Upwork for Clients

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Upwork Global Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Upwork for Clients

4.77 out of 5
28.4K Ratings
2 months ago, mobile app architect
Upwork talent search
Upwork ostensibly is serving the interests of its clients searching for a qualified freelancer (talent) and its freelancer talent. In practice Upwork is focused on serving the interests of its “talent” above the interests of its clients. This is really bad and clearly a choice by the company management to put the interests of its freelancers first. As a client, if I enter a specific search string, I want to see the talent that fits my search string in rank order. I don’t want randomized set of names that change every time I enter the same search string. Also, I want to see the number of jobs the candidate has completed in the most recent 5 or 10 jobs that match my search string. Finally, I want to be able to narrow my search by formal training. In my case I am looking for individuals who have a 4 year degree in computer science and and substantial experience building mobile apps in Swift and UIKit. Upwork uses the same weak keyword based search algorithm used 26 years ago - before Google developed a markedly improved search scheme - that ignores metadata/keyword stuffing. Upwork is clearly displaying a different set of candidates for the identical search string as a favor to its talent to help them get exposure. This is not serving the needs of its clients at all!
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4 months ago, Lolo19751975
App Chat Glitch Makes This UNUSABLE
I hope people are reading these reviews by the newest first. I’ve used Upwork forever, and I am constantly amazed at how they just cannot seem to get their app to work for their clients. There has been a glitch in the chat feature ever since the update several years back that does not allow you to write text properly in conversations and moves the cursor around and makes it unusable. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars through this company and I cannot believe that they cannot get a simple fix like this right - as a business owner of 30 years, it says a lot about their operational management and priorities for their customers. Read all of the other reviews. Look for themes and read them carefully. I hope Upwork will take these serious and do something about it. I’m actually going on to write on other online forums to warn people to stay away from the app as there are other options like Fiverr out there (who has gotten the lion share of my contracting business because of this) who have gotten it right, and have cared about the client UI/UX from the beginning. How many reviews like this do you need to read and how many customers do you need to lose before you actually do something about this, Upwork?
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2 years ago, V. Sugar
Incredible faith!
My experience on your side has been unbelievable! Unbelievably good that is. Faith is one of the best people I’ve worked with in a very very long time. You would have to have the patience of Job in order to deal with me. And she has that and then some. I believe that she is an incredible asset to your company as well as the people she’s allowed to serve. My lunch today I believe was a good success mainly because faith helped to bring it to life I’m so grateful I am so so grateful! Thank you so much faith and God bless you and all your endeavors you deserve it you’re the best! And thank you at work for screening and hiring incredible people.
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11 months ago, Ang Cruz
Poorly designed, confusing, glitchy
I wish I could give 0 stars. The only thing worse than the app version is the desktop version. The website is in complete disarray (I thought it was just my laptop but tried it across multiple computers and alas) to the point where everything is overlapping, jumbled, and not clickable. The app is very confusing as well. It’s nearly impossible to figure out how to edit your profile, how to browse talent, and how to communicate with them. There is no customer service email and if you call… good luck ever getting connected to someone to speak with. You have to put a billing method just to send a message to a potential hire (very odd) and then once you do, the app is so finicky, it STILL won’t allow you to send a message. I never go out of my way to leave reviews… that’s how frustrated this app has made me. If you’re a music engineer/producer looking for work on Upwork or looking to hire one, I highly recommend SoundBetter instead.
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5 years ago, Dextyrio
Sub-par, despite its capable developer
While it feels like a winner at start, after actual routine use it becomes surprising how clunky this app is, given it comes from a company that has the biggest pool of sourced app development talent at its fingertips. Has senior Upwork management even tested this? Long loading times of screens, Messages ‘Lite’ not only still slow but doesn’t refresh when you’ve already seen new messages and keeps red notifications, no obvious way to copy a profile link of a freelancer to share it with someone, and other obfuscations. It feels like Upwork I.T. didn’t want to open any systems up for engineering the back-end of it for performance, and UX/UI was rushed through as an MVP mock-up instead of being SLC (Simple, Lovable, Complete). When the result is a bolted-on maimed shadow of the website, instead of an experience truly ported for mobile, one wonders why not just use the website from a browser.
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4 years ago, oxmrjcx
This is a complete fraudulent site.
You normally would assume they would protect clients. They won’t. They try to make freelancers look good so you will hire them so upwork can charge a fee. I had a horrible experience with one freelancer. I spent more than an hour, using up all 5,000 characters to explain what happened. I was objective and everything I said can be backed up by the chats. It didn’t matter. Turns out freelancers can remove bad reviews. LOL. Can you believe upwork give them such an option? It doesn’t even require any audit. Freelancers can just do a few clicks and it’s done. He is still top rated with all positive reviews. My comment was marked “this review has been removed”. They do not even say by freelancer. It reads like I used cursing words so my comment was deleted. Again, freelancers are like their products. They try everything to make them look good while in reality they want you to hire them to make more money. Fraudulent website it is.
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4 months ago, MelTrell
Only works sometimes
This app is so beyond frustrating to use. When trying to type anything it does all kinds of weird things from making the cursor jump to a completely different place mid word, to changing your word completely, to just stopping it from typing all together. So it takes FOREVER to type even the simplest message. It’s so irritating. Then if you have multiple images sent to you at a time (common for design work, so this surprises me something so core to the brand wouldn’t work) and you try to open them to review, no matter which images you click it will only open one or two of them. So even if I click image B or C, it opens image A every time. This app is irritating and completely defeats the purpose of having an app. It’s supposed to make the communication part of their services easier, but it actually makes it harder. Skip the app.
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1 year ago, indieProducer
Locked out to collect personal information
I have been a client for several years. One day, for absolutely no reason, my password stopped working. When I tried to use my email to reset my password, the site would not allow me to even attempt it. Customer service to deal with this issue was abhorrent and a series of automated pre-drafted messages that made a little sense and did not actually respond to the content of any of my messages directly. Instead, these automated forms insist that I must provide every single document that would provide them the most sensitive personal private information you can think of. All because they decided to lock me out for no reason. There does not seem to be any recourse, or any way to eventually get a response from a human being. Use this service at your own risk. I know I will not be.
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3 years ago, Cademoor
Better iPad Usability
Great service and the product has been really good for me. I’d really like to see an app that works better with an iPad. I’m always on the move with my iPad Pro 12.9 with Magic Keyboard. So frustrating that I have to use the web product which doesn’t have a productive way to chat (like pressing enter doesn’t give a new line...it submits the chat message!). So maybe sprucing up the web app OR providing a better UX for iPad. I certainly like the native apps on my iPad to leverage push notifications and the Apple ecosystem.
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4 years ago, no one else has this
The WeWork of Up(yours)work
Up(yours)work has a great idea and many good freelancers I have used over years but now have changed due to financial problems selling souls to VCs trying to make unrealistic hockey stick ROI starting to rip off. I had several projects going always positive feedback by freelancers because I pay and tip. A proven bad freelancer was late and admitted had not started. I wrote forget job but he promised to get done 24 hours and since I was in timeline crunch agreed. But then filed false hours for work I could not even use! I hired and paid someone else bonus for quick job. I proved Freelancer was bad but Upwork did not care and wants their fee. I refused to pay so they locked my account damaging other ongoing jobs to extort fees! Upwork is unethical Wework over charging freelancers 20% and abusing clients like me and others. Now using competitor with much better results.
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2 years ago, Meeko0000
Terrible experience
I was able to engage with Upwork for one week. The talent aren’t always honest, however, after spending an all nighter I was able to find a professional that matched my project. This freelancer and I hit the ground running. Quickly establishing relationships with my partners, engaging in long term events, etc. Then I was suspended without any notice or justification, locked out of my dashboard. I called customer service, who has no information for me at all other than promising an email will arrive in 24hrs with more details. The email arrived that only confirmed that yes my account is suspended. I called again and replied to the email, 36hrs post suspension. I wanted to confirm that my freelancer would get paid for work done as well. This was a work stoppage, destroyed developing relationships that were vital. At the very least a category or general area of what was violated would allow me to look back. I pride myself on integrity and was under the impression that I was proceeding correctly. I assume the appropriate guardrails and notices weren’t available for whatever in the world I’ve done wrong. Just an absolute terrible and embarrassing experience. Thanks for nothing upwork and will keep demanding a reason for this action.
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2 years ago, shelmn
Really confusing work flow
I work with a single freelancer that switched platform from fiver to upwork. Oh my god, this platform is so confusing and frustrating to work with. There are so many layers of forms and fields to fill out and proposals to send and to accept etc etc. you have to leave reviews for every single job and feedback for the site and it’s just tedious. I can never just see what’s being worked on and when it is complete to just close it and pay already. Also the amount of confirmation emails from posting the job and the freelancer accepting it is just swamping my inbox. So, if I have to spend more time filling out paperwork than it takes to do the job myself, then it’s just not worth it for me working with my guy.
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4 years ago, Duke Guerrier
Keeping it simple, you want a great Logo for a good price head to Fivver. They will actually get you a great design, what I can tell from the Upwork design free lancer community based off a freelancer I worked with (Stephen John Tierney-this man had a 94% success rate like how) they are inconsistent, unresponsive, and just lacking the ability to create good renderings of desired design. Save yourself money and time and just take your work elsewhere. I’ll make it simple, Upwork is serving McDonald’s level meals and charging gourmet prices. Now this is in regard to DESIGN freelancers not the other areas of Upwork which I wouldn’t know. These aren’t real designers, just people that know how to work Photoshop trying to earn some extra income and they are more than happy to give you mediocre work in the process. Do yourself a favor, do your brand a favor and do not use Upwork.
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4 years ago, Johnrocks888
UpWork is always been my number one platform to hire a good read my answers for my business!
I wouldn’t be writing this review but I had to. UpWork has always been my number one platform to find talent for my business! The software works good and it’s easy to understand. When I’m navigating around UpWork it’s not hard to figure out what to do. The software is user-friendly. As long as I take my time looking for freelancers I never have a problem finding good talent. Good talent also applies for my jobs when I post them.
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3 months ago, NerfHerder99
Useful for notifications on the go but that’s it!
UPDATE: An update to the app hit while I was writing this review. It fixed the messaging issue mentioned below so I’ve added a star. ORIGINAL REVIEW: Don’t want to pile on, but this is awful! Messaging doesn’t work. Every word you type is a fight. Once you’ve hired on the desktop you can’t message applicants but you can through the app? Worse, they can message you so there are unrelated conversations coming in after the fact. — Guys! You should seriously consider pulling this from the App Store. It’s SO BAD and ironically says all the wrong things about you. Best of luck either way.
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4 years ago, Whimsical CJ
Great when it wants to be
I have been with Upwork since they were still called Elance. When I found out about the app. I was initially excited. The first version left much to be desired. Then this one came out, and it worked out pretty well... But now, I don’t know what’s going on! Every time I try to view my job post or messages, it either takes forever or doesn’t load at all. I have restarted my device, closed the app multiple times, and refreshed to no avail. I find that it decides when it’s going to load or not and I’m always surprised when it does. Sometimes I can’t even send messages. This is all on my iPad. Don’t get me started on using it on mobile. Even slower....complete garbage at times. I end up having to go to the website. This is is killing my productivity on the go. I really want this app to be great consistently. Please Upwork...correct this issue. As a client and freelancer from the platform that literally pays money to the platform, set aside capital to fix this issue. There is really no excuse.
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4 years ago, Iwwwios
Arbitrary suspension of legitimate new account
I created an account and posted my first task. First proposals came in and nothing else was done on the account. Upon downloading the app and entering my account through the app; the account gets suspended with no explanation and an email sent says no explanation will be given and reactivation is impossible. No appeal. No due process. Arbitrary, unreliable, capricious, and unprofessional. Don’t waste your time starting on Upwork as they will arbitrarily use their kill switch on you even if you act ethically and they will do so without explanation and without assuming accountability on their behalf. I am glad this happened right at the start and not when I started working with a freelancer, that would be worse. I don’t trust Upwork; will use Fiverr and other competitors.
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3 months ago, Nobody special 78 :)
App glitching
App lost my job posting I spent a lot of time typing twice. Would not acknowledge the security word I literally just created and made me create a new one. Tried to delete the old partial draft of the job so that I could try a third time to create a new job posting, only to receive another error screen saying it could not delete the post. Wasted over an hour trying to just set up the account and place one job posting. No way to contact anyone for assistance. All this was after our successfully accepted my credit card number of course. I’ll change my rating of someone will contact me to assist in setting my amount up and posting my job posting properly.
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4 years ago, Amby9898
They removed my job proposal & profile picture wouldn’t upload
I posted a job proposal and a fixed price that I was willing to pay for it. However, I received an email a few days later saying that the posting had been deleted because I was requesting free work from a freelancer, which is something I would never do. On top of that, every time I tried to upload a profile picture, the app would simply not load and I’d just have to give up. Definitely disappointed in how useless this app was to me.
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5 years ago, Posiden's
Access Data Base
Working with Julia has been a pleasure. She is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I was impressed with her ability to work miracles with the information I provided her. I was receiving feedback pertaining to our project from several different sources. Julia was able to adapt quickly, suggest several different options and produced results that surprised me. I was very cautious utilizing this resource (Upwork) originally. Julia has eliminated those concerns.
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4 years ago, tk reg
Afton deserves 10 stars!!!
If you want impeccable and creative and thoughtful service you can’t go wrong with Afton. She’s brillant, intuitive, and is a great collaboration partner, but she’s perfectly capable of doing it all. She keeps her promises and keeps up updated. This was my first project and I didn’t know what to expect but I will be using Aspen until the world ends! I can’t say enough more than she’s worth her weight in gold (and that this is not a paid endorsement!)
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5 years ago, TennesseeTweety
Can’t be a client until I complete my profile???
I opened an account to become a freelancer but have not yet completed my profile, however, I’m in need of a freelancer’s services as a client. I’m locked into the profile screen on both the freelancer and client apps and the prescribed remedy is to go into settings and make changes. But there’s no “Settings” option on the freelancer profile screen (this is using both of the apps and also on PC). I still need to hire a freelancer but will have to go to another service. I hate it Upwork, but what choice do I have? Help?????
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5 years ago, nonu@"77
Didn’t expected this tho
Upwork is pretty big platform and have lot of talented people working on their platform. I’ve hired developers from upwork to build great apps even on budget. However, looking at their current app for clients, it just seems they load their mobile friendly website on an app Their are a lot of problems with this app like messages don’t load, long wait time, non friendly UI, etc I would say upwork can hire people from their own platform to build an amazing app as they surely can afford to pay talented developers. Indeed, I’ve myself paid like $500 just as transaction charges for last 2 years. At the end, their is a lot of potential for this app to become next mobile platform to find freelancers.
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5 years ago, Kaiamojavefox
Bugs, bugs, bugs
I hate this app! I miss the old one! I give three stars because I can easily keep in touch with my freelancers. I can talk with them anytime and that is all that matters. HOWEVER, the app has so many bugs, I get frustrated. 1. Full version vs message lite - I hate needing to go back and forth. I like to use the ‘search for file’ function and ‘quote message’ function but they are not available on the lite version. But the full version is hair-pulling slow. 2. Can’t blame autocorrect - Several times, what I typed was changed, letters chopped off. At first I thought it was my error or autocorrect, but no. The words were changed after I hit send. 3. Spacing - Sometimes I format my text with specific spacing, but the spacing is altered after I send. I will continue using this app because I like Upwork and need it. I truly hope that in time they will fix the bugs.
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2 months ago, SOBELUX CEO
Terrible! Worst than when it was Odesk. Don’t waste your time!
Worst in the industry ID verification Took 3 days and 4 brand new documents fo even get the system to recognize it was a valid OD, passport and everything I had to proof identity Then after accepting it, nothing happened for days, emails kept asking me to verify identity. I had to email ID’s then they verified my identity only to 24 hours later suspend and block my account again. Support tickets don’t get answered. Suspension appeals don’t get answered. It’s been 10 days since i started this process and still can’t do anything. In the 24 hours i had a profile. I was able to hire 1 person and he worked 20 mins did nothing and they charged me the 20 mins but my account is still suspended. I wasted over 15 hours on this app and service to get nothing out of it. I have a legit business, USA is, USA passport and never had a problem with any platform like this in my life.
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4 years ago, allergictobanana
We use this at work to hire freelancers or various tasks and fill in the gaps in our skill sets. While I’m at the computer most of the time, it’s good to be able to get push notifications to stay up to date with the project banter/status. We initially had a rough start giving people the right access to a project, but it’s sorted out now. Suggestion: Might be good to have more tiers other than “admin” & “member” for the rooms.
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1 year ago, fjalkdj
Holy mother of cod, this app is an absolute disaster. I cannot believe it has this many positive reviews. This app is nothing but a buggy trash. When I try to upload an image it takes a century for it to download, when I try to respond to my contractors messages, it doesn’t include previews of the image they sent, when I tap on notifications for my message they literally never load. I have to kill the app and open the app organically so what you need to do is fire you’re pathetic, talentless engineers, and hire people with a real skilled know how to build an app because it has frankly pathetic embarrassing.
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3 months ago, IMunerK
Worst customer service ever
I had opened an account, posted the first job, then got my account on hold temporarily for purpose of knowing your customer ID. I waited for three days then someone reached me out with message, I replied on that email then no reply at all after, followed up twice inside the ticket itself but no reply, contacted the customer service chat they asked me to follow up inside the ticket itself, so I did that again, then asked if there customer service numbers and they don’t have. Contacted customer service by email, surprised, no one reply. Just big waste of my time
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1 year ago, User902g
The desktop version isn’t an issue. The app is a different story though. It’s very clunky and vey inefficient. A lot of screen pauses and loading freezes. Sometimes an error message comes up when you try to view peoples profiles on the app, so you have to use your browser to access peoples profiles instead. Can’t use some of the contract functions on the app either because it just doesn’t respond. Hopefully they hire much better people to upgrade the app to where it actually functions properly. Smh
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3 years ago, Redman128753
Construction takeoffs.
Jaison has been a pleasure to work with. I have a difficult time trusting other people with reading building plans and taking measurements. I’ve completed two new construction jobs that Jaison took measurements for and we were spot on as far material, a little extra which fit in gabled ends, 2 inch areas. More than happy with his work.
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5 months ago, JaneJoe19998
Nice App. However Messaging has an issue
The app overall works good. The messaging app when using IOS 17.3 skips letter as you type. The phone provides tactile feedback that the letter on the keyboard is pressed but the app seems to skip some of these inputs from showing as letter on the screen. This is very frustrating because you have to constantly go back and check what your typing and fix issues. Once the above is fixed 5-Stars all day.
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1 year ago, bitcg pl
Kind of Frustrated with the process
I feel like it has been frustrating for me to find a Hiree. I’ve sent over 30 invites with only 2 responses. Only 2 decline & the rest just no responses. I had to learn that we can only send a certain amount of invites for each project, but the representative said that we get a certain amount each day. Very low responses, feel like I’m going in circles looking for someone to work with. We cannot message potential Hiree’s which is taking forever to speak with them. The search bar doesn’t match exactly to what I type in.
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4 years ago, linkedIn Ruins Profiles
Horrible platform
BE WARNED! They take money out of your account without authorization. If a freelancer submits a payment, the tool takes it out even if you didn’t approve. VERY BUGGY Invoice process very complicated and not transparent when it comes to disputes. It’s a Saturday night and they took $1000 out of my account with no notice, tried calling them but they’re closed. Please be careful, HUGE TIME WASTED NOT TO MENTION THE HEADACHE THEY WILL GET SUED!
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4 years ago, always working 😠
Upwork is ok
I’ve been using upwork when it was elance. They have made some upgrades but the main issue I have is they got rid of testing for qualification which is bad and just keep the uses review as rating. The testing was important because it ranked your freelancer in skills. I only use upwork for things that are not important because I can’t risk someone just having good reviews. With the skills test the freelancer rate is justified. And at least you give yourself a better shot at a successful job. UpworK “BRING SKILLS TEST RATING BACK!! “
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3 years ago, mcgurme
In 2021 it is still not ready for ipad
Many of us use our ipads with a keyboard to get work done. So for the past several years, whenever I open up the Upwork Client, it shows a tiny little window that’s in portrait orientation. Given that I use the Magic Keyboard which forces a landscape orientation, this is useless unless I like to read sideways (which sometimes I do). I can go to the upwork site on the ipad, but what’s the point of the app, then? This sad state has been going on for years and upwork does nothing about it.
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1 year ago, Bounce Council
Can’t complete milestones
This mobile app continues to be useless for productivity between me and my sellers. I click to either fund or approve a milestone and the screen stays blank. I’ve submitted support tickets for this and it took months (not days or weeks) to receive any update. The fix worked until the next update. I do most of my work from mobile and my recurring jobs are delayed because I can’t pay vendors from my phone, which costs my business money. Sadly, this is why my sellers eventually contact me outside of upwork :(
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3 years ago, ktylerg
Zero Explanation for Account Deactivation
My account was closed with no explanation within minutes of me setting it up. I’m not aware of anything I did wrong. Here’s the email they sent. This is poor communication and poor practice to permanently disable someone’s account with out explaining anything. I wouldn’t use this service if they reopened my account and would encourage others to use Fiverr or some other service. How can you trust an app or company that operates by sending emails like this?: “I have reviewed all aspects of your account, and unfortunately, you are violating Upwork's Terms of Service. I regret to inform you that based on that review, it has been determined that your account will not be restored. The Terms of Service violation(s) in question lead to this final decision. Please be advised that we may not respond to further requests regarding this issue. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Nelly Upwork Trust & Safety“
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3 months ago, Poopface12340
App is very glitchy
Update thank you for fixing it so fast —- Today alert page appeared and it’s stuck on that page. I can’t access any messages. And there is a menu on the side but can’t get to messaging. And very hard to message for help on the app so I’m leaving the review
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4 months ago, aroth425
Please fix the keyboard in chat
I don’t know how Upwork seems to have the only chat in iOS where the keyboard doesn’t work. It’s terrible and misses half my letters I type, then it misspells words that are way off because autocorrect is still on after the missed letters. I literally think it takes 2-3x longer to type than normal because I have to fix all the mistakes and missed letters. It’s the most frustrating app I use, and I have to use it almost everyday.
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1 year ago, Eric B123
Good talent. Horrible customer service.
Last night my company credit card was hacked. I immediately got a replacement and tried to pay my bill. But the account shows as suspended, even with the new card. And the only “customer service” is a poorly configured chatbot that tells me to wait 48-72 hours. Meanwhile work is at a standstill and I will be very offended if my freelancer is not paid on time. Once this project is closed out, my organization is closing its account with Upwork. Doing business with the company is beyond irritating.
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5 years ago, mikedice417
It’s called Client????
I used to have an app called ‘Upwork’ on my iPad. A short name that unambiguously identifies the upwork application. Now I have a new app because upwork said I had to install the new one. It’s called ‘Client’. What is that supposed to mean? Client could mean anything. It’s a big deal because when I want to run an app on my phone or iPad I usually just use search to find the app I want to run instead of flipping through screenfulls of icons. Now I have to remember that Client means Upwork. It’s sloppy and annoying.
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11 months ago, Recruit1983
Upwork is horrid. 90% of the “talent” is scammers who say anything to get you to hire them. Support is worthless and mostly if not exclusively offshore. The company does nothing about bad actors, no matter of obvious the scammers are. As long as they’re getting their cut, the scammers can stay. They have little to no protection for clients, but freelancers are put on a pedestal and protected. Look at the reviews and sort by most recent, most are negative. They clearly post fake positive reviews to keep their score high. I’ll never use their services again. Shameful company.
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4 years ago, Redaflorida
Had bad experience with fake account
I was about to hire a phone app developer his location in Florida and he said his agency’s location in Pakistan and emirate we had a good chatting about the project and i shared almost everything with him than i said i live in Florida too not too far from orlando let’s meet up and discuss the project in person, He disappeared tried to text him no answer, Yeah fake account fake profile picture fake location even though has five stars and some earned money even the agency has five stars 100% job success Then i gave it try with another one says i live in orlando when I told him can we meet he disappeared too Be warned, there are so many fake accounts saying they are located in US but they are not, overseas baby, and Upwork only check phone number and that doesn’t enough because you can easily have fake number from all over the world,
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2 years ago, Yurivanetik
Intuitive platform !
The upwork client app is surprisingly good. Unlike many others, it’s fairly intuitive and at the same time sophisticated. It has useful tools that provide project elasticity. You can handle small projects and much bigger collaborative projects via the client tool set. Impressive.
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4 years ago, Evangelf
The Slowest App I have ever had to use
Upwork should really recruit some of it’s members to recode this app. I curse every single time i want to use the app. You get the notifications then you open the app it just progress spins and spins for about 2 minutes. So I click the buttons to try to get to any populated screen. No update has improved making the app useful. Never-mind user friendly Upwork needs to get the app to simply “useful” first. Good UI design, but it’s absolute trash usability. The high star reviews doesn't make sense at all.
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4 years ago, Walsfer
Viewing messages
When you view a message, the ability to go back to the list of messages isn’t available. If it’s available, it’s way too difficult to find. I should clarify that it mainly happens when you click on a notification that shows your new message. If you start from the list of messages, it will work.
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3 months ago, drumsticka
Consistently buggy
I’ve been using Upwork’s iOS app ever since it was first released. It’s never not been one of the worst apps on my phone, which is extra infuriating considering I use it a lot. In its latest update, the typing / messaging is like molasses. The app doesn’t consistently pick up keyboard touches, which makes it torture to even type short sentences. I’ve written to Upwork numerous times, hoping that someone would care about a properly working iOS app, but I guess it’s just an afterthought to their web app…
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3 years ago, Klizdub
Great talent. Easy to use and secure
I’ve been using upwork for years now and have always been satisfied. The platform continues to evolve to be easy to use, easy to hire, easy and safe to pay. The talent on the platform is professional and responsive. This is my go to place to get things done, get creative work and to be more productive.
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1 year ago, Hanxi h
Upwork The platform is a very good communication platform for employees and bosses.
Upwork is a platform for communication between bosses and employees. Here, it provides a very good platform for the boss to find the right technical staff and technical staff to find the right part-time work. Now the platform is a little unsmooth for bosses and employees to chat.
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11 months ago, Abeks022020
Such a Waste of time!
I just created an account on Upwork because I needed professional help to create some contents on KDP and an hour afterwards my account was blocked and I received an email telling me I violated some terms of policies. An unsubstantiated and deeply annoying accusation for no reason. If this is how poorly you treat potential paying customers you need to go back to the drawing board on customer service. Such a waste of time. I'm sorry there's no zero star cause that's what my experience with Upwork deserves. 👎🏼
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