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Atlas VPN
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for VPN Atlas

4.69 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
3 years ago, thirsty#1068652
Atlas VPN vs Hacker
Hello guys, I’ll keep this short and sweet, I am a certified ethical hacker, it’s my job to Hack things from Websites to Applications to clients, all the way down to smart fridges and other IOT devices. Which is all very easy if one knows such things. But by someone simply enabling Atlas VPN it makes it absolutely impossible. As a User you will gain End-to-End military grade encryption with the push of a button. From my personal experience with VPNs so far my favorite is Atlas and has been for a while. “And no I am Not Affiliated with AtlasVPN” this is just my general opinion. Well Hope this helped you if you were on the fence about getting your first VPN.
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2 years ago, andijtx
Disappointing and frustrating
No problems with phone or iPad performance, but it does not work well with Mac Pro Laptop . It shows that it’s on and connected, but Chrome, Firefox, and Safari cannot open sites online. Then I’m locked out of online access, because even though I quit the app, it shows that it’s still active in the background. I have to override trash command to delete the app since it won’t let me delete because extensions are still active. I’ve tried reinstalling several times and it will work for a couple of hours, but if the laptop goes to sleep it stops working again. Miserable experience. I’ve never had this issue with any other VPN. So now I’m unable to do most of my online work on my laptop since VPN in not functional and I’m wasting hours trying to get it to work. This does not feel like a “premium” experience. Update: customer service did reach out and I followed instructions to correct. It did not work. Reached out again and got a prompt response with directions that involved deleting files and folders from operating system and network settings. Now, I’m not a tech guy and this is more than what I’m comfortable doing to my computer. As a customer I shouldn’t have to be tinkering with the OS just to get an app to work. I’ve never had any of these issues when using NORD or Express VPN. Hopefully I can get my money refunded and go back to what works.
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4 years ago, Umaru (UMR)
Good And Fast And Secure Vpn
Ive had a previous review asking if this VPN app sold our data to third-party advertisers, but however they said that it is no-log, so i don't have any complaints with that. It has a lot of options even if you did not pay for the premium subscription, and once you connected the VPN, you don't even need to worry about it anymore. I would recommend this app for everyone who wants a free VPN, but doesnt want their data to be sold, and also have a fast and secure VPN. If you had any complaints, they usually replt to your complaints in a week of time, so thats make this app even more good. So far so good! ☺️🎉
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3 years ago, Kingdoom76
It’s alright
Update: I just tried to activate the VPN after this newest update and it won’t even work anymore. I sat waiting for it to activate but it won’t even show a server list, let alone activate all. I was already not too impressed but I’m extra disappointed now. I think it’s alright but I tried to contact support twice with my issues and never received a response and was pretty disappointed. When I activate the VPN no matter which server I’m on it constantly makes most of my apps run slower, with random bursts of running extremely slow as well. It kicks me off my Wifi all the time which makes apps not work because they claim I need to reconnect to Wifi even though I have LTE and excellent service. It’s alright for most of my common tasks but I have to turn it off a lot because of it acting up
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3 years ago, kggxgit
Watching anime with atlas VPN
For once it’s a actually good VPN other than any I’ve tried. First there’s no data cap so you can just keep it on forever and it keeps working, plus premium is available even if you don’t wanna pay. Just invite someone and boom, free premium. Anyways I’m getting off topic, when watching anime on sites like 4anime the VPN really does block me from the viruses and it keeps me away from malicious sites. I used to have a problem with ads popping up for VPNs and other sites I shouldn’t say but now with atlas it blocks and protects me from them. It’s to good to be true but it is true.
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2 years ago, KellenJordan
New to VPNs and internet protection.
Did the free trial with full intention of canceling after trial. I’ve been nervous when I’m free internet or public Wi-Fi when at businesses, this app has been extremely easy to use. I feel protected while on public Wi-Fi. I have secure coverage at home so mainly continued subscription for public connection. I’ve been so happy with it! I cannot say it enough, very user friendly. From novice, knowing little, to someone experienced or well versed in the VPN world. Lol. Recommend over and over.
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3 years ago, AimTops
This is coming from the free version. While i do like the fact that you can find out of your email has been breached, it improves wifi, and their is a location outside of the united states, it doesn't work with streaming. You could at least give the 3 locations a way to "unlock your Netflix", i tried to use the Netherlands cause I don't live there and it didn't change anything. I couldn't test los angles and new york cause that is in the us and i live in the us and i am guaranteed that new york Netflix isn't any different from los angles Netflix. Other than that, it is good at being a vpn.
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1 year ago, Cappy2u
Located in the USA is what got my attention
I was browsing VPNs and most of the ones I was looking at are located out of the country. I saw Atlas and it read located in the USA and I bought it on the spot for 3 yr subscription. I’m very happy with the application. It’s easy you don’t have to download any files, unlimited devices, I love it and recommend it to everyone. I hope getting a VPN protects my rights as an American. I can watch and post in any platform without the Government taking away my 1st amendment.
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1 year ago, vfkit
Atlas VPN disappoint
Free trial….worked ok, tried and tried to cancel before end of free trial, without success. Atlas charged me for a year subscription, took three months to get anything to work. Finally seemed to be set up and working. Icon appears as if active-however the app was not even connected. Over and over and over it disconnects while appearing to be active. I decided to cancel the subscription from “automatically renewing” at end of year; (8 months left on paid term), IMMEDIATELY I NO LONGER CAN CONNECT. tried reinstalling, etc. A month later the App Store shows I have not cancelled. It appears I have to cancel my card to prevent atlas from taking more money while providing no service. Beyond angry. So tired of thieves.
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3 years ago, Majestic Menace
Unable at this time, I do not have enough information yet.
David Pakman recommended your app, and I trust him. That was only 2 days ago . I was notified IMajestic Menacehad been hacked. I was getting several warnings, by whom I don’t know. So, I thought your service would be a good first step. I need to talk to someone who knows more than I do. I might need additional help. I only have an I phone 6 and a tablet. Ask me again after the holidays. Thanks!
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1 year ago, 1x41$
Hi, I am in love with Atlas VPN. I use it on everything. I use it for my Xbox, internet browsing, public places, etc! Also, if you’re curious how I use Atlas VPN on my xbox. It is simple!! I have my router connected to my phone. The router runs off an app & that app is on my phone. Soo.. when I turn on Xbox. I turn on Atlas VPN due to, my phone & my Xbox, & my router all are connected to the internet & the router connects to my Xbox. I am literally non hackable.
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1 year ago, Gabesterboy06
Just getting started
I’ve been using AtlasVPN for not that long and I just wanna say, AtlasVPN>>>NerdVPN, fight me but back to the topic I haven’t been using AtlastVPN for a long time but it’s really good in my opinion, because with NerdVPN you have to get premium to even use it and Ik the same is for AtlasVPN but you can use it for free and it really helps you. I love it and for the last time AtlasVPN>>>>>Anh other VPN and like I said before. Fight me
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2 years ago, smalltuna
Been using this app for a few months and it’s been running fairly smooth. The only issue I had was that sometimes the on/off button was glitchy. if you open and close the app it works fine. Today, however, my phone wouldn’t connect to any wifi and my data stopped working. After a few hours of trying everything, I deleted this app and my phone started working again. Not sure if this is a bug or what
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2 years ago, peoa33333
Awesome app
Awesome app love it streaming all the shows. Protection for your devices. Setting for all different countries all around the world “wherever you want to be “ on your device location. Protection for all my personal data you always get alerts when someone trying to get access to you info. Definitely recommend
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6 months ago, Adambergen112
Perfect except two things…
The app is fantastic. I’d give it 4.5 stars if I could be specific. I do wish it was easier to choose a favorite hosting location. Maybe there is a way but if there is it’s not obvious how to use it. I almost always only want to connect to one specific location. It’d be nice if there could be a tab always at the top of the screen that would list your favorite one. Also the WIDGETS are so uncool. I’m fine with the cartoony art style in the app, it’s fun. On my Home Screen it’s totally disgusting. I wish I could have ones that look professional. I know you guys can do one that is professional while still making it your style or whatever. Please do. Thanks for the great app!
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3 years ago, Tnt1971
Purchased for a year. App fails to update. Stuck on free
Update :: Reached out to support , They were no help what so ever. After sending in screenshots of purchase receipt and whatever they asked for all I got was we can’t verify you purchased it. Lazy answer, application deleted Apple has already refunded the money. 1 star review stays in place. Pretty much the above says it all. My account was charged they got money, but the app plan wise thinks I am free plan. If I hit subscribe I get the message I am premium until 2022. Little help would be nice. If we can fix it happy to review and update the start rating.
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4 years ago, kjaeei
I am happy with this vpn. The only problem is that I cannot recommend it to friends because it only works with the last update of ios. It is very difficult to buy new mobiles here since they’ve become really expensive. So if you don’t have a new device, itmeans your ios is not updated and you cannot use this vpn.
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2 years ago, TroutMaster25
Perfect Protection, Almost Perfect User Interphase
9/10 Overall Score It’s absolutely bulletproof after using AtlasVPN for over a year now! It has helped me trouble shoot old passwords and access content from other countries seamlessly. My only gripe is that a VPN On/Off button would be accessible from your IPhone Controls Center. I’ve had previous VPN services that offer this function. It would be nice to swipe up and tap a button instead of going through the app every single time. I’ve had issues signing into the app at times and some apps won’t work until the VPN is turned off. I have simply ignored the VPN because of the constant signing in/out. Atlas VPN would you consider this software update? Thanks!
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2 years ago, adilbekdos
Exactly what I needed. But please
add the feature to set the favorite (default) region. Usually, I use not the “Best Location” but the one that is suitable for my needs. It is easy to scroll through the servers and choose the one. But setting the default region would speed up the vpn activation by 60%+
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3 years ago, D y !
One Major Problem
This app is great, but there is one problem which really bothers me. That problem is that when connecting, sometimes it takes way too long to connect. So instead of it connecting right away, it decides to turn off the internet on the device you’re using until the vpn connects.
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1 year ago, GDMBondiBeach
Subscription not accessible
So I have paid for a subscription and with the additional layer of security they are supposed to send an email link to access your account. Don’t receive the link in my email (including Junk & Spam). Lack of assistance to resolve the issue from Help/Support. More like it was an inconvenience to them to provide the support. Another month goes by and I still cannot use the VPN that I paid to use. Others should avoid subscribing because they may face the same issue!
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2 years ago, Tolkien Fans
It’s easy to use, fast, and looks pleasant, my only issue would be not being able to set a favourite server to connect to automatically instead I have to go and search for it manually. But it is just a matter of preference
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4 years ago, joex3sd
It’s not working!
I tried using the app but it won’t work like a VPN. Even though I’m connected through a server, it shows my real IP address. Also, the VPN symbol doesn’t even appear! Update: The problem was fixed when I recently updated the app. It works fine and the great thing is the VPN service is free!
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2 years ago, KabboTMP
Excellent VPN, but a minor issue.
Atlas has all the features you’d need, and is fast and reliable. However, I tried streaming a movie only available in the UK on Netflix, and it did work for an hour, perfectly fine. Later I tried resuming it, it said Proxy or VPN detected. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the VPN and wi-fi. Don’t know if it’s just me or not. Besides, Atlas is perfect.
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1 year ago, lukeisnotuniqueenough
App is denying my phones wifi connection
The kill switch feature occasionally glitches and causes my VPN to not activate while simultaneously killing the connection to my home wifi. Even after deactivating the VPN, my wifi refuses to connect. It’s only after I have to delete the app and reinstall it that my phone can connect to wifi. Fix the kill switch.
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9 months ago, shsbevdrdbfjdb
Best VPN on the market
I’ve have had a two year subscription to NordVPN, a two year subscription to SurfShark and now AtlasVPN. I can confidently say AtlasVPN is the best of the three by miles. I have little to no drop in connection and it always connects in a fast manner. I recommend this VPN to anyone
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1 year ago, Phillip H1
Signal Problems
Using the privacy pro option is a nightmare. It causes a lot of network signal issues. I have to disable the vpn in order to use my phone. It prevents me from playing something as simple as a game on my phone. I don’t know if this is normal or if it’s something with my phone. Or if it’s t mobile or something within my phone hardware causing problems. I’d like to know what is going on with that.
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2 years ago, yeedam
Best VPN app I've ever used
Atlas VPN is the best app I've ever used. Beautiful and simple design, and provides a variety of lines. And when I encountered a problem, the Atlas VPN team also responded very promptly and helped me solve the problem. I am very grateful. I will use this app all the time, it is a very good experience indeed.
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1 year ago, Battguy40
One feature to add
A recent convert from surfshark, I have far fewer problems with sites and apps now. One thing your product team could consider: a trusted network feature. On the road many apps just don’t work when vpn is on. Allow me to trust my cell network if I choose to.
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3 years ago, Badfish_5446
You get what you pay for
I previously had espressvpn which was more expensive. I got this for 3yr deal. It seems to work better on mobile than pc. The pc seems like it’s never connected and if it is, it won’t be for long. Hopefully they reinvest with all the money they got from the deal and its advertising through sponsors, and keep updating the software. Would recommend in its current state.
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3 years ago, Lot's of Games
Great but one slight problem
Overall so far I think this app is great but I have a problem so whenever I turn the VPN on every five minutes or so my internet suddenly turns off, then a couple seconds later it’s back on including the VPN. I guess it’s not a big problem but I would still like to know why. Hopefully you see this.
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2 years ago, Dana456432
This is a load of crap
I just signed on for a month but I get the places to try, so you don’t tell anyone that you don’t get full access for your money. Then I try to contact you and you only have email no phone support! I think I have been scammed. This is the very reason I only signed up for the month first because how else would I know that this would happen? I’m going to send an email but it’s my first day and I already want my money back!
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11 months ago, Cookie0160
I have been using it for one week now on my phone, forgot it was even on. Have not noticed any difference in speed or access. Recommend this privacy protection service.
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2 years ago, PWN Envy
Worst vpn service
Intermittent connection issues causing to have to turn off wifi and turning back on. After this terrible service I decided to cancel renewal on their site, but I got charged for service again. After contacting about this, they would not produce refund. This is a very shady company. Make sure you contact them via email to cancel so you don’t get scammed. They won’t be able to come up with excuses why they charged you if you do this.
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4 years ago, scharle8
I would give this five stars, but ONE problem..
Ok I wanna start by saying this has been a great app for me, but today I started getting a problem. Now when I turned the VPN on, it just completely shuts off my Wifi now, making it completely useless. So I have to shut it off, for my Wifi to work. I went into the app to restart it, but it just shuts down my Wifi. Plz help me or fix this!
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2 years ago, JKinney
Works great
Downloaded it, turned it on, forgot I had it on. For like week. It's super transparent; I didn't see any change on speed tests at all when using a nearby server. If you're looking a VPN (which you should be), Atlas is a really good value choice.
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4 months ago, The Ice Queen 401
Please keep working to support Microsoft
I have spectrum internet provider and they keep telling me I cannot use a VPN with their service. Can you try to make it more compatible with Spectrum internet? Because they do not off any vpn protection.
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2 years ago, AaronGames
I have got to say that apps showing themselves as a free VPN is always sus but this is one that has actually worked perfectly for me, and they don’t bombard you with adds trying to get you to pay!
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1 year ago, Fatou wade
The connection speed is really good I recommend it for you it’s good for everything I tried it against proton vpn and the other wind one it is really good for free and even better when you buy premium 👌
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10 months ago, Glenko54
I am having problems with your service and with your customer service
I have trouble logging onto WiFi when Atlas is on. So I have to turn it off, but it keeps turning itself on. It is very frustrating and I do not have this problem with other VPNs. And then I can’t figure out how to work your chat or send you an email, so I can’t get any support. So I have had it and demand a full refund and termination of my account.
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1 year ago, HA-2023
No way to reach customer support and the app doesn’t work
The app worked fine for a few months, and now I get “no connection” errors when I use the Internet. When I try to contact customer support by email there is no reply. When I try the live chat option I get sent to the “download the app” page, which I tried, and then nothing happens. In very disappointed. I have lost confidence in this product.
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3 years ago, DarkDarkened
It’s aight
I mean the VPN is good and all and works but like sometimes I turn on the vpn and it completed shuts off my WiFi which is completely strange and I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the app I would’ve gave it a better review if it wasn’t for that one problem.
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2 years ago, CrucialConflict
Great VPN Service
This is a fast VPN at a very affordable price, instant DNS resolver. P2P speed is superb! Way faster than Surfshark and Expressvpn. I have been testing it for couple of days and it has not let me down. I love it and I hope they keep updating the Windows/IpadOS Software. Thank you
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2 years ago, I LOVE TUCKER!!!
It’s does not protect
When I got this I turned it on and it did not work! I did that for a whole month and it still not work. I swiped it out and came back in but it did not work! Please fix that bug. (5 STAR SO PEOPLE NOTICE IT)
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1 year ago, Are you kidding me buttmunch
Risk free for 30 days, still can’t get refund after 2 weeks
Can’t get the refund I’ve been asking for and I don’t understand why not I don’t wanna troubleshoot their stuff it’s supposed to work it doesn’t work. I’m tired of it and I can’t get my money back so keep your wallet shut with these people because they won’t give you your money back, and now the credit card people will have to fight them for me.
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4 years ago, littizs
I can’t believe this is a free vpn Atlas vpn is by far better than Ipvanish and all other paid Vpn this is like a premium free Vpn i love it I’m glad i downloaded it i can’t complain so far i will recommend it to anyone very strong and reliable keep it up Atlas 👍🏻👍🏻
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2 years ago, SlothFoo
Doesn’t work with Windows 11???
My next semester of college is tomorrow and I am without my laptop because of this app. After the windows 11 update I’m unable to even open the app, which means I’m also unable to connect to any kind of internet connection. Uninstalling the app is also blocked for some reason with an error saying another application has exclusive control over the app so I’m unable to uninstall it. Thanks AtlasVPN
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2 years ago, 1234ddgfdfjuff
Does the job very good but…
So I have been using this VPN for 3 months. It was doing absolutely fine. But today, whenever I turn it on the wifi connection gets lost. Please fix it as what is the point of having VPN if the wifi gets disconnected.
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3 years ago, Gelek Nyima
Messed me up in Egypt
Works great for me in Europe but will not work in Egypt for some reason. I ended up thinking I had a software issue but it was just the VPN. Just be aware it may but work everywhere and it will make you not be able to connect to internet and Wi-Fi
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2 years ago, Rhyane Hamilton
Subscription problems
I did a free trial, but canceled because I didn’t have the money to keep going but it didn’t show how to cancel subscriptions so I deleted my account. Today my bank account was about to be charged even tho I deleted my account and the payment would’ve went through if I didn’t have insufficient funds. I figured out how to cancel but I do not recommend this app
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