Universal TV Remote ·

4.5 (20.3K)
87.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Universal TV Remote ·

4.51 out of 5
20.3K Ratings
9 months ago, BigStepper1855
The best.
This app is the most reasonable out of t what I’ve tried. Other remote apps are pretentious in taking away fundamental features like volume control or the select button. I refused to pay a premium for that, even if it meant ad bombardment. I don’t mind some ads, and there aren’t a totally unreasonable amount of them on this app. It works as advertised and is so convenient. Most importantly, I got all of the fundamental features. So if you’re looking for a universal remote get this one.
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4 months ago, DONT DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!8t
It’s worth it and free does not ask you for anything also has all features of a regular remote
It’s great I have spent three days and I look for a universal remote on my phone for my TV and my main thing was just to turn the volume down for my TV and none of them did that except for this app I’ve been looking and looking and looking, and I cannot find anything. This app is awesome. It does not ask you for a subscription or anything it allows you to turn your volume down and power your TV off and on it does not ask for a subscription. It’s perfect and it is awesome thank you for finally making an app that doesn’t have pop-ups every five seconds saying buy now free trials, seven days or something like that. Thank you so much for making app like that you literally saved my entire life. But there is a lot of adds so please fix that.
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7 months ago, Babybmandel
I’m not one to ever write a review on anything ever. But I felt I had to for this bcz I read a few reviews and at first I was kinda a little hesitant but then was like screw it ima do it. I seriously just downloaded this and I’m not even kidding when I say, it’s absolutely amazingly awesome and so so so easy to get started. Granted it’s literally only been not even 10 minutes but in that time, it’s done exactly what I’ve asked and the best part is, it DIDNT COST ME A THING!! Thank u so much for this app!!
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5 months ago, Peak boo16
The best I have seen so far yet
The experience I had with the other tv remotes app was bad like they wouldn’t even allow you to use the volume control unless you pay money. This is the best cause it’s free and ads? Really? You get a free app that you don’t have to pay anything and your complaining about ads? Come on. Anyways thank you for whoever made this. Definitely recommend to anyone who need a tv remote!!!
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4 months ago, Snoopy_4
good enough
This is the only app that will work for my TV that I can find. The app tends to not work a lot of the time, but when it works it’s great. It does have a lot of ads but it’s free so I don’t mind too much. the reason that I keep it is because it’s the only one that actually works because of the type of Tv I have the remote is hard to find. I have a TCL tv so that probably explains why cause any tv that’s not a Roku doesn’t have a working app that you don’t have to pay for.
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4 months ago, ThankfulCustomer#1
What If???
What if I loose my remote….Well, I’ve lost and still loose my remote an uncountable amount of times, primarily in my bedroom. “What if” I didn’t have this app, I would be very frustrated when I can’t find my remote. In addition, I’d be missing out on some of my favorite shows. So thank you very much for creating and allowing users to use it for free!
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9 months ago, chane dawg
Rarely works
This remote app will only work like 25% of the time and when it does work you’re spammed with ads I’ve been trying to get in a new remote for my tv for a long time and have been having a hard time getting one, so I’ve been forced to use an app. You’re only allowed to have one phone connected to the tv and it sometimes will show every other tv connected to the Wi-Fi except the one you’re trying to pair the app developers need to just charge to get the app and stop with the spams and stupid subscriptions.
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3 months ago, Timmytucans
W app
My remote doesn’t work and I don’t want to buy a new one, so I tried lots of apps and none of them worked eventually I searched up tv remote instead of Roku remote and I found this app I was skeptical on rather it would work or not and it was the only app that worked for me.
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6 months ago, JacobStix574
Pretty good
Really good app actually works but the only thing that is pretty dumb is you use a universal remote because you either lost your TV remote or you don’t have one yet when I did I tried to connect it to my TV and it says, “ press OK on TV for universal access”. How am I supposed to get access if I don’t have my TV Remote * so I had to steal my brothers TV, remote OK then I put it back because he needs it
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5 months ago, Tyran G
Universal Remote 👍🏾
User Friendly! Simple to connect and extremely convenient when you’ve lost the remote for the 100th time right when the kids are ready to watch tv, and you’re not budging to find this time. Thanks
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3 months ago, bbbgag
I paid for the subscription and the remote has no volume. It had the touchpad and but no volume button. For some odd reason it was there when I first downloaded the app. But it was deleted and I downloaded it back and now there’s no volume button. I’m pretty frustrated, can someone please tell me how to get the regular remote and not the one with the touchpad. Please!!
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5 years ago, Britney200036
Works Great!
Don’t really understand the bad reviews. When I started up the app it wanted me to buy it and all I did was hit the X. Then it easily hooked up to my smart tv and I was able to mess with my husband and my father in law by turning the tv off and messing with the volume. 10/10 would recommend!
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3 months ago, nittymitty
Overall good but some confusion
It’s a pretty good tv app, but there are some confusing things in there. Like how do I change the touch screen mode to the original? That’s a confusing thing for me, cause I’ve been trying to figure this out the first few minutes I got on. Please put on some tutorials.
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4 months ago, runy da cjeery
Best replacement remote a person could ask for
This Remote is one of the better app that I’ve used not having to wait for pop up ads is what my fam likes the most thanks a lot
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3 years ago, HHDisney
Very good app
This is a very good app it also very useful when when you lose your remote overall it’s one of the best remote apps ur there and you don’t even pay for it is a very god app I really recommend it
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4 months ago, TheAsisn17😑
Won’t connect to my TV
The app is fine, it connects to all my devices except my TV. Connects to my Roku and chromecast, the pin pops up no problems. When I try to pair my tv I don’t get any pin to pair my tv. I have an older Samsung smart TV, maybe that’s the issue, maybe it’s too old. I don’t know, I’m open to suggestions for a fix.
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5 months ago, AP 314
It works, but it takes forever to load
Loading slow
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6 months ago, Everynameistakennn
The app worked perfectly for about a week. I signed up for the year and nothing has changed. Now it will not find my TV. This is a brand new tv and fios most fastest internet they offer home owners mind you. They are on exactly the same WiFi. No troubleshooting to be had. A lot of people have good experiences but I can tell you now scrolling through a ton of people have this happen to them.
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12 months ago, CARE ABOUT MY REVIEW
Nothing I can’t do
This tv remote is very great, I can do anything on it unlike another universal tv remote app I downloaded where you could only do so much. I love it and you deserve no bad reviews
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7 months ago, dannysoms
Waste of $
Every time you use the app you have to pair it again with the tv, which requires the tv accepting the app which requires you to find the existing remote to accept the tv pairing which completely defeats the point of having this app! We lose the remote constantly and wanted a second remote. So disappointed I want my $20 back.
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6 months ago, Moon gable
I’m confused
It worked very very well I was so pleased by this app, mostly because I loose my remote a lot, but it only had worked for the first day I used it , the second time I tried it wouldn't load and didn't have my tv name
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2 months ago, Lupitaservin
No hassle to use just connect to the tv and you’re ready to go.
Pleeeeease don’t change a thing about this app!
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3 years ago, azn jay
Complete waste
It took a while to connect. I paid for the lifetime membership because my family loses the remote all the time. Worked fine when I finally got it to connect although the interface isn’t the easiest. I closed the app after I put on a movie, when I tried to open the app later to pause the movie it wouldn’t work at all. Worst $15 I ever spent. Don’t waste your time or your money on this junk
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7 months ago, frazierboy98
Why does a freaking remote app need ads? There is no reason I should be having to stop everything I’m doing on the tv because an ad starts playing after me hitting 3 buttons. Aside from the ads, this app is great. But the ads are just so unnecessary.
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6 months ago, People who listen
Kinda dumb
This is nice I used it on my last tv but it’s kinda dumb cause if I download this then obviously I can’t find or use my my remote right now that’s from downloading. Do I need to accept it on my TV? How am I supposed to do that if I can’t use the app without doing it like that’s just dumb
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8 months ago, Nicki Moke
Oh, and another thing the preview pictures of what the remote is supposed to look like is absolutely not what the remote looks like. There’s no volume up and down button there is no channel Ford and backward button this app is terrible and you have to pay for subscription just to use the remote and it’s not even what it’s displayed to be? You guys should be fired
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11 months ago, ToTesTo
Served it purpose when it works…
Anytime you agree to a trial, make sure to check your subscriptions right after. This company promised a 1 week trial, but I only received 3 days. I cancelled soon after finding out one of our TVs were not supported, and to my surprise, the company was ready to charge my account in a few hours. I tried rating 0 stars, but couldn’t. Very Scammy.
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3 months ago, RemyKiss
After the free trial, it stopped working
I feel like I made the mistake of purchasing a full years worth. It initially worked for the first three days and as soon as I made my purchase, it stopped working altogether. I need a response on how to fix it properly. Otherwise, I would like my money back.
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8 months ago, makennasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Works great the only thing i dont like is ads but it connected to my TV and I love it and it works amazing and I just lost my remote so when I found this, I was so happy this is the best app ever it works like magic.😃👍🏾
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1 year ago, 🤍🐳💙
Looks good
But how do I connect it? Because I need my controller to allow it to connect but I cant press allow because I don’t have a controller to do that
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3 months ago, monster light
I love this app
I downloaded this app and it works so well I recommend to download this app if you lose your remote a lot
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5 months ago, Santoyo Adelina
I love it
Love it, I just can’t figure out how to put it on my iPad too. I’ve been looking and searching… no luck. I got the 1year subscription and I can’t have it on more than one device? Ugh
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4 months ago, Jonathan(veast)
Works well but…
I love the app alot but could you fix it so when your tv is off and you hit the power button it works? It’s really annoying
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5 months ago, sooo flop
Its not the best but its good
This app is seriously good but the only problem i have with it is that when i want to use it for my VIZIO tv i cant because theres “too many paired devices”
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1 year ago, MissyC635
Bait and switch
I was all excited to try my remote for a week free like it says on your app advertisement on the App Store, unfortunately once I went to approve the purchase it only offered a 3 day free trial. I think that is a terrible way to do business even for a company that makes applications.
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6 months ago, Not my namespace
Worst app ever
do not download I am non the loading screen and I am connect to the TV same WiFi and it is not in my setting I have had the for 5 weeks so far and I hate the app complete waste of my time and 0 stars at this app I have never seen the worst app in the world an I just found it and never what to find it again.
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5 months ago, Purple nut Ple
Love it
I broke my remote playing Fortnite and thsi app is amazing unlike the other dumb apps where you have to pay this is all free
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1 year ago, The1stSwede
Great when it works
The remote is amazing, it’s the only one that doesn’t really charge you for everything but moving around, only problem is it always takes 20 minutes to connect or doesn’t connect at all.
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7 months ago, Jon Cromwell
Fraudulent Marketing.
They advertise selling a one time purchase of 15$ but instead switch to a 20$ per year subscription. Allow me to purchase the one time $15 dollar in app purchase as you clearly market it on your Apple Store profile. If you don’t I’m reporting you to apple with photographic evidence so they can revoke your development license.
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5 months ago, DreaG95
Works good !!
I have a smart LG tv and it was easy to connect. It only asked to enter the PIN number displayed on the tv to connect. I must say it’s pretty cool.
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5 years ago, MygirlVal420
This app is excellent!! It really helped me out when I lost my remote for my television. It never gives me any problems very easy to use thank you!!
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4 weeks ago, Francisco_2810
Me like
This is a good back up if you lost your controller this works perfectly on my TV
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9 months ago, PlanetQueen96
Not too happy
I paid for this app thinking it would work great. It did… for a few days. Now it won’t pick up my tv. I’ve updated my phone, restarted my phone, disconnected from the internet and then reconnected, checked for an update for the app. Nothing has worked. I wasted money. Thanks for nothing.
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7 months ago, Jessenia88
Saving to always approve using it is annoying. The whole point to using this app is because I do t have a remote so I have to keep asking my daughter to approve with her Samsung remote.
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8 months ago, Emergency replacement
Lost my remote complete lifesaver use it on the computer as well
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7 months ago, hadlecubobs
This is something I’m not joking about I saw the reviews and it looked like a good app but I downloaded it and I couldn’t even connect to my TV I tried everything I put it under my tv I put it on the right and left side but It NEVER connected! It doesn’t work and I would not recommend
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5 months ago, 12472245?,,)ddhx
Great Universal Remote
This is the only app that didn’t require a subscription
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2 months ago, alex reygadas
Love it
This one is cool because you don't have to pay ! Just adds
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2 years ago, RHam87
The app looks like you’ll be able to see your apps and such initially. Once you download it offers you a price to have more accessibility. Also, an ad comes on almost immediately and I couldn’t get it to go away unless I closed the app down. ANNOYING
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3 months ago, jrghyfvnhgvhvthhfvhnrv
There is a problem!
I love it but the reason I didn’t give it 5 star was because it didn’t detect one of tv’s!
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