Vocera Collaboration Suite

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Vocera Communications
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Vocera Collaboration Suite

2.02 out of 5
50 Ratings
5 years ago, Gossamer Wump
battery drain; otherwise works well
I’ve had this app for years but in the past number of months (latter half of 2018) battery usage by this app has gone through the roof. Even though I haven’t actually used the app in days it has been responsible for 63% of my battery usage in the past 24hrs (69% over past 4 days). I otherwise am happy using the app for secure messaging, including photos, at work. Please fix the battery usage issue!!
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2 years ago, Nope. Just, nope.
Years of app use, same old problems.
I am an end user of Vocera, my employer requires it. Ours is a mixed network of Vocera handheld devices and the Vocera cell phone app on personal cell phones, and the Vocera desktop app at our workstations. There are too many ways for a communication to fail on this platform. Is the caller on the Vocera network or off network, or on a cell network, or on another local network? These will impact your ability to connect, and how you should attempt to call. Is the recipient’s app open on their phone, app closed, personal cell privacy settings on? Was the communication sent via text, or template? Was the caller using the desktop computer application, their cell phone app, or the personal device? Not all cross-talk, and will impact if the recipient receives the call. There are too many uncontrolled variables. Some calls only work device to device, some only work on-network to off network. Vocera needs to improve the cross-communications of their platform’s app, device and desktop versions. Needs to be uniform. We professionally accept the high rate of communication failure as a norm. It’s one of the weakest points in our organization.
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4 years ago, akritori
Swiss Army Knife
Dont go by the somewhat dated UI appearance but if you look beyond that, the app is a solid accompaniment to any clinician that’s trying to juggle multitude of priorities on a minute by minute basis. Vocera delivers the most important alerts & alarms, allows me to collaborate using patient information with other colleagues on my floor or across my health system. It has integrated secure texting as well as “alexa-like” voice calling capability to, for instance, “call the on-call physician” without needed to look up who it is or needing to remember their phone number. Similarly, using voice, I could “Page Doctor McVille” and a text/page would be sent.
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2 years ago, tag1744
I hate this app, because it’s not safe for hospitals.
Unlike competitor MH-Mobile (I used at my previous institution), this app doesn’t deliver messages well over cell signals. Instead, one must be on the wifi designated just for Vocera. If someone is on another wifi (even at the hospital), then there are issues. Imagine what happens when a nurse needs on-call physician help for a rapidly deteriorating patient, and vocera doesn't work well because of the connection of the user’s phone?! The foreseeable poor outcomes are vast. Please fix this app. Also, make it look and feel like it belongs on iOS 16. Your UI is awkward with random controls at the top and bottom of the screen (tough to use with single hand when controls have this spread).
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5 years ago, De Gasperi
Drains your battery; delayed messages
Sometimes I get messages with hours or a day of delay, even having great wifi connection. In addition, my Iphone battery is drained by this app. It’s nice to have something separate from the personal messages but this app doesn’t do any better than regular text messages or WhatsApp, both are easier to use and you can send voice messages very quickly.
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4 years ago, CrazyTrojans
Buggy and flaky
Can’t put a newline/paragraph in text messages. Why not? Who knows. Sounds the text message alarm even though you have the app open and are typing a message. Why? Who knows. Constant banner pop ups asking you to turn on Bluetooth. It needs to get to your devices, you see, even though there’s no reason for it to. Can you turn it off? No. Sending a text message is pretty straightforward in every other app like this (e.g., TigerText), but Vocera makes you click three or four different buttons to do it. Finally, Vocera is frequently incompatible with iOS upgrades, so they send messages not to upgrade. They often send these messages after the upgrades have already automatically happened. Avoid this app. It is really, really bad.
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3 years ago, dewereldreiziger
App Disconnects & Reconnects for Calls
When you receive a call end your phone is not open (locjed screen) and you answer it, Vocera app Disconnects and then 10 seconds later it Reconnects to the user. This is not very helpful, especially in emergency situations.
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4 years ago, vocera is the worst
This is the worst app and company to ever be forced upon us by hospital administrators.
I’m forced to use this app as a physician. Slow, dysfunctional, voice recognition is trash. Have to take off mask all the time for vocera to understand something. Inexplicably no touch function to signin or add yourself to groups, have to go through the voice system which wastes minutes each time I have to go through it. Calls that come to me EMERGENTLY via vocera never goes through.
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5 years ago, PharesMA
Horrible App
Sound configurations don’t work. Get random “phantom” banner notifications on my screen, then when I go to open the app there’s no message. I get the worst alarm sounds that one has ever heard coming through the app even when ALL notifications are set to OFF plus my phone is on SILENT plus my phone is on DO NOT DISTURB. This is the worst app I have ever downloaded. No exaggeration.
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3 years ago, Britt002
Delayed messages
Message received is very delayed from when the message was sent. Also there should be a way to clear the message from your iwatch, it would help immensely.
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5 years ago, rostern
Works okay
This app works for HIPPARCHUS compliant communication. It is a pain in the rear for two major reasons. I It does not show its message on the iPhone lock screen, even once “Face ID” identifies you. You have to unlock the phone, tap the app to see the message. You should be able to see your message once the phone identifies you. The app desperately needs an “acknowledge” button with a distinct sound so one could acknowledge message receipt. Currently, acknowledging with a “thanks” or similar results in a new page requiring you to take out the phone and open the app to see that the polite dope on the other end sent a “you’re welcome.”
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1 year ago, unhappy6
Crash repeat crash
Every other time this app gets “active” though it is always on in background, it crashes requiring a restart. Every single time. It’s pathetic. Using up to date iOS.
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2 years ago, heart nurse <3
Horrible for Emergencies
At my hospital, this has been chosen for the preferred method to call out the heart catheterization lab for STEMIs (heart attacks) and it doesn’t work over 70% of the time! It logs you out if the app (and doesn’t give you a warning) so you miss EMERGENCY calls!!!
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10 months ago, Soccerhomey02
Removes me from on-call status
This app works well enough during the day, but it will remove me from on-call status for no reason and without notice.
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1 year ago, Patience tested
Not good
With IOS it seems there are multiple glitches that make frequent use VERY FRUSTRATING. Calls are almost always „ missed“ screen responsiveness is delayed. Awful for busy ICU providers.
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4 years ago, bsbeheh d dhehehevevegv
Always asking for permissions
This app is always asking to use my microphone and Bluetooth. Won’t let me just deny it once. Pop up occurs at least 20 times a day....very annoying. Did not use to do this in the past. Deleting.
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5 years ago, Daptomycin
Lacking in everything
Halved my battery life, doesn’t have an API for integrating third party messaging, looks like it was design for iOS v1.0, isn’t formatted to fit iPhone X, notifications routinely missed and delayed, customer service is incompetent at best and rude on average.
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5 years ago, jjddbbdd
Drains battery even when forced turn off app and on airplane mode
It drains my battery overnight from 100% to 40% when the app was forced off and airplane mode is on... so annoying please fix!
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4 months ago, shelliertstat
Horrible App
Don’t get this app if you have an iPhone pro max. It won’t work and between Apple and this creator, they can’t figure it out. Absolutely useless app.
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4 years ago, Patrickmdnet
V3.8 no longer activates speaker on incoming calls
New version does not activate speaker on incoming calls - only handset. Makes it impossible to hear when people call you.
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4 years ago, rockinrohde
Nukes battery
My phone battery stats are showing Vocera sucking it down every day, all day. I’ve turned off background refresh, and LTE. Force quit, nothing helps.
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1 year ago, Jhfdhxvdvhxj
Always hangs up
I don’t get calls the app automatically drops them
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4 years ago, JeffL111
Battery drain
Love the idea of this app, but the battery drain is intolerable.
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6 years ago, SueK07
Camera and contacts
Not only does Vocera eliminate camera use, but it is also causing my contacts to freeze. I have to use Siri or go through my text messages to make phone calls. Also, it keeps sending all of my vocera calls straight to voicemail. This last update was terrible.
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7 years ago, I Run With Scissors Too
Podcasts Don't Get Interrupted Anymore
My podcasts are now no longer interrupted, or audio in general. I can now listen to an audio book and not worry about missing alerts, and without having to press play every couple minutes. Something that has been quite annoying, am happy it's not giving me problems anymore.
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6 years ago, mccartem
Breaks all audio on the phone.
Like other reviewers have said this app breaks all audio on the app. This includes Apple Music and podcasts. The app seems to pause whatever you are listening too, without rhyme or reason. Its also depletes my battery quickly. Stuck using this app while at work but immediately delete it so my phone is useful at home. This has been persistent with this app. From iOS 9- iOS 11. Multiple iPhones. Terrible terrible app.
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8 years ago, DR5ash
Interferes with iphone sound
I work at a large academic medical center and partcipated in the pilot testing for a new secure messaging system. This app was working well until a spring 2016 update introduced new interference with iphone audio. Podcasts and audiobooks stop after 1-2 minutes when this app is installed. This bug was reproduced and reported to Vocera. We are now almost six months later without a fix. I am disappointed in this app and this developer.
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7 years ago, Mintzps
Fills my recent call list
The call log in the app is nice. But, why does it have to fill up my phone's recent call list also. Also hate that it pauses my audio after a few minutes. I have to remember to exit out of the app before I listen to audio.
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6 years ago, msayler
Camera crasher
This app continues to crash my camera, which makes me need to exit the app. Then, I forget to reopen it, so I miss a bunch of calls. Other folks with this app are having the same issue, please fix it!
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5 years ago, RN7395
Please Fix
Is there a reason that spaces must be entered when sending texts to a specific room. For example you must text “4 8 0 2 nurse” you can’t type “4802 nurse”. Extra time wasted. Also, when I type 4 8 0 2 I then have to scroll down past 4 8 2 0 and 4 2 0 8 to find 4 8 0 2. This should be fixed When using a template, is there a way you can stay on that screen after clicking send? Finally, this app drains battery life. Please fix There are so many ways you could fix this tool, I wish you included staff more when you were creating.
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7 years ago, TCGmd
Causes podcast to pause
A useful tool. Unfortunately causes podcasts to pause every two minutes or so. Deleting the app corrects the problem
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6 years ago, zkmusa
Quite possibly the worst app for iOS
App was never updated for the 4.7/5.5 inch screens used since iPhone 6 and above. Doesn’t support the iPhone X screen. It also has only worked once for me. This is a seriously disappointing app.
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7 years ago, Unhappy ad experience
Update killing battery
I'm required to keep VCS on all weekend for call coverage. Using 30% of battery in last 24 hours with 1 message received and none sent.
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9 years ago, Kalyn joy14
Do you have to have wifi
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6 years ago, luv2bhere
Camera crash and Audio crash
The app crashes the camera and the audio goes on/off. They need to update this version.
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7 years ago, The EmperorMing
Interupts all audio
I wanted to echo the review from DR5ash. This app interupts any audio you are playing and causes it to pause every few minutes. Extreamly annoying and I had to delete.
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7 years ago, Barryaa1
Battery drain
Latest version horrible battery drain, using >50% of battery per day with just a few messages per day
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7 years ago, MelvinCl
Podcasts Pause
Drives me crazy pauses podcasts every few minutes until you quit the app. I have to use for work. Very clunky interface.
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6 years ago, ElementD
Worst update ever
Last version is usable, this version is garbage. Company is finding a replacement program to get rid of Vocera.
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8 years ago, Dr Digitaldude
Battery drain
Causes severe battery drain even when the app is closed
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4 years ago, B app man
Drains battery, constant background activity, Bluetooth device battery drain
What a waste of technology. After multiple tickets to support for battery drain I didn’t get anywhere. Also, randomly missing calls throughout the day. Even when off the private network of employer with cellular turned off both in server and device. Embarrassing for me representing my organization’s support to my customers. Not much going on in the improvement sector here folks. Still drains the battery over 75% background usage when not even using the app of the iOS device. We’ve tried turning background app refresh off and makes no difference. Bluetooth device battery drains quicker than normal when app is running. I’ve sent several logs to my IT communications staff and directly to Vocera and they still haven’t corrected the issues. Personnel using an android device have stated there’s less battery drain. But I don’t want to switch from my iPhone just for one app!
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