VicoHome: Security Camera App

4.9 (38.7K)
186.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VicoHome: Security Camera App

4.87 out of 5
38.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Unable to choose this
Love, love, love these cameras!
I have purchased multiple VicoHome Vision Well cameras (for myself as well as to give as gifts); because I love them so much. Installation only took minutes; and the images they provide are super clear. I love the fact I no longer have to buy the expensive batteries, which my previous cameras required. There is no base station that the cameras have to be linked to. So, everything you need arrives in one little (well-packed) box. (In the past, my cameras were constantly going offline and having to be re-synced. I'm so happy I no longer have this problem.) Above all else, the customer support is as superior as the product. You receive instant and clear responses to any questions you might have. The cameras are reasonably priced; and, in my opinion, you have nothing to lose if you decide to purchase this high quality camera. I highly recommend this camera if you are looking for a superior camera!
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2 years ago, dfthornton1
Perfect Home Security
My wife and I had to obtain a criminal protective order on a very sick family member that had already been convicted of recording a death threat against me. Our immediate response was to add wireless cameras around our property and points of entry that all tie into the VicoHome Security App, which notifies my phone whenever someone approaches the door, leaves a package, or even tries to steal a package from the porch. We have a ring of security around our home and the app saves the video recordings in the cloud, and will even notify me in real time if I’m across the country and no one is at home. I highly recommend the VicoHome app, which is very reasonably priced should you choose to save all your recordings in the cloud for the long term. In short, I’m very happy with the product and customer service!
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3 months ago, ScallywagKirby
How to see through your camera in a reasonable amount of time.
If you’re like me who has 1Gps and shouldn’t have any trouble connecting to your cameras that show full strength connectivity somehow, here is an easy way to open your camera that should’ve already been fast to open as they insist you use their paid service. Open VicoHome. Close VicoHome. Open VicoHome again. Tap play on the live feed (but don’t wait the 3 minutes it requires to actually work) Immediately after tapping play on live feed, Tap to expand the screen in the bottom right of the camera. This should give you access to the live feed quickly (specifically the live feed that works well and instantly on cloud edge and any other camera I’ve ever purchased besides these ones. The ones that work extremely well and have most the features that vico’s paid service has but for free. The ones that don’t charge for a battlepass for your home security because it’s not a game)
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2 months ago, big lopp
I got this camera because my backyard camera that I have from vivint suddenly turned off permanently. I am really considering ending my contract with vivint because the cameras and service they give is TERRIBLE. The camera quality of these cameras is so clear and it’s so awesome that it has the feature to spin around the camera and hear the audio. I live in a bad area and vivint has failed me so many times, I had ended up in a home invasion because vivint didn’t alert me that guys were in my backyard, and my side camera was also offline for a whole day. This camera gives me relief.
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5 months ago, Landon [Klutch Krazy]
This app is pretty fantastic and works well in everything it does. However, I have one serious gripe with it. You allow us to make “zones” within the cameras view, so you only get notifications from movement in that specific area. But that’s not what you need.. PLEASE add the ability to make the zones determine the area of detection as a whole. I have one camera placed on the front of my warehouse gate, and there is a road right out the gate. Every time a car/person passes by, the camera activates. Because of this, I don’t have the alarm feature on. Allowing us to add zones that determine the motion detection would save a lot of battery power from unnecessary alarms, light flashes, and recordings.
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1 month ago, Sharyl G
Unsure who to contact
Hey I just got this camera not even a week ago. I turned it on used it for a day and was exploring the subscription to the icloud service offering One Month free and $4.49 every month after. So I sign up and the subscription service charged my cash app card $4.61 (I use cash app before I set up auto payments from my bank account) there is no service for one month free because my cash app account keeps declining the charge! That’s how I catch shady service fees from over charging me for nothing by using cash app which prompts me for authorization on everything. I’m not authorizing this payment because I might not need the service but I wanted to try it. Officially complaining that the first payment was supposed to be taken on June 12… not any day sooner! No thank you
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9 months ago, Denver nana
Inferior product
THIS CAMERA IS NOT RELIABLE. I usually turn the camera off during the day, when I’m at home. For no reason, the camera will turn itself back on, even though I had turned it off. I have my camera positioned to capture only people and animals at night, because we have recently had raccoons invading our back yard. The camera will only start recording AFTER the raccoons have entered the designated viewing area of the camera. Also, there have been several recordings that I HAVE NOT deleted, but these saved recordings delete themselves. For the record, there is nothing wrong with my internet connection or anything incorrect about the way I have set this camera to function properly. So, all in all, this camera is not dependable for security. Look for a camera that will deliver what you bought it for!!
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3 months ago, Reviewer_on_app_store
Latest Updates
The latest updates are miserable. One camera will update the software but I can’t get the second one to update. Been trying all day. The updated app runs sluggish. It takes a bit for it to refresh when there’s something new recorded (if it records at all). There are time when I walk in front of the camera several times and the camera doesn’t record. I’ve checked and double checked everything. There’s time when it only records for one second when something’s been there for longer than that. The recent updates make my want to smash my cameras. It very frustrating. Not sure what else to do. My WiFi is fine. It’s been working till lately. Please fix (and that’s even if I can get my cameras to update).
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2 weeks ago, krazykazoo
Changed subscription terms with no notice
I got the monthly $4.49 subscription for my two cameras that was good for any number of cameras on the account when I signed up. It would record for up to 2 or 3 minutes and let me set up zones for notifications. It worked fine for a few months then all of a sudden I noticed that I only get 20 second recordings again and there is no option to toggle the longer recordings like there was before. Now it rarely records even 10 seconds. I looked at the subscription options and they don’t tell you what they cover but they have a ton more expensive options. So obviously the subscription I have is just good for zones and not the longer recording now. Not happy with this company.
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1 year ago, Guardian Eye
Eye in the sky
This is my initial review since I just received the cameras yesterday. So far I can only rate the app installation process and connecting it to WiFi network. The app was very simple to download and install. It took me less than one minute to download and one to two minutes to connect two cameras to my network. That’s pretty fast. I will be installing them on my future home location in a remote area in Florida in a couple of days where there’s no internet connection to monitor my house for unwanted predators. More to follow.
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1 year ago, Gamgam66
Wrong birds for continent
The bird recognize app is identifying birds that aren’t on my continent it identifies birds from Asia and Europe among others but not my continent. The house finch which has red males and plane females always identifies the red male as a rose finch which is a Europe Asia bird not here. The northern mockingbird is always identified as a cuckoo bird or tropical mockingbird. This is a huge problem that regardless how many times I contact with the correct information it doesn’t change. I have sent in correction after correction and it doesn’t matter it keeps identifying bird’s wrong and from other areas of the world. The answer isn’t to contact them letting them know of the problem because I do daily. Maybe your app should limit the identification to the area you’re in instead of the Asia Europe region.
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8 months ago, ThyRock
VicoHome notification audio control flaw.
After using “Live” view, VicoHome app reduces audio volume that controls all apps on the iPhone. With VicoHome volume set to 10, the volume is very low. VicoHome volume setting must allow for higher volume. The low volume causes all notifications from all apps on the iPhone to be missed. The VicoHome app should allow user to select audio file to use in iPhone Settings Notifications page. This will allow the user to select a low volume file for the VicoHome app if desired. This bug must be fixed ASAP. A temporary workaround to this flaw is to completely close the VicoHome app after using “Live” view rather than letting VicoHome run in the background. Once the VicoHome app is no long running, the iPhone volume control resumes control of the iPhone volume.
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1 year ago, Wrangler1973
App is great except for ONE major issue…
LOVE the app all except for one issue, and it’s a pretty big one. My wife and I both have the app and check in on our dogs throughout the day. The problem is that you can only log in to the app one at a time, otherwise it’ll kick you out and you’ll have to wait for the other person to close the app. That sounds like a small thing, but I’m a truck driver and am gone fairly often and like to check in when I can. If the wife happens to be checking in at the same time, then I can’t and vice versa. Please fix this devs, as I’m sure it’s probably fairly easy to do.
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3 years ago, BrianaMarie19
Worth the price!!!!!!!
This Camera definitely does it’s job!! I have had a few cameras in the past that said they did the same kind of things as this camera. But was rough Quality and battery life etc. this Camera is actually very good quality video wise and the battery life is amazing as well!!!! The only down side is you have to pay to keep recordings and you can change much notification wise atleast via phone. But the live connection when I am not home works amazing and even the microphone is great!!! Deff recommended! Specially such a great camera at a decent price!
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1 year ago, Parasite59
Been very disappointed I got these cameras because they had pretty good reviews. A lot better than my other cameras, a.k.a. Eufy but now this isn’t turning out to be not so great I have two of the exact same cameras and one keeps going off-line first they tried to tell me it was my Wi-Fi, even though the other camera doesn’t go offline, then they try to tell me maybe it’s because of the cold weather so the cold weather only affects the one camera not the other so unfortunately I will be returning this camera and seeking out another option also, I would like to add that if the cameras Wi-Fi issue and It disconnects my other cameras will reconnect them selves because if I lose the Wi-Fi at my house, all my other cameras reconnect themselves but this one can’t.
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1 year ago, Drone Daddy
Totally Awesomely Well Done:)
They have so much into this camera it’s just amazing:) I can check area on my cell from another state & you can’t afford that kind of security for no more than this awesome camera is in cost:) To be able to share ur camera with another family member is sweet as if I’m out of the state any issues they can get there quickly:) There is so much tech built into this that you can’t help but get one or two:) Thx for a Great Security Service that even I can afford:) Appreciate it so much & have a Great Day:)
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11 months ago, DJ Simply S
Wonderfully easy
Our church is so blessed to have the cameras that are so easy to use to set up and to have as a deterrent for locals that have been miss treating our church grounds. We have peace of mind, knowing that we have the cameras that are set up now to act as a as a deterrent to those that have thought less of our church. We are comfortable now that we have them. Our pastor is very very happy with them. Our audio department is overjoyed with how easy they are to install and our bookkeeping is very happy also at the cost.
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9 months ago, Chuckee999
I have had three camera for about two and a half years now. When I first got them, oh my gosh, I loved them! But the 9 months or so, have been nothing but headaches. Every time there is an update to the app, the cameras, one by one, go off line and you have climb up to the cameras and do a hard reset. This is ridiculous and I should not have to do this, every time there is a new update. Today there was an update, and there is one offline as a result. In a couple days another one will go offline, then a couple days later the other one will go. Been through it so many times… ridiculous!!!!
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1 year ago, Squirrel Diner
VicoHome is a real winner
I have encountered a video security company that I know I can count on. I’ve had experience with a variety of products and wanted better product performance. My purchase of the VicoHome security cameras with PTZ (pan tilt & zoom) has filled that search. I highly recommend the products they offer. Not only do they work great, they are straightforward EASY to setup and install. The APP for your phone keeps you connected. There are many products out there and VicoHome security cameras are real winners and priced right.
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1 year ago, skelzir
Really cool camera
This camera has a colorful video and it’s battery life seems endless. It has a very sensitive Wi-Fi connection and some unusual features. For example it tells you if the motion was caused by a person, or a vehicle leaving or approaching. How about telling you it could see a pet. Install is simple if you charge the battery first with the provided cable. I bought 2 of them. I use a sd card and I like that I can delete the videos so you don’t need more than 64 GB.
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1 year ago, David K-95864
Changing router unnecessarily complicated
You can’t just quickly switch routers. You have to go through the entire new camera connection process. I have a misspell SSID that I can’t delete because it is halfway under the greyed out connect button and I can’t pick the correct one because it is all the way under the connect button. This needs to be fixed. I have to get the camera and bring it next to the desired router to connect it. The entire process is entirely too complicated and takes me 3 or 4 tries every time. Why can’t I just go in there and switch it in a couple of clicks?
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9 months ago, fuufeahbniydvbvd
Good camera but…
It’s a good camera but to record all day you have to pay a monthly fee! Why?? I bought many cameras before and they just record into memory card! This one records only when it detects a motion. And doesn’t even record the whole action. I received a delivery and it said motion detected. It only recorded the packages. Can’t see who dropped them. Can’t see the delivery guy. So if you don’t pay a monthly fee this camera is just a live stream machine. Also some options are limited if you don’t pay monthly extra fee. They don’t mention this when they sell it. So be aware!
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12 months ago, smiles28540
Great but Issues
Loved the cameras at first but here lately I have no notifications that pop up letting me know I have activity. I have went through my notifications to see if maybe I turned them off I didn’t so I am unsure how to fix this. I was thinking that maybe it was an issue with my iOS software because I’m in the beta program, so if it is, I may have to come out of that program just to make sure that works correctly, I’m hoping that this can be resolved easily and quickly and then I will give you the correct amount of stars that you deserve
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1 year ago, Sdrgodawg a
Excellent Cameras
I have two and they both operate smoothly. Superb clarity and very easy to install and the app is very easy to navigate. Plan on buying two more for additional coverage. You cannot beat the price and quality. The solar charging pad is excellent and keeps the camera charged. The battery life exceeds any other battery on anything else I own. I have let it go uncharged for 14 days and still did not run below 30 percent. Amazing. Highly recommend
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2 years ago, mplaguna
Happy so far with this app!
I have only used the app for my 2 cameras for 1 month and so far it is working really well to get videos and notifications of any activity. I will update after more time if it changes. I’m not sure how it works without a subscription as my 30 day free trial just ended. It may work okay without a subscription but I subscribed for 1 year to be sure that I’m still getting the same good features as in the trial period.
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1 year ago, moejoe50
Awesome camera
We just purchased this camera for my front yard area and it’s working perfectly. I love how clear the camera is. I had to purchase this camera because my neighbor got his truck stolen from his house. I’m in the middle of our circle on our street so it covers all our houses in the front. I have a camera system that covers all of my back areas but I didn’t have any on the the front yard. So far I’m very pleased with this system. Thanks Steve
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1 year ago, takeiy
Very reliable app
Works very well , the only issue I had was that when I down load the app the cellular data was not activated so when I open the app when I was away from home it did not work, but it was an easy fix..the other thing is is that there is a charge if you want to used the home awareness I was thinking that, that would be included in the camera..but other than that works very good ..
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1 month ago, jankehrle
The Best Mother’s Day Gift!
My daughter surprised me with this on Mother's Day, she knows how much I enjoy my bird feeders on my balcony at my appartment and now they are coming to me upfront and so close. I shared the videos on Facebook and my family friends are so excited to see these beautiful and adorable birds! I absolutely LOVE this and it’s so easy setup and enjoy. Not only am I enjoying this, my friends and family are too.. some of them are getting one too!!!!
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2 weeks ago, Weazy78
Good cam / needs improvement
I’ve had this camera for a while and have been pleased with the easy install and ability to check in on it when we’re out of town. I would like it more if you could setup email notification when the battery reaches a certain level. I have mine as battery-only outside and there have been times when it wasn’t on (and needed it to be) because the battery died and I don’t check it every day.
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5 months ago, datakeepr
Just Installed
I’ve just installed the Vico Bird Feeder in our back yard. The setup was straight forward and the video feed is really nice. I have just activated bird AI and we will see how that goes. My ultimate goal is to provide access to our grandchildren in another state so they can watch when they are curious. I’ll add to this review in a few weeks. So far I’m reading that the bird AI is only available for the administrator (owner). I hope to find out that is not the case. The grands would love to have the birds identified.
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5 months ago, Jupiter Ops
Look elsewhere if you want remote viewing
The main reason I bought the camera and subscription was to remote view my cats. It’s essentially worthless for that. 80% of the time you get server timeout issues. When you are able to connect, it takes 5 or 6 tries. Support is just as bad. At first you receive a canned reply asking you to try different things and if the suggestions don’t work, to email again and when you do, you never hear from support again. I have another camera with a different vendor and it remotely connects within 3 seconds every single time, so the problem isn’t with my internet service.
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5 months ago, Risingson31
Camera does work fine. Downside is can only record for 20 seconds Other cameras let you choose how long you want the camera to record. Also , camera does not automatically record to the SD card. Video records to your phone camera roll taking up space on your phone. You have to download the live video to the SD card. Other camera automatically send video to the SD card.
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8 months ago, rocknrudee
VicoHome bird feeder
Love my bird feeder! It was a gift and have to say it’s one of the best ever! The video and sound are both very clear. Love seeing the different birds. Even watched a bird fight! Lol they are early risers so I put it to sleep for a bit. Works like a charm. The camera acts as a security camera too, so can see a portion of my yard. The only issue I have found is that I can’t get it off the bracket easily in order to clean it. But other than that, it’s awesome!
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12 months ago, PAK Man 21
Rare find
Team went above/beyond to help troubleshoot my device. When device became unresponsive to troubleshooting the device was replaced. Would definitely recommend company. Very hard finding great customer service in the US anymore let alone abroad. Much to my surprise I’m becoming a huge fan of purchasing products abroad due to the outstanding products and customer service. Kudos to the company and team! Patrick
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1 year ago, BagleyJ
Added Home Security
I first bought 3 cameras to see how they worked. After observing them for a while I decided to buy another camera. They are very good and the quality of the camera is excellent. I just have one request. Can you make it where the camera images on the house page can be rearranged like the icon on the iPhone? I will recommend these cameras to anyone who wants to protect their home.
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3 years ago, X2XMl
Works fine for me (Texas)
App works fine for me, I’m thrilled. The camera is excellent quality, all the features work perfect with high definition and scope to record things. You can zoom-in the on app and download videos. Also had an SD slot. You need a really highspeed connection for the features to work seamlessly otherwise I imagine it will buffer. Wish there was a way to turn off camera from phone.
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1 year ago, Jen1182
Best app!!
I have about four different apps for random cameras I’ve tried over the years and this one is the only one I still use. Reasonably priced cameras you can actually use that work as well and the overpriced ones. I still can’t understand how other companies will charge hundreds of dollars for equipment and then charge you just to use them. Thankfully decent apps like this one still exist.
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3 weeks ago, tommyjness
Storage subscription scam, marginal cameras
The storage subscription format changed, and now I only get recordings from one of the FOUR cameras I bought. ANGRY!!! One of my vehicles had its tires slashed, and the cameras caught NOTHING!!! Your stupid subscription service just dropped my other cameras! I started using SD cards for storage because of this stupid subscription scam, but now two of my other cameras just won’t record anything despite having plenty of storage on their SD cards. App is clunky and slow to load video feeds, and slow to playback recorded footage. You get what you pay for. This is garbage.
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1 year ago, Smilin Dude
iPhone 13 Pro
I’ve read a review about the iPhone 13 Pro wouldn’t work with camera or VicoHome app. That is not the case. I have complete access with my 13 Pro with the camera and app. This is a good camera. Very easy to use. I love it that the company updates this product. Bravo! Vico!!! Most companies don’t update their app but not Vico. They are always updating for a better experience and improving this product. Heavy Metal Rules!
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2 years ago, JEHNL
Useful App With Most of Key Functions
Very nice app that is easily to update. It contained most key features/functions for monitoring activities and camera status. One noticeable less undesirable area is that the recorded videos has to be swiped left or right to view them. It would be nice to have something similar to other surveillance camera apps where users can just scroll up and down to view recorded videos that contained thumbnail photo as cover picture.
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2 months ago, Joshuab1992
There is one thing that needs to be addressed for this app if you are listening to music, for example SiriusXM or any of the music apps if you open the pre-recorded videos and you have the option to reduce loud sounds for Apple AirPods, or earphones while listening to music will blast all the way up to 100 dB without your knowledge and scared the heck out of you. Developer please fix this issue. I reached out to Apple and they told me to reach out and do the review.
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2 years ago, TonyaParker
I have 6 of these cameras. These cameras are well worth the money. I see everything that moves around my house. I ordered some for my parents and my mom is always talking about the cameras and seeing everything outside that moves also. I would recommend these cameras to anyone. I am very pleased with these camera’s. I would recommend buying the memory card so you don’t have a monthly payment.
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4 days ago, chesnutmaremom
Affordable stall cam
I needed an affordable camera for the barn to watch my horse. The magnetic base is extremely strong. The set up was incredibly easy and I couldn’t be happier with the optional membership for longer recording, etc. the picture is great morning and night and the battery last way longer than I expected, compared to other cameras. It’s unbeatable for the money.
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3 weeks ago, chrissy ba
Cameras are pretty Good
I think the cameras are pretty good. But I would like to see an improvement in the lag. Video footage doesn’t pop up right when it happens. It comes up after whatever has already happened or you catch the tail end of what’s happening. So by the time we get to the the window or door the person is already gone smh. The sound quality needs improvement. My husband and I cant hear each other when talking through these cameras either. Also we are paying for the full subscription.
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3 months ago, Carrma7
Bad app
I bought a hummingbird feeder with camera. This is the app it uses. I tried over 10 times to connect this camera using this JUNK app and it tells me every time bad SSID. Bad SSID? Same network and SSID as the other bird feeder uses and my phone uses. Changed to a different network, same thing. So apparently this app is junk so the companies using this app for their products is going to have their feeder returned to them. I also sent two emails to this company which I’m sure will get answered with the same useless information found in their “Help” section. I will avoid buying anything that uses this app.
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3 months ago, PrecisionGroup
Wish you could copy video from SD Card directly to your iPhone/iPad
So far the App is pretty good but takes a little bit to get use to! I am using this App for my Outdoor Smart PTZ Solar Battery Camera. The camera is nice and I like that it also records video to an SD card as well as the cloud and while with this App I can copy a video recording from the cloud to my iPhone or iPad I can not copy a Video from the Micro SD Card to my device! I hope they fix this!
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6 months ago, McOsompants
Everything quit
I have had 5 of these cameras for about a year and they have worked well until recently. About 28 days ago I could not access any of my cameras from my phone app anymore. I tried submitting requests for help with no response. I finally deleted the app and re installed it and tried to sign in and that would not work either. It’s continually loading but doesn’t do anything. I even tried the forgot password feature and that also doesn’t seem to work. I’m really frustrated because I have 5 useless cameras at the moment. Hope I can figure this out soon.
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3 days ago, Responsive customer service
Good product just needs instruction
I had difficulty finding the button to connect to the phone that was on top of the camera. I corresponded with the company and they were very responsive. It ended up being operator error. We finally got it resolved. We have just started to use the camera and I think it is going to be a very, good way to watch the birds in our woods. I would recommend it to anybody.
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3 months ago, Chuck Darnestown
What happened after upgrade. (Fixed)
Has been using this for almost a year and loving it. However, the recent firmware update and app update really screwed up! Motion detection notification delayed by 10-15 minutes. Quite disappointed. Hopefully this issue get fixed soon! Updated: looks like problems fixed after opened ticket! Changed rating to 4stars.
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3 weeks ago, MPA-Texas
Having server timeout issues when trying to look at live picture. Why?
Server time out message when trying to get live shot….. why? I am downgrading from three stars to two stars. The seller will not provide a resolution. I can access the live camera ONLY (maybe) in the middle of the night. During the day, it just grinds and says “server connection timeout.” Seems like they have bandwidth issues…. At this point, I can no longer recommend this camera. Support is terrible. I’ve gone weeks without contact now.
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