VIP Access for iPhone

2.7 (863)
14.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Symantec Enterprise Division, Broadcom Inc.
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VIP Access for iPhone

2.68 out of 5
863 Ratings
1 year ago, SmileyKoop
Don’t like this app (AT ALL!)
I hate this app. Tied completely to your phone. Lose your phone, bye bye to logging into work. And why they don’t at least support NFC hardware like Yubikey is beyond me. Of course, the culprits are the companies that require the use of this app. Smart companies would use methods that are widely adopted, like a 2FA app or a hardware key. But no, let’s lock people into something proprietary that’s a huge pain in the neck to use. And it’s yet another app I must install because of work. Yuck. As you can tell, I’m not a fan 🤓
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2 years ago, QC bull
One entry I found for Symantec’s valuation is 10.7 Billion. That’s billion with a B. I’m bringing that up because it’s simple RIDICULOUS that a company with significant enough resources to reach a 10+ billion dollar valuation (and one that supposedly focuses on digital security!) could produce an app that functions so poorly. Not being able to effectively link accounts, copy the OTP, or set up the app with a new phone is, well, absurd. The number of other poor ratings indicate that I’m not alone in my feelings about this app. But hey, maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I shouldn’t expect billion-dollar companies to produce software that functions properly and is easy to use. As with most things, it seems Symantec spent the lowest amount they could and as with most other things, you get what you pay for. Kudos to Symantec for saving as much money as possible for a security application!!! **update: given how *hit this app is, I’ll be turning off my 2FA for E*Trade so I NEVER EVER have to use this app again.
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5 years ago, Northern Frustration
Your Choice
I was going on my second year of service with Norton. Didn’t have any issues until I changed my phone number. I couldn’t access my account. Contacted customer service and they said I would have to set up a new account because of the two factor authentication (?). Anyway, I asked why can’t they just change it to my new phone number. They said they can’t do that. Never received an answer as to why. I’m very frustrated. Asked them for a phone number. After a few tries of asking for a phone number to talk to someone, they finally gave it to me and said the answer would remain the same, no refund and I would have to set up a new account. As a customer, I am supposed to trust these guys? Absolutely NOT! I will take my business elsewhere. If I could give negative stars, it would. Never seen a customer service like this. I would caution people before using this company. Ultimately, it’s your decision.
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1 year ago, Lapinek
Not necessarily the app’s fault
From my observations, at least for some vendors, the generated key is appended to the password, and the receiving system is expecting it when two-factor authentication is enabled. This fails when the resulting password string exceeds the maximum number of characters allowed in the password field. So, for example, with E-Trade, you need to limit your password to 26 characters if you want to use two-factor authentication although you can actually use passwords up to 32 characters long. Why? Because you will need room for the additional 6 digits generated by the app. Given the number of negative reviews here, it is strange why this has not been discussed with the vendors and explained to the customers as a potential problem; hence, reduced rating for the app itself.
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2 years ago, Jaye2kay
Stopped doing the only thing I need it to do
In truth, I never understood why my job ever made it necessary to have this app and now that it doesn’t work, even more so. This app hasn’t been working for me for months, but I was still able to sign in to my work app so I didn’t concern myself with it. Now I can’t even do that. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and no change. The only thing I need from it os to verify my identification so I can ho about my workday and it has long stopped doing that. I have no idea why and it is extremely frustrating. I can’t perform basic functions since they want us to use our phones rather than rely on equipment and I definitely can’t help customers at all. The only reason this app exists is to verify my login and it can’t even do that?
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12 months ago, SE Neu
Only use if you DO NOT want access to your money
My financial institution uses this security app and I unfortunately used it to secure my bank accounts. After I upgraded my cell phone, the app would not recognize the new phone and resulted in a 30 day lockout of all my accounts. The financial institution says they have no way to override or fix the lockout and that I just have to wait 30 days. The 30 days is up and the app still prevents me from accessing my accounts and there is not a single technical person at my financial institution that knows how to fix the problem. If I want to access my accounts (and I mean even just log-in to check my balance or see what's been charged to my credit card), I can't. My recommendation is don't use this app!
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6 years ago, DayWalker1388
Always updating and increasing security
I have been using Norton for two years and not a problem so far. They are always making their products better and easier to use, frequently updating and adding adding more security for our protection. Not a complaint here, just understand that at first it seems like a lot of extra work to be doing for a “unlikely” chance of theft. However, the chance is increasing exponentially and it’s such a relief to know they have my personal data secured and monitored.
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4 years ago, MidichanRose
Fantastic application that’s clearly prone to user error
This app works beautifully. It’s secure, and it’s fast. People will whine about the credential SYMC changing when they uninstall and reinstall the app, but that’s for their safety. Having a userid and password puts you up for compromise whereas just changing it when the app is removed is much safer because no user data is stored. Many people seem to struggle with this app, to which I say, learn how to use a smartphone please.
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3 years ago, Deteoj
It works, nice & simple and easy to use
To those that want a work around for their single but damaged token or their soft token on a smart device stopped working, I setup token generators on my iPad, my iPhone and I got also got a physical RSA token (from my financial institution) You have to do the same otherwise you will get locked out. Also, physical tokens have a long battery life, but it’s worth getting one.
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4 years ago, parade72
Missing some features
I guess it is better than using no 2FA at all, but there are 2 glaring weaknesses in the app: No way to backup the credential. So if something happens to your phone you’ll have a hard time getting access to your account/s You only get 1 credential with the app, which means that if you want to use the app with 2 or more companies, you’ll have to give them each the same credential, which is a security risk. Note that the barcode option is for OTP, so that is for a different set of websites.
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2 years ago, OK-PDX
Works for what I need
I use this app to confirm prescriptions that have been eprescribed. It works well for that. I use the watch app and it makes the otherwise clunky process work smoother. I REALLY REALLY wish that they would make a complication for the Apple Watch which would make launching the app that much faster for me and other physicians that need to launch it several times an hour. Add the complication and this becomes a 5-star review.
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5 years ago, HnubYaj
Best Internet Security Software
I’ve been using Norton for many years. I’ve tried other internet security softwares, and hands down to Norton. I’ve tried Kaspersky, Mcafee, Bitdefender, and I only liked Norton and Comodo. But Norton has the most navigable and best user friendly platform, and it does what it says: protects and monitors. I highly recommend Norton if you’re not a tech savvy person and want an internet security software to protect your pc and phones.
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6 years ago, chloebear(:
Zero stars
If I could give this less than 1 star, I would. My employer decided to make us use this system to log into our account away from work. Since they did this, no matter how many times I download the app, register, go through all the steps, follow troubleshooting to the T, nothing works and I am unable to view any of my pay stubs, vacation time, and any personal information outside of work. My phone shows one ID number, but my home computer shows another and I can’t log in to change the ID, because I’m not getting the correct security codes. This entire system is a waste of time.
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2 years ago, want food not pain
Disappointing Mobile experience
The desktop login worked well but the mobile was clunky. The authentication would not work on the mobile app until I reset my password. I also found that the mobile app believed I was logged in already from another device but that was not true as I had logged off the desktop hours before. From there it just felt like a poor experience in usability from the mobile device. It also doesn’t work well with aggregators.
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1 year ago, Kelly McM
Loss of function
Unfortunately, with this new app update, VIP Access is no longer on my Apple Watch. unfortunately, this has made signing in and using the VIP Access codes. Extremely cumbersome as now I have to carry a phone. I’m stopping in the middle of patient visits pulling out my phone. Scrolling through, looks very unprofessional. I’m explaining to every patient what I’m doing and why the process is now much longer. Sure wish it would go back on my Apple Watch for quick and easy access.
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2 years ago, Asdf1963
Security weakness
This app and others similar were created because of poor security habits and more sophisticated attacks. This app has failed to keep up with the free apps when it comes to user’s poor security habits. 1. Not automatically making the generator blank after XX seconds. 2. No facial recognition on IOS. 3. Since it doesn’t support multiple credentials that also causes some limitations
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5 years ago, Tjwolf
iPhone App is great - watch app needs work
I have absolutely no issue with the app - worked great in the few years i’ve used it already with E-Trade. Now my employer also uses it for VPN access and it works well there as well. The only thing that would make the experience better is if the Apple Watch VIP Access app - used to confirm access - had a smaller logo, so one wouldn’t have to scroll to hit “Confirm”.
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3 years ago, Disappointed in Lumbridge
Update is a big step up.
Using this for one account, so I don’t have an issue on that front like many others do, but the swipe right to approve update makes the user experience less cumbersome. All around seamless for my needs, which is what I look for in a security app.
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2 years ago, meganclaxton
Help I don’t know what to do
So I got a whole new phone and number deleted this app off my old phone now I’m signed out on my new phone and can’t get back in because it has all of my old stuff and won’t let me redo the 2step to even delete my old vip access that I had on my old phone I don’t know what to do but I use it everyday for work to clock and and see my schedule
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1 year ago, TheOnlyDoom
Do they not have talent?
Was annoyed we had to start using this for work, but push notifications made it easy. Within the last updates they removed push notifications. Are the members working on this app not talented enough to have a simple push notification that has been in existence for year and is in every single app. I know this may sound harsh but either they need a leadership change or need better developers because this is just sad.
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3 years ago, prescriber80
Need refresh option
Works great, but 30 seconds between numbers is way too long. I need to enter new numbers repeatedly, and I have to sit and wait for 30 seconds for it to generate a new one. It would be nice to have a refresh option or “next” option
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2 years ago, ChouDoufu
No backup. Lose phone lose access
Terrible implementation. All good MFA apps, such as those from Microsoft, Google, and LastPass will backup you linked accounts so that if you lose your phone, you can install the app on a new phone and gets the MFA codes for your phone. And if you buy a new phone, you better remember to keep both phones until you can setup the app on your new phone for every linked account, which is very inconvenient. Lack of backup makes this an MFA app to avoid.
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5 years ago, Loggblogmom1230
Worked as designed. After I purchased this app, I then reset my iPhone. When I went to redownload the app, it gave me a different credential Id and not the original so I cannot log onto my stuff. There was no way to create an account. I have attempted to reach customer support with zero results. I get passed around and told that the team that managed this app has disbanded. The emails I sent to the VIP team have gone unanswered. Do not buy this app. If you ever reset your phone you are screwed big time.
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2 years ago, ThatSeattleGuy
can’t automate via shortcuts
Try as I might, I can’t get this app to show up in Shortcuts. (For greater security, I want to create a shortcut so I can hide the app itself -Sense another missing feature is the ability to change the home page icon.) Basically, I think this app is just a cash cow for Broadcom and they put no effort into updating or improving it.
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5 years ago, rand0m1a2b3
Credentials Missing!
I have used this app for over a year and was pleased with it. However, I just opened it up and all of my credentials are missing! I did NOT update the app. I use this app with multiple services, it is going to be painful to jump through hoops to prove my identity to get these recreated. In the meantime I will not be able to access my online financial accounts. Thanks, Symantec, for locking me out of my own money.
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5 years ago, Goose66
Watch interface needs work
App works well on iPhone for multiple sites but it appears that Watch app only shows first site key. I would expect that it would let me turn crown or swipe to get to other site keys setup on paired iPhone.
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3 years ago, livestrong247
Have the app also installed on my Apple watch which I was able to use for 2FA because it would display the same number as the phone app. Now the watch and phone apps display different numbers most (though oddly not all) of the time. The number in the phone app always allows me to log in but the watch one is invalid most of the time...
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5 years ago, whm33
Bring back dark mode.
App works ok. As it should. But please bring back the dark theme. With iOS 13’s dark mode, this now sticks out with its bright white background. How hard would it be to add that option back in? Not hard I imagine, since this used to be a setting in older versions.
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4 years ago, gabshdz
My only issue
The app works well. However it’d be nice if there were the option to hit next...So when I have to enter it for a different login I don’t have to wait for the 30 seconds to be up.
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3 years ago, iPhone App Reviewer JM
Useful app but…
(1) would be nice to have a website backup access. (2) could really benefit from a Dark Mode. The glaring white background early in the morning is not pleasant. (3) would be nice to be able to add custom labels for each account
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2 years ago, mikes63737
Needs FaceID
Nobody should use this app if you can avoid it. Just about any TOTP app is better. You should only use VIP if your bank or something forces you to. But… it is completely inexcusable to not have Face ID. For a company like Symantec that pretends to be security-oriented, this is crazy. If your unlocked device is swiped from your hand, someone can easily get into your OTP codes through VIP.
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7 years ago, Messa Jayy
I need to use this app now to login to my employers website for employees but every time I open the app on my phone it just closes it. For some reason it will not open on my iPhone 6s& I’ve reported this issue several times to the makers of the app and out IT team at my job and nothing still has been fixed! Super inconvenient when I want to check ANYTHING about work from home 😒
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5 years ago, neounixadmin
Everyone should use 2FA
This is a great app. I like it better than Google Authenticator because one general token works for multiple sites. 2FA is critical for everyone's digital security. Just do it and be safer!
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3 months ago, AndreiT123
Terrible app and security
This app is supposed to be used for several of my financial institutions. The problem is that the key and seed for the app are generated per DEVICE instead of per service. This is absolutely mind boggling and insecure. What is the purpose of having a security key duplicated across different services? Any institution using this as 2FA should be embarrassed and switch to standard TOTP
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3 years ago, Dorktor
Pick the best device initially
Set upon my iPad for work….. as I use it for other things at work as well. It has been near impossible to get a second device set up for the same facility
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1 year ago, Icepicksomeone
Please add facial recognition
A great way to make this a better would be to add the option to make facial recognition requirement when opening. This is a simple security fix that I think is lacking.
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1 year ago, irishgardengnome
Doesn’t work anymore
I have this for work. I use to be Able to check my schedule and everything, but once I got a new phone it quit working and tells me I’m not in the right region/ state so now I can’t use it unless I’m at work on my work phone. I deleted and reinstalled the app also. So frustrating!
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1 year ago, bid96
Absolute Joke
If I could give -10 stars, I would do so gladly. The app is buggy, non-responsive, and provides incorrect codes. As a result, I missed out on an important and time sensitive purchase that I will not have the opportunity to buy again. If your financial institution uses this as its authenticator, find a new bank that doesn’t :)
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4 years ago, mobile app architect
Works on iOS 13 but no loner works on Apple Watch
Symatec sold its enterprise security business to Broadcom in August 2019. Symantec is financially capable of supporting this app - but has chosen to not support it. This reflects poorly on the Symantec brand. Maybe we should take our business to a different company. At the least Symantec should provide paid support - charge per incident. The current lack of support from Symantec is lame!
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6 years ago, Big 4 CPA Today
Great app
Works 100% of the time for me. Easy to use and quick response time. I am not sure why it gets such low reviews. Likely user error.
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5 years ago, Glade it's free
Watch issues
Have been using flawlessly until yesterday. I got a new Apple Watch and now it will not load on the watch. Tried to contact customer support and was told there is nothing they can do to help.
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2 months ago, Kritikanto
Outmoded, Security is Lacking
This app does not support Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. If a thief grabs your unlocked phone from your hand and runs off, he can access your financial accounts and steal your money. It would be a simple change to require Face ID to open the app. Please, Broadcom, fix this.
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4 months ago, Musicphyte
Works but developer needs to enable Face ID for protection!
My other authenticator apps all have Face ID enabled. It's a huge added security feature. Therefore, I believe Symantec needs to add this as well!
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2 years ago, Eagle Eli
Disabled my account
The newest update apparently does not work and resulted in disabling my bank account. After more than an hour with my bank’s tech support, only the codes from their cybertokens would work to allow account logon. No longer using Symantec as my security option for login.
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3 years ago, Jralphius
Auto deleted?
It deleted from my phone. Bad timing. Had to tell people there was technical issues with the app and I could not complete the jobs I had to do. Any reason the app would disappear from my phone??
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4 years ago, JNil92
Push Authentication
Been having troubles with the push authentication to my phone. Attempted to delete and reinstall the app, all my notifications are set to on... still having trouble. No true way to contact app support, they just shoot me over to a FAQ page which isn’t helpful.
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1 year ago, Apppepe
App works great
Been reading all the bad reviews but the app seems to work great. Not sure what people are talking about
Show more
3 years ago, squidfu
This makes no sense
1. Not password protected 2. Can’t view connections 3. No way to restore connections(say new device) I would avoid unless your job requires it like mine there’s many better alternatives like Microsoft Authenticator that are way more feature rich and beneficial. Just convenient and basic that’s all
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5 years ago, deepsoul13
Needs an iWatch app
Using this app in the medical field is extremely frustrating. I might be wearing a mask or have gloves or other reasons where I can’t or shouldn’t be touching my phone. It would be very simple to access it through my Apple Watch. Please make this a reality thank you.
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7 years ago, Jarred2
Won’t connect to watch
The Apple Watch app used to be my most used feature of the watch, but with the latest updates to the iPhone and watch OSs, the watch app always says it can’t connect to the phone unless the phone is on and the VIP Access app is open on it, making this completely worthless!
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