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Victron Energy
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1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for VRM

3.58 out of 5
19 Ratings
2 years ago, Alternate Electric
Just as good as the web interface
Love the service and the data available! As an installer this is my favorite platform for remote monitoring. Using my mobile phone is more cumbersome than necessary both in a web browser and in the app. Specifically, the Advanced page could be more friendly. First, I like that a tap or a hold shows a data point on all visible graphs simultaneously, but can they be more “persistent”? As soon as I scroll up or down to see other graphs, the data point disappears, and it would be helpful if it stayed. Obviously the screen is too small to tap on exactly the time point I’m interested in, so usually I slide to get where I want to be, or even to see exact numbers change over time. There are two problems with this. First, the data box is always placed at the same point on the screen where my finger is, making it impossible to read the data. Second, sliding side to side moves the entire graph back and forth, rather than just the data selection. Great work overall, and I love that there are always advancements. Thank you!
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1 year ago, packrat1969
Same goodies as web-based VRM.
Just downloaded and checking it out. I have noticed an issue that the remote console graphics are pushed off the bottom of my iPhone 11 screen (iOS 15.6.1), with no way to slide them up into view. This makes most of the console screen unusable. This also happens on the same phone when using the web-based version of VRM in Safari, though not to such a degree. There is plenty of screen real estate if the graphics are scaled properly, like when using the console on my local network. I have no issues then. Any idea how to fix this?
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8 months ago, Nogreyareas
2 yrs of use, very happy.
I’ve been using the VRM app on an Apple phone for about two years now. We’re very happy with it. We can see all necessary information, and when necessary were able to fire up the generator and charge the batteries so that they are maintained and avoid freezing. We once notice constant draw on the system. This was when the cottage was winterized, and there should have been very little electrical draw. Because of this we researched and learned that the septic pump was constantly running do a freeze up in some pipes. so ultimately, the VRM helped us troubleshoot a problem we did not know existed.
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3 years ago, dswan17
Logging out
The apps works fine normally. But since the last update every time I close the app it logs me out. Please fix as it never used to and is very annoying
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5 years ago, Trygonas
The app it should not be a final product
I have been using the app for few dates It does not flow .It has bugs e.g the the total production by vps is not reported on schematics , historical data have mistakes . Downloading data as xcell you do not know the starting and ending time . The data are accumulated , I need to download choosing time and date , displaying per date with sub totals and grand total . It should have the facility the data to be downloaded interactively, on schedule to iCloud or a nas server ,as well be emailed. These are preliminary observations on the new update looks like rewarmed up old food. These are preliminary observations. You have done nothing of substance , you remove some info and graphs that they were wrong after years , downloading does not work still, never mind its functionality . Some of the figures are still not making sense. Making the app go via web and shows products and other marketing info makes it more dysfunctional. The app still has no flow. In my opinion is still not ready for production .
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5 months ago, JeremiahReview
Notifications still in Celsius
I am glad to have the VRM portal in an iOS update. It was nice last year when they added the ability to have temperature units in Fahrenheit. All temperatures displayed within my VRM app are in Fahrenheit. Unfortunately notifications for temperature alarms are still in Celsius along with alarm emails. Please fix this. I will be happy to update my review once this is addressed. This is a great app otherwise.
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11 months ago, usalegin
Ok but only tells half the story
The app is useful to see solar power generated and power from a generator as well as AC consumption. However, while it can show you the DC consumption of an electric motor in real time on the dashboard, for some reason it is unable to add that consumption into the total power consumed data. This means the analysis reports are useless since, on our system, the DC propulsion motor is the biggest consumer of power!
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5 years ago, Xathros
Good monitoring app for VE bus system.
App needs to be updated to support newer iPhone screens as currently, the remote console does not fully display on iPhone 11 Pro. Please add option for displaying temperature values in C or F.
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9 months ago, mbraun1973
Fabulous dashboards at your fingertips and ability to remotely connect
The app works great and the temperature units mismatch I was experiencing was resolved when I upgraded the firmware on my CerboGX. All good now!
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4 years ago, smolaw
Outstanding service
This is an outstanding cloud service from victron. I still can’t believe it is offered free of charge.
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3 years ago, PicassoJHB
App not compatible with IOS 15
This app is no long compatible with IOS 15. When you open the app it now takes you straight to a Victron page on your browser where you must log in everytime🙄😤🤬. I am uninstalling this app because it is now utterly useless.
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3 years ago, DaredtoDream
Update broke login
Have to re login every time you close the app. Please fix.
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5 years ago, Braam
Web app?
Why call it an app if it’s just a frame around a web page. I’ve been using the app for many years and this update is by far the worst idea. Thank goodness the products are great. Please build a proper app and pull this disaster from the App Store. Or just put the previous version back.
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2 years ago, BoBo7899
App needs to display battery temperature
This add needs to display the temperature of the batteries. The other app VictronConnect does this. This app is good otherwise.
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