Voice recorder - Voz

4.6 (25.5K)
91.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hieu Nguyen
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voice recorder - Voz

4.64 out of 5
25.5K Ratings
1 year ago, TerrDento
A miracle ear experience
This morning at 3 o’clock I install this voice recorder. I had always used a cassette player when I was educating young children but I wanted to go further as I am 73 and I am not healthy with Parkinson’s kidney disease stage three whatever all heart disease, but God is giving me such a blessing of getting to be with young people and those who are less fortunate, my age has helped me learn to help others as people help me every day in my aging life I give back to use as you give back to me it’s a symbiotic situation, not having losing by hearing, it was the most wonderful thing in my alarm to be able to hear my song, and I heard him on the recorder I was so touched by what I was hearing from me just make many people it was garbled a good picture of me. It was a Jovan sign that I was doing well and I’m healing and he’s going to leave me here on earth where longer to continue aren’t doing, and that kind of sign you can write, but it is it is it Celeste you feeling Viens a star hello star is it it’s a wonderful machine and iPhone has been my savior since my coma, how are you help me get back your simple ways that Microsoft may have taken like my brother said in the Apollo mission who is picking up the frog man picture of space I said yeah, but it sure doesn’t solve anything to civilians on earth. He just laughed at me. You’re doing a great job. Thank you kindly TD Ted Brown-Denton
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3 years ago, HollysTime
If you or a loved one gets the COVID-19 you need this.. Great Recorder
Let me first say this app is very simple to use & gives you all the editing, sharing & saving features without any problems But the last 3 months my life has become even more challenging in the hospital, Rehabilitation & now back in the hospital again with COViD 19 in isolation for 3 weeks this app has been absolutely priceless to me... it’s my voice note pad, questions to & from my family & doctors it’s making it easier for me to talk & share with my family & loved ones everything going on while in Isolation... my family can send me their questions & none of us have text for hours. Honestly I encourage everyone to try it. but all those who are sick or too weak with anything at this time. older parents who don’t know how to use the phones with all the apps trust me try this recorder and make the communication easier for you & your family. To the makers of this App I personal love it, Thank You!
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5 years ago, Faith In Apple Restored
What all apps should be!
Prior to finding this app I was really frustrated by ALL of the recording apps that I found on the App Store. I previously settled on one that had many major faults: 1 The font on screen was impossibly small. Even with my reading glasses on. 2. It would randomly intersperse the most recently recorded conversation in with previously recorded ones, i.e. lose it with file names for previous recording and there was no way to sort to find it! Unbelievably horrible. It also did not prompt me to choose to add to the default file name so if I made several recording g throughout my busy day, I would struggle to find each one and then need to listen to each one before assigning a meaningful name. It has always amazed me that most software developers can be smart enough to make software work yet they are not smart enough to find out what people need before making the software and are unwilling to fix their stupid designs after the fact. This app fixes all of these problems. No complaints- very happy!
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4 years ago, abby oats
Best App Everrrr
My mic broke so my Apple recorder didn’t work, but this one works on my phone, I don’t even know how!!?? Also my phone gets full and this app offloads but I’ve never lost a single recording!!! But in my old phone, I edited an old recording and the whole thing deleted and I was so sad and mad, but this one has not disappointed even once. Literally this app is a life saver and I am so happy that it works sooo well. Also i have like a hundred recordings, and yet it never lags. It’s easy, practical, and excellent quality. It’s more efficient than any recording app I’ve ever used and even though my phone is full, it still lets me record hours when I can’t even take a single pic. It’s easy to navigate and can run in the background of many apps. Never had a better recorder and I feel bad because I had so many opportunities to rate it but only finally got around to it today— even though it’s been such a great help in my life. Get this app!! I love it! Thanks for the app!!
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6 years ago, Luv_doze_apps
Starting Off Experimenting
Honestly, I have done it one time, with a Ronald Reagan speech, I was able to get on my lap top...all was clear, I was hoping my dog would not howl and or it would not pick up a siren going by. It was good but when my Tablet went blank little sounds of me scrambling to make minor adjustments were heard...I am thinking I will figure out about the edit and use it...Later I do want to do a major project which involves my elderly parents...I worry my dad does not have young man booming voice he had...My idea is recording him, hopefully I will take good notes and do subtitles of what he said...so for now I am experimenting...I my am 63 years old and my parents are nearing their 90's...so I am hoping I can pull it off...make my parents proud of my accomplishment and they will know their legacy will live on...Thanks I do hope you the developer continues to improve your product...I would have given it five stars but I am just starting...
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3 years ago, TamaraMonkey
Best voice recorder app I have used.
I have been using this recording app for years and it works great. The clarity of sound is awesome and I sincerely appreciate that it’s truly free. This app has even saved my life before. The only time I have ever had an issue with the recordings was when my spouse’s older phone had trouble playing sound files in general from any device or application and it was no fault of this app. The other time was when I had a glitchy phone with spotty WiFi and it caused little skips in a recording, but I tried the app on other devices and my device had been at fault. This app is excellent and I love how I can name each file right away and easily find them in a user friendly list, and easily export them in messages, texts, email, and to other apps for editing. Thank you!
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3 years ago, DeterminedWolf8
Great app!!
I use this app to help me practice auditions for school theater stuff so I can hear my own voice back and improve it, as well as to record myself while driving sometimes. I write stories, poems, and songs a lot of the time and inspiration always seems to come while I don’t have a means to write down my thoughts, so instead I record them! Even with my old stick shift car that is crazy loud it still comes through great when I set my phone in the passenger seat and record my ideas. Keep up the good work, I definitely recommend this app to others, it’s great when all you really need is a simple recording app that’s easy to use and gets the job done well. Also I love how you can choose what pattern you prefer for the sound waves. :)
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2 years ago, tbertuso
Recovery folder would be awesome.
I want to say how convenient the naming system works because now it’s easier for me to keep track of recordings. However, I deleted a file and now I can’t get it back. It would be nice to have a trash folder where you can recover deleted files in case. The ability to delete files is almost too easy. I would like a pop up that says whether something will go in a trash folder or get permanently deleted. Currently, it only asks if you want to delete. Also, the trash folder could include a setting where you can have files permanently deleted after a specific duration such as ‘never’ or ‘after 30 days’, etc. I would also suggest being able to create folders so you can organize your files but I can just save onto a folder on my phone instead.
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1 year ago, Nottheeasiesttoplease
Old Guy
I’m going to give it a 5 but honestly I’ve only used it once so far. It worked just like it is supposed to but since I’m technology challenged I probably will have an update to this in the future. I’m using it for business meetings because people can’t seem to remember what they said during the meetings even the next day! Heck, maybe I can’t either but now I know I’m not losing my mind! After going back and listening to a 4 hour meeting I found that I didn’t necessarily hear People correctly the first time! Also you now have all the personal conversation in the background! This thing is awesome at picking up the quietest speech in the background along with the loudest! Oh ya, the truth is coming out at the meetings now! 👍👍👍🤣
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5 years ago, stasup
I actually use this to record my podcast, that’s how stellar it is.
Really impressed with this application. I tried a bunch of the other free recording apps, this one definitely hands-down is the best. Not just with the simplicity which I need actually when I’m out and about recording my podcast and other people, I love the audio quality. I import it into my audio program and ad a few a few tweaks and never have to touch the audio on this app. It’s stellar. Love it! The one thing that I would add I guess, is the ability to go stealth. I’d love to be able to record without people having to see that I have my phone out and it has the app running. Perhaps it has this ability, I need to double check that. But everything is just fantastic.
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5 years ago, herrera68
User Error.....maybe
I successfully recorded an hour long meeting in December. I was able to replay the recording and make my report for the minutes of the that meeting. Last week at our January meeting I was recording our monthly meeting, several times during the meeting, I checked my phone to ensure that the recording was still working and all was going smoothly. The meeting was nearing the end, I went to the copy room, left my phone with the recording app still on, when I returned, I checked my phone just to make sure once again that all was still going smoothly, to my horror it was NOT!!! Mortified, I searched frantically hoping that maybe it had stored it without a file name.....to this day I cannot find it!! Having to download another app and hope it works better!! If anyone can help me out finding where in cyberspace my recording has gone, I’d greatly appreciate the help!
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2 weeks ago, Adashak
Honest review
The best thing about this app is that it will pick up sounds and voices clearly from far away and it records so clear that the playback is like you were right next to the people talking, even though they were on the other side of a wall. I’ve never had anything free like this app that works this well. thank you for keeping this app Free. I do need some help files somewhere that instructs you on how to use it. I accidentally cut out some files that I needed so I need to know how to cut out a portion and save it as a new file. So some help files would be great. There is still no email to send suggestions or issues to and the app support goes to a website that no one owns
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4 years ago, EvelynJohnson1423
I love it
Hi my name is Olivia, and I have to be honest, and say I absolutely love this app. The fact that it is free-and completely free alone makes it have three stars, so Kudos for that. I also appreciate how the recordings make it sound more real- and not computerized like most recording apps do. I like to try and practice singing- even if I’m not all that good at it, and this app makes it sound right so it is easy to get good feedback. It is also really good for making reminders. I know, I know that the is a voice app on most apple phones that comes with it, but this one is like, five million times better. This is beginning to sound like an essay, so I’m just going to sum it up right here, right now. Thank you who ever made this.
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2 years ago, msct1958
I have to say that I have been at my wits end trying to find a decent recorder to be able to record my meetings in different areas of my life and when I came across this one I was doubtful because of all the other let downs. So I gave it a try to record a two hour training class and when it was over and I sat down to listen, I was just totally blown away!!! Everything was natural and clear! Finally, even after using the free version, I found what I been searching for. Thank you so VERY much!!! Now I’m going to pay to not only remove the ads but also get additional options that’s not included with the free version!!!👏👏👏👏
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3 years ago, Catan-ized
Great tool for memory work
I have enjoyed using this as a tool to help me memorize. I love the loop options. It’s very easy to use, which is nice. For the developer… I have an iPhone and one time out of many, it connected to my Bluetooth. I have not been able to reproduce that, although it would be really nice if I could just listen through my earphones. Also, this is not a big deal, but some thing I’ve noticed, I can listen with my phone closed, which is nice. However, I cannot pause The recording without opening my phone. Thank you so much for developing and making available. I hope the feedback is helpful.
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2 years ago, peterryanhouse
Good free app, one improvement for my uses
I use this app to record my voice and guitar to perfect my songs. I record the same section of a song over and over until it sounds right. I love the app for this and it’s the best free one that I’ve tried. Completely free and no gimics, just ads every so often but not too many. One improvement for my needs could be to record from the play screen with one tap. I like that feature of a different recording app I used for a long time but that app lacks the ability to skip through a recording with a sliding timescale (like an iPhone video) which this app does have and is more important. Other than this, I would have rated 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Rosebirdie98
I decided to use this app to record an interview. I had the device placed on the desk in between me and the person I was interviewing. The app was turned on and I proceeded with my questions. I would check the time and see the app recording. All was well. However, when I arrived home about 2 hours later and started listening to the recording the only thing I found was static and what sounded like movement in the background, but no discussion on anything. Someone would have thought I left the device with the app on in an empty room. I thought maybe my volume had to be turned up- it was up all the way. I thought maybe it was just static at the beginning when we were getting ready, so I fast forward it only to find more static. I don’t know what to do honestly, but I’m happy I had written down bullet points for the interview. I’m disappointed mainly because this was the only time this has happened.
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3 years ago, Mommangele
Recording nature at night
I was outside listening to the frogs and crickets and thought how peaceful of sounds it was. And I wanted to try to record it so I could listen better from my bed. Found only this one for free. But to my surprise it seems to be very nice and professional for free! They need to get ads or likes or whatever it is that gets the money made for hard work put in. Highly recommend. It was a very clear recording, could hear all the sounds I remember listening to outside. I’m not a professional and this was a total whim thing, but it seems to be really nice.
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2 years ago, Productivity & Effectiveness
Any un-delete or recovery feature? Why not?
Any un-delete or recovery feature? Why not? I was loving the app. I downloaded it in several devices and platforms. Unfortunately, It seems that i will have to look for an alternative. I clicked the wrong icon and i have deleted a critical recording. I didn’t panic - at first - because I thought that the logic thing would be to go to the “Trash Can” and find the accidentally deleted file (The same way that the user does when working with the Photo App in the iPad.) Well, i painfully realized that there is no such feature within this app. If and when this is added as a feature i will come back. In the meantime, i must look for an alternative. Please add this feature. Post Datum: if this feature exist in the app and i just can’t find it, please advice me and i will change my rating.
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5 years ago, Ssweeny
Good so far
Good so far. But important to note: *Ad’s pop up EVERY time you tap a selection*... and you’re CONSTANTLY asked to leave a review. All of which makes using the app SUPER ANNOYING. And sharing/saving recordings has been a bit difficult as well... But otherwise, the app itself has been useful and has met my expectations so far (for a free app). The recording quality is decent. But not 100% sure how secure I feel when saving recordings in the app (and not on a secondary location). I have only used this app for about 2-3 months, so I’m still trying to test and get familiar with it’s potential, so more experienced users may be more useful as far as reviews go... I will post an updated review after I’ve had more experience using the app and all of its features. ✌🏻
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4 years ago, majerot
Great for practicing
I use this all the time for practicing piano and voice—I don’t need anything fancy, just a simple interface and the ability to catch all the notes without too much static. Other iOS apps I’ve tried do too much and end up filtering out the bass notes on the piano, leaving me with a scratchy melody over a low buzzing sound (which is probably great for recording voice memos or whatever, but defeats the point when I lose the entire left hand). I appreciate this straightforward and no-nonsense app! Obviously not a professional recording studio, but does what it needs to and does it well.
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3 years ago, Nice22283
Clear recording if use to phones
I use it to record conference calls from my cell in case I miss info in my notes. I use my old iPhone and put it up to the phone I’m using on the call (on speakerphone) and it sounds great. It is clearer than the actual calls. The issues are once a week it gets weird and stops recording and it’ll keep doing it. If u exit the app, or whatever that’s called on iPhone, it stops doing it. The biggest pain is when it’s a long call, like 15 min, it is a pain to go back a second to hear something u missed. It won’t go back a second, but a minute, or if you’re lucky, 30 seconds. I have to go back a listen a lot so it becomes time consuming.
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9 months ago, Calvin D002
Would not save recording
Thought I would give this program a try, and if it worked, would have been willing to purchase. First of all it has non-stop pop up ads, which you have to navigate through to get to the screen to start or stop a recording. I get it, it’s the free version. However, after trying to save 4 different phone calls, and it not letting me, makes me wonder whether it only lets you save them if you pay for it. But if that’s the case, why would I purchase a program that doesn’t work? The suggestion that I would make to the developers is at least have the program fully functional during the trail period, so that prospective buyers can see that the program actually works.
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5 years ago, Hazim Brown
Great Voice Recording App!
The app has a simplistic interface that allows for easy usage. The sophisticated part is the quality of your voice (or whatever you wish to record). Sound quality is good and crisp: there is no lack of body and volume to the voice. I have no major flaws to be found within it. However it would be neat if there was a light theme for the app, that way a person wouldn’t have to turn up the brightness in a lit environment to better see the app but that’s just something to throw into consideration for it is not really important. Great job, improve from here!!!!
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12 months ago, Your favorite wild aunt
Multi purpose
Record yourself reciting your pre trip inspection you have to recite to your tester on test day, college lectures, your boss sexually harassing you in private, or even your narcissistic abusive partner gaslighting you. You can even be low key about it. No need to worry about your phone screen lighting up, you can open other apps while recording! lengthy recording time and even an option to email a copy to friends, family, and colleagues! Wow! This app really has it all. Just “x” out those annoying adds every 5-15 seconds and you’re golden 👌🏼
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4 years ago, freya90
Couldn’t ask for more
As a musician sometimes I just get a riff or a melody or a lick popping in to my head expectedly. I’m not always set up at a studio. I just need something quick to make an audio note before it s slips my mind and is gone forever. This little app is perfect in every way. Launches nearly instantly with a big red button with an obvious function. No messing about. Just launch the app and hit the button and snare my inspiration. Then save it for later review. Thanks for a fantastic little app that does exactly what I need with nothing more (fluff) and nothing less (pure function).
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2 years ago, lolek73
First time user
I have used the App for short time and look rather simplistic, which is great benefit and functional. For me hard to evaluate quality in short period of time but first sample proved it very good. I was considering to purchase Pro version to avoid Ads but then I realized one in drawback that stopped me from purchasing. I installed the App on the iPad but when I left the IPad in horizontal position on the stand with keyboard I noticed that App didn't rotated and remained in vertical position. Maybe something simple to fix but I found this as setup because now to use only this App I have to turn 90 deg whole iPad to use it.
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3 years ago, Mom's Peanut
Great Product!
I really ike this app! It’s extremely beneficial for a loved one who is getting serious medical results, but was unable to have me in the room during this very stressful time. With this app I could listen to the conversation, go over it with her and then also do investigation on any question she has. It has made her feel much more comfortable with the situation which is imperative now. Also, I feel the audio playback is better than the voice recording app that came with my phone.
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2 years ago, SaiMantha
I want to use the app but there is no support. I purchased the pro version but it didn’t import my old files and there is no way to search or access to a browse feature to open existing *.m4a files that I can find. Wrote the developer twice and haven’t heard back. I’ll definitely give it 5 stars if there was a way to access the files that a friend sent me or import my existing files in the version with ads .which was the reason I got I paid for upgrade to avoid those. Otherwise it’s just a waste. The support page also has said “server not responding” for days . So, unless you are going to only record new stuff there is no point in using or investing in an app that doesn’t allow you to open other m4a files. Crazy waste
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2 years ago, Candyass59
Voice recorder
I only needed this for one reason. I needed to protect myself against his abusive behavior ! I struggle to learn how to tape record quickly in the heat of the moment without him noticing. Failed miserably!! It wouldn’t work without out it flashing in red. Not a good thing , it never helped me in this situation which was crucial! He ended up trying to strangle me one afternoon and slammed me against the front door to his apartment complex in which a neighbor called the police and he was arrested!!! I wanted proof that he was the instigator by a recording. Didn’t happen. My own strangulation marks proved to the police officer that he literally had strangled me!! So no thanks to your stupid recorder!!! I could have been killed!!! Deborah Myers Proud owner of an iPhone that doesn’t have a recorder built to save a life!!
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5 years ago, read this for the real review
Read this for the real rating
Yes, this app great but it needs some I’m proving. One improvement I would make is that sometimes I don’t know what to name it so I leave it blank but later I can’t change it. Something else is that when you or I record my or your voice the app makes the slightest change to you’re voice. So when I try to sing over my voice it doesn’t sound like it. Lastly for the cons this app doesn’t make it sound like the notes you were singing. But all the other things in this app I love. My over all rating for this app is four stars and I love it download this app to get a good recorded voice.
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7 months ago, Meet you there or
Pay version is terrible
The free version works perfectly. You get some ads, but when you try to upgrade to the pro version with no ads, you lose all your files that you’ve already recorded on the free version and there is no way to bring them in to the newer version. It installs a second app on your phone rather than to just update the free version. For some reason mine also does not play on Bluetooth with the pro version and the free version works perfectly with bluetooth. so save your money and just stick with the free version.
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3 years ago, kinja76
Difficult to navigate time stamps
The app works well overall and records great quality. My issue with it is I use it to record meetings that I need to go back and re-listen to to take notes and pull out action items and it’s impossible to navigate the audio to exactly where you need it to be. If you need to relisten to a particular time stamp it’s almost impossible to get back to it exactly. The bar will only allow you to jump/slide either a second or two back or two to 3 minutes back. It’s very frustrating and I’ll probably look for something else to use as a result.
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3 years ago, Hdjjjdjdjchdjjchdjxjhdijcc
Very Good!
A free app with minimal advertising that works well. Kinda rare. I used it in my pocket when I had to inspect a piece of machinery on the owner’s property in rural America, just the two of us. Was for my protection. The voices were clearly audible all the way through until I pulled my phone out and began shooting video. Recording ended. My fault. Had I thought of that, I probably could have prepared for it; if not, that “app priority” or ability to run concurrent without Siri alerting the neighborhood might be something to look into.
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4 years ago, 345yhEet678
A great voice app.
I’ve gotten really into making ASMR videos where they’re role play, but that’s unimportant. I started with them last night and didn’t have a mic, so I needed a voice recording app. I saw this one first and read the reviews to make sure I wasn’t getting cheated out. It had really good reviews so I downloaded it. As a newcomer to the app, it was really easy to use and I got it right away. It was super easy and wasn’t constantly flipping ads at me while recording. What I’m trying to say here, is that this app is amazing and I highly recommend if!
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4 years ago, TabsJ.
Useful, User friendly, and FREE
*I use this app frequently to record and replay materials I’m studying. *There have been times, also, I have unfortunately needed to record uncomfortable conversations. I did that just in case what was said ever came into doubt. (CHECK YOUR STATE’S LAW! I’m in Nebraska and it’s legal to record as long as one person involved consents. That was ME obviously.) *This app is SO very easy to use. Literally, my 4 year old nephew would have zero trouble navigating it. Helpful for folks who are timid trying newer things such as smartphones. *Dude, it’s FREE! Amazing.
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2 years ago, Vanna8787
This app is great! I really wanted a voice recorder so I can record my songs & not have to pay! This is a godsend bc writing & singing is my outlet & it’s amazing that I get to record as much as I want with out getting a pop up saying I can’t record & I have to pay 10 dollars a week or something crazy it was so discouraging thinking I would forget the right melody that I wanted to go along with the lyrics. This helps my mental & im grateful it’s free! Thank you to the app developers who created this!
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2 years ago, St.Mick
I Loved It Without Limit—Until Now
Voz Voice Recorder is a great application—as long as it works. You can turn it on and set your phone down while it acts as a silent witness of all that transpires in your room. I’ve used it to record music, drama, lectures and criminal acts in my’hood. Then I recorded a brother’s testimony in church and…nothing. It just stopped. I tried to save the file and the app said “cannot save file”! I tried to cancel it but no matter what I did it just refuse to save the file. Now I want to retrieve an older file but I can’t close the new file!
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5 years ago, dirwin62
I am responsible for recording the minutes of meetings that I attend. These meetings involve several speakers on various topics, and to try to keep up with the notes by hand is very difficult for me. But, by using the Voice Recorder application, I’m able to have a perfect record of everything that was said during the meeting - which I can listen to at a later time. I can stop the recording whenever I need to, and back up to re-listen for clarification. That enables me to make a very accurate record of the meetings.
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1 year ago, “Super” Starr
I like it a lot, but…
I like this app a lot but there’s so many ads in my face all the time. I know they need to pay for the free app, but it’s annoying. What I really like about the app and why I download it on a second phone (after my first phone broke) is it has the ability to record and continuous playback, because I like to record my voice and my visions of what I want my life to be and listen to it all night. I also like that it doesn’t seem like there’s a limit of how many recordings that you can do. That’s really cool!
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6 years ago, Cjaz7
Works really well for me so far
I am recording chapters of a study book to listen to in addition to reading. The quality of the recording is great along with the pause function and ability to title the recording for reference. My one suggestion would be to add a 30 second rewind or fast forward function, that would be amazing. Not accurate enough to slide the button back to hear a portion again, it keeps bouncing around to various times. Overall though, it’s perfect for me. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Rbinayah
Great app!
I love the ease in use of this app. It captures the sounds and music even in large arenas if the sound system is loud enough. I can hear every word spoken on playback. The only thing I did not know till I played it back was that once your phone locks the recording ends automatically, so you have to remember to go into settings and change lock after 5 minutes of idle time to “never”. And then change it back after your recording. That’s probably just a phone feature. I love this app.
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4 years ago, Evankj
Works okay; easy to export
I needed this app when regular voice memos wasn’t working with my mic on my phone. Now that it’s fixed I’m exporting the files out, and it’s easy to send them to google drive or by email. My only qualm is that I could not figure out how to select more than one at a time. It made it quite a tedious process to unload all the files I had. If possible, please make it possible (or easier to figure out, if it is already possible!) to select more than one file at a time.
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1 year ago, SweetZ0823
Download. No question.
I can genuinely say that I personally very much appreciate this APP! Highly recommend. Side Note: To the owners of the app owners/operators/developers/admin just anyone please can someone possibly HELP me!? A couple of years ago on a previous phone I no longer have I had also downloaded this app and I had a recording of my husband signing a song he had made about me for me to me 💙 please is there anyway to maybe find that? Thanks in advance. ~SweetZ
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4 years ago, Senior Storyteller
Very good app. Missing one essential function.
This is a very simple app that functions well. I use it to do recordings of interviews and also to document thoughts when I’m on long walks. One of the things that’s missing for me is the ability to append to an existing recording. I make long mental notes that I would like to have as one recording. An “append” button would be very very useful in those situations, instead of creating individual recordings as I think of other things. Other than that the app as worked flawlessly for me. I highly recommend it.
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4 years ago, Laria1a
Great app! Excellent Recording Quality
This is a great application, I really liked using it since I first downloaded it. Not too many bells and whistles, Great recording quality and also offers three audio output types, MP4 and .wav being two of them. The only suggestion/recommendation/thing that catches me up, is finding the files after I’ve recorded them. The option is there but it’s named strangely. And so I don’t think to go there. I would like to see it named more clearly, like “recorded files“.
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4 years ago, Hoosierfiddler
Vouce Recorder
My husband, a retired techie who likes gadgets, was amazed at the quality of the voice recording of his noisy CPAP mask leaking and whining all night. I had to show him the red microphone app and help him get it on his phone immediately after he heard my recordings. Since I couldn’t sleep I just got hold of my phone and was able to QUICKLY hit the red mike, and had several short recordings of the noise he makes with that thing. He was astounded. Now he helps me wear earplugs with prescription oil in my ears so I can stay in bed with him.
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4 years ago, Clydesdale019
Love it
I love this app so much it’s really develop my singing voice I am skilled vocal coach and I am constantly looking for an app that really defies my students seek to learn things that are in their blood and in their mouth‘s and in their hearts I love this app and it makes everything look better than it actually is I swear it does something to the voices because my students aren’t that great at singing but in this app they sound amazing so if you want to sound good even though you’re a horrible singer get this app!!!!
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3 years ago, 22344322421yess
This app is great!! And it’s free!!👍👍
So, my mom tells me I am a lovely singer, and I was trying to look for an app that was free and had good reviews, but couldn’t at first. And this has changed my life so far!! I love the microphone and I know what I really sound like!!! It works great!! And I am going to be a great singer with my ukulele because now I get to here my voice and see what I need to change or what is good!! If want to be a singer, I prefer this app!! Thanks whoever worked hared to make this lovely app!!😝👍👍👍
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6 years ago, Jerra Forty-Nine
Simple & Straightforward
I needed an easy, straightforward way to read text aloud & save it as audio in chapter-size chunks. With this app you simply push the record button to start & press it again to stop. As soon as you stop, a save line appears with date/time info which you can change to a name like “Chapter 1 - Fuzzy Dog Book” or whatever. To access one of your recordings, touch the title you assigned to it. The recordings are clear & using the app is intuitive. This Occam’s Razor approach to recording earns 5 Stars IMHO.
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