Unity Remote 5

3.6 (192)
40.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Unity Technologies ApS
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Unity Remote 5

3.6 out of 5
192 Ratings
6 years ago, darkhydra855
Works well, but some issues
Ignore the people who give this 1 star reviews. This is a great app! NOTE: For those complaining that it doesn’t work, make sure you have iTunes installed. YOU NEED THIS TO CONNECT IPHONES TO WINDOWS AND MAC (and Linux) It would be nice of Unity Technologies to improve the app some more, but it works. The only reason I left a 4 star review is because there are constant crashes even with a good cord and being able to download game. If you just made it recover instead of shutting the app off would make it much easier to use. Also maybe download a build onto the app so you can just play it??? I believe I can say that the people developing would like to download a build to test it with other people and so it doesn’t crash. Just saying... Other than that this app is a miracle and I look forward to Unity updating it to make it more usable. Thank you unity!
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6 years ago, Mitihalew
Great app for developing
This is a great app for anyone who wants to develop in Unity for iOS. The only problem I have with it so far is that it doesn’t play audio through the remote, but this is a minor problem. It is more fore development of the visuals and controls. If three is a way to play the audio in the app, I haven’t found it yet, I would give it a 5 star rating if they could add it in.
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4 years ago, oneshotvish
Best app ever for game testing without Xcode
The app works perfectly, first time I had some issues but found out that the wire I was using to connect to my windows computer does not transfer data. After pluging in the new wire the app worked perfectly. The only issue I have is no audio comes through.
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3 years ago, kakbsonebwjksnd
Ummm I need help
It says to connect and then press play but that didn’t work can someone help me it’s a good app just need help
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3 years ago, C. wehttaM
Does not work with new input system
People have been asking for this app to be compatible with the new input system for over 2 YEARS! There has been little response from the team and no idea on when an update might be available. Without this feature, the app is pointless and testing for mobile devices requires a full build every time, which really slows everything down. Please fix this or at least communicate to your users
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3 years ago, amsteinitz
I would give this zero stars if I could
This is completely broken, and the Unity site offers absolutely no helpful mac documentation about how to fix it. I've followed all of the steps they've listed to no avail, and have tried for days (seriously) to get a game of any kind to show up on this useless screen. I would pay $100 for a working version of this, or even a slightly less broken version that offered support or tips or feedback of any kind
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6 years ago, flowerZz5
Works fine
The problem is the engine itself Always crashing, moving files, saving prefabs, and just plain loading a project is such a hassle for what they want makes me wonder if unreal would of been better to spend my time and with
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6 years ago, Fireblast1004
Please give us back every play
Please give us back Everyplay it was the best app ever seeing you take it away made my heart broke I don’t know what to do with my life without it it is even better than instagram and Facebook so please bring it back even do whatever you want with other apps all I care for is Everyplay the app you deleted October 1 “wow it seems like every developer is deleting their best popular apps
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3 years ago, Hellooooooooooo unity
Fix this
There is a problem where I connected my iOS device and it works I downloaded iTunes and everything works but I can’t actually play the game the touchscreen is not working I tested and it’s still does not work so unity pls fix this bug or something
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5 years ago, whwhehr
Mobile version
Can you make a Mobile version pls if you do I will be thank you for it because i want to make my own game If you read this... Thank you
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5 years ago, awesomeness10293
Simple, Fast
This is outstanding app that works fast and is extremely easy to set up with unity on Mac. I no longer have to run create an external Xcode build to test my app for debugging and adding on to it.
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8 years ago, Wisteso
Fails despite every effort, with no helpful messages
While I love Unity3D, this is not a well engineered tool at all. If the stars align and it works for you, consider yourself lucky. For over a year, this tool has refused to work, despite following all troubleshooting steps given by Unity's support page. iTunes and Windows have no problems at all in interacting with my iPad. Why the tool gives ZERO info/error messages is beyond me.
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1 year ago, i7sMoD
Works but the performance is trash
The app is working fine, you can test your games on your iPhone which’s cool but the performance is trash which makes the app unusable especially if you’re optimizing your game and want to test while doing that. Might be good for testing controls etc. other than that it’s not necessary at all
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5 years ago, Jonathan_Joestar
It works as expected but instructions are kind of unclear as how to connect it (at least for me) but I quickly found help on unity’s website.
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5 years ago, Raven Clarico
Finally some apple to developer cooperation. Havent even used it yet but still stoked to try it. Not much on the app store for making custom software.
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1 year ago, Em photo
This trash company.
Fyi, this company is the same company that makes Scam games. For the APP STORES. They pay for bold face lie advertising . It’s absolutely clear how much the FEDS Should be stepping in soon. They have you win a ton of cash easy. So you watch MORE lie Ads so you keep making them money. They NEVER PAy OUT WHATS promised. Bingo, lottery and scratch offs. They even go so far as to ask for your cash app info as if they intended on sending u anything FRAUD!. so if you want to have an investigation happening in your back yard, i suggest you dump Anything related To UNITY. YES, same one! IM SICK OF these people scamming everyone!
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5 years ago, axiomaticTwist
This app works fine for quickly prototyping an app to see what it’s like before deploying it. Gets the job done, but is very slow, which is my biggest complaint about it.
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8 years ago, niguiecandy
Device inputs are not streamed to the computer
Unity manual says that the device inputs(e.g. gyro, accelerometer, etc) are streamed back to the editor, but no data is received.
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8 years ago, Dopo17
Unity 5.4.1 bug
This does not work on unity 5.4.1 I have an iPhone 5s and was using it on 5.4.0 and it worked properly, and then I updated to 5.4.1 and I tried to find my iPhone in the editor settings in unity but it wouldn't show up.
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4 years ago, Ravbug
Unusably slow
This app is useful only for getting touch screen events. The frame rate on the target device is so slow it’s not usable for testing. You will need to make a full build and install it on device to reasonably test your game.
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4 years ago, cturhan
Not working at all
Although ı see my device in project settings (iPhone XR) it doesn’t connect. Only error is: Failed to connect to player. How descriptive :) Trying MacOS Catalina and iPhone XR
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5 years ago, dasimar
Slightly laggy, no worries
Still gets the job done.
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8 years ago, A real page turner!
Definitely beats building every time you need to test
Great app
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3 years ago, Your Standard Customer
Tedious Trying to Get It to Connect
Really, this is a BIG PART of development for mobile games using Unity and I have to futz around in Project Settings to get the game to actually play on my iPad. How is this not fixed long ago?
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7 years ago, Jdog1764
So happy this exists
Saves a ton of time testing minor changes
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4 years ago, SuperJumpBrosYT
Good, but could be better
It’s a good app, but some stuff that can be fixed: -The app could have large screen support (If your game supports it) -Less lag between the PC and the phone Those are the only problems I’ve had so far. The main one I want you to focus on is the large screen support. Please fix that one!
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7 years ago, rbailz
Cannot Connect
I tried this on Unity 5.1.1, 5.4.0, and 5.5.0, none of them seem to work. Also, I tried this on iPhone & iPad with no success. The unity editor successfully lets you select the device but the application does not connect once hitting play.
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4 years ago, Blue the Furry
I need help
I can’t get it to work with my pc. Can you help me out.(I have ITunes)
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4 years ago, Dr. Clement Shimizu
Doesn’t work with touch using the new input system package
Doesn’t work with touch using the new input system package (which isn’t that new). Can unity take a break from charging $$$$ for flashy demos and just make the basics work.
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5 years ago, NoobGuy221
Very good
Very good and useful app, I had no crashes or issues. Thanks for this app, UT.
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7 years ago, DeveloperLuke
Love this app!
I love being able to test my app on this!
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7 years ago, ChannelZ13
Could be more intuitive
It works, but for a designer or developer would love built in Unity tools.
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4 years ago, Blair West
In bad need of an update.
When it works, the image is short on my phone (xr). They haven’t updated this in years. Very unreliable.
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5 years ago, instantcoffeekurd
Needs an update.
This app hasn't been updated for 3 years, it’s laggy and doesn't fill up the larger screens.
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4 years ago, James Koo
Needs iPhone11 resolution
The app needs to fit the iPhone 11 resolution
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5 years ago, kevinrider
Great app!!! Very useful!!! A bit laggy though.
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2 years ago, @sonicjoy
No longer works
Doesn’t work anymore.
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4 years ago, Slgriggs
This app doesn’t work.
When I try to get into the actual app it doesn’t let me in
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4 years ago, Goofy mcgar
Read this
This does not work it is a waste of time
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4 years ago, nigelupchyiop
Didn’t work I watch a lot of tutorials but it doesn’t work
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6 years ago, Kunuuunn
Doesn’t work
When I click on “Start Remote ARKIT Session”, nothing happens and it just stuck there.
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4 years ago, inspector evee
Whyyyyyyyy!?!?!😩😩😩 I only own an iPad!!!!!!/this app is stupid😡I bet it’s good if u have a computer, but I only have an iPad😕 Can you please make it so I can play too?
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8 years ago, JustWaitinHere
It stopped working as of Remote 5
Was working in Remote 4... and now it doesn't. The online forums are no help either.
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2 years ago, Temmie God
Its gud
Yees gud 5 staar
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7 years ago, Pansochist
Does nothing
Does not allow you to test apps from Unity editor.
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3 years ago, grojia playz
I hate this app becuase u have to connect a usb cable you should remove that
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6 years ago, King of apps
Needs iPhone X support
It would hugely simplify the testing process on devices of different shape/size
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4 years ago, scam act
Scam app they start to work then fail.
Scam apps productions is wait they should be CALLED. $:-().
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2 years ago, thgu he fhogfthffjb
Monkey ate the pickle
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5 years ago, Mxsaz
Black bars on XS
Doesn’t fill the iPhone XS screen.
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