Upshıft - Find flexible shifts

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User Reviews for Upshıft - Find flexible shifts

4.28 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
4 weeks ago, sirelvin
Been good, but…
I’ve only completed about 5 shifts with them because they do push out shifts less frequently than Qwick, the app I mainly find work on. But I’ve gotten to work at some great places. When you first come onboard you are required to wait 2-weeks before you receive your first paycheck, but once you do the pay is weekly going forward. Which with my bank is every Wednesday. These are w2 shifts which can be beneficial in a number of ways. Problem with the app is no notifications are going out for the shifts. I have my settings setup within the app and my phone, but they do not send them out. You have to frequently check the app which is means if you can’t you lose out on the limited amount of shifts they do have.
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5 years ago, dhuvhgf
Could be better
For the Charlotte, NC area, they need more available jobs. For the last month, I haven’t been able to get any shifts, regardless of how many I apply for. You will be waitlisted about 98% of the time and IF, that’s a big if, you get accepted, you only have 6 hours maximum to confirm the shift, which can be inconvenient if you’re in the middle of working a shift when you receive the notification and are unable to confirm, due to the current job having strict rules on phone usage during the shift. I’ve been dropped a few times due to things like that. I wish that they will change it to either giving a lot more time to confirm or only show available shift only. Another downside is that if your shift ends earlier than expected, due to them cutting you off early, you won’t get paid for the whole shift, which is unfair. Another popular shift agency, though they have their own annoying issues, at least guarantees 100% payout if a certain percentage of the job time was completed. They need to step up on their game if they don’t want to lose business in this area. As a worker, you NEED to have a few other job options other than this because they hardly have anything besides Carowinds and very very few banquet gigs. Just forget about the smokeshop one, everyone agrees that they applied for that one several times (including myself) and never gets accepted.
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3 years ago, Gisimini
Unnecessary Extra Strikes
I received a notice today that I had been suspended from Upshift. The first time I got a strike was simply because I had to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Miami in very terrible weather conditions. It was storming really badly. I even tried my best to go, but could not see anything while driving, so I decided against it last minute to avoid getting in a car accident. Since there is no way I can call to let someone know why I had to cancel, I had no other choice but to cancel through the app and risk getting a strike. The second incident was because I had misread what the uniform requirements were. I had confused the uniform for a last shift I had with the shift I had today and, unfortunately, was sent home. I was supposed to wear a black shirt, but had a white shirt on instead since it was the uniform for the last shift. I was sent home for this which is understandable. However, I received a third strike for leaving early, but this decision was out of my control because the manager asked me to leave. Unfortunately, because of this, I was forced to clock out before 3pm. Which, in turn, caused an account suspension. It hasn’t even been a week since I got hired and am already suspended.
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2 years ago, Ren Wat
Almost a great company
For anyone thinking of trying this app for work it is OK if you’re in between jobs, just want an extra gig here and there or traveling around. It’s definitely NOT good as a full time job, especially since jobs are only in certain cities, I would recommend other agencies for travel all around the country. Not only that but it’s very difficult to communicate with anyone when you are having an issue, I wonder if they even like to work at all, basically don’t expect help right away it would be days if not weeks for them to help you most of the time! They have an automated system that will point you and even if you are trapped in a snow storm and can’t make it to work they still will point you, after 3 points your fired. Good luck trying to get them to wave a real emergency Im not sure if they really care. Just be careful and try to schedule yourself days ahead of time and always check the weather in the winter it’s better to avoid issues if you even think you might get stuck in the snow. This is not worth more than your life or safety.
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8 months ago, Ruptiv
Worst app ever
I have gotten only one job since I went through the very quick process of orientation. You get very little information besides the video during orientation and the person holding it in AZ was not very helpful at all with questions. I asked about my background she shrugged and waved it off and said it wouldn’t matter. Yet I’m still here just getting paid for my first and LAST shift I ever got on this app. Then when you try to contact support it like your talking to a bunch of bots even though they claim to be real agents. The answers they give are very closed ended and they don’t really go into depth about your questions or concerns. It’s like you ask a question and it’s just a automated answer. Simple with no real meaning to help behind it. This is the 4th app I have tried that has ran background checks and I’m just confused as to why backgrounds are done for day labor!? I never had a background at day labor so why are you guys asking for workers but being picky with who you take on? Trash the app and find something more reliable than this trust me! I give it a zero star
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2 years ago, Ex Upshift worker
Great app for work. Just needs some work
I started using Upshift about 2 months ago. I love almost everything about the app. It’s very easy to apply, accept and confirm shifts. Once you get to the shift site you’re directed by the on-site manager where to go and what to do. I opted for a pay card which was sent to me and loaded with my pay weekly. My only issues with the app are there being no way to contact anyone if there is an issue. Everything is an automated response. Also I stayed late at my shift a few times to give extra help. I was sent a text to clock out using “E1”. I did so but was penalized for failing to clock in and out correctly. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong and was never notified by Upshift about it. I tried to go on the app and look for work just to see I was suspended. Literally for staying after to help more. I worked 12 shifts and was always commended for my work. Overall a great app just needs work.
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4 years ago, Vernie6693
Great concept but...
Unfortunately there isn’t enough jobs to make a real living. I live in Cleveland, Ohio and there are so many hospitality options out here yet Upshift offers a small fraction. If you’re not into banquet serving or have experience as a cook there will not be many options to choose from. You’re lucky if you get chosen for a shift at all. So many people use the platform yet there is limited work. On a positive note, the shifts that are there have great payouts, you can make up to $15/hr. I love how you are in control of clocking in and out, and that you get complete info about each shift before applying for it. The app is very easy to use. You are able to keep track of shifts you’ve applied to, got accepted for, and completed. You are even able to rate each shift after clocking out. There also opportunities to get hired permanently or become a regular upshifter at a specific location. You get paid every Friday as a w2 worker. All in all the app is great, I just wish there was more to offer.
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8 months ago, HadenuffoftheBS
Another crappy app to work on
I signed up for this as a food and beverage professional who is used to making up to $65 plus an hour for banquets. The pay is way too low for service industry work and the one time I actually picked up a shift I had to cancel last minute because I ended up with Sepsis and was in the ER for a week. And when I did late cancel and explained my situation Upshift wanted access to all my medical records and documents via a secure link which I thought was strange because that’s a HIPAA violation and when I tried to send pictures from my hospital bed and the date and time on my medication and bracelet it wasn’t good enough. It’s honestly ridiculous but I wasn’t super upset because it was a banquet gig paying $18 an hour which is poverty anyway. And this app just like Qwick extorts service industry work by paying extremely low wages for the position. And no one wants to hire Upshifters or Qwick workers because people that work on these apps are considered a joke in the food and beverage industry.
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5 years ago, sillycy94
Upshift revoke status unfair
Very disappointed I recently started up shifting to earn more income and everything started out well , however life can become unpredictable I woke up for a shift late contacted upshift about the situation and went into the job ready to clock in and provide my day of work . Upshift gave me 3 strikes instantly for the situation calling it a no call no show, I did call text and email upshift about the situation before heading to work where I was still able to clock in. As I arrived at my job location, upshift had seen my email about waking up late and Rovoked my working status I could not clock in and even though the company wanted me to stay I could not do to upshifts no call no show policy instantly giving me 3 strikes even though I called and showed ! This is unfair & something you should consider before accepting shifts I was unaware but now understand but it is to late for me for suspension prohibits any future activity in using the app. I am a reliable Human being. Everyone makes mistakes . Except for upshift obviously
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2 years ago, iiamduchess
Terrible Foundation
I’m officially convinced this app pick and chooses who to send shifts to smh I canceled a shift due to me having car troubles in the pouring rain a week ago and the customer support confirmed I had only one strike prior to canceling I canceled shift they canceled my entire shift for week and then today when I’m supposed to come off suspension it says I have been suspended from the app permanently due to five strikes this is crazy I didn’t do anything to obtain those extra strikes if I was on suspension.. it’s already a hassle having to use multiple third party platforms to access diff information you need and giving our more personal information to those sites just to get things like pay stubs but the inconsistency of messages delivered to me regarding my strikes is unacceptable because now I can’t book any shifts at all even after I reached out to support multiple times within the 72 hours
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7 months ago, industypeson
Great for supplemental income
I absolutely love the concept of being your own boss, but, admittedly, it is difficult to get started when you don’t yet have ratings. Don’t count on this as being a schedule you can choose at will, but expect to be constantly applying for anything and everything you can with your availability. I world my fist gig with this app and it was a fantastic experience! Thank you, businesses, for taking a chance on us “newbies!” Great for a part time gig
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3 years ago, mozzcecelia
Up shift
Omg I love working for this company picking up jobs and being able to pick up shifts on my own time and on my days off, I have met a lot of new and fun people and I will continue to keep working for up shift on my days off to make extra money. How I see it is if there is a company that needs help and there own worker’s do not want to show then o well there’s always someone out there willing to work in there place making extra money and making sure Tha the company in need has the help that they need! Period. Thank u to that workers who shot the job but really don’t want to work lol keep not showing up because there’s always someone out there like me willing to take there place.
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5 years ago, ModelDani
PRO’s: I love the concept of working when i want to and the flexibility of shifts offered. I get paid on time and get to work in different places if i want. They starting to expand and open to more businesses. I been an employee for upshift for year now and few months. CON: They fail to answer their business phones so if you have a problem or question, asked to stay later then clock out times etc, you won’t hear from them at all or even hours later. I find myself having to blow up the phone emails or texts to annoy them to finally get something resolved. Some times it be slow with most of their business partners will not post anything so our list will be “picked over” & you won’t get as much hours for those whom plan to use it as regular job. They won’t let you work over 40hrs unless you continue to work only one business for the pay period.
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2 years ago, Nessa345
Good if you’re desperate
Not very many gig options/opportunities. Pay is extremely low (Average pay is $13-$14) and they don’t allow you to collect tips. During on boarding they say there are jobs you could apply for to also become a full time employee with but I haven’t seen any listed. Basically they still need to find more contracts with other venues. When I started they only had a contract with the Tampa Zoo (I’m in Florida) but it seems they weren’t able to keep that contract (makes sense, pay was ultra low at $13/hr) as those job listings have ended. I come on from time to time to see if there is anything new/worthy but haven’t seen anything as of yet. Temp agency app so concept is cool, the rest is disappointing.
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1 year ago, coolio_dankio
Went to the onboarding, it’s 20 minutes away from me already and when I got there they wanted to just now tell me that I need two forms of ID like I just carry birth certificate with me. I even told the chick that I could tell her my SSN until i could send a copy. Said no. I went and looked through the emails and no where did it say to bring those things. Maybe y’all could... I don’t know.... add that information into the multiple notifications and emails y’all have been sending me. Sure I coulda brought those items anyway just to be sure or y’all could let people know in a direct way. I’m tryna get this job for a reason what makes you think I got the gas to be running back and forth ? Cause I don’t
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2 years ago, Shakieviea
Let me just say. It has first been nothing but a pleasure to work for this team. Some of the funnest, most hard working, understanding team to work for. No event has been the same. The quality of events increase every shift. The team is like a big family. They get work done and know how to throw amazing events. And they always make sure you’re taken care of each shift you choose. Overall 10/10 to work for! Big shout out to Maddie,Rob, Juliet, Chelsea and so many more. Amazing company and I’m coming back every time!
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1 year ago, LB177
I really enjoy the upshift app because it gives you an opportunity to try different positions with different companies. As well as it offers the convenience to make your own schedule or pick jobs up to make extra cash. Lastly it’s nice that they offer jobs in others states, making some extra money on vacations or even if someone needs to relocate they’re able to have an income and make money until they find something more permanent
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2 years ago, kevindammit
No customer service for potential upshifters…
…so here I am. I was told when I went to onboarding someone from upshift would help me with an issue where I put a typo in my email address but I’ve yet to get any help. The lady who was running the onboarding seemed to just want me to leave. Really sad that basically you guys just got my social security number and then don’t even want to help me work for your clients. Very shady. Updating this review. Thanks for reaching out to me with the useless reply. No I haven’t been able to reach customer support because the only way to contact Upshift customer support is when you’re logged into the app and that’s the exact issue I’m having. Why do you guys not have a number people can call????
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2 years ago, davdez86
I never get accepted for any of the shift
So with this app you are supposed to apply for every job and you’re supposed to get selected I’ve been with this app for a year now and I have never been selected for any jobs. What bothers me the most is that the process to get on board it’s so much work and you actually have to come in person for an interview and sit in a room for two hours for orientation and I have yet to still get selected for a job. I have a great résumé. I am very good background history and it really upsets me that I don’t get selected for any jobs. What really bothers me is when you try to reach out to the recruiters for help you can’t direct message you can only select the message they allow you ask.
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8 months ago, Molly Fisher
Great Resource for Extra Cash
Lots of awesome experiences in the Atlanta area. School kitchens, airport food service, the Georgia Aquarium , the Zoo. It’s definitely been a pleasure to work with UpShift. The pay is definitely worth it - starts around $16. After 12 shifts, pay opportunity’s increase - $25 - $32 an hour. Just make sure to have clean clothing. Some places may require specific attire that must be purchased on first shift. I’ve had a lot of fun experiences working with UpShift. Best advice - Be clean, presentable, and on time. Don’t be rude.
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2 years ago, Destiby3283
No jobs waste of your time
I have been trying to work through the shift smart app and jobs never show up in my available feed anymore after I tried to apply at a job that required a background check which I had to agree to pay by way of my first paycheck deduction so I agreed and now I’ve been waiting for the past 2 weeks for it to process but I was made aware by the company that does the background check that it was already sent to them two days after requesting it but Upshift only tells me they are still processing it and to apply to jobs that don’t require an background check but none of these jobs show on my feed. Come on Upshift what are you guys doing?
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12 months ago, mikiemapo
The app won’t pay you after you work
Extremely disappointed with my experience using this app. After working two shifts, I have yet to receive payment. At first, they claimed it was an issue with my bank details and had me change them. However, even after doing so, they switched to promising payment via mail to my residential address. It’s been quite some time, and I still haven’t received the money they owe me. This lack of payment and constant excuses have left me frustrated and questioning the app’s reliability. I strongly advise others to be cautious when considering using this app, as their payment practices seem questionable and unreliable.
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2 years ago, chejxnms
Not enough communication
I just began Upshift . At first I was able to see all of the shifts available for the next month. I applied for a few. Then suddenly there are no shifts at all and no record of me applying. I called the number on the card, it’s not helpful it takes you to the question part of the app which doesn’t have any information on my question. The live chat is not live , you have to wait for someone to contact you. Luckily, this is just for supplemental income. I can only imagine the frustration of someone who is depending on it as the only source of income. If nothing happens soon I will delete the app. This company could be better with their communication .
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8 months ago, Ragebear13
Misleading, unfair, uncool
Was drawn in by the prospect of daily pay. Halfway through orientation they tell you that you have to wait two whole paychecks before you can access daily pay. I has 8 days of work lined up for about $1,300. Like most people who use temp apps- I’m broke. This was going to save me. Make me not Homeless. The day before my first shift they’ve all been cancelled. Worker’s reliability is affected if they drop contracts at all. What about companies? Other apps compensate you when they cancel. The orientation person provided a story about accepting an out of town contract and making loads of money. What if they cancelled after transportation is paid for? It’s a bunch of bull.
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4 years ago, smh waste of time
Love it
I think it’s amazing! Makes life so much easier being able to choose not only when you work but where you’d like to be. Especially helpful for single parents. no babysitter, Then don’t pick up a shift. where at a temp service or a regular job you’d easily lose it. Only downside is the lack of options. Hopefully someone can change that 🧐 😁
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5 years ago, grayknighted
NO to Upshift
Do NOT work for Upshift if you expect to receive tips for bartending or serving. They make no accommodations for you to be tipped out and they even tell employers NOT to share tips with you. This means they are telling employers to KEEP your tips in order to defer the cost of paying you. I worked a shift for them and earned over a hundred dollars in credit card tips while bartending, which I did not get. I literally earned LESS than I would have made if I worked for tips alone. They are building their company on your back and sweat. Just another capitalist corporate machine designed to gain size based off your hard work while they sit back and do nothing for you.
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2 years ago, hajfyydns
Not what I expected
Went to the orientation and everything only to download the app and see that they only have jobs like housekeeping, bartending, food service, and dishwashing. The pay is pretty decent to bad I can’t enjoy that. The uniform requirements are strict… they don’t tell you that you’ll likely need to go buy black slacks, black or white polo shirt and non slip shoes if you’re interested in this kind of work. I’m not interested in any of that I cannot do any physical labor jobs or be on my feet for hours. I want office and administrative work. I haven’t accepted any work and I won’t until they come up with some office shifts.
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2 years ago, cay1583
I like Upshift because you can work when you want based on what’s available on the app. The only negative thing I have to say is that the customer service isn’t good at all. You cannot talk to a real person on the phone, only via message through the app. They aren’t that helpful. Other than that I recommend you his app for anyone who wants to pick up extra shifts on the side or needs a more flexible schedule.
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2 years ago, Di'ke (warrior)
Upshift Rocks
I just want to let you guys know that I’m very satisfied with the job’s I’ve chosen to work. I’ve only had 10 of them since I joined over a month ago, but it’s been cool and fun plus I’m making money to help reach my personal goals. Not to mention I get a lot of thank you’s and compliments from managers and supervisor for doing such a great job😄
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2 years ago, 5555sara
Not professional
Booked a event one month in advance. Got a text telling me to be ready for event only to get a text 2 hours later telling me I had been canceled from the event.. I had turned down several jobs that I could have made money... but by telling me less than 15 hours left me not able to book another gig... but still had the job posted ... it was not professional and it was going to be my first gig. Is this the way you run your business... I wasted a days pay to go to ordination for your company and this is how you treat your employees...
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2 months ago, Mr. Gigs
It was nice until…
I worked and showed up to all assignments, then I had one a couple of years back that I was showing up for every day, clocking in and out on time but due to some issues on the end of the company I was working at, they reported me as a no show and I was permanently (and wrongfully) suspended from Upshift. Despite several attempts I haven’t been able to get back on. I just gave up after a while.
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1 year ago, PhoneDisconnected
Good at First / Later not so much
I was enjoying the change of industry of work. Every job I was assigned to was kind and appreciative of my work. One day I got a stomach bug (24 hour). I provided Upshift with the paperwork. They said they could not accept it because I blotted out my MEDICAL RECORDS NUMBER. So now I can’t work through the application. Who ask for that type of sensitive information? I have never in 40 years had anyone ask me for personal information like this — especially an employer
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2 years ago, princesstolit
I had a not so good experience with a coworker I haven’t seen in over eight year and she did something really rude to me and I told a supervisor. The supervisor listen and sympathize with me and will possibly move me to a new spot tomorrow which I thought was nice. The runners especially Will and Graham were so helpful I had to give them a shout out at the meeting.
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3 years ago, cgall420
Great app
This is truly amazing if you ask me. Pick the shift you want to work where you want to work. Some more options would be great but I have enjoyed it for the most part. Great app and great for making some extra money. The pay is good, I’m not sure I would rely on this as your only job but it is great for extra cash.
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2 years ago, Charm42
Watch Payroll and Tips
It’s not a bad gig but there are several hidden charges or misleading miscommunication with the pay like you have to pay for a background check…and you have to opt out of the benefits enrollment or they start deducting it from your check automatically…watch for unpaid break as well they deduct a break from your shift even if you don’t take one… so just pay attention to these small things
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3 years ago, Camirah Antonuttijg
There were a few opportunities to work at different and interesting places, much better than an agency because you can choose what you want to do. Don't always have available jobs that are close, but i hope there will be more in the future.
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1 year ago, gangtaboo
Need changes
We need to be able to speak to a real person, because some of the issues that we have on the site of employment cannot be handled because the proms are not there for how your day went at the location you were at
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2 years ago, downshift123
No transparency prior to onboarding
You will be unable to see what jobs are available until after a 1 hour onboarding process and supplying your I-9 documents. This seems a little backwards to me. I applied, went to the onboarding appointment and asked for an example of which companies they partner with so that I could get an idea of whether or not this was the right fit for me and I was told that I would have to onboard with the company before they could disclose that information. I cancelled my appointment because it seemed sketchy.
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7 months ago, Teew5555555
If I could give zero stars I would
Only apply to this app if you know you won’t have any family/medical emergencies, ever. I received strikes even after providing proof of doctors visit which didn’t allow me to attend shift. This app does not care about its workers and will discard you at any moment. They are also horrible with communication, will not respond promptly or at all to emails. I am having to fight tooth and nail to get my pay for the shifts I did work. Instawork is much better if you’re look for temp work.
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2 years ago, mello123455
Upshift is a great company to work through. communication might be bad but what they lack in some areas but if your a hard worker this is a job for you. I’ve been apart of Upshift for months now and I’m not looking forward to finding anything thing else unless it’s starting my career.
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3 years ago, chef collins creations llc
I really like it
I enjoy being a Upshift employee. I have a baking business and I’m a great chef, but I do have slow periods and Upshift is a blessing really helps keep me going. On the flip side it’s a couple jobs I’ve worked and had a great experience and they post more jobs and I never see them. So is there a problem with my app
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2 years ago, Gerald Newland
Highly Recommend!
After I Signed Up For The Program And Before I Started My First Assignment, I Discussed It With A Few Of My Peers And Gave Them Insight On It's Operations. I Admire The Convenience Of Upshift And The Idea Of Providing Work For Individuals Who May Have A Busy Schedule Or Several Obligations, Or Who May Be Unable To Follow A Set Work Schedule.
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2 years ago, mama_bear2011
Waste of time
If you get sick from a disability and wind up in the icu they will permanently suspend you instead of giving you just 1 point for having to cancel a shift. My doc sent them a note excusing everyday I couldn’t work and UpShift chose to ignore it and also ignore my emails about it. Many people especially recently have complained about UpShift just flat out ignoring them anytime they try to make contact with them. Yeah they have jobs but only a few of them. Don’t waste your time.
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6 years ago, Naija_Diva266
Simply wow
The ability to work when I just simply amazing. I love Upshift. Tho I wish they could give us the ability to break up those multi-days shifts and pick up the days we can work from it and negotiation for more flexible hours from their partners as well. Other than that, it’s the best app ever.
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2 months ago, LeonnaBeckson
Not worth it
This is not a good app to bet your bottom dollar on. They DON’T CARE about you. They will literally give you a point or fire you for canceling a shift EVEN if you cancel it within 24 hours and contact support about it. I hate companies that don't care about their workers. Support also takes hours to answer you. They need to grow more sympathy for people who have emergencies and cannot make a shift, people are human and things happen. Do NOT recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Nie12
Love Upshift!!
Very impressed with this concept! So easy. You pick the job you want to work when you want to work. Everything is done through your iPhone including clocking in/out. Received my first pay today. Accessed my paystub and haven’t had any issues with Upshift at all. Happy to be an Upshifter!!!
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1 month ago, Tayyy006
Horrible app
If I could give 0 stars I would. First off when I first tried to create my account, they asked was I 18 or older and did I have a smart phone. I correctly put Yes to both question. Automatically it says I was suspended and was never going to be allowed to make an account with them. They didn’t even give me a simple chance. So I deleted the app quickly. Please don’t download this app they just want to waste your time. This app is so dumb.
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1 year ago, GoldenTuna82
Scam that needs to be put out of business, do not waste your time.
Upshift is falsely promising work that does not exist and pushing hundreds of people through the onboarding when they know shifts aren’t available. The average posting has 2-3 openings and 100+ applicants that are held hostage until the day before the shift, or you are waitlisted with no explanation and support will not respond. This company has my SSN and bank account information. The attorney general needs to investigate this company for fraud.
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1 year ago, 12409er
Don’t waste your time
Once I finish the filling out the information I was scheduled for on boarding then I realize it was a big waste of time. I was in a big empty room and i was the only one doing on boarding the representative told me that jobs should pop up after 24hrs. A day passes and the only work available to me is way on the other side of town and they’re taken all up as soon as their posted. DON’T waste your time. Spare yourself a headache
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2 years ago, Jason Stewart37
I downloaded as someone I worked with mentioned it and I use Instawork a lot. I figured I would use it when Instawork didn’t have many shifts. It’s the most annoying process ever. No other work app is like this that I’ve used. I did the application process three times and never got a email or anything. I just deleted the app and will never use again. I suggest having a better app choice like Instawork because this one isn’t it
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