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User Reviews for Vagaro Pro

4.5 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
4 days ago, djstylist34
Good but could be better
The app itself is great because of its ability to allow for handling of business anywhere you need it. Easy for customers to use and provides many of the necessary tools for providers and owners alike. So many ways to make it applicable to each individual service, class or even the selling of products without being tethered to a desktop server. Some of the downsides, clients are able to make duplicate profiles because other businesses use the same app based product. Clients can easily forget their logins and we don’t have them so they create another. We don’t have the ability to clean duplicates up ourselves as it pertains to our individual business. You must notify the company thus losing some control of the business from a client retention ratio because it isn’t always accurate. Opening a clients ticket and adding products to it and being able to come back later with all the info saved would also be helpful. If you have more than one person working and products are sold it can cause confusion as to what has been rung up and what hasn’t. Just some things to consider. I’ve used it for 10 years though and I must say it has served me and my business well. 4/5 stars because it does deserve a closer look if you are considering it.
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3 years ago, coco.hoff
Salon pro who gave up pencil & paper
I’m your everyday stylist who is busy with life and working 5-6 days behind the chair, two kids an husband etc. I’m at my 10 year mark and I realized I was getting burnt out from my phone. Some days I’d have anywhere between 20-75 missed texts….yes you read that right. I was drowning in requests, appointment changes, Pinterest pictures, questions etc. After a 12 hour day behind the chair, I’d then go home to my husband and kids and crash before another long day…leaving little time for the most important part….customer service. I had battled wanting to switch to a booking app because I’m a little bit of a control freak but let me tell you the customization available in Vagaro, has literally given me a second set of hands and another brain. My clients can book, change Apts, send their friends my link to refer them to me. It’s cut back on my personal reach outs by about 75-85%……it’s life changing. Client satisfaction has always been the most important to me. And with the demand rising even more I was at a point my people were suffering because I’m a one woman show. But now vagaro took a weight off my shoulders and I will never look back! I’m obsessed, and so are all my clients. Their feedback has been 110% positive and that speaks for itself!
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5 years ago, tumbleprogression
I’m not a salon and I still use Vagaro
As I read in the reviews, several business owners seem disappointed that Vagaro is mainly a program for salons, However in our case it has worked perfect. I own a tumbling gym with many different coaches who have different schedules and different prices along with different lessons that they offer. Vagaro has been a way for me to allow our clients to book appointments with any of my coaches based on either the clients preferred time or their preferred coach. It has also helped out our accounts receivable by allowing me to force the clients to and put payment information in case of no-show appointments or kids car pulling/driving themselves. They have also been able to take any suggestions that I have given based on problems that we ran into, and have found a way to alter the software to make it work for us. Although their processing company is not very quick to deposit funds and seems to have a slightly higher interest-rate than I’d prefer, it still beats the fallout from not having a way to require payment information. I would highly recommend this software to anyone or business who has multiple employees with different schedules that you want to allow customer bookings. :) Great job Vagaro!
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3 years ago, Chiquita9123
Horrible update!
Update 10-16- they updated again to change the color of the calendar to somewhat resemble the old look. It still opens at 12am. The request badge is still blocking the service. The color coded status bar is still on top on the appointment and still really hard to see. It was much better on the side with the badge. The color is much better and it is easier to look at but it’s still too light/bright. It really needs to go back to the previous calendar look. I do like the agenda tab. That’s new and I like that. The latest update has made work life so much harder. If it ain’t broke don’t “fix” it. The sterile white color. The horrible double booking. You can’t read the appointments, they expect you to turn the phone..... They changed the location of request, returning, new icon so you can’t read what services they are receiving. Upon opening the app it starts at 12am so you have to scroll down to start. It takes forever to swipe through week view. There’s no “today” button to return after you swipe weeks out. At this point I am going to go to square appointments. I didn’t want to use them because of the the layout but since it actually looks better than vagaro there’s not reason not to. I have reached out on Facebook with no response from vagaro. If things go back to the old look I will change my review. 2020 strikes again.
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2 years ago, marisaT21
Somewhat good for booking but not for merchant services
I’ve used this service for 5 years now their fees are more that Square so I only recently started used their merchant service just for the credit card capture and to charge no show fees, unfortunately clients can use cards that are not valid, or gift cards. So we still can’t charge a fee. No shows/ cancelations and invoices don’t matter any way as a client can simply book again using a different email but same phone number, creating duplicate accounts. Sometime accounts cannot be merged or combined into one person because it will be “locked”. The merchant service only works if you do a deposit from the beginning, not a credit card capture. I would like a deposit for only specific services or service providers but that is not an option. Glitches are somewhat frequent but usually clears itself up within a few hours. I’m considering investing in the square appointment system as we haven’t had any issues with their merchant in 5 years, or hopefully Vagaro would allow square to integrate but I don’t see that happening any time soon. They need bookings to require a phone numbers not just email and more flexibility with their merchant services. Other than that their booking capabilities are good but not strong enough to out weight some critical points.
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5 years ago, Krugsolnza08
Not made for clients.
I’m a photographer and I applied for the Vagaro to make my clients an opportunity to book through their website using credit card. The app requires you to buy a membership immediately if you want to sign as a merchant and start booking with credit cards. When you buy a membership you finally discover that Photography is not listed their as a business and you can not precess your application. After contacting their support and waiting 2 hours to get finally a reply on their live chat the support member told me “I can just put smth their” which will get me through. After I did it still was said they will contact me to clarify details and no one of course haven’t contacted me since. In a meanwhile they were right on time to charge my credit card... well that’s not it yet. Then they have a promotion which costs 10$ a month so your local clients can find you. Guess what. It’s doesn’t work with photography too. They want to see only “salon, spa or fitness”. Really? So I’m a legit business can not be promoted as all the rest people? Paying the same amount of money as they are? And the last but not the least. My portfolio also can not be featured on Vagaro page because again it’s not “salon, spa or fitness” So what is the point staying for me with this company? Well maybe because I spent yesterday the whole day to do my account. But Vagaro - This is an absolute professional discrimination. And you need to solve this.
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5 years ago, Christakatrill
Vagaro is a fantastic tool and amazing front desk
I rent a booth as a hairstylist and I find this system to be affordable and user friendly to an extent. You do have to know a bit about technology to run it properly or easily. Some things are very confusing and worded poorly but the customer service can either walk you through it or escalate the issue to get it resolved within the development team. For instance: the add on feature that has not been implemented in 6 years after everyone has been asking for it especially nail techs and massage therapists is getting worked on now because they understand how detrimental it is to their business and having hundreds of services is confusing to clients and a pain for us to enter them all. Please if you have an issue that is make or break for your business please call the support number and give them reasons why it’s so important. They will try their hardest to bump it up in urgency. If you want add ons comment on the add on thread so they know it’s still relevant. It’s very exciting! All my clients love the system. They think it’s so cool and convenient and high tech. I save a ton on paying a front desk a salary because it’s only 65$ a month! Thank you Vagaro! Keep being awesome! And get us those add ons ASAP!
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9 months ago, raynvang
Great specs to stay organized as a stylist
There’s a lot of efficiency that comes with booking clients, organizing products, and managing your salon numbers when you choose Vagaro. My favorite part is how user friendly it is. With this many features, booking systems can be complex and not so user friendly. My only complaint is that the system seems to lag for me on my iPhone and iPad. It’s a bit slow and can take time to load. Sometimes I do have to clear out of the app and restart/reopen it even if my app is all up to date. If I use a desktop/laptop I don’t have an issue. I’ve used Vagaro since October 2022 and hoped it would get better but still have not noticed much change with the lagging. My clients also have issues booking online through google chrome browser. They also find it glitches a lot if they book through Instagram or Facebook. I’ve been advising them to download the Vagaro app to book or to book on a laptop/desktop. I’m hoping this gets better because I do love using Vagaro and plan to keep using it for my salon business.
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3 years ago, meggy619
Awesome do-it-all app for a great price!
I’ve had this app for a short time but it really does it all. After looking at probably 50 scheduling systems and trying out 15, I chose Vagaro because it did it all. For only $35/mo., I could create and schedule my yoga classes for my students to book; sell memberships, packages, and gift cards; and create a self-service scheduling system for them to book private appointments based on their availability. Also - the payment processor is super easy to set up and at industry lows for costs. Recurring payments, cancellation fees and refunds, I mean you name it - this does it. It’ll also automate your emails which means less time-consuming text messages from me the day before explaining all the dos and donts before an appointment… all of it is automated! Customer service is super responsive and helpful, and I LOVE the “checkout” option for anyone who didn’t pay online beforehand or who does walk-in appointments. I foresee this saving a TON of time that I just don’t have while working a full time job while getting my business off the ground. Thanks, Vagaro! I look forward to becoming successful while using your platform!
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4 years ago, WholeBody
A bit frustrated
First, I have to say I don’t understand why the Pro app is running so slowly! We’ve done every device update when available and our app automatically updates on our devices when they are available. My team says that their phones and tablet devices all have the spinning circle for way too long every time they click a button, whether they’re changing the calendar page or checking someone out. I thought it was my internet but I had that checked and it’s happening remotely when on data and at their homes. I haven’t had issues with VagaroPro running this slowly until recently. But I’m very frustrated its created a line at the reception area because it takes so long for clients to book and checkout services. Second, I’ve always been a little frustrated that invoices(the checkout screen) doesn’t save changes. If I make changes to someone’s ticket and have to click off of it to look at the calendar or update inventory, when I click back on checkout, everything I changed or added is gone. I have to add or change things all over again. It causes an even longer checkout time with the app running slowly.
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7 months ago, bullcat67
A relief from Mindbodyonline!
First of all, it is simple, easy to use and affordable compared to the old scheduling software I had for years. Not only is VagaroPro easier to set up but the support staff answers the phone and are very helpful. The live chat access to help is very useful as well. While MBO was a fine platform, they started me with $45 a month and then raised it incrementally up to $125 per month without the acknowledgement of my being a one woman business with one location, one treatment room, one employee (me), and few clients. I was paying as much as a larger and complex business! No fair! Also, VagaroPro doesn’t make me jump through hoops to process credit cards. Control Scan was a thorn in my side with their quarterly scans (not a big deal) and their Annual Questionnaire (huge pain and unbelievable how complex the questions were) made my head spin off it’s axis! I really appreciate VagaroPro for the ease in set up, use and support (as a business and as a user for booking as a customer other services). My hair stylist suggested I switch from Mindbodyonline (as she did) to VagaroPro and I am so relieved that I followed her advice!
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8 months ago, Kiss4marley
I would leave no stars if I could
I’m not one to post! But I’m pretty upset with this company and I think everyone needs to be aware of them! I had giving this app a try for a month this past week I had a client use there system on Tuesday which by there rules and pay the deposit would be in my account on Wednesday. Today is Wednesday ruled by a no deposit.. I didn’t happen to give them another try and used it on Wednesday was suppose to receive that deposit on Thursday. Thursday rules by and still no deposit.. I contact them and was told they were having think issues. I will be seeing my deposits on Friday.. Friday Rose by still no deposits!! Now we are on day 3 days of no deposit!! Sundays comes, I contact them once again, to be told they do not see any deposits on their end!! I have contacted my clients, and these deposits have pulled out of their accounts! I contact Vagaro once again! And was told my deposit should be in no later than Tuesday!! we are on Tuesday today not only has it been a whole week of no deposits, but now I’m being told that there is no deposit on there and that they see!! so please explain to me where has this money gone??!! Anyone else have issues with this company. I will not be referring any of friends or colleagues! this is just insane! I’m still waiting for an email from Vagaro!
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6 years ago, Yes this rules
Salon owner with multiple employees
This is definitely a great system to work with. Being self employed you have so many choices of systems. Every stylist can book their own appointments, over the phone, through text, or social media. Plus we have guest services that can access every stylists schedule. In the small city we live in our receptionists get messages on social media about making appointments. Instead of anyone needing to remember to call someone back, or check the schedules when you get to work the next day. All of our guests love the text reminders. Some of them prefer email reminders, which is a great option! Also, if you are a booth renter ( cosmetologist/ barber) this would be so great to have on hand instead of working with a paper schedule. They have the online booking option I think would be great for a salon with few options. I’m personally worried someone would schedule a color appointment and actually want a balayage which takes twice as long. But seriously, a barber that let their clients book appointments online would be on top! You seriously can no go wrong with this company!!
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4 years ago, jeddilaur
Love what it has to offer... but the actual software leave much to be desired
Constantly logging you out WHILE YOURE ACTIVELY WORKING! They recently made changes to the forms which has become a huge safety/legal issue for me and I’m trying to figure out how to correct it. I would seriously hate to switch to another system but I have to start looking because I can’t leave myself open to legal issues. It won’t let you collect customer demographics in required forms because “it requires an account to fill it out” then doesn’t require the customer provide demographic information? Update: called customer service. Was told they intentionally removed customer demographics DURING A PANDEMIC. So now it it more time consuming a difficult to collect contact tracing information plus the legal and insurance issues that come with not collecting appropriate demographic information. I was told it was “redundant” to require a login (that requires only name and email, by the way) and to require the customer answer demographic information like their date of birth and address. Lowered rating to 1 star. The app is glitchy. I will be looking for an alternative. It’s sad because I actually really like the features they offer and it will be a huge pain. But In the end I pay for the app for convenience and now that is fully gone. Not to mention it is one of the most expensive ones.
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5 years ago, @londonsbeautystudio
Idk what Krugsolnza08 is talking about...
Let’s just be clear this app is for salon/spa and fitness...where on earth did it say it was for photographers?!?! This makes me upset because as a business owner I have to deal with people would get upset about things but if the just educated themselves 1st things would go a lot smoother. Now Vagaro has a 1 star review because you didn’t want to do you research 1st👎🤦🏽‍♀️.... Now time for an actual review. I opened my “salon” business back in 2015. I have only used vagaro since then. The reason is because they offered my salon so many things. As the years gone by they have introduced wavier foams that you can make, so you and your customer can have an easier transaction in. They have also introduce the waitlist so let’s say because of it what’s the book is it that thing available in that customer complaint that they want that time me as a business provider I see it I’ll confirm it if somebody cancels. I don’t plan on going with any other salon app because I’ve had such a great run with VagaroPro. I don’t work for this company I am just a happy customer.
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5 years ago, hswarty
Great! Only missing a few things.
I switched from Booker because it was literally 1/10th the price. Plus it has a much better email maker on it than Booker. I was able to cancel my Constant Contact which saves me another $40 a month. There are a couple things missing or at least I haven’t found them yet. In Booker changing, moving, or adjusting an appointment was a little easier. On Vagaro it’s almost just easier to cancel and then rebook if you’re trying to move to next week. And you can’t view a persons profile while on the Calendar page. You have to go to the customers page and type their name in. Also, there’s no custom payment types. But those are all minor things. That are easily gone around. Plus Vagaro is always super fast to respond to my constant questions, the gift card people gave me four proofs of some gift card ideas in less than 24 hrs, they imported everything super fast. They’re always helpful and nice. I highly recommend and think I’ll be with Vagaro a long time.
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3 years ago, Amanda Komonaj
I am a lash technician and I’ve been looking at websites to create my own website, I own my own business I’m a small business. I have a little studio and this is just perfect for me because any other app or website was just way too expensive and I’ve wasted money trying to have a awesome website, but it just never worked out for me the way this app is set up it’s not complicated like other sites! It’s the booking site for me that’s easy, manageable, and everything is on me. I’ve tried everything and this works best. It’s worth the purchase! I could not be happier just having it. It’s so easy just to send my client a link and they book with me, I accept it, I can block a time if I need time off, go to an appointment for myself and move clients, reschedule them , everything all from my phone! their customer service is just always on point and always answers all of my questions!Whenever I have a problem I always call them and they always answer and I always feel very satisfied after speaking with somebody. 10/10 recommend.
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10 months ago, Bluechz
Not horrible
I would give it five stars but there’s a few flaws that should be fixed. Batch deposit are Monday-Thursday basically and there is no instant deposit that charges a small fee. The other problem I have is online booking steps for client is not helpful and we constantly have people booking for an incorrect service because if they choose a stylist before they go through the services there was no description of services. Also if a client does choose to look at the services before they choose a stylist it will list everything everybody does and when they go to choose a stylist and they don’t know that the stylus doesn’t give that service it gets confusing for them. Lastly, when i got my own account apart from sharing in another salon, I was emailed an offer for the first month free or a card reader. When I didn’t receive that reader the manager said we already gave you one years ago and even though you signed up and paid for that offer we’re not giving you a reader. You can pay $100 for one of you want it. So your offering one for free if someone pays $25 for their 1st month but they want me to pay $100. Bad business
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1 year ago, Lisa, salon owner
Lisa McClellan, Salon owner
Vagaro Pro scheduling has been great for our salon. However they made over $1000 mistake by depositing money into the owners account 2 separate times that belonged to another one of her coworkers, and refused to look deeply into the mistake and make it right. It took weeks and several phone calls by the salon owner, as well as the salon renter to get the people at Vagaro to even acknowledge their blunder! They actually stated to us at one point that it was OUR PROBLEM to figure out! As the owner, I went through my account… took the $$ out and paid My coworker said amount both times. I still don’t believe the second mistaken deposit was correct, and feel that I lost money. But I had to make it right with my coworker! Somebody had to do the right thing! Because of this, the two of us who fell victim to this carelessness, do not use their system for payment anymore unless absolutely necessary. We both went back to Square! We used square for 10 years prior to the Vagaro’s scheduling system that we moved to two years ago. Never have had any problems with Square! Make sure you keep an eye on the Vagaro money depositing system If you are a Vagaro Pro user! Keep in mind their support team is not very supportive!
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3 years ago, SpaJRS1980
Vagaro is the best spa scheduling app I’ve used this far.
There are many features, all ORGANIZED and user friendly. It allows me to be more efficient within my business. The base line price is very reasonable however I do wish the add on features didn’t add up to be as pricey as it can be. For instance, follow up emails came with my other apps but they are $10+/m with Vagaro. I like that Vagaro has the option for an online store and but it also is an additional $10/month- a feature that came with my other app. It offers checkin text features for an additional charge, which is nice especially during COVID. I personally take advantage of the add on website which is only $10 extra- this feature used to cost me $23 extra on my other site and it wasn’t as professional looking as the one I get from Vagaro. The biggest perk of Vagaro is that it does have an actual app and that I can pretty much do everything from my phone that I would be able to do on my PC. I think it’s a great app with great value.
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3 years ago, Nikayas Creations
Organized , reliable , so much to offer !
I love Vagaro ! I have been using their booking system for my hair salon for about 5 years now ! My clients say it is very easy and convenient to book online ( which takes Away the stress of going back and forth trying to find a day and time that works via text or email etc...) just switched to using their credit card processing too it’s so organized !!! I can have a website with a direct booking link right on it , email marketing campaigns and my clients get text and email reminders that set automatically whenever you set them . My clients get 7 day - 3 day - and 24 hour reminders because ,hey, we’re forgetful humans. But my no show rate is 1 in 100 or less now ! I also require clients to put a card on file ( thank you Vagaro ) before they book an app so I know they’re more likely to show up because they also read my terms and conditions and agree to them AND put a card on file . Love love love this system no complaints whatsoever .
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1 year ago, taoe658
All the features I need!!
I love Vagaro because it has all the features I needed and I wasn’t getting with my old scheduling company. I wanted to move away from paper and go green and with Vagaro I was able to keep all my client info, notes, photos and so much more in one place. I also love that Vagaro has giving my customers more ways to pay with their “pay later”option. I paid close to $300 a month for a different scheduling service and didn’t get half of these options. If I could change anything about Vagaro it would be their reports. I use reports daily, weekly and monthly for productivity, client retention, track retail sales, pre book #’s, # of new clients per month etc. and it would be great if their reports had more detailed information that I could use to gauge the health of my company and gauge individual growth and stats of myself and staff. I’m sure those are features that will later be added fingers crossed 🤞🏽
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3 years ago, Scorpiodame
Hands Down the BEST!
I’ve been a hairstylist for 20 years. Over that time, I have been w many different salons who have all used different on-line booking systems (maybe not from the first few several years, we still used old-school appointment books). There were pro’s and cons to each, but I can honestly say, hands down, this one is the BEST. The price is not only extremely affordable, but it delivers more than the expensive systems. It’s user friendly for myself as well as clients. First-time set up is not confusing. You get alerts w new appointments, clients get reminder texts, rescheduling calendar is a breeze, and there’s so bells and whistles I haven’t even gotten into yet. You can do gift cards, keep track of inventory, keep notes on clients, block out time for yourself... the list goes on. And none of it is at all hard to figure out!!! This makes my life, and my clients, so much easier and I could not give it a high enough recommendation. Hands down, the BEST!
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4 years ago, phantasmagoria01551
Great booking system!
I just started leasing for the first time, I knew I didn’t want to go traditional and have a written book to keep track of my appointments. All the stylist I work with use Varago including a friend of mine a who works at a different salon. They all recommend I try Varago (it’s also the main booking system for the salon I work at) easy to maneuver around with, setting up appointments etc. the only thing I haven’t done is link my account to my Varago account to check out my clients. I’ve been using square and it’s kinda annoying having to jump back and fourth (to see what the charge on Varago then jump back to square to charge). I would give this app a 5 star but since I haven’t tested it to it’s full capacity it wouldn’t be fair. But to get you your appointments in, extend the time of them, block your day out easy! Also the system does a great job at letting your guest know that they have an appointment coming up; it will will send them a message a few days before and 24hrs before!
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9 months ago, jenni8675
The best booking service that I’ve used
I have been using this for several years now and everything I said in this review before still stands today. It’s the best app I’ve used. I love Vagaro, they do a great job of always keeping things updated and working whether it be on a mobile app or on the computer. I am so thankful that during Covid Vagaro has worked with us to help with the $25 discount and free services to help us navigate our businesses being closed. Makes me even happier that I chose them years ago after studying many booking apps. I love Vagaro pro. Best booking app I have used and can never see myself switching. All the features are great and all the things they keep adding on. It just seems there could be an easier way sometimes to link or group customers when one is doing payments and they aren't in on the same day. That is the one thing that is not easy. Otherwise it's perfect for me.
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9 months ago, ChristopherMSkin
Bad update many bugs in the system
This most recent update is Terrible and there are many bugs that need to be addressed. To start, on my phone app when I pull up a client form I cannot exit out of the form without having to completely exit out of the app and log back in. When I’m trying to navigate through my schedule this takes extra time that it shouldn’t just to check for contraindications for treatment. When using vagaro on pay desk often time the receptionist is randomly logged out and the automatically logged back in with no clear reason. The payment cube also does not register on the computer and we have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work. When the client goes through and enters the gratuity the screen then comes up asking permission to process the card on our end and that is not something that is necessary since the client has inserted their chip and fully aware of what they are wanting to do. There needs to be less steps and it seems like it is getting less efficient for operating your app. Please revert back to the previous version or update these bugs asap.
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4 years ago, alexs_beautybar
Love it!
This booking app has been super helpful!! I love that they offer the ability to have consent forms! That’s been the biggest help for me because it cuts down on the appointment time and also gives you the ability to give your clients any pre treatment info! The only reason I didn’t put 5 stars is because I wish that it had the option to have photos in the clients chart. Other than that, I love the option to send appointment reminders and it shows wether or not they confirm. And you can also require deposits on appointments and this is super helpful in making sure that your clients actually show!! Also having them check out through the same system makes it seamless when you have to go back and see a clients history because it shows when they came and what they bought! Some of those features cost extra but are so worth it if you use those for your business. It’s great to have everything integrated in one system!!
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3 months ago, Honeycombnancy
a decade worth of dream team
i was so hesitant to leave paper booking for online booking. i felt i was losing control of my schedule. At the time my barber boyfriend ran his business on Vagaro and he talked me into TRYING it, i did. Today i couldn't run my business without it! Vagaro is absolutely my personal assistant. No longer do i have to stop working to book appointments and i have soo many repeat appointments now that i never had before. I also get new clients a few times a month that were reffered to me BY VAGARO!!! I know a few stylists still using paper booking and often see them have "slow or empty" weeks and all i can think is THANK YOU VAGARO because empty weeks are a thing of the past. My clients and new clients can book ANY time they like and i am in control because i have to APPROVE all appointments before they are confirmed. Do your books a favor and get them online! Vagaro is the way.
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2 years ago, Katmarlow
Have no fear!
I was VERY skeptical about going "paperless" in my salon. I am 3 weeks into my 30 day FREE trial with Vagaro and I am beyond pleased. It is very user friendly, very affordable and it has made my daily tasks (booking & reminder calls/texts) worry free! To date the only complaint that I have is when I added clients into the program it automatically puts the date of "Customer Since" as the date entered. This can be a problem especially b/c there are reports and searches fields titled "customer since". It's useless and frustrating as I have clients 8+ years that show up as (whatever the date I entered them into the Vagaro system). There is nowhere to "edit" this info. It should be one of the fields I get to fill in...not done automatically. I did live chat with a rep and he said he would bring that to their attention. So although minor detail as of now...everything else is AWESOME! I recommend!!
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4 months ago, MommyCharMUE
Really loving this app
I was using a different app originally and they were taking 30% of every new client that they said they sent me but the issue was many times they’d take that 30% but the client found me on IG or was a referral etc. even when I claimed these clients as mine they refused them so I lost a ton of money that way. I love how Vagaro has a flat fee system. It’s $10 to be featured versus a percentage. I also like how it’s an à la carte system so I can choose what I want and I don’t have to pay for what I don’t. One of my favorite features is that I have my app set to accept appointments so this allows clients to still book on their own but with more flexibility on my end because I have to approve the appt once set. This isn’t required just a feature I love. So far I give this scheduling app 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to other nail techs or beauty industry pros looking for a scheduling app.
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4 years ago, H.R.B.
Salon owner/technician
I switched companies from Booker to VagaroPro and I spoke with at least 7 other complies before landing with VagaroPro. My business is a nail salon of 9 years. Their interface is user friendly for both the clients and staff. You can add a booth renter to your calendar as well as a commission technician and both persons will have different access levels. VagaroPro customer service is accessible via email or call during office hours and I have always had a resolution. You may also advertise on their platform which is just another layer of visual presence for your business. I personally believe for the cost and the services provided this system is great. I also would like to add during the pandemic of 2020 VagaroPro deeply discounted subscribers cost and added features free of charge to allow business to make the most out of this difficult situation. I highly recommend this company and I’m a truly satisfied customer.
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1 month ago, prima-salon
SEO and support are not helpful
I recently a month or so ago sent a message to support about an extra fee. Never heard back also I had a client try to book online she didn’t exist and I’ve done her hair multiple times in the past. She went to login and it never saved her information and her appointment was just deleted from my schedule. This is happened multiple times where I’ve entered in a customer or they have scheduled via online, and they showed that they can’t access their account but when I go to put them in it says that there is a match and to merge the customer but then it will delete previous information and not merge the files. Or in my case delete the customers appointments from your schedule! This is a bug fix serious and the fact that I have been a long time customer since 2010 it’s crazy plus your website for selling product doesn’t integrate with Google or other platforms to allow me to have more business and have people find me on the map for the products they’re looking for. Raising your price not so good you’re losing a good customer
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3 months ago, WNWCrew
I’m a pet groomer & have been using Vagaro for over a year in a half now & couldn’t be anymore pleased. It has everything I need & could possibly want. Any other place I called & talked with wanted $60 or more a month for 1-2 people on the account & didn’t include everything Vagaro does for one person for $25. The only thing people might not like is, is that you do have to pay for each extra thing you want. Such as, having 2 or more people on the account, adding files, adding gift certificates & so on & so forth. ($10 extra for each thing you want to add) the price is not bad compared to the other apps. $35 for 2 people is awesome! Especially when it includes SO MUCH! You also get one free month to try & see if you like the app or not. (: I’ve had so many people ask us about our app bc they love it. DONT waste your time with other apps! Use this one! Paws & Kisses, WNWaggly
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1 year ago, Mack Mikulski
AMAZING from Sharper Edge Fitness
This software has been extremely user friendly, easy to navigate, and super affordable. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and a new business owner, I highly recommend Vagaro. Inputing all products, services, packages, and memberships has been extremely easy. You can control a myriad of different aspects pertaining to what you offer as a business. Inputing our business’s form for terms and conditions and release of liability was so simple I couldn’t believe it! I love the feature of creating a form, completely customizing drop boxes, and selection methods. I also love the fact that any changes you make automatically update in your Vagaro business page and potentially your website if you choose to use them for that aspect. I wish I found this earlier because the website formats are easy to navigate and Vagaro inputs all information which saves you the headache. I have experience with MindBody gym software and I would have to say so far I love Vagaro just as much and it is super cost efficient! They don’t up charge you for things you don’t necessarily near. They let you pick and choose what you add on pertaining to your services. So far I am a super fan of Vagaro and have nothing but good things to say about this gym management software! 5/5 from me!
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2 months ago, ATADEB
Best Salon Software Out There!
Switching my business software to Vagaro Pro has been the best decision I have ever made! It has saved me hours of time using their online booking module. What’s especially amazing is there software actually works the way it supposed to. When I do have questions, their customer support is way above average. Their response is prompt, courteous and their follow up customer satisfaction is right on time. I paid so much more with another spa software company I used in the past and their software didn’t work properly, their response was hours on hold and they never fixed the problems. They were good however at raising their prices frequently. I feel Vagaro Pro pricing compared to others out there is extremely reasonable and let me say it again, their software works!! I couldn’t be more happy with Vagaro Pro.
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3 years ago, ManeTrop
Not a fan of the new interface
I love the Vagaro pro app in general, but they have done so many new updates to the interface in the last month and I’m really not a fan of it at all. The weekly calendar is now so spaced out that I can’t see my week as a whole with out scrolling all over the place. The 15 minute blocks are too big and it spaces things out way too much. You used to be able to see if an appointment was overlapping another and it would show by how much because the booking would become translucent when you tap in. Now you can’t see how much it’s overlapping anymore and when you tap to move an appointment, the screen freaks out. I also miss the feature where you could go to click to select the month and it would bring up the whole calendar and you could visually see which date you wanted to skip to. I really don’t like a single thing they have changed in the last month. I’m so incredibly dissatisfied. The app was so perfect before. I loved it. Now I’m considering switching booking systems. What a major disappointment.
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5 years ago, dhdydudud
Great booking App
I’ve been using booking systems for years for my horseback riding instruction business. I’ve had not user friendly apps that were great for me, but not users, really super simple apps (that cost less too), but I wanted something more. Some just cost too much to be worth it for me. This company seems to fit the bill for me on all fronts. I’m still in my free trial, but think I’m in love with it. Not only is it user friendly for clients, but for me too. A huge plus is that a ton of stuff can be accessed from the app, where a lot of them you need a laptop to get to certain functions. I can invoice, mark lessons as paid, Set up everything from hours a client can cancel before a lesson to sending out waivers and contracts. I can even blast a daily deal via text and share it to my fb page. Given all the features, the look, easy navigation and the price, Vagaro is a winner.
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3 years ago, MassageTherapist615
Great App...Except
Enough with the barrage of “Time to Update” pop-ups every 6 seconds. I get it. It’s time to update, but if I’m on your app, it’s not because I’m bored and casually scrolling for something interesting to read. I’m WORKING and need to use the app productively, which means I don’t have time in between every click to keep hitting “Not Now”. I’m assuming you simply want to bug the holy he!! out of us until we finally throw our hands into the air, scream “okay fine!!!” into the ethos, and click on “Update” just to end the insanity that your constant hounding causes. You lost a star for being so incredibly annoying every couple of months. The four stars are because Vagaro is the best scheduling app of all of the ones that I’ve used. Keep that part up, please. The pop-ups that show up more often than annoying influencers on TikTok? Yeah, don’t keep that up.
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8 months ago, dibifibi23
Best Tool for Estheticians
As an independent business owner one of the tedious things to handle is creating forms having it all in a compliant and user friendly format which is accessible to clients and staff managing reports inventory and creating a easy to use documentation system. Being in the medical field for 18 years I have seen the highs and lows of so many different systems and I can say that Vagaro by far has been my favorite. It is fully customizable has ongoing support is a very affordable option with so many possible add on features and has been the best tool for my business. I have been with Vagaro now nearly 18 months and it has been great in having intakes, email campaigns, report tracking, image upload and creating my own customized consult notes for the array of services I offer. I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, vinyasallc
Fitness and yoga
This is an amazing app for salons. However, a lot more needs to be done so that it works for fitness and/or yoga studio. The gift certificate works on services but not classes. Kid friendly feature in facility information is mandatory. Your only options are ‘no kids’ or ‘kid friendly’ which can be misleading if you have a studio that does not have child care but want to run one kids yoga class a week. 3rd, facility hours only have one time slot, so if you are running an early morning class, a 9:30 class and an evening class you only have the option to put open from 6:00am to 8:00pm which is not true for most studios. 4th, daily deal feature is great but not practical for fitness/yoga. We need promotional codes. 5th, packages don’t have an expiration date when customers purchase online. For your clients I felt it was more user friendly than mindbody app and their suppose staff is great....which why I am still here now. They said some of these issue will be fixed so I’m going to wait a couple more weeks.
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11 months ago, Baxtersurbansalon
Does not support their customers
If someone attempts to scam your business out of money you have earned or are contractually obligated through that customers must agree to to even book an appointment Vagaro will just take your money and make you have to fight for it instead of their system and legal team having access to the system and being able to show that the person had agreed to the policy/policies and signed a payment authorization signature upon check out. They will also charge outrageous amounts of money for services other providers give for free. We will not be using Vagaro as they’ve allowed people to scam our company out of thousands of dollars in a short period of time and after being lenient and kind to them thinking they will have our backs they have failed us multiple times and have nearly put us out of business in doing so. I would not recommend this system be used by anyone with a small profit margin as they will not have your back and could very well be the downfall of your company.
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2 years ago, slaminmuffs
Bad for business
This app has has so many issues and bugs that affect your business. It consistently logs you out, force closes, and doesn’t let you login. I cannot login to see my available dates and times, I have 16 appointments that I need to book, and I 6 customers I have to check out. I understand it’s not the reps fault, but I pay $55 a month for an app that is constantly faulty! The issue before this was the EMV reader not working at all. And I updated it and followed every step they said to and it’s extremely embarrassing to ask a customer to come back the next day so you can complete the transaction! I’ve had 4 customers schedule appointments and pay deposits and all of a sudden the appointment disappears and the deposit is returned to them. I’ve used Acuity and Square in the past and had no issues like this. I was recommended to try Vagaro and I’m starting to regret it. Customer service has absolutely no resolution and I’m losing money. Performing a service and not being able to be paid for it? I don’t think so.
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3 years ago, mts.silva
I Like the app for the most part there is several little things that I do not like, one being that every single time I make an appointment, cancel appointment, or rearrange appointments I get an email and I have called so many times asking them to turn that feature off and no matter what it continues to do the same thing. I do not want emails every time I schedule an appointment And since the new update it glitches more and every time I’m trying to input a New client, a pop-up comes up and then you can’t even see what im inputting. And every once in a while when I go to a certain week it pulls up the wrong week so I have put clients in the wrong week. Other than that, I am pretty happy with it. If I could change anything I would stop updating it to all these new things because all it does is make it slower and less efficient
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2 years ago, KittyBOMG
A decade of great service
I’ve used Vagaro Pro for more than a decade and only once did the system fail to send out reminders. Why point this out? Because it was more than a decade ago and I haven’t had a problem since. Their marketing tools, online booking platform and verified reviews are hands down the easiest to use (yep, I’ve tried other systems. They just didn’t have what I needed as an independent operator and eventually a spa owner). They offer so many tools for independent and multiple providers (inventory mgmt, payroll, time cards, etc. ) The cost is relative to others for processing payments but with everything in one place, the cost of use, in my opinion, goes down because I don’t have to navigate different platforms to promote and manage my spa. Recommend and prefer Vagaro Pro 10/10
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5 years ago, mzscizzor
I think it’s well on its way to being FANTASTIC!
I’m a hairstylist and use VagaroPro for all my bookings! There is only a couple of things I would change.....or maybe there’s a way around this: I do not use VagaroPro for credit card processing so I don’t really have a reason to “checkout” my clients after their service. Well, the ONLY way (I think) for the automated emails to be sent the next day to clients (“Thank You” emails), is to check them out. I really really wish there was an option to automatically check out all clients at the end of each day. OR.....don’t make the “check out” a requirement for the “next day marketing email”. Secondly, I really wish clients didn’t HAVE to create usernames and passwords. About 50% of my clients still text or call me saying they don’t remember how to get in. They end up using someone else’s email and then I have 2 or 3 profiles on the same person.
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4 years ago, Beyond The Mirror Salon
I love this App!!!!
I am a hair salon owner and always did my appointments with a book and pencil until one of my clients told me about Vagaro. I gave it a try, it has made my life so much easier!! It has saved me so much time from calling or texting my clients to remind them of there apts!! It has helped me to keep organized with my clients information!! The app on my phone has made it convenient to check or adjust my schedule no matter where so am or what I’m doing!! They offer excellent tech support, tools, and online classes to learn how to maximize your efficiency while using this app!! The price is very reasonable for all that you get in return!! I believe in the future it will help my business grow as well with the option to book online!!! It has made my stylists very happy to use as well!! It’s very easy to learn!!! Thank you Vagaro❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁
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5 years ago, missTechnique!
❤️ VagaroPro for years!
I have used Vagaro for years, most recently I have upgraded to the full system with cash register and credit card processing. I have never had any problems with Vagaro or booking; everything is always exact! when I opened my own salon, they switched my entire profile & account over for me and we’re very kind and helpful. Now I am going to go deeper and use the full system with the cash register and credit card processing I’m very excited to deal with Vagaro at this new level. When I researched other booking systems and processing systems the software was so expensive and someone to charge me hundreds of dollars a month just for the software. Vagaro is affordable and has a very in-depth software system to help with all of your needs even commission employees, product sales & services! Thank you Vagaro!!!
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7 months ago, Src8613
I have been using vagaro for about 10 years. To me it’s worth every penny and I know I am not even taking advantage of all the app has to offer!!! Just the amount of time it saves me, not having to confirm appointments is worth it. Not to mention I’m slowly training some of my more tech savvy clients to book/change their own appointments through the app. My only request would be to have color options for the personal task section. I use vagaro as my main calendar so I would love to be able to differentiate different personal task with colors. I.e. Personal vacation block off Blue. Otherwise, but the app. They are customer service is always been excellent as well. If I’ve ever had trouble with some thing the tech-support is always there to help me figure it out!!
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8 months ago, AJMSVW
Saved our business!!
I’m a co-owner/operator of a small massage & sauna studio. The first booking system we purchased turned out to be a disaster, despite asking all the right questions to the sales rep. Switching to Vagaro has made it simple for our clients to book, purchase gift cards, manage their memberships through the app. And on the ownership side, Vagaro has saved us. Setting up the system was simple and straightforward and the ability to chat to a Vagaro customer service representative at any time is sooo appreciated! We love the reports that Vagaro offers and they really break down all of our earnings in clear terms. It’s also so much more affordable than the previous system we purchased (and it does WAY MORE and looks much more professional) we’re so happy we switched!
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3 years ago, JessieR.
Nothing makes sense
This app is very difficult to navigate and nothing makes sense as far as settings and where to find certain features. I feel like this app is a much less detailed version of Vagaro as a whole and it’s pointless to have because I can’t even find half the features I can get to through a desktop computer logged into Vagaro. I can log into Vagaro on my desktop computer and navigate Vagaro just great. However, the app is so confusing.... there is no clear settings option to choose, no menu, and I have to find my list of services to edit by tapping notifications which makes zero sense..... when I pull up my business profile I have to constantly re-save all my info because it doesn’t actually save it when I tap save. When I pull up my business profile again all of the info I just entered and saved is gone like it never happened. This app is supposed to be compatible with my iPhone but to say I’m extremely frustrated is an understatement.
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