Utah Jobs

1.9 (28)
20.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
State of Utah Department of Technology Services
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Utah Jobs

1.86 out of 5
28 Ratings
1 year ago, TKHomes
Same issues as others not being addressed
The sad thing is this is a valuable resource for people but because it’s Utah and a social service it’s not gonna be taken seriously by the people in charge of it. There is still no way to actually sign in on the app and mobile versions of all of the Utah department of workforce service’s websites are a joke. Bugs that stop you from logging in, registering information, I’ve been unemployed for almost a month and should qualify for benefits as I’m working through medical issues so I can get back to work but I don’t have a computer and can only use my phone for internet so I’m unable to do just about anything. They don’t care about helping people that need it. It’s needlessly complicated in an effort to shame or frustrate you into not getting the help you need. Do better Utah.
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3 years ago, AmandaDigitalDesigner
Not even worth 1
I’m sure the concept of this app was meant in all good intentions, and I would love to give a proper review. The unfortunate part of this is that I cannot even get past the login screen, it will not allow me to click sign in I have force closed restarted the app, I have deleted and reinstalled the app, and yet still I’m not even Able to login. Do you have a bug that early on thank you guys need to do a revamp
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3 years ago, Lainamarie75
It’s great when it works!
This is app is great and a wonderful resource when it works. I think there might be a bug because after I login then it shows me the map and lists the jobs available. Then if you click on a job for more detail it goes back to the map and then zooms in on the map like 4 times then shows a blank list of jobs even though there were like over 50 to begin with? It’s weird?
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2 years ago, Honestgal801
Cannot Log in to this App. Keep Trying, No luck.
This is the third time I’ve tried to download and use this Application and it still will not allow me to get past the Login page. Hope this will get worked out and I’ll keep watching for any updates on this. I’m using an Apple IPhone SE(2nd Gen) and it’s updated completely so I hope if there is anything else that can help someone will post it. Thanks
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6 years ago, dtorres2311
Stuck in info page
I downloaded this today and well it takes me to my personal info and there is no way to get out. No buttons. No nothing. Just my info. I get out and back in. Same issue. Please fix. I have an iphone 7+
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6 years ago, sheribaby520
Doesn’t work
The app opens up to my personal information page and there is no way to get out of it, there’s no menu, save and continue button... Nothing, I’m just stuck!
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1 year ago, thelosthiker123
Great app for local jobs.
The app seems to work fairly well at what it’s designed for. I love that it seems to aggregate the jobs found in our local area from various sources that you won’t find easily on Facebook, the newspaper, or other larger websites. I appreciate how the local office is always willing to help get someone started on it if they need help. I usually recommend the app to friends who are looking for work locally. The app is going in a good direction from the old days. With a few usability tweaks I think it would be even better. Perhaps have a dashboard as a homepage that has a set of common tasks users want to perform (eg Job Search. New Job Notifications. Job Preferences. My Resumes. My Favorites. Account. Settings. Contact Us (with a contact form).) Mirror these menu items into the collapsible menu and consolidate the existing menu choices into the new menu labels. On the job search page, add filters and sorting ability so it’s easy to see what results are displayed and what the search area is. I like how some filters are available once you touch the search icon. But some different preferences are seen when you touch the label. Some friends were getting no results I think due to the default parameters but they couldn’t figure out where those were. The default should be set to ALL given the geographic area in the map above and the filter changes should be below; perhaps with a pop up window with the filter / sort choices. On the job listing details page I like the descriptions below and the link to apply. It seems like the description and link to apply might be being pulled into an iframe of sorts; which limits the size of the reading windows. It’d be better to move the Apply Button to the top somewhere and have it open into a pop up display or in the persons default web browser since that would give them full functionality on some of these company websites to apply with no weird issues. The details text then could be below and be allowed to just display in its entirety; so that a person could be able to just scroll down the page like a normal web page and not have the constraints of an iframe. Then in that case perhaps there could be a text size button to help out those who need the text bigger. Great job guys. Keep up the feature additions and refinements. In some small towns finding good leads can be hard. I was pleasantly surprised how I found some jobs that are hard to find even on the sites belonging to bigger companies that many aren’t aware of in the local area. That alone made it worth a look if someone is looking. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Gamgamnow
Doesn’t work, don’t waste your time
The app opens to login but does not allow you to login from your mobile device. Your better off just using the web browser
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1 year ago, DJ4000
A useless waste of taxpayer dollars
A useless waste of taxpayer dollars. Users may as well just use the regular desktop site via desktop/tablet or similar platform.
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4 years ago, craft.a
Won’t let me continue
Wants me to verify name age etc but will not let me put in my birthday there is no options and the years go from 2020 up to 2070 not down
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4 years ago, ditheca
Doesn’t work
App doesn’t work. It gets stuck on ‘account settings’ or crashes.
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6 years ago, mmvv33
Was this app developed in 2007 ? And never updated ?...Doesn’t work.
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3 years ago, We sews
This is the most dysfunctional app I’ve ever used from the official App Store. Wow.
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8 years ago, Therealhiphop
Very Primitive App
Requires dual account login and the app looks and behaves very outdated. Search results are inaccurate.
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8 years ago, 8bit_noise
Could use some work
I love this app and the convenience it provides for job searching on a mobile device. However, every time I try to put in any account info for it to remember it closes out and quits the app. A bit annoying that it won't function for me in that respect. Might also be nice to have saved searches be an option. Thanks much.
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8 years ago, Brower
Great App
Easy to navigate. Very user friendly.
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2 years ago, Ryan2837
Would love to use it but…
When trying to log in, the log in button on id.me doesn’t work to submit. I will re rate once fixed
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