Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

4.5 (2.4K)
259.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hai Nguyen
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vehicle Maintenance Tracker

4.53 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
2 years ago, JATOCA
Best app EVER for our fleet vehicles!
After 12-years looking for the right app for my business fleet, this IS the one (pro version VMTP at least)!!! The only app better than this VMT, is VMTP (PRO VERSION)!! I thought this app had it all, until I saw and upgraded to the pro version (separate app, same developer with MORE!), and all my info transferred over seamlessly. You can also join the Facebook group where the developer asks questions, walks people through issues, and uses feedback to create several new features. So many new changes in the past 1.5 years. It truly takes care of over 100 vehicles, machines, trailers and equipment. Thank you for staying on top of the requests and updates etc. I’ll never use another vehicle maintenance app!!!
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4 years ago, fixitme
Keeping track of repairs
So far been having this app for over 4 months now and use It on both my car and minivan maintenance I’ve done or have done at a shop. Pretty cool feature to have more than 1 car on “garage” tab and can click on either car/minivan to update. Keeping track of money usage, mileages, etc is a pretty cool feature on this app. So far been loving it and plan to keep using it. In the future I’ll plan to update on the comment for a good review or bad “which haven’t had any”
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3 years ago, Upsdreamer
This app is wonderful for me.
Just download and start using it. You will be glad you did. I’m able to keep track of my vehicles. And tractor and rtv. I’m able to see when and where a repair is made. I keep photo copies of my receipts on this app. I know when I purchased a part and helps me keep up with lifetime warranties. The developer does respond to questions very quickly. He takes consideration of suggestions too.
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2 years ago, Capra Irata
Vehicle info section is frustrating to use
First time I tried adding additional info to my vehicle, I edited the fuel type and added a few lines under Additional Notes. After pressing save, I went back to look at the info and nothing was saved. I did the same process with the same results. Then I tried adding only the additional notes and leaving the fuel type alone. Pressed save, opened the info page again to check and nothing was saved. This time though I fully backed out to the My Garage section, then reopened the vehicle info and the notes were properly saved. Pretty annoying, but not a deal breaker. But then I kept adding info to the Additional Notes section, only to find out that the section doesn’t have proper scroll bar functionality. So I can add a bunch of lines of text, but if it’s more than 5, I won’t be able to scroll down to see everything I’ve written. Which is useless for my use case.
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4 years ago, mrablair67
Rural mail carrier maintenance log
Very utilitarian app, that I find this app incredibly useful as a rural mail carrier who maintains he own vehicle, keeping track of which store I purchased warranty parts, when parts were replaced, and how much I’m spending on repairs. I’ve tried other methods but this one is working very well for me since I almost always have my phone with me. I hope it continues to evolve, a part number box would nice, over the long haul it could be helpful to have a way to search the data base quickly and easily.
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1 year ago, Mr. MFB
It’s DIESEL. Diesel. Not desiel. How can an app designed to maintain vehicles get this wrong? I read the reviews and was very excited to try this app out. I opened it up and was prompted to tap the “+” to add a vehicle. I did so. The fourth box I was filling in already has a spelling error. Diesel is how you spell the word, not desiel. If I’m only 20 seconds into the app and I’m already finding errors on something that a simple spellcheck can fix then why would I think the more complicated aspects of this app are in working order?
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4 years ago, Colin87654
Simple and good for multiple vehicles
I’ve used this app for about a year now. Doing my own repairs and maintenance on our family vehicles, it’s amazing how easily I forget which car had what service. This tracker is great for simple free hand writing (no complicated or cumbersome drop down menus) and setting reminders for each vehicle. The app isn’t overly complicated and I haven’t ran into any bugs. This is certainly much easier than the paper and pencil method I used to do!
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2 years ago, _Dundee_
Everyone has said this is a good app so I downloaded it the other day. Entered some of my vehicle’s info into it that day. Went back into it today after changing the rear brakes, oil, oil filter, air filter and entered in more information into this app, clicked save and went to enter more info and everything I had just typed in was GONE!! So i thought I’d it one more time and once again, everything I entered into it was gone. I even did a screenshot of the info before I clicked save and it didn’t have any info in it either!! So I tried just one more time and yep, it lost the info AGAIN!!! This app is a piece of $#!T in my opinion! I’ll find some that ACTUALLY WORKS!!!
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4 years ago, Shifty194
Great so far!
I find this app extremely useful so far for inputting my maintenance and it saves me time and space from using pen and paper. I would say the only thing I can’t figure out is how to make the picture attachments work properly. I can upload them and see the pictures but unfortunately they are very blown up and it cuts off the image along with squishing the text together. I would give this app a 5 star review if there is a fix or some way to make the images show normally. I am using an iPhone 11.
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3 years ago, Jrk911
Fantastic app!!
Been using this to track the maintenance on my truck and it keeps getting better and better by its creator probably from feedback and probably from ideas he has to improve it. I’ve emailed the creator a few times and he’s quick on the replies and great to send ideas to. Probably my favorite app to use aside from a navigation or web search one. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Jgouldsmith
Great app
Still giving 5 stars in spite of a problem. I’m using an iPhone 11. When I upload a photo (such as the receipt from the shop the performed the service) the photo can only be displayed back very small. I see no option to download it or any way to make it larger to read it. The best option is to screen shot it and blow it back up, but then it is hard to read. Wish this could be fixed. Love this app.
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4 years ago, Wombat Saevus
Exactly What I Was Looking For!
I didn’t want a monthly or yearly fee, but so many tracking apps have that. This one does not. Log all the vehicles you want, and the services you’ve performed on them, etc. Perfect! If you want fancy graphs or colored pie charts to show the services you’ve done on your vehicle, go elsewhere and pay for that. THIS right here is a practical, simple app and all that’s needed for vehicle maintenance records. To the developer(s), thank you!
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5 years ago, Joseph.Chavi
Great app, please read
This was a great app designed to keep a maintenance log of your vehicle. It helps to remind you on what you replaced, when, why and the costs. I personally need to keep updating it because at times I forget, and that would be my one recommendation. Definitely use this, whether you are experienced or not at all like me. This keeps me in truck and in "lingo" when I talk to mechanics or anyone. Thanks Maintenance Tracker! Great app!
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4 years ago, pg#77
Simply Great!
Very simple to use! Just what I was looking for. I am able to track all my DYI maintenance with photo documentation. Love that this can be sent via email. I do most all of my own preventative maintenance. When it’s time to sell I want to be able to show and prove the maintenance was done regularly as scheduled. This app is perfect for that application and very easy to use. Thanks for taking your time to make and maintain this app!!
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3 years ago, Not for prime time
Select services
After the last update, when adding a service from the check list, the app will not let me scroll to the bottom of the list. Other than that it is a great app. Update to review: the developer fixed the problem in a timely manner. Works great now. A solid 5 stars.
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4 months ago, Shabbadadiggitydiggity
So many free features!
I love the features this app offers. I love that it’s not affiliated with a major car sales company and allows me to track many vehicles. I wish the developer would add a “comments” box to each maintenance entry so I could record details not covered by the checklist or the uploaded photos. I just upgraded to the paid version so I can access the data on other devices.
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5 years ago, Alan Coughlin
No Comment
I’m withdrawing my comment and matching the current average rating because the developer informed me that it is Apple who controls the rating requests (and I can’t figure out how to remove my review). If I try the app again, I may be back. Thank you to the developer for taking the time to respond to me. I previously said: It prompted me for a rating immediately upon first opening the app.
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4 years ago, Bill -Apex, NC
Love it
I enjoy this app. Getting my wife and two sons to care about their cars is a challenge. And me tracking their maintenance is worse. This app has been very helpful. I like the email info feature. Great job. I joined you’re Facebook page. I have a couple of questions and a couple thoughts.
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7 months ago, JC0675
No Auto Sign In
A major downside for me is the fact you have to sign in every time you use the app. The app doesn’t allow the password to be saved and retrieved from Keychain. I’m using the app on my iPhone, I should not be forced to sign in every time. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not help. For me I’m only storing car maintenance information, something I don’t need password protected. Really frustrating.
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5 years ago, Tango Charlie PTY
Best in the Genre, paid or not
It is very effective and simple to use. The “Date Chooser” for work done is very easy. Well done! The app does not restricts the information you want to add to each log and it even lets you take pictures of for example the oil and filter used. The only thing missing is a “complete service history list” with filters and iCloud backup support. That why the 4 stars.
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4 years ago, Twojzee
Simple and clean
I must a say, this would be the perfect app for fleets to use as well as larger families if only you could add categories. My husband and I are are car people and have projects as well as care for family members vehicles. It would be great split it up for example, mom, dad, grandma etc. For small companies caring for a fleet it would be amazing to have categories for them as well.
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3 years ago, Fytvhbtrrmrtwc
A great, very easy to use vehicle maintenance log
If, at 74 yrs, I can understand how to use it and it provides me with all the data, tracking and reporting I want, then you know it’s a great app. AND, no ridiculous monthly or yearly fee. Just get it and you’ll be glad you did!
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4 weeks ago, MzKittKat91
Loveeee This App
I absolutely love this app! I’ve been using the VMT (Free) for like 2 years and today I decided to upgrade to Pro! It has really been a life saver keeping track of my maintenance and finding receipts when I need to confirm warranties! Thank You Developer(s)
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9 months ago, Fronkis
Decent app, developer unresponsive
This is a decent app, but has some areas that could easily be improved. I’m not on Facebook so have emailed my questions but no response. Login is a pain—needs easier login (face or finger id), or allow user to select password. As no one is gonna hack my vehicle info maybe just make it unprotected. Maintenance entries need an additional line for notes. Response to feedback would be great.
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10 months ago, maakry
Report and export
The report shows only the cost of the parts. It should show both the costs of parts and labor and/or total cost. Please add a import function so that we can transfer the data to a new phone when we replace old phone with new phone. Thanks
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5 years ago, TmacMSU
Great app! Super easy to use
This is just what I was looking for! I use it to track maintenance and annual cost of my snowmobiling addiction... not sure I wanna see it but this allows me to. The fact that this app exists and is free is awesome. Thank you so much to the developers, Apple should include this as a standard app!! Lol
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3 years ago, Tracebeau
Great Vehicle Tracking app
I use this to log services, parts and for reminders on my 2 vehicles. It’s pretty simple and works exactly as I need it to. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Thank you!
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4 years ago, LaRoadKing
Won’t archive/delete
Looks like it would be a great app but I can’t delete or archive from the garage. If this was fixed it would be useful. UPDATE: Found delete by chance. If I press to the right of Edit, it goes to delete. There is no delete button; it is just a blank space.
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1 year ago, ghjkiufxcb
Very easy!
Love the app. You can add any maintenance or just about anything you have completed or want to keep track of. The ability to keep pictures is simply a game changer.
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2 years ago, Steven Jones Scottsdale
Simple and easy
I have used a work soon excel to track my vehicle maintenance and repairs for 20 years. Finally a simple a good product to use. It is very adequate and easy to use.
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4 years ago, Sailmatthew
Great Simple App
This app is very good for its intended purpose. It allows the user to keep a record of what maintenance was done and when. Other apps have too many proprietary features. I like this one for its simplicity.
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1 year ago, LdSmalls
Intuitive & Easy to Use
Great app. Very user-friendly & easy to enter information, receipts, etc. I actually look forward to keeping up with my vehicle maintenance now!
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3 years ago, IT Guy 2
Missing soming
I think this up is good but not very intuitive. I struggle to find how to add task and get reminders. There seems to be an current odometer reading but it is not showed when you create or edit the vehicle, yet it shows odometer reading at 0. With a little work, this will be a good and very valuable app.
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1 year ago, Bobcat_Mark
Excellent Auto Maintenance Tracker
This app does everything I typically need to do. A feature enhancement if car manufacturers would allow is via api import from manufacturers database my vehicle maintenance history.
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1 year ago, Steeler Dave
Simple and easy to use!
You can use this professionally or casually to keep track of maintenance. If only the other apps can do what this one does! Thank you!
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4 years ago, kwh...
Great app. Clean, simple and easy to use. Will replace my notepad I have used for years. If I was going to add anything, it would be the ability to add more maintenance information like oil type and brand. Spark plug type. Maybe oil plug socket size. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Ginalupeho
Obsessive Review Request
I just downloaded the app not even 10min and it’s obsessively asking me for a review. I haven’t really had a chance to use it’s functions and try it out. It seems promising. But since the app is continually asking me for a review. 3 stars. For being annoying.
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2 years ago, S. Sklueff
Love this app!!
Easy to use and has space for all the necessary information to easily keep track of my maintenance.
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2 years ago, Hfjvorjdnlds
Missing feature
This app does not let me see when I did last change a filter in the Past, only that it should be checked in the Future. But then I cannot see how far back was the filter which is installed. Also, the text is too small.
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6 months ago, BigD1469
Better than All
Nice job! Just the app I was looking for. Everything you need to keep records for all your vehicle. Thank you very much
Show more
3 years ago, Ben-there
Easy to use. Works.
This app is straightforward and easy to use. Entries can be made quickly. Two thumbs up.
Show more
10 months ago, Steve Ricks
Great App!
I'm managing five cars right now, and this app is so nice. Easy to use and scroll through the past service visits and set reminders
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5 years ago, TheBronze42112
This app is just what I wanted. Simple and easy to keep a record of what’s done to your cars. Nothing gets in your way. It doesn’t pester you with ads. Great little app!
Show more
3 years ago, Cliffhusn
Fantastic App
I have been using this app for quite a while to maintain all the maintenance records for my vehicles; it is AWESOME! Perfect app for me. Hats off to the developer for a great tool! Thank you!
Show more
2 years ago, Jfjdjfkbkgkrirobjfkdkg
Great App!
Good way to keep-track of multiple cars. Some Vehicle-manufacturer’s Apps don’t allow user to add additional events (tire rotations, at-home repairs). Thanks for the great app!
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3 years ago, Markallasread
Perfect for an RV maintenance log
The amount of upkeep on an RV is never ending. This app is a great way to prove it’s been well kept to a potential buyer when you go to sell it. Export .csv and everyone is happy. Thank you to the dev.
Show more
5 years ago, JKJonesJr
Great app
This app is exactly what I was looking for. It gives me a Works great and does exactly what I need it to. simple way to keep track of maintenance I do to my car. So far it is great.
Show more
3 years ago, NHCWBOY
Good App
Nice app!! Just started to use it last year!! Still leaning what it can do!! Only worry it if I loose app, all my data gone?? Also what is diff in paid app?? Does that save the data?? Thanks David
Show more
3 years ago, Sendmorebackup
updated app now won’t let me open picture attachment
Simple to navigate through but won’t let me open my picture attachments with my receipts since i updated the app
Show more
3 years ago, msoqhc
I find the site hard to navigate. I figured out finally how to add my car but now I can’t figure out how to edit that info. I didn’t know My license plate number when I was entering the car info. Now I have it but can’t figure out how to add it in.
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