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User Reviews for Visible mobile

4.51 out of 5
116.2K Ratings
10 months ago, ghdrfszx
Been trying to switch to the service but so many issues
Tried two times to get it, and it’s been over six weeks and it’s still not activated with my number, and no word from the company. I recently just today tried to talk on their chat, majorly understaffed and have to wait 25 minutes to chat and then get disconnected when you don’t respond, this happened twice. I was just trying to get on it because my family is on it and it’s cheaper but I have simple mobile now and they are so much more responsive. I can just call them and activate my service. This company seems like it has the worst service ever. Which tells me that I am probably going with the wrong company here. Update: tried to get on visible again because everybody is encouraging me because they send you a Sim, they never sent me a Sim last time so I was trying to get the eSIM this time. The payment could not work on that for some reason and there is noPhone you can call just a computer that gives you canned messages. Couldn’t figure it out through that. The company is full of bugs, Once again. Just went to Lyca mobile seems to be working in about five minutes of me showing up at the store and getting the sim. Go to any mobile phone store and get anything other than this visible. You can get on any cheap plan anywhere. It’s not the best deal in town you can get the same plans on a sim with international calls for less than $50. Simple mobile or lyca are two just offhand….
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3 years ago, K91711
Almost 2 yrs and zero issues
I feel bad for these people who say they regret the change, have all sorts of problems, etc. I just ran my IMEI by the chat rep, said it was good. A couple hours later working as good as it had the previous 15+yrs on Verizon. Rarely buffers video, same for internet radio. Oh yeah, there was one big issue...i was no longer paying almost $300 For 4 phone lines!! And if you are real tech haterz, not a big phone person then you may want to consider sticking with the big Brother 'V'. Their customer service was much easier to digest. Visible is only chat and that can be annoying for some. But when i go to the $.99 store i don't expect my groceries to be walked to my car, or to find 3 aisles of imported cheeses. Same goes with cell service. **INSIDER TIP** Occasionally i've noticed it will get a little sluggish. I forget what the name of the process is but i had a tech friend run me through it: 1:With phone on, remove sim. 2:Shut down phone for about a min or two then restart with no sim .3. Shut down and put sim back in tray while phone is OFF. 4: Start phone , sim card in, back to normal. It does some sort of reassignment of it's waa woo hoodoo voodoo. Whatever it does it always seems to speed up my connection after i follow that. The other sure fire way is to let your service lapse for a bit. Few hours is fine. Good luck. And thanks Visible or verizon or whoever...i smile when i pay $25 month instead of crying at $300!
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4 years ago, K3ith97
So far so good
I’m writing this review after one day of service with Visible - I will update if I have any issues in the coming months - before I signed up with Visible, I spent days and days reading reviews and discussions on almost any website possible. It seemed it was hit or miss so I decided just to try it. As of today, I am very glad I did. I seen multiple people saying they had activation issues, number porting issues, customer service issues, etc. I have not experienced any of these problems. I literally received my SIM card next day and after restarting my phone, I couldn’t tell a difference between being on Verizon or Visible. My first day I was traveling around 1-2hours away from home and did multiple Speedtest. My data speeds didn’t change from using Verizon. WiFi calling works great too. Overall reception is identical to what I had with Verizon. I’ve made numerous calls, text throughout the day with no trouble. Two family members of mine also switched at the same time, with no issues what so ever. Mobile hotspot also works great. I hope my review helps someone - if you are wanting to try this service, give it a shot. You can cancel at anytime. **I will be monitoring my service and data speeds regularly and if anything changes I will update my review and likely will simply open my account back with Verizon - until then, I will enjoy my phone bill**
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9 months ago, Jesus_Is_Lord777
Best Overall Phone Provider I Have Used For The Price
I switched over to visible several months back. What I can honestly say is that this is the best phone provider in regards to value and the amount of benefits you get from the service for the price that you pay. They offer unlimited talk, text, data and unlimited mobile hotspot that is capped at 5mbps as of the date I’m typing this. The price range is from $25/month to about $45/month as of todays date in September 2023. They offer self service options within the app and the only reason I would give a 4 star out of a five is that the app could use a little bit of refining and I experienced some hiccups in the past with the mobile internet service that only lasted for a brief 30-60 seconds (estimated). Most phone providers offer unlimited talk, text and unlimited data for their unlimited plan for multiple times the price you pay for visible BUT here’s the catch not a single phone provider offers unlimited mobile hotspot data. Some offer 10 gigabytes of mobile hotspot in the plan but NOT A SINGLE PHONE PROVIDER offer unlimited mobile hotspot. This is the absolute BIGGEST advantage of choosing Visible for your wireless needs. They even offer 5G for compatible phones on their plan for anywhere between $25-$45 a month depending on what plan you choose. On top of that they offer Apple Watch plans for only an extra $5 a month. I really do get the best value from these guys.
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4 years ago, Alphasigma5
IPhone 8+ Philly suburbs
I want to write a fair review of visible phone service and it’s app. First I had t-mobile and they are the worst cell service provider ever, I now have better download and upload speed, call quality and much cheaper bill. Only problem I had was when I initially switched over I had to call t-mobile to tell apple to unlock the phone even though it was paid off an entire year before... ok but then that took entire week shame on Apple for not having that streamlined makes ZERO sense to me ok so it’s about security w/e but visible has nowhere on there website stating if you make the switch Apple takes a million years to unlock your phone so if your looking for fast service switch forget about it at least if your coming from t-mobile. Now the last negative thing is it took forever for iPhone to activate the new SIM card sent over night which makes no sense why ship it over night for extra shipping if you can’t even activate same day you get it is pretty unintelligent but hey not my money, I had to get ahold of Visible customer support through facebook there no actual 1800# just to then get it activated for sure for whatever reason it’s not as simple as they instruct but it’s great service and deal after jumping through hoops it’s completely worth it
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3 years ago, LizNYC2018
Verizon service for half the price
Visible is the secret gem of the no contract phone plans. With Visible (owned by Verizon) you get the same unlimited talk, text and data you would for the most basic Verizon unlimited plan that after taxes and fees is closer to $80 a month yet here it’s literally just $40 with the taxes and fees included. I didn’t need any extra lines anymore and with the basic day to day web browsing, social media use, music & movie streaming and app use plus the regular talk and text any millennial is doing nowadays it’s worth it to save all that extra money wasted on expensive unlimited plans to have the top of the line Verizon service for half the price. I’ve never been more happier about a service switch then my divorce with Sprint after about 10 years when T-Mobile bought them out and my already terrible service from dropped calls to no service at all was even worse and I thought it was my old iPhone 7 at first. I was only able to use my iPhone on Wifi and a few months ago began shopping around for a new phone plan. Don’t keep thinking about it. Switch to Visible and break the chains of terrible telecom brands to the big leagues. I switched without even knowing Verizon owned this place, I thought they just used their network. It IS their network lol. I’m really happy with it.
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6 months ago, jaydipdogdoobie
True Unlimited Hotspot #1 Reason
I’ve had Visble for 2 years now with little issues. As far as value goes, by far the best. Visible is the ONLY wireless company that offers unlimited hotspot. For only $25 per month I get my TV, Home Internet and phone and routinely use over a terabyte “1000 Gigabytes” per month. The only reason I’m not 5 staring them is from their recent “required upgrade” for improved performance. Since the update, I’ve been seeing strange internet issues. Lately it’s been cutting out every 30 seconds or so then coming back on, which is normally not noticeable if just using the phone. However, if you’re using it for TV “I personally use Roku” it routinely stops the movie/show and kicks you to Home Screen. I’ve contacted them about this a couple of times in the past and was fixed. But unfortunately it doesn’t stop there. For the last 3 days the internet has been almost impossible to use, either on phone or TV. Speed Tested and Verified a pathetic 305 kbps, not even a third of 1 gigabyte. I am currently waiting to “update” the Visible app to see what’s going on. It’s been 45 minutes and still not completed a simple update. That’s how the review is so winded, I have plenty of time to write a clear review. They have been a fantastic option for all your wireless needs. However, I’m afraid their “Unlimited Hotspot” days are being hindered with glitchy signal feeds. Hopefully not :(
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3 months ago, 14lifetime
Great Great Move
I am so happy I switched to Visible. I almost quit on them at the start because it was so difficult to get it working (I didn’t know I had to remove my physical SIM to load the eSIM and have it attached to my old phone number, and it took about 4 downloads and troubleshooting before a customer service rep figured out what was going on) but I am so happy I stuck it out and stayed with them. I had StraightTalk but customer service was always terrible, the interface was hard to navigate, and the final straw was when StraightTalk stole $56 to pay for someone else’s phone and wouldn’t cancel the transaction while it was pending even though I explained to them it was my credit card and I didn’t authorize the transaction. Visible is half the price for better phone service, WAY better customer service, and WAY easier use of the app and overall interface. No lie, I recommend this to everyone. A lot of people never even heard of Visible and I tell all of them to switch from StraightTalk (or whatever carrier). I even interrupted someone’s phone purchase at a Walmart and stopped them from buying a StraightTalk plan. I can’t let someone go down that road when I know there’s something better out there. Thanks, Visible, for making my life simpler!
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3 years ago, ItsTheArsonist
Visible is a solid player and I hope they stick around
I’ve been with nearly EVERY major MVNO carrier over the years because I’m a big tech nerd whose always liked unlocked phones and not dealing with carrier-groomed store reps trying to upsell me on their JUNK, when I’m buying their most expensive phones every couple of years and I can school their reps on everything in the store. Visible cuts out all their crap and just gives me the CELL SERVICE. The other providers can miss me with their storefronts and other tacked-on messy services. The main letdowns that I have for Visible are the same ones that I had for Verizon prepaid. External perception of Verizon’s service is this magical, rigid, everywhere service in the USA and it’s just not true, regardless of device or wireless technology (3G, LTE, 5G). For people who are switching from other providers to Visible, they make attribute this mediocre service to their cheaper prices or something else but it’s REALLY just this Verizon fallacy that we have in this country. Visible gets the job done for a great price! Especially nice that they offer so many payment options, referral payments, and “Party Paying” rather than the “Family Plan drama that postpay providers cling to. It’s great and I hope more MVNO’s catch on and copy their methods.
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1 year ago, forced VISIBLE customer
This was nightmare switching services. At first the only thing I could do was receive calls. I played the texting game for six hours total just to be told what I told them in the first place was wrong. I was so frustrated I told them not send a new card, that I was going to shop elsewhere. The card magically showed up anyway. It’s been in the same package for a month. I didn’t touch it, I was still using my old carrier and being charge by them. When I received an email this morning from visible saying they were going to charge me I was appalled and texted them right away. They guy gave me a refund. Then about 1130 my phone didn’t work at all. No cell carrier listed on top. This is horrible, I am a nanny and if there was an emergency, I don’t want to imagine that. I rushed home to my husband telling me our old service canceled me and he hoped my number wasn’t lost because he thought he told the tech on the text he wasn’t interested in the service anymore. He put the visible SIM card in and thank God it worked. What a nightmare! Don’t choose these people 🤮 Wish I still had ATT. In fact I did until this. This is rubbish! If a port number only lasts like 5 days, how did this occur? I was using ATT for almost a month after first trying to use Visible. Then all of sudden with no warning my phone no longer worked. What if I was on vacation 1000s of miles from home Don’t let this happen to you. Visible is clear choice for disaster!!!!!
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2 years ago, klbs162427
Best Service I’ve Ever Had
Over the course of my mobile phone experiences, I have used tracfone, Metropcs, t-mobile, att and Verizon. I have had Visible for over two years now, and it is the best and cheapest service I have ever used. I live in a more rural area, and my data service is better than the internet we pay for, and is better than the $45/month my husband was paying for ATT. We stream movies and shows on our smart tv, using the hotspot. We’ve streamed livestreams on our laptop with the hotspot. I’ve FaceTimed for hours and hours with only data. I took a trip to Yosemite and my husband and I (who switched to Visible) were the only ones in our group who had service for most of the trip. Our calls don’t drop, we don’t worry about using data, and with party pay it is SO CHEAP! I tell everyone I can about Visible, and so far I’ve converted three people. The $5/month incentive for inviting people is also great! Overall, amazing service, the people I know who have converted have been more than happy. I have done a lot of research on mobile plans, and in my opinion this is the best deal there is. Also, it’s easy to find a party to join by just looking it up on Reddit. 10/10 would recommend.
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2 years ago, Thoroughly Annoyed Customer
Disappointing service with no resolve
I really wanted to like this service, obviously the cheap bill is a big perk... except i have had ZERO SERVICE FOR TWO MONTHS. When I switched over from Verizon ... which is apparently the parent company of visible to begin with, I specifically asked if I needed to contact Verizon, if I needed to unlock my phone with them personally, or so anything to make sure it was a seamless switch over. I was reassured i needed to do nothing, visible would handle everything for me. My phone is my life line for all my work as an independent contractor and being pregnant it is important I have access to contacting people in case of any emergency. Since i switched over in August I have not had service. When people call me it says my phone is not in service or the line is busy. I have zero bars sometimes it just says SOS, I have missed countless phone calls and messages. I have contact both Verizon and Visible over and over and over with zero resolve. Spoken to over 20 representatives between the two companies, been on hold for 4 hours once, given all the trouble shooting options to no affect. I mean its just ridiculous, and all the while I am still paying for non existent service! I have no idea what to do at this point other than just go back to verizon or another company ... this is a brand new fully paid iphone too so it is not my phone that is the issue as I never had service issues until the week I switched to Visible. 🤯🥵😤
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2 years ago, dislike service
I am not the one to complain about nothing especially if my problem is being looked at. But this visible app is terrible, let alone the carrier I have been without a working service for more than 24+ hours and no resolution at all. I reach out and they all tell me the SAMETHING! Again I am not one to complain or leave a bad review but I want to share my experience. This has been the worst company I thought about using for the sake of my budget. If you’re looking in to using them THINK TWICE! I asked for a refund because I was not able to use the service at all. I was told I would get it in an hour was a bit of a stretch but I wasn’t going to complain so I decided to wait another 1-2 hours just to see if I can get my service working still after 4 hours nothing was done. Reached out again and they told the specialist was still looking at the issue 24+ and still the issue is not resolved. Asked for the cancellation and refund and I hear I’d wait 3-5 business days sounds more real than 1 hour so I was okay with that but the One person that I spoke to understood and added credit so I waited another 2 hours before I was sure I wanted to just completely stop the service still nothing. Today makes this issue more than 24+ hours and I am sure I want to cancel so now I have to wait 7-10 business days. This is a scam! Now my refund has to go through a specialist just to get my money back RIDICULOUS SERVICE ANS PEOPLE THAT WORK FOR THEM!
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3 years ago, chaylalay
I was held hostage to Verizon for 15 years and hated every minute of it except for the service. I travel with my husband for his work throughout the U.S. and the only way I had a reliable signal everywhere was with Verizon, but I paid dearly for it- over $3000 a year. I’ve hated them for years because they sneak charges for everything constantly and make your bill so confusing it’s just a miserable experience, not to mention if you buy anything from them on a payment plan, you can NEVER leave it seems like. When I heard about Visible, I was so excited- until I found out it’s owned by Verizon. I though yeah, another way to confuse people with a bill. But I read all the reviews, and yes there are always bad ones, but I wanted to get away from Verizon so badly I was willing to take the leap. O.MG. I love it! I got my SIM card, activated it, and joined a party off Reddit to get the $25 plan. I have at least 50 family and friends that said “After you have it for a month with no trouble, I’m joining.” Three weeks now, and loving it more every day! And for every person you refer who brings their own phone and switches, you get your service for $5! You can get phone service for $60 FOR A YEAR. It’s like the clock is turning backward. I LOVE YOU VISIBLE!!! I never want to leave.
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2 years ago, Emilie Cook
Quick, Easy, and Great Value!
Visible by Verizon has a $45/month plan (including tax!) with unlimited data, call, text, hotspot, international call and text, and scam protection plus unlimited 5g broadband! It's literally just verizon through a third party and you get great rates plus more features. My old bill directly through Verizon was $83 for unlimited data and 5g hotspot monthly and for better coverage i'm paying $30 less! They provide their service directly through Verizon, they even go through and cancel your previous line along with setting up your current one- no trip to the store needed. Saving money and getting more! Do your research and you'll be suprised how much you can save!!!! They have coverage just about everywhere. This is a great option for people like me who are pretty new to adulting and need some quality but budget friendly options! I had no idea what I was doing and they did it all for me and then some! Was able to make my first payment ($45 flat rate including tax), set up the new line, transfer my old number over, and disconnect my old line in about 15 minutes. Easiest and most pleasant time i've had dealing with a phone company!
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3 days ago, Dizzie96
Not good as your only phone
First I think visible would work if it was a second phone but it’s not a good idea as your only phone. I only had the service for a little over 48 hours before I had to leave. I wasn’t receiving text messages and phone calls from certain businesses. I have two factor security on so many accounts and I couldn’t get passcodes sent to me. It was frustrating and I was completely locked out of a couple because of this. I was on the chat for 6 plus hours in which time I lost complete phone service for several hours and still could not receive these type of calls and texts. It was insane to have me be put in a situation where I was unable to leave chat and had to constantly reply so they knew I was still there. The customer service has me doing the same thing over and over expecting some sort of different outcome. I don’t feel for a message only customer service that they are knowledgeable enough to truly provide help. I was exhausted and just gave up and switched to another service where magically within minutes received all calls and texts. Without me doing anything. Unfortunately you cannot receive a refund once you activate regardless of terrible service so it seems a little scammy to me. But it would probably be a good deal for anyone who needs a second phone or a preteen or teen. Just not for someone with any responsibilities at all
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4 years ago, Couponscoupons
Has promise . But just isn’t there yet
I really waited as long as i could to write this review because i was hoping once i finally got service active that it would be worth the frustration and time it took to activate . But honestly i can’t say it’s worth it . I switched from A crap company but the service was consistent enough and they run off the exact same network as visible (Verizon towers) . Visible service is very spotty and will randomly just shut off completely on all devices. Also the activation process is soo beyond frustrating but i tried to be patient as I’ve worked for a cell phone company and know the porting and activation is the hardest part , but it is a 50% chance you will get a competent agent when on chat. You will wait 5-25 minutes for an agent to join the chat. I told each agent i talked to EXACTLY what was going on and what needed to be done step by step and unfortunately 50% of agents i talked to had no idea what was going on and HAD to “escalate my case which would take 24-48 hours” and then the other 50% would totally understand and fix the issue. I can’t believe how hard this has been. I finally got 3 lines transferred and this fourth one has been just as bad if not worse. They charge you as soon as you click activate but , the service may not activate til apparently 24-48 hours later that is if you talk to someone that knows what they are doing. Just frustrating. And never assume you will speak with someone on the phone.
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5 years ago, ChrisG150177
The best for what you Pay.
Honestly it’s some complaints but as time goes on there’s really nothing to complain about the (service bars) on your phone is obsolete. Does your phone place calls ? Does your phones internet work? The answer is Yes. This service is actually pretty good and over time as they continue to improve the service will only get better. They’ve added new features like visual voicemail and WiFi calling over the last few months. Yes I’ve personally experienced the “no service” situation but all I’ve done is reset my network and keep it moving. Visible sent me a $100 gift card within two months of me starting services and just recently sent a summer gift with some nice items. What cell phone company do you know that gives you things for free? I honestly think this company can be better but I’m willing to wait for them to figure things out. This is a 5 star customer service company. That alone I’m willing to stay and be loyal. If visible is reading this.... send more free stuff 😂
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1 year ago, Love this bank.
Zero stars is not an option.
DL free 15 day trial. Canceling after less than 24 hours. Cannot reach ANY Customer service agent via phone or chat through app or website. If I can’t get help with simple setup and activation now, how can I expect help when I have an issue? Visible taunts being able to try before you buy. Glad I did and now I’ll go back to the crap service with my old carrier. Better than this. Glad I didn’t cancel and have to re-activate my with straight talk. Oh the problem: they basically do the activation for the phone but data is still with old carrier. How can I rate data usage if I’m still using old carrier? UPDATE: against better judgment I signed up for 1/2 off for first 3 months. Self activation of eSim didn’t work. These people have the worst customer service system. You can’t call them. Everything is done by chat. If you have to reset something on your phone the chat ends and you have to start a brand new chat with a new agent. They finally agreed to do a call back to end my case file. Got an email saying they tried to call but oh well couldn’t reach you. HELLO my phone isn’t working. Could email to ask for an alternate number to call me on, just goodbye case closed you didn’t pick up. Their whole customer service handling is a joke. Might have good phone service but you’re at a loss if you need customer service. BUYER BEWARE.
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2 years ago, JN in the North
Was always at one bar and access to customer service is awful
Look, the one thing wasn’t so bad because it didn’t affect my usage much, but the thing that made be leave visible was the horrendous access to service reps. This is not a review of the service reps provided but getting a rep in the first place. Essentially, I switched out of visible because I wanted to switch phones with a new phone that I purchased from apple. I needed to talk to a rep to put my esim on to the new phone, and for 2 days I tried to get access to a rep, once even waiting until 3 in the morning from 10pm. When I finally got a hold of the first rep, I was disconnected by the app within mins of speaking to the rep and couldn’t get the change made. I went through another 2 days of trying to get a hold of rep and finally I got a hold of another one and after 45 mins of speaking to the rep, my phone needed to restart for the rep to continue switching my phone which meant I had to disconnect with the rep again. I was not going to spend another 2 days trying to get a hold of a rep, so I hit the bullet and decided that a slightly more expensive plan with one of the bigger companies would be a better route than having to go through not having access to service reps.
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4 years ago, 415Hw
Post paid plan
I came from verizon wireless post paid account my service was always crappie and my bill was almost as much as my car insurance . And I’m not being sarcastic ‘ since being with visible “ most time I have great service the data is perfect I’ve been in very rural areas as a over the road truck driver . And I was able to watch movies use my map gps most times better then my trucker GPS , and I paid $360 for it . The phone service quality over the road was a little bad at Times but it could have been the iPhone 6plus that I purchased on Craiglist “ @ $40 dollars a month I cannot complain great service . One incident I will say was not cool with visible is they charged my bank card numerous times $8+ dollars for an Apple care transaction . So be sure and monitor your bank statement . or call your bank to be up on your account it’s challenging when you give your personal account information to a company that has the power to reach their hand in your cookies anytime they feel your sleep , and not watching . But all in all I like the company hope it keeps ongoing good service I have NO ‘ clue as to all the bad reviews they have $40 dllz a month how can you complain .
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3 weeks ago, Fox Number 22
Reliable service but….
No issues with phone or data service (hence 4 stars) but beware customer service is poor and payment process can be a pain. For instance, they won’t let you make a payment more than 7 days before renewal/due date. I would like to pay bills ahead of time but they don’t give me the option. Instead they make wait until the week before and proceed to send me a push notification, a text msg, as well as an email every month to remind me my payment is coming up. This could all be avoided if they let me pay before then. Regarding customer service- they have a chat option, but if they need to escalate the issue, they require you to login with your social media account (e.g. Facebook) and send them a message through that account. I do not use social media so expecting me to create a Facebook account just to resolve an issue with my phone service is ludicrous. What type of company doesn’t have an email address? Still, $30/month for unlimited data, etc plus no contract is reasonable enough for me to stick with them. Would recommend if you’re looking for a decent value and don’t mind a few hiccups here and there.
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3 years ago, RonnieC3
Terrible process
The entire process was terrible. I submitted my application for porting my phone number on a Saturday, received the news from the app that my number is ready to be activated on the Sunday. When I finally received my physical SIM on a Wednesday night, the whole activation process was a nightmare. First, the app wasn’t working like the activation article described to be. So there was no guideline on how to activate, even though my iPhone notified me that my iPhone is activated. Then try calling people, and immediately call fail through. So I have to wait in que for the customer care on the website - waited for about 15 min. Then the customer care looked into my case and told me the hold up was my old carrier just approved my transfer so is going to take 24 hours to it to complete. Little did they know, I was on the phone with my old carrier verifying that information. The old carrier told me my phone number is ready to port any time, and he didn’t see any transfer request on my number. So I honesty don’t know which party is giving me incorrect information. As I am typing out this review, my phone is still not working. Was told my phone should be working in 2-5 hours (which is how long it takes for them to complete the transfer). Honesty, I kinda regret taking the recommendation from my friend about this service.
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5 years ago, Jaymcbee12389
I did not find this to be a good service
The primary place I use my phone is at home and I have never had more than two bars in my apartment. I have an iphone 6s plus, I updated it and still... two bars. In this day and age it is not acceptable to have to go to your front window just to take a call. I also find the internet and tethering to be quite slow. Worst of all, at least once per day my phone says “No Service” and it stays that way from 3 to 10 minutes and I just have to wait like a jackass to use my phone. That has never happened with any other service and I’m not sure why its such a persistent problem. Tech support was unhelpful, the only thing they will suggest is that you update your phone, that’s their only move. They also have no idea where you are in the world, apparently. My service person asked me if I was around any hills or mountains, which might explain why I never have more than two bars, but I live in downtown Chicago so the mere suggestion was laughable. I don’t think its acceptable for a company to say “I dunno, maybe its all the buildings or heavy traffic” when you ask for help. why are they guessing? Overall, I think $40 a month is way too high a cost for what they’re bringing to the table. I will not continue using this cell phone service after my month is up.
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3 years ago, durpov
Good until you need help
I’ve been using visible for over a year. I had a phone financed through affirm and used the trade in program, where they are supposed to send you a new phone with a box and shipping label to send the old phone back. New phone came, no return label. I reached out to them and it took a few tries through customer service but finally got a shipping label emailed to me. Send the phone back. Done, right? Nope. App kept saying “please return your old phone.” I reached out again and it turns out THEY put the wrong address on their own return label. Great. Opened a specialist case, they said everything would be resolved in 24 hours. Kept getting emails that said “this will be resolved in 24 hours.” It’s now been almost two weeks and my payment for THE PHONE I NO LONGER EVEN POSSESS just went through. Yesterday I tried three times to get a customer service chat person to get me through on the phone to someone in management. The first person was incredibly rude. I’m in retail so I’m overly nice with customer service reps cause their job is hard. But alas, no call, no supervisor contract despite being promised a call back three times, payment went through. This was their mistake to begin with. And now I’m paying for it and can’t even get someone to talk on the phone who can help me.
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3 years ago,
This app reminds me of the prepaid Verizon app: it doesn’t work! I don’t have the excuse of saying it’s my iPhone 6’s fault anymore, as I purchased the 12 mini and Verizon’s apps are still dysfunctional, inconvenient and frustrating. Not like they lack the resources! Their coders need to try using the app themselves to see what the issues are—and fix them! I wonder if they are incompetent, or just don’t care. My phone is running on Visible service with a physical sim (after trying for 2 days to get the esim to work) and the app still has not updated past the get started page where I “see if my phone works” with esim or shop for phones to finance. Luckily my iPhone automatically set up my service, because the directions on the get started page were not applicable as the app did not give me any setup instructions as the website says it should—although I followed the directions to a T. I’ve reinstalled the app several times, restarted my phone numerous times, sign in sign out sign in.... it won’t budge, even after the most recent update that popped up today. Really frustrating. This app is hopefully not the future of phone service as they claim, because it’s a total nightmare. Just glad my service works, I guess I’ll need to go online manually to pay my bill etc. Please fix your app! I really want to like your service.
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3 years ago, guruX794
BEWARE!! Do NOT give them your PIN!!!
I was having trouble getting the eSIM5 coupon working on checkout. The app said my phone was eSim compatible and took me down the physical sim path without me knowing. Customer service said to proceed and said they would fix it manually and give me credit for $5/month service for 2 months due to inconvenience. When I completed the process, a different Cust service agent said that couldn’t be done and my phone was not compatible. I asked my order to be canceled within 30 mins of ordering but the agent said it was not possible, he said FedEx assigned tracking but in fact it was not. I’m furious. I’m unable to cancel via email or chat or app or website at this point, forcing lock-in. My only consolation is that they have the wrong PIN and won’t be able to make the change from my old carrier. Good thing I did that because I’m always suspicious of apps like this and would strongly advise you all do the same so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Worst experience ever. This app is a total SCAM!!! It takes advantage of people who don’t have PINS or don’t know enough to protect themselves with one. Just know if your service does not require a PIN, you need to ask them to set one up for you so you are protected from thieves like Visible!!!
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2 years ago, Ridgeman817
Avoid this App and this company at all costs.
This company’s support will not help you one bit. It takes them days to respond/resolve issues…if they resolve them at all! They have ongoing number provisioning / porting issues that they haven’t (or don’t care to ) figured out how to fix since they started in 2018, so don’t plan on keeping your old number. I’ve been waiting 10 days now to resolve a critical issue with a very basic fix on the backen issue and all I received is the same response “we’re still working on it”. 10 days in and they still can’t figure it out, not buying it especially after a friend who works as advanced support for another carrier flat out said it should take them 5 minutes to fix. Theyir customer facing support can’t actually resolve anything and only can put tickets in to their own internal support. Further they’ll tell you 24-48 hours to resolve, no matter what the issue, but you’ll get zero communication from them. I think the worst of it is they don’t have a phone number…well they do, but it goes to voicemail telling you to contact them via chat. Lookup the stories on social media and Reddit r/visible. Most of if not all of the negative ones are true. This is truly bottom of the barrel for a wireless company.
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1 year ago, fhiuggcftygfgh
Zero stars!
I wanted to be a Visible customer. I tried! Account setup was easy. Activation of the new (temporary) cell number was easy. Knew I had to port my existing number from Verizon to Visible. Good reasonably clear instructions from Visible's website on how to do do. Which I followed. Got my Vzw account # and a porting (transfer) PIN from Vzw. Attempt one: porting via Visible app… long story short: No go. Told ‘numbers do not match’… whatever that means. Double checked, triple checked the data from Vzw. Attempt two: same result. Sigh. Attempt three: tried to port via Visible Chat… Live Agent. Much longer story short—- no go! Attempt four: got different pin from Vzw. Same result from Visible. No go! Attempt five: via Visible Live Agent … now with third pin from Vzw… Told it was ‘successful’. [NOT true!] Told porting would take 24-48 hrs await an email from Visible. None came! By day four of waiting … Attempt six via Visible Live Agent. Told again the account number and PIN from Vzw do not match. Sigh. Tired of beating my head against the wall! Not mad at the Live Agent but very frustrated with giving them valid data to be told Vzw account/PIN is wrong. Over and over and over. Cancelled my now four day old service with Visible. Cannot/ Will not “Recommend” Visible to any one! Your mileage may vary!
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3 years ago, itpmguru
Verizon Network, but Cheaper
Review is based on 9mos of extensive use. Of all of the NVMO (network virtual mobile operators) out there, I trust this one more than any of them. Visible is a Verizon company, just without the high prices to support brick and mortar retail stores, TV advertising, and customer service phone banks. Initially when I was going to switch to them, I had a Samsung note 9 that was not supported and in the beginning, it was tough to get someone on chat and get questions answered, months now after their launch, I was able to get someone in a few mins. Since then I have changed to an iPhone 11 and not had any issues. Occasionally you will get a slight slow down during peak periods, but nothing I can’t handle in the short term. The standard price of $40 a month is comparable to other NVMO operators out there with unlimited data talk and text, but your real value comes in to play with party payday you can get down to $15 a month unlimited! As for their app, it works well and never had an issue paying a bill during my time with them. Try it, you will like them!
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5 years ago, holdenplulp
Scam Artists
Don’t be fooled! They are quick to take your money, but when they make a mistake it only effects you! I had to buy a new phone from them because mine didn’t work on their service. I spent all week trying to activate the phone they sent, doing weird ‘troubleshooting’ like turning airplane mode on and off, factory reset, etc. then they would escalate the problem to a specialist which took a day or two to resolve without fixing the problem. it took at least 7 times during 4 days of going on the chat until someone realized visible sent me a phone that isn’t compatible with their service. They said I had to ship the phone back, wait until they received it in the mail, THEN WAIT 3-5 business days for the return to process THEN BUY ANOTHER PHONE. God forbid they own up to their mistake and fix it themselves! They had the audacity to tell me to make a fake account TO SPEND MORE MONEY AND BUY ANOTHER PHONE WHILE I WAIT!!!!!!! This is such a SCAM! I should not have to wait what will be 3 weeks to have a phone again! I can’t even afford to go elsewhere until this stupid refund process ends! Thanks for messing up my life and time. Single struggling moms can’t afford to waste hours on chat and weeks for a working phone! I swear if something happens to my kid and he can’t reach me BECAUSE I DONT HAVE A PHONE...
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3 years ago, Find Better
What was good is now horrible!
I have been using visible for a long time now. In the first 6 months it was a very good service. I even got my friend to sign up. However, since it has been down hill rapidly. Call quality has become atrocious, my calls are constantly dropped. Data on both my phone and hotspot are almost always .2-.5 mbps on good days. Lots of the time it just says it cannot activate cellular network. The same thing has happened to my friend. I have also traveled across the country and through many states. In Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Arkansas I had NO service at all for the majority of the states. NOTHING, customer service said they do not service those areas. Entire states? No Service? It’s extremely slow and spotty in Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota. I was getting 1-2 Mbps in Florida. It goes in and out in Texas and it barely runs at all and constantly drops in New Mexico. The only state it seems to work in is California. But, even that has dropped substantially. I tried to be patient, but all customer service has been saying is, “sorry, I wish I could do more.” So I’m canceling, I suggest anyone looking to go to Google project fi or mint mobile. If you travel, get AT&T or T-Mobile. Even their MVNO’s are much better.
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2 months ago, Jayenelee
A Couple Years in.
Visible is generally the same Verizon service we had previously, but for less than half the money. Most of what we save, cash wise is consumed in time spent whenever we need to open the app, like for forced updates or changing payment info. It’s especially bad with this phone which has the eSIM. If you have the choice, get them to send a physical sim. That has been much easier to work with on my wife’s phone than this eSIM. App needs to be updated every time I ever open it, whether it has been last week or last year. We do not have any other data providers, and they set the phones not to be hot spots for each other. This requires us to spend usually several hours at the library while we update the phones and work the bugs out of the updates. So if you have patience with a system that needs half a day of baby sitting now and then, visible is a great option. As long as nothing goes wrong, it works well, but when something goes wrong, be prepared to possibly fix it with your own creativity…. Now let’s see if I can get past the need to download the update….
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2 years ago, Scoobydood143
Surprise change with no disclosure
Long story short, if you already have Party Pay on your current plan, do NOT change. I was in Canada this last weekend and my phone wouldn’t work. I misread my plan, and saw that it was unlimited calls and texts TO Canada and Mexico, not IN Canada and Mexico. I see they’ve added a plan that’s $5 more and includes it, so I upgrade. First my phone stops working at all. 1st customer support agent is able to get that fixed in half an hour. Then I bring up my bill. As soon as I do, I see my Party Pay discount is missing and contact customer support. 4.5 hours and two more support agents later, I am told that there is no going back. That I lose the discount and everyone in my party loses $5 of their discount because there’s no longer 4 people. They claim it was in the legal disclosures. I go through them and confirm that it WASN’T. When I asked the first agent to show me where this was in the disclosures, she disconnected the chat. The next agent just said “there’s nothing we can do to get your old plan back, but you can downgrade from your new plan.” The downgraded plan is still more expensive. Honestly I’m back on the hunt for another phone plan now. The extra $180 per year surprise has soured me on this whole company.
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1 year ago, NOYBAH
InVisible - believe the negative reviews
I tried the 15 day trial. Seemed to work fine but I had my current provider and visible on iPhone 13. Problems began when I tried to join. Even though my address automatically popped up and autofilled it claimed it didn’t exist on popup. That started a true nightmare. 4 days ago I started going through their process. You can only contact their company through chat. Definitely bots answering questions and you never know if you are talking to a bot or human. There are grammar clues that India is involved. Anyway the first day I spent four hours on chat. You have to keep making contact or it will boot you after two minutes and then you have to start over from the beginning again even if you have a case number. Long story short, 4 days later and numerous hours, followed every direction and sent them everything they wanted and I still have exactly the same problem and cannot sign up. Incompetent isn’t even close to a good description. This is a Verizon company but their fetal alcohol syndrome redheaded stepchild that was in the birth canal too long and then dropped on its head numerous times before drowning and then being revived only to be run over by the short bus. Nonexistent customer service.
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2 years ago, watchfulmcgrupp
Do not listen to what any other review is telling you! I tried to switch over from Verizon to visible, thinking it would be easy as they are both basically Verizon. NOPE. I couldn’t get their service working initially so I contacted support and they had me restart everything. 4 attempts later and over 4 hours of customer support - I got transferred to “someone who could better assist you” still nothing. I had to pay my initial service fee and after being on the phone with Verizon, they told me there was nothing they could do and to contact visibile. Visible told me to just follow their instructions and it’ll work out. I truly felt like I was talking to some teenagers at their first high school dance. Just utter incompetence. In the end I switched to AT&T and am able to write this review using their service. Trust me, do not even attempt to work with these people. Look at the reviews saying how bad the customer service is! I was like you, thinking it would never be me receiving this terrible treatment, then it was. Take your money elsewhere and don’t give these people a chance. They refuse to offer me a refund because on their end it shows I used data and sms and airtime. None of which I was even able to. They lie and steal.
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3 years ago, Vw_wildman
No internet service or data
The first few months were good, and now over the last month I have very poor internet and data. Typically running below 4Mbps, and frequently being measured in KBPS no way to call is a problem when you can’t connect to the internet meaning their app chat doesn’t work. I run between no bars to 2 to 3 and sometimes 4 ironically the worst service is when my device is reading 4 bars. I’ve requested call backs that never come, I receive emails daily with no information. Being on Verizon towers who claim to have the best network, well friends who have Verizon wireless have the same issue at my house. I live in a mid size city with a lot of available towers however the service is weak all around. At this point Visible has provided no solutions, no service, no credit and very poor communication. Based on this being an issue for weeks is inexcusable to not have some answers. I guess like Verizon visible over promises and under delivers! $40 a month is great, however none of my streaming services work, Apple Music is a problem, I’m wasting a lot of time and money not to mention the damages to my business needs as there are no high speed internet options. Much to improve time to find a new carrier.
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2 years ago, JL3490
Unreliable service and poor customer service
DO NOT GET VISIBLE!!!! THIS CELL SERVICE HAS NO CONCERN FOR THEIR CUSTOMERS!!! Unreliable service, I have experienced multiple occasions where the data cuts out for a period of time. However the most recent and my final straw was when the cell service cut out. I was not able to receive ANY calls and I was unable to call anyone. After that happened my data cut out completely, my phone is useless without any wifi. When on the phone with customer service which was over an hour long. The customer service rep was no help and kept talking in circles about what to do and how to problem solve. Eventually they said that someone on a “higher level” is needed. They said they would transfer me through however instead I was hung up on. Visible is extremely unreliable and you aren’t going to know how much you rely on your phone until it doesn’t work. As someone who travels on the highway daily, I had no way to check traffic and ensure that I would get to work on time. On top of that if you HAD to get in contact with people for safety reasons you would not be able to. Although this a cheap service, think twice about getting it, prioritize yourself and your safety because this company WONT!!
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2 years ago, Kram1t
It’s great
There isn’t really a lot else to say. It’s Verizon service at a cheaper price. The data is actually unlimited not that crap they give you about “unlimited” and then when you hit a certain amount they crash your speed so hard it’s like it’s not on… they simply limit your overall speed. While I think they could do a little better, I’d even pay a little more for a faster plan. I have nothing to complain about. It’s enough to stream movies, music and anything else. The hotspot data is also unlimited not needed (for seriously no reason, but another thing to make you pay for. It’s still data through your phone.) I can from PureTalk which was OKAY at Best. But it’s ATT network and cost me 15 more a month for much less. Even limited this is regularly faster not to mention better service ALWAYS. The app itself is a little basic, but it does everything you need it to do and the UI is clean. Good enough.
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3 years ago, nordic ski mom
Lost service 2 times in a week
I lost service twice in a week and 3 times in the past month or two. The first time they were able to restore my service quickly. The second time cell service stated again on its own after a day. 5 days later I got an email from Visible saying my service was restored. I was confused because it was working. Turns out it stopped working again. That was Sunday. It’s Wednesday and I still don’t have service. I asked about internet calling and the rep said I would get an email in a couple hours about setting it up. Visible also said I would get a new SIM card today. I tried to get tracking info. Today they told me it wasn’t shipped yesterday and that I needed cell service to set up internet calling. Tomorrow I will be going on 5 days without service. They keep telling me my problem is getting high priority. Takes a long time to start a chat and responses are slow. I have received inconsistent info from reps. I get a lot of apologies on chat but so far no fix. My husband hasn’t had any problems with service. My son lost service once that I know of. He got it back by rebooting his phone. This service would be a great deal if it worked.
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3 years ago, Taradanny
Activation issues, no cell service for days
The company is very new, no way to speak to anyone over the phone as they don’t have a customer service contact line yet. They have chat rooms which you wait there in a ‘line’ to speak with an agent. I’ve gone almost 4 DAYS without cell service. This company has many issues with activation, especially if you want to simply keep your phone number. Careful using the esim. It’s new and confusing to customers and there isn’t anyone to explain to you in detail except the chat room which is troublesome in itself because you get a brand new agent every time and end up having to type out your whole explanation over and over. This activation has been a nightmare. I’m still waiting for a physical SIM card to come in the mail. I unlocked my phone with Verizon and removed their sim which should mean my phone is fully available for the esim download, however the visible agent who sent out the physical SIM card didn’t let me know that once sent out you can no longer download an esim leaving me with no service for a few more days. Unless you’re a tech guru or have done this before, this is a lesson I never wanted to learn.
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2 years ago, BuddhaBri
Had Visible for 2 years and like it …for the most part. For the last 3 months my service has really suffered and been down right awful . Since they just switched to their “new” network systems my service has been 2 to 5mbps which is not worth a dime. So, I sat in support queue at # 50 last night for 35 minutes before talking with support. During my wait, I was logged out twice (2x)but fortunately was able to get back in and not loose my spot. Once I started texting support, they were pleasant and helpful. After about 20 minutes of testing on both sides, I was again logged out in the middle of my support session??? It was f’n midnight (literally) and I couldn’t wait another 40 minutes to get back in. With no service phone calls supported, it think it a really small thing to ask not to screw your customers with stupid and easily correctable tactics!!!! Starting to feel they are making the normal plan so much a pain you “want” to move over but will only see worse results… plus, now the app doesn’t even remember you… of course Apple is complicit because my reviews never show up!! Posted on Wed and not on list but see Thursday comments?? Fishy!!!
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3 weeks ago, Stryker_73
Tethering for Streaming
This was a great service for about three days. Then suddenly lost the ability to tether to any device without enabling Wi-Fi. Have tried countless time’s with agent after agent promising results. I was finally able to tether back to my laptop but there was no increase in mbps. Was never able to tether back to my PlayStation without using wifi, so again no increase in mbps. I upgraded to 45 plan thinking maybe that would somehow make a difference. It didn’t! So again with the countless hours on support to no avail. As streamer’s rely on UPLOAD speed not download it been hard to stream at all. On average upload speeds are 1.2 mbps, sometimes down in the kbps. As a gaming streamer myself and many of my friends thought at first this was going to be a game changer for our community. But without a TRUE tether stream quality is just bad, really bad and add an unstable network connection to the mix and well, if you stream, you already know. I really did have high hopes for this service. But still to this day the issue has been unresolved. If you stream I would not recommend this service.
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2 years ago, Johnny rock star
Hands down the worst service provider I have ever hon with. First there is NO number if you need phone support…..let’s step back for a sec and rethink last statement. Yes I said “there is NOOOOOOO number if you need phone support”. That should have been a red flag right there. What phone provider does not have a number to call when your having issues with said phone. 2 customer service reps have zero deescalation skills. Their solution is to schedule a call back from another idiot that says they are not qualified to get your issue taken care of, so that another idiot can pass to another idiot until the issue exacerbated the issue that you want to cancel your service………BUT WAIT HOLD OFF DOING THAT. Because if you cancel without first telling your new provider you want your number ported over you can’t do that. Their solution is to make you pay to have your service reactivated for another month so you can get your number back. Save yourself the frustration, go to a fitness center, find the biggest person in the place and ask them to punch you in the face. You probably would have more fun having that done than you would with Visable.
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5 years ago, Cook4thanksgiving
If I could give them negative 5 stars I would
People talking about dead sports this and that. How about living in Los Angeles and not being able to receive or make any calls for 3 days. They said they have excellent coverage in this area. That is a false promise. In addition I was just in Vegas and was unable to make a call to friends because there was no service coverage there. Absolutely ruined the trip for me and I need to be connected Wi-Fi to do anything on my phone. Now I am back in Los Angeles and it is messing with my business. No one is able to contact me and I am unable to make calls in the middle of the day during business hours. It’s horrible. I switched from T mobile to this scam of a service. Don’t let the flashy marketing fool you like it did me. There is no substance or reliability at all. The price was so much cheaper I had to give it a shot because what did I have to lose. You definitely get what you pay for. Their trouble shooting was to turn airplane mode on and off. I hope they do figure it or one day because the idea is nice but the execution is laughable. We are all their test dummies as they try to figure it out. I could not recommend this less to anyone if I tried. Stay away. Just trust me!
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5 years ago, fathful Fan
Worst phone provider EVER
I have regretted changing to Visible Soooooooooo MUCH. My calls fail constantly an every time the call/number fails that number will no longer fail or better put the number when filed revives a CAL FAILER. Some times I can power off my phone and that might reset the phone and I can make a call to the failed number but now that’s not working any longer. Customer service is only available through text or twitter. Each time I open a live chat to try to repair my problem there is no resolution and a ticket is opened and now I an getting email saying there is a problem in my area and it is being worked on. Just this week I have logged 5 or 6 hours in text trying to get my phone to work. you think 40$ is a great price BUT not if u need ur phone to acutely work The savings isn’t worth the price you pay for the poor quality of service Save Your Money and most importantly your time DO NOT USE THIS PHONE PROVIDER for your phone service
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5 years ago, Katwoman0108
Constant Harassment
I loved this company at first but in the last few months it’s gone way downhill. They start text messaging you with payment due messages a week before due date at ALL HOURS. They text’d me last night at 12:17 after midnight. I’m a senior citizen who is disabled & they wake me up all hours of the night. When I complained I was told first to mute the texts. If I do that I then may miss out on desired or needed texts. Then they “ suggested” I enroll in auto pay to prevent texts which I don’t wish to do & since I have NEVER been late in paying my bill I can only assume they are attempting to force auto pay using harassment technics. I’m going back to one of my old providers cause two months of being harassed is enough. They don’t appreciate good paying customers obviously. I signed up for phone service not to provide them early payments that gain them interest in their bank accounts also. I’ll keep my money in my own accounts until the due date thank you & reap my interest myself. If ever I am hospitalized & can’t get make my bank transfer autopay overdrafts will get charged to me not them. I’m reporting my suspicions to FCC & BBB & Consumer Affaires & every other agency that’s relevant so they can monitor this.
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2 years ago, cptn_jon
Better service
I have been using Visible for 3 now and have found that in some places where I was Post Paid Verizon plan that I get better service with Visible Pre-Payed and get more for my money. Some other companies have had to use my phone as their service was not available. VZNW plan that I had was 10 Gig of data per month, with Visible I have unlimited data along with free calls to Canada and Mexico which were NOT included in the post paid plan. Better service and less cost per month. I highly recommend VISIBLE as your cellular service provider. I would give it more stars if there were more. $40 dollars per line per month if you don’t want to be in the Party Pay Plan and if you opt-in to Party Pay Plan it’s $25. Per line. If you’re like me and only have a single line on the Post Paid VZNW it’s a $100 per month and the service network is the same. To me it was a no brainer. Enjoy the service and the saving’s.
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5 years ago, Lunamoon:)
I wanted to like it
I wanted to like this service. I read some of the bad reviews about the internet been poor but I thought that wasn’t going to be my issue since I leave in a major city ( Boston) but this service is horrible, I almost never have internet connection, it always leaves and always when is most needed as well. ( since I never have ) I send them text some are good and try to help, before I contact them I do all the trouble shooting and nothing, then I contact them and nothing. This never happened with Simple Mobile which I pay the same but they only have 10 GB of free hotspot. But since I never have internet not hotspot I will definitely going back. ( also second line is only $25 with them, so I am saving ) I tried this for two months mostly for the hotspot, but it is horrible. Some time I am in the road and of course GPS starts acting cray cray and If I am listening something important it just stopped. I like the concept once they fix this problem I will be back. For the once that it works for them great!! I am out.
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3 months ago, Robin Awal
Lots of bugs in system and poor customer support service
While this provider uses same network as Verizon, this provider have lots of things to improve the service, the web app, mobile app. For every small issue you will have to contact customer service on chat only as there is no phone call service for customer support. The system has lots of glitches and bugs. In my case, It omitted apartment number while saving despite providing it while ordering an iPhone. Now the shipping address do not have Apt number. I don’t know how they could ship it safely. To make matter worst, there is no update feature nor customer service staff could update it. I am already regretting. Tomorrow is delivery date and I am yet waiting for their team to contact me with a fix as customer support specialist could not add Apt number to the order. There was issue earlier while getting the new phone number. It gave me a number and said they are saving it for me for next 6 days to activate but after some time It asked to select another number again. I should have stopped by then.
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