Voice-activated Recorder

2.1 (14)
3.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hongwen Yang
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voice-activated Recorder

2.14 out of 5
14 Ratings
10 years ago, Orcadorka
Splits up files
I suppose it actually works. When it detects a pause in the dictation, it just stops recording and closes that file. Once it starts hearing noise again, it starts recording an entirely new file. It would be much better to maintain a single file and remove the quiet portions like other apps.
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5 years ago, hicknamestaken
Only email sharing, files cut off
There’s no option to export files except to email them. If the recording is too big to email, then you can’t share it or save it elsewhere. Also, when selecting multi-file saves (breaks up the recording each time a voice activates it), you can select the silence interval that triggers the microphone to shut off, which is ok but you get too many files. If you do “single-file saves”, then the interval is automatically set at 3 seconds of silence to pause the recording. This would be ok if the recording instantly picked back up. This doesn’t allow any silence in a conversation before pausing and effectively cutting parts of the conversation out.
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6 years ago, FlatNeko
It works well.
It does the trick. Exactly what I was looking for. Not sure what ‘Maximum Silence Duration’ does yet but I’ll figure it out. The documentation is indeed thin, but the function is simple.
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10 months ago, Cindersd
How to recover deleted files
I accidentally deleted a file and would like to know how to retrieve it.
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4 years ago, realityjo
Not voice activated
Had to spend $1.99 to find out that this is not voice activated. You must press a button to begin recording.
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5 years ago, Rosebud458
Not working
App did not work. Never able to save a sound file would like a refund
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6 years ago, HCookAustin
Waste of money
I could never get it to record, even in the lowest setting. This is total junk - do not buy.
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7 years ago, Moonwind stables
Does not work .
Will record sound - but does not save it. No instructions. Only gave one star for people to see it.
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5 years ago, The Soul Rider
No Thanks
Difficult to use and figure out.
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9 years ago, Uncdog20
Voice-Activated Recorder
Does not work, no instructions , and no one to contact.
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8 years ago, Shave shdbeshe11
Poor app
I want my $2 back
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11 years ago, welderchik
Been great, but now an issue
This has been exactly what we have needed. Our son is coughing throughout the night, and we wanted to hear how many times it happens. And it still works great. But.... We started in April, then May. Now it's June, and I think it's storing the files alphabetically instead of chronologically. At first I thought maybe it was full, because the new files weren't after May 31st, like they should be. Instead I found them between April and May. This is no bueno, I am unhappy. Please fix this stupid error.
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10 years ago, Trebormojo
Works good
You can turn your phone off to the lock screen and no one will tell it is on. It only records when it hears sound. Will stay on for days without running battery down. I wish there was a remote function where you could use your other devices to turn it on or off.
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10 years ago, Vawww3333
Simple, works exactly as expected.
I wanted a simple voice activated recorder for my phone. This app works great, has an adjustable voice activation level and even a neat little built-in local webserver to share files. Clean interface, no unnecessary bells and whistles. Runs and records in the background.
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11 years ago, woweewow
This app is exactly what I needed to record my weird dream talking, haha. not only does this app do the job, but the preset labels and the automatic date/time labeling makes it so easy to use. also really impressed with the wifi download feature-- made transferring my files a breeze. love it!
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9 years ago, birdie753457556894237
Works... but
During the course of a 7 minute conversation, I had 37 recordings, none more than 30 seconds, many 10 seconds or less... missed many vital statements. This is a severe bug that needs immediate attention. Buyer beware!!!!
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10 years ago, BurtBrahman
Works as advertised
Works well, simple to use.
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10 years ago, Jdigity
Doesn't work
This app records in 10 seconds intervals and then cuts offs, then it will do another 10-20 secs a few minutes later. Don't waste your money
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9 years ago, Mmysmom
This app does not work worth a flip! At 1.99 plus tax or whatever the cost-a rip off is a rip off! Don't take the chance.
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11 years ago, Jewels711
Don't waste your money
Got this to record sleep talking. Didn't give me anything but a bunch of dead air
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10 years ago, Juanito2470
I got ripped off
This piece of crap doesn't work I tried recording and it didn't work for me what a rip off!!!!
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