University of SUBWAY®

1.7 (437)
79.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Schoox, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for University of SUBWAY®

1.66 out of 5
437 Ratings
4 years ago, galaxyfire1213
Online training is not the issue. It’s a lovely idea and could help. However I hated the loading and waiting for it to load. It would take way too long to load. Of course it would be fine for it to take time to load if it was only a few seconds. It was taking up my time, and if I was in the store for training, I wasn’t for remodeling and probably other reasons, then this wouldn’t have been good adding to the time. And While I loved the jokes and humor, it wasn’t keeping me completely informed, I feel it would have been better to give 3 or 4 minute videos to help and quizzes.
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1 year ago, OrientationQueen
I use the app to train our 250+ employees often. Compared to so many other apps it’s a pleasure that University of Subway is consistent! I always know it’s going to work. I appreciate the subtle sense of humor woven into the courses, especially the newer ones. It makes all the difference! Most of our workers are teenagers, and we couldn’t run our stores without them! It’s nice to give them some training that’s quick, simplified, easy to understand, and a little fun! 😉 However, even with all that, my favorite part is that when a person logs into University of Subway, the courses can be merged or transferred through the HELP Menu, so returning employees don’t have to start their University of Subway training all over again, regardless of which owner they work for!!
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1 year ago, skelebrity
Literally Unusable; Just Go Desktop
I love the idea of the app, but for all the years I've had it it's been a buggy mess. It updates infrequently and that's a shame, because this latest one we've had for an achingly long time makes the app crash the second I even try to open it. I've checked everything on my end; Deleted & Redownloaded, Closed & Reopened, Turned my phone off and on again, checked my connection... The crashing issues and bugs from before were mild compared to this. At least those were tolerable; Aggravating, but the app worked for at least some time. Now? Been waiting for a fix for this for months. Feels unprofessional to let a problem this big slip.
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4 years ago, Ton toddler
For some reason after you log into the app and then log out it doesn’t go back to the sign in screen. It just automatically logs in the last person to use the app. We use an iPad for our employees to do the classes and the only way to completely log a person out is to delete the app and reinstall it We have never had this issue until recently.
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4 years ago, Bagged Static and Juiced
Fix it
Online training is not the issue. It’s fun and easy and simple. But the app layout is horrible, it signs you out every time you try to enter the app, it has a horrible load time. I walked away from my phone to help a customer for two minutes and it restarted my course. Videos take to long and are frankly annoying. I can do every quiz and test without using a video but they are still required to finish a course. Three courses were due on the 30th but I didn’t finish because of the constant logging out and horrible setup. Can’t expect employees to actually do this when you guys don’t listen to the reviews. At least make log-ins savable. . .
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3 years ago, RogueLikesSnow
The app seems fine but..
Every time I log in, I get logged out upon re-opening the app, very annoying.
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2 months ago, Shausbsbsb
The app is so extra why must me do something on our own time if you work at subway ask your self do I get paid enough to take up storage on my phone and watch videos on my off time I’d love the app if you clock me in sit me down and let me work on it but with no brakes low pay and long loading time no thank you.
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3 years ago, St Mary's Subway
Very Useful
Every employee and franchisee should have this App on their phone. It’s very helpful and educational. I love the extra courses that are available that anyone can use in everyday life.
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2 years ago, Fkfkif
Buggy and waste of time
Extremely buggy to the point where the whole app is just unusable. App won’t even let me open it without kicking me out. Takes forever to load and will lock out my account.
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2 years ago, Subway Elena
It doesn’t open they app
I can’t open my subway app it doesn’t open I don’t know is Issue with app I even delete and downloaded again it doesn’t work it doesn’t let me open it kemp closing on me
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3 years ago, smdnohomo
This gave me significant pain
There are just so many tedious and broken things about this app. Such as being logged out every single time you go to the Home Screen, your progress not saving on some courses, etc.
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2 years ago, Rachelnicole95
Won’t even open
Need the team to do the dumb courses and the app won’t even open.. but somehow I’ll be held accountable because y’all can’t figure this out?? Mmm yeahhh okay 👌🏽
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5 years ago, aesthetica93
Cannot log in
Cannot log in. Keep getting the message “Third Party Login failed”. I can’t find any other way to contact tech support so please contact me when you see this review.
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2 years ago, dayosher
fix the app
I don’t like how it logs me out every time I turn my phone off switch to an other app . Y’all need to do better
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3 years ago, Robin Marjoram
The material was struggling to load and I had a lot of issues trying to get things done on the app.
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8 years ago, ReVAmP (the rapper)
More functionality
This is a decent app when it comes to taking tests (I use it for my new employees a lot) but it does absolutely nothing for managers... We can't assign tests or even check the progress of our employees without first making them sign in. Give us full functionality so we can utilize this tool more successfully.
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2 years ago, jaundice123
Absolute garbage
Doesn’t let me get on the courses and it will erases any progress that I made on it after getting off.
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3 years ago, ʏ/ɴ
Every time i try to log in it crashes
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5 years ago, akcrosby3282
Keeps rebooting
The layout is complicated. I also keep getting kicked out the lecture and it makes be start over.
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3 weeks ago, Ary Gomez
Hate doing the tasks
I hate doing the tasks that’s why the rating. Who would create this app?
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3 years ago, Bird_Bird27
i’d rather drag my balls over a mile of tar and glass than use this app ever again. it’s not worth the bonus. it’s not worth the knowledge. it’s not worth being held at gunpoint and being forced to do it. if anyone wants to work for subway and want to know the worst part. this is the worst part.
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4 years ago, freshweezy
I finished the course, however in the system, my boss said it says I didn’t do it, so if I get let go because of this, ill be so annoyed
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4 weeks ago, Bndnnfndmlalslssss
Not the worst training app I’ve used.
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5 years ago, Slwpebdqndehd
I hate this job & the app. Also,,,, you are supposed to be clocked in when taking these classes, so don’t be fooled.
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3 years ago, bigballer358
Won’t open
The app won’t even open on my phone
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4 months ago, thesimpleton
Completely unusable
Subway corporate, please acknowledge that you got robbed by these software engineers and delete this travesty. TY
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4 years ago, Solowczuk
waste of time
i’ve been an employee for a while now, and i know everything i need to know. why am i being forced to waste my time “learning” everything i already know?
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1 year ago, 1of1j
Very laggy/buggy and inconsistent updates.
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4 months ago, BenjaminBurger.
It’s not good (I might be biased)
It’s not designed well. That’s all I have to say
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3 years ago, Mjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjmmmmmmm
this app is amazing love it
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2 years ago, Jngjnhhhnjkdsxfeevvg
such an awful app
i cant do training without the app closing,hitting submit just wont work sometimes
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4 years ago, scribblel
This app is slow as your poopy
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4 years ago, Hatson321
The tests are now a requirement and let me say a few things..
One hey I’m Alden I work at subway Ellerbe. Two so far I bloody despise this app the interaction with the assignments is terrible and time consuming it took me 30 minutes to figure out I need to drag a bloody circle onto an answer with no prompt then to add on to that the app is so buggy when dragging it that it doesn’t realize where I’m dragging it. Next thing the bloody sound effects are horrible I’ve only finished the first assignment and I’m already wanting to peel my skin off cause of how bad it is like why do the weird sounds and for the last part of lecture 3 where it does the weird BOSS ROUND bull crap no just no I’m a gamer I feel so much cringe from that no just no thank you. Oh and when in the hell do we ever ask every customer hi what’s your name??? I’ve never asked that to a customer no manager I’ve ever seen has done that not even the district managers as far as I’m aware have done that it’s weird unless the customer is a regular customer I would never ask their name cause that’s Weird. OOOH and another thing please fix the answer for online orders. If a customer says oh I’m here for an online order. You never say “oh here you go Mr/mrs bla.” You ask “what’s the name for the order?” Cause literally anyone can walk in and see the online order and be like I’m here for an online order and you say “oh here it is Mr/mrs bla“ they will literally walk out and the real customer will walk in like where’s my sandwich.. jeez I’ve only worked at subway for about 2 years why the hell am I doing this? But ill update this review once I finish all assignments... for now god no.
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3 years ago, smspal2
i can’t take it anymore
why would you ever create such a thing
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2 years ago, common subway worker
this app does not help. idk why my boss made me download,,, not helpful whatsoever pls get better
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4 years ago, TFAAF
This app is just bad
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4 years ago, egkekgmsokwofkfmfjejcjdkgodk
2 weeks
just put in my 2 weeks
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4 years ago, Poohsgxdcxfd
Time wasting
It’s a waste of time
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4 years ago, Skyeofthewind
Useful Idea, Bad Design. UPDATED REVIEW.
I downloaded this app as a new employee of Subway, and was instructed to complete the first two lessons by the end of the first week I was hired in. The app makes it easy to complete... when it functions that is. This app has continuous problems with crashing and reloading individual pages. To the point I can’t even finish singular questions or interactive portions without entire pages crashing and forcing me to redo my progress. Segments that should take me 20 minutes to finish, take me upwards to several hours, and sometimes cannot be finished at all. On top of this, I was instructed to finish these training bits on my own time, when the app makes it very apparent I am intended to complete them on company time. In addition to the existing problems with this app, I also discovered other problems with the app. Specifically, it drains my phone battery, causes my phone battery to overheat, prevents use of headphones at random when not using the app, and has gone on to even cause other apps on my phone to crash upon downloading it. I strongly advise not using this app until it is updated to resolve these severe functional issues, as they can be harmful to your device’s functionality. I am not posting this in hopes that Subway will make an effort to improve the app functionality. I’ve worked for other companies that use similar training strategies, and can say firsthand that when it is functional, the idea this app is taking on is a very effective teaching tool.
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2 weeks ago, Santa’s Nephew
I don’t like it
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2 years ago, xcloskyaha
This app is trash
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4 years ago, sandwitch artist
This app trash af
I don’t like doin it tbh
Show more
3 years ago, iniza03
Waste of time
Show more
4 years ago, omerdeldr
Anyone up for COD?
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3 years ago, MssValentina
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9 months ago, Zach J. W.
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9 years ago, CW-5022
Nice to have, but missing some key features
It is nice to finally have an app to take courses, but there is no "curriculum" option for employees to see which courses they need to take in the SAP 2.0 curriculum like there is on the desktop site. Also, several of the manager training courses in the app are not accessible in the app (it says to take them on the mobile app) which defeats the purpose of having them in the app.
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6 years ago, subslave
Just let me watch a video and take a test.
Making the courses all interaction based was a terrible idea. They take way too long to get through, it’s a downright waste of everyone’s time to make employees listen to stupid sound effects and watching 100 9 second videos, it’s not helpful just extremely time consuming. Just show us a 3 minute video and give us the test...
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7 years ago, Keilee W.
Sign Up?
Where do we sign up? I can’t log in without a account so where do I make one? I’m a Subway employee but I didn’t have a inch of ACTUAL training so I really need this.
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9 years ago, Jess57912
Very nice
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