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User Reviews for uShip

2.21 out of 5
356 Ratings
2 years ago, Harriyyy
App Is terrible.
I’ve used UShip for about 4 cross country shipments of older trucks. Let me say this first, the drivers and hotshots are some of the most professional and kind people I have ever worked with. They are great to work with and have nothing bad to say about the drivers. My issue is with the app and the website. It worked fine for a while, and now I’ve been trying to ship a truck and can’t login. It’s been this way for a while. The app is also so slow that I have had to go to the website and resubmit only for the same login issue to occur. If the app and website were improved I think this would be a very high rated app and it would connect a lot more drivers with willing customers.
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3 months ago, Mac0050
this app is a joke. Shippers on here asking for things to be shipped at ridiculously low prices. Not even covering the gas to these places sometimes. When you post the correct price you either get extremely underbid by someone whose already going that direction with someone else’s load so they can afford to take packages for free. If you’re just a regular transport and setting a price most likely you will not get picked for the load. Makes no sense to even bid on anything here. This app is for people who have extra space on their trucks already going the direction of the loads so they pick up as extra money. This app is not good at all. Not fair to new drivers or companies whatsoever. This is a robbery service. UShip takes a fee. The shipper sets an incredibly LOW price not considering the fee or the gas or the expenses to travel with their load. A lot of them don’t load you or unload you. So that’s more work. And you basically drove for nothing. Really discouraging thinking you may have a chance to grow your business on here.
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5 years ago, uncle trashcan
Worst experience ever.
First off let me say i ship vehicles several times a year. So I’m not new to this. I had to have a vehicle i purchased shipped by a date. Got the date in my contract to be moved by that date and no later. Shipper never came. Blocked my phone number. Left the car there. Had to have it towed in the middle of the night last minute to relatives house at an additional cost of 375. Then it had no brakes (it’s a 1970 classic sports car needing restoration) so the car rolled into my brothers backyard destroying his fence, damaging the car and now unable to be towed due to where it sits so i have to fly up, get the car moving and drive it out of the yard to have towed again. At a massive additional expense of repairs, additional tow and flights not to mention my time. So their negligence has effectively cost me a small fortune. Beware. They don’t vet their drivers. My driver had a 5 star rating on uship. One star everywhere else on the internet and repeatedly called a “scammer”. If you’re going to use this app. Do independent research before booking. It could cost you a lot of money.
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4 years ago, jeff gashole
Login error
Initially installed app on my iPad and was able to log in with no issue. I loaded the app onto my wife’s iPad and she was getting an error when trying to log in. I logged off my app, thinking it was the reason my wife was having an issue, but she still got an error. I then tried logging back in on my iPad and then I started getting the same error. I went to the website and was able to log in with no issue. Went back to the app and selected “forgot password”, made a change, tried logging into the app again but got the error. Deleted and reinstalled app, but all the same problems happened again. I’m able to log into website, but unable to log back into app with the same login information as I use on the website? If I could rate the app zero, I would. Useless to have installed if you can’t even log in. Now I’m having trouble submitting this review because every nickname I come up with is “taken”? Really?
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2 years ago, Casanovaljr
DO NOT USE U-SHIP!!!!!! I had a boat transported 2500 miles. 1st delivery date missed. Pushed back 3 days. 2nd delivery date missed. Pushed back 3 days again. 3rd delivery date missed. Pushed back 7 days later. The day AFTER the 3rd missed delivery, I was informed the boat is now 2900 miles away. The original shipper abandoned the boat. The company can’t refund me until the person that abandoned the boat agrees to not getting paid. The companies response is we will give you $50 off your next shipment. The new shipment will be $1000 more. BULLS*** SERVICE. The vendor was the person that screwed everything up here and I get it. But the customer service support does nothing. They are soooo nice and super friendly, but it’s “yeah, omg I know that’s so frustrating.” So although they’re very very friendly, they do not actually provide any solutions. I still do not have a resolution. They advised me to contact a lawyer or my insurance company if “think” this is considered stolen property. (Yes, I do have full coverage on my boat so my insurance company will help if it is stolen. But no I did not buy their insurance, which is also through yet another 3rd party so the assistance provided by u-Ship would have been no different.) DO NOT USE.
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1 year ago, betogonz
App is slow or non-responsive
You guys really need to fix your app. I always end up having to go to the website on a browser because the app just barely works, or not at all. While you are at it, you really should redesign the website too. It’s really convoluted, with tiny fonts, and it’s complicated to navigate and hard to find simple tools and buttons.
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3 years ago, Chrisssss BbBbBb
Literal highway robbery
I’m a carrier. We do the hard work. Drive the long hours, and put the wear on our equipment. UShip sits back in an office chair all day and takes 20% of any quote placed from us carriers. Most companies only take 3%. On top of that, they have an “average price” feature for the shipping customers which gives them a very unrealistic average shipping cost, and in return causes prices to be driven unrealistically low because the customers think we are quoting too high. Even when fuel prices go sky high, they keep their “average cost” the same for their customers. That’s not how business works. As a carrier, if uShip wasn’t taking so much money from us on every shipment, we could afford to do jobs for much less. They are a scam in my opinion.
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2 years ago, kdevoy84
Great experience!
I needed to transport my motorcycle from Ca to Wa on a limited budget. The lowest estimate I got was over $1k. I found uShip and posted my shipment with a ridiculously low offer price. I had two offers by morning. Both insured/licensed etc. They guy i picked was who he said he was. I let him know I was flexible on delivery date. He picked it up and delivered it exactly when he said he would. And he kept constant contact… communicating the whole time…very accessible if I needed. I couldn’t be more grateful for this service.
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7 months ago, Smiley Sarah 86
A Dismal Experience with a Crooked
I recently had the unfortunate experience of using a moving app that left much to be desired. The platform not only gouges users, skimming hefty sums from both clients seeking moving services and hardworking truckers, but it also sets unrealistic expectations for clients. USHIP is telling clients that moving their stuff for $1.30/mile is too expensive. That doesn’t even cover the fuel or tolls, let alone the maintenance to continue using the truck. The financial drain is paired with a slew of technical issues, including frequent freezes and login failures that make using the app a frustrating ordeal. The combination of exorbitant fees and poor functionality raises serious concerns about the integrity and reliability of this service. Proceed with caution.
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4 months ago, JAF227
App Stopped Working
I’ve been using UShip for over 20yrs to ship products and haven’t had an issue with the app. Today and yesterday when I logged in, it took me to a page that had nothing but “Captcha” on it and every time I used the back arrow, I had to restart my entry from the beginning. I had logged in, it asked me to log in again and … took me to the page with “Captcha” on it. After 4 tries, I used the website. No point in having an app that doesn’t function properly. Please fix these bugs. Liked using it when it worked.
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3 years ago, semperfi hotshot
I’m a carrier
I have been with uship over 10 yrs. my complaint, they offer very little support, the app gets worse and worse with their so called updates. It often stops working after the update. They are vindictive. I have bet removed from exclusive list because I disagreed with them. I have had my account turned off because i complained about app. But it seems to breakdown on weekends and holidays just like it is now on Easter
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1 year ago, xxkrissyxbrookexx
Book at your own risk.
Extremely disappointed with my experience. I have used you shipped 20 times for shipment. at the beginning of my use, shippers were surprisingly decent. however, I will say since 2023, I have had nothing but negative experiences with shippers. no matter how specific you can be and how descriptive you can be with your expectations of Shipment, you will still be left with poor shipping experiences and subpar customer service. It is virtually unimaginable to book any shipment without including the purchase protection on shipment. if you do Decide to proceed, include this every time. do you research on your ship and note that they do not vet their shippers. even if you book somebody with five stars and a bunch of resounding post reviews, do not guarantee that you will have a successful shipment. At the end of it all, all I'm left with from my use of this app is empty promises, unhappy clients, lost money, and damaged goods. Book at your own risk
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3 years ago, FoxesU
Just use the website
Found this service online through google, uploaded a vehicle to be shipped. Saw they had an app so I downloaded it to use it. Half the time this app will show you a question, so you type up and submit your response, to only delete what you just typed and tell you there was some error when trying to submit the response. This happened when trying to update the listing as well. When I used the web based version, there were no problems. I have just gone back to using the web based site from my phone. Tons of issues and navigation glitches within the app too.
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3 years ago, jamesvaladez
Poor App for a Poor Business
I wish I would have sought out app reviews prior to booking and relying only on the transporter’s reviews. The only saving grace here is that I now feel as though I am in a club of customers that have been screwed by transporters and uShip. The App Itself: poor. The UI is terrible and the inconsistency between the desktop and mobile versions is mind numbing—each one is poor for its very own unique reasons. The Business Model: poorly vets transporters and leaves customers at the whim of transport “companies.” UShip won’t actually act on behalf of a customer, rather only serves to offer as an intermediary line of communication. Lots of headaches due to a lack of follow through and poor communication from transporters who offer threats and hold your items hostage until they decide when they want to deliver them to you. Only used once and will avoid in the future.
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4 years ago, Rain city 98101
Whoever designed the interface should never be allowed to design any other app!
I love UShip as a concept and business. I’ve used it several times and have always found it to get me connected with excellent service providers. That said, it would be hard to imagine how the Interface of the app could be any worse. The old app was clunky and not exactly “well designed”, but it worked. This version is horrendous. You pretty much better plan on using the UShip website, because the app is worthless. Come on UShip, get it together. You have a great concept, but this app has gotta be redeveloped.
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3 years ago, AceBall88
Like using the app, when it is up and running/Unannouced maintenances updates
While I like using this platform and the app for shipments, it can go down quite a bit. The will do maintenance updates, which normal for any app, but often don’t send that memo to those one the carrier or customer side l, which often feel like the app is randomly bugged or broken. If the app is going to scheduled maintenance, it would be nice to be aware of that.
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3 years ago, O artist
Shipped 3 times past few years
Shipped a sand rail buggy, a car and a motorcycle all three separate transactions all over the past several years. I have not had an issue with anyone of those three. Referred my friend last week for a car to be shipped from South Florida to New York State no problem as well
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4 years ago, JamDancerD
Worst user interface ever
The idea is good: connect drivers with people that need things shipped. But the app is terrible (as a person wanting an item shipped) - poorly organized, difficult to follow communication from multiple shippers. Email announcements just link back to the app or website without any useful information within the email. I found that using the web site was often clearer than using the app just to understand who was saying what. This company needs some serious improvement in their user experience design team. Shame shame. On a brighter note (several): I called their support line for help several times and they answered in a reasonable amount of time and were very helpful. My item eventually did get shipped through their site and this particular shipper was great. I never had any login problems like lots of others had reported.
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4 years ago, Gamer1236374893sudbandk
Very functional: Solved My Payment Issue
I had issues releasing the payment to the driver recently and because of this app, it made everything much easier. The functionality is pretty good, no issues at all. I’ve used this app a couple times too, but don’t ship often. Give it a try!
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5 years ago, KracShot
App is garbage!
It’s disgusting how uShip functions. They charge me 20% of any bid that is accepted, then they charge 10% to the shipper. They claim that their fees are for use of their platform. Their mobile app is constantly crashing since they had the great idea to updated their perfectly working previous app! I have had to download this app 20x and then it randomly freezes and never loads again! NO STARS, feels like fraud seeing that I rarely get to use the app but they’re sure getting paid for it but has yet come up with a update that fix’s the ISSUES! TRUTHFULLY, NO STARS!
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5 years ago, powerCarrier
Major improvements still needed.
This app is no good. The app has never really been user friendly but at least with the old app you could see all of your booked shipments. This app doesn’t even update like it should. The desktop makeover was and still is a complete disaster. Bring back the old map that you can click on instead of typing in each state one by one. And give us more than five locations to search from. With the old desktop version you can click on 20 states at one time if you wanted to.
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4 years ago, bryanhauer
Can’t Even Login
Terrible app from a terrible company. I’ve worked with them from a personal use standpoint and from a corporate side and both have been a nightmare. Besides Ben who works in corporate management, the rest of the staff are useless. I guess that makes sense since the app is as well. You literally can’t login with same credentials from website to app. Website also has many parts of the navigation that simply don’t work. Amateur hour over at uShip. What’s the point of having an app that nobody can even log into?
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3 years ago, Momos20s
Motorcycle successfully shipped!
I have a motorcycle shop from Los Angeles to Detroit. It arrived at my other house with no scratches and on time. I was spectacle at first but after looking at other companies that are not on the app and their overcharge prices: but I found a reputable company on here with insurance and couldn’t be happier
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4 months ago, AllanTravel1
Awful technology
I just spent 20 minutes filling out my listing for a move. The app for some reason signed me out and upon trying to login, it made me restart. On top of that, the only way to communicate with movers is via questions and answers, and you have to accept a quote before speaking to them. You just lost my business. My listing was around $2,500.. roughly 450 cubic feet of items. Won’t be conducting my business with a company that can’t make a simple app work.
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7 months ago, Midnightmech679
Use to be good, now it’s a joke
I’ve been on uShip since 2015, use to be a good and honest platform to have stuff shipped from individuals at fair prices. Now, every time I need a vehicle shipped all I get is giant big box commercial shippers wanting me to drain my bank account for a short 5 hour trip. It’s a joke, can’t get anyone to do anything for fair prices anymore let alone even get a quote. I just deleted my last shipment and decided to go get it myself. Done and never using uShip again
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12 months ago, google misses again
Scam people for insurance fee.
All carriers on UShip are required to have insurance, however, UShip doesn’t tell you this. Instead they scare you into buying their insurance for the shipment. I tried to cancel the insurance once I found out, but they wouldn’t reimburse me because the items had been picked up. They weren’t delivered yet, and if cancelled I would not have been able to submit a claim. UShip wanted to rip me off anyway. Once you find a mover go direct with them. And don’t buy the UShip insurance. Scam.
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1 month ago, sis a boo
Don’t buy the protection
We are a Ducati Dealer in Ohio. UShip brokerage the shipment of a rare brand new Ducati across the country. It showed up nearly totaled. UShip requested information and pictures which we provided. Uship only played mediator between us and the shipment company while I had to waste valuable resources getting this thing ironed out. By time it was all done. You ship kept the protection plan money along with the shipment money. I like to call that stealing . I would pick a different brokerage
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1 year ago, TO674
Include edit button for messages section after a message is posted by user for corrections Add button to cancel after accepting an offer when little to no communication from carrier occurs or make it mandatory time limit for carrier to respond or removed from bidding for load
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4 years ago, tbone76er
Not enough detail included about shipment
Everyone trying to low ball rates. There is no way possible to move most of this cargo at these rates and even cover the cost of fuel. After fees it will most likely cost you to make the move. I think it’s a waste of time.
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1 week ago, Equestrian Carriage
No Response
I like how the app is designed to work. But the biggest issue is when you submit a question to someone needing Shipping 95% of the time you get zero responses. I think it should be mandatory to have them respond to questions within a timely manner. I’ve lost out on several loads because of this. Fix that and I’ll give more stars
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3 years ago, Phantom14one
The application is constantly crashing or booting us out and making us re-sign in it also clears out our search history constantly fix the issues!Overall it is a very handy and great site but here lately it just seems to be crashing a lot
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1 year ago, flashamilli
The most garbage waste of time ever besides Shiply of course
This app is garbage garbage garbage have t got one load yet but people and computer keep emailing about new loads you can’t navigate the app very difficult and now I can’t even make quotes for some reason ….. not to mention these people must’ve never had ire,ms delivered before for the offers I see on here 1655 miles they’re offering $450 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭don’t waste your time with this trash
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3 years ago, nevertakelosses
Rates are garbage for carriers
I operate as a carrier and with this rates it makes it hard to survive. As another review mentioned it gives the shipper a average price and with that being said uShip takes a 20% fee off the top. Not only that if it is a brokered load that broker is taking his 3% and when it’s all said and done the carrier is upside down when it comes to a profit! Worst app ever! Just when you thought dealing with a broker was bad uShip tops it off! Stay away!
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5 years ago, Jmbeamin
PLEASE PLEASE fix this app. I’ve used Uship for years now - though my experience with shippers themselves has been great - the actual mechanics of Uship are terrible. Since the app is always crashing, failing to notify me, and laggy , I have to use the browser on my phone to check for updates. If you’re a small business and have 4-5 shipments at a time, this is incredibly frustrating. USHIP please up your game before another middle man service throws their hat in. BRING PAYPAL BACK AND UPGRADE YOUR IT DEPARTMENT! PLEASE
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3 years ago, S13alex
Needs more options
This app is great , but it lacks in the communication aspect , you guys need to make it easier to contact the shipper , if you have a question , you can’t ask it unless the shipper messages you first , I think it’s a design flaw, more options need to be brought in to be able to chat with the shipping people
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5 years ago, bdoekd
Good service terrible app
This app doesn’t work at all. Doesn’t update regularly, won’t show messages that show up on my desktop, won’t load messages after I get a new notification saying I’ve got a message, sometimes won’t give notifications when I receive messages and on and on. Total non-functioning junk. It’s a great idea for a service but it doesn’t function on the website and the app is a complete disaster.
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3 years ago, DomBarnes
Great to use
I started my own transport business and this app helps me grow and continue to improve the flow of shipments. I do usually the Midwest region sometimes the south for the right price Dominator transport will ship it at a fair cost.
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11 months ago, Parler 1/10/21
Terrible Terrible App
They’ve had a terrible app for years and won’t fix it. People have given up using this service because they have such a terrible app-AND THEY KNOW IT! What’s the answer to this problem? Build a new app. Why won’t they build a new app? Money. It costs money to build a new app. Pretty sad when you’re so greedy that your greed gets in the way of making you more money.
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3 years ago, JF428
“Price shopping”
If you’re a hotshot hauler or own a transport company this app is a waste of time. I have placed many quotes, and communicated with many people offering our services. We receive responses like “I’m shopping around” or “your price is too high” when it is extremely aggressive pricing in the market. People who do not drive/transport for a living have zero perception what it actually cost to run a truck. Let’s give a breakdown… Truck payment: $600-$800 Insurance yearly: $7,000- $12,000 Fuel: up to $1,500/ week Elog/factoring/dispatch, and people want a car taken cross country for $200. 😂😂😂 it doesn’t add up.
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4 years ago, Kaileykoo
I posted to have my furniture picked up and shipped mid June. I wasn't moving until the first week of July so I put the latest dates for delivery mid July. The shipment was picked up on the last day that it could be DELIVERED and I won’t be receiving anything until August... I am very disappointed in this app. I might as well just buy new furniture at this point.
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2 years ago, jokoono
App is total garbage
The concept of UShip is great and I still use it for shipments when needed and have good experiences with movers that I have found on there. However, the app is complete garbage. It’s so difficult to use. If another company offered what UShip does but with a more user friendly app, then UShip would die in a heartbeat. Hopefully they update their app. Why they haven’t invested in making it better is mind boggling.
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3 years ago, pennslyvannia
App constantly won’t upload photos and can’t communicate
I’ve been using uship for over nine years never have I had more complicated and fail proof App I have to constantly download, upload, connect to Wi-Fi disconnect the Wi-Fi then delete the app and reinstall the app just to get the ad to update to pictures. Also they are not screening the shippers as much as they use. People are asking me if they can drive my vehicles now what a joke.
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2 years ago, (RSST)
Almost Perfect
Love the uShip company . One thing needs to be added to the app is all . Need to ability to add Lowest Bid to the Bid - like we can do on the standard website , without having to resubmit new lower bids every time somebody outbids us . Thanks for reading .
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5 years ago, D&A maintain
Make money
UShip creates thousands of possible leads for shippers. If you work for customers once on UShip, for the remainder on your business relationship, you’ll be in direct contact with the customer. %20 for what could be a long term customer Is fair. If you don’t like the app then don’t use the app, if you don’t like how Uship operates then don’t use Uship. There is money to be made on Uship, you just have to know how to work the app. *Long term customers *Easy to use app *Uship customer service is great *Easy to collect your money *Always something to ship
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4 years ago, Davidk0
Used uship probably a dozen times now. Never any issues. The only thing that bugs me is that the app is slow and takes a while to load. And no it’s not my phone.
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5 years ago, racer x 68
Beware of this company
They do not vet there drivers. The app is misleading and my transporter (Bartman1) is a crook and a liar. Never use him he wrecks your vehicle and refuses to turn it over to his insurance,probably doesn’t have any, and UShip does absolutely nothing to remedy the problem. They just ignore your requests and don’t refund your fees. Even though I am now out thousands for repairs on my motorcycle and cannot get any help from them and no restitution from the shipper
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3 years ago, ?!$&?
This app is horrible
You guys should really either fire your app developers or pay for them to get a real hands on training to learn how to create a better interface. This app doesn’t even deserve the 1 star. It’s crazy how companies like Uship don’t pay attention and acknowledge the problems ppl complain about. But hey… It’s not my company so keep doing your thing… Or not.
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5 years ago, Sarahanizy
Useless app
Useless app shippers kept asking about dates that are actually posted the communication part between both parties is terrible weak and you can not do anything until a shipper ask you a question and guess what it will be about the date! Ended up deleting the app and the post I promise you will too post something on Facebook you will have better chances then this app
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5 years ago, llg567
Boat transport
We had nothing but great results. We received many offers When we chose our carrier all went so smoothly and payment was so easy
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12 months ago, vehhsbhd
People make it bad
I swear if people where giving quotes of 300 dollars to drive from fl to ny this app would be better stop making the industry go down shi++ers
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