Voice Memos

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9 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voice Memos

4.83 out of 5
378.3K Ratings
3 months ago, My albums collection
Why I love this app
This app helps me so much. I record my guitar, playing and songs that I’m writing and it helps me think of what I’d hear on another device. This app also helps for if I wanted to record a funny moment with my sister or friend this app helps so much with so other many things, one thing I learned with this app is that it is so flexible you can use it every day of the week and it be just right there. Perfect for you just hit the red button for you to start whatever you want to record and then whenever you’re done just hit the button again this app helps me so much and I’m so glad I can use it. Every time I use this app I just feel like it’s so good I don’t even even know how to explain how good it is because I could just do anything I know Cameron does the same thing but if you don’t want to see what’s going on this is the app just for you because in my opinion, I don’t want people looking at my face when I’m singing like it it’s just not a person that I am. I’d rather have somebody listen to my whole album and hear it and not watch my face because somebody looking at me while I’m singing this gives me the heebie-jeebies so this app helps me so much with so much other stuff in this world I cannot tell you how much I love it.
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4 months ago, SomeTimGood
Memos Are “Key”
I’m a singer/songwriter who’s also a farmer. Many song ideas come to me when my hands aren’t both free to write/type lyrics as they come. Voice Memos allow me to do it on the go, safely. My #1 creative tool! This is where I stamp out the bricks of the musical cathedrals I build later in the studio. So many precious recordings of my children’s younger voices singing and laughing and reading or just talking, even arguing have all been preserved thanks to this app. It’s literally one of the most powerful tools on any smart device/apple product. It’s not complicated, but its simplicity is its brilliance. I’ve been a dedicated apple user since the first IPod came out, my very first “studio” recording was n an iMac, my iPad changed my life professionally as a videographer and my iPhone is a walking archive of over a decade of creative inventory saved on Memos. I’m thankful in a very meaningful way for every person who contributes to making this app available to me. To replace the information stored here in an analogue way would be a work of immense scale. What a world we live in! Tim Sprigg Norton, KS
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2 weeks ago, Court needed dates
Original creation date
This app is simple to use. It’s effective and adequate for voice recordings. The first and major problem I have with this app is that when you make a voice recording, it will give the original creation date. But if you move or transfer it or alter the name or anything else it gives it a modified date problem is that the modified date will, take the slot of the original recording date. That original recording date should never move or be deleted by any means. I’ve got over 2000 voice recordings that I had to transfer to a different device. And it modified all of my original dates to the transfer date. The second problem that I have with the app, is that if there is incoming calls or anything else it will turn off the recorder. When the recorders turned on no matter what else access is voice or anything else it still should stay on and if it’s a phone call conversation, it comes through. It should record the phone call conversation at the same time so in other words if you have it on and you were listening, I use my, watch for the recorder, but if my phone rings, it shut off the recorder on my watch. This is even after disabling the phone call connection to the watch.
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5 months ago, Pickle Ball Warrior
Voice Memo App
This app is very handy should you have a thought of importance yet not in a position to write at that moment. Simply, verbalize your thinking into the voice memo. You will never lose that thought. (A word of advise: Never ask someone to “Rate” one of your Apps on a scale of one Star up to Five Stars; yet, once the person does what you ask THEN you insist on that person writing a review for you. Even if it is not what the Rater wants to do. You give only two options 1). “write a review” or 2). OK. Shame on you! Your deception is clear to us. You SHOULD provide a third option: 3). I’ll not write a review but thanks for asking. We are human and make mistakes. Nevertheless, a real man acknowleges his mistake once the error is known Then immediatly makes it right by correcting the problem thus improving the product. I wonder if a real man will even read my review and have the integrtiy to do as I’ve suggested. (PS: I suspect I’m old enough to be your Grandfather. We all know it’s a universal law…Grandfathers and Grandmothers can give unsolicited advice. (Look it up…It’s on the internet.😉).
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6 months ago, Sing app review
Loves all my songs
It makes all my songs good, but just that it doesn’t it doesn’t let us change our voice. That’s what I don’t like. It’s a really good app. I love seeing on here. I have like seven things on here more I don’t know but I love it but do you know how many reviews this thing I don’t know, but I just don’t like because it doesn’t let us change your voice and voice like a freaking rat, so that’s why I wanna say this is letting us voice changes right changing my voice you guys just start agreeing with me with that because like I don’t know, but this is not good bro I like it but you guys have to agree with me they should start adding voice changes so that way is way better right is way better if they’re adding voice changes and then what changes will be real good and everybody’s gonna give me that that the changes will be real good and the app is really really good I don’t mind giving it a 19 star review but the night reviews don’t exist so I just want to say that that’s all I want to say and what I’m doing right now is none of your business ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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2 years ago, Count Zyx
App Massively Misreports Data Size Even When Deleted
Voice Memos is an important application which I use often. However in the last couple of months it has been acting ever more erratically. First, it would stop recording or it would go from showing an accurate sound wave to going flat as if it were recording silence during active conversations. I suspect this may have been because my iCloud storage was full, mainly with Voice Memos data. Things have gotten worse. General settings iPhone Storage reports that Voice Memos is using an impossible 9.5 TB (yes, terabytes) of data. Even if I delete this app and its data, it STILL reports that it is using 9.5TB with a cloud icon as if it were a ghost haunting my phone. I am not alone in this, there are forum posts with other people experiencing the same issue with other massive reported data sizes. I am unable to backup and restore the phone to clear the problem because the backup will no longer work, at times reporting that my machines with 1 TB of free space do not have enough space to backup the phone. I had to reinstall the app to write this review. I try to open the app and it just shows a blank screen and then crashes, so it is now completely useless. The 9.5TB phantom data is still being reported. I implore you, please fix this.
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10 months ago, Essential4Him
Please please please fix this!!! I need this recording!!
So I have an audio recording that I made months ago and I play it regularly. All of a sudden it stopped working. It won’t play. The play button just acts like I didn’t touch it. ALL of my other recordings work… all but this one. I’ve tried sending it to other people to see if they can play it and nope in fact this recording won’t even go through to them but others will. I’ve tried looking on other devices with the same iCloud and it’s the only one that isn’t playing. My app is up to current updates. My device is as well. I’ve tried powering of this device as well. I’ve tried to fix it. But nothing has worked YET. This recording is special and irreplaceable. I need this recording and I’d like it to work! This is very upsetting to me!! And I’m quite disappointed. I’ve never had any trouble with this app before and am normally very pleased with it. I’d like this to be fixed please. Please please please FIX this!!!!!!!
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4 months ago, B-Rock Steady
Beat choice!
or you can can get me this absolutely Free app is wonderful. I’ve used it so many times I have almost endless recordings with this app. It’s wonderful to use and never seems to want anything for me, but I need it all the time. It’s a very, very big part of my writing and literature aspect, and what I do sure is a great app to have and never seems to let me down. It’s really great app. I recommend it to anybody is in the arts, especially music business. Anytime you need your voice to be recorded. It does so well and never messes up. It is one of a kind app and really ask you for nothing just to press record. It’s good for everything records over other apps and works in the background just fine. Never too much data. Never too much to ask is one of those apps you can’t say no without if you need it for my line of work your creator in general you’ll need this app because it does nothing to help you out. Trust me at this point thank you.
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5 months ago, Nyla Eiram
Voice Memos
OK, recently I’ve been coming onto this Voice Memos app and I’m enjoying it because it gives me a space to talk about literally anything I can be vulnerable. I can be excited and honestly it gives me a chance to talk for hours almost like a podcast. It makes me feel like I have my own podcast; it’s cute! I just love that I can come back to this and listen to my feelings and thoughts. I’m glad that I started to use this app because I was using my camera and it took up a lot of storage space, but I feel like this specific app is meant for long audios or just audio in general and sometimes I have good conversations on my camera but like it’s a video where as on Voice Memos I can just speak and not have to worry about being recorded with video footage attached; so thanks to this app voice memos for me being able to have a free space to speak whatever needs to be spoken out of my mouth, a free space to release. :)
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2 years ago, Cam Y is a tryhard
App stops recording any sound after a handful of seconds
I’d absolutely love to write a positive review here as this has been an essential app to me for years. I write music and use this to quickly capture ideas. Lately, however, the app stops recording sound after a seemingly random but always short amount of time. It shows that it’s still actively recording but the wave visual turns flat and no sound is recorded. Then everything after where it went flat doesn’t actually save in the file. For example: I will press record and attempt to record an audio of me singing a verse of a song and at some point it will stop actually recording the sound even though it appears to be trying to. The bar just goes totally flat like I’m silent. Also I can’t stop the recording normally, I have to swipe out of the app. The amount of time before this happens is seemingly random. Anywhere from 5-40 seconds approximately, but usually seems to be around 12. Not a storage problem as I have half of my phone’s storage free. Please attempt to fix. This is one of my most used apps and would like to keep it that way!
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5 months ago, Chris Martell
My second brain.
My disassociated personality disorder depends on extra memory devices to the extreme in order to recollect when I experience what I share and conversations that I have with other people to make sure I’m not being gaslighted or gaslighting myself a highly valuable tool. This mind and cultural social tool also reminds me that what I am listening to when I hear my voice or the voice of somebody else is actually something that I can find factual residence in. Great law judicial and recollection when witness matters. All discussions are important with family doctors, teachers, friends, lovers, anybody with questions, and doubt. Also helps me find emotional resonance with my own voice that is a challenge when my voice and thoughts have been devalued as a person and child by confused adults telling me what I said or say is not true: okay, let’s play the recording… Thank you Apple engineers and visionaries. Muchas gracias.
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6 months ago, Comic gangster
The Excellent Tool
Whether I have to take notes on material needed for the continuation of a construction project or I need a reminder to myself; this app is the best tool. It is faster than typing or text and it is easy to forward. This app has been used to give instructions to teams when I am not present this allows them a recording to go back to in order to check their completion of tasks that have been asked to be performed. I mainly use it as a musical sketchbook to record my acoustic guitar and vocals while brainstorming song ideas or recapturing the moment while I am playing. The audio quality is very good when placed about 4-5 ft away for myself and the guitar. If it’s recorded to close to myself it will capture my breathing which is not desired. That would be my operating error not the app. Just like Mic placement in Musial recording the microphone of these apple devices is important. I am very pleased with it. It’s my favorite app!
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2 months ago, graydog6master
This app (kinda) changed my life.
I’m not going to glaze this and act like this single handedly changed my entire life. Using Voice Memos isn’t going to turn you into an entirely new person… but it can be a tool to do so. There are a ton of different uses for this, but I have ended up using it as almost a second brain. I have always been one to go on and on with all these weird theories and ideas. Yet the moment I tired to put them on paper, they disappeared. I would constantly have a racing mind, just stressing myself out by overloading myself with ideas. This is where Voice Memos comes in. Any time I had any idea, even if it wasn’t in words(like a picture in my head), I would just start recording. No plan, no script, I would just turn it on. Sometimes I’d sit there for a minute or two before I started talking, and that’s okay. Half the time what I said made no sense to anyone else, but that’s okay. This allowed me to save an idea as I thought of it, and then comfortably forget about it(at the moment). That is the beauty of voice memos. You do not have to write an essay every time you want to do something. You don’t have to go through a million processes. You can just speak; capture any idea before it disappears. I like it even better than those pocket notebooks, but I still carry one of those for drawing and to-do lists. I like to call it the “yap app” :)
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2 weeks ago, katerpillar1234
I love voice memos because it helps in so much different ways. First of all, it helps me do my work. I am in a play called Alice in Wonderland. It helps me to get my parts memorized so I can do the other peoples voices and I can say mine. secondly, I love to make up songs so voice memos helps me a lot. That helps me practice all of my songs that I’m making up. I can see what I need to fix and what is good and I don’t need to fix. yes but not least it’s amazing. Perfect thing just a tap on the button and you can say whatever you want into it and you can fix stuff! The only problem with this is thatit is on the phone and it’s not good for you to be on the phone a lot because it’s not good for your eyesight your brain lots of stuff. in conclusion, I think that this is a great way to spend your time and help you with different ways like your place your songs that you’re singing into the only thing that’s bad about it is It’s screens and that’s not good for your eyes.
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3 months ago, Merge dragons ♥️
I love Voice Memos
Voice Memos is a very helpful app it helps you know whatever you need to into like a recording so you don’t have to like write it down and then you just have to say it and then once you say it, it’s already locked in and you can pick a title for it and stuff like that it’s really fun it’s how I listen to music. I just record the music and then whenever I ain’t at home so whenever we don’t, I ain’t able to listen to music I just I have recorded my songs on my Voice Memos and then I can listen to them. It’s a very helpful app and I just want to say thank you to the person that said that they were going to make voice memos because that was a genius thing to make it was. It was such a good app so thank you for making voice memos. It is so helpful specially, for me.
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7 months ago, paige24600
apple, help me please. this app is going to ruin my career.
dear developers, i never write reviews. if i do, they are good. this is a different case because i am begging for help. i have an important voice memo of piano accompaniment that i PAID someone to play for my vocal college audition song. my audition is in 6 days and the recording is no longer playing. the play button stays on pause no matter how much i press it. i’ve restarted my phone and it’s still the same. i’ve checked for updates, none are available. i’ve tried sharing it and saving it to my files, and the share button isn’t working either. it’s crazy to me because it’s only this ONE recording. it’s almost as if life is against me right now because this recording is so important, and of all my recordings, it has to be this one that doesn’t work. i don’t have time to find a new accompanist. no one will do it with such short notice. i’m relying on you, apple. i just lost $30 i paid for the accompanist and, even worse, i lost an acceptance into college. please fix this, i beg of you. i rely on this app so much😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢
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2 years ago, Noah.Jacobs
Please Fix This
So I’m a medical student and I sometimes need to take a voice memo of long lectures in class like about 1-3 hours long, and When I want to study from this app I face a lot of problems First Of all I can’t keep the phone’s screen on all the time first of all because it consumes battery so I do not change the sleep mode but when I turn off the screen while listening to the lecture I face no problem the record still works but when I stop the recording to revise things in my mind for few mins, When I try to start it again with the lock screen on it doesn’t work anymore and I have to open the phone and the app again to make it continue, so I started keeping the screen on by touching it every few mins so it doesn’t sleep but the problem is there’s very little area to click on to remove the dark screen before the sleep sometimes by mistake I click on another recording and I lose the minute I stopped at in the previous recording this is very tiring please find a solution
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3 years ago, xtinamonay
Flaw Found
Hello developers, I need to report an issue and it seems like it’s been problematic to other users but I happen to notice that some of my recordings have been returning no audio sound. This has been an existing issue and I believe it has not been addressed as of yet. I notice only the saved recordings where the pause/resume button was used, no sound present. Please do investigate this because it is very concerning and I use all I use the voice recording for work and personal use. I currently have about 3 to 5 recordings that I can’t listen to on my IPAD because the audio has been disabled. It seems to me that the issue is deriving from the pause/resume button just for the simple fact that all my other recordings that did not have any interference were just straight through recordings and so when I go and play them back I have no issues, I can hear the audio perfectly. And if this is being worked on can someone reach out to me and provide an update that would be great
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5 months ago, ECecile
Voice memos
Works well. I am not a super user, and have trouble sometimes following directions to get the most out of it. For example, I tend to forget to stop recording, so I get very large files with lots of dead air at the end. I know there’s a way to cut that ending off and I have tried it but with very little success. I have read the documentation, but clearly I just don’t understand the process. What works best for me is to ship it over to my computer where I can use programs such as Audacity to do my edits. it would be cool if Voice Memos sent a notification 15 minutes or so while it’s recording to remind me that it’s still recording. A ping or a vibration would jog my memory so I could turn it off before recording hours of empty space. I use it to record my telehealth therapy sessions. I just leave it near my laptop speaker. Recording quality is just fine.
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1 year ago, its_caittt
App Is Broken
I’ve been a loyal Apple customer for years. And I have never felt the need to write a review about an app, ever, until now. Voice Memos is probably one of the most important things on my phone, and it has always been there for me when I needed to record my songs, my frustrations, my thoughts and other ideas. But since October, the app has stopped working. I’ve tried everything— resetting, clearing up storage, updating my phone, etc. When I attempt to record something, it shows the audio lines until it falls flat around 10 seconds in and continues to do so until the app crashes. When I try to listen to previous recordings, it either takes an incredibly long amount of time to play, or doesn’t play at all. It’s so frustrating that a once-reliable app is now broken. I thought it was just me, until I went here to see if there was an update I was potentially missing, but I see that other people are experiencing the same thing. So Apple, please fix Voice Memos as soon as possible!
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7 months ago, Mhmmm🌷👑👏
New Feature Suggestion
I love this app through and through!! As an artist, it has been really helpful for me to be able to document spontaneous ideas that come to me throughout the course of a day. However, I did do have a suggestion for a possible new feature that would allow a user to have more control over the organization of memos. So on Chrome, there’s a feature that lets somebody put multiple tabs into a group and name that group. What if there was something like that in voice memos? Then I would be able to group multiple voice memos together without necessarily making a separate folder for each group of memos (leading to hundreds of folders in my case). Just a thought I had. Thank you for the great app!!
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2 years ago, Rising17
Great App! Just One Thing
Haha when I was little I would use voice memos so much! It was funny because I would record such random things! I really like this app! It is great for recording many voices and special moments and songs too. I record my piano songs when I play them so I can look back! There is just one thing-well two actually. First of all sometimes when I record something and then get back on again later the recording is gone! Maybe just a glitch but could this be looked into??? Oh and also I think voice memos is a great app but it doesn’t have a twist, you know like editing or funny sounds to add or soundtracks-something to make it pop. I think it would improve this app a lot! But besides these two things I love voice memos! Please continue making your apps Apple. They are Great! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😸🤪😇💗💗💗😸💖👍🏻👏🏻
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2 years ago, mgvugee
Fail error: app stops recording, crashes
I've used this app for years. It worked beautifully up until two months ago when it stopped recording about five minutes into a recording. The app will then glitch - it'll indicate that it is still recording but there won't be any sound bars indicating noise, it just flat lines. Then the pause and stop buttons are grayed out so I can't stop or pause the recording. The app then crashes and all of my recording is lost. I lost some great attempted recordings that were improvised on spot that could not be duplicated again. My phone and Icloud both have tons of free space. I don't know how they screwed this up but they did and they don't seem to care to fix it given the number of complaints about this. I went into an apple store today as well and they suggested to delete the app and reinstall it (and couldn't confirm if that would wipe all of my current voice memo files or not). Super bummed but will have to find another app to compensate for Apple's failure.
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7 months ago, S.I Asif
Play button isn’t working
So I have an audio recording that I made two days ago and I’m trying to play it. It won't play. The play button just acts like I didn't touch it. ALL of my other recordings work... all but this one. I've tried sending it to other people to see if they can play it and nope in fact this recording won't even go through to them but others will. I've tried looking on other devices with the same iCloud and it's the only one that isn't playing. My app is up to current updates. My device is as well. I've tried powering of this device as well. I've tried to fix it. But nothing has worked YET. This recording is special and irreplaceable. I need this recording and I'd like it to work. This is very upsetting to me!! And I'm quite disappointed. I've never had any trouble with this app before and am normally very pleased with it. I'd like this to be fixed please. Please please please FIX this!!!!!!!
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3 weeks ago, BabyFaceBride
My Yamr Yama Jams
Hey everyone, I’m Babyface. I love using this app. It’s perfect when I get into the mood and I pick up my Yamaha and throw down a little tunes. I’m not the best at it but I like doing it and it makes me feel wonderful so I’m gonna continue to do it thank you to the developers of this app for bringing such a wonderful useful entertaining app. I don’t rate apps very often because I don’t feel it’s necessary. People are going to make their choice on what they want to use no matter what generally speaking and why waste time crying but when it’s worth saying something great about something that’s improving the quality of someone’s life and bringing happiness to their heart. Well then let me tell you I’m gonna let you know. Just saying Bless you all! #MeBeingMe
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7 months ago, 🌥️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌥️
Fun for kids and adults I write my music/songs in here and it makes me really express myself because I can talk to it and it doesn’t show my face when I am not very pretty. You can use it for a lot of other things and I can hide documents in there that I tell myself for like future me and it’s pretty good if you want your kids to use it it’s totally safe if you don’t post anything, you just kind of talk to yourself it’s like it’s like doing a photo video but it doesn’t show yourself and it’s just for you pretty good I love this app. If you’ve never use this app it’s completely safe for you and your kids if you want to have your kids have it but other than that it’s pretty great or good as the title is lol.
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1 week ago, Leader ship
Five stars
Every time I was using it, it got everything but I was saying correctly there was no mess up and I could hear my voice and it’s beautiful how it could pick up my voice with such precision. I was very impressed. That’s why I kept using it. it’s a very good app, it’s a five star rating because it’s a very good app. First of all it was correctly and it showed me how high my voice was and how low my voice was. I could understand everything clearly that I recorded is very nice. It has great quality and is easy to use. You have to open. All you have to do is open the app and hit the play button. That’s it. It’s very very useful and very practical and easy to use that is why it’s a very good app.
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2 years ago, Bears Honey
Changing from very helpful to could use help
Developer help please. Is there a way to edit thee memo to share it with someone when file is to long..?? I have learning more and more creative ways to use this app. I can leave voice text for people. Which is awesome because I have a little bit of shake starting in my hands and I have bad wrists and all sorts of stuff so typing on a small pad bothers me but I’ve learned my dog wines and carry on and it’s so supersensitive I don’t have to put it close to him and it still picks it up the only thing I would like is to be able to share it with Facebook. I’m part of the group called what to dogs think and I’ve got a very funny one about him in a bath thanks
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3 months ago, Johnny5682
Voice memos
It’s good. I use it every day religiously my job is a psychiatrist so I talk to myself on there and when I’m on road trips I like to listen to it. My kids always listen to it every single day. I am also a space scientist that really helps a lot. Voice Memos is always there for me when I need it, me and my wife went through a huge break up, and Voice Memos was always there to help me. I still have voice recordings and listen to them while I sleep it comforts me I have three kids, but all of them are step kids and everybody is mean to me at work, I also have no friends. Voice Memos is always there for me. That’s why you should always have it when you need it.
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7 months ago, Christ_inee
4 stars… i hope you can understand why :)
It’s a very good app, for beginners. When I first used it, it was like using a professional app. But after some few days, i began to lose my interest in this app. I still use it, but the background sounds and some other features can be improved. I hope many people find this app helpful to their future recordings. What I love about this app is that first of all it’s free and it comes with the phone features :) it also can enhance your voice, redo some parts you don’t like, and the deleted recordings are all saved in a folder so you don’t have to lose the ones you like. I rate this app, 4 stars :) it can have some improvements but most of all, i really find this app very helpful to record.
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2 years ago, DivadoraB
App is not working, please fix!
Just adding my unhappiness with the app. As a singer, I’ve used this app for years and years with no issue. Just this month after my system upgrade the app is no longer working properly. I start recording only to see after a few minutes that the voices are not recording, the buttons to pause or even stop don’t work, and I have to exit and reopen the app. Thinking it was possibly a space issue on my phone, I air-dropped all my recordings to my MacBook, deleted and then reloaded the app. Now when I try to open the app I get a blank screen. I have really loved this app and I’ve never had a problem. I truly miss the ease of it and I don’t want to get another app, but I must until this issue is resolved. I hope someone is reading these comments and this issue can be resolved soon in the next update.
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4 months ago, Arts11111
Very useful
Voice Memos is very useful. I use it for poetry, thoughts, song, ideas, and creating new melodies. It’s also quite good for field recording for video and effects. That is of course dependent on the mic, in this case, the iPhone microphone. But even several years ago, when I had an iPhone 7, the quality was good enough that I could use recordings from it in a professional studio, possibly with some EQ, but generally quite good. now I’m on a 12 pro and it’s even better. It’s also great for recording anything you might think of and want to jot down just like a notepad, but in this case you don’t have to write, so I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, pa.israel
No revert accessibility .
I like this app to record audio for memories. I rather record it through here for audio than my iphone video. I am just pretty upset how this app doesn’t have a revert button or accessibility. I accidentally trimmed out so much audio of a recording thinking it would make a new one but only the part I trimmed. Only to find it, that was the only thing I have. Thinking since it’s an automatic app for iphone users, it would have a revert button. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. I’m not pleased to see and have to find out the hard way. I just don’t understand how having a revert button didn’t cross the minds of the editors of this app. I sincerely hopes this changes asap. I like this app and have tons of memory audios but this is something that makes me not want to like it.
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2 years ago, MattinNashville
I’ve used this for YEARS with no issue until now
I’ve recorded so many music ideas and so many seminars using this app for probably 12 years, but I think something from a new iOS update changed the app. Like everyone else says it will cut the recording after a minute, then you can’t stop the recording and the app gets stuck, the only way to stop it is to force quit the app. The only reason I gave this even two stars is because I’ve use it thousands of times without a problem, but the app is unusable now 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ One thing that does seem to be working right now is the iOS native Music Memos app, It records in uncompressed files, so it does sound better but the files are a lot bigger (like WAY bigger). Apple released that app some amount of years ago to add some more functionality to Voice Memos for musicians
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7 months ago, plegacy
Great if you’re a musician!!
One of the biggest thing about being a musician is worrying about forgetting riffs or drum tracks, aka beats. And I have been recording guitar riffs or humming into the phone or even tapping out drum beats on tables so I don’t forget, what ever it is I’m recording. I have been doing this since 2005 when I got my first iphone. Unfortunately I lost the voice memos of that phone years ago but I have all the way back from 2013 to now. As a matter of fact my first album probably wouldn’t have come together without the ability to record riffs vocals, drum tracks ect. You never know how it will come together and it all starts with one simple piece.
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7 months ago, Armin1uss9
The microphone of originality
Hello. My name is Grayson I have recorded 1700 original music and idea and song recordings via Voice Memos. I love it and I need it and it is thankfully saved in the cloud. It is my life blood to my best thing personally and essence. It provides me my essence, if you will. please keep it going somehow or at least allow us to still have access to it because it holds so much of my original creativity and self. Myself good and bad otherwise a lot of beautiful musical gems songs that blow me away which I wrote recording here on this phone or one or two of the previous ones which thankfully carried over yeahthank you
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6 months ago, Matt Sebastian
Notes are great but….. i wish
I wish notes had a aspect that u could place photo references, and also video references which brought you to the idea of creating a note. So you can later utilize your notes a flow into creating a storyboard interface. At the moment i gotta save my ideas and caption my voice recordings that are referencing certain notes, it would be amazing if i could drop the voice recording into the note, and also picture and video ideas. Notes definitely holds it down on the fly but it could definitely be greater as a lot of the tools are from the Apple OS tools voice and notes instead of canva and a 3rd party recording app.
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7 months ago, Happysoul1044
My Own Personal secretary
This is the most handy tool you can have when you wake up at four in the morning with creative ideas or witty inventions or thoughts or any epiphany that you may have any time of the day or own personal little secretary sometimes it’s super dark at 4:12 in the morning and I don’t wanna turn on the lights just yet but I can grab my little secretary and have it she never fails me and then I often laugh later on during the day I sound half drunk because I’m so tired but I have captured the moment and that’s what’s important I can revisit it later and fine-tune it.
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7 months ago, t_321123
Wish it could record while playing background audio.
The audio quality, of recordings, is surprisingly very high. Appreciated! (Actually landed a high profile gig using a voice recording as a demo.) The immediate cloud access, across my other Apple devices, is super convenient. However. In order to record accompanying background music live, I have to have separate audio playing through another device (my old laptop) while recording. I often have to hope I can pair my old laptop to a Bluetooth speaker and disconnect my phone Bluetooth to voice record myself with background ambience, sound, or music. It’s all a major hassle.
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5 months ago, bennie cr
voice memo is the perfect tool for a fast pace and creative lifestyle.
i use voice memos daily as a musician. the iphone mic is pretty good quality and you can get clear sound samples on voice memo. ive even recorded full songs on voice memo and then uploaded them to a DAW to tweak eq, add other instruments etc. the fact that anyone getting into music or beatmaking can go outside and record sound on their phone and send them straight to their computer to use in a DAW drum rack is so sick and convenient. voice memo is the perfect tool for a fast pace and creative lifestyle. sickest feature on iphone imo.
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8 months ago, Kat#43725#27362
HUH?! 🙃
Ok hi I’m just a kid who’s 8 listen wHY DO WE hAVE THIS look I can play all my games with i Remember “oh I have that.. cool.” And don’t get me wrong there’s more apps I should talk about that ARE USELESS to me 😀 but if I do that we be here all day so I just talk about just this ok so listen up y’all oh you and the back oh you wait right there 🙋‍♂️ ok listen if you never used this it’s just you record stuff.. anyways back to my point I don’t really need this because I can just you know do stuff more important than this like sleeping 🙈 (sorry if I am using to much emojis) anyways if you reading this bye
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7 months ago, A roblox fan 005
update or fix PLEASE!
i love this app a lot, it helps with logging my daily life and frustrations, it even helps me remember things for my comic i’m working on! but i recently just made an recording and saved it but when i try to replay it it doesn’t play at all, i seen some others have this concern, i’ve tried everything and nothing works, please fix this bug! it’s getting very concerning knowing i can’t replay a recording at all; even frustrating. so Apple please fix this issue as soon as possible! thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, Sammy1022
Recorded white noise, no content
I’m using a brand new iPad Pro in 2022. Tried to record an important conversation for meeting notes. It said it was recording, but when I went back to listen to it, it was all white noise (I’m in a quiet room). I thought my microphone was broken, but when I tested the camera app to record a quick video of me speaking from both the front facing and back facing cameras, it had no trouble picking me up at the normal volume level. I lost invaluable data for my company because I trusted this app to work. My mistake. Don’t make the same mistake. Developers, I see this is a widespread issue now from reading other reviews. It should go without saying that I expect the app to be able to do the thing it’s literally named for. As it stands, this app is not only worthless, but also damaging.
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2 months ago, xxxx. mmm
audio journal
I’ve just started using this as an audio journal as google gave me this as a free option, however I don’t think it can be changed to written message and I would love to see what I was going through and date timestamps of everything. Otherwise it’s good as just a recorder when you need to get your thoughts out without spilling them over on everybody else good or bad. and i have a lot of thoughts because i’m alone and have nobody to share them with… It helps me from spiraling into depression. It would be wonderful if you added features that made it more than just a recorder.
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2 years ago, A_ xsher
Not reliable !
Voice Memos is an remarkable app, but I strongly wouldn't recommend you to use this app for any pivotal assignments and tasks that requires you to record. This is because it has a faulty system that results in bugs. I have lost my progress on this app multiple times and the time it takes to retake an audiotape is NOT worth it. The tapes that are essential often freeze up & even if I were to restart my phone it wouldn't work. Now, for those reading, you may ask "why not just redownload the entire app?" Well, that surely would be a sensational idea except that all progress would be lost! I also would like to notify all readers that when the tape freezes, it would not let you download! Therefore, I do not recommend you use this app for any consequential recordings!
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8 months ago, Angela 1D fan
Voice memos is pretty cool, but wish stereo recording with phone Mike’s worked
I use this app all the time of course. I know that I can connect other microphones to get good recordings, but I wish stereo recordings with the iPhone’s internal microphones worked with Voice Memos. I have an iPhone SE, and I am able to do stereo recordings with other apps, just not this one and that’s one thing that disappoints me honestly. I also wish it had recording enhancement tools that you could use and then the recording stays that way not just with listening to it as well. what I mean by that is, the ability to canceled out background noise, and also the ability for it to cut out pauses for me.
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10 months ago, JA-003
Love app just wish a few things..
I use this app a lot !!! I wish there was a feature for notes to be added while listening so I can remember key notes and at what time stamp to help me remember after. I wish you can edit the name of the recording as well to help find certain recordings quicker. I like the location on there but wish it was under its own thing so we can edit the name of each recording And the last thing I wish was added to the recording along with the date.. I wish a time stamp was included on when the recording took place that was not something that can be edited or changed along with the date.
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3 months ago, TJM1976
Stops recording at random times
The first time I used this, it recorded for hours and the sound was great. I deleted the recording and tried to record again another time but now it randomly stops recording at different times, less than 2 hours at most, sometimes nothing at all. My device is brand new, the last recording has been deleted and I have a ton of storage so I don’t know what the issue can be other than the app itself. I’d like to subscribe to the paid version but if the free one isn’t working correctly, I definitely do not want to waste my money on the other one. Any ideas what it could be?
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2 years ago, Ba bah
Desperately needs an update
Was a great app until an update where it became almost unusable. The recording would randomly stop registering sound but make it seem as if its still recording seconds of audio. When that happens (which happens almost everytime now), the app gets stuck in the recording mode, so its impossible to exit anything unless you force quit the app entirely. Sometimes it saves the audio before the freeze but when you replay it, it will only playback audio before the red dots flatline. Some of my older recordings wont play at all anymore (theyre in the library but wont play), and editing the recordings by resuming them is a nightmare because the app sometimes wont save the audio before the freeze, and so its as if u never recorded anything. Sometimes tbe red recording button would be completely unresponsive too, and that would make the entire app freeze upon a few taps. This app is barely functional. Please fix this app soon because its very important. Everyones been having virtually the same problem with it at this point. Extremely disappointing despite being a default iphone app.
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2 years ago, B14424
Reliability issues. Why does apple break everything with updates.
Voice recorder used to be 100% dependable. Even though the process of getting them off your phone was annoying and convoluted. Now it crashes, and becomes a huge data hog due to a glitch, so your forced to ugrade your phone thing that lots of apple software has always done. Can always bet on os updates and caches growing to the point that your phone is outdated, because you didnt pay for the extremely expensive extra storage. I recall when people used to buy apple because of reliability. Apple seems to have sacrificed reliability for new underdeveloped gimmicks. Things like ios6 *never* crashed. Thats why people bought apple, and dealt with things like non replaceable maintenance parts like batteries. Voice recorder worked for years, how is it now broken? Also i cant make my photos album stop tagging pictures of my dead dad and ex. And i cant delete them, due to some convoluded thing that itunes did loading them. So… i am about ready to be done with iphones. The amount of “features” and unstable upgrades is getting to be a lot..
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