Unzip One: RAR ZIP Extractor

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Trend Micro, Incorporated
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3 months ago
Version OS
10.13 or later
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User Reviews for Unzip One: RAR ZIP Extractor

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7 years ago, JAZZYJAG70
Easy,fast,and free.
I needed a quick solution to open a RAR file and found this program with a quick search and I was impressed with how easily it was downloaded/installed on my MacBook Retina Pro. I find this software is very user friendly and easy to operate. I highly recommend this program to anyone that needs a quick solution to opening tall sorts of files. Another great thing I’ll bring up is that it’s 100% free and with no extra bloatware, unnecessary software installs. I was up n runnig within minutes. Highly recommend this program.
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2 years ago, mrmavryck
Works Wonderfully
i normally will do the "rate us " part but forego the submitted review. I will however, only when, i am absolutley blown from first use period to had to do some testing ( there are a lot of similar apps out there and i dont mean just archive apps), or utterly disappoiunted pushing the angry borders. and in this instance.... Hands down AWESOME!! I have quite a few of archivers or unarchivers and none have truly done all formats when saying they could. this one is a great as well as there other apps too gotta say im VERY satified. Thanks guys
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2 years ago, HarrisToyols
clean, quick, and easy
i literally gasped and said "oh my god" out loud when i used it for the first time and realized how simple and fast this app worked. i play the sims 4 and needed to unzip rar files for some of my custom content and am not at all good with tech. it is genuinely just a matter of dragging a file over, waiting a split second, then dragging the unzipped files back to my mods folder. THATS IT. the interface is super easy to navigate and isnt buggy/sketchy like i was worried about. 100% reccommend this app
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7 years ago, Mamamick_ri
A little intrusive to me
This app works great, does it’s job, and is free. It should be 5 stars but it is slightly intrusive to me. It’s one of those apps that I feel is around too much. I feel this way about all the “Dr.” Apps. I have most of them though, because they do work and best of all are free. I can’t pinpoint it anymore than a feeling I have or maybe it’s just my own personal preference. People reading this might think I am a little cuckoo bu t I am writing about my experience, and I can’t describe it better than a gut instinct, really. It’s too bad that we can’t give 1/2 stars. This app would be a 4.5 for me.
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7 years ago, Joneshia
Love It
I am a huge Sims 4 player. I use a lot of custom content in my games and when I ran across a website that shared .zip + .rar files, I was completely confused as to what to do next. I knew how to extract files in Windows, but I was clueless with MacOSx. So I decided to download this to my Macbook Pro and I am super happy with my decision. This takes the guesswork out of it. It was extremely easy to open and extract files to my MODS folder on Sims 4. Definitely recommend this app. Love it!
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3 years ago, FastWalkerInMA
Uses main hard drive, can't change
I wanted to unpack a 150GB zip on an external drive with over 1TB space. My main drive has only 100GB available. There is no way I could find to instruct the program to use the external drive as working space -- so the unpack failed completely after hours of waiting when the 100GB space was used up. Positives are: the program cleaned up after itself, meaning it removed all of the files/directories it had spent hours unpacking. And it is better than another unpack application in that I can see what's in the zip before unpacking.
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3 years ago, tephen-s
Easy fast free
I needed a quick solution to open a RAR file and found this app with a quick search and I was highly impressed with how easily it is installed on my Mac. I highly recommend this app to anyone that needs a quick solution to open all sorts of files. Another great thing is that it is truely 100% free and without extra ads or bundle app installed. Really recommended to all of you!
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9 months ago, SnazzyDoc
Works perfect!
This is maybe the second review I have written about an app in my life... but just had to leave a quick one for this. Trend Micro did an excellent job creating a simple & completely free (no bloatware or hidden costs!!) app to simply unRAR or unpack a 7z file. Extremely glad I found this app, as I have a lot of RAR backup files from my past days of using a Windoze machine. Thank you Trend Micro!!!
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6 years ago, gouk
Excellent App!
This app did exactly what I needed. Within minutes of downloading it, completely free, I was opening my necessary files. It works smoothly and does exactly what is promised. Although I have only just started using Dr. Unarchiver, I am certain that I will be using it on a regular basis from now on. Thank you for creating such a great tool for us Mac users. I will definitely recommend it to others!
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3 years ago, HNLiuhy
Very excellent App
Though there is similar App with Mac, I still recommend this app, which can support more options like many compress/uncompress types, compress and split the big file to more files with the specified size, and even encrypt with your password. One minor suggestion is: it would be better to if you can add compress files to right click menu. Great work. Thanks.
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4 months ago, Punrasar
Works great
I just downloaded Unzip One, and so far it seems to work very well on my Mac. It was easy to download. I was following instructions from a website about how to use Unzip One, and at first those instructions weren't quite clear until I saw what Unzip One was actually doing. Now I get it, and it seems fairly straightforward.
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3 years ago, Ashfromva
I had trouble extracting a .rar file (no 7-zip for Mac...), and then I found this. I was surprised by how simple and easy the solution to a problem I had spent an hour on was. I've used it for 3 seconds and I can already notice the high quality user-interaction, I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to quickly extract a file.
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6 years ago, T>C>C
My last zip program had great reviews but whatever i downloaded would give me the error ‘can’t open this’ I thought it was the site untll I downloaded a file for work and it had the same issue. Turns out the zip program was breaking the exacutable file. This program was a life saver it works and theres no bloat. I LOVE it thank you so much for providing it.
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12 months ago, The Continental
Unzipped a file that the Mac couldn't
I download a 33GB Zip file of photos from my OneDrive. The Macbook Pro M1 wouldn't open them. Neither would the Unzip - RAR ZIP 7Z Unarchiver app. But Unzip One did the job. They have some concerning data collection messages upon installation that I'm going to check out with a closer look into their data and privacy policies. But the app works!
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2 years ago, Iguana42
Super Fast, Reads Everything, etc
I'm a teacher so 4/5 means meets expectations. 5/5 exceeds expectations. This is a great tool, very simple interface, I like the use of multi windows here. It does not, however, detect extractable files well for an inexperienced user. You can't load an entire folder of files in and have it tell you what the extractable file is. For example, if I select .rar in a directory, it's fine. If I select the .rar, along with all the r00..rxx it no longer shows the .rar as extractable and treats it like I want to compress all of the files, rather than discover the extractable one. Add a scanner tool that makes file compression intuitive for the inexperienced user and it would be a step above the rest.
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6 years ago, positionkiller
Good app but it is complete nagware
Surprised that no one has mentioned this, but for some reason, my UnrarX program no longer works. It was great and completely nag free. This Dr. Unarchiver also works the same pretty much, but upon launching it prompts me to look at some other programs and almost every single file I open up in one archive, the program nags me about some other programs. Make free programs free of nags. It is quite simple. If there was a $3 option to get rid of these nags, I will consider it.
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6 years ago, Dr. Henry Men
Very simple and efficient
This app “just works”. There is no extra features, but the simple function of unarchiving the compressed file gives the users the best experience. I hope that this app could be used by more and more people. It’s very stable, and automatic adjusts the parameters needed for opening the zipped file. There is no single complain from me.
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4 months ago, Chitanian
Worked on things I was not able to open before.
I'm an audio engineer and an artist sent me a large zipped file from his PC to my Mac and usually I can open everything to work on but this time I could not. This program managed to open it so I can get to work so thank you!
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10 months ago, Lill bae
awsome app exactly what i need
I have to extract 7z files with password. And the defulat one that comes with the system can not handel that , after some searching i decided to try this and it works perfectly. It even remebers where to extract the files to so i dont have to keep selecting the same directory
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1 year ago, scojohnson
Great Extractor
My only complaint - and it's not this or any app - I like the new Mac Stage Manager - but the bouncing back & forth that this (and many other apps) do is annoying. I am hoping Apple puts out a little better way for pop-up and other temporary kinds of apps like this to be handled in the future.
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7 years ago, MegaDeth859
This unarchiver (un-zip, un-rar) will handle just about anything you throw at it and unlike other ‘unarchivers’, it displays a graphical interface PRIOR to you unzipping or unraring your file(s). Handles .zip, .rar, .7z, .lha which is what I typically use. Handles much more, I just have not tested yet so I will not include in my review. I have a paid unarchiver and this does much more. Can’t get better than this on the MAC.
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7 months ago, CV_21
Easy to use
Drag & drop with folder previews. A client sent an 18gb rar file with 175 images! I'm so glad I found this app, it was so easy to use and I was able to see a preview of the list of folders and file names so I could grab the few rush images I needed right away. Highly reccomend.
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6 months ago, dasiajanae
I was trying to download large files from onedrive to movie to my external hard drive so I can free up space. I couldn't just extract them so I tried using terminal. That didn't work either. This was the first app that popped up for 3rd party zip extractors and it literally worked in seconds!!
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2 years ago, KittyKat0708
Better Than Others I Tried By Far!
Tried a few others such as Winzip and I have to say this one is very simple/easy and straight to the point. It does what it's supposed to and it does it efficiently. I highly reccomend to anyone that needs to unzip files on a regular basis.
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5 months ago, Talon Darkfire
Easy to Use, Attractive UI
Doesn't feel like its trying too hard, just works like its supposed to. More than just double click and dump in the same spot, but also doesn't require so many clicks that it feels frustrating to use.
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1 year ago, EANM2452
Best app for extracting rar & zip files on Macs!
I download lots of rar files that need to be extracted into packages. I used to use online websites that took far too long and only let me extract one file at a time. Unzip One is so useful and easy. It allows me to drag and extract all my files in one click! Life saver :)
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6 months ago, Run em
Been looking for a rar file extractor for a while now for my Mac. Came across this app in a final attempt at a rar file extractor and in seconds my files were extracted no questions asked! Definitely recommend and will continue to be a user! Thank you!
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11 months ago, GuacamoleMix
Simplicity at Its Finest!
Downloaded this app and it is extremely simple to extract MP3"s from an .rar compressed file. I literally did not have to read through any instructions. I opened app, dragged .rar file in window, then got a pop up prompt that said "Drag files to extract" Unzip One was perfect for this task!!!
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1 year ago, infowars . com
Works Great
I tried unzipping a file with my mac but kept running into an error. Redownloaded the file, still received the same error. Thought I would try a different program and this opener was able to get the job done. I am very pleased.
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7 years ago, Samoreon
The best application to join split files
I tried some other similar applicaction but this is the most complete you can found. You can have a look inside the compressed file and it works great to extract and join split files, some other solutions just crash in the middle of the process.
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7 months ago, Deirdre7
Perfect performance
I tried using another zip extractor and it was difficult to extract downloaded rar files. I kept getting an error message. However, after installing Unzip One, it worked flawlessly the first time I used it. I am so pleased with this app!
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1 year ago, ironman 162
so far so good
First off it is free, secondly it appears to work well on my Apple platforms, and third it relatively simple to use. Did i say it was free? I have only used it a few times, but so far it has worked well. If my opinion changes, I will let you know.
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7 years ago, G-Fab
Simple and gets the job done
I’ve used several .rar and .zip extracting apps for years, but I’ve only had this app for a week and this is the best I’ve used. I like being able to see the content before extracting. Being able to extract a variety of formats is major plus!
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10 months ago, mauserXX
Don't bother with any other app.
Every other extractor tool has half its functionality locked behind a paywall. This is the only one on the market that will do what it says out of the box, with no uneccessary subscriptions. It even outperforms the native Archive Utility app.
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6 years ago, Shrikey
Horrible modal windows and ads.
I am never going to buy any of your products if you cripple your app with no less than 10 ads for other apps of yours before I can complete one simple task. If it had worked as intended, that would be great. AS IS, it works as intended only after it constantly pesters you to try other products. That's worse than having nonintrusive banner ads. Whose bad idea was it to constantly drop modals in front of me when all I want is to open an archive someone couldn't be bothered to .zip?
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12 months ago, cycl0th
works really well!!!
i had been trying to find a way to unzip a large file for over 2 hours and id downloaded 3 other zip extractors before I tried Unzip One. It worked practically instantly!!! I dont leave reviews but this app deserves one :)
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6 years ago, NEPeach
Very easy to use
Work with some overseas vendors, and they send items from time to time in .RAR format. After a quick search in the App Store, found Dr. Unarchiver..very easy to use, complete decompression and good support documentation. Does exactly what I was hoping for…and even better since this version was free.
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1 year ago, Zach Farrar
Malicious Application
It did extrat files, however the application cannot be closed and will not go away unless you buy things from them that are viruses. I uninstalled and removed everything this app has put onto my computer and the moment I completeed removing the files it hard crashed my cpmputer and mad it unuaseable until I gave it a full reboot. Stay away from this application and the bot spam reviews. It is malicious and will damage your computer
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2 years ago, SKBigSurUser
Great App
Is the best app for looking inside archives without having to extract them, and for most file types you can extract induvigule files from inside of archives except the app doesn't handle 7zip files if you try to extract a file from inside of a .7z archive it will not extract the file. Other than that it is Perfect.
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1 year ago, SaeculaCrossing
Very quick and easy to use
Honestly, there's not much to say about this. It does the job, and it does it quick. Definitely glad I decided to go with this archiver over other options.
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2 years ago, msvro
A definite must have app
My boss asked me to help him open an archived file on my mac. I was nervous to download an app that I was unfamiliar with, but the fact it was in the app store made me more comfortable. It was free, super fast, and worked like a charm. I will definitely be using this app a lot more.
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1 month ago, Flutterbox
This worked when all others failed
Was able to use this when I couldn't use any other programs. Highly recommend
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6 years ago, dave15967
I gave this program only two stars because it can only open one archive at a time. I open thousands of archives everyday, sometimes hundreds at a time as part of my job. This archive should be named redundant. It is redundant not only on one archive at a time (repeated open, unarchive, go to next) it also is redundant in virus protection. Most of us already have it. Why do it twice? Maybe if you fix those things it will be better. Good luck.
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8 months ago, EricD1225
Best unzip file
I had a large zip file to extract. The native app coming with MacBook does not work, always showing me error message. This app works perfectly and the experience is so smooth! Highly recommend to anyone who needs a unzip app!
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1 year ago, Restlessdog
Easy to use and fast
I am new to rar extractors and chose this one quie franky, because I like the logo. But it extracted my files easily with no instruction and I can get back to work. Thank you Unzip One for making a fine product easy and efficient!
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2 years ago, TheReviewingPerson:)
Best of the best
I could not be more hsppy!!! :))) It was so easy/drag and drop. I was able to immediatly extract a rar file (duh) and it was an installer for a soft synth for a DAW. This is so nice and relyable. Way better than online extracters. It does all the work for me and i get my result like POOF! Thank you so much for habing this be in exsistance.
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1 year ago, blue68camaro
Best Free ZIP Extractor for macOS
Tried several ZIP extractors and would receive error something to the effect File Unknown. Only other ZIP extractor that worked use to be free, now it cost a ridiculous amount for an annual fee. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.
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10 months ago, Directormufasa
Powerful but a little confusing
Like most things that do a lot, you have to do a lot. When setting it up and trying to just unpack a file, you have to go through a lot of windows and make decisions without much information.
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6 years ago, homeless18
Very happy customer
I was receiving rar files and needed something to open them. Looked it up in the App store and found this. So, far my short experience with this app is very good. It’s convenient and easy. Displays the file before opening up, which I like a lot.
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3 years ago, Blender Mike
Super simple
I'm getting older and slower to keep up with all the changes that happen with all the new forms of files and compression so I'm always appreciative of anything that makes my life simple. This is that program!
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