Viz - Smart TV remote control

4.5 (32.7K)
93.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Oz Shabbatth
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Viz - Smart TV remote control

4.52 out of 5
32.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Jesseondrums
Still has ads after paying the $3
The app works great. I love using my phone instead of searching for the remote. My tv has wifi connection and quick startup so I can turn in the tv with the app which is why I wanted it. I am always losing the remote but know where my phone is all the time. Cons The shortcuts don’t really work and when you have to keep hitting the input button until it goes to the input you want unlike the remote which gives the option to scroll to your desired input. Also, after you purchase the ad free version, close and reopen the app otherwise the ads might still appear.
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3 years ago, daressette
This is overall amazing but the only problem is I get tired of having to go like scroll up and down to just get a button that I want.I would recommend trying this this is so amazing because sometimes I like lose by remote and I don’t know where it is, so I could just go to the app on my phone to like use it and it’s amazing so thank you to the person whoever made this you are truly awesome and amazing. I can’t believe this actually works because I always shut it like screen mirroring but I used to do this but it does not work anymore I do not know why but this is better because I don’t like to like type stuff in and it takes forever and then when I almost finished it type it in and I just forget what I have to type in. So I would recommend trying is 100% but sometimes she will get tired of scrolling up the up-and-down but you really don’t have to scrub down because I think she might want it’s like I don’t know how to say it right there in front of you don’t have to scroll but if you’re looking for numbers yeah you have too.
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6 months ago, idk ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙💗
Excellent, but this one ad
I love everything about this app but the ads the keep popping up by just hitting your arrow buttons a few times and an ad pops up of random crap and it makes me just mad about the abs by you can just skip them without watching anything , but I love this app because I accidentally threw out my TV remote while cleaning my room and I lost hope till I got this app cus you know useless TV till you have the remote so you can use it so I got this app and I was finally happy again because I threw it out 2-3 months ago but you can also change the remote to the older kinds to newer types and maybe your original Tv remote might be on there if your lucky but all I did was choose the one that was closest to my old one but all I hate is the one ad that pops up once in awhile but 4/5 Stars is pretty good so I recommend downloading this app if you lost you’re too!
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3 years ago, timcat123
I don’t trust this app anymore
I downloaded this ages ago, found it perfect to use as a remote with the TV. However, today when I opened the app, Apple notified me that the “Remote from Vizio” app pasted what I copied from a different app. Basically, I copied a link from safari to send to someone, and this app read that link even though I never gave it permission to do so (I never pasted it in the vizio remote app). This link wasn’t a big deal, but what if someone copied some important private information? Would the vizio remote app read that information too? If this was done on purpose, why does this app want that information anyway? Apple has given iPhones a lot more great privacy features recently, and I’m glad they did, because I deleted this app right away, and told my family and friends about it who deleted it as well. I hope it was just a mistake in the coding script or something, but if it wasn’t, I am deeply disappointed in the developers of this app. Also there have been a lot more issues with reconnecting recently.
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5 years ago, Liz-19
Honest review!!
Pros Setting up is so easy! To begin with you have 10+ options of controls you get to choose from. You also get the option to remove ads for $3.99. After choosing a control you search for you tv by typing the 4 digits that appear on you tv. After that it’s not necessary to reconnect every time. You can use the control even if you’re not in the same room. Cons Ads appear every 10 clicks or so. Some of the shortcut buttons of the controls don’t work. It disconnects every now and then. You have to turn on your tv manually to connect.
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3 years ago, Horny pig
I’m handicap. Using the original remote was challenging because I can only use one hand (partially), but through wrist movements and combined with an apple pen.. I can operate an iPad. This app was cheap & easy to download. I can access it in my apps. And I picked my exact factory remote for my tv. It opens fast and functions the same way. Ad free with purchase. But since purchase, it’s hard to tell if my iPad pen fully hits a button. An indicator sound (like click) would help.. plus there’s a 2 - 3 second delay: once button is chosen to tv response. Could be my wifi or hardware. Im constantly having to reset my router, tv & iPad. I’m constantly switching casting from different apps.
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3 years ago, sooziedoozie
Vizio remote
I have the app on all my devices as do all members of my house. I have been completely happy with it. Only one time it weirded out and would only turn the volume up and down and tv off and on. which wasn’t a big deal because I just used my apple device to screen play what ever I wanted, then I tried it again in a few days and flawless performance ever since! Really glad I found the app I tell everyone about it!
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3 years ago, ✨Maddie✨aka✨lilac✨
I was expecting a cheap app where it basically forced you to pay for every touch or click you did on the remote but the only thing you have to pay for is no ads?! That’s amazing compared to all of the other remote apps I went through. I love the different selection of remotes because it can be just like the one on your tv. It also works really smooth and are easy to read and see. Great job! Keep up the great work!
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8 months ago, Mooshpie
Scam! I paid the $4.00 to upgrade & STILL HAVE ADS
I would have given it five stars until I recently paid the four dollars to upgrade my account and to remove the ads and they had no problem charging my card but none of the ads are removed. So I feel like they just scammed me out of money. The rest of the app works pretty good most of the time sometimes it will just disconnect for no reason and it will take a minute to reconnect but eventually it does reconnect. I'll update this review if the issue gets resolved with my card or the ads.
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4 years ago, Kcrobkrieger
Lifesaver !
I dropped my remote for the zillionth time on our tile I wait for its replacement this app works fabulous! Once you download it, pick the correct remote....and make sure WiFi on....then go down the list of devices (or whatever they are) and just touch one until it says “code”....which magically showed up on my TV screen. Hope this helps it was easier than it seems here.
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2 years ago, fatNsassyPanda
I’d give NEGATIVE STARS if it were possible! This app steals the information saved to your clipboard. If you'd like to see for yourself, download the app & then open a different app (such as safari). Copy some text, then reopen this remote app. You’ll discover that it will paste your copied text without your permission! Can you imagine the amount of passwords, banking info, & other personal info this app is collecting?!? I don’t recommend downloading this app, & Apple should remove this developer from its App Store immediately. Also, I paid to remove their obnoxious ads, yet less than a year later, the ads are back. STAY CLEAR OF THIS APP & get Vizio’s actual app instead!!!
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4 years ago, jammmmmmcat
Thank u Jesus for this
I never ever EVER write reviews. But this seriously saved my life. My cat likes to hide the real remote so I have downloaded many of these apps and honesty they are all annoying so I was expecting this one to be. Nope. Took 2 seconds to set up and guess what... ITS JUST LIKE THE REAL REMOTE. Not some random buttons or some universal crap. The exact. Same. Remote. So easy. Thank you for making this app And thank you Jesus for making these People make this app. Party on Wayne.
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3 months ago, Hon God his
So a lot of people are saying there’s a bunch of ads but I haven’t even got 1 yet and no I did not buy no ads. This app is the best and all the other remote apps they have are just as great! I love how you can chose what type of remote you want to use and how if you turn the tv off using the remote you can turn it back on this app is just the best!!!
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3 years ago, jackwesley
Doesn’t work most of the time
Tried multiple remotes, and they simply don’t work. Remotes would connect to TV but the buttons would not work properly. For example, all the navigation arrows (on multiple remotes) would all only send left. Push up, navigation goes left, push down, navigation goes left. Push select button, nothing happens. In short, this is a poor excuse of a tv remote app. Also, I verified it wasn’t my tv by trying the actual remote, which worked just as it should. If you’re looking for a tv remote to have on your phone or tablet/iPad, choose a different one.
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4 years ago, Vader Vader
Much better than the Vizio app!
The Vizio app is cool and has options like the Roku one. But it rarely works and it asks to connect to Bluetooth 100% of the times I open it, extremely annoying. On the other hand, this app just works. I felt compelled to leave a positive review since I’ve been so disappointed with the native Vizio app. It has ads which is meh, but can’t expect something free and free of ads.
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4 years ago, goramba
So, our family lost the tv remote. We couldn’t find it for a few weeks. Then I tried calling look up an app. This isn’t the first one I found. But, Here are the bugs. So when you’re typing, And you hit the delete button it like goes to the side so then on netflix it shows the menu. Otherwise it works PERFECTLY. I’m fact ima Change my review to five!
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2 years ago, mrsknightwolf
I recently washed my remote (obviously won’t work now) downloaded a few different apps and this one is awesome! Easy to find which remote and as long as the internet is running through the tv and your phone it will connect. It does have ads but they are quick to go away and it’s free :) Honestly this is awesome
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1 year ago, RosesAreRed412
Works Reliably
It works as it should. I found the same remote style I am used to. The ads are infrequent. It connects to my TV automatically as soon as I open the app and goes straight to the remote once it is set up. I would definitely recommend this, whether you have lost your remote or just want a spare.
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5 years ago, Yasyayayayayayayaya
Works great!
I was discouraged by a lot of the reviews saying it didn’t work, but decided to try anyway. I have a newer Vizio tv with smart cast and the works, and the remote works perfectly, I’m honestly surprised how well it works! U can’t turn the tv on through the app, but u can do everything else! Really recommend for those who may have broken or lost their original remote
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2 years ago, cab't send, nuckname is taken
Doesn’t work
Initially the only function that worked was the Input button. No volume, channel, numbers, etc. Rebooted my tv and got it to work except the info and channel up/down buttons. You have to use the arrow keys instead to change channels. You also might have to go through several devices on the search list when trying to connect until you find the one that’s your tv.
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3 years ago, Faith Marie Kersey
This is a good remote to have in handy for the TV
Yes I really love this remote I think this remote is very useful for when we lose our remote we have to use this one I love this remote so much that I use it on my phone every single day and usually some phones can get this so I’m very lucky to have this roommate
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3 years ago, AJFame
Connection issue is fixed but...
Before the connection issue, one feature I liked about the app was that even when I had my TV turned off. My phone was still connected to it and able to turn my TV on. Now it doesn’t stay connected when I turn my TV off. Idk if it’s a problem on my end or not, I’ll look up info on the web, but yeah that’s my only issue.
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1 year ago, masta of pasta
It was so good
There was an update that took away the features that let you swipe up and down left and right to interact with the screen instead of a button press and it’s so annoying that they got rid of it for seemingly no reason it functioned amazingly and now it’s so inconvenient to have to look away from your phone and make precise taps on the screen while trying to watch tv. Highly annoying bring back the swipe feature atleast as an option like it was before
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4 years ago, otxyulie
I’ve had trouble with the official Vizo remote control app for quite a while now. However, i came across this one and i am impressed! On this app you can choose your own look of remote and one of them looked exactly like mine so it was perfect. Overall this app has worked better for me than the others.
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3 years ago, Von Hamilton
App steals personal information
This app steals the information saved to your clipboard. If you’d like to see for yourself, download the app and then open a different app (such as safari) and copy some text - then reopen this remote app. You will see that it will paste your copied text without your permission. Imagine the amount of passwords, banking information, and various other personal information this app is collecting. I do not recommend download this app, and Apple should remove this developer from its App Store.
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4 years ago, ShReKs_SwAmP246
Totally recommend!!!
After trying to connect my Vizio tv to the original app, I found this one and decided to give it a go. The setup it super easy and self explanatory. The only thing that I don’t really like are the ads, but I usually over look them. I would totally recommend if you need a good app that acts as your Vizio tv remote.
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4 years ago, Squidbait
Works for what I need
It’s a little hard to set up as I don’t have internet, just WiFi. I use it on an iPod that’s not connected to the internet so I don’t get the ads. The INFO button doesn’t work, at least on my remote, and the biggest problem is that it disconnects when the tv is turned off, requiring to go through the entire setup process again.
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2 years ago, JazTirado
Best remote app !!
I have had trouble with every single remote app except for this one ! Others have way too many ads that pop up which makes it difficult to use but with this app it is limited and I love it . Would recommend
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1 year ago, McBecKo
Actually works
I used the Vizio app forever until their latest update and now it won’t connect. I tried several apps that did not work before I found Viz. I rarely write reviews but I am impressed and I greatly appreciate your app!
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1 year ago, Nanny5&1
I used this app for 2 hours after my dog chewed the end off of my tv remote. I tried to rewind the show I was watching on 3 different occasions. 12 different ads popped up during this 3 attempts and the app just froze the 3rd time. I deleted it. Spent more time trying to back up 5 minutes that the whole show lasted. Just go buy a remote! This is not worth the hassle!!! I am deleting it & if I have to spend $10 for an app without ads, they are cheaper at Walmart! Not impressed with this one!!!!
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3 years ago, Workbreak1
Used to work, now it doesn’t
I have used this remote in the past and it worked great but now, I have tried multiple choices for the remote and the volume works and everything works when using the menu until I go to select a channel. Everything then works except for the up down left right arrows and the OK button so I cannot select a station or scroll through choices to select. I appreciate that it is a free app but it simply doesn’t work anymore.
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2 years ago, Jxsm1ne
Worked at first had trouble connecting later
I’ve had this app for a while and it worked great for the first 2 weeks or so. Now I try connecting to my smart TV and it fails to connect but still a great app even though the amount of ads. It could be a problem on my end but it did have a lot of trouble connecting recently.
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5 years ago, decoramor
Lost remote
My 8 year little whirlwind is constantly losing her things. Sometimes she will ejoy tv in my room she was hoarding the remote and left the room with it. Of course she came back without it and ive been using this app every since. Its just like having the actual remote. I love it!! Thank you
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9 months ago, PhoenixYaBiz
The app and touchscreen itself is amazing since my kids broke my actual remote and I’m too lazy to go buy another one that’s $30-$40 so I downloaded this one works wonders, besides the bullsh** ads that pop up and take you to another window after pushing a button 20 times and then having to exit and go back to remote. Smfh annoying ASSSFFFFF
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3 years ago, Hdjdhdbjakaka
Love the app!
This is a great app for when I loose my remote. I loose everything all the time, this helps to let me sit and relax and to watch tv. I just don’t really like how I got to scroll up and down to use it but it’s a helpful app overall.
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4 years ago, addy&bella2019
Didn’t work.
I liked that when I opened app , it showed me all available remote types Vizio has. I promptly chose the one I know goes to my tv. I saw that it connects through same WiFi information, so I clicked on my “Vizio75tv” where it says it’s connecting. I waited maybe a minute while it connected, and nothing. I tried again about 3 more times, getting closer to the tv, but nope. Didn’t work. I was so excited at first to finically find one that would work, just to find out it doesn’t. Big Whaammmp!
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3 years ago, aammiinn6
It just doesn’t work anymore
Alright so, I downloaded this app 3 years ago and the last time I used it was a year ago (I forgot I had the app). I found out that I had the app so I wanted to use it again but no matter what I did. It wouldn’t work. I tried everything but it still didn’t work so I just deleted it. Would I recommend this app? Download it and if it works then it works, if it doesn’t then it failed its one job and you should delete it.
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4 years ago, Einoj
It worked so well! Until..
So, I used this app for a while, Since my brother kept losing the remote. And today, When I tried to use it, The WiFi that I used for the TV suddenly disconnected, So, I tried finding the WiFi network so I could connect to it again, But no. IT WAS NOT THERE ANYMORE! My WiFi network didn’t show up, And there were only these weird “devices” Like: Device 1, Device 5, Device 100, Etc. I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! But. I recommend this app, It does work! But for me, It stops working after a few weeks.
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3 years ago, Shork1135
I downloaded this app after I lost my remote. At first I thought is is awesome! It worked for about 4 hours. I hadn’t changed anything. Then all of a sudden, it quit working. On the home page, it doesn’t register that I’m pressing any of the arrow buttons or the select buttons. When I can finally get the dang thing to move to the app I want it won’t select it. If I’m lucky and keep trying it might go into the app. Then again same issues. I envy anyone who it works for because for me it’s a joke.
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2 years ago, Manolo Da Don
Great Except 1 Thing
I Love This App I Know Most People Have Kids And Are Always Misplacing Breaking Or Growing 2 Little Legs And Walking Away. This App Works Great Just The Ads Are But Annoying But They Are Definitely No More Than 3-5 When They Do Pop Up Enjoy 👍🏽 From A Satisfied User
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4 years ago, wormin around
Has the remote I need but..
I lost my remote a last week and I can’t get on to Netflix on my tv, I clicked the remote I needed and it did not connect! I kept trying and it STILL did not connect! I had my tv on and it was connected to my WiFi because the last time I used my tv (before I lost my remote) IT WAS CONNECTED TO MY WIFI so if you can give me reasons why I cannot connect I will be happy!
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4 years ago, Abq_Diana
I work at a place that has only 1 tv and 1 remote and the remote gets lost frequently. I have looked at other remote apps and couldn’t get them connected to the tv. This app worked immediately. I am so happy I found this app. Thanks!! 👍
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3 years ago, 100users
Do not use this app
Download the correct app that is by Vizio themselves. It works far better, no ads, and is safer on your network. This app is tricks you into pressing ads instead of remote button. To developer: you had a good opportunity to collect from banner ads, but instead opted to trick people into ad engagements. I highly doubt advertisers would continue to pay for the space if they knew your engagements are 100% accidental. Do better.
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2 years ago, Seeking Mobile Data Nervana
Vizio sound bar
The app assumes Wi-Fi but I just want to control the Vizio Bluetooth sound bar with Bluetooth remote sub and rear speakers. The remote control selections you have include the Vizio sound remote control image then I would expect the app not to ask for WiFi and only ask for Bluetooth Vizio sound bars don’t use WiFi they are Bluetooth only.
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5 years ago, Canadian63
Still debating
I like the remote when all functions work. I can turn on and off the tv. Volume buttons work, input works, but the buttons to change the channels do NOT work. Now that is frustrating. The most used button of all buttons does not work. I wish someone could explain this to me. Until then it is not getting 5 stars.
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2 years ago, Techiehippiee
I moved and lost my remote… somewhere. Needless to say I am so happy that this works. I only wish I could get rid of the ads. I tried to buy a few times and have not been able to do so. But awesome app.
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2 years ago, BackupDolphin
I’ve had this app for about 1-2 years and just recently noticed that they DRASTICALLY improved the UI and it’s amazing! Works 100% now! I really only need it for HDMI input change and volume but shout out for an incredible free app!!
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11 months ago, Apbuser
A bit clunky switching between remotes and most of the apps that I use "work better" on a remote I don't have and does not the ability to select apps once using. It links up, and brings basic functionality, but make no mistake, it's a work in progress.
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9 months ago, Summer Uchiha
TV remote app review
I couldn’t actually find my Vizio TV remote, but this app is working really good. I would recommend this to anyone who actually lost the remote to the TV instead of paying for a new one. :-)
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5 years ago, HllstcMystc
Highly recommend this app
Works perfectly and conveniently. Ads run but are not annoyingly frequent and they don’t count down (thank goodness). If you can’t find your remote or it just randomly decides to stop working then get this app!
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