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Tigervpns LTD
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User Reviews for VPN Plus

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7 years ago, Kuropyuu
Very good program but...
It’s a great program that’s free. I think the developers did a great job as it does protect you from any overwatch. However that being said having the Free VPN popup come up constantly is annoying. It is also difficult to download files with the VPN running so it negates the usefullness of the program a bit. Sometimes I’m able to download quickly a file but mostly not and I haven’t yet figured out how or why it does so. One must always be aware that the app is running because it’s easy to sometimes download a file and it going well until you realize that free VPN isn’t running and you are probably exposed to being censored for downloading those files you’re not supposed to be downloading…know what I mean… That however is user error and not a fault for free VPN.
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4 years ago, GenevieveLynnwGmW
Worst VPN ever used
Although it has been said that I have used a relatively difficult VPN before, but after I downloaded and used this VPN, I found out that the previous one is still okay. This VPN completely subverts all my previous knowledge of VPN. It not only takes you a long time Click the connection button, and in the connection process, the connection will always be disconnected for no reason, more importantly, he will crash in the middle of your use, my god, I do n’t know what I ask Downloading and using this vpn, I already regret my operation, I just hope that everyone has not encountered such a thing. Every time when I want to connect to a certain country, I usually need to click the Disconnect button no less than 5.6 times. Each time it takes us to wait a long time before the VPN will show that it is connected. Compared to the time I paid for it, In general, this vpn usually only works for 5.6 minutes or even a few seconds. I do n’t know the courage. I ’m still looking for a solution to this problem. No matter how I operate this vpn, these problems will always happen. I ’m really going crazy. Now, what do I do? I download this vpn to facilitate the communication with some of my foreign friends. If I delay every minute, I do n’t know when I can complete the instant communication. I I can't stand the devastation of this vpn anymore, I have changed another vpn.
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5 years ago, Alex Keh
Great but not impeccable
Firstly I must say VPN Plus is the the greatest FREE VPN app on Mac apptore I've ever seen. I'm from China mainland and it would be impposible for me to access google, quora and commonly-used social networkings without the help of this wonderful app. However, the lastest version slightly disappointed me. There was no traffic limit at all while there is 200M right now. Although I can still get some free traffic by staying on the advertisement pop-up, it's indeed in some sense bothering and irritating. Anyway, it's still the best free VPN app. I can fully emphathise the dedication and hardwork of the developers. I write so not for complaining. Instead, I just wanna submit my persenal user experience that might be useful for the coming improvement of our VPN Plus!
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7 years ago, Sol.33
Very pleased
Very satisfied. You may occassionally need to reset connection because at times it may slow speed. I’ve only had to reset a couple of times in the spanning quite a few days. When I did need to the speed would be almost as fast as when not using it. Common sense design making it easy to start and stop as you please. Update: Running program seems to interfere with Mail and trackers. But once app turned off Mail works normally again and you have to update trackers too. Also, ever since OS update app frequently disconnects. So probably an updated version is needed.
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4 years ago, JoIngramuGwHdJ
Brought some trouble
I thought that downloading this VPN would make my work faster, who knew it would cause so much trouble. Because the current studio as a foreign trade staff may need to have video or email conversations with people from other countries, so I downloaded this vpn to help me complete this thing, but from the download to the present, the vpn has not been very good I have never been connected to the VPN in the office. I do n’t know if it ’s the reason for the VPN or the network I ’m in, but my colleagues were able to use the VPN to complete the job, which confirmed that this is the VPN It is not allowed to work in this environment, it really wastes my afternoon time on this vpn. There is also a relatively small number of countries that this VPN can provide. In this way, if we want to watch videos from those countries, wouldn't we have to download other VPN software to help us complete this behavior.
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6 years ago, EverEcho
It works and it’s Free
The other reviews are correct. It does interfere with opening or downloading some programs when open, so I close it. Sometimes you do need to restart it. However, it will run in the background for hours unlike my old VPN which would disconnect and I wouldn’t even know it wasn’t on. I haven’t tried keeping it on for days, since I do have to close it to get access to some programs. Overall, it’s worth the money (ha,ha).
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6 years ago, Linus Xu
A really great VPN service app
I’m a user in China, and I have been using the service for over half a year. Last week it suddenly started to crash on startup, and I don’t know what’s wrong. I immediately wrote an email to the support mail it gave me complaining about the bug. I received a reply the next day, which explained to me the reason of the bug. A few days later I installed the update, and the issue was successfully solved. I think I will recommend this app to whoever wants to have a free and stable VPN service in China.
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6 years ago, Eneossksn
its great but lately...
This is the best vpn for Macbook that ive used so far, a big upgrade from the last app you created, this one doesnt have the annoying add pop up ever 5 seconds, however, lately, its been acting up, it quits henever i try to open it and its a hassle getting it to work, i hope you can fix that glitch and make this app the best again
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4 years ago, Babs2225
Used to be okay
I live overseas, and in order to check US accounts or do other business online, I need an IP address in the States sometimes. This used to be my go to. Now though, it is slow. Slow. Slow. I click on a link with the VPN connected and it goes half way and then sits there. And sits there. And sits there. Sometimes it never does go anywhere. Sometimes after waiting for ten or fifteen minutes, I'll finally be able to link to my bank or whatever. Then...if I need to log on...I sit there some more. Definitely looking for another VPN. This one just plain stinks now.
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6 years ago, YING^2 Wang
It worked very well for few days, especially it is free. But since last night, I can not open it, it exit automatically everytime when I try to connect. I feel confuse what can I do next, so I come here to review. Really hope I can continue to use it, can someone give me an advice, thanks in advance.
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6 years ago, Su Xiaoyu
always reliable but now something wrong
I have used this App for several months. It is totally free and has a good performance. But I have met two times of unknown breakdown since first use. Yesterday it started going wrong again, I can not open the App now. Hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.
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6 years ago, Fludoc11
Best that I’ve found
I’ve been struggling with the Great Firewall. Seems like Every VPN that I’ve tried is incredibly slow. This app though fired up right away, and I was accessing my social media sites with no problems. It’s still a bit slower than when I’m in the U.S., but it’s better than anything else that I’ve tried.
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5 years ago, Goodnyou100
Where do I begin? I trusted that if I updated It would be better. But the previous version worked incredibly well. I could connect and stay connected for hours. This latest version when it does connect will only stay connected for maybe five minutes. And then it tells me I have to wait 10 minutes to reconnect. What the heck is that? APPLE please fix this problem. I'll go back to the older version. This is incredibly frustrating.
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5 years ago, claudia20181219
very good for free
It's a very good program. Before last week it was easy to connect although this week I have to always reset the connection and try every route. But I still trust you can give your customers a good program. Just here waiting for you!
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4 years ago, k3ytrin
Once you pay it stops working
When I first downloaded the app and tried it for the first 3 days that are free, it worked very well. Then I proceeded to pay for one month of access and since that day it stopped working. It conencts to the servers, runs for about an hour but then suddenly "loses connection." When I disconnect and reconnect in hopes to solve the problem, it drops after a few minutes and this goes on for as long as I am willing to put up with it. It makes watching a movie really hard as it drops every 4 minutes and there is nothing I can do about it. I tried reaching out to customer service but all my emails keep bouncing back saying that the customer service email does not exist. I recommend to just get it for those initial three days and then move on to another app/service.
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6 years ago, myrain2002
This App is fantastic.
First of all, i’ve tried multiple Apps and this one is a random search. I did have much faith on this one. But i was shocked by how convenient, functionl, easy to use on this App. The best part is the App is totally free. Please don’t block the App or start charging like 10 bucks a months! 5 star App.
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1 year ago, DAvidsnzdc
Is What it is... Perfect for vacation
Been in south america for few weeks and could not make payments because of my location. banks and financial websites would not allow me to do it. I download this app and it works well. Just what I need for the time I need it
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6 years ago, Jims62
As other reviewers have said, they tried others but VPN is the one that works. Some websites ask if you wish to read english or?? as the VPN server makes it look like you are from a russian country. Just reload a webpage and you dentify from somewhere else in the world. Ain't that fun?
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7 years ago, Oke3s
I love it. Very simple to use. I have not used a paid VPN before so I can’t compare it with those, but among the free ones this is definitly the best. Some apps are labled as free but they trick you into paying. This is absolutly free and works awesome. SOMETIMES you can’t open up emails or some websites, that is the only negative. Definitly recommand it ...
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5 years ago, 1963Cat
Does the job really well
Before initating the app, I could see from my browser that my identity and area could be seen. After starting the app, the immediate effect was seen and my location and identity was hidden . Excellent app
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6 years ago, Coco_Lz
It didn’t work again
I used the app almost for 1 year long. 4 months ago, that older version app didn’t work, and now the newest one met the same situation. Whatever, thanks for your great job.
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5 years ago, KateMonster1513
Good but has limits
Really pleased with it overall, but I’ve noticed that the internet slows after a few hours. This may be inevitable, though. Plus, considering that it’s free and that it works very well overall, I can live with it. :)
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6 years ago, cjm2477
Best VPN app yet
This vpn works pleasantly well! There’s no particularly noticeable network lag, unless downloading/uploading files, which is understandable. The VPN was shockingly easy to set up and use, and it works extremely well! I’ve recommended this VPN to all my friends
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1 year ago, isaattolini
Used to work but this time didnt
i always bought the plan for this vpn but this month i bought again, and didnt work. its saying that my service has expired even though i was charged. I hope there is a costumer support.
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5 years ago, Vppqrt
Best Free VPN
I love this program. It gets me passed blocked websites in school when needed for projects and such. However, the second something happens with connection, it dies. It's very free however with no subscription and this is the only one that does that, so thank you. :)
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6 years ago, Carsong5613
NONE of the other vpn apps on the mac store would work for me they would just drop a connection. Then I eventually came across this vpn app and it worked perfectly! Thank you so much for making an app that WORKS!
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3 years ago, stc18gggg
Good when it worked
Had some difficulties loading all of the things I needed to using the browser. When it was working it was wonderful but im giving it three stars because it only worked 2/3 of the time.
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5 years ago, Morella55
so far it’s great
i’ve only had this for a few days, until now it has worked perfectly. Hope it stays that way
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6 years ago, Mike_Bruce
VPN Plus quit unexpectedly
Though this App is terrific, however, I’m frequnetly confronted with this error message now “VPN Plus quit unexpectedly”, and it’s not getting connected. Developers / Admin, please look into the matter and solve it. Thanks!
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7 years ago, Bincentier
I have no idea why some people rank it one or four stars. This software is really very useful and efficient,especially free. You only need to choose the country you wanna connect and click it. PERFECT!
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4 years ago, GaryWulol
No longer free?
I've been using this app for long time. It's been free all the time, which is very precious. Although it sometimes disconnects, most of the time it works ok for me. However, after the recent update in Jun 2020, it says "service will expire in 3 days". Does it mean there is no more free VPN service?
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6 years ago, ok./
It was working very good… but now quit inexpectedly!
I have been using this VPN for about a month and it was working great for a free VPN. But from today start quiting unexpectedly. I hope they can fix it.
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6 years ago, Rookittie
VPN Plus
So far so good, works well with no cost. Would recommend for the casual user not sure about long term but worked for entire weekend watching out of market games. :)
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4 years ago, Theniknamethathasnotbeentaken
The best free VPN EVER!
As a prisoner in the god-dam China-mainland, it is impossible to get access to any foreign wedsite. Although it crashes sometimes, it does help me to be connected with the world outside the dictatorship of the party. XOXO to the developers.
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5 years ago, fanhobi
easy to connect
a great app! if you need a strong,fast,easy to connect VPN that is the best one .only need a few second to connect. I recommend you to try it ,you will enjoy!
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2 years ago, saintdominic
Good app but
I like the UI, but the app crashes every night while the Mac is in sleep mode. Not a big deal, as closing and restarting the app seems to fix all. Just a bit less than complete in programming perhaps. Good pricing however.
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4 years ago, 1Silverado2006
Program Requirements
VPN Plus is required since I have purchased and requested service be restored. Please provide VPN service or I will cancel my purchase. System pop up says my service is expired.
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7 years ago, Ron Julia
Best VPN YET!!
VPN+ is an awesome app. I’ve tried others but it slowed my internet speed down tremendously. VPN+ works just like its not even running although I know it is because of the timer running in my dock. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ‼️👍🏾
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4 years ago, OriginalStevenH
Was free now they want your money?!
got a new update, now seeing that you have to pay a minimum of $1.99 for their "FREE VPN" service and thats only for 7 days. what a huge load of horse S$%#! Honestly this app isn't that great If I was going to pay for something I would pay for a known good brand. Time to take my buisness elsewhere
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3 years ago, HS- EM
Lunch and Download Error
I am subscribe user for this application. After (3) days using this application, I cannot connect it anymore and download it from App Store.
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5 years ago, Ahmad_Reza
When you come from a country where freedom is prohibited, everything is filtered, then the value of this software is determined. Thank You FreeVPN!
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6 years ago, Marietta College
The best, again! Thank you!
In China, you don’t expect to get a better vpn than this one, and it is a wonderful app. Perfect! My experience has been and remains to be: this is the best VPN one could possibly have! More than 5 stars. You have updated the Mac version and now works wonderfully. Look forward to your update on the iPhone version. Thank you so much!!
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6 years ago, Firebrand808
Keep It Up!!!
Only started around a month ago but this has been working awesomely ever since. Great download and only performs at the highest standard! :) awesome
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4 years ago, JV@R
Pretty good App
The app is great, I have not encountered any big problem. The minor problem I have encountered is that it does not support Netflix
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5 years ago, sjutton3
Great, fast, free VPN!
I have been using this VPN for about a year and it works wonderfully to bypass the restrictions on my university’s WiFi. Highly recommend!!
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7 years ago, cranbird
It works as promised
It’s a solution to get vpn without any charge, which is good enough. The pop of ads is annoying but tolerable so far.
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6 years ago, 1Ddd1
does not meet my needs
i want to use this app to visit some countries’s websites and download some information,but often whenever this happlens,vpn will not connect,and other countries can connect,i really don’t know why this is,when vpn connection after a period of time,there will always be no reason to disconnects the downloaded data can not be downloaded,it wastes me a long time to use this app in life and work,it can not solve the problem i encountered,i regret diownloading and using it ,it has waste my time on this.
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6 years ago, LogLegoMan
Wont Work
Everytime I try to open the app, it immediately closes. Is this because of the program, or is it my computer?
Show more
4 years ago, juarezsuarez
Works Fine
No complaints.
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6 years ago, Dillsh
very good app when it doesn’t quick unexpectedly
The first 3 times it worked perfect, but then it started to quit unexpectedly right after I opened it. I can’t even reach the connect button.
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