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User Reviews for UPS Mobile

4.26 out of 5
106.2K Ratings
4 years ago, Da1stb
I’ve had maybe 3-4 drivers get backed up and falsely state they attempted delivery. I’ve also had Supervisors tell me they’ll get my package (medical) turned around and brought right back to me or they have said we’ll call you back within an hr. Some have some haven’t. So it’s the few drivers who log in false information that mess up for the good drivers and I realized UPS stands by the words of the drivers & with that being the case there are drivers who don’t feel like finishes the routes for whatever reason and they get away with this behavior. Outside of those short few, UPS is very reliable. We work from home and children are home schooled so in an effort to make sure we have evidence of deliveries or NO deliveries, we have 24/7 security cameras all around our house now. I do love the fact that you can track the package & 95% of the time it is accurate but there have been the 5% that showed package 3 blocks over we’ll get excited knowing we’re next & then get a text sorry we missed you. So i’ll remain loyal to UPS I just hope they install body cameras/side truck cameras to actually see the drivers on location that’ll cut out those few bad apples logging in false delivery attempts. Happy upcoming NEW YEAR everyone☺️
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5 years ago, Kayra:)
I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now and it’s been a life saver for me. I do a lot of online shopping and I live in an apartment complex that the building is locked. So you need a key to get into just to be able to get to my front door. Not all drivers have a building key and if the driver can’t get to my door they don’t leave my package at the main door so then I used to get a sticker saying they were here but unable to deliver my package and will try again. Then they’d never get to my door. BUT now with the app I’m able to change my delivery options to pickup. GAME CHANGER!!!!! I just get the notification that my package is coming then it takes me 20 seconds to go in and change it from a delivery to a pick up. You can choose what UPS drop off point you’d like to pick it up from. I’m lucky and only live about 5 mins from our local UPS so I always just pick up from there. Now I am able to pick up my packages when they open at 11am instead of waiting until about 3 for it to be dropped off. What can I say I’m inpatient and am always super excited for whatever it is I ordered (which is usually makeup and am obsessed with). I’ve been very lucky and have never had 1 single problem with the UPS app. And honestly if I did it really wouldn’t matter. I view it as an amazing tool that is being given to me and is not mandatory for UPS to provide. I’m thankful and lucky I’ve never had a problem but if I did I’d still try using it.
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1 year ago, deanb 123456
No choices and delivery times
I was not available for the first delivery it apparently a signature required with no other options so I wasn’t home the second delivery attempt was this morning nothing said what time they may be coming or not I was sitting in the house never heard anyone knock and missed it again now I called and was told someone would call me within an hour to see if they could make another attempt today it’s been an hour and 40 minutes with no phone call. It’s my day off and I don’t know whether they’re going to try and deliver or not again sitting wasting my time It tells you to change it click here and doesn’t let you do anything. I asked over phone as no one is usually home or only here at random why I can’t pick up at ups in rockdale. Now I’m awaiting third attempt which maybe today or Monday as no one called me back as I was told. This is the only item that has given no options other then. Signature required I can’t seem to be given an option to pick it up or know when there coming after the first attempt. I need this item and find it ridiculous it’s the only item worth a few dollars I have had signature required on in years and can seem to get the item. Why is this so difficult and why will you waste gas trying three times but charge me if you take it to be picked up Makes no sense
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4 months ago, shfdre
Just about useless
This app is pretty much only good for tracking packages which should be possible without an app accept for the fact that UPS's "service" has turned to junk. Delivery is rarely done without issues (late, etc.). This app is pretty much useless in fixing those problems. What little can be done to fix delivery issues with this app are now services that UPS CHARGES FOR (i.e. changing delivery date or to pick up at facility/ UPS store). I recently used the app to change delivery date of a signature-required package to a WEEK later and was charged 10 bucks to do so. That was the only option the app showed available. UPS "confirmed" that my delivery date was updated, I stayed home the day that tracking showed my package would arrive only to be notified at 6:00 PM that my package would be delivered the next day. The only option the app gave me was to AGAIN pay 10 dollars to change the delivery date. What a waste of time. I had to call and spend more time with customer service to change the package to be picked up at the nearest UPS facility. All of that, by the way, was after paying 30 dollars to "upgrade" to UPS shipping. This will be the last time I have anything shipped through UPS when I have an option. USPS would have had the package ( a DOCUMENT, BTW) in my mailbox last week. So sad that UPS has gotten so bad at shipping packages. It used to be my preferred method.
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2 years ago, Tokag
This app works great and so do their drivers!! UPS always uses care with our packages and always leaves them at the door regardless of what it is. If it is sprinkling our stuff is always in a plastic bag. That other company when delivering in pouring down rain doesn’t put it in a bag and will set it in our top step. He could set it on the blocks under the steps or under the house just as easy but nope right in the pouring rain that was a grocery shipment. When FedEX delivered a heavy item, which my son was going out to help him with, pulled off the road a few feet opened the big door and pushed it out in a big puddle of water!! It was a glass entertainment center!! UPS has never had a problem with putting heavy items at the door if we weren’t there. He knows if we have a heavy package being delivered we will be out there seconds after he pulls up 95% of the time to help with it or 2 of us will go out so he doesn’t have to carry it at all. If you care about your shipments use UPS and use companies that use UPS!! If you’re a company that uses FedEx then you do not care about your customers at all!! Take your business to UPS!!
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2 years ago, Rose3448
Needed information
I feel that you have the ability to tell me where & who the packages are coming from because whenever hit the tab for more details it ONLY sticks to information regarding when it’ll be delivered…will you please add this feature to see who & where the packages are being sent from, you have no idea how helpful this information would be ESPECIALLY when it’s something that has to do with a repair here at my home. Let me know when you can discuss this at your next meeting with whoever has the powers to make this HUGE IMPERATIVE & IMPORTANT decision so that repairs can be scheduled ASAP & for ALLLLLLL the other important reasons for needing to know so that if it’s frozen foods for humans or for our Ricky Bobby that eats large Rats or for other packages that need to be put away into our freezer etc, I mean there’s a host of other reasons that are just as important in knowing who & where our packages are coming from so please call your Supervisors or WHOEVER is at the TOP OF THE CHAIN so that their chain can be yanked on until this is resolved, thank you so very much.
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2 years ago, mach2don
This app is weird and glitchy
I recently dwn loaded this app after using the web sight for years. The only reason I went with this app was I got tired of logging in for everything all the time using the web. However my experience so far with the app has been less than good. When I type the tracking number in to track it brings up the scan target square with the usual instructions for scanning? Now how can I scan a pkg barcode on a pkg I don’t have and this is the tool I most frequently use. Other times it will tell me it’s not a valid tracking number. I’ll then track it thru the web site and it’ll give me the proper info. I believe the UPS Co may have their glitches as this app does. One is where I’ll get notification on a pkg being delivered the next day. On that day I’ll get notified that it was delivered at such time on that day in my mail box but when I go to check it’s nowhere to be found. However it will be in the box the very next day, strange cause I have a lock box so a mis-delivered pkg could not be placed in my box. IDK but for now I’ll hang on and try the other tools it offers when the need arises but if they don’t work out I’ll flush the app. So far not usable for me and not happy with it.
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3 years ago, Logndog
Useless app.
I have two packages that were scheduled to be delivered today. Both are coming from the same sort terminal. One has not been updated from said sort terminal, and says it will be delivered today. The other has been updated to the next sort terminal in my state, and the app says due to the weather the shipment has been delayed, but they have no idea when it will arrive. Two packages coming to the same destination with different information...wait a the USPS app.....? As is common these days, companies race to beat the competition with high tech information apps without having the technology to deliver timely info, or none at all. Most of it comes down to scanning a label and computing an algorithm and yet they cannot get it right. I know we pay enough to ship packages, smh....... why even have an app when you cannot accurately update it? One of the packages ( the one that still says it will be delivered today) is signature required. So I tried using the app to change the delivery instructions to pre sign for it.....yea you guessed it...I couldn’t. I then used the email link to pre sign.....yea, received a message that they were having technical difficulties and to try back later....of which I have been trying to do for the last two days to no avail! I love the company, and drivers, but they need to get rid of the app. It’s embarrassing to the company.
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3 years ago, LiddyCameron
App is just as slow as the company
I don’t know if it’s the app or the drivers. My tracking doesn’t update for days and then all the sudden a bunch of scans show up at once. It seems like I never know where my packages ACTUALLY are. Then whatever the original delivery date is, it always seems to get pushed back. Whenever they give me a date, I always just assume it’ll be a couple days later than that. Whenever I see a company has used UPS to ship me something, I’m immediately disappointed. At this point, the post office is more reliable. Also running into the problem where it changes my preferences on its own. I have ALWAYS had all delivery apps set to text messages for every single update imaginable. I have 3 packages I’m waiting on currently (2 of which have already had their delivery dates pushed back). One is “supposed” to be delivered today but under the manage section, it says nothing is scheduled to deliver today! I guess one tab on the app is realistic and one tab spouts out lies that gets your hopes up. Anyway, I wanted to make sure I got a text notification when (if) it arrives since drivers out here don’t knock or let you know they put something on your porch. Went in to the settings and all my preferences were changed to email! This is the second time the app has done this to me!
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2 years ago, Lildancer1313
I’m trying to change delivery instructions, but everytime I try to log into UPS My Choice (which I think there is no point to have anyway) it takes me back to the home page where I input my tracking number, which then tells me to log in again even though I have already logged in. The app and the website keep me going in circles when all I want to do is log into UPS My Choice, input my tracking number, and change the delivery instructions so I don’t risk having my expensive package stolen while I’m away for on vacation a couple days. I cant log in, it just sends me back to the home page where it asks me to log in again, then it sends me to the app, then the app gives me no option to log into my UPS My Choice account and only gives me the option to sign up, and it goes on and on and on. It’s absolutely ridiculous, I’ve been trying to do this simple thing that I can do on other shipping websites in less than 5 minutes. Update: after almost an hour of trying to figure it out, I managed to log into my account and got to change the delivery instructions to rear door, just to find out that they left my package at the front door instead. thankfully my dad decided to drive an hour back home to get some stuff or else my package would’ve been stolen. ridiculous.
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3 years ago, GGN's Mom
Great app
The app itself is excellent for just about every feature it offers. Only minor complaint is when it shows a package is "almost there" just because the delivery truck is nearby. A driver's route might put them near your address several times per day before they finally deliver to your address, so until they can figure out a better way to truly know that your delivery is coming up soon, instead of just going by the drivers proximity to you, they should probably remove that feature. As for all the negative reviews about UPS as a company, I don't understand how that makes the app bad by default. I suspect those reviewers had one single bad experience waiting for a package so they took out their frustration tenfold via an app review. I have been using UPS heavily for over 20 years and I had maybe 1 or 2 issues along the way, nothing serious enough to warrant more than an "oh well." I understand everyone's situation and expectations are different, but to publicly blast an entire company based on being unhappy about one transaction seems very petty and childish to me. But what do I know?
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5 years ago, NCRN80
Wonderful app for online shoppers!
I have used this app for years and it is very helpful. It gives tracking updates as notifications, which is helpful in planning for a delivery so it isn’t sitting outside tempting a thief to grab it. If we are not going to be home when a delivery arrives, I can have a neighbor grab the package when the app alerts me it has arrived, as it gives real time updates! This entire company is superior to the other delivery company, including the app. I try to have everything shipped UPS if possible because sometimes Fed ex will hold packages up to a week if they don’t have a delivery close to our home. Living far from the city, it happens often. I have had to track down refrigerated medications and gifts that express shipping was paid for Christmas delivery with Fed Ex (and they were “somewhere at our local shipping facility but couldn’t be located, with the tracking number”). I have never had that issue with UPS, they deliver on time every time and sometimes EARLY. This app doesn’t disappoint those that need to know where sensitive packages are located with a definitive date and estimated arrival time.
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3 years ago, Gina Sixx
Life sustaining material
I think all of the people putting themselves at risk,especially U.P.S drivers that make sure we have our life sustaining packages (like myself) on time and in a fashionable manner. They could have used an excuse and said “I m not going to work and taking the chance of getting Covid 19 because I have kids or I have a family etc. they just keep going as they normally would. I thank you all. They care about their customers and when I say they I don’t mean the CEO’s and the board members. I mean the everyday blue collar working man. Job EXTREMELY WELL DONE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!! May God be with you all and your families during this madness. Remember it’s not Jersey strong or California strong it is called AMERICAN STRONG !!! This is a strong country and it will remain strong because of all the front line workers. I’m praying 🙏🏻 that once this madness is over we can all do something together for all of you that continued to work thru this disease to provide for us. We send our military soldiers overseas to fight when in fact we have soldiers right here in America and those soldiers are YOUS!!! God bless you all With love, Gee 🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽.
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1 year ago, 58 Level
Honest Feedback
Love the App especially when having to track a shipment that requires a signature. The only issue is when you are tracking the truck to deliver the items, we waited all evening. Then when it got past 8:30 pm and it was on our main road, ( which Fed Ex delivered an hour ago) the truck turned around and did not deliver our items. Then proceeded to list “severe weather or emergency situation “. This is not the first time. I would rather have an option where the driver was running late and was not able to deliver the products due to time constraints that was not under their control. ( I understand about not being able to effectively predict time) Today, we received an alert from UPS, our signature required items will be here between 1:30-5:30pm, great I will be home. An hour later it was revised to 3:30-7:30pm. Now we will not be home. The items are time and temperature sensitive. Other than that I love the app, just wished there is an alternative option for the driver to communicate why the items could not be delivered. Thank you
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3 years ago, Rookie photo nut
Great tracking app
I’ve only had this app for a couple weeks but it’s proven itself invaluable in that short time. I ordered several items from different online retailers and most of them use UPS as their go to shipping provider. The app helps you keep up with the tracking numbers of all your packages and you can check any one of them at any given time for progress or a rescheduled shipping date among other things. You can also assign nicknames to each tracking number so you know which order contains what items. It automatically uploads any tracking number to the app with all this info and you can set up delivery placement at your address or change a delivery to a pick up in a matter of seconds. My only complaint is it won’t delete tracking info of delivered packages. I’ve got the option turned on in the settings but it still keeps them in the list of tracking numbers for some reason. I’m sure I’ve left out several other options you have on this app that are very handy but these are the ones that stand out for me. Just get this app trust me you’ll love it.
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5 years ago, trvlterry
Love UPS delivery, and auto tracking!
I had gone through a difficult repair to husbands iPad. It had to be replaced, but only after receiving it back twice, and the second time they had replaced the battery, but had not taken off the Balastic Glass screen protector. So before sending back for the third time, I waited until the battery went dead! I knew the main circuit board had finally had it. It took about the entire month of August to receive the new replacement which was going to be an upgrade. This time I got it tracked by UPS and it was delivered a day before we expected it. This had been hard to believe but we were very happy to get our replacement and we can use a hot spot and tether the iPad to the iPhone so he can get his calls more easily because he carries it around the house, and he will be able to use it in the car while going to his medical appointments now. It was a great day when he had his own iPad again. Thanks for the great service from UPS and really appreciated the updates so he could relax and have a nice weekend when it did arrive!
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3 years ago, Kjamg93
App is great!
I’ve used this app for a few years but for the past couple of days I haven’t been able to open the app. I can log in online just fine but the app just forces itself to close before anything loads. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I even looked at the app page to seek help before writing a review. Normally I have no issues and the app is very straight forward to use and has been reliable. But now I can’t open it and just thought I’d send a possible bug report. Thanks! Hopefully I’m the only person with this issue. UPDATE: I received an email directly from the developers regarding the bug and they explained that it was an error with loading due to communication with the Facebook component in the app. So most likely was only an issue if you signed in using Facebook. Which I’m pretty sure I did. But the issue had been resolved shortly after I posted this, then shorty after that the developers responded to me. Honestly I let it go and wasn’t expecting a response. Very good app management! Wonderful customer service. Thank you for taking the time.
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2 years ago, FitnessFanLV
Needs One Big Upgrade!
Update: November 01, 2021 Still no update on adding a “lock box” option for deliveries? There is one big update that would be helpful and this would be for the app and the website. If you have UPS My Choice you can choose where your package will be left. You’re given multiple options but a lot of newer communities like mine use a smart locker for packages. My communities smart locker is controlled by this website - (www) ParcelPending (dot com) This is an electronic mail package locker where the user puts in a PIN number to open the locker. This PIN number is emailed to the user whenever something is delivered from UPS, FedEx, etc. There is no option to select a smart locker on the UPS app or website. This means I need important or expensive packages to be re-delivered which is a pain (my front office doesn’t accept packages) or manually pickup which defeats the delivery service. Please give customers this option, I don’t need to sign for a package if it’s placed in the smart locker. The smart locker is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it doesn’t matter what time the UPS driver shows up for delivery. If this option is added I will re-rate this review and increase to 5 stars since I love the app besides this major issue. Thank you!
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3 years ago, SuPrue75
Was good but now impossible to use
This used to be a very clear app. I could see what deliveries I was expecting on what day and packages were sorted in order of expected date. They opted to take this clear view and create chaos for app users. Packages appear in a seemingly random order, delivered packages are mixed in and the removal of color boxes makes it hard to tell them apart from packages en route, and the app is difficult to view. Please fix it!!! We need to be able to see when our packages are coming!!! This is imperative because UPS decided to take their great customer service and throw it in the trash. They’ve made receiving a delivery extremely difficult for their customers. If you can’t get to your door fast enough they will take your package to a random location. Auto parts store on a hill? Sports shop with no parking lot? I’m physically disabled and this has been an absolute nightmare. I need to know when I have packages coming so I can sit near my door and actually receive the items that are crucial to my health and safety. Please please PLEASE fix this app!! And maybe consider creating safe and accessible delivery options for people who can’t trek 4 miles to get their packages in the middle of a city if we can’t get to the door in the two seconds your delivery people deem acceptable.
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2 years ago, Sockssix
Sad UPS doesn’t use this as advertised.
Have had a number of issues with deliveries that this app should have solved. I have a difficult driveway in the winter. UPS advised me to use the change my delivery function to deliver to another close address so my deliveries are safe. Deliveries are not made to the changed address, but are sent back to the distribution center. The changed address is on the main road the truck goes by on it’s way to my place. Talking to the drivers over the past couple of years, UPS’ system doesn’t send an alert to the driver to advise of the change. Drivers I’ve talked to admit they rarely access the portion of their tracking units that deal with the changes, because it is an extra step, and takes time, of which affects their efficiency ratings. This app would be great if used as intended, but internal workings of UPS defeats its purpose. BTW, I’ve had a number of conversations with people identifying as “far up the chain in UPS, so they’ve heard this before, straight from me.
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3 years ago, Amzlindley
Best insurance policy out there!!!
Times used to be you would order something and the only thing to do after that was wait with excitement until you either got a knock on the door, or pulled into the driveway after work and saw that package sitting on the front porch!!! Now, however, I used to worry so much about my package “disappearing “ before I got home, that it limited my shopping. I’ve been using UPS mobile for about 3-4 years now, and I’d fight to keep it. Your kept up to date on exactly where your package is and when it’s due to arrive. Have an emergency come up and know you won’t be able to be there on Rome? Contact UPS via the app and reschedule. Want your package left on your back porch instead of your front porch? Set your preference once and that’s where you’ll find it. Know that your package must be signed for or it will be returned? Have it delivered to a local pick up spot with extended hours and pick it up after work. I absolutely ADORE this app and wished I had this much control over EVERY aspect of my life! Keep up the good work guys!
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2 years ago, Camacho savage
Always like using UPS,, all the drivers that I have meet , they all just been all out good folks,, but the last one that was here just flat lied , he got here, looked all over his truck for my packages, they was not on the truck, he was thinking maybe on another truck that was close by or they didn’t get loaded for some reason, but instead of telling the truth, they was not on the truck, he put down retailer was closed for delivery 🤔🤷‍♂️, not understanding that, but I have surveillance all around my house n even us there on video, clearly shows me walking away with no packages, and beat all, can’t get anyone on phone or email to answer me about the situation,, I do like using UPS for my deliveries, n still will continue to use them for now but don’t like the telling lies,,, n now shows one package stuck in Atlanta n one package says reschedule for redeliver🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️, guess hoping some employers would see this n contact me or hopefully my packages get here
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4 years ago, floridaRice
The app is great. Wish the service was too
The app is wonderful. I only wish the UPS service was equally as good. I pay $40 bucks a year to have UPS My Choice Premium. This is supposed to upgrade any packages that are coming via “Sure Post”. Those packages travel partially thru UPS but then are delivered the last leg by USPS. If you select your settings to do so, they will automatically upgrade all of those packages. But UPS consistently has an issue following thru and delivering any of of these packages. It will even show on the app that it’s been upgraded and then get passed on to the post office. It’s extremely frustrating!! When you call to talk to someone about it, all they do it’s say “Sorry” and tell you someone will call you from the “operations” center within an hour. Of course, this never happen. There is absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY for this company whatsoever. It’s horrible. They damage your packages and then attempt to blame it on the fact that you did not pack it well enough. It’s awful!! We need someone to hold them accountable!
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9 months ago, desflores
Always reschedules packages
I gave UPS the benefit of the doubt since I 100% understand many delays are out of the driver’s control. I also don’t like giving bad reviews. However, this is my last straw. I have watched several UPS drivers drive past my apartment making no attempt to deliver my package now. I will be waiting for packages because I work from home and then get an email saying “Sorry we missed you” as they drive off. This has happened way too many times now and I’m sick of it. Every package that was sent by UPS ALWAYS gets rescheduled and I end up having to wait days and then pick it up at a UPS pick up point. At this point, they should have all packages dropped off at the pick up point to save people the frustration and disappointment. Or just order from vendors that doesn’t deliver through UPS. I never have any problems with USPS or FedEx. The cherry on top is this app, which a complete waste of time. I would give it zero stars if I could. The “MyChoice” doesn’t work at all and the “virtual assistant” chat is automatically generated and does not help solve my problem at all. Horrible user experience overall. Save yourself the headache, and have your packages delivered by another company.
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2 years ago, God Waffle
New version is terrible
I used this app for years without a complaint, now they had to update it in an attempt to prioritize fashion over function. Version 9 is almost unusable. Is this a joke? I waited a week and assumed the designer would be fired and they’d fix this by now. There’s a bunch of filters and toolbars at the top of the tracking page and a ton of useless dead whitespace at the bottom, so only half the screen is dedicated to viewing the only information people are there to see. It’s like viewing my tracking info through a door peephole. If they downgraded to version 8, this would become a 5 star review. UPDATE version 9.2: apparently this is not a joke. They keep making it worse. They reversed the display order so now your most recent packages are at the bottom of the list and you scroll up to see earlier ones (why?). BUT you still have to pull DOWN to refresh the list, so you have to scroll all the way to the top of the list to refresh it! Also, nearly 40% of the entire screen is just headers/search bar/etc. and the bottom 60% contains the information you care about (tracking details). There is so much dead white space the app is painful to use.
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4 years ago, debrudder
Worst App EVER!!!
I finally got through to UPS and had them delete my account. Hopefully this time they followed through! Apparently, last week they did NOT change the settings like they said they did! I downloaded the app in the summer and had 1 package routed to my local UPS store. I have tried to change the settings in the app but apparently the app will not let me. Now EVERY package is sent to the UPS store. I have a broken right foot and can’t drive. UPS CHANGES the address I have my packages addressed to and is sending them to the local UPS store, where I can’t get them! If this continues, I will NOT do business with companies that use UPS! Also, on 11/8 UPS said my package could not be delivered because of severe weather. I am a TEACHER and EVERY school in the Greater Cleveland area was in session. Explain to me how if schools are in session the weather is TOO BAD for a delivery company to operate! Guess what happened today? Yep, UPS changed the delivery AGAIN back to the store!!! I had to call and make a stink again today. Hopefully they will deliver to my house. FYI I will NO longer order from companies who ship via UPS. Since I am sitting around with a broken foot and nothing to do I will use my time contacting the companies I make purchases from.
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6 years ago, MrFactotum
I'd used the app for some time but because of issues with it I deleted it. I then decided - some time later - to reinstall it. This is where things went south like a bullet. Well, for the second time, really, or I wouldn't have deleted it in the first place... But I digress. I tried to log into the app using the account info I originally used when I had the app the first time around. Either my id or login "weren't recognized" but I couldn't get a password reset because the email I used when I opened the account is now defunct. So I create another account. But I get to the end of that process only to find out I can't create another account because my shipping address is already associated with an account so won't I please log into the existing account? Ummm, I CAN'T! So I try to find contact information for app support that will ACTUALLY TAKE ME TO AN APP SUPPORT WEBSITE. Hhahahaha hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha! No, I don't need tech support for worldship software or for printing labels or for shipping a package. I need iPHONE APP SUPPORT! Its either laugh or cry at this point and since it IS sort of silly that a company that can deliver packages around the world can't hire someone to create a useful, functioning mobile app I've opted to laugh!
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1 year ago, NyshaOren
Close Yet Not…
Tracking has become a common occurrence recently as we are all shopping online and shipping. This could coupled with easy tracking yet Corporate America’s reluctance to join customer service and technology means nothing is simple. The app work unless you click the tracking number when you first receive it from the sender. It won’t be in UPS’s system yet. So you wait a while and then information populates but not a delivery date. A button appears to receive updates yet requires logging into the account and that requires a password needing a dozen characters (much more than most other organizations!) so I reset my password. AGAIN! Now the notification button is gone. I ask the assistant who is virtually useless for any real questions. Finally I am chatting with a human who makes a suggestion, but doesn’t tell me how to navigate TO the solution and as soon as I leave chat it has ended and I cannot return. All in an attempt to get a notification about a delivery I am paying to have. Some terrific customer service there! Good use of technology.
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6 years ago, YoungGunDiesel
Worst ever
When I first seen the low rating of the ups app I assumed it must be a low quality app. I then learned the app is well made, it’s the company itself that’s very low quality. Since it’s the season to get Christmas shopping done I’ve decided to ship with UPS and right off the bat I can tell this company does not understand the word “fragile” my first item came to me smashed to bits. Luckily the shop I bought it from was understanding to ups’s ways and sent me another for free in a much much bigger and overpacked with support material for ups’s handling. But I can’t write a review based off one incident alone, so I gave them another try with my 2nd package. Aside the fact the location is just out of driving distance from my home I still had it shipped through ups. For the first SIX days ups claimed it was shipped and on its way...FOR six days... on the 7th day I get the email the truck is delayed and no expected delivery time... a location that is 7hrs away and the truck drove for SIX days and is still delayed??? Worst shipping company ever and I can completely see why the low review is well done though.. you can easily find out when you WONT be getting your packages...p.s you should add a check box for “is your item smashed to bits”
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3 years ago, Great Life!
Map App
Tried using the map part of the app but it doesn’t work or they are still working it but it does not show the tracking on day of delivery. Also the app gave me an estimated delivery of 8:45am -11:45am. It didn’t arrive between those times and at 11:46am it updated that delivery could be before 9PM. Guess this way it thinks it’s still correct or within its timeframe. Overall the app is good and helpful, much more than the Shawnee Oklahoma UPS hub. I’d called this morning knowing my package was there, thanks to the app, and asked them to hold it at the hub so I could pick it up since I was in town. The girl said no problem, she’d pull it for me to pick up at 9:30am, well she didn’t pull it so now I’ve been waiting, and have to drive an hour home and an hour back today with it. While waiting, I’ve seen Many Bad reviews on this particular hub, hopefully someone that can do something with this will see these reviews and fix their issues.
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3 years ago, ExtraLargeDildoRepairman
Far and above all the other shipping companies
I really like this app. It keeps tracks of both my packages going out and coming in all without my input(this does require a free registration with UPS MyChoice) but the convenience far outweighs this simple step. Once in a great while I may have to manually enter a tracking number, but for that you can simply use your camera. In addition once you have registered you can authorize packages to be left at you house, even if they require signature. You can also specify drop off preferences and let UPS know if you are on vacation. One of the feautures I have found especially useful, since I live in a rural area, if I know I am not going to be around that day I simply set it to hold at ups location and I pick it up as I go through town, that way my instant gratification gets fulfilled sooner,lol. All around it seems as if UPS has put much more thought into their app then other services and it is wonderful experience to use
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5 years ago, Talltribe619
Great GUI, International Integration Needed
This app could easily be a 5 if UPS would add international support for those trying to ship stuff home from other countries.. store location in Mexico, impossible. Also why can we fill necessary paperwork ahead of time in app. Global UPS should also state maximum box size and what they can provide to accommodate packing as the US stores do. I chose UPS out of trust in the US, I ended up having to hit multiple locations because ups store could not help me pack up the box. Store was brand new and was not equipped with necessary boxes or packing materials: Also, outrageous prices compared to DHL, we couldn’t fit all our stuff we bought so we chose ups to ship home, wasn’t until 2 hours before flight home and after and exhausting trip to packing places and then back to UPS only to be told my one box was going to cost $650 usd and the cheaper ground option was not recommended because my breakables would most likely break??? Had I been able to reference this in the app, honesty I would made different decisions. I feel let down by UPS
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3 years ago, Blupeony
Favorite practical app
The UPS app makes it so easy to keep track of my orders and their timeline for delivery. Plus you can provide an electronic authorization for your packages through the app so that you don’t have to sign for them in person. I really love this feature since I live in a condo building and I don’t have a direct doorbell. I also love how smart the app is. If I copy a tracking number from an email and then open the app, it recognizes that I’ve coped one of their tracking numbers and asks if I’d like to search for it. (Although typically as soon as a package has been shipped to my address, it immediately shows up in the app). You can also change your delivery address or request a pickup through the app. I honestly can’t say enough good things. Particularly during Covid-19, I’m ordering a lot more necessities online these days and I would probably lose track of my orders if it weren’t for this app. Thanks for the wonderful service UPS!
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4 years ago, ~April A.~
Almost perfect!
I absolutely love having this app with the amount of online shopping and occasional shipping I do. It is extremely helpful to be able to manage, track and ship all in one place on your phone. The only thing that I wish they would add is to be able to actually type in a specific location that you would like your deliveries to be placed. It is cool that they allow you to choose from a few different locations, such as front, back or side door, but with the amount of porch pirates nowadays, it would definitely be nice if you could specify a location in your own words, such a inside a bin or bench that has a storage underneath, or whatever hiding place that someone wants to designate for their deliveries. It would also be nice if they gave you a little bit of a closer time frame to expect your package to arrive or be picked up. Other than those two things, I definitely do enjoy having the app and I highly recommend it to anyone who uses the service!
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3 years ago, American Kuddy
Awful customer service!
UPS is awful go with usps or fed ex. They will not provide any customer service and are glad to lie straight to your face. Goodluck with the virtual assistant who will just give you random links because no real humans care about you who work here. But to be clear it is not the people’s fault who work at the facilities! They are actually all very nice. They’re working hard hours to provide us with information, while their corporate leaves them to hang out in the dry to figure everything out. An FYI for anyone wondering if their package is ready. If your package received a “Departed from facility”, “Arrived at Facility”, or a “Destination scan”, then your package can literally be anywhere. He had told me that the online systems just assume that your package has left and assumes your package has arrived on time. He told me my package was still at the place that the app had told me it had left 3 days ago! Do yourself the favor of waiting until the app says your package has arrived, and I pray for you that it is actually there at the UPS facility or delivered to you. Goodluck my friends🙏🏼 also just go with fed ex or usps way better customer service with real humans that you can talk to.
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2 years ago, Ajtlisa
Quick and easy access to package tracking information
I always use my UPS app to check on package shipping information and track the shipment details and progress of my packages. Most times the information is correct and timely. Perhaps because it’s holiday season at this time, there may be some delays in the Follow My Delivery timing of package delivery estimates. Sometimes the map of the Follow My Delivery page seems to time out if I’ve put the app to the background for too long. I have to go back to the list of packages and tap on Follow My Delivery again to refresh. Maybe that could be an enhancement in the app in the future—a refresh button on the Follow My Delivery page with the map. I appreciate the text message notifications with links that coincide with the UPS app notifications and updates. I’m better able to track my packages and coordinate accordingly on my receiving end.
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6 months ago, AP278
Trash app busted, useless, and they've no clue
This app is so poorly designed. The menu is just track, ship, "preferences," four different versions of help/feedback, and logout. Most of your account is in "preferences." No app settings. Here's the fun part. If you run into a delivery issue and call support, they'll walk you through things they say are in the app but aren't. They're looking at something with a different menu and features that don't exist here. My app is up to date. Some unspecified big fix was released a week ago. The company is just terrible. No reasonable delivery window, inflexible timing, no way to waive signature without a "membership" and imaginary app version, expecting you to pick up your own package when they inevitably won't deliver it (even though this is a delivery service you're already paying for), UPS is truly the worst service of its kind - and this app is no better. The chronically underfunded USPS has better service and a much better app. Maybe because it's not profit-obsessed and offers real worker benefits. I feel sorry for my UPS delivery person that they even need to do this job.
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11 months ago, Kmick603
Bent, broken, dented, etc.
I used to think quite highly of UPS, but I’ve had to return or get replacements for more things than I can count since moving to FL. I am extremely unsatisfied and nearing anger toward UPS. It would seem as tho your shipping and handling has gone down the toilet. More often than not I am getting dented, broken, and damaged goods I’ve been waiting on. I miss FedEx. Honestly, I miss anyone that isn’t UPS. There’s now a running joke here about “how much damage this time?”. There needs to be retraining for your staff in the south because compared to the northeast IT IS HORRENDOUS. I dread anytime I know that I’ll be receiving anything via UPS, which is a shame since my father worked for you as a driver in and around Boston. He’s blown away how poor the service is here. I wish I could rate Zero stars. My experience isn’t even worth a single Star. I am going to go out of my way and pay more in order to avoid using UPS. There has just been REPEATED times that I’ve had disappointment from UPS since moving south to FL. Shipping and handling is not a priority and that’s supposedly your business.
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4 years ago, SFConcha
Useful and Convenient, but...
I’ve been using this app for several years to track packages and get delivery windows. It’s improved a lot, but there’s one feature that would make it even more awesome: the ability to give specific instructions to drivers. I keep finding very heavy packages sitting right in front of my front door—when I’m inside my home. My screen door opens outward, so this means that I’m quite literally barricaded in by the package. It takes me several minutes to push the screen door out without pushing the box down the steps and damaging the contents. I’ve left notes and signs on my door instructing the driver to please stop doing that, and to please just leave the box on or under the bench at the bottom of the stairs. Occasionally the drivers read and heed these notes and signs. It would be great if I could simply put that note in my account on this app so that all drivers see it. Right now, I can only select locations from a drop down menu, and my preferred location isn’t an option.
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2 years ago, mr. Superman 72
Satisfied customer
The last driver that delivered my package did exactly what I needed him to do. But there were two packages that were delivered to my apartment in the last couple of weeks and they didn’t follow instructions as far as where to put the package so my packages was left in front outside of my house and they were stolen. Please instruct all drivers to pay attention to package instruction placement. Because a lot of drivers don’t read the instructions on where to place the package. They just leave it on the front door scan it and leave. We have a lot of stolen packages on my block. I live at 231 Terrace Ave. in Jersey City Heights New Jersey. I live in the basement apartments where there’s no mailbox and no doorbell to my apartment so placement of my packages are very important which is in the rear of the house. I just received my package from a UPS driver and he did his job correctly.
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2 years ago, Bookworm&CatLady
Wish It Would Be a Little “Smarter”
I love that I can have a better idea of when UPS is going to be delivering my packages. These changes should have taken place long ago to keep up with competitors (thinking of the big “A” company.... it’s almost scary how their tracking is...)..... but...... I wish this app would be a little more intuitive overall— specifically with detecting packages “To Me.” It’s disappointing how often I have to input UPS tracking numbers into the “Track” tab— tracking for packages addressed to me and arriving at my assigned address. Why can’t the system always (or at least more often) add my incoming packages automatically? Lastly, work still needs to be done on the map for tracking your delivery vehicle. It is about half the time faulty in being accurate with showing where the truck is. I still recommend this app, however, for people who frequently get packages.
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2 years ago, Deb in TN
Love the app! No complaints
I love the UPS App. It alerts me when my packages are coming and does a fine job of updating any changes to the delivery. It also alerts me when there are other packages scheduled for delivery to my address. It only includes info on where the package is coming from so it doesn’t disclose any detail that would ruin a potential surprise. That is also very helpful. I see a lot of people giving lower ratings due to changes in delivery dates or times but that is not really something the app controls. Schedules sometimes change and can’t be helped. The app lets me know if that happens. It is also dependent on other people updating the system. I personally have no complaints about that either. But I also believe we have some of the best UPS delivery people that there are. I have zero complaints about this app.
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3 years ago, dlaurenn
Love this app!
I have been using this app for about 4 years now. And have always loved it. I’ve never had any bad experiences with the app itself. I have medical products that I have to have shipped to me twice a month, and I can always rely on UPS to deliver my products on the date they say it’ll be here, and in perfect condition. I sometimes receive from other couriers. And they’re not as reliable as UPS, nor do they have apps that are as customizable as UPS. I like that I can opt out of signature, or opt for them to leave at a neighbor’s home. They’re extremely detailed when it comes to the package itself. The only complaint I have really has nothing to do with the app... but we always receive packages very late in the day at my home. And we’re in a city, not rural or anything. I guess it’s just their route schedule. As far as this app, I give it 💯! I definitely recommend!
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5 years ago, Fit joe
Biggest p.o.s app I️ have ever used
If negative 5 stars was an option i would definitely give it that. I have used UPS a few different occasions and had been some what satisfied. Recently I ordered a new iPhone and was very excited to receive this package. Unfortunately, I have a job like a every normal human being and really needed to know when my package was going to be delivered because It requires a signature. I can’t sit around all day waiting for It to be delivered between 9am and 8 pm. So I decided to download this app and sign up for UPS mychoice. After 5 times of trying to set up an account it finally worked. I then went to use the mychoice to get a 2 hour window time and also see if I could just pick It up instead. This didn’t work at all and continues to not work. This app is glitchy and unreliable. It wasted my time completely and didn’t help me one bit. Oh and I also decided to try the website and give it a chance but it turns out that the website is also a piece of crap. Good job UPS I’m never using you again. I recommend everyone to go to any other delivery service because UPS IS BAD!!
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1 year ago, xPhantom309x
No contact information.
I have a dirt driveway that shouldn’t be hard to get up and down unless maybe you were raised in the city. I have teenage grandchildren who have no trouble at all. With that said I try to be as accommodating as I can being handicapped. I work my drive as much as possible. But sometimes weather or body prevents it. Most drivers accept it as part of their job. Some say they can’t find my address and take pkgs. back for the next driver to deliver. My biggest complaint is that I have no way to contact my driver, nor leave my contact number so they can call me before they deliver. If that were possible I would be willing to meet them at the road, when driveway is bad, when and if I’m able, and save them the hassle. They’re going to be real happy tomorrow as another delivery driver got stuck yesterday and tore it up pretty good and I’m not doing well. I have no affordable options. We are supposed to trust the delivery driver, and I do, but we aren’t trusted enough to have a number to call so we can stop a problem before it happens. An office number that can contact driver ahead of time would be fine as long as a real person answers and not the 50 questions automated junk most all companies are using now. Overall drivers do a good job, but the company isn’t doing their part with customers or drivers in my book. That’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.
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5 years ago, kaybizzlethrizzle
Good App
If you are regularly receiving packages through the mail and shop online, this is a must have app. It notifies you when packages are being shipped through UPS and when they are being sent to you by name recognition and address. For the most part it gives you updates during the process, only drawback is the actual UPS Driver leaving packages and not getting precise details on who or where the package was left or given to. Also there sometimes is an issue with some deliveries that don’t necessarily allow status updates on your package unless you opt to pay additional to get more specified details. This has helped tremendously when my packages in the past were getting stolen or lost and thought to be delivered. I would download a fedex version if they offered it as well. This has made a huge difference for me. Highly recommended!!!
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3 years ago, Chloe Kessler
Great potential!
I wish I could give this 5 stars but this program does not deserve it! I was expecting a package to be delivered on Thursday from 12-4 and was getting excited being able to check this application to actually see where the driver was with my package and was 2 blocks away but I never got the package Thursday and was rescheduled for Friday from 12-4 so waited again and the time switched to getting the package by the end of the day 9:00 pm. Well that never happened and the was an exception error so I basically stopped looking for my package and figured the application would update and I would get on Saturday but nothing happened and no update so Monday rolls around and get confirmation that my package will be delivered from 12-4 again and I track to where the driver is and again he is 2 blocks away and 4:00 pm passes and now the application says it will be delivered by the end of the day 9:00 pm. I finally get my package 3 days late and think they can improve this application as I am sure I am not the only one this is happening to!
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10 months ago, Eons830
First app review
This is by far the worst app I’ve used and the options for delivery do not make it to the driver, such as leave by the garage or no signature required, leading to having to go through the WORST customer service department of any company ever. I mean UPS customer service makes Comcast look like they have the pinnacle of customer service. It took me multiple calls, text chat, going to a UPS store (yes, they’re franchised but the customer service here was just as bad if not worse) and nearly 5 hours of dedicated time to finally get a dispatcher to call me back after not one, not two, but THREE separate people and a supervisor said I’d receive a call within the hour regarding my “failed delivery”. I mean, I don’t get stuff delivered very often, maybe 4 or 5 times a year so to have to deal with that was so off putting. Long story longer, don’t rely on UPS or they’re app to do anything you need, just cross your fingers and hope it doesn’t get messed up because the ride you’re in for when it does is not fun nor easy to get fixed.
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2 years ago, nicknamenicjname13748483&3&
Pretty good start. But, lacking key features.
The make“Make change to delivery“ leaves more to be desired. I understand UPS is very efficient, as they use algorithms to produce delivery routes for their truck drivers… (And now that I can follow the delivery live, I can watch the truck stroll in and out of my neighborhood several times, even passing my house before leaving the neighborhood entirely and going across town only to come back hours later and drop off my package. LOL) But it would be nice to have an available field to write a note for the driver. There are a little detailsI have desired such as having him not ring my doorbell for one. Hoard to provide more specific instructions on where to leave the package aside from there basically list provided of front door or side door garage etc. Having said that I could imagine if the driver had to leave a little note for every other package it would probably slow down quite a bit but I’m just throwing it out there just in case.
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1 year ago, 92 skeeters
Worst app ever!
There is no way to communicate a problem with a real person anymore! I keep getting the “virtual chat” who can not explain why a package was repeatedly returned to the sender. My partner has been trying to get an important medication from his doctor since last Friday and we have no way of knowing why it was returned twice! Despite the fact we have him set up for notifications by text and email. I tried repeatedly last night to help him and it took me too long to even get an email and even that was weird. The prompts were not there to get information on why a package was returned. It made us feel like someone was just too lazy to try to contact us. There was no satisfaction with this app either that we even communicated with “someone “ about his problem. This was his diabetes medication not a controlled substance that needed to be signed for! We have a secure Dropbox, and a mailbox plus remained alert for notifications and there weren’t any! Just in tracking saying it was returned! Your app is useless when there is an issue!
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