Verizon My Fios

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Verizon Services Corporation
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6 months ago
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User Reviews for Verizon My Fios

4.49 out of 5
260.4K Ratings
6 years ago, MAppetency
Excellent, but no receipt
Nice design—clean, clear, and simple. And once you have set up a payment method—in my case it's my checking account—paying your monthly bill is supremely quick and easy. It takes me less than a minute. It's afterward that it gets complicated—if, like me, you want a receipt. There is no way (other than a screen shot) to copy the data on the confirmation screen, including the very long confirmation number. (Why is that? No other online merchant does that.) I do all of my shopping and bill-paying online, on my iPhone. I keep track of everything by copying and pasting receipt data into a Web Receipts book in Notebooks, and confirmation numbers and such into Banktivity. I can do that with almost everyone—except Verizon.
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3 years ago, mohamedmusa96
The app is a great app
I love Verizon they don’t have hidden fees and bills fluctuate like Comcast I had Comcast for three months and their bills keep going up for no reason the first bill I paid was 62 and the second 62 and their third bill they billed me 79 dollars and I had no idea why the bill increased like that and they sent me Comcast tv and they charged me for it even though I didn’t ask for it over all my experience with Comcast was very terrible but with Verizon is drastically the opposite of that; what I love about them is they don’t have any hidden fees what you see is what you pay and they didn’t charge me for equipment and installation and they dig under my house to do the installation in another day than the day of the installation and they didn’t charge me for it over all I’m content with the services of Verizon I know I posted a week or two ago I the app didn’t work but it was my own illiteracy I didn’t know how to work the app and I called customer service and they said I order for the app to work I need to logout and log back in in the previous massage I said the app doesn’t show bills details but thanks to Cady customer service now it works I’m never leaving Verizon
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2 years ago, kpc905
App doesn’t work
Complete honesty this is actually a no star review for the Fios app. Personally I have had little to no problems with the service of Fios to my home TV or internet both work fine. But the mobile app for Fios is another story, for months now I have been thinking about changing my plan due to the fact I’m just not watching TV much anymore so I want to explore the options of going to just internet but when I try to check my plan on the app it can’t show me my plan and I get an error message. So I know what I pay so I’ll just price compare the plans well I go into the shop plans option again error message and can not complete the task so this app is useless except for looking up my bill and guess what I know what that is. If you call the company again good luck with that on hold for an hour at least maybe it is cause your app doesn’t work. And before you respond with the thank you for your feedback we will look into fixing the problem immediately. As stated before I have had this problem for months when I called the line for my issue I was having with billing I also made sure they knew about this issue and they said that same line multiple times. Just fix it I don’t care that you say you appreciate my feedback show it by fixing the problem you have had for months on the app for Fios thanks
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1 year ago, SNE88
Issues w/App For Over 1 Year - No Support
Verizon Fios reps always push using the app on customers, but when I express each time that I have a multitude of issues and sometimes can’t even open it they never have a solution. I can never gain technical support - I am left to Google which only works half the time lol. I have downloaded, deleted, re-downloaded and update it on so many occasions I have lost count. I have also lost faith not only in the mobile app… but in the company as a whole. Mobile App: *refuses to open “Manage All Devices”, gets SSL certificate error , “Error getting router info”, and “There was an error getting SON status”. I have a router next to TV on mainlevel and TV on top floor. I spend my time in these places. Still have connection issues and lag on top floor next to TV and Echo Dot won’t connect. “There was an error changing the status”: It will not allow me to turn off the SON - automatically re-enables. Router settings are constantly “loading”. Honestly, the app feels very much like a scam. Company: I have lived in 3 locations while trying to use Fios in the DMV area and it continues to have issues supporting only a few devices for one person. I have tried all their solutions over the years and it has been wasted time and energy. Sorry to sound disgruntled, I guess life is already so busy this gets old.
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3 years ago, Sam098761235
Glitch report
I have an iPhone 7 with iOS 14.1. The most recent update. Since I downloaded iOS 14, the My Fios app had not worked. It would open, the three dots would blink, and then the app would abruptly close. I tried all usual troubleshooting, including restarting the app, rebooting my phone, deleting and reinstalling the app (which would allow me to agree to the terms of service and set biometrics before crashing), resetting the network connections and checking the privacy settings. All to no avail. I called customer support and they could not help. I then finally tried “Reset All Settings,” and the app finally worked again. I started reapplying all my previous settings one by one, checking the app after each reapplication and finally discovered the setting that disabled the My Fios App. It was “Settings - Display & Brightness - (Display View) Zoom”. To verify, I toggled back and forth between “Standard” and “Zoom”. Every time I toggled Zoom, the app would crash. Hope this helps and that you can fix the bug.
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4 years ago, C. Marie 052691
Technical difficulties 24/7
Anytime I go to check my plan or pay my bill, the app always 1) crashes and force closes or 2) displays the same error: “we are experiencing technical difficulties at this time, try again later”. At first, I thought it was due to my plan getting messed up and a billing error... and then I thought it was a tech glitch. My account is up to date. I deleted and reinstalled the app. I’m using the correct log in. I used to be able to view my plan and change/view my password for different profiles (I use a private network for me and my house runs off the public and faster connection). Due to this tech glitch or whatever it is, I can’t manage my network on the app OR the website :( I’m really bummed that I contractually pay lots of money to such a refutable company, and that the app causes me so much inconvenience. I’d have left but it’s cheaper to stay rather than break contract so I guess I’ll just be given horrible app and website service versus shopping at a competitor. Disappointed. I had to even leave the feedback on the Apple App Store because feedback on the website/app won’t submit. Ironic.
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5 years ago, Joneyerrrrrr
I called a few months ago Complained about my rate A young man assisted me Listened to my angst and Lowered my bill! I have no employment and I am a senior on A low income Social Security. I was so thrilled to get his Understanding and empathy that I will tell everyone of the kindness of Fios/ Verizon. I know you can trace who it was and commend him for making me a happier customer. I was going to go back to Optimum to get lower rate but the fees to change up are awful. I always can use a lower rate and if you can Help seniors it would still be appreciated. I also that day had a tech glitch with my remote control and changing to my Roku box from cable stations. . The tech that assisted me was kind and patient and he walked me thru it and it was a successful Process. I can now change to my Roku without having to get up and do it manually. The problem arose after my tv died, the tv that the home tech who installed fios hooked up, then the new less smart tv that I must use now, did not link up automatically with the remote. Problem has been solved by kind courteous rep. There was a survey sent I entered it late and it was vague. So, overall I had a positive experience with Both phone reps and I am quite satisfied. I would always welcome an even lower bill. But service is good and fast! No more buffering and loading!!! Thank you very much! Joan Giangola.
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8 months ago, evanjamesroskos
Bad parental controls, bad device management
So there’s no excuse for Verizon to offer an app that’s this, well, useless. An example: I want to setup parental restrictions so my kids internet access is out from 1am to 6am. I cannot do this. It asks for when you want to START allowing and then when you want to END. As such, it means you cannot say START at 6am and END at 1am. When I contacted Fios they said “try using the web based router login.” Well guess what, you can’t even make a schedule on the web based login! No matter which browser I use (or laptop or iPhone browser) the webpage is unresponsive on the parental controls page. As for device management, I can see what’s on my network but I can’t see MAC numbers so I have no idea who’s laptop is whose. Have to use the web based interface instead. I can block access to a device, which is good. But also sometimes no devices are even using my network even when I know for a fact at least 1 is! I’ve waited MONTHS for Verizon to update their app and web portal. My only hope is that a low scoring review will help. Which is a joke.
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3 years ago, pcraig
Better off calling for support
Don’t bother using this app for support! I tried using this app to troubleshoot an Internet issue and while answering the questions, the app got caught in an endless loop of asking the same series of questions over and over. After calling by phone to resolve the issue, I asked to report an issue with app. No one had a clue who to contact or how report it... Tonight , I was having an issue with channels freezing and “digitizing.” Hoping to have a better experience troubleshooting video, I tried using the app again. The app immediately went to work without asking any questions about the type of issue or affected channels. That, I’m fine with if it could detect the problem and fix it. The app indicated it was testing the line and displayed “0% Complete.” I noticed my set-top box rebooted and shortly afterwards, the Internet connection was interrupted. It had been more than an hour, I kept tapping on my phone to keep my phone from “going to sleep” and the app still displayed “0% Complete”... App deleted. Horrible experiences using it. Obviously not tested well.
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3 years ago, Not Ok Computer
all I want to do is pay my bill! Verizon cannot tell the difference between wireless and/ or in-home services. I spent almost 2 hours on the phone today, but if one calls on the friends and family plan which happens to be a Verizon plan than the computer recognizes only the wireless plan. I need to change my billing method, which one would think would be easy but a oh no, it’s not easy. Two hours of my life wasted. All I want to do is pay my bill Verizon. Why do you make everything such a nightmare? I’m trying to give you my auto pay and update it because my card got stolen but you won’t let me do it. How infuriating. What a lazily written app. my neck hurts from bending down over my iPad all day trying to fix this. They promised to call me in the morning but somehow I doubt that’s going to happen. I have not been able to log into my My Fios website in years. What is your major malfunction? You are $1 billion company and you can’t even figure this simple thing out? I can’t wait to get rid of you when my contract is up.
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5 years ago, JudyM25
App not useable
I rely on this app for WiFi parental controls, but for the past day I cannot log in. So I try to go to the website and block devices from there but it says I must use the app for Home Network Protection. I would if the app worked!! I have uninstalled several times, and I still just get the loading screen. The app was fine when it worked. Might have to go ahead and pay for a different service that gives me control over WiFi that was promised with this app. But I really didn’t want to do that, since I’m already paying for Fios. Updated: I am so impressed - I emailed the apple-app email address, they got back to me personally AND fixed my issue all within a few hours. Very pleased and so happy I don’t have to find another solution for parental controls on WiFi. They didn’t even ask me to review, I just felt the need.
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6 years ago, Ghdyobfy
Not happy!
Fios used to be great and I have been a customer with them for over 12 years! However lately the customer service has been terrible the bills are outrageously high and i am stuck in a contract that is most definitely one of the worst Ive ever heard of!! I have mildly ok internet and TV with NO premium channels or anything special and my bill last month was almost $380!!! When I called about this i was told they made an error and charged me for a set up fee i was never supposed to have been charged for! Silly me i thought they would then correct this problem, but instead they turned off my cable after i was 5 days late and then had the nerve to charge me not only the $50 they were supposed to take off but an additional $50 due to the 2 minutes my cable was interrupted ( that was the 2nd time they did it in 2 months)!!! I want OUT of this awful contract NOW so i can actually go to a company that works with and is polite to their customers, especially ones that have been loyal for 12 years!!! I wish i had canceled the service when i had the chance!!
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12 months ago, AnnoyingRoku
Paying your bill online is so difficult with this app
So many errors just trying to activate my account online. I can’t get to anything in my account because my log in won’t verify. It doesn’t work on my phone or a laptop. Links that I can’t get sent from Verizon also have errors so it won’t let me proceed. When I finally got a hold of Verizon customer service 20 mins later 10 of which I spent looking for an actual phone number that works then another 10 waiting on an actual person. Then this person was of no help. All this just to pay my bill online. It makes you not even want service if you have to do all this just to pay the bill. It’s hard to get an actual person on the phone but to actually fix program errors in a timely fashion. Same thing happened last month I just didn’t have time to fix the online account issue but now that I have time I’m 2 hours in and still nothing. I wish I could post screenshots and videos on here. DONT BUY THE NEW 5G IT WILL RUIN YOUR ACCOUNT
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9 months ago, RSWRIG
Horrible Update
Whoever redesigned this interface, should be taken out back and beaten. Why did you mess with the interface at all? It worked and was simple to use. Here are just a few of the gaffs this update created. There is now no way to jump to a channel. You must scroll. You can see less of the program guide then you could before mainly because you decided to do a live channel on top. You also changed what you can do when clicking on a program. For example, if I want to record a program when I am on the road, I could simply click the program and select record. Now, that option is buried under the “more info” option which is further buried under a series of three dots that you need to click on to bring that menu up. Worse yet, you may not even get the option if it is an odd channel. Something that never happened with the old interface. Long story short, I want the old interface back. Offer it as an option on the App Store so I can ditch this abomination.
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6 years ago, Dankstorm
The worst cable ever
I have never been so disappointed by just about any company that I have ever done business with. I have had nothing but problems with Verizon Fios and they do not care. All they want is your money and then more of it. I will be canceling my service early. The functionality of their service is not good. Their customer service is not good. Their price is not good. Also I warn you not to be duped into believing any special offers that they give to new customers as you WILL NOT receive them! I have spent countless hours on the phone with them during the past year and have wasted all of that time. I cannot get that time back. I cannot get my tv to work right. I cannot get real answers and help. I cannot receive the promotion promised when I signed up and I cannot get out of my contract without paying for it. Well so far the money spent to get out of the contract will be the best money spent throughout this entire process. If you are looking for a cable service provider I urge you to look somewhere else. You will be disappointed with Verizon Fios.
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1 year ago, needing the update
If I could give Fios one star I would
If you are remotely considering this internet provider I would STRONGLY advise against it. The worst customer service I have ever expiernced. Prepare to wait at least 2 hours to talk to anyone if they even talk to you. They only take calls 8AM-7PM so if you work don’t even think about trying to contact them. They will send you in circles for hours on the phone just to tell you they can’t help. And you can’t go in person either. They have Verizon stores everywhere but then just tell you to “call”. I placed an order for a service online thinking I would not have to deal with the customer service. After waiting 5 days for the order with NO communication I reached out. They told me there was an issue and I needed to call. This is the first bad review I believe I have ever written for anything ever but any internet service is better than Fios. Unless you wanna live without internet or have an impossible time moving or purchasing a service, avoid at all costs. 0/5 stars
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4 years ago, bdemeryg
No help
Don’t end up like me. I’ve tried to use the app multiple times to try to help fix connection issues. I was told to use this app to help troubleshoot my issues instead of calling in. It is is probably more irritating than actually calling in. The prompt has you select your issue and it will check the connection in 1-3 min. After 15 minutes of it saying it was trying to connect with no status update, I tried again. After the 3rd time and 45 minutes later a prompt came up telling me it can not connect to my service and to continue for more steps. I press next and all it does is lead me back to the beginning to restart the process!im pretty sure this app never even tries to connect because I’ve used it when my connections working perfectly fine and it responds the exact same. I’m pretty sure this is a facade set up by Verizon to make people feel like something is happening when it is really just a loading screen designed to just go from 0-100% on repeat. Don’t even waste your time!
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10 months ago, Clooneytunes
If you use a wifi extender, this app is useless
It says my device is not connected to my network. In tiny print, it says if you use a wifi repeater or extender, your devices may not appear here. Duh! Tried speed test … showed I'm getting 10% of the plan speed I paid for. Tried to see my plan or other options because I'm thoroughly unhappy with my current service, screen said "We are looking up your account info. This will only take a moment". SEVEN minutes later, watching a progress wheel spinning, I gave up. Deleted the app, downloaded it again, same result. If they can't make their own apps work well, why should I renew my Verizon plan? If I call them, they will run me through steps I've already taken and then try to sell me on a more expensive contract with more expensive equipment while telling me my current equipment is slowing me down. I have FIOS TV, Internet, and Wireless Mobile. ALL unsatisfactory, buggy, and SLOW. Buffering constantly.
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5 months ago, iamjon123456789
Very poor app for a company with a name so big…
Every experience I have had with Verizon short of the absolute basic troubleshooting steps has been terrible. The app, the website..I do not understand how a company as massive as Verizon does not employ simple software quality control. Many of these issues should have been caught at the very basic software testing phases of this application. Obviously, Verizon has a service and that service is what their primary focus is on, rightfully so. Their cell service and their Fios home internet pretty much have the market cornered in many locations. They do those services well. I just believe that a company should focus just a tiny bit more effort on their customer facing portals to provide a better service. This application alone will be a reason that, if given the opportunity for another high speed provider in my area to take its place, I would not hesitate. Couple that with the disaster of a website and the difficulty in addressing anything involving customer service and it’s a no brainer. The application has a few good features, but overall functionality is very slow, very clunky, and is quite frankly a pain to use when compared with other companies who invest in developing a well rounded service to their customer, not just their primary.
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11 months ago, aweseome-J
Not a happy camper
Im dissatisfied with Fios tv because the representative that knocked on my door promised me a package deal for $130 and that’s what I’ll be paying. He then told me to call him that following Friday to remind him to put the discounts that were due to me as a new customer, btw I was with optimum 15 years and never should’ve left). My bill is $176 which is what I was paying with optimum and at least optimum gave me free Starz encore. Everyone has Starz encore free. It just blinks in and out for no reason. I will say the remote control voice command to find your favorite show is very convenient. If optimum go that I’ll switch back over in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t recommend Fios tv to anyone. If you have it already then you have it. What can I say?! I should’ve never had left. However I will be going back shortly. I’m just lazy to call lol 😂 procrastinating.
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5 years ago, lofeteire
Parental control schedules are a disaster
I was forced to update to this new version with Home Network Protection. The parental control schedule setting within Home Network Protection is terrible. Once you finish setting up all the schedules for each profile/device, you are not allowed to make any changes. For example, if you want to change the start/end times, say by 15 minutes you basically need to delete that entry and create a new one entirely from scratch. This is extremely time consuming and annoying for parents as we try to manage kids online use. Flexibility is key for a feature like this, as we all know given the level of negotiations always involved around device access. This, in addition to the extremely frequent error of router not available, etc. Plus the super annoying question about notifications that is re-asked every time the app is used. Verizon, we have little option other than use your app, so please fix this asap!
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4 years ago, bimpta
A terrible app
I rarely rate an app and rarer still to write a review, but I feel compelled to do so in this case to document my concern over the quality Verizon’s app and its customer service overall. I’ve tried to use the app’s chat function on five occasions and I’ve spent approximately 5-7 hours seeing the same robotic recitation of instructions to fix my issues, and which ultimately remain unresolved or takes weeks to fix. When I click schedule an appointment, it prompts me to put in a phone number and the issues I’m experiencing, but when I click confirm, it goes to a blank page. Moreover, the app fails to display any phone numbers to call and no real way to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. It seems clear that Verizon is intentionally avoiding their customer service responsibilities. I can understand a one-off situation, but the fact that this has been repeated over months demonstrates that this failure is systemic and perhaps a testament to the company’s core values.
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4 years ago, peaceguy
Needs Work
The app will open, I choose my channel, the channel opens up, I start watching/listening - then - the AUDIO goes out. To rectify, I have to close the app completely & re-open it. Then - a lot of times while I’m walking around, it will just log out - and I have to log back in - forcing me to have to open up my LastPass app, search for Verizon, copy my password, go back to this app, and enter my password... Then of course I have to re-open the channel I was watching. All a big PITA. 3rd complaint: watching my recorded shows in the app while out & about - even in a stationary spot - is ‘iffy’. It will clock and/or buffer. So I have to get out of the app completely again and go back in. Then it of course goes back to where I STARTED watching - rather than where it was when it decided to start buffering and crash. So then I have to scroll to where I think I was - and scrolling is not a joyful experience... once you stop, it of course has to buffer, so I have to wait some more... until it finally decides to start playing. Then of course, it’s the wrong place, so - I have to decide whether I want to go through all that trouble again of trying to scroll, - or just bend over and take what’s been given me... All in all - generally not a pleasant experience when using this app. Needs some better engineering, thought, more development, and perhaps better QA testers...
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2 years ago, sky - d
Horrible customer service
Already tried to move internet service three times. The first time I was told no new equipment was needed and no tech needed to come back out - I also could not have new location started until a week later. I contacted customer service again and the second agent said no new equipment needed but a tech needed to come out - but that tech could be there the next day (not a week later). All things seemed ok until I got an email saying new service was starting at my old address but same day. I contacted Verizon Again via chat, and was asked questions that seemed unrelated to what previous agent said. Upon being transferred to technical support and not customer service (which is odd I am calling about a service that hasn’t started yet), and app crashed. Everything on the app but the support option works. I’m starting to decide if being with Verizon is worth it.
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2 years ago, franvlantis
Awful App
It is awful! Unreliable, unfriendly , interface is confusing , identifying devices hooked up are confusing , get locked out often and have-to reset user name and Pw every 5 th time using the APP. Setting up device hours to limit WiFi use for my kids devices is unfriendly and tedious using the clock, identify the days of the week and noting that they have been selected or not are confusing , the Saturday and the Sunday were messed up so the settings to limit the WiFi were wrong when programmed. The APP DOESNT WORK, doesn’t load, and often has errors. I have been using it for a few years and I actually hate using it. I just suffer through all the shut downs, restarts and new password settings so that I can manage my kids WiFi use. Please make it easier and asks moms for input n how to build the app!! I bet you’ll have the best working APP if you get our input and make the changes!
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3 years ago, Kvree
I was using the this app to help manage the bandwidth in the house during Covid. I have scheduled the upgrade already tried but could not because they stop installation. So I block a few devices mostly the kids from time is Xbox, Freeing up the internet for me to work. A few days ago I did it again, like I had done for a month. Now the app crashes when opening it over and over again. I am unable to get in even after reloading the App, trying other phone, tried the pc but it say use the app, tried the router say use the app, call tech support they say use the app and we have no other way to reset things. Unable to use the app because it crashes. I would say think twice before blocking device because if you use the app and it doesn’t let you in you locked out the devices. I have read about this happing to others on line to late. Still awaiting with no fix on how to get devices back on
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1 year ago, Alicia in NJ
Painfully bad
I can’t overstate how much I hate this app. The worst design I’ve ever seen. Meant to be used to manage your internet service with them, but it’s cumbersome and hardly works. Will give you alerts that your internet connection isn’t working when you’re in the app but you’re my internet provider! So help me fix it! Now I can’t use the app??? Orange alerts show up every single time I open the app Home Screen and block my view. Have to cancel each of them. They’re stupid thank you messages — not even alerts. I can’t update any info about my plan because I’m soft-locked in a “pending order”, still get alerts from rewards I received when I opened up my service over a year ago, and it’s just BROKEN. I’ve considered leaving Verizon because of this. Verizon is not cheap and this is the investment you place in your app? Go look at what Xfinity is doing and learn from them. A joke.
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2 years ago, Berrywater
Not a functional app
I don’t understand how Verizon can’t bother making an app that works. This one crashes constantly and most of the time you were not able to get to the customer service e chat function, and if you are it will randomly restart and shut you out of the help chat. Right now my technician is an hour late and the only way to reschedule them is to use the app, but the app freezes before you get to any option to reschedule or cancel or see where they are. I have multiple messages that have come in while I have been waiting for my installation, but again, the app crashes and won’t let me open any of these messages. And all this while using the latest update. If they are trying to get you to use the app for customer convenience (and most likely to save money on customer support staff), they need to make an app that actually functions.
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5 years ago, Dmarie215265
False advertisement
I had a different internet provider and decided to switch to Verizon Fios for the faster internet and for the promotion they had for new customers who would receive a $100 rewards gift card after 60 days. To make a long story short after a hassle to register the rewards card I was able to register it and was told I would receive in two weeks (I even took a screen shot). Its been more than two weeks (and 60 days) and still have not receive it. I decided to check the status and now it says that its been cancelled due to my eligibility. I don't understand what’s happening. When calling customer service I never get through and talk to someone about this. But Im always left waiting for so long and I never get a call back. I am very disappointed and this was all a tactic to get new customer. I was counting on that rewards card for extra income. I would not recommend Verizon to anyone.
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5 years ago, NicolePISssss
My experience
My order started out rough to say the least. The end date in old apartment did not coincide with start date in new apartment, even though I requested that it did. I requested that there not be any down time. instead of the sales clerk telling me it wasn’t possible for the date I requested. She booked a date outside of my lease end date to start service on 8/31. I gave Verizon a 5 star rating because folks like Doreene, Steve and Derrick worked tirelessly to ensure that my service was restored on 9/1. I didn’t get the name of the initial person I dealt with but I wished she would have explained the truth to me upfront so I wouldn’t have had the delivery expectation sooner than what it ended up.
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1 year ago, abetterway?
Fios- I hope at the price without benefit of “Fios”
No benefit to me except internet- that is slow. Verizon missing the bus except in certain localities. Land line used for emergency purposes only. ( just in case our poor Verizon cell services fails, which it had in case of medical emergency when family member tried contacting by cell. Leave ringer on - phone rings constantly - number is unknown except my family members- always wrong number. Looks like there be better service from a company that is do large, widespread, and supposedly service oriented. Agents I speak to are extremely knowledgeable and courteous. It’s the service. Verizon had a bad reputation for accessibility even prior to mobile service. My complaints are common - we’ve exchanged experiences. Life just much more complicated. These experiences only cause more stress, added cost, lower satisfaction. But hey - that’s progress!(?) Just the world we live in.
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6 years ago, Wilson-PickIt
Impossible Tech Support
Wait time way in excess of 1 hour last two occasions, after automated message said wait time would be 17 and 22 minutes. The only reason mine wait time was that low was bc I finally gave up! I now realize the only hope I had to get answers from FiOS to these nagging tech issues would have been RIGHT WHEN I SIGNED UP, when they were actually concerned I was going to stay and start paying. Now, we deal with annoying gaps in streamed music play, from all of our devices (doesn't sound like a device problem to me). And we blindly set about relocating our FiOS router, for best reception in a wood frame house (cmon, the gain in download speed and general connectivity was supposed to be MINDBLOWING!). We're not talking steel frame or thick stone blocking our signal. My suggestion, do even more research than we did up front before you make a move. Good luck!
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4 years ago, Rajeshghotekar
Fios customer support mislead customer & charge for full month
Fios Customer support misleading me since my past 5 attempts to reach them. They didn’t took my request to disconnect the fios services on 19july instead told me they will contact me later but never called back. On my move date 30 July fios didn’t disconnect & charged me for the full month of service. Where as fios I only used for 5 days. I had to call again on 1st Aug to place a disconnect service request & fios doesn’t provide service at my new address but they charged me for the complete Aug month. I used fios for past 2 years still they are behaving like that very bad customer support. I have the chat evidences of fios support where they mislead me by saying they took my request to revert the money also gave me the reference number of the same; but later when I tried to reach them back with same reference # they said there is no such request.
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6 years ago, App Rater 14
Update is Not Better
Last version was pretty good, easy, straightforward user experience. The update makes it much harder to use, more swipes needed to complete the same tasks as before, second landing screen, multiple places to select record. Looks like the same dis-improvements to the Fios menus on the STB have been transferred to the app. The developer should be tarred and feathered for making customers unhappy. One star for making it worse than before. 2018–update—still too many steps to get to record a program. Now there’s a distraction, a second record button that records the next week’s program. Gee thanks—now I missed this week’s episode. (I’m trying to not get into the problems with the service itself here). When is Verizon going to wise up and serve the customer again? Maybe the new update will be better—stay tuned.
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5 months ago, Lady.G.21
What’s the point?
App consistently sends notifications about new devices on my network but when I click on the notification the app opens to a generic settings page and never shows what the new device is. What’s the point? Frequently when I try to load home devices it gives an error message of “unknown error” - that’s very disconcerting - or “service temporarily unavailable, try again shortly”. The app is painfully slow and often I have to enter my login information repeatedly because the app repeatedly sends me back to the login page after I tap login. Part of the reason I got Fios was because of the advertised protections, but what’s the point if I can never tell if those protections are working or not? And as a tech provider, shouldn’t Verizon be on the cutting edge of service, user experience, and privacy protections? Very frustrated.
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2 years ago, df5250
Phone Management Features Rarely Work +
The phone management features rarely work. It consistently tells me there are no voice mails, when there are. When I can get to the voice mail list, I cannot listen, read transcript or delete because the voice mail is busy or there is no internet connection. This was sporadic before but since the new release happens daily. I deleted and reloaded the app, but had to wait at least a day for the app to recognize my account has voice mail. Before that I was prompted to set up VM service. I have logged out and back in multiple times. All to no avail! Second issue is the internet feature doesn’t work properly. It always says I have 0 devices connected, which is not accurate since there are at least 5 devices connected. When I can get the details to refresh, I sometimes get a no internet connection message. Especially when trying to use the wifi analyzer. Third issue is I consistently receive a message of not being connected to the internet. Every other app and service on my device seems to connect just fine. Lastly, it is extremely slow to refresh data. In this day it should not take this long to load the data on your pages. Please fix the app!!
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6 years ago, Ride or Die Philly
Auto pay issues with multiple Verizon accounts
I have Verizon wireless and FiOS. My wireless bill is due mid month, FiOS is due on 26th. My wireless payment has been on auto pay mid-month for years. I've scheduled auto pay for my FiOS Account through the app & also through their website for the 26th, somehow it always gets crossed and they want to withdraw my FiOS bill mid month when it was set up for the 26th. I've spoken to customer service and they said that is not possible however, I have screenshots of confirmations for my FiOS to be set up for auto pay on the 26th and then text alerts that my FiOS bill will be withdrawn mid-month. Something in their systems is mapped improperly. So I keep my wireless on auto pay and have to manually login to My Fios to pay the bill each month on the 26th.
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2 years ago, Canterford
Review for the services Jim rendered
Jim was extremely patently with me. I am 74 and not technology savvy. He took the time to explain and walk me through everything. He also took time to explain other things and features I needed. He walked me through the process . I have never had someone to be so very helpful and patient. I know I asked a lot of questions and was not aware of what I was to do. It did not annoy him. He continued to say “we are here to help you-don’t worry.” I have been frustrated because I did not know how to perform the task. He did not make me feel like an idiot. I would like to thank him again for solving my problem.
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6 years ago, Cindy610
Audio is not in sync. Distorted voice sometimes. Speed is not near what advertised. Charged two $50 charges for service installation fee was to be waved already paid $90 to have internet installed. Service person said it was incorrectly installed by previous installer. Internet installed 7 days prior. I told customer representative that I wanted to add phone & tv. He walked me thru my online service request. Promised showtime. I am not happy with the two $50 service charges for installing Equipment was delivered to store 15 minutes from my house. I had to pick it up. I want the last two service charges removed. I paid it today. I don’t think your agents are trained very well I would like someone to contact me. I think I’m well in by rights to cancel at any time
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2 years ago, Babanco Jana agxuxinabah
This is the worst app ever created by humankind. I could literally teach a 1st grader how to create a better application in a week, it’s beyond me that the people who made this are still employed. The bugs in this app run rampant, good luck using any customer service features. The chat times out or freezes randomly. If you close the app to check something for customer service (which they will tell you to do about 100 times) you can’t get back into said customer service conversation. Tracking your technician is a feature they boast when they schedule an appointment for you, but it doesn’t work in app like they boast about. If you’re one of the lucky ones and never have to speak to customer service and just use the app to pay your bills, you’ll be fine. If you have to use it for literally anything prepare to want to throw your phone.
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4 years ago, Fordham1991
Arrogant Representative
I’ve taken all the calls from Vz about how I’m a valued customer. I have no need for HBO as we don’t watch. We are down to 1 TV so no need for 2 boxes. So I asked to see about lowering my bill. First I had to endure a litany of questions about viewing, streaming, etc. Then the upsell. The great offer took me to more that I’m currently paying. I was talked down to because I didn’t want to extend my current contract. I said that I’d probably go to another provider. Then, the “why would you do that - the price would be the same, you’d have to wait for them to come to install...”. I have waited for Vz only for them to reschedule. Not the best argument. $200 + a month is too steep a price to pay for something you’re not using. I am stuck with a landline that I haven’t used in 5 years. Now, had I been able to drop the landline while upgrading my speed - I would think the cost is fair.
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4 years ago, Puzzleman665
Can’t get help, google for a FIOS 800 number
My bill went way up, again, so I looked at the app there’s a way to get in touch with Verizon to get it fixed. But the app doesn’t give you any way to contact them on the phone. I can imagine a really cool feature would be that you call through the app and they would know exactly who you are and that would be great. Like Bank of America does. But not Verizon. Instead you can’t get the phone number from the app and when I try to submit feedback in the app it errored out. Yeah they don’t even let you submit feedback in the app feedback form, so I’m doing it though Apple with a one star rating. Oh and don’t think that Verizon will actually answer the phone after 5 PM because they won’t, you have to call during business hours because, well I’m not sure why but it’s consistent with how painful it’s been to try to get help tonight.
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2 months ago, GrowWithItGirl
App is always a problem
Literally every month I have a problem signing into this app to pay my bill. Even though I keep my password written somewhere, it never seems to accept it and I have to go through the reset process every time which most of the time still doesn’t work. When resetting, it’ll give me a couple options to verify my account and I will go through all of them to either be told they don’t match (even when I have the info written out in front of me) or for absolutely nothing to happen when I try to enter my information. And then getting ahold of a real person is next to impossible. Just take my money, Verizon! And once I do finally manage to get into my account, the ‘keep me signed in’ option never seems to work. This is the only utility that makes it a struggle to pay them.
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3 months ago, sergio11227
Retrieving user id procedure is unbelievably irrational
The fios app logged me out. For logging in it requires some User ID, which I never received. Why I can not just log in using my phone number or email address? When trying to retrieve password or user id, it requires me to choose from some options giving the first and the last letter- how should I know what is User ID associated with my account if I never received it, Especially guess from the first and last letters. After selecting one of them it gives me one option how to get my user id or reset password - US Mail. So if I need to check the app right now, I have no options to retrieve password or user id using my phone or email? why??? Why should I wait days to be able to log in to my fios app? Who is the “genius” mind that created this procedure? Nothing ever goes smoothly with Verizon
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3 months ago, JumpJiveNWail
App *crashed* twice this morning
If you’re going to offer the App as a way to get support, you need to make sure it doesn’t crash while it’s in use. Twice this morning, the App, while in the middle of a chat session trying to resolve a billing issue, just crashed and forced the reload of the app and dumped me at the Home Screen and I lost the chat thread and had to start over. This is terrible support. If you’re going to rely on the app as a way to get help, it has to work. Those of us who don’t want to wait on hold for an hour to get a live person need alternatives and I’m glad that Verizon is offering alternatives but they have to be reliable. And this experience just honestly put me in such a bad mood to start my week because I just wanted to get this billing issue resolved quickly…and the App contributed to that NOT happening.
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2 years ago, pissedatsepta
Genuinely the slowest app I’ve ever used
Y’all I timed it. I screenrecorded and timed this mess of an app. It took over a MINUTE to just open it. Over a full minute of a white screen, grey loading dots, and a big ole “Fios”. If you can make it through that, then it takes around 17 seconds to load the page with wifi network information. (Which, my comparison sounds like lightning speed - but not when you consider 3 seconds as the standard page loading time.) I have no idea what they are doing to make this app time travel back to using dial-up but they’ve done it. Ultimate irony is that I typically have to load this app to test wifi speed. I am sure the features of this app are fine, but you better be prepared to wait. (Oh, and also, the app support link 404s. So if you wanna give feedback, you probably will have better luck snail mailing it)
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11 months ago, Itunes user 92
Verizon Fios app is basically unusable
I can’t tell you how beyond frustrated I am that the iOS app for Verizon Fios caused. I spent two hours on chat and phone with tech support and still have a lack of trust in this app’s ability to function. It assigned a random name to my one device. Never connected properly and because of its poor user interface I couldn’t tell the randomly named device was something I owned. So tech support told me to restart my router. You should be able to see what wifi network your devices are connected to in device management and they should connect using a recognizable name. This app is so bad. Tech support didn’t realize it was glitching. had to restart my router for no reason and now I’m trying to reconnect all my devices and name them so that I know if something malicious tries to connect. Hate this app.
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3 years ago, Zahra 2000
Unable to provide feedback for problems with the App
I tried to report a problem with the MyFios App. Unfortunately, after spending time writing up the problem, the feedback failed to submit. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it still didn’t work. The app wouldn’t even let me paste previously typed comments into the feedback field so I just kept retrying with the word test. I understand that the app feedback feature in the app is the only way to provide feedback to the developers and it doesn’t work - at least not for me. Also, in my mix and match TV package, I’m unable to update the five channels through the MyFios app. It initially saves but then reverts back to the old selected channels. The only way to change it is to talk to a representative over the phone. As I’m unable to privately provide feedback, I’m providing it through the App Store.
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3 years ago, manyproblemd
Not accepting known password and many other complications.
No available assistance or explanations for the inaccessibility. Had to type in the password several times each time was precisely entered. Was asking for information that was not previously required or proposed as a means of accessing the account Photo for credit card does not work. Tried many times. Finally got to speak with someone at a prior attempt to pay and had difficulties including that they said that the on line account and the phone service were different and could not be paid together which really complicated my payment attempts. Errors were expressed without explanation as to what they were or how to correct the errors. Finally accepted password even though it said it was invalid. Very frustrating to say the least. The person trying to help was of no use for a long time then we eventually we were arable to figure it out but the process takes far too long. I don’t understand how a phone company which deals in telephone as it means of business is able to complicate the payment method so severely. Then if done by call in wants to charge extra to pay for it’s own company service. Please help your own customers, please.
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5 years ago, todayisok
I got this for the parental controls. Easy to set up but only works half the time. A lot of the time it says it can’t connect to the router. And if you enable Home Network Protection, which you must do to set up parental controls, you’re forced to use the app. You can’t do it on the Verizon website. If you need to make changes, you have to wait until the app will magically work again which could take days. No way to disable. Even if you toggle it off on the app, it still doesn’t let you change the parental controls on the website, since you made the initial decision to enable Home network protection. Horrible horrible horrible. Thinking about ditching the Verizon router because of this. Also if you want to change the schedule for a particular device, you can’t edit it. You have to delete the whole thing and start over.
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