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User Reviews for VPN Surfshark - Private Web

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1 year ago, D|F
SurfShark is the Best VPN for MacOS and iOS Users
I used the 7-day free trial to test Surfshark on my MacOS Ventura Macbook Pro, as well as my iPhone and iPad. The experience was nothing short of seamless! Many other VPN services draw customers in with certain features or guarantees, and though they *support* MacOS and iOS, the actual functionality of the app and its integration can leave MUCH to be desired. One that I used disconnected periodically without any notice, which left me open to sending private information over an unprotected connection without even realizing! With SurfShark, it connects and STAYS CONNECTED no matter what, so there is no chance of accidentally revealing private information. I love that you can set it to change IP addresses on a certain interval. The multihop feature is unique and lets you put an entry VPN location, multiple VPN 'hops' and finally an exit VPN between you and your data's destination. You can literally send your data across 10 different countries before it exits at another VPN IP and proceeds to its destination, for ultimate security. Both the MacOS and iOS apps work identically, with identical features. In short, Surfshark is the most MacOS and iOS friendly VPN I've ever used, and offers everything one could want, with none of the bloat that is so common in other VPN software. I'd buy a lifetime membership if they offered one!
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2 years ago, djlee6
What's the point
Looking to have more privacy in my browsing and be more protected on public networks I got a VPN. I did my research and found surfshark to be the best value VPN by numerous sources. Now that I have it I wonder what the point is- the connection is spotty at best, in fact I have to disconnect my VPN daily to load websites and if I turn it back on the website freezes again. Additionally netflix can now detect when a VPN is running and sometimes does not allow playback while your VPN is up, yet another scenario you have to disable the VPN and lose any protections you might actually get from it. Also the VPN takes up extra battery life and for some reason some days it seems like it is transferring a lot more data than it should be which really drains the battery. What you want in a VPN is to not notice it or think about it ever while it protects your online privacy and security however this has not been my experience with Surfshark. I am left wondering what the point is if I have to turn off the VPN to access websites daily due to connectivity issues or websites that can detect VPNs. Even on a good day I often have to disconnect and reconnect to the VPN multiple times because my connection has stalled. On top of this some days it causes me to get 25% less battery life because Surfshark is mysteriously transferring a lot of data.
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3 years ago, Eve Babylon
Started Great, Got Better
I've been using SurfShark since its initial release in 2018. It can be hard to find a VPN that is truly secure, hosted in a location without monitoring agreements with major world governments while still giving you the speed and flexibility necessary to do your daily work. When it was launch at the staggeringly low pricepoint it has become famous for, I honestly thought it would implode within a year just from operating costs. Instead, SurfShark has gone from an incredible value (as in, I legitimately didn't believe it at first!) to a reliable, stellar, top performing VPN that I happily use as my daily driver and will likely be loyal to for life. If you've been thinking of switching from another Big Name VPN (especially one of the ones that bans torrenting, streaming or gaming!) to SurfShark, I absolutely recommend it.
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3 years ago, J360 TX
Easy & Effective
Great VPN service that delivers exactly as advertised. Being self taught on computers and programs and assembly I find this to be of ease to use. Easy to setup on mobile device and computers, and running both a Windows and iOS computer in my home it works effortlessly on both devices. I enjoy the ability to use the VPN in other locations and see information even web pages I may not see on local settings. Many people shop for value or just fly with a “name” brand. Do a little research as I did and you will find this VPN to be one of the better ones that do as they say, privacy and ease of use just to start. I have recommened to family and friends and they are surprised and pleased with the ease of install and setup, not to mention peace of mind to your privacy.
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4 years ago, GregorJohn
Ongoing Software Update and Useability Problems
Surfshark is great at maintaining a VPN connection. That is, if you can get the software to load, if you can get past the ongoing keychain problems, if it can recognize your password, and you can endure highly complex solutions offered by the help desk to basic issues. Today was another example of how updating the app throws it into complete dissarray, unable to recognize system password, unable to interact properly with the keychain, with very bad pop-up menu sequencing to meet the keychain password requirements. Your experience with Surfshark will go like this: an excellent VPN when and if it allows you to log in, and when and if the software actually will load and work. I was in London earlier this year for example, and really really needed the VPN to work at a cafe. Completely broke down, all the same issues, keychain, login, everything. Help Desk had me installing arcane versions of the software to try and get it to work. No luck. When my subscription is up, I doubt I will return.
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3 months ago, all_c_ing_i
I constantly keep on getting cut off on my 2021 M1 Pro and it NEVER cuts off my Internet. I'll be browsing for hours before I realize that I've been disconnected. It is the most frustrating thing ever. How difficult is it for them to have a feature that lets us actually browse worry-free? I signed up like 3 or 4 years because I was upset that Private Internet Access charged me for some extra feature that I never used. But otherwise, their Kill Switch actually WORKED. Whenever I was cut off, my Internet was disconnected. With SurfShark, I keep getting violated and exposed over and over and over again. SurfShark is only good if you want to use the web privately SOMETIMES. It's seriously trash that they can't make this feature actually work. It's such a small thing that collapses the whole idea of paying for a VPN. All of the other features negate missing this non-functional feature. 

If they fix it, I will change my review. Otherwise, don't ge4t tricked like I did!!! 

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3 years ago, BPWY
Satisfaction, followed by frustration
Six months ago, if my memory serves me right, I wrote a comment, highly thinking of Surfshark, which, during its trial and early early days since my two-year subscription, had been working very well, fast connection, fast speed. Thing started to go down, all abruptly, nearly fifty days ago. No more connection with whatever protocol. Of course help was asked for to its team, which responded at a fantastic speed and heart-warming patience, but, sorry to say, the issue remains untackeld, after all sorts of solutions provided, as you can imagine. No I have simply shifted to Letsvpn, occationally using Hotspot shield of its free version, which I suscribed to for one year before Surfshark. The fact is, I have removed Surfshark from my Mac, seeing it making me real unhappy when thinking my subscription won't expire till Feb 2023.
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2 years ago, Maynard Ngyuen
DNS leak checker
I've had this application for about 6mos. now and I have a few issues with it: 1) I can check my IP address checker and WebRTC leak checker but cannot use the DNS leak checker. It doesn't work and hasn't for months. I have to go to another VPN website to check to see if my DNS is exposed. 2) Forget trying to get a hold of anyone from the Surfshark website to help you with anything. They won't return any emails. 3) You can no longer stay connected to whatever location you were using on Surfshark once you disconnect from your WiFi. Why is that a problem? Once you connect to your WiFi, your real IP address is exposed even if it is but for a brief moment. I believe you can be tracked from that moment on. I was impressed when I first got this product, but now I think there are better providers who care enough about their customers to answer questions and keep them protected. I'm not sure this company does.
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1 year ago, geoffreyalanholliday
Latest updates, App Store and direct, broken on Mac OS
Something has gone sideways because the latest update has "broken" connectivity to the Internet entirely. When the VPN is engaged, I cannot connect to any websites, including SurfShark's. When turned off, obviously I can connect like normal. Nothing has changed on my side other than the automatic software update. I have 3 Macs and all have the exact same issue. All were connecting fine with SurfShark...now they are not. I used to never even think about SurfShark "doing it's thing" in the background. Now my confidence is shaken as there have been repeated "hiccups" for several months now. This latest one of course has forced me to resubscribe to another VPN service month-to-month until whatever is broken here is fixed...and stays fixed.
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5 months ago, ImAnEmergency
Used tp be great. Now it's inconsistent.
I had this app on my previous Macbook Pro (touchbar gen) which unforturnately met a premature end. The app was consistent even though it would constantly get flagged in multiple browsers so I'd have to enter captchas multiple times per day. Some websites wouldn't load with a VPN on and other sites required me to change VPN locations to work. A few months later I got a refurbed 2019 MBP (also touchbar) and now the app completely quits without notice when my screen goes to sleep and it's a daily occurence where I come back to my computer and spend an hour browsing only to realize the app wasn't running. My current app version is 4.12.5 but this has been happening since October 2023 so multiple versions have had this same issue.
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3 years ago, Hotel visitor
I want to like it but...
First the good: I had no problem downloading from the App Store and installing it. It connects quickly and easily. Read the full review below. I've updated it. Now the not so good: it slows down website unbearably. Some sites refuse to load at all; others load at the "dial up speed" you may remember from the past. Some websites load quickly. I have a superfast connection that works flawlessly, unless Surfshark is connected. When it is on, expect delays. Wish I hadn't bought a longterm contract. I received the message below from Surfshark. I adjusted the settings and this seems to have resolved the problem of delays. I still don't know why the setting that said that SS would use the best setting wasn't giveing me the same response. Surfshark responded to your review of "Hello! I would highly recommend connecting with different protocols in this case - you can find them in the App - Settings - Protocol. Wireguard or OpenVPN UDP will speed things up so give it a shot and in case the problems would persist our Support team is available 24/7 via Live Chats so don't be afraid to reach out!"
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2 years ago, Whobuti
Surfshark VPN
Surfshark vpn works great for me on my Iphone and Mac computers. I do have a problem with the dmg version of the software downloaded from the web site. It caused my computer startup time to go from 30 seconds to over three minutes. Working with tech support over many days has not taken care of my problem. At least if I uninstalled the program my computer would go back to normal. Tech support asked me to do another uninstall using their method to help them find the issue. Now my computer has the long startup time no matter if Surfshark is installed or not. Bottom line - the apple version is a good deal. The dmg file install from their web site created havoc on my computer and could possibly do the same to yours. Proceed with caution.
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3 years ago, ExTexan
It works ok, but...
It does what a VPN is supposed to do - I guess. But the reason I gave it only one star is because of my frustration with their user-interface. I use a MacBookPro. Most apps will conform to the "Mac-way" of doing things - like, for example, you click on the app name in the upper left of the menu bar, and there's a "Preferences" option. But not SurfShark. First of all, when it's open, the app name doesn't even show in the menu bar. You have to find the gear icon in the app. And, yes, I'm familiar with the gear icon meaning settings - but that's a standard websites follow. Even after I got the "Settings" page open, it's not easy to figure our which "category" to go into to find what it is you want to change. So I just had to click, click, click until I accidentally happened on the proper setting. All in all, a very frustrating app to use.
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2 years ago, Highendlowlife_HELL
Best VPN for beginners...and veterans
Personally, ive tried many different VPN services while following the VPN-free trial trail and found that i grew eternally exhausted from the amount of burner email accounts and work involved in maintaining that "lifestyle". I am gratfeul. For it had allowed me to try out multiple different services(nordvpn,betternet vpn,atlas,pure,norton etc.) and come to the conclusion that Surfshark has the easiest to use interface, best options to further improve your privacy, offer other services like anti-virus and a great price. You wont go wrong surfing the internet if your swimming with the sharks and not running from them. BANG BANG SURFSHARK VPN GANG 4 LIFE!!!!
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4 years ago, MorganBsc
The best VPN Out there
I travel a lot for work, and both for being able to enjoy contents from my region, and to add a further layer of security, I have tried many VPN services during the years. I switched to Surf Shark after reading some articles as well as some review about the software, but I was attacted also by the fair price. The software has a simple and easy to use interface, works well and keeps on getting better. The best feature? The customer support: I had some issues with the software due to the ISP I am using, and they quickly responded me and helped me until the issues were solved, meanwhile other people I know using the same ISP, cannot connect to the web via their VPN services. I use the software on a MAC, but also on my mobile device, and they quickly helped me with spot on instructions. So to Emma, Ruth and all customer support personnnel out there: thank you for your great work, professionality and rapid responses!! It is nice to see that you guys care and clients do appreciate it!
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10 months ago, Rajay0917
Mediocre VPN (Mac)
I have been using SS for about 3 years and I can say in that time there has been a lot more glitches in the program. I constantly find myself turning the VPN off so a site connect just to turn it back on when the site loads, hence defeating the purpose of having the VPN. Apps like Prime, Netflix, and at times Disney can even pick up on the VPN and wont let you access their sites till it has been turned off. Often times I find myself having to pause the connection or disconnect completely because a site that was running perfectly fine will no longer load because of the VPN. Overall the VPN does keep your IP address hidden but at the cost of connection, constant updates, and mediocre service. Its relatively cheap, so thats nice...
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2 years ago, presumed air
Friendly, fast, convenient, supported
Originally, macOS took a *very* long time to authenticate the Surfshark VPN installer. I walked away supposing it had stalled forever, but eventually installation succeeded — so faith is rewarded, sometimes. VPN is not magic. Sometimes a connection through Surfshark is recognized and discriminated against, sometimes it breaks a website in ways that are obscure to me. However, Surfshark runs well on every device I use, has every feature I want, and connections generally are more than quick enough. Product support is really pretty good IMO. I’m a happy subscriber.
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2 years ago, iLikeSlurpees
By far, the worst VPN
The number of positive reviews for this VPN is astounding given that it is among the least secure and slowest of any VPN I have ever used, and the company is clearly run by morally bankrupt individuals. Anyone subscribing to this junk service needs to know that auto renewal cannot be turned off, and renewal is basically forced on you unless you call or chat with customer service, which is a waste of time designed to convince you to stay. SurfShark needs to engage in these anti-consumer immoral tactics because no few people would voluntarily renew. As far as their VPN, it does not matter whether the server you pick is in your own state or 10,000 miles away; the connection is always absurdly slow. In addition, many websites do not work at all regardless of the server. Google is constantly flagging the connection as a possible security risk, and many websites deny access altogether. Not a good sign. KillSwitch has been in beta for years. It never works, and even after you turn it off it constantly warns that it could not be turned off. Security is another problem. SurfShark automatically installs a self-signed trusted root certificates without informing the user and obtainign consent.
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4 months ago, Nickdagrk
Amazing VPN
I was using AVG VPN on my iphone and just purchased a mac and thought that I could use the same vpn and it was difficult to navigate their site. I found this on my macbook's app store and checked out other peoples reviews and saw that they were all great and gave Surfe Shark a shot. Not only am I paying for one subscription and is currently on my phone and two computers but I am also going to install on my wifes phone and my entire family will be protected. I am super happy that I signed up. This company offers a lot of value.
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2 years ago, CrawlingEvil
Good Prodct
Overall I really like the product. I only hesitate to give it five stars for two reasons. One, they don't have an Apple TV version, although I suppose that could be technical limitation of Apple's APIs on Apple TV. Secondly, I have some odd issues with connectivity. I'm not sure if the developers can do anything about it, but if you ever find you suddenly can't connect or do something, try disabling Surf Shark briefly and see if it works. The onnectivity can be really strange. For example, when enabled, I can receive e-mail, but not send e-mail from my computer, even though both actions are connecting to the same remote server.
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2 years ago, NEMO245523
eats up tons of data and battery
I have used surfshark off and on for the past 3 years. During a 2 yr subscription which was incredibly cheap compared to express, and others. Interface is user friendly and internet speeds remain pretty fast as well. The PROBLEMS I am having with surfshark is many websites start to freeze up or they are so slow I am forced to turn off VPN. Also the enormous amount of data that gets used up when surfshark VPN is active is insane. Im talking 20-30 GB in a matter of a few days and thats with me not even on my device that much running in the background. My battery seams to be draining very fast as well. Super frustrating
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4 years ago, J Eshelman
Hands down best VPN value
I've tried a few different VPN's, and of course they all do virtually the same exact thing. All things considered, you will not find a better value for the cost of the 2 year subscription. Unlimited devices, unlimited speed, extremely simple user interface on both iOS and macOS as well as being extremely stable. The kill switch also works like a charm which is extremely important if you are looking to protect your privacy. (and if you're buying a VPN, I'm pretty sure that's important to you)
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3 years ago, John Lobert
This has to be the worst app to use for a VPN. I switched from Private Internet Access (which is an outstanding service) because Surfshark was cheaper. Big mistake. About half of the time I use it, it requires me to re-enter my password. Why? I complained to the service about it, and the response was tantamount to "it's a feature, not a bug." The "solution" proposed not only didn't work, it created it own problems, as most sites wouldn't even connect after I implemented it. To rub my nose in it, I was told that since my 30 days had passed, I was now stuck with paying for two years of lousy service. BUYER BEWARE! UPDATE: Still no adequate help and no refund. I just wasted my money on a two-year plan that is totally useless. DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!
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2 years ago, L. Era
Most Improved and Consistent VPN on the Market
I have been using Surfshark VPN for over 2 years on several devices and operating systems including Mac OS, iOS, Linux, and Windows. Surfshark has been the most consistent and stable VPN client that I have used in the past several years. I have used Express, Nord, IP Vanish, and Proton VPN. Head to head, Surfshark speeds, along with advanced app features, and several protocol options have left me extremely satisfied. Most of all, Surfshark is adpating to the times and competition in the market place by maintaining resonable prices and frequent app updates. The advanced app features work and have little effect on speeds and system performance. If I had to choose only one VPN client at this point, I would go with Surfshark. Value, performance, and consistency across platforms should be the norm. Surfshark continues to achieve these benchmarks
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11 months ago, TsuwabukiEGL
Occassional Issues
I have been using Surfshark for some time now, and there is just 1 big issue. Every so often, if I am connected to VPN in the USA (where I live) things might stop loading, IE: email, the weather app, photo and video in text won't load, etc... The first time it happened, I called apple support and they couldn't figure it out at all. I found that the only thing that resolved it was to switch to another country. It happens once or so a week now, but it's a super quick fix. I wish this wasn't an issue.
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3 years ago, caringiscoool
So easy.
I've used a couple different VPNs and they worked fine but Surfshark is the easiest. I just basically never have to think about it, which is all you want from a service like this - you just want it to work seamlessly, everywhere, without having to mess with it a lot. It makes me feel really confident and fine doing my work from public wifi networks. I bought the one year plan and it has already been WAY worth the money spent.
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2 years ago, canyousonicmedoctor
Easy for Non-Techies!
I love this VPN. It works great, doesn't slow down my computer, and allows me to stream shows that are avaiable on sites like Netflix from other countries. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because when I use it on my phone, I have to fill out a CAPTCHA or something similar (think the "click the pictures that have stairs") whenever I search on Safari. It gets very annoying so I often don't use it on my phone but if that gets fixed I would absolutely update this to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, ceo.realness
Reliable and easy
I've been using Surfshark for almost a year now and I can say I really enjoy having it. I feel a lot safer when shopping or browsing in general and have been able to have acces to shows in different countries that are just impossible to watch in my own. I appreciate the ease of use and how many locations I have access to, sometimes multiple in the same country so I can use the best one for me. I use it almost everyday.
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9 months ago, YoVee63
Throw your $$ into the wind - it's just as effective as this
Lured by an offer that seemed too good to pass up, I stupidly bit and now I'm in a world of hurt. I have to disconnect SS to browse so what's the point of having a VPN if you have to shut it to do my work?? Or if it does try to connect to the page I want, I have to do the "I am not a robot" dance - so many screens & images to click on. It prevents maps from downloading on my phone so I have to remember to disconnect that if I want driving directions. Worst of all, there's no refund due to this being a cr@p product so I'm stuck with this cludgy "product". I may just cut my losses and get another VPN as this one is going to cut my life short due to frustration and annoyance. DO NOT BUY.
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2 years ago, joe turosik
Great, needs more settings options
This is an amazing service to use. Affordable and reliable. You do need to change servers after so long for the connection seems to lose speed. Once you change servers though its back to normal. Wish there were more settings features to manipulate where you can add it and use it. They also need to add more servers (this point is petty). But I have and will continue to recomend this to anyone and everyone.
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2 years ago, CurryQChan
Fast and User-Friendly
I've been using my SurfShark subscription for a little over a year now with a three-year plan. The connection goes to the fastest one by default, but I can use other VPNs to use other countries' services. I've had maybe one or two dropped connections in the time I've used it, but otherwise no issues. The price is also reasonable, I feel, though I'm not sure if it's changed outside of the special I had.
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2 weeks ago, AlessandroMusic
My First Personal VPN... and the BEST!
Over the last year, I have been travelling a lot both for work and liesure - and Surfshark has been instrumental in allowing me to stay connected and accessible while feeling protected. I've had a few issues where some sites (Netflix, Paramount , etc.) blocked my IP -- but after connecting with SurfShark Customer Care Tech Support, I was able to login to my accounts. Highly recommend!
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1 year ago, On Time - On Target
Fast and Easy To Use
I made the switch to SurfShark a number of years ago after having poor performance experiences wit some of the other VPN competitors. It was a great decision and I highly recommend the service. Only issue (1 start hit) I have is there is no way to turn off auto-renewal within the app. Instead you have to call into customer service and manually get that turned off. I have no intention of canceling the service. But find their auto-renewal policies a predatory practice.
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11 months ago, pduncan2000
I have used this VPN off and on. It has constantly reduced my Download speed from 265 Mbps to as low as 38 Mbps. The highest I have gotten is 131 for a brief period. I have used this for over a year now. But has not proven to be as robust as advertised. This is my experience. I have tried to see if I could make any adjustments, but have failed in finding a a different outcome that is lasting. I don't think it is any better at any of the other VPN carriers either. I am in Dallas Texas. We have all the greatest Internet providers. They are not as good as they say either. But the are very reliable. Imean even 98 Mbps is decent enpugh for streaming. Just saying things are not what they are advertised.
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1 year ago, LaynieBird
When it works, it works. But then it doesn't.
It generally works well, I guess. It doesn't work with certain websites like with my bank, which I would think would be a particularly important website on which you'd want to use a VPN. And every couple of weeks it stops working altogther and I have to try the various troubleshooting tactics which have worked unitl now. Idk, maybe I'm spoiled but I prefer apps that make my life easier rather than having to play with them so often. Especially ones that I pay for.
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1 year ago, Jim _B
Great VPN
Athough Surfshark is a GREAT VPN for the average person and I feel confident in surfing the web. I have one complaint, and that is the Auto Renewal feature. Two years ago when signing up I explicitly explained to the represatitive that helped me that due to my age I didnt want Auto Renewal. They talked my through how to turn it off at that time and we did. Then about six months later i went into 'my subscription" and it was reset to "Auto Renawl" once again. This is the reason I only gave 4 stars
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3 years ago, The Berb 1975
Best VPN experience you can get !
I have to travel a lot in foreign countries where I spend sometimes several months. Some of the websites essential for my business are inaccessible abroad and I was eager to get an easy fix. I have been dabbling at first with many VPN solutions until I found SurfShark. I downloaded it and one click later I was up and running. No confirgurations to load or complex set up. And I see no speed difference!
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4 years ago, amilojev
Great service, especialyy for the price
Benn using them for a few years, but managed to get the two years for $1.99 a month. At that price, its a no-brainer to get this VPN. The service has only expanded to include more servers and the service is quick and responsive. I've only used the chat, but they've always resolved any issues with me through there. Everybody needs a VPN and if you can get two years of this, do yourself a favor and get this one.
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10 months ago, DHOktane
Works great if the URL doesn't hate VPNs
It's nice being able to connect all of our family's devices, even if we have to use sketchy public Wifi without a password. But be warned that some websites (e.g. my bank) don't like connections through a VPN. It's easy to Pause the VPN for 5 minutes or 30 while you're connecting. Obviously, don't do that while using sketchy public Wifi and contacting your bank!
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3 weeks ago, thatbeachchic
Not Chrome Compatible
Updated Review: SurfShark support reached out to me and helped me adjust settings on my Chrome browser. Apparently the latest update for Chrome messes with SurfSharks ability to load websites. Enabling the "Secure DNS" option and under "DNS provider" section select "OpenDNS" on Chrome fixed it. Their support was really fast and resolved my issues. I plan to continue using them.
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3 years ago, Pradise in the mountains!
Surfshark is fantastic
We were looking for a VPN solution for our home because we were tired of knowing big brother was always watching...after finding the APP on the playstore we've been using it for 6 months now and have had no issues. The app just runs in the background and you barely know it's working...but it is! Great app and I do recommend it to my friends.
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3 years ago, SoCali90000_99999
Living Overseas
I left VYPR (?GoldenFrog) for SURFSHARK, here is why; I can use SURSHARK on all of my portable devices/cellphones combined - what an added plus while I live and work in East Africa for another year. The earlier provider was limited to my handheld devices, however, that is behind me. As of this post, my connectivity remains great. I came across the name of SURFSHARK in a tech magazine that I cannot recall - THANK YOU SURFSHARk, you keep me connected to my family and friends in the US. CHEERS!
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3 years ago, Snickleboomboom
Great Value VPN
The price is excellent for the features you get. I have no problem using this on my phone and laptop. The only issue I do have is after trying many times, I can't get the Smart DNS to work. This is a major bummer since that's the only way this will work on my AppleTV. If I didn't need this to work on AppleTV, then this would be a 5 star VPN for me. That reason alone will make me reconsider renewing the service. But again, as a VPN (minus smart DNS), Surfshark is excellent.
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1 year ago, SurfersKitty
I could work digitally safe "in the US" while traveling Vietnam
Because of Surfshark, I could submit grants in the US while traveling throughout southeast Asia. US grant submission sites require US IP addresses, so Surfshark was able to put me there virtually. Surfshark provided a safe digital experience as we traveled through several countries. Beyond happy with our purchase and would recommend it highly to anyone who asked.
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6 months ago, WJM61952
Very inconsistent on Mac UPDATE
AGAIN, after multiple emails and over 17 attempts through your support system.....I'm still wanting a refund of my payment. First you say it's outside of policy for a 2nd refund. Hey....you're the ones who asked me to try again. I did. Then you say it's outside of the 30 usage policy for a refund. Well.....if you were to solve the problem we wouldn't have this problem outside of the 30 days. All I'm wanting at this point after multiple attempts to get things working.....IS A REFUND. Seriously, guys.....just give me my money back and we're done here. It doesn't work well on a Mac.
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2 years ago, Al kb
Do yourself a favor, and don't download it. JK
Surfshark is so good but I mean, so good, that I am afraid it will become too mainstream, too popular and could put so many service providers of how well it evades detection, and do something to reduce it's effectivity. (Counting on the engineers at Surfshark they'll stay ahead of the curve). It not only gives you a plethora of connecting ports and IPs around the world, it also connects super fast, stays connected, and you can come the next day and it will still be hiding your location. I have used it for a year, and just renewed it for another one. I will be able to watch my beloved european soccer matches, the F1, and most likely the Soccer World Cup coming this November. So yes, you should have it too. Al
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1 year ago, 净真爱
worst support and product, fraud
It has improved lately, and it is working in all places I work from. I have not used support lately, thank God. the system can get slow at times, I have to pause. and some website, I cannot load it with Sufshark on but I heard that is a problem with all VPN. Overall, I am satisfied, and I feel I already got my money worth after one year of use. But I signed up for the deepest discout, 3 years,
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3 years ago, gslauren
Super Easy
I was always afraid of using a VPN, even though I am relatively computer literate. They sound complicated, combersome, slow, and overly priced with the free apps dangerous. This VPN sets itself up, gives you options that you will understand, and it is simple,safe, and easy. Not to mention the price is worth every penny, especially if you get it on sale. So relieved I took the plunge!
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1 year ago, acypher
effective, but usability problems
When everything is working fine, it's effective. But the interface is preliminary and needs lots of work. 1) For instance, It just put up an alert stating "From March 2023, Multihop will not work... Please update your app". There is NO link on the word "update". The main menu has no entry for Update. The Settings in the sidebar has no entry for "update". 2) Also, I sometimes open the app and the window simply doesn't appear. And they don't know why. They just suggest that you uninstall and reinstall.
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2 years ago, Engineers R Us
Save yourself the money and headache
I can’t make this work, even after a half dozen emails from tech support changing all sorts of parameters. This should work “out of the box” but of course it doesn’t. Emails don’t send, streaming services are erratic or I can’t log into them. Word and Excel sometimes don’t work since it’s trying to connect to Microsoft’s servers. I apparently waited too long to get a refund, due to an accident in the family that put a large burden on my time keeping the family business operational. If I could rate this lower I probably would. Sincerely, An unsatisfied disgruntled customer
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