Voice Record Pro

4.7 (14.4K)
99.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dayana Networks Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.1 or later
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User Reviews for Voice Record Pro

4.75 out of 5
14.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Fawkesdb
Easy to use, flexibility in editing
Update: I've used this app for four years now and still consider it top of the line. The advanced edit allows you to cut out middle sections of a recording easily. It's visual too - easy to go right to the problem area based on height of audio spikes. Speaking and comments are usually narrow bands compared to the wide bands when music or vocals are located in your recording. I use this app to record vocal tracks for sound qualifying. It is a one step process to convert a recording to MP3 format. It sends the MP3 as an email attachment to easily share with others. I like the feature that allows you to trim a recording and save to a new file. Great for cutting out conversations prior or after a vocal recording or just selecting a section of the music to focus on when practicing or sharing with others. Moving recordings to a folder involves checking a box, then move to folder to separate from recordings organized by date recorded or imported. Importing from Dropbox is easy and allows access between IPhone, IPad and desktop computers. I upgraded to the paid version and thought it was a true bargain. I've paid for other recording apps and quit using them because this app is the best.
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4 years ago, Da Cajun decapitator
Voice record
I’am a lifelong musician and have been the recording person for every session since 1970 that I’ve played with. Reel to Real - cassettes- multitracks recorders- Digital decks. Just as a backup I downloaded your FREE app and started just leaving the phone wherever I could find a nitch in the session. I don’t know how this app works but y’all must have put magic mixer monkeys from George Martin’s garage in there cause the recording is usually perfect ! Press the button and your off. The added feature of date and time is great also! Ok point in case, we have a large studio that we meet at and have improvisational jams in the wee hours. We have the state of the art and vintage gear to record with. We had a 35 minute jam that we had to listen to, we gather to listen and realize that the kick drum mic and the Bass mic were basically off and the room mic was too high. Not a great recording, we were sad ! So just as a thought I said I recorded it with “ VOICE RECORD PRO” ! We hooked up my phone and everyone was stunned, the mix was near perfect and sounded great! We all laughter at, us in a million dollar studio listening to an App that trumped the studio! Thank you so much for this app, you guys rock !
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4 years ago, AppleShooter
Allows Super-Long Recording
Great app for your super-long business meetings, general audio gathering and my songwriting. Got this app back in 2015. I accidentally left it on while recording. Did not realize it until 7-1/2 hours later. I stopped the recording which was totally saved even though my iPhone had been sleeping during all of that time. This was without turning on the silence detector. The result was a perfectly working 217MB MP4 audio file. Are you listening, Maxwell Smart? As far as I know, the recording time might not even be limited. The feature set on this app is great including audio sampling selectivity and file formats. Sound files can be moved without needing to go online or use cloud. Files are automatically named by date and time down to the second but you can edit file names. The ads are confined to a tiny row space at bottom of app, not very annoying but I would recommend upgrading to ad free version for a cleaner app space and to reward the developers for this popular and well proven recording app.
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4 years ago, discerning learner
Incredible options - years of improvements
Update: although my original review (below) was very positive, at that time the app had less features. It now has the ability to import from iPhones Music Library as well as many other sources. In addition there have been regular updates over the years. It has so many features now that it has become the only audio recording app I need, and I often import audio into it from other sources so that I can take it advantage of its many features. It an indispensable tool for anyone serious about audio recording. Original (outdated) review: I've used at least five different recording/audio apps and this has become my favorite because it has so many options for exporting and editing and recording. Truly impressive! However there is one thing Hokusai can do that vrp cannot: import files from the iPhone's Music Library. It would also be nice to be able to record while other apps output sound, but I suspect that can't be done. Great app that's well worth the $!
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2 years ago, Superjazzman
Feature suggestion
First of all, we love this app! We are a live multi piece working performing band and like to rough record our gigs for later review. We been using this app along with an IRig interface taking a line out directly from the main board. After a gig, I import the audio in mp3 format direct to Dropbox that the rest of the band has access to play back. The feature suggestion I would like to see is in the import process, it could import with the gain control settings that used on playback. No matter what you set it to, the mp3 import is flat exactly how it was recorded. Sometimes the level from the board is set to low during record process and need to be tweaked up. The app cannot do that as far as I can tell. We been working around it by taking the file after import and using other software to bring up the level and re-saving. Other than that, we love this app!
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3 years ago, AdrianHarris30
Great way to capture music
You know how sometimes a catchy tune that you’ve never heard before just pops into your head and you’re sure it’s a snippet of what you could make into a great song? This is the perfect way to capture it. I used to run to the piano and bust out my sheet music and a pencil and try to write out the notes before I forgot it, but this is much better. Now I just open up this app, hit “record” and hum or sing away. You can do as many takes as you want. You can add notes to each take. You can send a take to a producer, colleague, or e-mail it to yourself so you can upload it to your computer and put it in your track. It is very versatile. When it’s on Advanced the sound quality is really good, I wouldn’t say it’s great, but it’s much better than other apps I’ve tried to use so it’s great for singers to hear what they really sound like. This app is a must for any aspiring singer or musician.
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4 years ago, DaSquatch
Actually amazing
This somehow FREE app is actually really awesome. This is, for the record, the second five star review I’ve ever left for a free app on the App Store. The only other one was for Clash of Clans like 4 years. I only leave reviews if an app is exceptionally good or bad, and this is one of the highest tier free apps I’ve ever come across. Compression is really good, even through my phone’s crappy mic the music from my guitar still sounds... not anywhere near true professional levels, but still beyond amateur levels even WITH decent microphones. Like it actually sound really, really clean, crisp, and well-balanced. This is, of course, taking into consideration it is a FREE app. But it is still well worth downloading, and if you hook a really nice speaker up to your phone or PC/laptop and use this app... I can’t even imagine the magical sound that will make.
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5 years ago, -Simpson-
Like losing your audio?
This app is ridiculously frustrating during recording.n There seems to be a magical combination of buttons that must clicked in order to keep from losing your audio. Whatever you do, don't try using anything like pause during recording. This "option" appears to erase everything recorded AFTER you resume recording. For example, I completed an hour long interview this morning, tapping pause early in the recording. I promptly tapped resume when I was ready to continue. I checked the time ticker throughout the recording to ensure that it was recording. When I finished, I tapped pause again. Then stop (as I have learned in the past when it erased another interview, this is the other "magical" combination necessary to keep it from erasing your recordings). The only audio I have from this morning's interview is pre the initial pause - a huge 1 minute of 60 minutes worth of audio. I have contacted Dayana's technical support via email to try and recover the lost audio from this morning. I've heard nothing back from them. Don't risk your data by using this ridiculous app.
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1 year ago, dollyhoodTN
9-year happy marriage with this trustworthy app
I just want to express my appreciation for this app which I began using in 2014 after iphone Voice Memos devastatingly truncated a priceless and irreplaceable 30-min live interview of my dying grandmother down to 6 mins. I subsequently swore off Voice Notes forever. Fortunately my next try was Voice Record. For 9 years of song-writing sessions, meaningful family voice recordings, and many lecture recordings, this app has performed flawlessly for me—a bar I wouldn’t hold any app to AND YET—Voice Record has never crashed on me, never botched or lost a recording, has carried over from phone to phone, and never fails to impress with its huge array of features and options. It’s clear the developers were and are thoughtful, competent, and diligent to keep it running in tip top shape. THANK YOU!
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7 months ago, Ezgoin
Best recording app ever!
I’ve used this app for about two years now. It records both sides of conversation perfectly, wether it be a phone call or a conversation in public. The clarity is incredible. When I call a business that I am having issues with, the first thing I tell the receptionist is that I am going to record the call. I have only been hung up on a few times after stating that, one has to state if you are going to use the conversation in a legal conflict. Once you are past that point in conversation the burden is on the company for every word they state. More often than not, that simple statement they are being recorded, often leads to a simple resolve of issues. I love this APP, it takes the cockiness out of the people who answer customers complaints.
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7 years ago, eljaibero
Top of the line recording app!!!
The app is great..has more then what you can ask and does more then what you can think of. Reason I gave it 3 stars if because out of all the great and wonderful feature it has, it can’t record on Apple Watch or iPhone let say if the screen of Apple Watch goes black. It would be great if it can record without showing that it is recording for those important moments in life that needs to be recorded without others around knowing that you are because it shows on Apple Watch or iPhone screen. This would be a great spy feature on this app and also on Apple Watch if it could record simultaneously without others knowing. If this feature could be added without removing the others great features that it has I would give it 10 stars because no other app can compare to this one except for the fact that it can’t record simultaneously while Apple Watch screen is dark or off or on sleep.
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5 years ago, upshaw8
I wrote a review asking for features that have been largely implemented. So I know they listen. Unfortunately, there is no way to contact the creators to get support. So leaving a review is the only way it seems we can communicate. This is still my go-to recording app, but I have a need for a new feature. I need to be able to start and stop recording from a connected cable or Bluetooth button. I am going to start using it to record my Bass, and I need to be able to start and stop the recording without having to tap the screen. Sometimes the phone isn’t within arm’s reach or I need to be able to start and stop more quickly. If I could connect a foot switch up to control the recording, that would be so useful.
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4 years ago, JesusBenNazareth
Pause works FINE for me
Pause n stop work fine. I noticed a ‘top’ review from someone said it didn’t work for them so that is the first thing I tried after install. (turns out I installed it years ago and my old recordings are still there!). I ran multiple tests and it worked fine. BUT note that unlike in Apples voice record app, it takes TWO clicks to start recording. The first just let’s you set the recording parameters, the second starts recording. Visual feedback makes it clear to me when it is and is not recording. Oh and the silence detection works fine too, BUT you do have to set the silence volume threshold appropriately, and you must do that WHILE recording. Again visual feedback makes it clear whether it’s set right.
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6 years ago, rschletty
Dependable once again
I tried to edit the review I left earlier but was unable to. I had reported instances of recording in church that resulted in absolutely no sound. Well, after deleting Voice Record Pro from my iPhone 6s Plus and reinstalling, I am happy to report flawless recordings for the past few months. I think I'll try out version 7 Full, now that confidence has been restored. There is one problem, though, that I hope a future update will fix. Instagram is unable to upload an MP4 video exported from VRP. Something wrong with the "wrapper". It repeatedly fails to upload and clones the MP4 in Camera Roll every time it fails. My workaround is to open the MP4 in iOS iMovie and export to Camera Roll. Instagram will then accept the video.
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2 years ago, Sheerdetermination
I use it all the time for voice recording.
I’ve been using this app for years now. I am still finding features I didn’t know it had. Mostly I use it to record business meetings or any event where someone is speaking and i want to capture it. It doesn’t matter how close or far away i am, the quality is always good. I also record live music at church just by turning my recorder on, sitting the phone down and forget about it. Playback sounds like it did when I was sitting there live. I have also found the eq function very useful. I recently made my own audio of soft rain with the occasional car driving by. I love the way this recorder captured the sound.
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5 years ago, PJ_ny
Good App & Great Customer Support
Have been using this app to record vocal parts during our choir practices and have been very pleased. Occasionally, when editing the parts, I would encounter a problem that prevented me from editing further....tried contacting support via email without really expecting a response...to my pleasant surprise, I received an acknowledgement and request for problem files within 15 mins of sending the mail. Got a response back that they could reproduce the issue and were working on a fix....a day later, cause was identified and communicated to me. In this day of orphan apps, it is highly refreshing to get both a good tool and outstanding customer support! Highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, Border Town Boy
Highest quality app
Voice Record is a technically perfect app from my standpoint as a regular user since early 2014. It’s design is solid and it definitely does exactly what it says it does, and it does it reliably. I have downloaded many apps like this, but none compare to the flexibility built into Voice Record. I rely on it to manage several oral histories from my family and friends, many of whom are no longer on the planet. It has never let me down. I like the wide variety of file formats and file storage options. No other app comes close to this one for operational flexibility. I wouldn’t hesitate to make it a mission critical app in almost any business dealing with voice recordings.
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3 years ago, Avocido
The best app ever!
Well, I do my classes on Skype and if I record on Skype it’ll delete after a few days, so I got this app and it let me record at any time anywhere and so I could even import it or export it. There’s two ways to do it, one Wi-Fi download and use other devices, two Wi-Fi download and use Web Dev. It’s very easy to use this app so download it today. The only reason I don’t like the app is that when I’m importing from A new phone, it wouldn’t connect to the phone. At that time, I only used the other devices method. So then, it took like two or three hours to figure out that we can also use what Dev, and that’s how it worked out for the best.
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4 years ago, JohnKuczmarski
From a 11-year podcaster, this is all you need.
To say this app, voice recorder pro, has some nifty advanced features is a major understatement! It’s very professional and comprehensive. I am truly astounded at how many features are packed into this superb app. In addition to editing features there’s “append” which enables you to pop on your intro and outro track amazingly straight from the app! Finally, my fave: upload features! From the app I can upload directly to my dropbix and soundcloud accounts! The coders and developers thought of and implemented everything you need for voice work and recording. This app makes my career easier. Thanks, mates.
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2 years ago, Tray Walker
Best voice recording app I’ve ever used.
Interface is definitely a bit “different,” probably purposefully designed to be nostalgic. But in terms of what this app does, this thing is perfect (and ridiculously powerful for a voice recorder). Especially for folks like me who like to tinker with things. This obviously was some app that enthusiasts threw together, and it shows because it pays attention to all kinds of weird details I never would have known to expect. And it works excellently on the Apple Watch too, so if you’re looking for a replacement for Apple’s built in app, this is probably what you’re looking for.
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5 months ago, Bonifacemj
Simple and User Friendly …but…
This is a simple and user friendly tool that does exactly what a lot of subscription based voice recorders do for a monthly fee! Records with easy ability to change titles, file names, extensions, categories and organization. Even does in-app transcription! That said, I’d like to talk to the devs for a moment: I love everything you’ve done. There’s just one thing missing that I’d love added in a future update. Please add the ability to choose which Google Drive folder it uploads to. Right now it only uploads to the top level and I’d rather not have to take the extra step of having to open Google and manually reorganize the file location. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Elect. Engineer
Still a Super App!
UpDate April 17, 2020 Still the. Absolute best voice record app . User interface is clean, easy to view. The level control for only recording when the volume is at the level you want it to start recording works very well. This is one of the best apps I have. Get this app. You won’t be disappointed! UPDATE: October 6, 2019 Had this app for a couple years now. Still the best recorder for iPhone. I like the USer Interface a lot also. BUY IT! You won’t be disappointed. ——————- Buy this app you won't be disappointed. Wish I could give it 20 Stars! I am Writing another review because of more options. I would pay a lot more for this App then the small amount charged. This app has more great options then I realized when I wrote first review. Filters, effects, append, split and many more and they all work. I have not seen a recorder that comes anywhere close to the quality of this one or any app in any category that has so much and works so well. The programmers clearly know what they are doing.
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5 years ago, Brownbear825
Love the app... But want to know
I am basically using app for recording while driving with my gps and Bluetooth speaker. Can you tell me is it possible to receive voice directions from gps, while recording? I thought maybe the app would pause itself while receiving either gps directions or phone calls and then resume once the messages has been received. Please let me know is this possible and if so, how do I do it? I love the app and hope this can be done. I spend a lot of time in my car driving and want to be able to record while doing so. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Jerry
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4 years ago, Hffyvjgfbhchu
Absolutely awesome
Ever since I got this I’ve been using it to record guitar parts and vocal parts and the reproduction of the sound quality is amazing not to mention the other many things this thing can do. Sending files is super easy but none of that would matter if the sound quality was not really good and in my opinion out of the ones I’ve checked out this one is the best. In fact I changed my strings on my guitar to a warmer gauge and you can hear the difference on these recordings I make thanks to whoever came up with this app I love it! When you need to record something fast this is definitely the way to go.
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4 years ago, Eeeeekamouse
The only app I need for recording
I love this app. I’ve used it since 2016 and it’s now 2020. It’s easy to use and the sound quality is fantastic. I’ve tried other recording apps but this is the only one I’ve kept. I use this app to make journal entries, record bird calls when I go birding, record phone messages that I want to listen to over and over again (a voice message from my best friend who was killed in a car accident), or anything I want to save. It uploads to my cloud easily. The devs are wonderful & they keep the app updated. I enthusiastically recommend it if you need a reliable recorder that always works.
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3 years ago, Glennzone
Great app !
I really enjoy this, and use the heck out of it. The only curious downside I’ve encountered is that for some reason, trying to open a file I’ve received from someone else who created an audio file(.m4a) in the same app on their iPad, returns an error and won’t open it : s’up wid dat !? There are some feature requests I could make, but I don’t believe this is the proper forum for doing so, but this is a great app, which has most of the controls you may want to make modifications to, and any others we might have are more than likely unable to be implemented due to API sorts of issues.
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6 years ago, yosekestrel
Very satisfied with this app!
I’ve been dabbling in a masters program, listening to acoustic recordings for surveys and data collection. Those were recorded with more appropriate state of the art field equipment. I use Voice Record Pro to capture bird sounds on the go, as I hear things that I want to document, investigate more deeply, or use as a reference for what I’m hearing in my study recordings. This little phone app is quite impressive. I particularly appreciate how the gain settings can help pick up far sounds that I am barely hearing. The ease with which I can manage and download/upload files is a plus too. I highly recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Hondo 87
Great for bird songs
I wanted something to record birdsongs to help ID the various concert-presenters in my yard. Very easy to go from install to recording in few easy steps. Was able to record and ID a grey catbird who performs nightly free concerts in our front yard. Exceptional sound clarity (probably owing more to 7S-plus mic). The virtual anaolog display makes it easy to see if it is picking up the sound that you want it to. I was able to edit the length to crop to just the part I wanted. Also able to pause the recording while waiting for loud car to pass. There was no noise on the recording (like an analog might) to indicate where I paused & resumed.
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3 years ago, DelicateTask
Amazing features, no paywall
This app is perfect for everyone. If you just need a quick voice memo or don’t understand audio programs, the simple interface means even a child can use it, but that plain exterior hides a multitude of amazing features that I never expected in a free app. If I went into detail I’d probably spend an hour writing a book about this app, but I’ll simply say that I am incredibly impressed that the app developers have created an incredibly flexible and powerful app that can do seemingly anything. It’s like they anticipated my every need and then some.
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6 years ago, MSanders119
Still the Best
I have used this app for a long time now on my iPhones old and new. If however you wanted to use this app in conjunction with the Apple Watch there are some complex settings that need to be set. The Apple Watch likes to go to sleep that’s the first set back. Also in order for the app to stay alive the watch can never sleep, that doesn’t work. What you can do by default is set the app to run on the watch but have the a on the paired iPhone now the iPhone is the recorder not the watch. It works if the watch goes to sleep. The thing is the app appears on the face of the watch, if you push the crown and go back to the watch face the app stops. Past that it’s still the best.
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1 year ago, Yorbo456
Feature filled recorder
So many good features such as pausing/resuming recordings, adding bookmarks in recordings, merging recordings, jump forward and backward buttons (with adjustable duration) during playback, adjusting playback speed, editing clips, etc. this app has it all, where many other apps were missing one or more of these features. I especially appreciate the rich features because iOS basically has very few useful features on the native apps, especially iOS voice recorder, which has no features at all except record/stop/and play. I just changed my rating from three to five stars because I solved a problem where the recording would abort when I would use another app that plays sound. I resolved it with the following setting: Settings/recording/interrupt free recording (toggled on). This is useful, because I often record for hours while I’m using other apps.
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2 years ago, duckaroopoo
I am not one to write app reviews, truly, but this app is absolutely incredible. I am a full-time cinema student, and I have always been impressed with the sound capabilities of iPhones, but this app just brings out the absolute best in iPhones' recording capabilities. I love how much control I have from the file type to the recording gain. You can even edit within the app! This all has anything I could ever need in an audio recorder in a pinch, and I am forever grateful. I will always have my phone recording in the corner of all my sets just in case!
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7 months ago, pokerluvr2
5 Star rating for this sound recording app. When recording anything, this pucks up everything !! I had to take my clock off the wall because it was pucking up the ticking sound of the second hand so clear. Be careful when youre recording and moving around your phone setting it down & moving around it picks up all sound loud & clear. My first recording sounded like i was in a wind war zone with all my movements touching it and setting it down was recorded, its very good, and the settings & variations are plentiful. A useful app & its fun too.
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6 years ago, 🤘🐥🤘
Adjustable input gain gone?
I’ve been an avid user of this app since 2013. It’s been my primary source to record any ideas since then. Recently it seems that they’ve gotten rid of a huge function in the app, adjustable input gain level. It used to be when you start a new recording a sliding fader would appear allowing you to adjust your input gain level. I’ve searched for a while now and I can’t seem to find this option anymore. To the developers of the app, please bring this function back. It was useful beyond recognition, it allowed you to calibrate your device to any setting for the best possible quality recording. With this setting available the app deserves five stars; it’s reliable, consistent, organized, and easy to use. To the other users: have you found this to be the case too?
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1 year ago, Cruddy p
Homeless and grateful
Thank you for making the BEST and most User Friendly recording ap. I have been homeless and sometimes hopeless until I found your ap. It brings the utmost emotion of gratitude that there are people who God has spoken to about offering this great tool without monetary requirements so that persons such as I can find a way to upgrade our lives. I am told that I have a great (singing and speaking) voice so I use it for that and keeping “notes” that will become part of my blog and book. THANK YOU FOR UNSELFISHLY SHARING‼️‼️God bless and prosper you for your generosity.
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5 years ago, lakeisle
Mixed Review
This is a brilliant program when it works. I have been using the pro version for a couple of years, and it provides sophisticated controls with a clear interface. It has become important to me, but I may have to quit using it. About every third time I try to use it, I get this ambiguous message: Error: unable to initialize recorder. Try to re-calibrate the audio engine and change the recording options. Also check the advanced recording options in settings. Recalibrating the audio engine does not solve the problem. Changing the recording options does not solve the problem. Changing advanced settings does not solve the problem. The only thing that works is restarting the iPhone, which is a major pain when you have to do it every day. I am using an iPhone X, with fully updated operating system. This is the first review I have ever written. I hope to find a solution to this problem.
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1 year ago, Maflaya2
What happened
Used for years and now you record a memo And when you out pause ans then continue the recording is all garbled. Taped several lessons that teachers allow us to do to listen later to make sure notes are good and now after the pause the recordings are unintelligible ! I wish I could post the recordings here. So when I realized this happened I did a recording in my house if one minute, 30 secs speaking, then paused for 15 secs and continued recording for next 15 secs The last portion after the pause is all garbled ans unintelligible! I did this on mp3 , wav and m4a all with same results. I just can’t delete the app and then download again because I’ll loose several important recordings. Everytime I calibrated the mic. Using latest IOS on iPhone 13
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1 year ago, Braxton916
I use this app to help with language learning and translation. It doed an absolutely perfect job. It even has features that I didn’t know I need it until I checked it out further. There’s so many options with this app. What’s cool is the creators are not greedy and are offering so much. My only complaint is I couldn’t pay them more. I happily searched out in the system preferences how to pay for no ads. The ads actually didn’t bother me but I just wanted to give these people some money. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, 512kclub member
Still LOVING This App
I’m pretty sure I already gave this app a glowing review, but I just want to reiterate how brilliant it is. I am not a professional (or amateur) musician or the like, but use it to record memos to myself or certain convos. I also used it to secretly record my EX going crazy/angry/screaming on me (legal in my state)! Which really helped with divorce negotiations! The app is ridiculously easy to use, I don’t get the negative reviews, but I would guess they weren’t patient or they screwed up and want to blame someone! Thanks so much for creating this! ❤️❤️❤️
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5 months ago, &y H
…and there’s still more
I’ve been using this for years and have a huge backlog of voice memos. I was just going through them and discovered all sorts of great sorting, categorization, and editing features. The interface is intuitive. The sharing features are comprehensive. There are editing and bookmark features I haven’t yet explored. I felt compelled to write a review and give them some stars. I was happy with the value of the paid version even before I discovered the features.
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1 year ago, SuziePinaColada
My favorite recording app
Have had this app for about 10 years now. I love it. Great sound quality. Very user friendly. Love the book marking feature. Love that I can upload a recording to the iCloud in less than 3 seconds, then download it to my other device. It’s got dozens of other great user friendly features too, some of which I use, some I don’t bc I have simple recording needs, but imagine would come in handy for others who need more sophisticated sound production.
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5 years ago, critterhands
Apple nerfed voice memos. Try this instead.
I can’t believe I’ve been using Apple’s voice memo app all these years and didn’t know about this. I recently upgraded from iOS 10 to 12 and found that Apple had completely ruined their own voice memo app somewhere along the way. This one more than makes up for it. It’s got all the bells and whistle‘s you ever need in the voice app. My favorite is the silence detection mode where it only records when you’re talking. I immediately bought the ad free version to support the devs. Thanks!
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5 years ago, LairBear7
Voice Recorder works Great with Rode Stereo Microphones!
I have been using 2 Rode stereo microphone to record our Church Choir offerings using Rode’s recorder. Fire some reason that app stopped allowing me to record anything so I decided to use “Voice Record” and was blown over by the quality of the recording and how easy it was to transfer the recording to other devices! The most important thing I like about it is it doesn’t seem to pick up any background noise or static when there is a silent person in my recording session. Bravo Voice Recorder!
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7 years ago, Kerfled
Please help
So I got this app to help make a soundtrack type thing for a parade. After I finished working really hard on it I listened to it and it sounded good until this awful beeping noise came on. It happens twice in the recording and it beeps out the part of the recording. Please help because I need this for the parade and without some of those recordings, some things won’t make sense. (The parade is a contest and the theme is movies. I put together a recording of scenes from the movies we’re doing and it beeps out some of the scenes and I kind of needed those recording. Please help if you can. I could really use it.)
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7 years ago, LLCVO
Stunning sound quality
I downloaded this app, thinking that there might be an occasion on which I would need to record a short message. Then my music recording system broke down, so I set my iPad on the piano and gave this app a try. The beautiful sound on the playback was a truly pleasant surprise. Equally amazing are the audio trimming and joining functionality as well as the ability to convert the audio files to MP3 format and the various ways of saving the recordings. Thank you for making such a quality app!
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4 years ago, Gsbisib
Organizers Dream
This app has so many useful functions. You can title your recording and then create folders for ease of reference and creation of playlists. You can edit your tracks and append them to each other. You can create different sound files depending on your need. I record my podcast using the advanced sound features which create great sound quality and make it so easy to transfer my files to my podcast platform. All in all, the best recording and organizational app I have found.
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7 months ago, JimBobPrime
Nothing better than this!
I’ve been using voice record pro for many years. I like apps that do not include you having a subscription. Purchase the app and use it for as many years as you like. This app has been constantly upgraded over the years and has more features than you can possibly dream of. It connects through every cloud storage area you can think of. It works wonderfully with all my Apple devices.
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3 years ago, Cedar Park Tx
I’ve been searching for an app for recording voice overs for my videos - specifically one that could capture clean audio with no background hiss or “room tone.” The ability to set the input gain was half the battle, and the other half was solved when I paired this app with a Sennheiser ClipMic for iOs.. Crystal clear audio! Tons of features! Super easy to use! I love this app. I don’t care about the ad banner but I upgraded the app anyway to help support the developer! Get this app!
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10 months ago, I’m ur huckleberry
It almost seems like cheating….
After 15 years of having to juggle multiple recording and editing apps to get access to all the different features, I find this app and literally I feel like it’s too easy! It’s doesn’t seem right to have every single feature I would ever want or need, plus a ton more…i feel they’re going so above and beyond that I just want to donate to the cause of actually offering people what they want and need.
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5 years ago, delyside
The best free audio recording app, hands down
Dayana’s free version either holds up to or out-performs many of the paid audio recording apps I’ve used. It crushes all of the free ones without a doubt. The presentation of the app is very far from perfect... however, with a rework of the ui and some slight functional adjustments, I’d be willing to bet this app would sell like gangbusters in the App Store if it were up for something less than ten. I’d honestly love to be able to make the changes haha. I’m a programmer and a musician :) Let me know, I imagine you have my contact info already haha
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