UV Index Widget - Worldwide

4.8 (10.3K)
88.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bjorn Jenssen
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for UV Index Widget - Worldwide

4.76 out of 5
10.3K Ratings
4 years ago, EmilyLMcC
Simple, beautiful app and a friendly developer
I love data, and I sunburn in 15 minutes, so it's no surprise that I've tried just about every UV index app in the app store. I've been a little unsatisfied with all of them until now; either they don't have features I want, or the API they're using stops working and the dev never fixes the app. This app is thoughtfully designed and a pleasure to use. After emailing the dev, Bjørn, to ask about adding a feature, I feel even happier about supporting his work. He was very friendly and replied within a day to let me know the feature already existed in the app and how to use it. For those curious: I asked about a feature to notify me when the UV index drops below a certain level, and Bjørn told me that whatever threshold I set for a "too high" notification, the app will tell me when the UVI goes above *or* below that. I just got a notification that the UVI dropped below 4, which means it's almost time for my walk, no sunscreen needed for me. :) If you're looking for cleanly presented, detailed data on the forecasted UV index and time to burn for your location, skin type, environment (pavement, snow, etc.), time of day, cloud cover, and more, this is your app. I paid for the pro features and would do it again in a heartbeat.
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3 years ago, Richie510
Strait to the point
Lots of apps have the UV index buried in the app. Dark sky has this too, but hunting for it with 15 taps is a pain. This app brings one of the most useful pieces of weather data front and center so I can plan my day and track my exposure. In the summer this app is a lifeline to help me avoid burning, and help me to know that even though the sun may be “hot” it may not be in the UV exposure that is harmful. In the winter and shoulder months, this app helps me to plan the most pleasant times to be outside, as the sunshine is often more useful than raw temperature. Fully supports widgets, Apple Watch, AW complications and great info. Thank you!
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1 year ago, Ehehjekrkenrnfn
Almost perfect
I’m very pale and burn easily. I work outside in the ecology field. 99% or my work day is spent outside and I need proper sun protection. This app is amazing for people like me who need to respect the sun. My only complaint is the function where the app warns you once a specified UV rating has been reached. I currently set mine to 3. Every time I get the notification alert that it’s UV 3 I open the app to find out that it’s well above UV 3. This isn’t a big deal to most people but for a lot of us this can be a matter of getting burnt or not. Still though. Very happy customer. App looks and feels good to use. The amount of times I’ve been sun burnt has gone down a lot since finding this app. However i fell that success rate would be higher if the alert notification mentioned earlier was more accurate.
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5 years ago, Cheshire348
Haven’t even had the chance to try it
I genuinely think, at full working capacity, this app would be my godsend. I love the idea of an hourly forecast and push notifications for a customizable UV Index. And as a UX designer, it’s my opinion that this UI looks clean and intuitive, which I highly appreciate. However, the app doesn’t seem to recognize that I started my 3 day trial. The app store shows I’m subscribed, but the app is still blocking me from accessing premium options. I’d love to try out this app and base my rating off of my actual experience with it after this is resolved. Edit: It actually seems to be very inaccurate. The app said it was UV 6 when it was actually UV 8. That’s a large disparity. I think I’ll stick to the default weather app on my phone, unfortunately.
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3 years ago, ThisIsReallyDumb7400
App is good. One issue however
From what I can tell there is no way for this app to update the apple health UV index data if you kill the app. While this is understandable, this was only mentioned *after* they force you to pay for the feature. That felt annoying. If that was fixed I would update my review. UPDATE: Developer response was good and they considered my suggestion. Updating to 5 stars. Thank you.
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3 years ago, SuburbanWulf
Great when it works
I love this app, and use it to help know when I need to be more careful with my time in the sun. However, I’m noticing large periods where it doesn’t work. It isn’t showing the UVI, I’m not getting the alerts I requested for the UVI going above or below the requested alert level, and it’s incredibly infuriating. I work outdoors, and I have a housemate who’s sensitive to the UVI, and we both rely on those alerts as well as the app actually telling us what the UVI is. Right now, as I type this, it’s saying the UVI is 0 with a peak UVI of 0, bug when I go to the forecast it says the peak is 6. This needs to be fixed.
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1 year ago, dshillis
Ok app, widgets lacking
The app is good… I especially like the ability to track sun exposure. The one thing that keeps this from being a 5-star app (and the reason I use a different app) is that the widget offerings are a little lacking. These only show the UV index number, or only show how much time you have left in the sun for the day. Other UV app widgets show the current weather, amount of time before burn and how long to get the Vitamin D needed, in addition to the UV index, in one small widget.
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4 years ago, Gdrenick
UVI App is Awesone
Anyone whoever goes outdoors should have this App. It provides awareness of the UV index and allows for an adjustment of many factors relating to sun and skin sensitivity, sun exposure, aggravating risks and mitigating risks. I use the paid version for enhanced features, but even the free one is great by itself. I have even mentioned this App to my medical specialists who will likely share this App with their colleagues and patients that should manage there sun exposure.
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1 month ago, Jet Pilot Jeff
Great concept however their are a few weaknesses
I use this app everyday to track how intense the sun is going to be today. I wish there was a way for it to track the cumulative amount of sun that you receive much like the movement tracking on the Apple Fitness app. Then when the sun is down, add that data to the health app. It needs more options for clothing coverage such as a hat, combo for shorts and long sleeve shirts. Overall it’s a great version 1.4 but a version 1.9 with these options would be just fantastic.
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4 years ago, Jon Wysack
Was looking for a replacement for Tantastic and found it
Disclaimer: this review is NOT to push a prior app that Apple disallowed due to its focus - I only used the app because I have very sensitive skin. That being said - this app is a very worthy replacement for that app for what I need - it shows me what the UV is now, what the max will be, and what the UV will be over the entire day. This then tells me early in the day if I need sunscreen (usually!) well before I go out so that the sunscreen will have time to be absorbed and for it to be able to do it’s job properly so I don’t get burned. The widget is very well designed as well with both the current and max values. Very well done, as a person with sensitive skin I highly recommend it
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5 years ago, MacLoverPro9
Good app but could be better
I just bought this app for the modular watch face. Very easy app to use. I had a slight problem getting it started and reflecting the UV index. But after sending a review to the developer, I received instructions on how to fix the problem. I am very happy to be able to use this and the features on the free version are wonderful. Thanks for the great customer service. If you are concerned about the UV when you go out I would recommend getting this app.
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2 weeks ago, Spoon_saeegoodflif4
Love it so much
It's really good an I love it so much because it helped my determine my skin type. The only confusing part was that whenever I would see when the UV would go lower the time kept changing. For example I would drag the little circle over and it said it dropped to 7.9 at 1:30 but then when I did it again it said it wouldn't drop until 1:55. Overall I would recommend this app
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1 year ago, GreenVortex2017
This app saves my skin!
I love how accurate this app is. The free features are perfect to avoid those UV rays while still enjoying the outdoors. As a driver for work and with very fair skin, I get sunburned even in the car so I use this app to know what to wear each day to avoid as much UV as possible. Thanks to the developers of this app. I paid for the full lifetime subscription
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3 years ago, Malsum
Analytics would be good
Love this app! Though it would be helpful for us to access analytics about our sun exposure; specifically how much time we logged in the sun without sunscreen and with sunscreen. It would also be helpful to automatically activate sun exposure when we input that we’ve put on sunscreen (kindof intuitive).
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2 years ago, typo_kign
Watch complication is 👌🏼
I just needed it for a UV watch complication and it’s great. Displays predicted high for the day as well as current index. Tapping the complication brings up any other detail I might want 👍🏼 People complaining about accuracy have no life 😭 Like they’re really planning key life moves based on a single number from an app 🙄
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3 months ago, StayATL
I have adamantly utilize this app over the last three years, and it has truly changed my life. having full awareness of the UV index being able to fully protect your skin while enjoy the beautiful benefits of sun and the UV index is below… Is unmatched. I have the widget on my watch, my iPhone and could not be happier with the free version. -David Orland Brown aka Mr. Atlanta
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1 month ago, sandman1318
Spring 2024 update
I have watchOS 10.4 installed and was anxious to try the revamped UV index watch app. But when I add the app, the icon doesn’t appear on my watch. I have no problem adding other apps so it must be a bug which I’m sure will be fixed. So I’m still giving 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Flady20
Love this App!
Great App and great customer service! I do rely on it since I am very sensitive to the sun UV rays and living down South doesn’t help but I had a question about how to set it up so it matches my weather App and I got all the help I needed right away :) I do recommend it to anyone caring for their skin.
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4 months ago, LoLaMC
Widget does not work when traveling!
This app is alright if one stays in the same time zone. When travelling, all the indications in the widget are wrong. For example, when coming to Europe from the US, it shows sunrise at 1:55 AM! The funny thing is that the app itself updates to local time, but the widget does not. Also, there is something weird with the way notifications work: say I set a threshold of 5, I get notified when the UV level reaches 6 on the way up, and 5 on the way down…
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1 week ago, mcross358
Simple and User-Friendly
Have been using this app for years. Gives great visuals. Love to track my UV exposure, and it integrates seamlessly with Apple Health. *One update I’d like to see is the addition of higher sunscreen SPFs. Current version only goes to 50 SPF, but there are sunscreens on the market now as high as 110 SPF ☀️
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2 months ago, The Cash Money Life
Excellent App
I’m fighting Melasma with Type IV Skin. I didn’t watch UV levels which is how I got sun damage. I’m getting laser treatments now and this App is part of the cure. Now I can monitor UV levels 24/7 anywhere, anytime. I bought the lifetime subscription and it’s worth every penny.
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2 years ago, Northwest Ohioan
Doesn’t sync well with Apple Health
This is a really great app with a lot of information available to the user. My only complaint is the App used to sync well with Apple Health, but it doesn’t work as well as it did before. Developer: I am using Apple iOS OS,  iPhone 14 Pro Max, but the issue was also on my  iPhone 13 Pro Max as well. Using the most recent version of your app that is offered from the  Apple App Store. I paid for the full version of the app, and it will now only sync when I press the “restore purchase” option for a couple days, then I have to redo it. Thank You.
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3 years ago, Real Thinkscape
Does not update
Both the Home Screen widget and the app itself are not updating. The widget can be out of date for days (!!!) and when I open the app it will show me old, but different data. Then there’s almost invisible loading indicator in bottom right corner that will spin for up to a minute before actually showing something relevant. The location doesn’t seem to update well either - I’d be hours in a different town, and it would still show the previous one.
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9 months ago, Ove Toon
Better than weather app
With much more detailed information than the weather app, along with the ability to track your sun exposure, this app is certainly worth the nominal price.
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1 week ago, Genevieve817
Saving my skin
I am a level two Fitzpatrick skin type and have had several bad burns throughout my life. This is a great way to monitor metrics for possible burns, UV exposure, vitamin D, and it works seamlessly in any location I’ve been in. Highly recommend
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2 years ago, Joshua Sands
Good app for UV exposure
I use this widget in a stack with other weather apps. It’s the only one that gives me UV index info. I had a weird problem once and the developer worked with me personally to get it fixed - you can’t beat that! 😊
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4 years ago, smartdancr
Free app is limited geographically
I was surprised and disappointed to discover that this app, which I’d previously given 5 stars, has a map feature, but does not allow me to see today’s UV forecast for another state.
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4 years ago, Gumball845
Broken now
Well.... Idk. I'm a redhead with pale skin so I wanted a good uv app. At first it was awesome, and my favorite uv app... But now it no longer works on my phone!! It always says the uv is 0 and I know that is definitely wrong. It just doesn't work anymore. I know it's broken because it still works on my iPad... But I don't want to have to bring my iPad everywhere just to check the uv. It was great on my phone/ watch but oh well. Can you please fix this?
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9 months ago, MargaretNotMaggie
I reference this app daily to strategically choose my daily sun protection. I have been using this app for a little over two years and am so much more aware of the UV index and the potential for skin damage.
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3 days ago, crystalrellaford
Great app.
Very helpful and informational to protect yourself in the sun. It would be a really cool upgrade if the app could use data from Apple health to automatically sense time outdoors and prompt for sun protection and tracking automatically.
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3 years ago, jeff😝😝😝
Add the ability to input whether or not UPF protective clothing is being used
Look at the title. Otherwise the only thing I could think about is considering adding in-app features which address sunscreen application reminders in regards to things such as how frequently to apply indoors, with blackout curtains, etc. thanks :)
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5 years ago, brrrrrrrtrtrrr
After this last update the app has flatlined . 2 bad there’s no other feedback mechanism than this review. Now I’ll be spending (how long?) coming up with an untaken nickname to get this posted
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7 years ago, jjwhitbread
Very Good App
This is a very good app. Works all over the world. If I could see the ACTUAL uv index in real time, instead of a projected index assuming a clear day, it would be more useful. Also, it would be helpful to see a forecasted hour-by-hour projection. With these additional enhancements, I would definitely give the app 5 stars!
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3 years ago, RTosten
One minor fix
I love this app, especially the Apple Watch complications and widget. However, I just upgraded to Premium and noticed the UV displayed on the watch complication and widget are different than the current UV displayed when you open the app. Can you make it so the complication and widget display what is displayed in the app?
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5 years ago, wadamanian
UV Index is not accurate
I used the paid version of the app and it shows the UV index at 5 while the weather app on my iPhone and Accuweather both show 10 and 11 respectively. I just went for a walk and even though it’s 73, I felt my skin scorching, so I’m more inclined to believe the other two apps. This app has one job and it failed. I don’t generally write 1 star reviews but this being potentially used as a health app, I believe inaccurate information presents a public hazard.
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1 year ago, RedSerenity
great app
simple and easy to navigate. i’m getting into skincare so being able to track uv and be reminded to reapply sunscreen is A++! also premium is a affordable one time purchase and fully worth it tbh.
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2 years ago, kapow5638
Makes it easier!
Love this app as it helps us plan to avoid the highest UV days/times, helps me reason with kids and grandparents who just don’t want to worry about this kind of thing.
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3 years ago, Irontommy
Works well for predicting the UVI for specific days.
I make limited edition photogravures and use the sun for my exposures. This app, the pro version, gives me forecasts of UVI for a week, allowing me to decide in advance what days I can expose on. Works great.
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3 years ago, jtxkg
Get This App
This app is amazing!!! This helps me so much. If you get this app make sure to test your skin type, then if you want to tan you see how much time until you put more sunscreen on. Get The App
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3 years ago, Abcdelkjh
Perfect Widget!
I have this widget on my home screen and it’s works and looks great. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants a reminder to apply sunscreen throughout out the day and to just be aware of the uv index. Super simple and clean!
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1 year ago, featherbabylove
I have just download the app and it has a really old fashioned design
I wish you could add logo design and in general a more attractive design This app looks very old fashioned And the design for Apple Watch is truly ugly The menu has too big letters and the drawings of the circle interface with rainbow circle is so simple and at the same time old fashioned . It looks like an app for old people
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4 years ago, appl17
Intuitive dynamically updates
Nice UI, updates dynamically - some other apps you have to force, seems to be more or less close to truth.
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1 month ago, Ian Larkins
Almost Perfect
All I wish is it’d use the “Time in Daylight” feature on the Apple Watch so it could track how much sunlight you’ve had automatically which would be perfect for SunScreen and Vitamin D Tracking
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5 years ago, Skater30mph
For spring break this will be useful we are 3 weeks short for spring break. Iam buying water balloons and will be outside for a long time but I m Japanese and have brown skin so I may be ok we’ll see. Currently with mostly sunny skies here UV index is 6.5 at max.
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2 years ago, Belicia brewer
Widget won’t work
Unfortunately I bought a subscription thinking I would get to use the widget option on my home screen but no matter what I try I can’t add the feature to my phone. It was the only reason I got it so a little disappointed. A cool app if the features worked
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2 weeks ago, Sam 37652
Best app if you burn easily
I love that it warns you when you’re getting too much sun. I plan playdates around when lower UV days and times are.
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2 years ago, lilharoak
Why allow download?
Doesn’t work unless you purchase premium… How can a 80° full sunshine day, display 0 for a UV? That makes no sense… Oh it’s because you Have to purchase the premium or upgrade. Why allow the app to download to begin with instead of just charging up front and being honest? Thanks for the waste of time. Have a nice day.
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2 years ago, Harley ruscio
Fake news
I do like this app concept as it could be very helpful, but the information given is highly inaccurate and many more reputable sources show much higher UV index as this app is saying. Good app within its concept but the content is inaccurate.
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6 years ago, crazyivanov
Added complication to the iWatch
I’ve had the opportunity to speak with the Dev, prior to the most recent update and the adding of the complication to the iWatch. Great communication from him and I’m very happy with the provisions of this app.
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3 years ago, Enosfruit
Great app
Works for what I needed. Shows the UV levels through out the day at my location and with pro it connects to dark sky weather app to pull in temperatures paired with UV index, magnificent, what a time to be alive living at the beach!
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