Vittle Pro Video Whiteboard

4.8 (373)
22 MB
Age rating
Current version
Qrayon, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vittle Pro Video Whiteboard

4.78 out of 5
373 Ratings
7 years ago, Née than en ponvasantham
Great intuitive app
Simple and efficient. There are no unnecessary gimmicky ads and useless features. Just a bare boned app that does what it is supposed to. Great for teaching. I would love to be able to view segments of a video without having to stop the video. Just a minor feedback. When apps are a great at combining functionality, design and real world - I feel very happy owning an iPad. I do wish I had the iPad Pro with pencil. Just a minor gripe. Maybe next purchase. Happy with iPad Air 2 for now. Great effort. Keep it up.
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6 years ago, brianrouth
Annoying thump at beginning of every recorded video
I think this app would be GREAT!... However, at the very beginning of EVERY video, there is an annoying THUMP sound that cannot be removed from the app. I have email the company with feedback on this and their recommendation was an external mic. Unfortunately, the new iPads do not have earphone/external mic connector so I am forced to use wireless microphone/earphones. Unfortunately, this app does not allow/work with external mic/earphones (I verified this by use external mic with voice memos app and it worked perfectly - but NOT with Vittle). The only work around I have found is recording video within Vittle and then transferring the video to iMovie and taking out the THUMP at the beginning of the movie (just remember to start your video and wait a couple of seconds before you start it so you have plenty of room to take the annoying THUMP out later). I am still hopeful they will have an update that will correct this, what I believe to be, major issue at some point. I would give this app 5 stars IF there were more ability to edit the actual video within the Vittle app AND if the THUMP was removed. Thanks!
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4 years ago, LPH2.0
No shapes, limited colors to show at top, wonky text color editor box
Vittle pro isn’t bad but it isn’t a 5 star product worth $24. Two major features block it from being great and several “huh” locations of items cause head scratching. (1) Shapes are missing. Simple shapes such as circle, square, line, arrow should be available for any recording software. The absence of these makes the product less valuable. (2) There are only four spots above the recording area for colors. Each color can be set to a virtually limitless color — but this means only four colors can be used during a recording without taking the time to make adjustments. It would be nice if the product developers also considered easy ways to import Google slides. Maybe I’m just missing the “import” but Add doesn’t do anything but images and text. The location for changing the background is in a crazy place. Worse, change the background to black, change the text color to white and the text disappears from the pop up box to edit text. Now that’s crazy! It’s understandable if people are giddy about a simple recording software - but there are tons out there - and paying $24 should bring a software product miles beyond the others. I with the developers well. It isn’t easy and maybe you’ll consider adding these features. Best wishes.
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4 years ago, mysteriousmountains
Almost 5 stars. Can we have more than 4 colors on deck? And adjustable eraser?
It’s pretty good, and I’m enjoying it... but I would really appreciate if we could have more than 4 colors on deck. There’s plenty of space in the UI at the top to add a few more color spots. Or if we could change the preselected colors to save our own colors over the manufacturer selected ones. There’s currently 4 spots for colors but adding a few more would really speed up things instead of selecting each time I need a 5th or something. The biggest thing to be improved though is the eraser: it’s far too big sometimes. Please let us either erase by line or adjust the size of the eraser. The next one is a longshot but I’d like to be able to export MP4s directly instead of MOV files. Lastly, how about a highlighter tool?
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7 years ago, kodaxx
Solid white board app
Vittle is definitely a solid white board app and a welcome addition to the other white board apps currently on the App Store. That said there are a couple features that really should be added. 1. Needs to be able to accept keyboard input. As a math teacher, I am using this to help students with word problems and typing word problems is much faster and clearer in a presentation. 2. Support Apple Pencil. Yes you can use the Apple Pencil as an input device but since it needs to integrate the palm detection that the Apple Pencil has. Again, this has to do with the quality of presentation. Not only is it easier to use the Apple Pencil with its palm detection that feature also improves handwriting which is very important.
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4 months ago, Trweiland
When it works it’s great
This software has been great at capturing my lectures for my courses and has been helpful to my students. When it hiccups and doesn’t correctly generate a video, I’m forced to erase all the notes made on the presentation and completely restart my work. The amount of time it takes to generate these videos is not insubstantial, and I hope the engineers who are responsible for this software creation would fix this bug that seems to pop up indeterminately, or at least, come lecture my students on the finer points of biochemistry.
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7 years ago, RickRockinReview
Great App for educators
Got Vittle to develop content to go beyond PowerPoint for both online and flipped traditional undergrad business classes. Still in my early stages of adopting Vittle, but have been amazed at how well the features match what I've been looking for. Better yet, the interface so far has been intuitive and clear. It is shaping up to be one of my main tools going forward.
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7 years ago, mollyblue
Vittle Pro is the BEST!
I'm still learning how to take full advantage of this app, but - especially with the Apple Pencil, I am lovin' it! This app makes everything so much easier to share explanations and ideas with students online. And, there's no end to the creativity you can express in presentations.
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4 years ago, Ibetthisisnottaken
Re-ordering Scenes
This would be a five star product, except I cannot move scenes around in my videos. I am wondering if something happened in the last update to make it impossible to move them on the iPad Pro. I was able to move scenes around in my videos two days ago, and now, my only option is to delete them. This app is amazing for virtual teaching, but I am beyond annoyed that the editing options are so limited.
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7 years ago, KPSteel
App is intuitive and versatile for sooooo many projects! I love teaching as if I was with a whiteboard at a university classroom! The developer's commitment to UX earned my trust & loyalty. I trust them to accept feedback and grow with the ever-evolving digital era and its capabilities. Well worth the investment, especially considering the subscription rates for similar SaaS. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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7 years ago, astroclubguy
Vittle is slowly replacing pencil and paper for me
Vittle is probably my most used app on my iPad Pro. I use it in place of paper and pencil. As it stands, my only suggestion is to add the ability to write and draw in portrait mode. Sometimes I prefer that orientation for working math problems.
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7 years ago, Dshowboat
Apple Pencil and Pressure Sensitivity
I love using the Vittle Pro app! I love being able to use my Apple Pencil as well. One thing that I would really like to see you in the next up date is adding pressure sensitivity with the Apple Pencil! Thanks for making this such a great app!!!!
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4 years ago, Chaney Dong Veng
Love it
I am a physician and has used Vittle Pro to create medical education videos for my patients. Pros: Very easy to use. I like the way I can do the voice-recording one slide at a time because if I made any mistake I can redo it again without effecting my previous slides. It also supports non-english fonts as well. Cons: I wish it allows me to rearrange my slides or insert another slide to my final product. Overall I am very please with this product.
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3 years ago, Megatype1234
A few thoughts
It’s a great app. It does what it is supposed to but can be improved. 1. Add shapes or draw shapes 2. Be able to delete multiple slides at once from a video. (Not just delete all or one by one) 3. Be able to combine 2 videos. I use this exclusively for my you tube channel for maths. And would appreciate if these points are kept into consideration. Developers do reply please.
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4 years ago, jpm6078
So far so good!
I do you presentations professionally. So far I am impressed. on this current project, it is doing everything I need.
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5 years ago, Lynn2275
love it
This app allows me to be interactive
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3 years ago, otfulani
Corrupted video files
If you can, please get another app. This is a $24 waste. Sometimes, your recorded videos are saved. Other times, they aren't. I have had to waste time re-recording videos due to corrupt output video files.
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8 years ago, GammaTech
Very good
First of all let me say that I never take time to write these reviews, but this app is really that good. We use it in our company to create training videos for different topics both technically related and overall policy related. I love the ability to create "scenes" and move them around and edit. This means that if I record something and decide I don't like it I don't have to start over completely. I can just delete that scene. Or if I forgot something that is essential for the current topic I can go back and create it and insert it before the section I was already recording. Necessary plus for us was full Apple Pencil support. Get an external microphone so you don't hear the pencil drawing on the screen is my only advise. Unlike the other apps I looked at there is no recurring or subscription costs making this an excellent value. Worth every penny!!
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4 years ago, JMCool50
You need better drawing tools
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3 years ago, KatesMajik
Please help!!
I LOVE Vittle Pro! I have hundreds of drawings! But now When I open the app it immediately crashes! Help!! How do I fix this?
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10 years ago, Sampo3K
Simple, elegant, flexible
A well-designed app that keeps its focus on the features that matter and executes stunningly. Everything feels very organic and intuitive. Freely draw, zoom, slide, rotate, scale your hand-drawn art or imported photos/art while narrating and the app records to video. The app developer offers a nice website that lists the specific features and how to use them. If you're clever, you can use this app for a lot more than whiteboard-based teaching, though it definitely excels at its primary purpose.
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8 years ago, Jcrosby37
Everything I need it to be
I've tried several comparable apps and they proved overwrought and overloaded for 99% of what I'm looking to do. Vittle is simple and easy. I'm a math teacher and I use it to make short introductions and tutorials. I write, I draw, I talk...they get a clear product to watch. The one thing I'm not currently loving is that my Apple Pencil leaves an audible tapping sound. It's not horrible, but it could bother some. Personally, it stokes fond memories of when I used to teach with chalk on a chalkboard.
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9 years ago, Justbegin
Perfect for Presentations!
With the ability to add notes and drawings to photos, the app allows you to personalize your presentation. The layout is simple and easy to use, and the panning make the video become a mini movie. Also the microphone is another great idea to verbally pitch ideas while connecting visually. My favorite aspect of the app is that you can arrange the scenes after pausing and stopping. It's like a mini movie maker. Very helpful!!
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9 years ago, R Patwari
Great Whiteboard App (my favorite of all of them)
I've tried pretty much all of them that are out, and like this the best. The drawing tools are superb (somehow it doesn't look like a 3 year old drew it). The pdf capabilities are essential for stepping through documents with students. The fact that you have a canvas that is bigger than the screen let's you bring things on and off the stage. You can export the drawings to inkflowto share as a pdf. And most of all the developers are very approachable and open.
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10 years ago, Guy Sengstock
Amazing!!! I teach training courses and this is the easiest way to make training videos that I think up on the fly. The playfulness of the medium itself goes a long way in allowing for informal yet powerfully engaging videos. It shows not only the content of what your thinking but also implicitly reveals the kind of thinking (in action) that produced the content! To levels of learning at once!
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11 years ago, NSU Biology
I've been looking for a program that would let me make short recordings of my working example problems for my college genetics course. This program seems to be the solution! It is easy to use with the DropBox integration. Wish there were more options for export, but still a great product! If you are a teacher, you should definitely try it!
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8 years ago, Wppman
A good app with not enough apple pencil optimization
Palm rejection does not work too well. I think this app is meant for the ipad pro users to use it with an apple pencil. When I tried to record writing with my apple pencil, it created random dots where my palm was touching. Also random sharp lines. Please fix it. Anyhow, this is the only app that allows you to record your own drawing and writing with the audio. Aweeeesome.
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10 years ago, GO KAT
Awesome App
Can't say enough great things about this app. The full version of Vittle is intuitive, user friendly, and very well designed. I am very impressed with how it integrates with 3rd party programs like keynote and Dropbox. It offers multiple options for uploading and sharing. It truly is a wonderful and affordable resource for educators looking to reach their "millennial" students in an entertaining and on-line medium.
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7 years ago, LLJ follower
Transforms communication
This is the 3rd app in 2 years I have ever written a review. This will simply transform the way you share ideas. I use it business , for pitching ideas, teaching my kids, Sunday school.... you can use right away in a simple form, and after a while you realize how powerful it is with stop motion, picture import etc.... power point is dead.
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11 years ago, Univ.Physics.Professor
Nice APP
I am using this to screen-cast mini physics lectures, or sample quiz/homework problems. very nice. PROS: *) save directly to common video format. *) select and move ink-work. *) laser pointer (awesome!!). *) Scene edit so I can re-record or re-organize thoughts without having to restart inking from scratch *) Lock camera / smooth zoom transition. CON:: (or hopeful additions to the next update) *) ability to insert text anywhere
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10 years ago, Jeremia1612
Both inkflow and this app are amazing. I use this new app to create videos for my calc students. I am not the best writer so I put some bullet points in to express the value of this app. • Easy to use features like inkflow, the ability to write and illustrate is flawless. The colors are rich and flow on the canvas naturaly. In fact my bad hand writing looks good. This app and inkflow plus don't require along time to learn to use proficiently. • Inserting images unlike many note apps, inserting images without constraints is nice and simple. • Very reliable I have never had inkflow plus or this current app crash on me. In summary, this app is right for many uses, and I highly recommend it.
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8 years ago, Eroc32
Best screencasting app out there
I've been using this app for a year or so now. It is easy to use and versatile. I use it not only to screencast lessons, but also as a live whiteboard. It works really well with google drive, Dropbox, or however you share videos with students. I highly recommend this app. You get what you pay for!
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8 years ago, StaciSnyder
I love this app! This has helped my students so much they are begging for more. Not only is the price right but the ability to import PDFs is awesome. This is so easy to use, I have told all my teacher friends about it. Obviously the creators are reading the reviews because they have made some great improvements. Thank you!
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9 years ago, Pastora Eli
Great for teachers!
I use it to write mini lessons for my students and share them through their google drive. They like having that additional resource! For me it's super easy to use and I can create a quick video anywhere and anytime. Awesome app overall just like others from qrayon :)
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7 years ago, iFutureMD
God Send
I'm out of the country in medical school. My husband and daughter are in the US. He's not too keen on math so I use this app to make videos for my little girl to help her with homework. This app amazing. Functions well and is easy to use. I'm considering using it for medical school to do group study with my cohorts.
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10 years ago, mkdream100
Okay this app is awesome for quick note taking. I wish it had the login option so you could get the same notes like on my phone or laptop. that would be a nice feature. Awesome for my kids to play with and write me notes! 10 stars!!
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8 years ago, ilovedusk
Great app, could use some improvements
I love this app, I use it for promo videos, educational videos, and for fun. You can export your films in HD, but I'd like to see more options for customizing backgrounds (to plain white, or black) - and colors, photos, etc. Could use updated branding and user interface too! Still highly recommended!
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11 years ago, auliuniv
Great program. Works as expected, except for one glitch. The audio dropped out. Within 3 hours I had a reply and fixed the problem!! Impressive service! Looking forward to the updates and additions that come in the future.
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7 years ago, MGMGMGgo
Very good tool
This app does a great job. One thing I would like to see in the future if it can be done would be the pasting of video and/or streaming links. Perhaps it is already implemented and I haven't found it yet.
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10 years ago, No Tweet
Many Great Uses
This app is great and easy to use. Let's you create animated info videos at a fraction of the cost of a production studio. Plus it's fun to use with my kids to make animated shorts to share with family and friends. Would be even better with more effects and maybe even some common shape options.
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9 years ago, Hankiwb
App crashes when editing videos
So far the app is great, except for this flaw. Whenever I delete a scene and then try to return to the document the app crashes. It is only slightly inconvenient, but something I hope the developers will address.
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10 years ago, WinterSonata
Great app
This app does exactly what is describes. You can draw on the screen, import pics, and move elements around - all while recording. Several recordings can be combined to make one video, so you don't have to worry about one-take recording. You can also import a Keynote presentation (as a PDF).
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8 years ago, Anshoemaker
Not for long videos
I was really hoping this app was going to be great and I even purchased the full version. So far it has lost 5 of my videos. I record my class lectures and then when I go to load them to my camera roll it acts like I didn't record anything. Any video over 15 minutes has been lost. I even emailed the company and didn't get a response.
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9 years ago, krebano
What a great, cute little app.
Easy to use, simple layout, scratch-paper feel. Can't wait to see future additions, hopefully separate voice-overs for videos, and/or fast-forward vs slow-mo options.
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9 years ago, Bisbro3
Great app for creating and presenting programs of all levels
This is the one program I've found that allows both prepared slides and immediate use of annotations, graphics and hand drawn art. Great job of intertwining different kinds of artistic expression.
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10 years ago, Jhh552
Nice feature?
In going over a quiz with students, it would be nice to import PDF or Word document and work out the solution over the document instead of taking a pic to do that every time.
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11 years ago, corneredcat
Good product, one glitch
Vittle provides a quick, intuitive way to produce whiteboard type videos. I love the program, but I have had one glitch. The sound disappeared! I am waiting to hear back from the company after asking how to fix it.
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11 years ago, indybend
I love this app! Very easy for teachers to use to make video explanations for their students. Can't wait to see what features are added in the future, as it is already an excellent utility!
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10 years ago, Chuckit111
Just what I was looking for!
Very simply and well designed app to create and annotate, plus add voice-over to make impressive videos. Adding shapes would be a nice addition, but still deserves 5 stars.
Show more
11 years ago, dlangendorf
Interesting app
Great possibility. Unique. I like the app a lot. Takes a bit to learn. Wish there was a way to record, pause, draw/import/position, resume the video. Still need to explore ways to use. Why is the ink so odd -- it's like it shimmers and moves? Potential to be valuable app.
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