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User Reviews for Veho Driver

4.81 out of 5
19.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Boignish
Poorly timed routes
They boast about $20+/hr but most routes aren’t timed correctly. They have a horrible response to getting info from customers for help with things like gate codes and even phone numbers. If you sit for any amount of time because of these issues you run over. They told me for weeks when I first started that there was no way to get compensated for the extra time. Then I talked to the right person and was informed that you can text support for a Pay Adjustment Request Form. I’ve asked drivers and this is a highly guarded secret. If a package from the day before isn’t delivered, then they just add it to a route. I’ve had routes with one package that isn’t in the heat map from the route I picked up the night before. It’s always a package that didn’t make it the day before. Even though it is in a different city sometimes the pay doesn’t change. So you get a route with an estimated time frame and a price, then a package mysteriously get added on with and extra 30+minutes drive and I repeat, no change to your compensation! How can you plan other gigs around that? The warehouse staff is nice but the leads are definitely pushed to try and force you into taking some added on crap, Literally trying to get free work out of people. You really have to choose wisely on the routes and the way they time them the only ones who win consistently is Fred Cook and Itamar Zur
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1 year ago, AdIcK87
Great easy side money
This app is awesome you deliver food for freshly I’m always an adventure. The routes are pretty easy. The warehouse is super organized you just pull and load up your car Mark your rods anywhere from like 15 to 25 stops I figure it averages about route $25 an hour, not too bad they pay pretty pretty good you get direct deposit twice a week into your bank account don’t ever have to worry about any pay issues communicate through the app super easy there’s always somebody on the support side and you just chat with him. Text message them. Routes are usually available 6 PM to sometimes the next morning unless you want to go to go to login pretty early first come first serve basis sometimes they’ll let you combine to Ronz if you have a big enough but you can always come back for a second one during the day, I don’t really have any complaints. You don’t really have a boss or anybody you just get in your car follow the app, scan and go easy job can’t complain at all! Thank you, VO
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1 year ago, Andrewww C.
Best Delivery app for drivers
If you are in the delivery business and are looking for a new app to add to your portfolio look no further. I am currently working for or have worked for just about every app out there and this is by far my favorite for several reasons. Their is a learning curve when you first start out so keep that in mind but if you have experience delivering you will pick it up quickly. You pickup your route at a designated time from the warehouse and are provided your manifest for the day’s deliveries. You can choose what time to pickup and where you want to deliver. You will know exactly how much you will make and approximately what time you will be finished. It is a great compliment with other apps and allows you to quickly transition from your route to your current favorite app. The warehouse and support are both friendly and helpful. Veho is the place for you if you value hard work, discipline, and are looking to earn a good living while having fun doing it.
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1 year ago, Abbazabba20900
Stay in school. Don’t be a slave. How many reviews are fake?
Five star rating is a lot to achieve but doesn’t seem correct with all the bad reviews posted. I’ve done a single job with Veho and since it’s been terrible to get more work. Good luck scrambling for routes as they disappear just as fast as they populate on a server that can’t keep up. They want you to play hungry hippos with algorithms on the other end. Sign up and see for yourself! $18-$20/hr sounds ok but you need lots of gas and a new car every two years. Warehouse mgrs treat you differently if they know you’re new, and not in good way. Inside of vehicle can get destroyed as you load your sedan to ceiling headliner. Support continues to provide the canned responses as to why their app lagging so hard to where you can’t select route in time while gigs appear and your still stuck on loading screen. This isn’t the best way to run a business if you ask me. If I’d known these routes were soo unattainable every single night, I wouldn’t have signed up. Go2school.
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1 year ago, JazzyPink1908
Logistics is garbage sometimes
Ok so I like the gig but the logistics is garbage sometimes. It’s hit or miss!! Also it will literally take you in circles sometimes. Y’all need to do better whoever is doing logistics for the routes! You can almost never complete the order in the 2.5 or 3 etc. hours that’s on the route due to the logistics. They will take you park a neighborhood and bring you allllllll the way back! Just garbage! The pay for the orders is just ok. So be sure to have other delivery apps on deck! Also the routes go so quick your really can’t look to decide. Lastly you can’t see the routes as far as the layout until you accept. You can LITERALLY accept foe a city and have deliveries 30 minutes out the way to another city! Now that’s complete garbage! We should be able to see the routes so we can decide if it’s worth the pay and gasssssss and time! Do better Veho!
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2 months ago, Hoseakb
This is the Worst most Abusive Gig Company out There! They will not pay you the amounts they promise to pay you! They deduct money from the amounts you agree to with No Explanation or response to your questions! They Never give out a phone number for you to speak to an employee because they know they’re taking advantage of people and abusing them financially! None of the route times are properly estimated. You’ll always drive at least 30-60 minutes more than their top estimates! The app that you use will constantly fail and slow you down! Their mapping makes No sense and will send you round and round to houses that you could have reached in a straight line! When They make mistakes and you can’t deliver some packages, they’ll blame you and deduct money from your pay! I wouldn’t wish this low down abusive company to my Worst Enemy! If you Try this company you will regret it! AVOID VEHO AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!
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11 months ago, Samantha Vixen2
Watch your Miles.
If they added the total miles the route would take to complete this app would be awesome. Without that information it is impossible to determine if the route is worth the payout. Do you remember when you were younger and you would get a math word problem and there would be those specific word problems where they give you information that doesn’t matter to confuse you well, I feel like giving the size of the route without giving the amount of miles it’s making you think you have valuable information but you don’t because those cubic feet only let you know if it’s going to fit in your car or not it doesn’t tell you whether it’s worth paying the toll and the guys in the amount of mileage. If they fix that Veho 🚘 is a dream job.
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1 year ago, Steamin10
Bare Minimum Pay
These guys are a joke here in San Antonio. They pay the drivers bare minimum per job. $64 for a 4 hr job, really?! & no gas compensation! It’s beyond me! I did 2 routes with these guys and immediately learned their ways. They want you to accept the job as quickly as possible to keep from paying the drivers what they deserve. What I noticed is that if you let the jobs sit until the next day, the compensation goes up tremendously. To every present and future driver, I recommend you guys to just wait until the next day and a few hrs after the posted delivery time. You guys will see how the compensation goes up! Their customers are expecting their packages that day. So, if a particular job says 8am, wait till about 11am to accept it and you will make more money! I literally watched jobs go from $54 to almost $100 within a fews hours. Make them pay want you deserve! Stop working for the BARE MINIMUM!
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3 weeks ago, Lovelybosslady
Company is a joke
They are now buffering the application for certain people at 8pm when it’s time to claim jobs for the last two days. They are doing this intentionally so I can only claim the jobs no one else wants. I’m not desperate!! They continue to change route Time and will give you more time and little to no pay difference 2 hours before the job. Their supervisor play the favoritism game to get in line for packages . The routes are unorganized and not worth the money. I use Gridwise and track miles so I know I’m driving 95 miles each route since the warehouse is only in pampano beach far from my city they advertised to be in. They won’t pay for the real time you will work and will punish you for undeliverable packages . A lot of incomplete addresses, no phone numbers, wrong location out of your service area packages but they blame the drivers anyway.
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1 year ago, Manu_alex
Impossible get a route!
They should have an easier and fairer way for everyone regarding the system of taking the routes! it is literally impossible to catch a route! I always get a message saying "it's not available and please select another route" I have selected several as quickly as possible and the system does not assign me any route!
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6 months ago, Veho driver 2
Driving for Veho is ok. The routes are not scheduled properly and when you go over the estimated time they say they will compensate you but they don’t always happen. As a driver it’s frustrating to know you drive your gas out and you’re not compensated properly. You’re at the mercy of a rep will really don’t care that the route was scheduled for 2 hours and it takes 3 or 3.5 hours to complete. I think they schedule according to how long or takes to get from stop to stop not taking into consideration that you have to get to the stop and then return to the warehouse to complete a pickup route. If the merchandise wasn’t going to the warehouse they would be scheduled almost perfect.
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4 months ago, Kathie 326
Disorganized Company
I started in October 2022. We was getting paid $25 an hour. Now as of recently when the relocated to Woodbridge/Avenel they dropped the hourly pay to $17-18 an hour and the routes are poorly organized. They literally have you going to the same address about 3 times in 1 route. And the way they are arranging the routes is a waste of tolls gas and time. A 4hr route pays less than $100 and it’s actually a 6hr route. Plus before you start the day your already spending most of what you’re gonna get back. $13 in tolls round trip plus gas. Sometimes u have to add $40 in gas for just 1 route. Veho started good to attract drivers now they treating us like immigrants.
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6 months ago, JLeeM1313
App Error
The staff and support is great. This app itself, will send you routes that have already been picked up. You many not be compensated for going to the pickup location and the system errors. You do not know what you will be paid until the morning of the pickup, as it is a range. Sometimes, the pay is very low for 3 hours of work. They also charge you a percentage of your pay based on the miles you drive per trip. The routes are not efficient. It will make you go passed drop off locations. Making you driving more miles and waste time. Also, they will not reimburse you for tolls.
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2 months ago, JorgeAkkari
Deceptive offer = Dishonest practices
VEHO makes the offers the night before but the amounts to be paid are probably altered the next day when consolidating the offer, they place the maximum hours of work but pay the minimum amount of the offer, if you do not fulfil your route it will impact your metrics limiting you for future offers. Dishonest practices. VEHO realiza las ofertas la noche anterior pero las cantidades a pagar probablemente se alteren al otro día al consolidar la oferta, colocan el máximo de horas de trabajo pero pagan el monto mínimo de la oferta, si no cumples tu ruta te impacta tus métricas limitándote para futuras ofertas. Son prácticas deshonestas
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1 year ago, Tissue King
App crashes constantly.
Love delivering for Veho- great company but horrible tech. App freezes all the time and the routing is not efficient. The app doesn’t let you pick routes half the time and it also doesn’t work well when navigating. If I hit a back arrow it doesn’t work and I miss opportunity to work because it freezes and when it finally unfreezes the routes are gone. They also lost three days of routes I complete for about $250 and I didn’t get paid. They say I never did the work. Solution is to take screen shots when complete so they don’t cheat you. It’s not the people, it’s the app and their poor tech.
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10 months ago, gated pyramid
Update made it worse
When I first started it was not too bad. I read all of the negative reviews so I knew what to expect. But after the update things got worse. Why on earth would they make it so you cannot see where you are going until after you choose the route. Basically the new map has zones that cover the entire state and you have to now pick a route and hope it’s in the area you want to deliver , or else cancel repeat. Such a downgrade from the previous version. Hope they can change it back because it is very frustrating to miss out on routes due to the new update.
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6 months ago, Omarah Mom
I loved midtown
Omg the concierge were so friendly and down to earth. I love how they took care of the packages and even help me with providing me with a cart to get more than one package that went to the same address. This is the best side hustle… Sidenote: Those Xfactor boxes ain’t no joke they weight a ton. Overall plus plus it’s all on the location
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4 months ago, CAHF27
Bad organization and low payments
Routes don’t have gates codes, lost your time and it’s no important for Veho. They change routes and payments after accept or reserve the route only for add more stops. Veho creates routes adjustment time without take in real consideration traffic or areas, additionally the route organization in outsides of the city it’s bad, when finished the route your keep 25/30 min of the city limits, so you need 45/55 min(lost time/no pay) for to return. Resuming. Veho=Low pay/High miles/ no gates codes/ bad organization. The personal in the wherehouse in San Antonio, Tx is fantastic
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4 months ago, Nazar Sergeevich
Horribly designed routes, low pay and a broken mobile app!
Routes don't have gates codes, lost your time and it's no important for Veho. They change routes and payments after accept or reserve the route only for add more stops. Veho creates routes adjustment time without take in real consideration traffic or areas, additionally the route organization in outsides of the city it's bad, when finished the route your keep 25/30 min of the city limits, so you need 45/55 min (lost time/ no pay) for to return. Resuming. Veho=Low pay/ High miles/ no gates codes/ bad organization.
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1 year ago, Killface811
App needs improvements
I Like the job itself and am grateful. The app has bugs that need tweaking. Need to constantly relaunch app at certain points, typically during first and last stops. Then the app fails to let me know when multiple packages are to be delivered at a single address.
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9 months ago, Polanco_20
App needs to allow instant Pay
Hello Veho Team, Please allow at least one deposit a day or a week. Instant deposit to debit card or bank account helps drivers a lot. This will be a good addition to the company and attracts more driver to the community
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1 year ago, @Nicthetallone
Fine when it works.. app crashes 3-8 times a day.
Overall good concept, good app, too many pop ups don't let u download the stops u will lose signal and you will be stuck in the middle of no where wasting energy and time tryna figure out the next stop. Then if u mid deliver do to all of these factors your score goes down. Very simple fix, allow drivers to download the stops. Fixes everything,, for now I'm irritated and frustrated daily.
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1 year ago, Riri955
Paying next to nothing
I started working for VEHO 3 months ago. They were paying great in the beginning. Then they started lowering the money per route with no change in the number of boxes. For example, for 27-30 boxes, I use to make around $90-$100 easy. Now they are giving the same amount of boxes but paying as LOW as $48-$67. SUCH A SCAM! Either they should stop hiring new drivers so they can pay their current drivers for the miles traveled or shut down this company!
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1 year ago, Daddy of u
Glitchy App
As if it wasn’t bad enough that the routes are taken literally the very second they are released, the app tends to freeze just at that moment, (the red rejection banner covers the navigation and does not go away, blocking you from trying to get another route)…seems the server is not able to satisfy the number of requests hitting it simultaneously…
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1 month ago, Chipotle Customer
Document everything
I have ran into an issues with this company twice. There is no payment tab on the app for drivers they’ll send you an email showing the payments. I haven’t received any emails about routes completed and my scheduled payout has pasted. There are two weekly scheduled payouts and we are coming up on the second payout & I have not received my invoice. Does that sound shady or what?
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4 weeks ago, Neetie1220
I love delivering for Veho.
I love delivering for Veho. The routes are mapped out for you. The deliveries are no more than 5 minutes apart. Making $86 for an hour and a half of work ain’t bad at all. Can’t make $86 in 2 hours on Door Dash, Grub Hub or Instacart.
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1 year ago, Jeff-Teteur
A descent app with pretty good opportunities, I feel it lacks a few things like an archive of all the previous routes completed and a way to make deliveries to the same address easier instead on making multiple trips to the car
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1 month ago, Jose V81
3 stars
I have this app 3 ⭐️’s because it constantly crashes and then shows that the deliveries haven’t been completed. They need to find a better way to show the pictures in the app. It should automatically save the pictures for each delivery and then upload them at the end of the route. I shouldn’t have to take additional pictures with my phone in order to show proof that the item was delivered. Also, whoever they have responding to our concerns, they need to be instructed to actually read our messages instead of sending us generic responses. It’s so frustrating
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8 months ago, Meeche80
Continuously signed out
It seems I get continuously signed out of the app even in the middle of deliveries. It’s a real hassle to have to stop what you’re doing and log back into an app that has all the delivery details. Even when I’m trying to locate a route it will sign me out and I’ll have to sign back in. Please fix!
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7 months ago, saauaaf484
Not viable
The organization on the east coast is terrible they offer routes at 6am for you to be there, then change time without a notification. They will have you come wait drive to the warehouse wait 20 minutes and then inconvenience you at the last minutes. This has happened multiple times, enough times for me to write a review. Pick another app to use as this one is not reliable.
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8 months ago, No map. No email
App malfunction & volume inaccuracy
With the update, the app continuously signs you out and does not sign you back in automatically. Also, the package volume is ideal with smaller vehicles because not everyone has an SUV or pick up truck for 35. The older version of this app showed specific package volume and the app engineers have not updated it to fix this with the new version. In fact, they went backwards with the technology.
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3 weeks ago, Jessica Sutton Taylor
App keeps crashing
The app was perfect before the latest update. The app keeps crashing. And when I try to pick a route, it continuously crashes or take forever to load. So either you all have too many people trying to access the same app at the same time, or you need to fix this app cause it has too many bugs…Either way, this app needs a lot of work.
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10 months ago, Track57Ar
Great concept
I really enjoy the interaction with the app. My only gripe is not having a visual of my past routes cost. That way I’m aware of the amounts due to be deposited on the allotted pay schedule. Would be nice to see the implementation on the next update. Aside from that, great job!
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1 year ago, Veho The Glitch
The app have a lot of glitches so I have to reach out to support more than I should. Lately, I have a hard time confirming deliveries and starting the app to pick up and scan the packages in for the routes. The team at the warehouse have been a big help but it still slows the delivering process down since I am always needing help these days.
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4 months ago, Rob.clevenger
Lack of info.
In the beginning they would give you the number of stops you had and amount of space on the route offers, and the exact pay. If it was an added stop it would be stop number 99.1 or something mixed in the route. Now you get a range of pay and up to usually 40 cubic feet. Can’t make good decisions without knowing the variables going into it.
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7 months ago, Poopgummybears
A lot of waiting, and inaccurate size description
The order Pickup time went from 7:30, to 8:30, to 10:30, and then there was an Hour wait at the distribution center, and then the order was bigger than it was advertised as being so it didn’t fit in the car, and I was left with nothing.
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1 year ago, pumpumman1
Impossible to get a route
It sure if this app even works been trying to get a route now for over a month sometimes I get a message saying route are available I go the the app immediately but no route at 7 pm sharp I go to the app to see route just for them to just disappear or there none this app need slot of work done
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9 months ago, Fkimher
It’s almost impossible get a block!
Everytime Im trying to get a block is impossible, its like robots are taking all of them!! Since I get the app I just made one block!
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3 months ago, amj's mom
Communication and the App
The app doesn’t work doesn’t load routes after doing as they suggested log out then back in did that four times still the same issue no live or real person to talk to just have to wait for a possible email reply!!! Even uninstall and reinstall doesn’t work No help from them Won’t be driving for them
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1 year ago, Puffmitten
Trying to sign up
Hello I’m trying to sign up but it either shuts down or goes to a blank white screen and stays on that screen.
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5 months ago, ender guillen
Inconsistent Payment, Routes, and Support
The payment system and delivery routes of this service are disappointingly inconsistent. Despite going the extra mile to deliver packages to incorrect addresses, there is no compensation for the effort. Additionally, the support provided lacks significantly. Overall, improvements are urgently needed in these areas to enhance the user experience. I hope on the future they get improve.
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7 months ago, Need Veho give gate codes
Gate codes
The app have to give the gates codes to building and comunities drivers lost a lot of time triying to conctac clients and generally they don’t respond, and usually in zone where there are comunties or buildings is not easy find parking spot
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1 year ago, HASHIMI 20
The app is good but the warehouse staffs are sometimes very bad if arriving before the time they not cooperating and forcing you to leave the warehouse if you contact the supervisor or support they are we have no authority to direct them so you have be either super patient accepting waste of time and money or cancel the route and go home they don’t care there is no law to force them they do what they want
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1 year ago, Real soldier 3012
Cheap pay and cheat you on route
It will tell you 30 packages but when u get there it be 39 and will send u hour away for a package and then put u all over and then send u back to the route u pick extremely poor route management and location pick up customer is horrible
Show more
1 year ago, SMH 46
Makes no sense
Mapping is not calculated right. I should not have to look at my map to determine which stop is closer to my last drop and the pay is never enough for all the stops.
Show more
2 months ago, notnodontnopenaw
Do they not want drivers? Is it a ruse?
I guess it’s not really their fault, but I laughed like a crazy person because I tried completing the application on the app…it tell me my internet is not secure or something…IM SITTING AT HOME._. lol and then I tried doing it on the official website, and it just shows the all black page as if I’m in marina and it can’t register any signal, ehh oh well
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1 year ago, QSuboh
Low pay false hours
They tell you it’s 6 hours and don’t tell you your route and you end up doing 12-13 hours and they don’t pay fairly for the difference and when you tell them they give you a lame apology and tell you it’s an estimated time frame. This is if they give you a route in the first place!
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5 months ago, elguanaco
Bots bots and more bots
Offers are no longer Firm. There is more window of you getting screwed(as if you weren’t already). They give you a range of how much you COULD earn instead. And is very little. Shady practices from this company. ALSO, There are bots reserving routes now. You are no longer able to reserve. Bots sweep through the list in miliseconds.
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1 month ago, billbullbeni
Legal Scam
They won’t pay you what you accept for the route if for any reasons you return any packages back. A lot of wrong addresses you’ll have and you have to figure it out yourself. It’s almost impossible to reach out customers. You’ll waist your time to make money at the end of the day you’ll be angry
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12 months ago, Harlem rich
Set up gps no good
It’s way too many miles for the price in the map set up is not organize/gps. I was on one side of town the next delivery I went to other side of town two deliveries After that I had to come back to the same side I was on.
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