VPN & Antivirus by Kaspersky

4.7 (19.7K)
391.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kaspersky Lab Switzerland GmbH
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for VPN & Antivirus by Kaspersky

4.73 out of 5
19.7K Ratings
10 months ago, Szagerian H
Kaspersky Premium - Peace of Mind
First, I greatly appreciate the customer service representatives; they’re informative & quickly resolved any issues. This suite of apps/products safeguard my mobile & computer access needs. Internet Protection, VPN, Smart Home Monitoring of WiFi linked appliances, Kaspersky Password Manager which also checks strength of your passwords, Identity Theft Check, Dark Web Monitoring and more. This host of checks & balances, have keep these needs secure for over a decade. And with the constant threat of data breaches occurring in institutions everywhere, they’ve kept adding more safeguards as the world’s newest technological scams come into play.
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2 years ago, User24615
I paid for Kaspersky Total Security for 3 devices, but it really only protects one device. My computer. I used to be able to scan for viruses on my iPhone and it’d tell me when I was jeopardizing my security or anything. I checked in today after noticing I don’t get notifications anymore only to see that I had some free version (Kaspersky Security Cloud) that doesn’t even scan my device. All it does is give me a password manager, VPN and an account checker to see if I’ve had a password leaked. All of which I had already for free so they’re not useful to me. I am considering switching to a different program when my subscription finishes. I do not like that they changed my features during my subscription (they could’ve waited till after and gave me a chance to switch to a different subscription or something). I did try to put it back to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong but I see that Total Security is no longer even an option for iPhone anymore. Kaspersky is a good program. They removed some really complex viruses off my computer that was affecting its ability to function for MONTHS. But the sudden change to the security on my iPhone, treating me basically like I haven’t bought a plan and prompting me to buy one everywhere is highly irritating. I do not want two separate subscriptions to the same thing.
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4 years ago, Puzzledn'Perplexed
Don’t let them fool you, they are now and have been aware of the WiFi Connectivity issues for a very long time and have failed to do anything about them on a company wide scale!!!! It’s completely reprehensible that they can charge so much money for a subpar product that causes you to want nothing more than to delete it from your phone as quickly as possible and get a refund! Getting ahold of them for real assistance is about as easy as trying to climb Mt Everest with two broken legs, thus the refund request! (Complain here, they begin the long process of their so-called help.) If you don’t mind having your phone lose its Wifi connection every time you’re not actively using it for 30 seconds or more, then go ahead and see how bad the other services are in the phone package, BUT...if you want to save yourself from a tremendous amount of aggravation, look at the competition! “The Russians Are Calling, The Russians Are Calling,” and they say run as fast as you can from Kaspersky! I’m deleting and taking the loss (ouch$), I can’t take it anymore!
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3 months ago, B-fizzle Fo-shizzle
Not too sure if it works…
I installed this on my phone for peace of mind when I accidentally clicking a phishing link on my laptop. Easy to navigate in a way. Since then I terminated that email, changed all passwords I could think of, blah blah, etc. I turned on phishing notifications and I get spammed 9 times or more “be careful cannot check this website” or something of that sort- even when not on the internet. The link scan goes up every time I open Kaspersky and now it’s at 21,000 scanned links with 0 blocked. There’s no way I’m looking up that many links. How do I know that it’s working since it’s saying that? Why can’t I scan my phone for viruses? Why is it scanning so many links when I’m not on internet on my hp laptop or phone at the time? How do I know this is actually working and it’s nearly impossible to get ahold of any support these days. Do I need to reinstall? Apple told me iPhones do not get viruses- but it’s hard to believe anyone sometimes.
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3 years ago, mitupogo
Terrible Customer Service
What happened? I’ve had Kaspersky for years. They used to provide great service, at least on my PC. Now, I’m asking for help on my iPad. They emailed me a long series of instructions to get a report to them, and I tried to follow them. But nothing on my iPad was like the instructions. I contacted them back, and got the same instructions...believe me, I made sure to follow steps...no luck. So finally They offered that someone from tech support would call. “But not today.” So I made a phone appointment. Made sure to tell them my time zone. They called several hours late when I wasn’t home and able to do it. I made another appointment...they didn’t call. Today I contacted them again. They offered a tech support call “in an hour”. I requested a supervisor. They promised a call between 30 min to one hour. That was 3 hours ago. I pay for the Total Security package for 3 devices. I am so frustrated that it looks like I’ll have to change companies. I used to recommend Kaspersky to everyone. No more.
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7 months ago, Yuyifruty
Some reason why tobget this app.
one of the reasons I like from this app, is the optimal protectiin, us very easy to handle. It even comes with VPN, protecting Your real virtual adress. You even have the option to pucke an address close to whereever You may be living in the world. It lso come with so many features that can be used to protect our information. I highly recommend it !
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1 year ago, Martha gfdfhjj
They supposedly merged VPN with antivirus and put introduced a new pricing for it, but they didn’t cancel the old options. I just subscribed to VPN for a year and the other program antivirus also for a year. I got a msg my antivirus is off due to payment. I was puzzled first till i did some digging. Why would you not cancel the old subs when you introduce a new one? Now one year money is down the toilet because dear Kaspersky didn’t bother to inform us about the new update. Thanks a bunch. App is good, but their notifications about these critical things are downright awful!
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5 years ago,
Super Great!
I really really love this app it has my phone clear of virus and it really helped me because my iphone said 39 viruses were detected!! I freaked out and i restarted my phone and downloaded this app to see if it would clear my phone of viruses and it worked! The only thing is that you have to pay to verify if your information got leaked in other emails. But you can still see if your own email info has been leaked so its still good! Also secures the internet connection and sends notifications if theres any suspicious activity in the phone. 100% recommend
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4 years ago, Aiyahyah
Kaspersky I know you are highly rated but from my experience the Kaspersky customer service is below any other that I have tried. For any customer that reads this review I would like for you to look at bitdefender,Nord , Mcafee or anywhere else besides kaspersky. If you want to ask any questions you can’t use their gethuman function and the calls and take forever. I Waited close to three hours to ask a couple of questions but they still didn’t pick up. Unless you are into waiting 3+ hours for customer service I do not recommend kaspersky. Their protection is decent but still not worth for the lack of customer service. It’s overly expensive for something that has this bad of customer service.
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4 years ago, Ben Ascend
Broke WiFi
Installed, was excited to have something looking out for me on the iOS platform, and then started having issues where I got knocked off of all WiFi networks when I turned off my screen. Spent hours troubleshooting my network settings and the physical router equipment. Two days ago I uninstalled and haven’t had an issue since. In theory the app provides a much needed service. In practice they periodically made my phone useless in an area where WiFi is my only option due to poor cellular connectivity. Afraid this is a deal breaker and for all the good the rest of the service provides, I can’t have this on my device - which is a shame.
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8 months ago, papaarya
Everything is great except One thing
I really like Kaspersky products. I have been using them for years. The only issue I have is with the VPN. somehow the always-on feature is not working very well. If the device is locked for more than half a minute or so, when unlocked the VPN remains in the “connecting” status and internet connection is not possible. also if you could incorporate a “stealth” protocol or mode whether manual or automatic to your application it would be so much better. Thanks
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5 years ago, MarieGranny
I’ve been using Kaspersky since 2010. It’s always kept my computer and my devices safe. I’m just a little stressed because I have already purchased the Internet Security and I keep getting messages that I have not renewed the Total Security, I’m not buying both . I think one is enough, I’m not a big user of all of this technology. One should do the job, stop sending those messages.
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4 years ago, hyvtfr
I’ve got a question
Ok so, I was in Instagram, and it tells me that I’ve two viruses from adult cites, but I’m a child, so it pretty obvious I dm f watch that type of stuff, I didn’t believe it but I still got worried so I downloaded this app, I would like for the creator to explain if this app can help me with my problem, and If it can protect my phone, accounts, emails, passwords, etc from getting a virus or getting hacked
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6 years ago, IbrahimMalik
Causing Wifi Issues
I recently installed Kaspersky on my Macbook Pro, so I saw the Kaspersky app on the App store and I decided to install it on my iPhone XS Max as well (although this is not an anti-virus, there is none). After installing it, I noticed that my wifi kept on disconnecting and connecting again during standby. For 2 days the phone kept on doing this and it became very annoying. After trying every solution I could find, I was ready to factory reset my phone but then I realized when it all started happening. The real culprit was this app, as soon as I uninstalled it, the wifi became stable! No issues at all. Developers, please take notice.
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2 years ago, 123🚘Scottie###
Good security app, but requires some expertise
I have been a fan of Kaspersky for a long time, but it does take some time and attention- and a level of expertise to negotiate the initial set up and weekly /daily updates. But I do have a sense that it’s on top of current threats and deceptions! I’m sticking with it, along with startpage for my searches.💪
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5 months ago, hagee1326
This app failed
Whatever is in my iPhone has fooled this app too!! This app cannot detect anything. It worked at first. Then the VPN kept getting knocked offline and now when I open this app it’s a completely different color. Went from blue to white. It’s monitoring two Xfinity wifi’s? The ip doesn’t belong to my router. The settings have changed again without my permission and this app cannot detect any of it. Cannot detect that something or someone is accessing my router. It did when I first downloaded this app. So….. this app failed to do the job it’s suppose to. I went online to download this virus removal and it’s only for windows. Why? Because people say iPhones cannot get a virus. Wake up people!! Apple is no longer on top of their game anymore. Apparently Kaspersky is not either.
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3 years ago, Domobmx101
I always had problems with security management sites but this one so far has been the best I ever used. It’s worth every dollar I been using it a year plus and your data and passwords are worth much more than what they charge and I can’t go on enough the important of internet security. Please try I promise you won’t regret this decision!
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1 year ago, Sharon M 07
A Great Choice
I have been using Kaspersky for years to protect all my devices from spam. I know it’s working hard to keep things safe for me. I have never had a problem in the many years I have used the app. I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, praetorian2000
No option to continue despite warning
I installed this on my Ipad because i was thinking of getting it for my computer. Installed it at work connected to my job wifi and all was well. Went to the gym where i connect to their wifi to listen to apple music. I got a pop up the wifi was not secure. That was great. What wasn’t great was that there was no option to go ahead and connect anyway. I had to remove the app, tell the Ipad to “forget this wifi network”, and then sign into the wifi all over again. Kaspersky is NOT what i want.
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4 years ago, max_deroh
I am a little confused. It says in the description and the first review about scanning for viruses. This did not do this at all. Instead it asked to put in my emails to see if it had been breached. This can be done on other governmental websites for free. I don’t get what this product does for the iPhone at all. If I could give it zero stars I would. Do not bother with this. They responded back with “its called account check”. All this does is see if your email was used before or had been hacked. This is absolutely not an anti virus program. Don’t waste your time.
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3 years ago, alex99801
Enjoy the app but wish it would start automatically
The hardest part of using the Kaspersky antivirus software is that I had trouble downloading it and every time I start my computer or mobile phone I have to manually check and get it to start. I think it should start automatically every time to make sure we are 100% protected every time.
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3 years ago, vdb01
Miserable customer support
If the product doesn’t for you, take my advice and get a refund right away, delete the product and try something else. I’ve worked for months with them on one issue after another. I can’t even say their customer service is “bungling”. It’s just a pretense. They “can’t” even give me a refund, because the refund mechanism doesn’t work. I’ve deleted the product from all devices and have something else that WORKS. My advice is to look elsewhere for a vpn.
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3 years ago, U.S.A. Citizen
Multiple devices compromised
I have both experienced and read thousands of traumatized innocent victims devices being hacked . I personally have been through 20+ phones and computers until subscribing to Kaspersky . I can finally sleep at night .
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4 years ago, Queen El
I agree with these other reviews in that one should not have to pay extra for a service especially when you’ve already purchased it under a family subscription! Why pay for something that does not work or always turns off!!...that is no protection as far as I’m concerned! I think greed IS the problem as well as non-functionality! You can do better than that Kaspersky! And why is customer service in Malaysia when it says it’s in the state of Washington, United States?!?!
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6 months ago, Christopher J. Rich
Kill Switch
I like the Kaspersky Security, there’s only one subtle thing I’d like to work better, the “Kill Switch” doesn’t notify me wen it stops the internet & my VPN switches off by itself? Other then that I have no real complaints, thank you again Kaspersky!
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3 years ago, wdegg
Cloud Has keep my computer and phone safe from all outside hackers. It is always working in the background so I never know when I am being attached. Thanks for the awesome job you have been doing.
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4 years ago, Mete Adli
Ok but makes me use free version
Hi. I signed in with my kaspersky total security account that I have been using on my computer for years. When downloading this app I also downloaded password manager. It said I have premium subscription but when I download this app it makes me use free version and tells me to upgrade to premium. I don’t want to pay extra for something I already have. Please help.
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7 months ago, bkopter
Can’t think of a safer VPN
Very unlikely the Russians are gonna hand your data over to the FBI. I’m sure Norton is watching your every click. With this VPN the only circumstance where they state that they will expose your identity to the cops is if your try to hack kaspersky itself.
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5 years ago, Anonymous913036
This Company is running a Bait & Switch Scheme
I just paid for the Kaspersky Total Security package. According to their website, that subscription covers PC, Mac & Mobile and “Secures your compatible devices, in any combination.” However, I signed in to my account and now it’s saying I have to pay for the protection on my mobile device separately, as it is a completely different subscription. Livid doesn’t begin to describe how I’m feeling right now. I would recommend Bitdefender, which in hindsight I wish I would have chosen.
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1 year ago, gdhsvzhft
Very Well Rounded Anti-Virus
This works so well! It’s saved me a few times on my pc and phone. It causes ZERO performance issues on pc, because it only uses megabytes of ram, when I have 16 gigabytes. I recommend this, as this is the best antivirus I have ever used!
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3 years ago, mvm1972
Confusing with all the other licenses
I just paid for the “total security cloud and vpn” beginning of sept and now it says my security cloud has expired. The receipt shows yearly, renews sept 2022. I’ve had Kaspersky for year's and it is looking like they want you to keep buying licenses even if the other license already covers the functionality you needed.
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5 years ago, the virus killer
Phone problems
My phone had a few viruses in it and my battery was dying fast then I downloaded this app, now my battery does not die as fast. This is a great app for you to us if your having problem with viruses
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1 year ago, EJAYDANIEL
Edwin Jay Daniel
It has I think helped but look forward to see how good everything it includes works from having no hacks and complete privacy of spying stealing of IP or my private information of any accounts
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1 year ago, navyatcpo
The requirement to type in master PW every time at log in irritating. It could sometimes be several times a day. Isn’ there an easier way.? Just asking.
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3 years ago, ConfusedShopper
Change phone
I just purchased a subscription and was able to scan and clear cache data regularly, had an issue with my phone, purchased a new one and when I signed in app on new phone it wants me to pay for another subscription when I still have 340 days left on the one I just bought. The only thing that works is the VPN nothing else. My account and my phone number did not change. Disappointed
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5 years ago, Andrew Roller
This app does not work!
Everything went fine, until I found a note in my e-mail inbox asking me to confirm my e-mail. I then got caught in an endless loop that kept asking me to agree to their terms of service. (Which I agreed to, repeatedly.) The downloaded app makes no mention of protecting me from viruses. I had downloaded it hoping for virus analysis and protection. As I cannot figure out how to complain to Kapersky, I am complaining here. (Their tech support landed me in an Error page.)
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3 years ago, frankie 47
Be Prepared For Headaches
The product may or may not work but it’s a major hassle getting it activated on your devices. Getting the product to renew is just as bad unless you sign up for auto renewal at a much higher price. This is the only software company that actually chargers you to help install their product. It’s virtually impossible to do on your own so you will need help. I will be looking at the competition.
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2 years ago, plainrock 124
How do I know if my free plan is activated? Like when I go into safari it doesn’t show the “Kaspersky approved mark” near any website links like it would on a computer
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3 years ago, iLbuio2006
I continue having to switch on Kaspersky’s features, which, if I’m not mistaken, means that the is not operating full time. Why doesn’t it stay on? Does it block and / or remove viruses? I pay a reputable company, because I expect stellar service, but if I have to continue to activate my internet security, then why should I pay anything? Please get back to me.
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3 years ago, awaeis
Old school
Great love for this security,I have grown older using kaspersky since years & have some feelings with this software and still miss the ferrari edition :( couldn’t find it anywhere.
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3 years ago, Miki88?
Informed now
I’ve been reading some reviews after leaving a real myself and I had no idea that if I succeed in getting your app on my phone and it working I would have Wi-Fi problems I don’t want it I have no problems with the games you played off me 2% and then only fabric have in the actual number and Nana trying to get a hold of customer service through email chat and phone was impossible so I don’t want to I’m not renewing goodbye
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3 years ago, rca regrets
It’s early but not impressed
I got the family plan and am probably going to drop it because of poor UE design and what can only be a software glitch… the app has many features turned off because it says they are “premium” features. I bought the most expensive package so I am not really sure what the deal is.
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3 months ago, vausa2
Kill Switch doesnt work. Will delete subscription.
I have screeprints to prove this. The first screen print (of the app installed on my phone) Kill Switch is enabled and active. The second screen print shows VPN is not active Yet I was able to browse thru websites This shows electronc espionage on my electronic equipment especially IPhone. This also shows Kaspersky is a part of this electronic hacking and espionage
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1 year ago, Best Supporting
My Protection
I love this app because it keeps me from not having to worry about getting Hacked by Scammers and this app keeps my phone from getting my account stolen and identity theft
Show more
2 years ago, ItWontBeTaken1955
Best in class…
Will trust this until proven wrong! Been using this off and on for four to six years with little to no trouble and secured this home’s systems. Can’t argue with success.
Show more
2 years ago, Special_MissK
Added Security
Feel less vulnerable when joining WiFi at campgrounds and when traveling. Thank you.
Show more
2 years ago, jwl98
Even though the application can get a little over whelming on what do or resolve at times, I do feel safe with this application.
Show more
5 months ago, deliverresults
I have never regretted trusting Kaspersky as my provider on all my devices. When you use Kaspersky you will soon learn for yourself that their focus is on you and your security.
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5 years ago, jovany_a
Great app but could be better
This app is awesome everything about it is awesome and the only trouble I have with it is that it slows things down but I y’all could fix that I would be truly grateful and other than that this app is incredible
Show more
4 years ago, Jmdkln
Virtually impossible to use WiFi reliably
The app would drop my phone off my own WiFi for some reason, and I could never get my phone to connect to public WiFi. I removed the app and the problems went with it. I still use Kapersky on my computers but I don’t have time to screw around with things on my phone to get them to work.
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