VNL Weather

4.6 (6.9K)
65.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gray Television Group, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for VNL Weather

4.56 out of 5
6.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Travel Gal # 10,001
Love this App
We’ve been using this app for years. I love how no matter where I travel, I can see what the weather is doing and plan for it. Several years ago, I was driving my parents home from Florida to Minnesota and was able to stay ahead of a severe storm coming behind us. This past winter I worked in Montana and was able to keep an eye on conditions driving through a mountain pass after work. At the same time, it was also nice to check conditions at home in MN.
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1 year ago, ncbps2007
Your radar is beyond inaccurate. Tonight driving home we hit a major storm. Pulled off on exit. Got on the app it shows absolutely nothing where I am. It was blowing my car sideways raining so hard could not see. Lightning was so dangerous hailing. Closed app went back in shows nothing again. Storm let’s up we leave the exit hit another storm in next town. Says just light rain it was no light rain. We finally get home. Look on app again to see if this storm was coming our way. It shows all red over my house at that second. It’s bone dry and calm here no storm at all but radar shows storm right over my house. How are we to rely on your app for weather when it was so inaccurate.
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3 years ago, colfngrs
Storm search weather
I really enjoy being able to check the weather wherever we are, home or camping, especially when it looks threatening out! Great app!
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4 years ago, Hatlen5
Use to be good
This was my go to app for the weather every where I went. I have used this app since the 1st apple iphone. But this past yr it has been horrible. Why in the world would you put 1st ALERT on every notification? And alert is for being aware of bad weather. Not the future forecast. Way too many notifications now also. It is like the boy who cried wolf too many times. And this is the nail in the coffin. When you have a thunderstorm warning or bad weather coming notify the counties it is affecting. Not the whole flippen state! If these things stay the same I will have to switch. Most ppl the have used your app are complaining about the same things. Please fix!
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10 months ago, Fargoian OJ
Not accurate!
The radar is not even close to accurate. It will be pouring rain yet the radar doesn’t show anything in the radar. The hourly forecast shows it’s even raining but the radar will be empty. I’m tired of canceling plans based on this radar since it’s not accurate. I switched to WDAY storm tracker radar (Fargo), because it’s way more accurate. I also use the Weather Channel app and it will show radar much differently than VNL tracker. Dont waste your time with the inaccurate info on this app. You’ll end up canceling plans due to rain that isn’t actually in the forecast!
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6 months ago, supmaren
Great app but too many notifications
I get wanting to keep viewers informed but every time there’s bad weather they send at least 4 notifications every 5 minutes. I want to stay informed so I don’t want to turn off the notifications but they’re making my devices with the app installed unusable.
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12 months ago, Great Speller
Like it except during storms…
I check the radar often (when a storm is coming especially), but I wish that the app would open more quickly. I have no patience for ads and the logo page when I want to see the radar. Just a thought…
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2 years ago, joshua.314
Best of the best
The weather team at valley news live is extremely knowledgeable as well as the most accurate meteorological team I’ve ever watched!
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2 years ago, Blah review
Super disappointed
Every single time I go into the app, it resets my radar settings. I do not automatically want the storm warnings to pop up every time I look at the radar. It’s incredibly frustrating. You can’t see the radar behind it even if you mess with the settings. Please go back to the old app, or make the settings save-able.
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5 years ago, No Facebook yet
Radar disappears under warnings
I like the app layout and is easy to use. I like that it shows the radar for wherever you may be. My only real complaint is that you can’t see the radar once a warning or watch has been issued for your area. If the red or yellow boxes could be more see through that would be great.
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1 year ago, Dawn from Fargo
App won’t load
I have used this app for years daily and in the past 6 mos it absolutely will not load. I have tried all the ‘fixes’ suggested and it just won’t load. I miss it, but now have started using another app because of it’s unreliability. I wish it was more consistent with loading.
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2 years ago, No. Eat a bag of diapers
Just when you think your weather app couldn’t get any worse, it does! Isn’t bad enough that you’ll forever be a DISTANT second fiddle to WDAY in pretty much anything news related in the valley? Why can’t you just be good at ONE thing. Oh well, maybe we’ll all get lucky and WDAY will take this over some day just like they’ve done with all of the sports you used to have. Cheers!
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1 year ago, Pelican Peet
Slow loading or no loading
Continuously glitching and slow loading, used to be better but lately I find myself looking on other apps since this one’s been giving me so many problems. I think the app system needs an update bad!
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2 years ago, kellyann S
Weather app
Great app Wonderful to have to keep up with the latest weather conditions
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7 years ago, Sorry 4 Updating
Dont Install new version
This is the worst laid out weather app I have seen. You cant see the print because its too small and it has white letters on a light blue background. Bring back the old version! I no longer will use it on my Ipad, thankfully I never updated my phone. Update: lost ild version with phone update. Switched to WDAY Stormtracker because you can actually read the forecast!!!
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2 years ago, tiktok-lover:)
Love it
AT first it was really nice but after a little while I was not able to do a lot! If things I was told I would be able to do so yeah just be a little bit carful
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2 years ago, Techie Me
Recent update: Do not like!
I have several weather apps on my phone. This WAS my favorite for years, but now I go to the other apps. The radar is horrible with the warning boxes overlay. It is difficult to determine what is rain, snow or ice precipitation, or the storm warning box.
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1 year ago, JamJohJ8
Weather very informative alerts wonderful staff thanks for all your hard work!
Good job!
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7 years ago, westred
More Accurate
This is the most accurate weather forecast for the F/M and surrounding area. Most of the "universal" or National Media Weather Apps are never right.....
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3 years ago, Harl52
Valley News Live is the only station I listen to for News/Weather because they are the best
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2 years ago, justAjohnson
Was a five star app
Until your recent update (Dec 2022). The weather alerts automatically turn back on, you can barely see the radar behind them. I’ve looked through the settings trying to find a solution - nothing. And tech support is even worse.
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3 years ago, JJ omo
My favorite weather and news program 🌺
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1 year ago, Ajncollege
New version is way TOO BUSY!
I’ve been using VNL weather app for years n have loved it. But ever since they updated the app, I’ve been using it less n less, as it’s so distracting for me. I go on n often forget what I’m looking for, which is frustrating.
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1 year ago, kniswnd
Weather App
I like the app there are so many notifications but I suppose it’s because of the weather is why there are so many notifications. Thanks
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2 years ago, billybobbufford777
Really wish they would fix their alerts. I clear the alerts on the map and they just come back. There should be a way to keep them off the map.
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2 years ago, KaylaSPC
I usually can’t listen to videos. It would be helpful if you gave script, also. I like the app for radar & hourly. But when we get severe weather, I rely on other sources. :(
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3 years ago, ajfugs
Slow loading
The ads all have to load before the radar or any forecast data. This is not 1995. I shouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes for the radar loop to load because we have prioritized an obscene number of ads to load first
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1 year ago, Simply so cuz
Poor app performance
Terrible app. The old version was much better. Every time I leave the app and come back to check the weather, the app is very glitchy. The radar twitches and scrolling seems to malfunction. Go back to the old version.
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1 year ago, Udvjtk
Not reliable
Radar never works when you need it. Otherwise app is ok. Very poor radar quality, doesn’t update. Have to open & close app to refresh radar. 👎
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3 years ago, coooool guy 420
It’s great
It’s so nice to have a reliable app that tells me the weather
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6 years ago, miguel duhamel
Inaccurate highs and lows
If you’re looking at the “daily” forecast, it shows what appears to be the high and low for the day and it is always way off. If you look at the “hourly”, the temps don’t at all correspond with the “daily” but they are more accurate.
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4 years ago, Red River Valley Citizen
To many notifications
Please provide the daily details and only send notifications when there are significant changes. There is no need to send several notifications daily that say the same or similar data. Thank you.
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4 years ago, petey 007
App won’t open
The app used to work ok, but now it says application not available in your area? Then after multiple try’s it will work, I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled, still doesn’t work right.
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3 years ago, caddddoe
I love Valley News Live because I can check the weather wearever I’m at
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5 years ago, Kimberly-O
Location pin?
Where did the location pin that used to display on the map go?
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6 years ago, Brent ND
Too Many Notifications
They send out too many useless weather updates and corny and unhelpful headlines. It would be great if the info was concise and relevant.
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6 years ago, Gloria256
This appears to be a fresh install not an ‘update’ that would retain your settings and location preferences from the earlier version. You must reset all of your preferences once again. Yuck.
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2 years ago, aleebnt
Too many ads and notifications
Too many ads and waaayyy to many notifications
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2 years ago, JWFAR
Weather alerts
This app is great for catching up on weather alerts. It’s just distasteful to have to watch an ad before you can see severe weather alerts especially tornado warnings.
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12 months ago, Gabriel Costello
Need to figure out the problem with the radar, I’d say 80% of the time the precipitation just blinks so you can’t even figure out what way it’s moving or how heavy it is.
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6 years ago, MoJoe88
Too many commercials!!!
I just want to watch a 30 second clip about the weather, but I have to watch the same 15 second commercial EVERYTIME!
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6 years ago, uninformed12
Useless Notifications
There are way too many useless notifications. I downloaded this to be informed. Guess I’m going to the other guys.
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3 years ago, kismayo64
We like the weather channel soul
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2 years ago, Rocky's Review vs. Bullwinkle
Good Reporters
You have a talented staff. They are all easy to understand.
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6 years ago, G-a_v/i\n
Update is terrible. I no longer am able to down load radar without several try’s.
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2 years ago, keljrt
Too many text updates!!!
Too many text updates!!!
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3 years ago, gfhhhgfdgh
Too many ads. Also why show forecasts that are 2 or more days old?
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3 years ago, Bkonuhgdd
Used to love it now it’s all adds
Only weather app I used now it’s all adds want to watch a 30 second weather clip watch a 45 second add.
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7 months ago, Pcachase
Won’t stop notifying me
I get about 50 notifications if there’s any type of alert, it’s very annoying.
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1 year ago, rjles27
To many updates
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