VPN for iPhone ·

4.5 (59.7K)
64.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brain Craft Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VPN for iPhone ·

4.5 out of 5
59.7K Ratings
3 years ago, RLNfirst
Unique Outstanding VPN App!
I would like to sit down a moment and talk about this unique system app. Ever have one of those moments you have a hard time finding words to describe how nice, or special something is? The Developers of this app have really done that. The Developer’s have put a great deal of time love and hard work into this app for you myself and our family. How do you know? Look at all the updates that are being made to keep up with the Technology that changes every second every minute of the day. The people who invented the words Scam Fraud are cooked people who simply want your money and identity and they change their phone number as fast as the Developer’s find them! The App is simple for you myself and our family to use just turn it on , but really the Hard part is the hidden part you don’t see the coding of this software. Yes this app cost money but Technology is not cheap or free believe me I wish it was free like you. I hope if you take the time to read this you will download this great unique app and try it I believe the Developer’s have put a Free Trial on it now. So what do you have to loose? ( maybe more then the price of this app? ) Well time for me to move on so they say, but I want to truly truly Thank the Developer’s for making you and myself and our family safe. ( it’s not easy now Days ) it’s a great 5 Star Design app so Unique I find it hard to Describe. I Tip my Hat to The Developer’s and say Thank You so very much from the bottom of my Heart.
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7 years ago, Duryadhona
Thanks for lots of server
Most of the time an user want to access different servers for extra facilities. All the servers can’t provide all types data perfectly. So most of the smart user find multiple servers to access his necessary web smoothly. In this app at most 20+ country’s server are provide and each and every are easy to connect. As a user I am satisfied to use it. Good VPN app indeed.
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4 years ago, kat477364
A nuisance
I gave this app or try for a few weeks, today was the last straw . The entire time I’ve had it downloaded I hated it it would constantly log me out of my frequently visited sites , certain sites would not even let me on because “the server was used in attacks before “. The connection was always in and out. Today It literally kept saying that I have no connection at all and VPN connecting I tried to shut the app down yet still no service I tried to shut down the VPN option still it would say that it’s reconnecting . I then deleted the app off my phone and somehow STILL had no service and in my settings it kept saying “vpn connecting “...?! Like how ! It’s a million other apps out there . Don’t use this it’s highly flawed .
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3 years ago, Macs mama
Do not get
It lets you first try to connect w/out purchasing anything so that you can test and see that it works, with like a 5 minute timer. I thought this was great and tried it out. This makes them seem trustworthy, it is NOT. Everything seemed to work, what I wanted unblocked was unblocked, so I went ahead and purchased a month. DO NOT DO THIS. Immediately my wifi stopped working and nothing could connect. I tried resetting my router, shutting down my phone, etc. Nothing worked. That is until I deleted the app and cancelled my subscription. Wifi is back, everything is normal. I payed to unblock and then couldn’t even access the content because it blocked the wifi and I wasn’t about to use cellular data to stream.
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1 year ago, Thefuturefyre
Six Months into A Year - No Workie
Paid for a year subscription. About six months in the app kept saying, “no internet connection.” All other apps, browsers, etc we’re connecting with no issues. Messaged BrainCraft several times sending screen shots of the issue. Final message is as such, “ Greetings from Brain Craft Limited. This message is shown only when there is no internet connection. Please check the internet connection of the device and try again. “ Don’t pay for a year of this up front. Do it by month if choosing to use it at all.
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8 months ago, LeatherLibrarian
I feel safer
Suddenly a number of important numbers were missing from my telephone. My doctor’s receptionist recommended you. I’m hopeful that this will put an end to any more hacking into my phone. I just began your service today so I don’t know yet, but the receptionist has your free version for her computer so I’m hopeful.
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6 years ago, TheBeardInfidel
Shady VPN
Before you even get into the app it’s already pushing you to buy it. Once you get in, you click on anything and it brings up the text box asking you to put in your apple password, some people might not realize that but doing that you are actually subscribing to their service for however much they want as the box that actually tells you how much it is and that you are buying the service is placed underneath the keyboard, which being a computer coder myself I realize is done intentionally as a way to get your money before their app is even used.
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7 years ago, Akka.Studio
Helpful app
Beyond to explain it's facilities. After download I just activate it's 7 day trial and nicely works it is. I love this app and the way it has given me great service. I'm using this app and the great thing it it's never disconnect and neither any others trouble. I have connected all of the most of the server and browsed smoothly. Love this product.
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1 year ago, nomadic 7
Didn’t work on my iPhone 13
I downloaded it and subscribed. Was even willing to consider paying $9.99 per month which seems high to me (I never buy annual subscriptions until I’ve used it a while). Tried to connect multiple times and it never found a server. It first tried to find one in Canada but couldn’t then switched to U.S. Still nothing! I’m not willing to fight with it so I deleted it and I’ll try to find another another which is hopefully free or at least cheaper. 4.5 overall? Not in my book.
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5 years ago, tanotasi
VPN not working very well
My Norton Secure VPN still shuts down several times a day. I spent over an hour today with two different agents and I’m still having the same problems. With instructions from the tech agent I disabled the secure VPN and then reinstalled the secure VPN. The new app looks different but I’m still having the same problem with the VPN disconnecting. I continually have to reconnect the VPN. The agent told me that removing the current VPN and replacing it with the VPN for iPhones would solve the problem. He was wrong. Is there anyone who can help me solve this annoying problem? BK Sellers
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4 years ago, Akkajabaisixbshakakakiliuas
Most needed app ever
So you might know there’s a new cult on insta like the blue whale challenge but WORSE so this app secured my IP address and stuff so this is for you NEVER watch their stories they have 6inner in their profiles and a creepy picture So stay SAFE
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6 years ago, Trinrey
Auto renew issues
App works well. I used it while traveling overseas. Only problem: I set mine to NOT auto renew and it renewed anyway. Not sure if an apple iOS update messed up my settings or the app itself has a problem. Wrote the company to see what happens next and if they will issue a refund. Hopefully I won’t have to pay another fee next month.
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6 years ago, Mona-Q
I’m just in the initial stages of setting up the second portion of the VPN for IPhone. Thus far steps have been clear cut and easily applied.... moving forward to set up or configure the app for encryption (I think) .... if the outcome of this is as smooth as the first portion I’m one happy gal!
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5 years ago, Tillamander
I think it’s a scam
I downloaded this app and paid for one month but it does not work. And there doesn’t seem to be any account settings that I can enter that will let me cancel or change my subscription. Every time I go into it it bumps me to a page that says the trial period is over and to use it I need to upgrade. But when I try to do that, it says I’ve already paid for a subscription and won’t let me do anything!!!! Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Dr. Mike777
Worst VPN I’ve used so far!
It never stays connected! There is no icon on the top left so I know if it’s connected or not! When I check, it’s usually “not connected” and I have to hit the “connect” button multiple times for it to be “connected”. Big waste of time plus it leaves me susceptible to hackers without my even knowing! Don’t waste your time and money on this poorly designed app! Also, app developers, I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED!
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6 years ago, Suyeong6
I downloaded the app and I payed $9.99 a month I believe and like the sign keeps popping up like the premium account benefit and the VPN takes a long time to connect like I have to keep repeating it like over and over again , but I mean it works totally fine . How can you determine if you paid or not ?
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3 years ago, nunyo bidness666999
Not working
So....had this app a while ago and worked great. Got rid of it because I wasn’t using it enough cause why would I pay for something I’m not using? Decided to use the app again, get 3 days free and am paying for premium service again. Funny thing.... it’s not working at all....whatsoever. Internet works great on my end. The app keeps saying check internet connection and then disconnects. About ready to dump this app for someone better.
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2 years ago, harrylkool
Almost a great VPN
Let’s start with the positive, protection, does the job real well, global positioning is good but could use more cities… the one problem I had which made me not choose this app was it cut my speed. Seriously cut the speed from over 100mbs to less tha 2! When I disconnected my speed returned, that’s not acceptable…
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5 years ago, RobotechMaster
Paid for App but never works on IPad
I’m not sure why I shelled out over a $100 service that never works on my iPad. The service promised 5 connections, instead it only works for my iPhone and not any of iPads. Any attempts at logging on on any other devise other than my iPhone and it claims I never purchased the “pro” app. It works great for my iPhone, but that’s it. Look for another brand, this company doesn’t respond to tech issues or requests for assistance.
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6 years ago, Arilovespiglet
I paid and still asking for payment
I have been paying 9.99 a month and the app keeps asking me to pay 9.99 like if i dont already. And i dont see a difference on my phone..
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6 years ago, 浓缩后就精华
Doesn’t work
Doesn’t work at all in CN. Tried to select servers in other countries, always prompts to subscribe Pro. Come on, if free version doesn’t work at all how can I know it will work in paid version. Deleted it. To reply developer’s reply ‘...In China theres some restrictions for VPN apps. Thats why you are facing problem...’ — restriction for VPN...very funny, I wonder why people would need VPN in the first place? A disclaimer of your VPN is not working in some countries would be better.
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2 years ago, whatsthedecal
Protection is key trust me never ride without your tool
Soldier never leave without there rifles Locc never ride without your glide And modern tech tells us to never search,surf, without protection.
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5 years ago, MungoBeast
Very simple interface, well developed, and fast. I would recommend this VPN to anyone who wants a good VPN and also wants to pay less than you would with others.
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5 years ago, tttoney89
Unsubscribed but still charged. Scam. (Updated after developer response)
Unsubscribed but they still charged a monthly renew. Don’t download. Scam. Developer claims that I did not cancel the subscription within 24 hours of renewal period. Then claims they charge accounts within 24 hours of auto renewal. My 3 day free trial ended on the 8th of sept. And I was charged on the 12th. I canceled the app and was charged 5 days after doing so. Nice try VPN but you got caught. Give me a refund.
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6 years ago, Computersadness
Hi, idk if anyone will ever see this
This is a great vpn for schools, no ads, and connects fast. This is the only and the last review I will ever write, idk what those people are talking about with it not working but I’m 100% a real person, Amos millybug13
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4 years ago, 8buddy8
I just need to know,
This app is great! The best! But I don’t know much about it... I mean I know that it blocks hackers, but I just need to know... does this block people from seeing my brozer history? Does it block people from leaking information on me? I just don’t know what you really do! Please tell me and then I’ll give a real review.
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6 years ago, jaelder
Can not control the app.
Once I log into the app it won’t allow me to do anything. It starts doing odd things like signing in on its own and asking if I want to configure the app and then does it itself. Then asks me for my location. I have asked for a refund from the company and have yet to hear back from them. I found that IPVanishVPN is a whole lot better and much quicker to connect. This app is crap!
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6 years ago, Ornak
Never dropped connection
I think this is one of the easiest VPN for iPhone. The app commits about the proxy severs which it is support those are actually very smart to get data. Useful and efficient application.
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3 years ago, hefvhytsddwvb
I’m getting hack
I think this was a good I idea to download cause I’m getting hacked and safari took me too this so I hope this helps 😭
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4 years ago, miryabdullah
The best I recommend.
For any one that country banned apps in there country this is nice you can try for iPad it’s amazing I recommend soo much love it just used and it’s amazing.
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6 years ago, jakdbsusk
Does not work
I started the free trial and it did not connect for me in any server. It connected once and then disconnected when I connected to the wifi. It doesn’t connect with the wifi on and when you turn it on after connecting it doesnt work either it turns back off. I dont know if its the app or the wifi blocking it or something, but it didnt work at all for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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6 years ago, MontiShunku#¥
Good proxy servers with Nice update
Actually I am a regular user of this app. And this time I have looked lots of change in here. Now this is more secure and stronger then before. All the proxy servers are smooth.👍
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5 years ago, Ice cream 🍦🍨
This app is great!And it works perfectly for the first time but when it won’t work for the second time so I have to delete the app and get it again to use it for a bit Please fix this bug
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5 years ago, Still Awesome2019
It's a learning tool too!
Ask me what a VPN is and I'm still a little lost but this app is simple and helps explain in the FAQ'S section. Good job app peoples👍👍 way way up
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2 years ago, littlebugger
It’s crap! Don’t buy.
VPN is on and my phone won’t accept calls or able to send texts or use internet. Frequently have to delete app and restart to get it working properly. Happens at least twice a week at this point. I’m deleting and getting another!
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6 years ago, Tobygamesfan28
Completely useless!
I downloaded the app because of the strict wifi at my school, and after installing the profile and becoming aggravated because it wouldn’t connect, it finally connected. However, it would not allow anything to work on my phone if it required internet; even my App Store!
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4 years ago, Rashkennel
Obviously a scam
I paid for a year subscription and it stopped working the next day,it’s been months now yet nothing has been done...if you love yourself don’t even download this app talkless of paying...my one year subscription can’t be even used for 24 hours,and no one is saying anything about the obvious scam
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2 years ago, mjjg6k
Just subscribed to this App. Trying to connect and it won’t connect? Please help
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3 years ago, djay2316
How do I make sure no one receive my to there phone
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7 years ago, Tester--007
Useful VPN
I think this one is easiest VPN app for user. I used several VPN apps but no one provides as many server like this. And every server works very quickly.
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4 years ago, erina nakiri6
It’s alright
It’s good but the thing is that I only got 4 minutes then I try to re do it I became much better so it’s a eh I would definitely try this on a new device
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6 years ago, prith jr
The best vpn app out there
The best vpn app out there it doesn’t disconnect unless u do it urself and it’s connecting faster then u can imagine Keep up the good work
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5 years ago, Dulitha123
How to end subscription
I just found this on a review and thought this would be helpful, but not 100% sure yet if it worked. 1) Go to settings > [your name] > iTunes & App Store 2) Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen. 3) Tap view Apple ID. You might need to authenticate your apple ID. 4) Tap subscriptions. 5) Tap the subscription you want to manage. 6) Tap cancel subscription. It should cancel subscription for the current billing cycle. Hope this helps Please copy this and add a review under a different rating so that anyone can easily access this crucial information.
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5 years ago, gingerbeard1980
Load of crap
I look for a free VPN (it says free when you download it) to use my apps that don’t work other than in the US and it only gave me 5 minutes and now wants payment to use. If you only get 5 minutes it’s not a free app. That’s very deceptive to say it free by giving only 5 minutes free. Deleting as soon as I finish this review....
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5 years ago, SGT Mazz1
Pushes for subscription when already subscribed
I’m absolutely irritated that the dumb app CONSTANTLY pushes the subscription IAP when there is already a dog gone ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION! Don’t ask me to subscribe when I HAVE a subscription! Because this simple issue hasn’t been fixed in months, I doubt the app actually works fully. All stars lost.
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6 years ago, El mejor toro
Don’t get this vpn app
Even after paying for the subscription, the app does not recognize this and keeps asking to pay. Just as others say— do NOT get this app. Also, just as others have mentioned, this app does NOT work in China. It seemed to work everywhere else albeit with some additional work.
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6 years ago, Dummie1234
Somehow this vpn program will not give me the correcr location. Sometimes it wont connect and when it does it connects to a different location than is set. Also i wanted a 3 day free trial but it made me pay 9,99 for a month which is more than just dissapointing conaidering the indunctionality of this app. Not satisfied. I strongly advice against this app.
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6 years ago, duskandawn
Don’t get this app!
It says you can get a 3 day trail, but there is no cancel button in the app, you will be charged 10 dollars for that. Plus it never works for me. I just figured out how to cancel the subscription. You can go to settings-iTunes & apple store-“your Apple ID”-view Apple ID-subscription to cancel it. Hope this is helpful.
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1 year ago, Tio Amador
Safe, and Secure
Having VPN Shield. Is having safe, and secure phone protection. From unwanted scammers, and unwanted phone calls.
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2 years ago, smokeyo7
A lot better at home
Helps me think ✅
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