator and graphic designer for over 25 years, and one of my big annoyances has been the fact that I couldn’t find a font display application that would let me see how my logo typeface, headline, or paragraph would look at a glance. I was always having to do that in my actual Adobe illustrator document, which was always such a time consuming task. Until now - Ultra Character Map has worked it all out. It does everything it claims, and does it really well. It’s interface is streamlined and super easy to use. In addition to it’s great sentence display features, you can change character color, create three dimensional characters, and best of all - create vectors from the individual characters! - And then drag them into the vector program of your choice! It’s already saved me a vast amount of project development time. All in all - an awesome application! And the mere $10 cost is the best money you’ll ever spend on an app. A super 5 star rating is well deserved! I only hope you have plans (though I don’t know how) to make it even better! Kudos - Ultra Character developers!
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10 years ago, Elbeliathon
Robust & handles lots of use cases for people who work with type
I’m very happy with Ultra. One of my major needs was being able to use our brand’s custom icon font. The native Mac FontBook doesn’t make it easy / possible to browse all glyphs of a font and then copy them correclty. Ultra works very well for this use case. It mostly closely reminds me of the glyph browser in Adobe InDesign — but in this case, accessible system-wide (and of course much less epxensive and lightweight). I do wish a simple CMD-C would copy the glyph (instead of the more complicated shortcut that’s assigned to this) but oh well. A minor optimization.
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10 years ago, Hot Points
Graphic Designer
I have used a similar program in earlier versons of Mac OS X, but is now gone. I also depend on a similar program whenver I work in Windows as well. Since I do graphic design I find the added ability to use a graphic version of each character and be able to alter it’s appearance to meet the context of my work. I am glad that there is this program available at a minimal cost that offers all of these great features. Thank you to XO4 Studios for creating this very useful application and making it available for all of us.
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9 years ago, Reluar
Good for IPA transcription
It is very useful, a clean, intuitive interface. Particularly with a phonetic font like CharisSil. However I would like to see a feature added that would make it much more useful for IPA transcription. It would be very nice if one could accumulate several characters to a field which you could copy as text. That would make it a lot less laborious to create diphthongs and triphthongs to the system keyboard replacement set. I’m sure this proposed function would make it very useful for many other purposes.
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11 years ago, Fred "Anonymous" Smith
Study The Built-In Alternatives First
Don't make the same mistake I did. Research the built-in alternatives before buying this. OSX Mountain Lion (and perhaps other OS versions as well) includes three built-in font tools - the "Font Book" app (Applications folder) and both the "Keyboard Viewer" and "Character Viewer" in the menu bar (latter two accessible through "Language & Text" preference panel). These three great tools combined offer nearly everything this app ("Ultra Character Map") offers and significantly more than the previous "Character Map" offered. Given that, what very little more this app supposedly offers (haven't found that yet) is just not worth the money.
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9 years ago, Book Binder
Very useful tool for any design work involving fonts
I do a lot of personalized work for custom albums and books we make, and using Ultra character map is a great tool to choose fonts that work with my designs. I can put in my text and see easily and quickly how it looks with different fonts - I’ve over 600 installed - which is a lot better than cycling through them one by one in Illustrator. A great companion app for working with Illustrator, and I have it open all the time.
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10 years ago, CarnageAsada
Fantastic app to replace the horrible Apple character viewer
Ever since Apple “updated” their character viewer tool with something wholly useless, our team has been in need of an app that allows us to clearly see all the glyphs within a font, the character codes, the keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to copy either the character itself or the vector outline of the character into our designs. This app does all of that. Easy to use, clear, and a designer’s lifesaver. Worth every penny.
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12 years ago, kammco
Glad I found this
I wanted an easy way to access/search symbols provided by individual fonts and this does the job quite nicely. The alternatives I found either didn't seem to provide a clear way to switch between the font being used or were just really expensive ($40). So for me, the other features (like the font catalog text comparisons) were gravy, but are actually really useful.
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11 years ago, quedible
why, apple, why?
This is a great program but I'm perplexed why Apple decided to take away necessary functions from its own Character Viewer. This program is much more elegant and has additional features that are very good, and I'm happy to support independent developers. At the same time, I question why I must purchase a new app to restore a feature that's been part of OSX forever and that was more convenient to use. Please, Apple, communicate!
Show more
7 years ago, Ekalb52
Super useful!
Many programs don’t give easy accesss to the zillions of hidden characters burried in modern fonts. Ultra Character Map displays absolutely everything in a font, including characters for which there are no codes or magic key combinations. It also allows a number of ways to export characters into other programs as text image or even editable vectors. Every aspect of the app is intuitive and smooth. Nicer Job
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10 years ago, 12(b)(6)
Everything Character Viewer Should Be
This is everything I ever wanted from a character viewer: it’s fast, displays all of the relevant information, and allows you to copy selections to the clipboard quickly and in a variety of formats. An amazing feature not useful to everyone is the ability to copy the shape path of the character – amazing, if you work in Illustrator.
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11 years ago, This.is.Tim
I purchased this so I could use the glyphs in my fonts. I like that I can see and select every alternative a font offers. But I cannot actually copy it and use it! In font #1 that I tried, the glyphs I wanted to use weren't supported. So the option to copy them was greyed out. In font #2, I could copy a STANDARD character, but when I pasted it into the program I was using, it wouldn't let me paste it in the same font! I could "paste" the character as a different font, but then the program I was using wouldn't let me change it back to font #2. And of course, there's no option to return an app for a refund...
Show more
12 years ago, Josh Hall
Exactly what I was looking for
I've been revewing various apps for digging through font glyphs over the last few weeks. This is the first app I've come across that is well designed, does what it advertises, and doesn't get in the way of simply reviewing the assets within a font. Perfect for identifying and using common character glyphs from Segoe UI Symbol, Awesome Font, etc.
Show more
9 years ago, jbezdek
Great app - I use it daily
Ultra Character Map is a really great app. It’s one of the most frequently used apps on my Mac. It’s not perfect—there are some features I’d like to see added (which didn’t affect my rating), and it’s performance can slow a bit when rendering certain “rough” textured fonts (which did affect my rating)—but nothing is. All in all, a very solid app and one that’s well worth the cost.
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