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7 years ago
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8.0 or later
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User Reviews for VIDEO - SPLITTER

4.27 out of 5
150 Ratings
7 years ago, قطر٢٠٠٣
Easy to use and does the job
The app was a great help. It enabled me to split my video in small of enough portions for snap chat to accept. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because when I cut the video to 10 seconds part some parts were missing , however the issue was resolved when I made them 25 sec pieces and snap accepted them. JazakAllah kul khair
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6 years ago, Jahraman
Simple but works, issue with sound sync.
I would’ve given 4 Stars if not for the sound sync issue. The split function is simple but no manual trimming feature just splicing equal time period segments. The sound sync issue is noticeable if you upload multiple split 30 sec videos into your Status in WhatsApp. As the videos progress the lip sync or sound sync goes bad. This is probably related to FPS (frames per second issues). My workaround is to send these split videos in Telegram App and extract it back but the quality of video gets compromised.
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2 years ago, Takhomasak
Good app to have if you work in video
This app has helped tremendously! Nice and simple to use and makes cutting your video into clips so easy. I use it mainly to cut clips down to work on Facebook/instagram stories. Would be great if developer made work on the MacBook as well.
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7 years ago, @mar.vin_ on IG 😂
Totally Recommend!
I’ve been trying to figure out how to upload this video to my Snapchat story but it wouldn’t let me and now I can 🤘🏽! The first time I did it, it was missing one clip and they were out of order, but I did it again and all the clips were there 😆.
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1 year ago, ShannonRawls
Better than the others
This is free. Works all length. Better than the others who bait & switch you. This has no ads, no fluff, no unnecessary fanciness. It just works! Kudos to the developer.
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7 years ago, aiwetir
Seems to work again
It broke a bit ago and the developer doesn't give a good contact method. I tried with no response. They did however fix it after I left a 1 start review, so that's at least good.
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3 years ago, aqamohsen
easy & fast!
I used this app from last year and it is amazing! It cuts and splits videos to several parts very fast and perfect.
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7 years ago, MaebyF.
Does the job
The interface is not perfect, once you've selected a video it doesn't exactly show that you have selected one. Regardless, it works perfectly!
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4 years ago, Mamba17G
This app works perfectly well, I couldn’t have asked for anything better!
Thank you developer for this
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5 years ago, Uberkirby3000
Does exactly what it says it does
If you’re here for a complicated editor, this ain’t it. If you want to split videos up into equal portions, works absolutely perfectly.
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5 years ago, genuinejade
Did nothing
Didn’t even show up in my settings on my phone so that I could check permissions because I thought maybe that would help. Also when I tried to delete the app it wouldn’t. I had to hold down on another app to get the wiggle so that I could go back and delete this off my phone. Did I just download spyware or what?
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6 years ago, LadyMahsa
It's very good and easy but
I wish it could split the video is longer than 10 minutes
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3 years ago, hfisffdkcvehqgxosnwfwjx
Beware! Causes phantom app data usage storage!
Every time you use, the app’s data size increases, even if you delete the video files. Worse yet, if you delete the app, the usage remains eating up your storage! After an hour with Apple support, only solution to fix is a hard factory reset.
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6 years ago, saint caitlin
Great for Instagram Stories
I love posting memories from my camera roll, and this will split up those videos into 15 seconds rather seamlessly!
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6 years ago, SubcutaneousPhat
Simple and direct- does what it says, no more no less
As titled, it splits your video. It’s easy, quick, and simple. No bells or whistles to complicate things. Great little app.
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6 years ago, janksmap
Works perfectly!
The interface is simple and it does exactly what is says it does.
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3 years ago, by cftgn NJ gf GJ
Has 1 job and does it right
Simple as it gets: split a video into parts to ur camera roll, no ads or scams here
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7 months ago, I. Whitmore
Compression should be optional, no info on data sharing
This could be a good tool but the compression ruins the quality and color of the videos also it’s not clear about any privacy. Use with caution, I deleted it immediately after realizing it forces video compression.
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3 years ago, Sepehr_Frd
Awesome app with no ads. Works perfectly fine and fast.
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7 years ago, M. Al-Emadi
Great App
Easy and useful, good luck
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4 years ago, Meem_89
Totally free and simple
Very simple and works 100% so easy. Thanks to the developer thats the app that i really want
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5 years ago, zbug (zbug)
Thank you very much! Worked perfectly for what I needed it for! Keep up the good work!!!
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2 years ago, FAMILY 616 :)
Great App.
Thank you for creating search an amazing App.
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11 months ago, rohi safa
That’s a great Application for split your video ✌️👍👍
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4 years ago, knight4822
video sequence
its a great app but i am facing issue that my videos are not saving in sequence because of that u have to watch all the clips which comes first and then so on please fix it....
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6 years ago, Syclone Josh
Works like a charm!
Great for Instagram Stories! Brilliant app. Simple and effective.
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6 years ago, ThisStick
Hoping for more
I was hoping I could individually select where I wanted to trim it
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6 years ago, ur.girl2424
Great app
Great app! It splits videos quickly n perfectly! I rlly needed thiss! 👍
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5 years ago, Mogashkay
Best app
First time to see an easy app
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5 years ago, Dexter_1988
I need just video splitter
I need to split without compression. التقييم عالي دعماً لك لأنك مسلم عربي
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2 years ago, simple_reviewer
Awesome and Simple App!!
Does exactly as described
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7 months ago, Fun folly run
No sound
The app does not save sound!!
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5 years ago, Siddhar Swamy
Good one...Free....Easy to use.... No ADs
Good one...Free....Easy to use.... No ADs
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7 years ago, VictorLemos
The beast
I was looking fot this!! Thats!!
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5 years ago, tehrani55
nice and easy
thank u so much
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4 years ago, rhgd79
Video splitter
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7 years ago, PJ PalEazze!
Doesn't work.
You follow the instruction. It compresses a video and then nothing happens ...
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3 years ago, sr3b
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8 years ago, BobInTheBul
Works great
Does exactly what it's supposed to, easily. Select the section you want to split, choose the length of each section and hit split; saves the video in sections in your photos. Great for dividing a video into 10-second pieces for (almost) seamless snapchat sharing.
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7 years ago, Boo boo 2000
Works for snapchat
This app can be used for putting videos over 10 seconds long onto Snapchat. I used it for my story and it worked great. This app is simple and easy to use. Definitely recommended.
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7 years ago, Ghaitho0o
Amazing app i recommend it
So simple select the video you want and how many seconds of the video you want to be cut into pieces and then with a press of a button walah you have it ready in your camera roll
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7 years ago, Zmokey44
A Great App 🔥
Since snapchat does not let me upload videos longer than 10 seconds i used this and bam it worked now i can upload videos with this
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8 years ago, Dhayne4
Shockingly Easy!
Simple as selecting the video, setting the seconds and hitting save. Blown away at how quick and easy it was. Instantly have multiple videos in my photo library.
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8 years ago,
Quick. Easy. Effective.
I've been trying to find an app that could do this for who knows how long. Simplicity with ease! Thanks! Works great!
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7 years ago, Myfabblife
It cut my 2min long video in small parts to fit snap in just seconds!!
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7 years ago, Mai.Moeller
Best app
Easy and simple ! Ma fee Ay ta3qedat 💪🏻👍🏻
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7 years ago, Manly Man Who is Manly
Terrible App.
Doesn't do anything.
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8 years ago, Ma3adbadray
Good job
Good Esay
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1 year ago, Osama_Omari
يخفض من جودة الفيديو
التطبيق يخفض من جودة الفيديو بشكل كبير وهذا يؤدي الى ردائه في الإخراج
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4 years ago, Sultan Shata
البرنامج لا يعمل
البرنامج لا يعمل
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