Universal remote for Roku tv

4.4 (32.3K)
22.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
yohan teixeira
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Universal remote for Roku tv

4.44 out of 5
32.3K Ratings
6 months ago, ello mate.
Great! (Ish)
It’s amazing to an extent. I’m actually super surprised it worked, because I don’t have a Roku tv. It is in fact, universal and works for my VIZIO. However, there is an ad every 10 clicks. (No it is not a video ad, you just have to click the X, which you are immediately able to do) the ads are not THAT bad to deal with anyways. I will be using my Roku remote most of the time but right now it’s late at night and I can’t find it. This app works, but is probably not going to fully replace your remote. Still great tho, works amazing, and does the job.
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1 year ago, PherPad
No number pad
My whole reason for wanting a different remote than what came with the TV is that the original remote has no numbers on it. I have no idea why any electronics company would do that. Utterly stupid in my opinion. The only way to change channels when watching live TV over the antenna is to use the up-and-down arrow keys. So, I just figured I would buy a universal remote, but then saw some options for remote apps for my phone. I had not even thought of that. So I tried this one. The first time I installed it it found my TV very quickly but wouldn’t even let me change the volume without sending me a screen to buy the premium version. So I uninstalled The app just as quickly as I had installed it. However, I tried it again. Download the app again and this time it presented me with an entirely different interface. That, alone, is quite odd. This time, I could change the volume, but as others have mentioned it throws up an ad constantly. I don’t really mind ads if I’m not going to buy the premium version. But if they are so frequent as to completely destroy the use of the app, then it’s completely worthless. And, my primary reason for wanting something other than the remote I already have is to gain the ability to put channel numbers in using a number pad. This app does not have that, at least on the free version. But why would somebody Pay a yearly fee for an app instead of just buying an actual, universal remote? No idea. Hard pass for me.
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3 years ago, Ksavage+4
Too many Adds
So I’m not going to lie I just can’t seem to keep up with my Roku remote... It’s almost spooky bc I’ve literally looked any & everywhere and without your Roku remote me TV is nearly useless so I’m super excited to of found a Roku app that allows me to not only browse App ext. but also allows you to control the volume as well it’s the only app I’ve found that dose both but every time I go to do something on the remote app via iPhone an add pops up like clockwork & at times can be a real nuisance..
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4 years ago, sonicattheolympicgamessucks
Very good app but very annoying
I would rate 5 stars on this if it didn’t pop up ads every time I tap on a button 3 times and for some reason turning the volume up or down never works for me I don’t know if it does that to other people but it does it on me. The app is very good but I hope you fix all of that.
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3 years ago, whatawasteofmytime1003
Awful. Don’t waste the space on your phone or time
Ads every single time you touch a button. Such a joke. Takes me 5 minutes just to get to start a show. Greedy corporate cant even offer a decent remote without shoving ads down our throats. If the companies paying thousands think anyone is actually watching these ads or paying any attn to them, they are insane. Have had the remote for about a week and honestly couldn’t even tell you what a single ad is. Just where the x is and whether or not I have to wait 5 seconds to push it.
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2 years ago, AMAllen77
Amount of Pop ups are ridiculous
It does work for the tv…but not worth it with the amount of pop ups…seems like it’s every 1-4 times you press a button. Some the ads you can’t skip out of right away and are accompanied by sound which startled me first few times. Overall I found it not worth it and unbelievably frustrating to use and swapped TVs with the smaller one from spare room that I still had a remote for.
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2 years ago, Fryjvdfjncsrh3689;?
My 3 year old lost both of our tv remotes. I downloading this unsure that it would work, but let me tell you, its great! I kept the adds on it so it remained free and I have been using steady! Very good app and saved me from having to order a new remote!! 10/10 recommend!
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2 years ago, balls360
Saved my life
I’d lost the roku remote for sure certain 100% gone. I downloaded this app and paid to have the ads removed. Worked better than the physical remote which my girlfriend found almost instantly upon entering the room.
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4 years ago, peyton and my mom
I wouldn’t recommend it
I have a big family I have four kids they all have phones and I came home from work and the remote was lost I couldn’t find it so I downloaded this app on everybody’s phone and it only works on mine and we have the same phone and now whenever someone wants to watch TV I have to give them my phone when I go to work I have to even leave my phone there. And way too many hands
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5 years ago, Xjekrmhhbf
Works great
Connected immediately, works just like the remote BUT you can’t turn the tv on...that is the only downfall. If you don’t have your remote then you’d want to be able to use this for all functions. Otherwise perfect for a free app.
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2 years ago, foxy hjsjndbdbdbd
Would not Recommend
Their were too many ads it was better to use my broken remote than this app every button was another add that would be like 5 seconds I can honestly say that with the amount of ads this app has it would be better to download another app I am tired of this app and I’m just gonna try to find another
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2 years ago, dan is king
Terrible! Doesn’t even have a power on button😠
So I had lost my remote so I downloaded the app and guess what, no on button so annoying! And to connect to the tv it HAD to be on, so I was like,” well this is a bad app!” So I just wish there weren’t any ads because like why do u need adds it’s a friggin remote app! So if I could zero stars, other than that, watch out don’t get this app of u lost ur remote bc it won’t even let u turn it on…
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2 years ago, dirtybeezer
TO MANY ADS Download from the real Roku company
When I gave my Roku remote away I just thought hey I could download an app just like I did for my other TV. But I would NEVER use this app again how many ads could there possibly be in 10 seconds of pressing the down button….A Lot If you don’t want to get mad just try not to download this app it was an okay app but to many ads download from the Roku company instead.
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5 years ago, Laynalou85
Works great!
Broke my remote tonight and had to special order a new one. This is the fourth app I have tried and works the best of any! It’s free so there is a few ads but once your tv is on it links instantly and works great! Happy I found this! Thank you!
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2 years ago, thos app os cool
Love the app
I love the all but there are wayyyyy to many adds I give it a five star because the last one you had to pay to turn the volume down
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12 months ago, KillaDiaries
Just buy a replacement remote. Way too many ads. Or purchase this app which could be useful, but it doesn’t have a keypad to type in your passwords to streaming apps. Can’t even get passed two characters in my password without a friggin pop up ad smh! Completely frustrated! Just make ppl do a trial vs giving them this ad overridden app
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4 years ago, OTR Mogul
Very convenient but could be tweaked and edited to be a little more simpler for younger user but overall a nice app. Ps could use less ads,atleast a 1:30 second cool down instead of 30 second.
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2 years ago, Sweatshirt
Awful…Just Want Your $$$
So you’re reading this saying “how do they just want your money? It’s a free app, right?”. While the App is free don’t plan on using it for more than 1.4 seconds at a time. You barely change a channel and ANOTHER ad pops up making the remote unusable. And forget about trying to do a search—ads make this virtually impossible without making you go crazy. Avoid this tr-App!!!
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3 years ago, jackjackdaone
It’s works but I think it’s too many ads to watch one show. For example: in order to get to Netflix alone, there 4 ads. Then once in Netflix I have to watch 6 more ads. It’s very frustrating. And I don’t like they invading my search engine to create the ads.
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2 years ago, btvjdchdbyfngchdbjgfjffhh
Extremely inconvenient
So I used this app for my smart tv and it consistently brings up advertisements. I press the arrow in any direction like 3 times and BAM! I’m stuck having to watch an advertisement for like 30 seconds. It happens constantly so it’s just too inconvenient, like I actually went and found my tv remote instead because it’s that bad. I’m deleting this app from my phone.
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2 years ago, ptacaw
Take up a few minutes with a good time
We will we have to take care of it and take a look in the one and I be doing
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2 years ago, Melly7dada
Volume feature
It will be nice if the remote also had the volume feature
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3 years ago, Stepahnie B.
Not it
Way too many ads shouldn’t have to pay to remove them when you can use another remote app with none lol
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3 years ago, Quayla9200
Worse app ever!!!
I loose my roku remote nearly everyday. So I have tried a lot of different roku apps because of the ads, but when I say this has been the worse one to try. The ads are ridiculous and out of control, literally every three clicks you make another ad is popping up. I think that the ads should really be stopped or decresed because it’s so annoying.
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3 years ago, Queen💋🥰😑😚
Too many ads
The app is good overall but there is one problem there are too many ads every i click an button I get a ad and I literally just got an ad 9 seconds ago. So um can please remove some ads because that’s just ridiculous
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2 years ago, UnHappy Gamer0055
To many ads
I can’t keep up with my remote so I downloaded this remote app but it has to many ads that is just crazy every 2 taps you make a ad pops up really then wants you to pay $5.99 omg please do something about that so I’m only giving 3 stars
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3 years ago, 𝕂𝕒𝕚𝕪𝕒 𝕃𝕦𝕥𝕫
Way to many adds
This app is amazing but there is just way to many adds, I hope you guys make a update where there isn’t adds every 5 seconds
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4 years ago, ncnfyn htbkf
Love it
I just love this report it has all the things I need and it has everything I need and one remote thank you for doing this app and thank you for everything
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2 years ago, Drew L 77
I don’t mind a few ads, but when it takes 6 ads to find a show that’s excessive for a remote. Cmon; and this is a new thing. Turn down ad-suggestion-service config to only show one per 10 actions instead of one per 3.
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2 years ago, Lee-toe
I’m happy with it
A lot of apps like charging. This one is free. The adds are not even annoying. At least i can use my tv now
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5 years ago, Dylan Persinger
Great App, One Glitch so far.
I love being able to control my tv with my phone. For some reason though, left is up and up is left. Everything else works great!
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1 year ago, Samandlaci
Nothing will make you find your remote faster
So many commercials I tore my house apart until I found the remote. Works great
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2 years ago, Me7133
12 month auto subscription.
Not only is this one of those apps that will take you for a payment when your distracted, it charges for the entire year! I couldn’t even get it to work by the time I was charged for the hole year of service I wouldn’t be using. Bottom line, the app is not so Roku friendly with my 65” Roku SmartTV. This one is a No Go.
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2 years ago, babyface_na
This app does not allow you to click to many times without random ads coming up it really affected me when trying to watch and or pick a great show or movies
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4 years ago, Nkirkendoll90
Ei Vittu
This remote exceeds my expectations for a phone controlled remote. It connects automatically and is really simple to use and has a sleek design that make accidental button presses an uncommon thing. I love this remote, sincerely.
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2 years ago, 3ShoeZ
Too many adds!
This app is the worst. I spent more time watching adds than the programs!!! Game pop ups and others advertising I’m not interested in watching, when I want to programs that’s what I want to watch. I don’t want to click click click for 5 or 10 minutes. I will purchase a remote! Zero stars a waste of time!!!!
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2 years ago, ivette roman
Roku tv remote
This is one of the best tv remote apps out there I love it because it’s free and it actually works I also get why they have the ads there 🥶🥶🥶😊
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1 year ago, CantKnockTheHustle2021
No issues yet, just paid to remove adds
Closest universal remote I could find to my actual Roku remote. So it’s a winner
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4 years ago, nelly the vocaloid fan
useful but 2 many ads
i would give this a 5 out of 5 stars but theres WAY too many ads but overall this app is pretty useful for when you lose your remote and cant find it or when u end up breaking your remote
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4 years ago, MistiDawn88
Find something else
This is such a frustrating app. I’ve never had WiFi issues on my phone until I downloaded this app. I can have 3 bars of WiFi and the minute I click on the app, I don’t have any WiFi. Yet my husband has full WiFi on his phone. Also, when you finally can connect, the ads pop up every 15 seconds. Needs a ton of work.
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4 years ago, Yesss 💘💘
This app is sooooo GOOD! When I lost my Roku controller I installed this app and was amazed how well it worked. The creators should be known to be honest... the only downside is that there WAY to many ads but other then that 👏👏👏👏👏
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4 months ago, kmich241
Beware! Downloaded app with free trial but charged full year
I downloaded this app for my TV. It was not connecting so I figured there were limits within the free sections of the app. I agreed to a free week trial subscription and then instantly cancelled the subscription. I received a Paypal email that I was charged a full year subscription. The worst part - it does not connect with my TV!
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11 months ago, Msmillz2
I love this option for so when the actual remote is missing like omg thank you
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2 years ago, soc arnold
Couldn’t get the dawgon thing to connect
I have a Roku device and the remotes so obviously have legs so I knew I’d be on a week long voyage trying to relocate it. I downloaded this app for the time being and it was of no help. If you have the same issue, I recommend you download the official Roku remote app. It had no problems connecting to my Roku right away.
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2 years ago, Badgirlsclublover
Love it!
Was looking for an app since my tv remote died on me and every other app wants you to pay. This one is free, works and is amazing !!
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2 years ago, Mattunnakii
Total crap
Theres an ad after every 5 button presses and you cant skip the ads either, also if you leave the app open on your device it will randomly send you back to the home screen so you must use the app again and watch more of their ads. Total scam, do not use!
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1 year ago, spencer2x
The app is horrible
OK we’re gonna get started on how the app is horrible the app even if you just get on it will start a ad. Some ads are 20 to 5 minutes long. Plus they want you to spend all of your money they take your money and then do not give you your subscription. This is totally fake.
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2 years ago, mayhem27
This not free if you want to use it. Every 2 or 3 seconds a ad will pop up
So many adds you have to buy the premium to use it. If my dog hadn’t chewed my remote up or I had the option of driving somewhere to buy on I would have done so. Unfortunately I had few options other than this.
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1 year ago, Gingersnap885
I lost my remote
I lost my remote and I looked all around for it and couldn’t find it and you guys saved me!
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3 years ago, SoullessFish
Sketchy Ads Everywhere
The remote works. Super easy to setup. About every 6 seconds of use a 5 second full screen ad pops up. Almost makes the app useless. Yes you can turn it off for a few, but not before you have likely hit several sketchy ads by accident. The ads are so invasive they essentially force you to either buy or delete the app. It’s a form of marketing I am deeps uncomfortable with. It very quickly breaks my trust with the app. I’d rather they just charge me money in the first place. Promptly deleted.
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