Violin Tuner - Simple

4.2 (1K)
9.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alvin Yu
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Violin Tuner - Simple

4.16 out of 5
1K Ratings
4 years ago, somepersonfarted
I had a little trouble figuring out where the buttons were for the cords but I figured it out but I still wish that the notes would play a few seconds longer because I don’t want to keep pressing it over and over again. But overall it was great and as a first time violin tuner it helped me a lot.
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6 years ago, i lke angry birds!
Doesn’t do anything- Just shows a photo of a violin
It is possible that this app didn’t work on my iPhone or hasn’t been updated recently enough to support modern iOS versions, but needless to say, the app didn’t work at all for me. I opened the app, started bowing my violin in an attempt to tune it for the first time in years and nothing happened. The app never showed any sign of changing from the photo of a violin with the strings listed by their keys below, other than the ad at the bottom changing every few seconds. Granted, I haven’t played violin in years and I know practically nothing about the mechanics of my violin even, but when I played, the app didn’t register anything. Furthermore, there were no buttons other than an info butter on the top right corner. When I look for a violin tuning app, I want an app that will simply measure the pitch of my strings and tell me if it is tune (or if not, if it’s too low or too high). This app was not helpful at all.
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7 years ago, ScottyNight789
Works great
I got this for my son who played violin for 1 school year. Since we knew close to nothing about the violin or even how to tune it this app helped tremendously. We found out that the violin needs to be tuned before playing every time. The was simple and made tuning easy. Just touch the cord on the app and match the sound in the violin. Overall a great app.
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6 years ago, Frudoc
Gets the job done
While it get’s the job done, I don’t understand why the buttons to activate the notes are so small. Especially since you may need to press each note numerous times if you’re still getting the hang of tuning your violin. The picture is pretty, but there is so much wasted space that could be used for larger buttons. Learning an instrument can be frustrating enough; pressing buttons shouldn’t be. :)
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7 years ago, AZviolin-er
Good app
Although I wish the notes would play a tad bit longer, this is a good tuning app, if you have a good ear.
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7 years ago, Marmee101
Very helpful
Came in very handy for tuning away from house or other instruments. My 12 year old niece uses it easily. And the volume is great. My musicians kit app pitches were not loud enough in the low tones. Plus being for violin only makes it quick and easy. Love it.
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7 years ago, BusJACK69
Unusable for beginner
If I were an intermediate player this would be fine, but as a beginner it's difficult for me to use because the notes only play for a short moment and I have to keep reaching over to hit it again and I can't tune it that fast. I had to delete and find another app that will play the notes for longer than a fraction of a second.
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3 months ago, Taylor605
Watch out for this app
I downloaded and used this app once, about a month ago. Today, I checked my battery usage around noon and this app had been running in the background all day and had used up 20% of my battery. I haven’t opened it once since closing it a month ago. Delete this app immediately! Also the tones are pitchy and hard to use for tuning.
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4 years ago, astrillafortis
Great for quick tuning
This is simple and easy to use. I can quickly get my violin in tune and have been playing more frequently since using this tuner.
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9 months ago, Larry1010101
Good tuning app
It was fun spending hours figuring it out at first but O figured out you have to not have your phone on silence mode now I use it a lot
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4 years ago, fortunekookii
Longer Sound
I think the sounds of all the buttons need to be at least 10 seconds longer because I had to keep tapping the small buttons which was very uncomfortable for me and it took a lot longer then it needs to tune. Please try and make the sound lo her for each string.
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5 months ago, 175 bc
It is grate you don’t need to find stupid little tuners for your violins.
They are perfect you don’t need anything else
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9 months ago, WhitneyYounger
This app does nothing more than play the 4 notes when you click on them. It does not help with my tuning at all. This app also takes information from other apps on my iPad. Overall, I don’t think that anyone should waste their time with this app.
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7 years ago, Aguijon05
Bad 😒
It's not like super bad but it needs a lot of improvement. The sound is too short (if you know what I mean) and it's like a whole orchestra playing one note, and that confuses me. You should really make the sound longer and have ONE violin playing the note. (I wish I could put 0 stars but it just doesn't let me.)
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2 years ago, April 😇
It works but it’s confusing
I taped on the buttons and it played the sound but in a cord I am still new at violin I know what a cord is but I don’t play them much I uninstalled it but I still need to find a better way to tune my violin.
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5 years ago, Little Squirt
This app is very simplistic yet sound is easy to match to the violin. I like tuning by ear as opposed to trying to get a light to find an exact pitch.
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4 years ago, liv's review💖
Violin tuner rating
Its pretty good, but if I could add something to it, i would add sertain notes, like B, or F or C. then you could 1) tune those specific notes and 2) see if youre playing them right. But at least I can tune my violin 🎻
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5 years ago, violin player 2
I’ve been playing for 3 1/2 years now and this app helps me tune every time I play
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5 years ago, adelfoy77
Great for quick tuning
Thanks, it’s simple and totally functional. So easy to use
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6 years ago, American in. Lj
It’s what it says it is
It is just a violin tuner app, and these angry reviews are annoying me. Most of them consist of petty complaints that this app doesn’t TEACH YOU THE FREAKIN ART OF VIOLIN!! IT IS JUST A TUNER PEOPLE!!! ITS NOT SOME KIND OF SYNTHESIS MATERIALIZER THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU AWESOME AT VIOLIN, COME ON!!!!!!
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7 years ago, WVPansy
A fine tuner!
Exactly the tuner I was hoping for: accurate and easily accessible.
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8 years ago, Reviewer 5280
Easy to use - just what we were looking for. Thanks!
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4 years ago, clown#1
I wish it would Offer more notes, like b and C sharp, but otherwise, great!
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6 years ago, eimilyranger22
Piece of Trash 👎🏻🗑
I’m in sixth grade and when practicing I need to tune my violin. I got this app thinking that it would help me tune so I could play with the right sound but it didn’t want to leave the violin page. The app decided to stay on that page doing nothing, just taking up storage and being trash. So I slated the ungrateful app by deleting it and putting it to it’s grave... ICloud! So I hope you app makers can make your “ money makers” useful in the world and work! Now fix the stupid app!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! 😊
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5 years ago, Jenviolin
Great tuning app
I’ve never had an issue with it.
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7 years ago, ellevcee
Orchestra tuner
Pretty good app, just wish the notes played at least a few seconds longer
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1 year ago, velcro kid
Killer Tuning App
Violin tuner is one of the best apps I’ve ever used and it’s free!!! Thank you
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3 years ago, Nota nicknamed
Plays the note but does not show if in tune
This is not a tuner. Plays the note for you to try to match, but is difficult to use unless you grow extra arms. Good luck.
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7 years ago, Nekobbb
This app sucked it was less than a one star but that's the lowest you could give it was terrible and needs major improvement I can't stand to see a waste of my time and yours i can even express how angry I am ugh
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7 years ago, Blackdarkness_TURBO
0 stars
If I could I would give it 0 stars. I press the note I want but it doesn't work I start spamming every button till 1min later for a sec it works then stops again. I try calming myself and doing it slowly but STILL DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!'
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7 years ago, EJBMB
This is an amazing app and I recommend this to anyone who has an violin to tune.😀
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4 years ago, Drums baby,drums
The best...
The absolute best tuner I've ever used,don't change a thing !😬!
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5 years ago, yay98
Pretty nice!
It was pretty useful, maybe press the strings to make it longer...
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6 years ago, DiamondQueen39
Not very useful
All this app does is play a sound effect, and it doesn’t help tune. It would be much better if it told you how out of time the violin was, or if the sound effect didn’t involve vibrato.
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3 years ago, Mary from AL
Violin tuner
This is the BEST and simplest way to tune my violin! It’s handy, right on my phone!! I love it!!
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7 years ago, Eclipse 96
Violin tuner
This app is awesome I would recommend it to anyone who loves violins and fiddles
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6 years ago, Natanius1
Doesn’t tell you if you’re high or low. Just plays a sound
Terrible if you’re used to a chromatic tuner.
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7 years ago, Belze🙂
Very good!!
I caught my tune perfectly!!!
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7 years ago, AccuReviewer
I'm a beginner
The first thing I learned when I got my violin is how to tune it. How am I supposed to know if my string is flat or sharp? I would like it to show me that.
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7 years ago, One-I
Just plays sounds...
Does not listen to your instrument and show its pitch... Get an app that listens and shows where your violin is.
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3 years ago, Helpful audiophile
Does not have a chromatic reader. Just gives the sounds of each string.
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6 years ago, Tori VIIA
Not great
This isn’t a good tuner. 1) I keep hitting the ads located practically on top of the thin buttons. 2) Sound is too short. Wish they would also offer in pizzicato. 3) There are better apps out there, or if your around a piano, learn the G,D,A,E keys and use that. 4) Sound quality isn’t amazing.
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6 years ago, benji 🍪
Too short
I would like to tune my violin a bit longer please. It’s way too short and it’s not even a violin
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4 years ago, ajhsnasjjdjfksjwhf
Bad tuner
It only shows the notes and the right nose for them and doesn’t help with tuning at all
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7 years ago, violine🎻
Don't get it at all.
This app doesn't make any sense. 😤 All I wanted was to tune my violin 🎻 and it doesn't make any s new and it just doesn't work.
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7 years ago, Csbm92
Doesn't work
No sound when you press the buttons
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7 years ago, ❄️❄️☃❄️❄️
Worst tuner app ever!
Do not download this app!! The note plays for a few seconds and then stops...👎🏻 I would not recommend it to anyone.
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7 years ago, Soulfly54
No sound when you push a note. Straight up trash.
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1 year ago, kwalrn
Wayyyy too short.
Play the dang notes longer so I can actually get it tuned.
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7 years ago, Soulkrn McCloud🇨🇴
Absolute clickbait.
Rippoff, does app promotions right on launch and the app is just a pic of a violin and 4 midi sounds. Does not use mic or anything to do actual tuning.
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