Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

4.7 (407K)
114.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
TapMedia Ltd
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

4.73 out of 5
407K Ratings
6 years ago, MMAC LIVE
One of the BEST I have EVER used. No matter the price. Seriously!
This app has never failed me. Recordings are crisp and clear. Ability to save it on the cloud and other platforms. Extremely pleased with the quality. I run the app on an IOS. Soon I will utilize the transcription feature. Later I will update my review. Delighted I found this recorder. BTW, I had my cell phone approx 10-12 feet away from where I was speaking. I can minimize the window and use other features of my phone while recording and it will not stop the recording. The mic on this app is superb. High quality clarity as if was only a foot away. The app is better than my store stock recorder program that arrived with the cell phone initially. I deleted that app. Hands down terrific. I use it practically every day. Oct 14, 2018 Update: continues to perform well. I recorded a meeting and saved time for notes. Other than a few words here and there due to presenters voice quality, so far so good. What is terrific is that the app works well with all IOS updates. THAT’s an appreciable asset to owning this app. Too many apps do not function well or they lose their “star” features with newer IOS updates. Keep it up!
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5 months ago, Raj Nash
Great app…I just need dire help with a bug
Hello TapMedia team, I have been using your voice recorder app on my iPhone for over two years now and its been great as a substitute to voice memos Apple. In these two years never have I experienced a problem with sound quality or difficulty to use. I learn music and all my recording over the past 2 years have been in the voice recorder app. I also love the visual flair of it being like a VHS recorder, very nostalgic and nice feeling. However as of one week every time I open the app it suddenly shuts down, and this happens every single time, thus I have been unable to use the app at all, unable to record or listen to previous recordings. The problem is that a large part of my previous recordings I haven’t saved to drive because of not foreseeing something like this. I can still see for a split second that the previous recordings are there, but I’m unable to use the app and listen to them because it immediately closes. I have read elsewhere that it can be a problem with storage and updated software, so I have cleared all the storage I can and updated my IOS to the latest version but it’s still not working. Please help and give me a fix for this problem. Sincerely, Raj
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7 years ago, PrincessLeia10.3.9
Surprisingly Accurate Transcription!
I had tried Dragon Dictation in the past and found it too difficult to use, I talk fast and am bad at enunciating, so I figured I just wasn’t cut out for dictating my writing. A recent arm injury has forced me to try it again. I researched other options besides Dragon because of the price and the learning curve. This app had a lot of great recommendations and reviews so I figured $3 was worth seeing if it worked. It really does! All the commands for quotes, punctuation, and new line breaks all work with this and best of all it understands my horrible speaking skills. I also like that there is a recording of what I’ve said so in case the transcription confuses what I said I don’t have to try to remember what word or sentence I was trying to say (unlike Dragon that doesn’t save your audio, at least the version I tried anyway). This is way better than Dragon Dictation and far cheaper! Plus, I can record anywhere and I don’t have to be tethered to my computer. This is a must for writers wanting a cheap and easy way to dictate their work.
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3 years ago, NYC BDBx
Very frustrated
This application does a excellent job of recording but I have to remember to stop and restart recording if I want to capture the 30 minute transcript of a virtual engagement. Instead I would like to see more options with the recorder. One, offer longer segment of recording and transcribing with the app. Such as 30, 45, and 1 hour segments. In addition, offer a visual clue that session is within 10 and/or 5 minutes so we can determine if we need to end session early and/ or establish a new recording track. Two, provide the option of selecting which sections of recording we want transcribed. Rationale: Sometime the first 30 minutes is not the most important when reviewing the session again especially when we are still trying to understand the virtual meeting concepts. Three, if there is a memory or some other unknown restriction, please tell before we start recording a session only to find out after the event has ended that the app did not record any of the virtual engagement. Fourth, show actual recording time/number of captured words since false starts from background noise, etc. We can eliminate those sessions easily. Very frustrating.
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6 years ago, ictARWII
I believe this is but the third review I have been motivated to write in all my years of iPhone ownership. And allow me to be clear that I have never used this app to record music. It is as sound as any recording app I've tried (some at the expense of more than a few $$) for dictation and conversation, but this app is free and, particularly for us old duffers who recall our first box-like Panasonic cassette recorder, has a pleasing interface. The app positively shines, however, in its transcription capability. It seems flawless, and is uncanny in its ability to punctuate, whether stated by the speaker or not. In addition, it must have some syntax programming as well; it has, on more than one occasion, detected that I have misspoken, and erased that brief slip of the tongue on my part, then picked up where I began correcting myself. It is keyboard-enabled as well, in case one decides to revise the transcription. For $4.99, I would call this app phenomenal.
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5 years ago, 💜💜.💜💜
I love this app so much, BUT
I have been using this app to help me write songs that I come up with in the shower because I forget them immediately afterwards, this is a great app and I love it so much, BUT you cannot use a slash word in the title of a recording that you are saving, and this is fine BUT it doesn’t say anything about that, it doesn’t say you can’t have a slash mark in the title, It doesn’t tell you to rename it, no it just doesn’t save the recording. The only way I found out that this is the reason why some of my recordings weren’t saving, that’s because I did an experiment and said random lines and titled them different things and the ones with ( / )(slash marks)marks did not save. There needs to be a feature where if someone put a slash mark it will say this will not save,or don’t put a slash mark because it will not save, I recorded an entire session with my friend and I am so upset right now that that didn’t save, please fix this before other people make the same mistakes I did, and record something so precious and valuable and then having it not save!!
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7 years ago, MPerry1996
Handy and old school
I really like this app. The pros are that you can record segments and if you label them using numbers they will play back in sequential order. Automatically going to the next recording. My only complaints are once you label to 10 it places that as the first recording rather than the 10th. My solution was to use 1.0, 1.1, etc all the way to 1.9 then 2.0 (Ex: 1.0 Introduction). Same with the labeling of the folders. My second issue is that while you can pause a recording, you can't rewind that same recording and record over something if you are reading text to yourself. For example, I am reading chapters of a course I am studying so I can listen back as a refresher. If I mess up and it's enough to bother me I have to delete that recording and start all over or just continue reading. Rather than just rewinding and recording over the portion I screwed up. Solution to that is use the pause button often and do some skim reading before doing so aloud for longer recordings. Otherwise I find this to be a cool app that is user friendly.
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4 weeks ago, Erallie
Been using for ~10 yrs
I’ve been using this app ever since the mid-2010’s, and it’s always been a really good recording app to use whenever I have ideas for songs I want to write and don’t want to forget them. You can pause the recording in the middle of recording it. And then resume it again when you’re ready. After you record the file, you can also choose to trim out either parts in the middle or parts on the ends and save it as a new file. There is a folder system that you can store things in, and you can choose to back up your storage through a variety of methods, including iCloud and Dropbox. If you accidentally forget to save your recording, the file is still saved in the main folder, with an auto-generated name. So you don’t lose it forever. There are some major setbacks though: When you choose to save a recording to a specific location, it doesn’t actually save to that location, but saves to the main folder instead. And then you have to manually move it to the location you want. Moving the files and loading folders also takes an unusually lengthy amount of time, and also feels a bit buggy. And of course, the audio quality is not very good. But that’s to be expected, since it *is* being recorded from your phone. Despite all these, this app is very reliable as I’ve been using it since the mid-2010’s, and it’s never broken or stopped working. So kudos to the developer for keeping it updated!
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6 years ago, aileverte
Great basic recorder, so-so voice transcription
I bought this recorder because it had the transcription feature — this probably going to be true if most transcription software: it’s not great. For my work I do a fair amount of transcription and even with the clearest, most distinctly enunciating interviewees, the results are often laughable (for instance, “life is serious” becomes “life is Siri is”... Seriously?! The algorithm is very flawed: how often does one actually mention Siri in a sentence?). The software not only had a very limited vocabulary, and even while it self-adjusts as the speaker goes on, it often chooses the more absurd option. Bottom line: I can’t recommend the transcription feature (and I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for a well functioning, usable transcription software). However, if you record, say, lectures or anything you just want to play back this is great. You also have the ability to trim the recording, take notes, and play it at different speeds. Love the old school tape recorder look!
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2 years ago, Lady 53
Always Crashes
I used the app to compile original musical ideas, for critical listening of compositional work and production in progress and to occasionally record portions of my drum practices. I successfully made over 2000 recordings. At a certain point in time the app started simple “crashing” while reviewing my work. The inability to consistently review my work required me to begin using another recording app for the purpose. I did successfully upload Voice Recorder to my iTunes and I can listen to ideas there but they are in alphabetical order. I would much prefer listening to them on the app, as they are in chronological which is beneficial when reviewing musical ideas consisting of multiple recordings. Every time I decide to approach the app for review purposes, it consistently crashes.
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7 years ago, GeminiEHP
No Response from TapMedia - Numerous Requests
This app records well, very well indeed. Transcription works well. It’s connection to Wi-Fi for automatic upload the recorded documents does not work. I have made numerous request to TapMedia about it’s application for which I paid my money on this Wi-Fi issue. I complemented TapMedia on his application. However, TapMedia has decided to ignore this paying customer’s request about it’s faulty WiFi functionality, for which I paid my money. I do not take it lightly when people steal my money for selling their stuff that they know does not work. And I especially do not take it lightly when people do not have the integrity to respond to their faulty software that they knowingly sold to a customer. I will never ever ever do business with TapMedia again and I will not recommend a company lacking integrity, even if it’s primary functionality works extraordinarily well. What a shame for TapMedia.
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4 years ago, maliha07
Best app ever!!
So I am a singer songwriter this app is so amazing, anytime I want to record a song that I'm just thinking about my head while cleaning my room I can do it so quickly with just a couple tabs I can just record it and name it and save it to my iCloud and it's amazing I really do think this app deserves five stars maybe even more, because this app has help me in so many different situations and I am so grateful for it I definitely recommend getting this app I love that you can put a password on it I think that's really smart if you don't want anyone getting into anything that you think or want to keep private I think that's really smart and I really love that feature I don't really have any problems with this app I recommend if you ever need to record anything anything at all this is that app. so yes you should get it I love this app so much:) Maliha<3
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6 years ago, AzureUni
This app’s features are great! I love that the user interface looks like an actual voice recorder from our more analog, less digital age. The quality of the audio is clear enough for the style of recording and transcriptions that I need to get done. I like the way that the transcriptions are done by the app. You can see your text being generated by the app as it goes through the audio file. You won’t hear your audio as it transcribes. There is also a notes tab, which I find very useful if I need to remind myself what I recorded in the first place in as few words as possible, or if I need to make sure I make adjustments and corrections to my text. The ability to upload to the cloud is also a super feature. A number of the most common cloud services are covered by this app. Overall, the app is well worth the price and space on my phone.
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6 years ago, Reload browser option
Great for free, transcription purchase is worthless
The free features of this app are great. I used it to record interviews I was completing for my dissertation. Since I had to transcribe them, I figured I’d try the $2.99 in app purchase for the transcription part. There were some technical discussions, and I was well aware that the transcription wouldn’t help with those, but I figured the more casual conversation parts would benefit from the service. What I got was completely unusable. I take that back, I did get a future band name, “Melancholic Parmesan.” So I’ve got that going for me. But it was absolutely unusable. 35 pages of transcriptions, and I was hoping this might help me with sections of it, but it was of zero use. The other functions of the recorder are great. But if I pay $2.99 for a service, I was hoping to get something out of it. I literally got nothing. In the end, sound quality is great. Easy to use. Easy to cut snippets or cut a long project into shorter versions. Just don’t waste your money if you are wanting to get transcription help.
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4 years ago, 125807433799)2528)
Update made everything worse
When I saw there was an update for this app, I knew nothing would really change. This is a great app for recording your voice or music and I kinda liked it the way it was. I downloaded the update not expecting much except for the format or design, and when I went into the app and looked in one of my folders it said, “Folder Empty.” I was scared then because I thought all my files got deleted. I backed out of it and went back in. There was one of files there OUT OF TEN, so I had to click in and out TEN TIMES for all my files to be there. I have to do that every time I go into the app. IT IS SO ANNOYING. It was so much better before! The update just made everything worse. And when I’m somewhere else, connected to a hotspot or small network, I can’t get any of my files! No matter how much I click in and out, I can’t get one file! Now you need an update to fix THAT. Which is probably make some other thing not work!!!!!
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9 months ago, ms veganista
It’s a simple recorder not studio quality for those that just want to sing and practice as a regular home singer lol. That’s me so it’s good for me. I love its simplicity in recording and being able to make simple recordings. It’s also very easy to make folders and label them. Easy to delete recordings and folders. The fact that I can do so much with it for free deserves 5 stars BUT I minus 1 star because while it’s easy to record and it’s easy to make folders it’s not easy to figure out how to transfer a recording to a certain folder. I haven’t COULDN’T figure that part out and so I had to email the app developer about it 🤦🏽‍♀️ ALSO WHY does it rolls over to the next song when I don’t want it to do that 😤😤😤😤 I can’t figure out how to stop that 🤦🏽‍♀️ so minus ANOTHER Star down to 3 stars. Please fix those two issues by including instructions EASY TO GET TO in your app on how to EASILY remedy those issues without wrecking my brain trying to figure it out.
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3 years ago, KCO44
Beyond Expectations
I assumed with a free app, there would be restrictions and functions that require in-app purchases or an upgrade. That has not been true with this app. All the features I have used are been great. It is easy to organize files. I really like the ability to listen to all files in a folder without needing to choose which is next or press play. Life is busy and this has been a great study tool. Yes, there are ads but those ads do not interrupt recording or playing. I do think the app has two flaws. First, it can easily drain battery life. Second, when recording I cannot exit the app or pause then pick up where I left off. Even with the minor flaws, this app is still worthy of five stars.
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7 years ago, TheTallRonan
Could be better
I use this for recording and transcribing interviews. And while it’s definitely nice and easy to use, I have a few concerns. For one thing, the transcription function is almost unusable. I’m particularly annoyed at this since I payed three bucks for it, only to learn that it basically doesn’t function. Then there’s a weird stutter effect when you play back a recording at half speed (which is necessary for transcribing things since the transcribing function has such poor voice recognition), and this can make it hard to understand what’s being said. The other option is to constantly pause and resume as you write things down, but each time you pause, it seems to skip over about a half-second of recording, making accurate transcription even more of a pain. All in all I’d recommend, but only if you’re not nitpicky and only if there’s no better ones on the market.
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4 years ago, kaylajane0118
I would give this app zero stars if it was an option
Twice now I have attempted to use it for two very important phone calls, and it has completely failed. The first time I checked multiple times throughout the call to confirm it was recording, and it was the entire time. After the call, I saved it only to discover that although it recorded the entire time there was no actual data, just a blank recording. After some digging I have come to the conclusion that I could only record for an hour. Why is that not clear anywhere on the app, and furthermore, why would the app not just stop recording at an hour if that is the case?? I gave it a second shot as I knew this call would be shorter, and just to be safe I would break up the recording into smaller segments. This time data is there, but it is practically unusable. The recorder only caught pieces of our convo, and the phone was literally right in front of me. Luckily, I also recorded on my laptop which was several feet away, and that recording is perfect. No issues at all with capturing both of your voices.
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6 months ago, What?! No negative stars!
Great, but…..
I really like voice recorder! I use voice recorder for recording my college classes, so that I can listen to the lectures again time and time again to for a better retention. There are times when I need to delete something. I can rename something ‘delete’, so that I can go back and delete it later, but I have noticed that I have not been able to go back and delete it, which has become a problem because now I have all these files named delete. If the company could let us be able to delete things that would be awesome and I would give it a five star, but until then, I gave it a four star. Also, when my kid was little I would record him talking. Now that he is older I still have his voice saved and can listen to him as a baby and toddler whenever.
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5 years ago, TheBabaian
Terrible for transcribing.
I’m very disappointed. I paid $4.99 and did a short test run of this app before I used it during my lecture. While I expected many errors, it is essential to have at least 50% accuracy and I didn’t even get that. The description of the transcription portion of this app does not go into detail enough on what conditions are sufficient to get a nice transcription. While the test transcription I preformed was good for the first sentence and then completely wrong and a great deal of it missing, not even an attempt to transcribe. All in all, out of the entire 60 seconds of talking, it only got the first sentence. I would be happy to get rid of this review, but I need a refund. The only reason I paid $4.99 was for the option to transcribe and it was not sufficiently describe in the apps store leading me to believe I could get 30 minutes of a half decent transcription of my recording, leaving me with an incomplete as well as a completely inaccurate product. May I please have contact information for a refund?
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3 years ago, Player1g
Great & Fairly Priced and Missing NEEDED functionality
I love this app! I use it mostly for classes, and it’s been wonderful to record lectures that I can then convert to text, then integrate with my notes. The one downfall is I’ve found that when a class has a break, or some times it seems random, but the recording breaks itself into 2 files. I would really love it if you’d add the ability to join selected recordings. Furthermore, for those times when I forget to pause, or there’s a portion in the midst of the recording that is not wanted, I wish I could trim out a mid-section and then join the parts on the outside together...it would help to save space, and time ...especially when transcribing. Thanks! I hope this helps the developers as well as the community as a whole!
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5 years ago, Haleygirl4916
I’m really upset about this app. I had been using it for a while and it was ok on volume and clarity and especially privacy but the time I most recently needed it the most, I recorded a meeting that was about 103 minutes long. It was the best clarity i had ever heard I was thrilled and sent it off to who it neeeded to go to. They replied thst it is labeled as nearly 18MB yet the file is only 18-19 minutes long. I was crushed when I went back to my app and mine had changed also. I just listened to it last night how did this happen? I’ve spent days now trying to figure it out can anyone help?! I even have a screen shot showing 103 minutes recorded prior to sending it/sharing it to a Dropbox using the app “box”. If anyone can help PLEASE do bc this is devastating I need that remaining audio badly. Also, if you don’t have enough storage (which it appears I did) would it notify you or just cut the video down to what you have enough space for? Was it sleep timer? IVE TRIED SO MANY THINGS HELP PLEASE :(
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5 years ago, Toot210
Great Recorder. Stop looking, just download this one!
I rarely write reviews, but this recorder absolutely deserves one. Many of the recorder apps only have basic recording, and the voice recorder that comes with the iPhone is not impressive. This recorder is amazing. Very simple and easy to use, you get unlimited recordings and length of recordings, you can change the name of your recordings, save them to various applications in the cloud (Dropbox, Drive, etc) and for a 4.99 one time upgrade charge, will get you the ability to transcribe your recordings! The transcriptions are pretty accurate with maybe only a word or two being off. You also have the functionality of being able to listen to your recording audio on the same screen as the transcription so you can make edits right then and there, it will save to the recorder app, and you can share it (email, phone, etc). If you are a writer or creative and you need to record your ideas on the go and then want to have them is transcribed for your ease of use later download this app. Anyone who needs anything recorded and transcribed, download this app, get the upgrade. You won’t regret it!
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6 years ago, photosynthesislove
no-nonsense simplicity
It’s pretty awesome - I love the interface - kinda takes me back to my childhood when phones had real bells in them and buttons actually moved .... I know it’s a screen rendition and it works a million times better than the old 80’s version - all in all it’s just super easy and if I can use it you can too - oh and this may sound s little silly to some however on occasion in the past I’ve had a difficult time finding files and renaming them - with this app they’re right where they should be - accessible in the app and the controls are so strait forward I decided to take a incy wincy bit of the time these guys saved me and here is an app review 👍🏾🙏🏾🚀🦄🎧. Nice work app developer friends - you deserve ice cream - or some delicious desert - cheers.
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10 months ago, Clemsonman31
A godsend
I was recently chosen to be the clerk/secretary of the deacons at my church. I was chosen because I already took thorough notes in the deacons meetings. I want to do something new & give a written summary of the meetings to the other deacons & the pastor. To my knowledge this has never been done. I looked for an app to record what was discussed because I want to be sure I have everything in the minutes of the meeting. I saw the excellent ratings of this one & looked at it more closely. Upon reading the information about the app I see it has the option to transcribe what is recorded. Perfect!! Finding this app is a godsend to me in this position at church. I just used it for the 1st time & it is wonderfully simple. I’m sure I will love this one.
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4 years ago, gardengirl2
Failed to Actually Record
It is amazing how one would be excited about having an application that actually provided the ability to help a person avoid the old “he said she said “ problems when doing business. I saw the reviews on this product and immediately installed it. Little did I know that even after so many attempts to find a worthy product still the list grows larger. This program is now on that list. I cannot count how many times I pressed the record button on this application only to return to find that it failed to record any of my necessary and very important conversations. I unfortunately have a poor memory and cannot write quick enough to record my dealings with people. I needed to have a documented reference when talking to contractors and like individuals because as we all know not every business uses the words honesty or forthright in their mission statement. Even after all this time we still have no company out there who can create a recording application for the iOS platform that was worth a dime. What good is a program that you put your hopes into only to end up duped again. What a waste.
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5 years ago, Tony Blass
Fast and easy
Remember the old days of handheld digital recorders? You had to check the battery, you had to look at the quality of the recording, you had to check what format the output was? And finally, you had to remember to have it all the times you might need it. Who doesn’t have their phone with them at all times? The output is MP3, the quality is good enough for almost any voice related application and yet small enough to create files that can be easily shared no matter how long your meeting lasts. And the only battery you have to keep track of, is the one you have to keep track of every single hour of every single day. And finally the cassette tape aesthetic is cute and amusing. And so of the mixtape generation redux.
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5 years ago, jcs314
Recording is great. Negligible control over playback.
I am making a lot of 5 and 10 second voice training recordings. The recording procedure is easy and the sound quality of the playback is great. When I go to play back a recording, it plays the desired recording and then proceeds on to play every other recording I have ever made. I am constantly jamming my finger hitting the stop button, which causes me to lose my place amongst the many short recordings I have, many of which are different attempts at the exact same vocal phrase, so losing my place is really annoying. I have tried to get the app to play just one recording instead of every recording I have made but there doesn’t seem to be a setting for that.
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3 years ago, evollove
my favorite all time iphone recording app!!
it's been a long love affair with this app..so many years i've lost count..could be getting close to a decade even. it's captured many a live performance, rehearsal and random sounds and conversation without issue or fail. i've probably gotten at least 40 friends to download it over the years. on my wish list this year: add the ability to start/stop recording from an apple watch (like a remote control). i may have requested this in a prior raving review...but i often record live music rehearsals and since i drum, i typically place my phone on the other side of the room to get the best balance of instruments in the mix using my iphone's mic. it would be amazing to be able to start and stop recording and start a new recording without having to get up each time to do that. aside from that -- i send my appreciation to the developers and owners of this app for creating such an amazing recording app. it has met all my recording needs and then some...and thank you for making it accessible for everyone.
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4 years ago, TravisJay78
this was the best recording app until you updated it. now my names won’t save half the time, it crashes often, sometimes when i open it it will say i have no voice memos and have to restart my phone, sometimes it takes a year and a half to start after opening the app, i mean come on. i accidentally turned on the icloud feature and it deleted a ton of memos on my phone thank god i had them back up on my computer but now it won’t let me transfer new cloud ones to my mac. and i can’t even find them in the cloud but if i turn cloud off it’ll delete all the ones i made in the cloud until i turn it back on. please fix this app i’m a musician and i have hundreds of ideas recorded that are only stored in this app if i lose them i’d lose 3-4 years of work and ideas. i’ll literally lose everything. please fix it.
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1 year ago, 3-5BD Teacher
Trimming recordings is more miss that hit
I have used this app for quite awhile. I like how it records and then transcripts if you choose to have that done… Recently I have tried (on multiple occasions) to trim a basic recording of 10 minutes or less. The first time I practiced on a 28 second recording. It was successful after a couple attempts. Then for the one I really needed to trim, a 10 minute audio. I again followed (what appears to be) the simple common sense procedure to do so. This time without success. I then went to the HELP area within the app under settings. Again VERY (seemingly) simply directions. AGAIN with no luck in trimming my recording. Next, I then tried other problem solving ideas which included: Closing and reopening the app, I tried making a folder 📁 to put the saved trimmed audio into- still saved the entire 10 minutes … Lastly, I thought it might be the device I was using (my IPhone). So, I switched to my iPad. Using the same approach and same directions, I was STILL unable to trim my 10 min. Recording. 😒 I am disappointed in this one aspect of this app. Honestly I love how it records… but if you can’t trim it, it’s really only good for the entire recording not isolating a section. Please 🙏 fix this issue..
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6 years ago, 12 year girl
I love it! But....
I like to play the flute, and this app is cool because then I can record myself playing. Then, I can play the recording, and see what I need to fix. I recommend getting this app if you ever want to record something. Wether you want to record a song on the radio, or record a speech, you can pull up this app, press the microphone, press the record button, and it will record any noise loud enough for the microphone to pick up! But don’t accidentally press delete for something you don’t want deleted, because there is no way to get it back. I learned that the hard way. I wanted to delete one recording, I pressed the recording I wanted deleted, but the app switched the recordings around and I lost the recording. So make sure you don’t delete the wrong recording!
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7 years ago, XIX (19)
Unbelievable easy and super clear
I love it it’s super clear when recording hears everything like background noise all of it And I have even paid for all the other features but it seems darn well worth it in the awesome job with this app has been done the only reason I only gave it four stars because I haven’t use the rest of the features which I’m sure are top notch i’d recommend this for students or office workers or just somebody who’s needs to keep a lot on the tab and not have that much time to be ready to eat now or to keep tabs of conversations You can choose formats for the audio file Even set a separate password in the app to secure all your recordings so even if someone gets in to your phone they won’t be able to get the recording’s
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7 years ago, kentofcantubury
Fast and it listens better than any human
It’s not luck with this voice recorder and I learned to slide my finger across and be able to put new tiles in it works effortlessly and I have transcribed some of my friends I have now passed on and I have an excellent writer their voice. It works really well for me and I really can’t suggest anything better. He works a hell of a lot better than Dragon dictate it doesn’t even upgrade and self. This is a really good free app ID even buy an advance that but I can’t imagine how advance anymore than it is. Or use it professionally and personally I am kent norton mind-body expert specializing in mindfulness and court ordered meditation. —By the way #Siri could learn a hell of a lot in this application
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6 years ago, SLJGSinSP
This app is infuriating
I bought this app to help with transcription of interviews, not because it is a recorder. Any app can record. I needed to use it for helping with transcription. The transcriptions it does make no sense and are nothing like what is actually said in English, Spanish or Portuguese. That’s fine, I didn’t have much hope for that. I use it primarily now for listening to my interviews slowed so I can transcribe them myself. The recorder jumps around. It gives the option of push the recording fifteen seconds back and randomly but often instead jumps ahead a minute and 7 seconds or some other random amount of time? I go to turn it on and the sound just doesn’t come out until I press the jump back fifteen seconds button. I have restarted it multiple times, I have checked for updates. Nothing has changed. I have never felt so ripped off after buying an app. Don’t do it, use garage band or just voice memo.
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5 years ago, marlonthepannnnnnnda
Not happy :/
I use to love this app more, but recently whenever I use it to listen over my lectures from class it won’t produce sound. I tend to puse and play a lot and skip back 15 seconds a lot because I want to thoroughly listen to the teacher but it becomes a nightmare because it will be paused then i push play and it shows it’s playing the time is moving and no sound! It’s literally a luck thing because I’ll have to repeated pause and play the memo or worse skip forward and back and repeat this process until it decides it wants to play the sound. Worst of all is when it won’t play no matter what so I have to close the app and reopen it then I start from the beginning again. And then have to find my way to where I was in the memo and hope it doesn’t glitch out. Please I want to love this app again. Please fix the software for my iPhone 8 Plus.
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1 year ago, PuppyTheArtist
ADHD person’s frontline
I get through social events without worrying that I didn’t catch someone’s name or what they said their baby’s name was. This gets me through work when my attorney rattles out the agenda for the day, I never miss the who what what when where and why. I of course always share before hand that I have ADHD and 100% of the time people allow me to record. If ever they don’t, I’ll record myself repeating important things that they are saying immediately after. Thank you for being the most reliable and free tool out there. I never miss a word a professor also says when they preface “Pay attention as this will be in our test…”
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9 months ago, zicorjfhdif
Simply Great!
I’ve been using this app probably since it came out nine or 10 years ago. I record band rehearsals, choir rehearsals, little snippets of song ideas, and it always does a great job. Sounds really good and you can put a bunch of stuff in it! I’ve transferred it across three or four iPhones, never lost a thing. I have a Zoom but I don’t use it much anymore, this is much easier to use and sounds just fine for what I need it to do. Best thing: it’s very easy when you’re driving in the car and get a song idea or anything else you want to just record and play back later, to just grab it, record it and you’re done.
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5 years ago, Neal London
Could be better
This app does a couple things better than others. First the sync to iCloud is good. It also has a good trimmer. But it lacks in other areas. Fire the file name, no need to pretend “Audio” and putting the date mmddyyyy means it won’t sort on iCloud, best to use yyyymmdd. Renaming also takes a couple extra clicks than it should. There are mandatory folders that one cannot delete. And while you can create new ones, if you record in that folder the file still gets saved to root, so it seems broken. Also the main page has this delay in showing the top bar so everything moves down just as you might click a track to listen. If they could fix these issues that would be great. And I also think the recording UI needs an honest, useful update.
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5 years ago, Ron_shorter_nickname
This recorder will unzip audio files directly to your IPad!
I don’t normally leave reviews but this is a must have for music and language students. I buy a lot of music and language books and most come with sound files for examples from the book ... unfortunately most of them download as zip files. Normally you would have to download the files to your computer and unzip them then send the files to your iPad. Not with this cool app. Just click to download and your I-device will ask if you want to open it with the recorder. And ... there it is on the recorder ... click the zip file and the app will unpack it for you. I even use it to unpack pdf files. Love it.
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6 years ago, Jgirl78
Not working right. UPDATE read all!!
I am unhappy with this app because I paid the money for the transcribing feature. But when I used it, it missed words, sometimes complete sentences. Even though I had the microphone sitting right next to the person talking. And sometimes it wouldn’t even transcribe the right word. Also, I do not like that fact that it won’t let me playback the audio. I couldn’t find in the app the feature that would let you do that. If there even is one. UPDATE!!! So I was able to find the audio playback feature. I could have sworn it wasn’t there when I looked yesterday! Anyway.... after using this app again today, I recommend it.
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7 years ago, kvenesky
Great app for college lectures!
I use this app to record lectures for my biology classes in undergrad. It’s really helpful to go back and listen to my recording when rewriting my notes so that I know I’m not missing anything. The quality of the sound is very impressive, and I never have any issues with recording at all. Keep in mind that the recording will automatically stop when you receive a call, so just decline the call as fast as you can and you’ll only lose a second or two of the recording. It’s a great app for being free, and the ads aren’t overbearing either. I haven’t had any ads pop up full screen or block anything on the app. Overall, awesome recording app!
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4 months ago, Über monkey 1337
Love it. But won’t open on iPad a1489
Update: tried on iPad mini and app won’t even start Maybe it’s the cloud backups uploading But the pauses are insufferable. Waiting for the song to save can be infuriating and break creative flow. I use this to record our band, which handles loud volumes really well, BUT, Also doesn’t seem to be stereo, and I can’t find a way to enable stereo recording. You would think the UI would mention it. Also, the cloud uploads are kind of once only, and never even try to sync the name if you change the name... which wouldn’t be awful, except the first copy that saves out uses the default name instead of the name you give it. Much work to do on this app to bring it to 100%, but for years nothing has changed. Still, I like it and use it. But it’s not 5 stars
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5 years ago, Cre8ivli
I downloaded this app not expecting anything more than the bare minimum for free. I am pleasantly surprised all around. This app does exactly what it says it will do and more. For a small fee per month you can also record calls that come in and out on your phone and a few other great features. I have had zero issues with this app as far as crashing, not saving information or any other issues you would expect from a free app. Hands-down I would recommend this voice recorder for anyone that just needs to record things to remember down to recording personal incidents, as needed for verbal backup. Keep up the great work TapMedia Group!
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6 years ago, VenusSuperGurl
Phenomenal Tool!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Terrific so far.... and I’ve only had it one day! I have never had a system that has heard every word so well and was able to understand every word that I have said!!! It makes a great deal of difference when I need to go back and review. I have not a lot of time for note taking so this device helped me considerably Just in the one day I’ve used it; it has shown itself to be an incredibly invaluable important tool to have in my Tool Box of Life!👍 Thanks Ever So Much! I love the simplicity of how to operate it, how easily accessible my notes are than I will tell my friends and family what an incredible tool this is to have Thank You so very much! Sincerely, Edna Breese
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6 years ago, Listlessami
Super handy- missing one key feature
So I have tested lots of recorder apps over the years this one proves to be the best, most consistent, at least crashes and best recording quality as well as ability to share across apps as well as in the cloud or directly via a web link to your computer. The only thing I would modify, and consider this the begging request of a devoted customer, is an apple watch app! I really wish I could start this recording without having to touch my phone or be obvious about it. Oh and PS I recently did the upgrade to use the transcriber services and they are fantastic. Have been really helpful for work projects. Thank you
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6 years ago, Gamma Jenny
Wonderful App
My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer Nov 2017. They removed his bladder, prostrate and 16 lymph nodes and everything looked good. In May of this year he was diagnosed with cancer in his lung from his previous. It’s been a long hard journey. The Dr.s treating him are at UCSF. We were schedule to see a doctor for the first time and because we are in our 70s and don’t retain things well I downloaded this app. I asked the doctor if he would mind if I recorded the appointment and he said of course not. This enabled us to bring it home and share it with our son and his wife. It also enabled us to listen to it again and let things sink in. What would we have done without it??
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4 years ago, Yuri da boi
Great app, honestly amazing BUT as of late it’s not functional.
Great app, been subscribed for quite some time now. Unfortunately, I had to cancel my subscription due to what I assume is a major bug in the app. Before I state the issue, I have force closed the app, turned my phone on and off and I’ve uninstalled and installed the app. I checked for an update, hasn’t been one for 5 months. The issue is it won’t record. After you press done, once it’s saved, you open the file and it’s empty, no sound, nothing. No matter if you record 5 seconds or 5 minutes, the file eventually ends up at 0.
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2 years ago, Maciel117
Simple but need some upgrades
I love this App and use it all of time to record song ideas, practices, and other important things that I want to keep for later. However, there are a few things that I if addressed would be a better tool, especially for musicians. 1- when songs are backed-up on your Google Drive it has a generic name (Audio_03_06_2022). When you change the name of the audio to make it easier to find and identify, the name is not updated on Google Drive. So when I look for the file on Google Drive I only see the generic name assigned. 2- if we could open and/or export using multiple formats. 3- I would love to see some basic eq and effects function but that is not necessary
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