Ultra Mobile

4.7 (6K)
40.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
UVNV, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ultra Mobile

4.67 out of 5
6K Ratings
8 months ago, CincoCortez
Glad I switched, even better deals in the app
I switched 3 lines from AT&T to ultra about 3 weeks ago. Overall. I can’t see any difference in coverage, data speed or call quality. I do have more data to hotspot which has been great. If you are bringing your number, that was easier to do in store but I did my daughters myself and it was ok but just remember to be sure att has let your number go before you put in the sim. I would switch at a store but then use the app because there are discounts if you buy multiple months or put in a credit card, makes an already great price better! I like how easy the app is to track my data use and my international calls. I can probably downgrade from the unlimited plan for two of our lines and save even more- already saving over $300/year with my current setup.
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2 years ago, Jai formerly
Horrendous customer service, lack of communication
I live outside of the US and come back a few times a year for a few weeks at a time. I purchased a prepaid SIM card with a 1 month plan from ultra mobile over the summer and it was easy to activate in the app. The service wasn’t the greatest, but it got the job done for the time I was here. Then I returned a few days ago and put the ultra mobile sim back in and went into the app to purchase another 1 month plan. I was told my account was suspended and I could not make changes in the app due a system upgrade. I used the chat bot to talk to one person and the connection was dropped after a few minutes. I chatted with another person today who told me ultramobile SIM cards automatically get deactivated after 60 days of inactivity and cannot be reactivated. I still have the original packaging of the SIM card I purchased over the summer, and nowhere on that does it mention any deactivation after X amount of time. I told them I will get a new SIM card & 1 month plan from AT&T instead, which I did, and am happy with their plan instead.
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2 years ago, rchen44
Intuitive app
Gives me complete control from updating my SIM card to changing my rate plan and how long I want to stay (preferably longer so I can enjoy a lower monthly average cost)… though I didn’t try to change/pay for the full year, then drop to shorter terms to see if funds go in to my wallet, would the developer answer that? I was thrown off when I went to edit my plan: it only allowed me to add features, whereas if I chose a different plan, I can move to the plan that best fits my needs. Nonetheless, straightforward functions are easy to navigate: the amount of account access saves time calling in to care.
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2 months ago, Djfnfnv
Terrible phone plan
One of the worst phone plans I ever had you pay for limited data and it still runs out you pay for a $50 phone bill but on top of that if your data runs out less than a week you’re paying another $50-$20 on top of that this phone plan is a scam worst phone company I ever went back to T-Mobile or MetroPCS. This is not working at all half of the comments on here from this app so please don’t fall victim to this going back to MetroPCS. I’m not paying my phone bill with this plan no more they’re still money out of everybody’s pockets with unlimited data. Don’t trust the system.
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9 months ago, Sydney Stout
Easy to use app!
The app makes it easy to access all of my information in one place. I love being able to click on the app and see the data I’ve used, balances, etc.
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6 months ago, fegism
App is a waste of time
I’ve been using this Ultra Mobile app since moving abroad so I have a phone in the US. Every time I use it for the second week, trying to buy vice / data passes, I have problems and have to spend lots and lots of time on the chat function. That doesn’t go anywhere. So I have to call and spend lots and lots of time to solve the problem. And all that to use the money I already have available in the Wallet function. If I hadn’t linked this phone number to many other accounts I would have ditched the whole service.
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1 year ago, mgs00000000
Worse technical and customer service
Stuck on internet data on mobile after changing iPhone 11 Pro max to 14 pro max. No internet in my phone after installing eSIM on 14 pro max. I talked at least 7 people from ultra, no solution. I have pre paid 1 year service. They said i will not get partial refund if I switch to other mobile services. Stupid policy. If you can’t provide me service you promised, your policy should be to refund my remaining amount. I would suggest never fall in this crap. I am replying to developer again: I called 5-6 times to resolve the issue. Nothing worked. You are asking me to call again? I have 3 lines in my family. I requested for pro rated refund for all lines. I was using your service for last 9 years. Now you are providing worse service. Your technical and customer support is very bad. I would give negative star if i can.
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10 months ago, joeljft
Worst app
The Thing is saying I used 80% of my mobile data ( I only had it for 1wk) the only place I go to in the week was school and the service is terrible their so I don’t use my phone often how have I used 80%(I paid for the whole year) and I can’t login in to the app and I don’t use mobile data at how I have Wi-Fi ? How have I used 80%.
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5 years ago, Beach friend
Doesn’t work with Paygo
I would love to be able to review it but it only supports accounts with monthly plans and no Paygo or Tourist plans. Similar to t-mobile that doesn’t support prepaid accounts on their app. I think that especially those plans should be supported since you may need to check more often your balance or recharge more often. Phone operators in Europe do allow easy management of prepaid and pay-as-you-go accounts via their apps. Until there is support for those plans I have to rate it 1 star since I can’t use it.
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1 year ago, kizlmar
No service
Before I went on vacations I asked Ultra if I would have service in the Caribbeans and I was told that I would but it would be roaming service, however I could use Wi-Fi calling which is free. Apparently I am here right now and I have no service at all, I was provided misleading information by Ultra support team. I contacted ultra and the support rep is telling me all kind of stories that I know it is not true. I would not recommend Ultra to anyone, this happened twice to me already.
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2 weeks ago, mthrie
never works??
App never works even after sending a link to your phone or using the password you created-- it just sends you back to the login screen, then locks you out. Network is extremely poor, I almost never have any signal anywhere in the house and data continuously doesn't work outside either. Called multiple times to try to fix the issue (network) and it still doesn't work. Insane.
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1 year ago, ndjdkdiri84
This has to be the biggest scam to ever exist! They promote its $60 for “UNLIMITED DATA” when it’s absolutely false… Then you call customer service and its always the same people like cluttered up in one small room and never they never find the solution to the problem…… I pay $60 just so i can get a message saying you used %100 of your data then im stuck buying additional data ive spent $320 on just adding data in my 1st month with UltraMobile its a total scam
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5 months ago, anna4402
Terrible service
2 months ago I started to use 2 phones, everything was normal at the beginning, then there was no signal near my home, not only could not access the Internet, even the phone sometimes could not play, the extra traffic to buy date can not use, call to the customer service, the customer service said to give me a reply within 4 hours, and then there was no message.
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5 years ago, Shaka7009
Great App easy to manage my account
I finally was able to access my account and pay online.... I was extremely annoyed by other carriers that made it hard to make changes or even pay my bill
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5 years ago, lostriff
Ultra Fabulous App
This app is incredible. It is effective, easy to use, extremely user friendly, beautiful in its presentation, does everything you could possibly want in a cell phone provider app, and is just plain fun to use. Like Ultra’s service, this app is la creme de la creme; a true home run! Thank you, Ultra!
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2 years ago, tracyong
System improvement
I have been using this services for more than 2 yrs now and have no comment but the only thing is that Ultra Mobile system must upgrade. Forward the balance data instead of swallowing up everything each month.
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4 years ago, eeandrade
Awesome app
The app is easy to navigate,convenient and reliable. It’s very useful to review data and balance usage, also allows you to customize your cellphone plan settings.
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2 months ago, caofan
Money Eater
I used a PayGo plan for several months, as expected I had very light usage of it. Then when I decided to terminate the plan, I was a bit surprised by a fact: my deposit balance in the PayGo wallet, which was supposed to be for the next two months if I didn’t end the plan, cannot be refunded! So Ultra Mobile just ate the money despite they didn’t deliver that two months of service! That’s a bit greedy..
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2 months ago, 高梁米地的野事
Wired disfunctional app
When I logged into the app or the website it says my acct being suspended and on 3 month plan. But when I call the customer support they have the correct info, aka my plan is not suspended and is on one year plan! Called the customer service four times for this issue but none of the suggested fix worked and they all said nothing can be done!!! It’s obviously an IT bug!
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1 year ago, Raina-Raina
Login Issue
I started having login issue about a week ago (Jan 2023). The app said “We’re detecting a problem. Are you connected to a VPN?”. I was NOT. Since the app didn’t let me in, I decided to connect to VPN, and it magically worked! It’s annoying that I have to connect to VPN to use the app, but at least there is a workaround.
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2 years ago, DnSs2
Easy & Simple
The app is very straight forward and intuitive to use, all the information I need is right there without needing to perform multiple clicks to get what I want.
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4 years ago, djsoanshy
The worst customer support
This is not about the app but a warning on incomprehensibly bad customer support. I have not been able to send MMS from my ultra mobile SIM and have attempted to get support resolving this over 20 times, with no success and repeatedly being ignored and multiple unkept promises to contact me, escalate the issue, get an engineer to help, or just send me an update. ultra is a perfectly fine network until you have a problem.
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2 years ago, Xicana3
Ultra Easy!
Service is spot on and we only pay for what we need while paying WAY less and the app is super easy to navigate!
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12 months ago, stan taemin, stan talent
I tried to pay on the app and it still hasn't given me my line back. It's been trying to restore itself for three days now when it previously took at most 5 minutes. I tried to pay online and it won't let me log in. I can't even call customer service because my phone plan disconnected. Horrible.
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2 years ago, J.R.Khan
No esim option
I bought iPhone 14 Pro max and still unable to use because ultra mobile do not have esim ☹️ Based on the response I got today. I called up the number provided in response but Ultra mobile team have no options, they clearly told they do not have esim option and they can’t refund the amount that I paid for next 4 months.
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4 years ago, JDillyR
This app is Ultra helpful.
I can see my due date, add credit to my wallet account, check international calling rates and remind myself of my phone number (hey we all forget sometimes lol).
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5 years ago, jb111399
So much freedom!
Love having the ability to check my plan and make changes whenever I want. Don’t have to call customer care or go into a store. Bravo Ultra! E.Gonzalez
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2 years ago, Imnancyt
ESIM Update
I was able to switch to esim yesterday on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and it's working fine :)
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2 months ago, libby233
My account has been suspended for no reason, and I can’t even log in to make a payment
My account has been suspended for no reason, and I can’t even log in to make a payment Live Chat agent didn’t know how to fix it either and asked me to call the hotline Nobody picks up the call
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5 years ago, D.Bateman
Easy to use. Makes things simple
I love the new ultra mobile app. It makes managing my account very easy. Looks great too!
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3 days ago, GeorggiG
Great customer service from Ultra mobile. Thanks.
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5 years ago, Su1236543789
Makes checking my account easy peasy!
Love this app, I can change my plan, add roaming and make payments as and when I need! Love it!!
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3 years ago, shellandsea
This is a great tool
I use this app for managing my Ultra account and highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, tsmj3974
Love this app. I am able to look at my account, change my plan and make a payment.
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5 years ago, Superfunk69
Great app!
Does everything I needed it to do and more. Thank you for such a useful app! Also a great MVNO for fast data and flawless international calling at THE BEST PRICES AROUND!
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5 years ago, jp0823
So Easy
The Ultra Mobile app is nice! Makes it so easy to manage my payments and see my history.
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9 months ago, Sakis45
Logging in is a pain in the @@@
Whoever came up with the idea to send a text to allow myself to login from my phone, only for the app to then proceed to the login screen and ask for confirmation again has to be fired
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4 years ago, معاذ الفقيه
Best service
Best service I ever had i could use wifi calling anywhere in the world 👍🏼
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5 years ago, BWptccvl
Great app
Great app. Really easy to use and saves me a trip out when I need to pay my bill.
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5 years ago, Tennis fan 2019
Easy App
This app is great. I am able to managing my account, make payment and check international rates.
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2 years ago, hehehehdgdvwve
Data finishes too quickly
Data finishes too quickly
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5 years ago, Socal pirate
Helps me get the most out of the service
Love how I can recharge my roaming while I am visiting a country
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2 years ago, GeethaAnand
Awesome network
Very good network plus price plan
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3 weeks ago, Pottone comasco
A fraud company which promised a service to use in Canada when it was only usable from US to Canada and with roaming charges not advised anywhere . Of course misleading web site , an app with no costumer service . Being fooled this time around only
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4 months ago, Tygakiran
Internet issue.
I live in Pittsburgh. I enrolled ultra. My plan is 15 gb 5g plan per month. I can’t even open you tube with this service. I am regretting with the service. I definitely won’t recommend this if you are an internet user.
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8 months ago, hidhishs
Inconvenient the app doesn’t work
If I could give this company less I would the worst service ever inconvenient and very time consuming. What is the point of making app that doesn’t work
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6 months ago, dictionari
In advertently, does not allow me to call certain numbers
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3 years ago, GJ-5
Too cheap
This is too cheap network .it doesn’t working outside and internet is too much poor it doesn’t working everywhere and too much buffering when I start the internet 👎🏿🥵
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2 months ago, Crudup60
I cannot sit up an account
For some reason, I cannot sit up an account with this app. They send me a link and a link does not work. I don’t have a password. I can’t set up a password. This is a fail for me.
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2 years ago, bansi154
Pathetic app
Was never able to login. Pathetic customer service even after repeatedly complaints they never able to fix the login issue.
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