Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

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Voxer LLC
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2 months ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Voxer Walkie Talkie Messenger

2.96 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
4 years ago, mommariles3
Same issues as most other users
I love this app. I really do, but, oh my word, there are so many glitches. I am updated and have tried all the troubleshooting advice mentioned in these other reviews, but to no avail. I have many of the same issues noted in other reviews. I, too, deal with phantom notifications. In fact, I had 4 notifications that showed for about 5 months. Then, last week, it mysteriously went to 2 notifications. A day later all the notifications disappeared. Great, right?!? No. Now I don’t get notifications at. all. When I try to record a vox, it really is a crapshoot as to whether or not I’ll be able to do so. Oh, I get the green turning on, but there is no recording taking place, and if there is, it’s on a major delay. I’ve hit the button and Voxer won’t record until 10-20 seconds have passed. Every once in awhile it will record right away, but then I’ll try to record on a different conversation and it may or may not work. I’d love to pay for the pro version, but not if this is what is going to happen. I’m sure they would work out the bugs faster if more people paid for the app, but until these bugs are worked out, I’ll stick with the free version.
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4 years ago, Twihard1050
Frustrating most of the time
We have been using this app for at least 7 years at our church and all I can say is that it’s a hot mess. I use mine from an iPhone and I’ve had to delete the app several times after I can’t get the notifications to clear. We use this app multiple times a day all week long and not having the notifications working properly is super inconvenient. I also have the problem of messaged not fully downloading so I can only hear a portion of the message, or its shows the incorrect length of time the message is. I need to know if I will have enough time to finish the message in between tasks so this is another inconvenience. The concept is fantastic but the quality isn’t fully there. There is definitely room for improvement. As I’m reading through reviews after posting this I’m seeing sooo many people complaining on the same issues. Why ain’t this being fixed? Your users are telling you what is wrong, so fix it. I have refuse to upgrade to pro because there are so many problems and you don’t seem to want to fix them. Makes me wonder if you fixed all the issues would more people pay for the upgrade?
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5 years ago, riceaa
issues galore
so over the multiple issues with this app.. I use it almost daily and have experienced so many problems and they’re ongoing! plus, new ones seem to pop up all the time. first, the badge error is infuriating. I’m very much so an inbox-zero type of person and for MONTHS I’ve had “2 notifications” on the badge icon that are for nothing. nothing will get rid of them, so I just have the app hidden away on its own page on my iphone. next, the messages go dead, show an inaccurate message length, or take a while to load far too often. most recently, as of yesterday, when I’m listening through my airpods, the volume sounds so loud and I’m at minimum volume. it’s kinda blaring and uncomfortable, but I typically listen in areas where I need to use headphones. it would be really nice if they could resolve these issues, because I’m constantly using the app and wish it would just work the way it’s supposed to.
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9 months ago, foissoatbs
Accessed contacts WITHOUT permission
I downloaded this for work about a week ago and it’s been one issue after another since. There are “new” messages I can’t clear. There are conversations “started” with random coworkers that none of us have actually started or send anything on. They’re just there in my list of conversations. There have been daily emails I can’t seem to unsubscribe from full of “tips” that are really just glorified ads for the paid version. And then this morning I found that one of my friends had been added to my list of contacts on the app despite the fact that I specifically did NOT give them permission to access my phone contacts. This is not a coworker, it is a friend. I don’t care if they have also Voxer, the app should not know I know them at all, let alone have automatically added them to my contact list on the app. This is a completely unacceptable breach of my personal privacy. I will be speaking with my boss and coworkers about finding an alternative communication for work, because I am not comfortable with continuing to use an app that invades my privacy. I am someone who normally vets what I download and I already thought it seemed sketchy. This is the last straw after a week full of minor annoyances.
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5 years ago, KBJ78
Great...when it works
I have been using the Voxer app for at least two years to communicate daily with a friend who lives across the country. I absolutely love how easy the app is to use, and when Voxer is working properly it is phenomenal. However, at least a third of the messages that my friend sends me I am unable to listen to. I will see that she sent me a message and it appears to have fully sent because I can see how long it is, but after the first few seconds of the message there is no sound and I never am able to hear her message. This happens when I am at home and connected to Wi-Fi, as well as when I am out and using data. I have even gotten a new iPhone and re-downloaded the app and it continues to happen, so it was not an issue with my phone. Interestingly, she has never had any of these problems.
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4 years ago, Patrick Brand
Profoundly unreliable
This app is good... when it works. The problem is that about 1 in 5 messages ends up being unplayable, either due to “download failed” errors with no way to resolve them or cases where only a chunk of the message plays back with no way to access the rest. Nothing different from what’s been reported in the other reviews, but I wanted to add my voice to the mix. My friend and I send each other fairly long (10-15min) messages and fairly frequently one of them will be inaccessible for no apparent reason. It’s deeply frustrating and persists across restarts of the app and the phone. And don’t even think about reinstalling the app — it just wipes out your conversation history entirely. I work at a startup, so I’m sympathetic to companies with limited resources. And I really like the niche this app fills — iMessage requires that you hold your finger down to record, no tap to talk, which is annoying — but audio sending/receiving functionality is the heart of this app, and it doesn’t work reliably.
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5 years ago, bocraw
Tremendous App!
I love this app! I’ve used it for years now and don’t understand the negative reviews. I’ve tried Zello and find Voxer to be far superior. One underrated benefit of Voxer is you can still have pleasant conversations in areas with poor signals. Just record the message and when you are back in range in automatically uploads. This is way better than the, “can you hear me now?” frustrations of dropped calls. As an over-the-road truck driver I have that situation frequently. If you are having trouble connecting, I suggest closing GPS apps such as Google Maps. They seem to hog resources wheb network is struggling and interferes with Voxer. Suggested improvements: > Tap to talk should be default. I don’t know of anyone who actually prefers to hold the button. > Have setting option so messages do not automatically play one after the other. I would prefer to manually press play for each one. > Allow setting to pick preferred Bluetooth device—e.g. I want Voxer to use my headset only and never play over my vehicle’s speaker. I am constantly having to switch it back. Anyway, this is still a five star app. I have zero affiliation with Voxer but feel much of the criticism in the reviews are iOS issues out of Voxer’s control.
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4 years ago, deezydoo
Amazing Customer Service
My best friend passed 6 years ago, and I’ve been missing him a lot lately... well, when I went into my Facebook messages I realized we used Voxer a bit for conversations as well. I redownloaded my app, and found his voice again after 6 years!! It was such a beautiful and warming moment to finally hear him again. I went back into the app the next day, and the recordings were gone. (No voxer pro) and I didn’t realize that they automatically deleted... I emailed Voxer Support and they got my recordings of my best friend’s voice back to me... I can never put into words how much it means to me to now have his voice forever again. To say the customer support there is amazing is an understatement.. thank you so so much again. ❤️
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3 years ago, TheRubyEffect
Infrequent Usage.
I love this app. I’ve also had phantom notifications, but that happens with quite a few apps in the last 12 months, which leads me to simply shut off all notifications from the Settings section of my phone. That’s not a solution if you don’t want to manually check constantly for new vox communications. For my part-time voxing life, it works. I own two companies and have a handful of personal connections that all use Voxer to chat randomly. For most business these days, Slack, iMessage, and other apps seem to be more efficient at urgent requests. For casual infrequent talks, Voxer is still a favorite pastime and I do subscribe to their Pro annual licensing. I think it makes sense to keep your messages indefinitely if you live in overwhelm and brain fog.
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12 months ago, Marny141
Fails to connect to my WiFi
This app is so frustrating. It continuously fails to connect to my WiFi, and the trouble shooting instructions online are so inadequate, along the lines of are you sure your WiFi is on or do you have the latest version of the app. Even the little action instructions don’t apply when I try to follow them for my iPhone. What they describe. Really? There are many complaints regarding the connection issue. Seriously, take the time to provide screen shots and admit when you have an issue on your end and fix the bug. Going online to use the Voxer system doesn’t help either. My unsent messages are just sitting there and there is no command button to force send them. It’s so frustrating. I’m in limbo. Meantime my group has moved on with the conversation thread. No I’m not investing in the Pro version of this is how you handle things.
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5 years ago, dj old skool
Badge counter stuck on 11 messages always!
This app is so great when it actually works properly. Main issues are messages sometimes simply never load all the way or are unplayable from the other party even if they do show. Second issue is more recent. As of the last few months I constantly have the app showing I have 11 new messages unheard. It drives me absolutely crazy! I hate having red number dots on my screen showing me messages I don’t have! I’ve tried everything I can think of to clear the message counter. Nothing. I’ve deleted the app several times. Logged out and back in. Messed with settings. Nothing works. I do not have 11 unheard messages.
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7 months ago, Gma moo
Constant messages sent not delivered
I have been using Voxer for over 8 years. Just this past few months my friends and I that chat on here are having issues with messages being stuck in sent and not delivered. We have done all the fixes , log out and back in. Remove the app and relaunch. Wi fi and internet have been fine on both parties end but we are still having issues with messages being sent and not delivered for sometimes 30 minutes or more. I submitted a ticket the other day and received an email asking me to do all the things we have already tried and the issue is still happening. Please advise if there is something else that can be tried. We all enjoy using Voxer and would like to continue to do so without being so frustrated by not getting each others messages so much later.
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5 years ago, Ettqa100
New update is infuriating - updated review
Update 2: this incorrect badge count issue is still a thing! So much so that in each update description, they tell you to fix it yourself! Does that fix even work? No! This has been going on for months and the fact that they can’t fix it is asinine. Dropping from 2 to 1 star. Update: I put a lot of weight toward companies that reply to reviews which Voxer did for me. I appreciate that. However, the problems I have with the app remain. I’ve done updates that have given me more issues without fixing old ones and it’s frustrating. I’ve been having issues with the Voxer app for months. I see this update available for correcting badge notifications. I thought it might help my issue but instead it gave me the exact problem the update was supposed to correct. This is one instance in a long line of disappointing changes by Voxer. My loyalty to this app is waffling.
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2 years ago, serendipity79
Problems with app over last few days…
Thanks for responding and getting things fixed with the app. This is a lifeline for me with a few close friends. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it! Anyone else having issues with Voxer lately?! The app is closing, logging me out, not recording messages, showing all of my previous messages/recordings just as ‘sent’ instead of ‘delivered’ or marked as they have been heard. I also have 3 recordings from someone that I have not listened to, and there’s no notification for those. I’ve tried all the normal steps of closing the app, logging out, reinstalling. So frustrating!
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4 years ago, Riverand
We Call Ourselves the “Voxer Vixens”!
I am part of a Mastermind group that has been together for over a year now. We communicated through messenger, Facebook, and Zoom calls. We stuck together and supported one another, but everything started exploding exponentially when we started using the Voxer app. Now we chat every single day and can’t get enough. I have a “Voxer morning commute” where I take a walk and catch up on the chat with my group. The ability to HEAR each other and speak to each other in three different times zones (east coast and west coast USA, and the UK!) is a game changer. We no longer have to wrangle schedules just to keep up a conversation. THANK YOU VOXER!!!
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3 years ago, brave115
Not for Disabled Users
This app makes it nearly impossible for me to communicate and has negatively impacted important networking opportunities for me. Besides the never-ending glitches and privacy concerns detailed in other reviews, this app fails miserably in the accessibility department. iPhone and iPad accessibility features do not function with Voxer and the Voxer app has no built-in accessibility features of its own. For those of us with visual impairments, this essentially renders the app useless unless every person in a group agrees to use the audio recording feature. You’d think a development team would consider the fact that *even* disabled people go to work and communicate with groups. The Voxer team needs to focus its efforts on reliability, UI, and most definitely on inclusivity.
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3 years ago, WXnifpB
App Has Never Been Improved Since Day 1
I’ve used this app since it was first released, and it still has many of the same problems now that it had then. The biggest and worst issues are when the app says it’s recording a voice message but isn’t and you have no way of knowing until after you’re done recording, some voice messages not sending/being received/able to be played, and the notification badge always displaying the wrong number of new messages. Unfortunately, despite these issues this app is still the only good walkie-talkie app/there’s not a lot of competition/there’s not many similar apps, so Voxer has no incentive to improve their service. Hopefully, eventually there will be a better app or Apple will add this functionality into iOS so I can stop using Voxer.
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2 years ago, tukel2004
This thing is awesome, just a few things that would make it better
Hey, so I REALLY enjoy using Voxer for community things like a community group chat for example, but whenever I use it for anything else, I lose all the chats in the clutter, so can y’all add like a sorting feature or something to make it easier to find different chats. Like a personal folder with family and friends, or a community folder for like church* or other things. It would just make life way easier for me personally! Thanks! *if you go to church, I’m not saying you need to, to feel this struggle, just like if you do and they use this, you might feel the struggle.
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5 years ago, Abyrne79
So frustrated
I use voxer everyday for work. I have a pro account and today? I went to use it and nothing was showing up it just kept saying connecting. I logged out. I relaunched the app, deleted the app and re download, did a full shut down on my phone and nothing was working. It wasn’t even working on my desktop via chrome. I created a new account and that one works fine but now it won’t let me upgrade because I have pro on the other account. (And yes I canceled the subscription to it in itunes) Im incredibly frustrated because months of important messaging is lost. And when a support ticket is sent it states that they aren’t able to return all the messages. For something that you pay for every month not sure how this is good customer service.
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6 months ago, Iphonefeedback
Voxer Causes my iPhone to be glitchy
I like the app except for the fact that it has so many bugs ranging from saying I have messages when I don’t to causing my whole iPhone to go blank and the screen to stop working, etc. //Voxer reached out suggesting that I create a ticket for this problem. However, I have had a number of techs over the years try to reach out to VoxerAnd they come back saying that it didn’t seem like Voxer had any interest in making substantial changes. Many of the issues we have complained about in the past are still there. ... I wrote that years ago and still have had problems and now I'm having trouble getting my messages to download. If I hadn't already convinced so many of my colleagues to join me in Voxer, I would switch to a new app.
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5 years ago, Ergolad
UPDATE: If there’s one thing this app is consistent at, it’s not reliably notifying the user of new msgs. It’s been that way the multiple years I’ve used it and there appears no fix in sight. My device is up to date, I run the latest version of Vox. Notifications settings are correct. I refuse to be a beta tester for Vox to fix a basic issue of functionality. My one buddy who insists on using this app has to text me to tell me he’s Voxed me, which is ironic at best. Don’t waste your time. If you have to use an app like this consider something else, or just use the feature built into iMessage (and changed the setting to retain msgs, not self destruct after a time limit). ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've used this app for a little while, primarily to communicate with one friend who insists on using it. It's fine, for the most part, but I don't see the point really when iOS has this feature baked into iMessage anyway. But I use it, because he uses it. Problem is it's notifications have been a buggy mess, along with speaker issues, etc.. From the looks of reviews, it doesn't seem like the company is terribly effective at correcting these issues and many are reporting the continuing problems.
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5 years ago, Fury#20
Ok, I have been using this app for almost 2 years now. The quality isn’t as good as I expected it was going to be. Most of the time on voice messages I can barely hear what the people are saying. And I do not like it how you can share your location. What if you got the app and you did not know is shared your location. And you started using it and someone found your location and came to your house. I am just glad that I know how to turn it off. But I would like for there to be a change in that. I do love this app, I use it often I will not rated one star, because that would be disrespectful to the people who created this app. But... I do not mean to rate this poorly to be mean be mean, but... this app is not as great as it could be.
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3 years ago, coachSam813
Somewhat unreliable
I have messaged Voxer support team back and forth to try and remedy my problems. Phantom notifications or no notifications (least of my worries) the bigger problem is that I cannot hear messages when they are sent to me. The circle moves across the line and time ticks by like it’s playing but I hear nothing. Sometimes it’s full messages, sometimes partial. My phone is updated, restarted, connected to internet no idea what the deal is. They said it’s “an isolated incident unique to me” they were unsure why it’s happening and needed an advanced engineer to dig in and said they would tap into my app somehow if I gave them the privilege. Gave them the ok and it’s still happening.
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2 years ago, JLP2013
Best app for busy moms
My friend recommended this app to me and I thought it sounded ridiculous. I tried it and love it! My friend lives out of state and it’s brought us closer and we voxer almost every day. No joke. We both have two kids and work part time so we are never alone with a quiet moment to talk. This allows you to leave up to 15 min chats for the other one to listen to whenever. And you can send as many as you want. Just the best thing to happen to moms who want to keep in touch with friends far away! Love this!
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4 years ago, Juan-ita!
Trouble shooting
I like using this app however, I have had many issues with updates on new feeds and with eliminating old conversations. It won’t give me notifications for the new and it holds a high number on my screen because it won’t clear the read messages. I have gone through all the trouble shooting steps and have sent in service tickets for the support team to have help but all I’ve received in return was another email stating that they have high volume of customer concerns and they basically just send you to another website or something such as this.... Hopefully these glitches can be fixed so I can continue to use this app
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4 years ago, cellodude05
Consistently poor programming
I’ve been paying for Voxer for more than a year now, and have been a Voxer user for over two years. It will work to send messages, but the experience is consistently buggy and has been for years. Updates are slow to roll out and are filled with new bugs. For those who are having an issue with the notification badge being stuck, when you open the app and you see the list of all threads/conversations, click the little blue “Edit” link at the top right, then click “Read All” in the bottom left of the screen. This will clear your badge notifications. I had a badge notification that said “1” for more than a year before I figured out that little trick.
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4 years ago, Okntucbufu oo
LOVE this app, that’s why I’m sad when it doesn’t work!
This app is fabulous. I LOVE it for communicating with people far away - especially if the my live in other time zones or work odd hours. LONG MESSAGE CAPABILITY- I usually have a lot to say - and this is a great app for leaving a long voice message. I’m someone who has to call back 2-3-4 times to complete my voice messages in a normal voicemail box. With this app, I can talk until I’m done saying everything. DISCREET- This gives me a way to leave a message at odd hours, and not awaken or disturb the recipient. PRIVATE- Private chats- end-to-end encryption. The BIG BUMMER: The voice chats in private mode sometimes only partially download, or don’t download at all, and there is no way to recover them. It is very sad to be on the receiving end of a nice long voice message from someone you want to hear from, and you can’t hear it. Of that bug was fixed —- 10 stars. Yes, 10 out of 5 stars This app is really quite wonderful when it works.
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4 months ago, Noel_ Cancer
So fun! 👍
(This won’t be that long, don’t worry 👍)I’ve only had this app for a couple of months, so I haven’t yet had any of the glitches as said in the reviews. I use this all the time to communicate with my friends, and it’s pretty fun to use. You hold down the button to record, and it sends when your finished! There’s no ads and it’s free. You can make group chats as any other communication app, and it’s easy to use. The buttons pretty much speak for themselves. I highly recommend for you to use, you will not regret!
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5 months ago, VanessaC889
Best app ever
This app is amazing. I’ve been using it for years and years and it’s the number one way I communicate with my friends. We vox each other all day long. In the car, during work breaks, on walks. It’s a beautiful way to connect and it’s pretty much free therapy. Just make sure when you download the app to press the setting so you don’t have to hold down the button to talk. You can chat blissfully for 15 minutes before it cuts you off and you have to start a new one. This is probably my favorite app ever.
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1 year ago, sarah18456
Invasion of privacy
I never leave reviews for apps but this experience was horrible. Upon creating an account, voxer asked me if it could access my contacts so that I could find my friends. This functionality occurs on other apps to help the user see who is on the app so I accepted. After doing so voxer emailed every single one of my contacts without notifying me. I have contacts that I haven’t spoken to in over a decade. I have contacts in my phone that I keep there simply so that I know NOT to pick up the phone if they call me. This has been a huge invasion of my privacy and I can’t believe an app is allowed to do this. If you are going to install this app don’t allow access to your contact list. I’d recommend you don’t install it at all.
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5 months ago, Twohappymutts
Pro user; VERY buggy
I have paid the $30 or so every year for the past decade and feel this app is VERY buggy lately. Not sure what the problem is. Voxers are being sent or received for HOURS at a time, and it is my primary form of communication with many people. The app also regularly shows that I have unread/unheard voxers by indicating it with an orange dot, but I scroll back and back and back and see nothing unread. For years, I’ve suggested/requested Voxer make an “unread/unheard” folder where people can go— similar to how you can filter your emails to read all of the “unread” emails. I’ve sent multiple emails kindly asking for the same feature. The developers never reply to me.
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4 years ago, dietcreamsoda
Not worth the headache
This app could be so so great but they have struggled for years to get it together and put out a decent product. I have to use it for work and don’t always get notifications. Sometimes when I do get the notifications, upon opening the app it says I have no internet connection - even on WiFi and in places with good service, and the messages from the notifications never load. On iPhones the volume is severely decreased to trick you into paying for the pro version. It worked slightly better on my Pixel but still had the issue of not always sending notifications right away. In 2020 apps should not have these simple problems. I hate that I have to use this for work and am actively trying to get us to switch to something else.
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5 years ago, KGoChicago
Only one problem.
I love this app and I’ve been using it for years but for the past few months there is always a notification on my screen that says I have a new message even though I don’t. I have tried everything to make it go away and it just won’t. It’s driving me a little crazy at this point. If you have a suggestion to get rid of it, I’ll rate 5 stars. *Edit- Thank you for the response and the solution! As promised I’m bumping my rating up to 5 stars. That little fix just saved my sanity. Keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, Catsrule4life
I thank you for your app, but I am no longer with the group I was with, so I would like to cancel. I’ve looked on the support site and I got this under the App Store. But it is not visible in subscriptions. I have no Apple bill, but I do receive an invoice & receipt from your company, in an email. All the above mentioned came from TX. I would respectfully ask for assistance with the cancellation of my account. This is a great app and I encourage others to use it, but I would like to cancel. I appreciate your help. Thank you. M Laws
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2 years ago, Sambruja
Can’t Fix After All Troubleshooting, No Help
I’ve used this app for only a few weeks & I’ve had some of the glitches others have described, but I can put up w/ them. However, all of a sudden, it wasn’t sending messages & saying “waiting to send” & “connecting.” It totally will send on data, but wi fi connection is fine, & I tried literally every troubleshooting step on their site to no avail. Reinstalling it keeps me stuck at a screen that still says connecting, so I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to use the app again honestly. Submitted a support ticket but the auto reply makes it sound like you won’t be directly helped & to just consult the troubleshooting page (which I started w/ as mentioned above).
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3 years ago, Ttjmm
Still unreliable going on 3 years now.
I’ve used Voxer for years to keep in touch with a friend. It is very user friendly interface and I LOVE it, when it works. Every few days a message will be 8 minutes long, but it plays 15 seconds and then dead air. Forcing the other person to say everything they needed to say again. I’ve opened support tickets in the past but nothing ever comes of it. Service is friendly and nice but when some messages comes through one day and others won’t...it’s hard for them to pinpoint the issue. I’ll keep it because for the 85% glitch free days. It’s great. But the dead air messages make it pretty bad. I’ll never pay for it until they fix those things.
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5 years ago, Nettle spaghetti
My friends and I can’t live without Voxer!
I use voxer on an hourly basis. I’m not a big phone person. Not enough time in the day to sit and chat so this gets me in touch with everyone. We have group and individual chats. I was even able to use it while I was in Africa with family in several different states. We send out travel pictures and videos too. Even my 80 year old parents use it to keep in touch with everyone. It does have a few bugs here and there but the admin team always gets right on it.
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3 years ago, KBiondoletti
So many glitches it’s so frustrating.
For someone who pays for this app, there has only been maybe one update to help with glitches. I am so frustrated because I use this app every single day. It’s crazy to see all of these reviews and there STILL has not been a change. When do we just move on to something that works better? I have 22 message alerts and my app states it is constantly connecting. I have tried every option and even deleted and downloaded the app multiple times. It isn’t even working on the website. When will you fix these problems that CLEARLY so many people are having? We love this app but cannot seem to get past all of the issues.
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5 years ago, Cherise Goodrich
No support- app stopped working!
I loved Voxer...used it daily. Until today. It would not connect to the internet no matter what I did or where I was. It was stuck on connecting. I was receiving alerts that I had messages but it wouldn’t let me access them. I tried updating the app, logging in and back out, turning off my phone and restarting it. I even deleted the app and reloaded it. Now I am unable to even log back in. There is no way I can find to talk to someone In customer support. I was directed to fill out a feedback form to which I got back an old email telling me all the troubleshooting things I had already done. As of right now, I am unable to use this app- one that I use daily for work. I’ve lost all contacts and messages.
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3 years ago, PneumaMan
Great when it works.
The app is a great concept. Even a nice, clean layout. Intuitive functionality. But none of that matters when you have to constantly nurse the app into health. From false notifications that won’t go away, to missing notifications that never show, to being stuck in a never-ending “connecting” loop, you just can’t rely on the app to be dependable. I’ve been using the app for years now, and am finally to the point of being fed up enough to move on. I only use this for personal conversations between friends. I can’t imagine how frustrating this would be if I was trying to use it professionally for my business communications. I think I’ll move to Signal.
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4 years ago, vhessler
I have been a paid Voxer user for several years now. The app used to function well and I never had any problems. Recently, though, it has decided to give me dozens of unheard message notifications when I don’t have any unheard messages. It is so annoying having multiple notification bubbles active on my screen. Whenever I submit a ticket, I’m told to uninstall and re-install the app, like that wasn’t the first thing I tried. It’s the only solution offered and then no additional help is provided. I’ve had to move Voxer to a far page of my phone so I never see it because the notification bubble is so annoying and permanently broken. FIX YOUR APP!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Swaktexas
Love this app..give it try!
I’ve used this app for about 3 years and it has more than met my needs. Every once in a while I’ll get a ghost notification, but I can eventually get it to go away by marking “all as heard”. But, really, that one tiny annoyance is so minor compared to how easy this app makes my life! I’m able to do mentoring with authors, I’m in a mastermind group where we all are on the same channel together, and my hubs and I use it all the time for communication.
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6 years ago, MarieSTL83
Issues getting messages
I’ve been a daily voxer user for years and as much as I love it, it’s been so glitchy lately that I’m looking for other options. The messages I receive don’t always come through and I’m unable to do anything to retrieve them. Even if the sender resends the message, texts the message, emails it and I open it in another device...it’s lost in cyber space. They can listen to the message on their end just fine but it will never come through on my end. I would love to know how to fix this (relaunching and/or reloading the app doesn’t work). I’m so frustrated!
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6 years ago, Boa Bear
The best ever! Immediate delivery. Only one button to hold and talk. Safe while driving and it's live real time, reliable! I love it! Push one button not 2 or 3 to talk like whattsup app. Very efficient, no need to text! I love Voxer. Reliable, too. I love that it is real time. I can send links from Safari. I can send Pandora and IHeartRadio music links to share with my friend. Of course pics! My friend can see where I am driving or at live! My friend is a USA marine in Kabul, Afghanistan currently! Thank you Voxer for bringing my friend and I closer!!
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3 months ago, Robotlovesme
I use this app DAILY to keep in touch with my best friends who all live in a different state than me. There’s always been little bugs here and there but for the most part it would fix itself and we’d move on. Until now where the last 2 days NONE of my messages load properly to any of my friends. I’ve connected to WiFi while recording and I’ve tried being just on cell service. I’ve deleted the app, turned off my phone and redownloaded it. It doesn’t matter. At some point, one of my messages may eventually load and play but it’s incredibly frustrating. I’ve never loved and also ABSOLUTELY hated an app more. For the love of all that is good, PLEASE FIX YOUR APP! I beg you!
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7 months ago, Laurie-Ann Murabito
Love this APP for so many reasons
I’ve been using Voxer with my coaching clients for over 3 years now. My clients love having direct access to me and the voice feature allows them to practice parts of their speech with me and get feedback. I’m able to coach my clients through obstacles. Never underestimate the power of your voice and hearing someone’s emotion. Their Customer Service is fabulous and very attentive. I don’t need them often, but when I do the’re beyond great.
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4 years ago, Linnylou5
Love it!
I love this app so much that I've gotten all my friends to download it also! I prefer it more than texting... great for on the go also or if you're hands are tied up or you simply have a lot to say and don't want to text it all! My ONE suggestion to take this app to the next level would be the choice to turn off notifications for selected hours. I love my notifications turned on BUT not when it beeps in the early am or super late at night. I'd love to be able to select which hours I can put it on do not disturb! BUG Update: it recently has been flipping to iPhone by itself instead of speaker which has been annoying. I have to keep flipping it back to speaker and turning it up after every message.- Fixed BUG Update: Jan 2020: It skips around. It’ll jump during someone’s message so you don’t hear everything.
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4 years ago, ShadeTenille
Love Hate Relationship
I have been a faithful Voxer user for almost three years now. I have the paid subscription, and I’ve converted tons of teams and colleagues to using the app across time. I’ve recently joined a new school district, and I tell everyone who will listen about this fabulous app. However, the phantom notification badges that cannot me cleared after multiple efforts to troubleshoot are making me downright nuts. I need the company to respond to my request for support before I seek an alternative tool. Voxer has been a huge help most of my career, but this headache is frustrating. Please help!
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6 years ago, ryesha721
Great app! Use their directions to clear badge count
Update after their suggestion: it cleared out instantly! Thank you!! Mark all heard not individually, but from the main page. I have been a Voxer user for years...great app that is so useful! Please fix the badge count! And also many of my messages won’t push thru unless I open voxer up, leading to missed messages! This is happening to the people I work with also. Needs polishing right now, but amazing app.
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4 years ago, championRAINS
Great app!
I have only good things to say about Voxer. It is very user friendly and intuitive. I am in conversations with people all over the States and in Australia. My whole family keeps updating each other in our big family vox and we send videos and pic all the time too. I am also a life coach for people and they send me voxes to keep accountable so our schedules don’t have to align all the time. The speed up function is great too bc some voxes get pretty long. A great app!
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