Wa Sales Tax

3.5 (54)
48.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Washington State Department of Revenue
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Wa Sales Tax

3.48 out of 5
54 Ratings
6 years ago, Doug J Seattle
No send button or escape from address field
Very cool app! But, if you go to share, the send button disappears after putting an email address in, And if you click in the address field but want to click instead on the locate button, you can’t escape the address field. Also, share should include SMS sending so it can be texted to your friends And one more - sending to support suffers the same no send button issue
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4 years ago, Still on the wheel
Our ancestors were amazing
Washington State is very hard to do business in. Once you had to know the hundreds of tax rates for all the tiny little tax districts a contractor would do business in. With this app and a little luck, you can actually charge the correct tax at a residential or commercial address with the push of a button. In a year I work in several hundred tax areas and I don’t care, just open the app and get it right every time, no arguing.
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2 years ago, TheDuckNamedNick
Taxing Period
There’s no ability to change the period for which you want the tax rate. On April 1st, the app provides Q2 rates, but I’m still looking for Q1 rates.
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5 years ago, HappyDitches
New version much improved
I like the new version. Fixed the bugs from the iOS updates that made words disappear. Plus being able to send multiple saves entries from the list, and in a format that can be imported into an accounting program is awesome!
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9 years ago, Handyman Electric LLC
I want more...
I save each invoice in this app. Then email each to an email just for tax purposes. • It would be a time saver if there was a bulk export option instead of me emailing each individual invoice separately... • It would be a timesaver if I could export the information to Washington State's combined excise tax online experience...
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9 years ago, Ʈɧḛ Ƥuɳḭʂђeŗ
Great app
I use this for the buisnes I work for, only complaint I have is some of the sales taxes are a little off but other than that 98% on track with taxes.
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8 years ago, Vino2525
Great App
I'm in the home improvement industry and his app makes my life so much easier! Not only can I calculate the tax rate but I can also calculate a contract amount with the taxes!
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4 years ago, BACKFLOWS ONLY
Great little program. I am glad I found it. Makes my life as a service tech a lot easier. Fred
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7 years ago, Pete in Redmond WA
Wow! This is great especially when taxes just keep going up and up! Never under-tax again.
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8 years ago, TSPAdventure
Cannot Enter Address
When I try to enter an address the keyboard will not go away so I can actually see the rate. Current location seems to work okay but I am not always at the location.
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7 years ago, Rita Meter Maid
Doesn’t work
Can’t seem to get this app to do anything. Wont calculate tax by GPS location or manually entering, gives error message over and over, I have a iPhone 6. Will be deleting and sticking with the website. Maybe it’s just a fluke for me, not sure what’s up.
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4 years ago, Me4786
App worked great
This app worked great until recently it won’t pull up anything.
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5 years ago, kenswing
Why did you ruin it?
This was a great app. Now it’s slow. Several times it’s told me I was out of state. Worst of all is you changed the size of the numbers. Now I can’t see them without my glasses.
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8 years ago, Gkdyek
Small Business User
It is a great tool for looking up the currant tax rate!
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11 years ago, Johnny 1960
Taxes for other than normal purchases
For the everyday tax rate this is fine, but if you're looking for a tax of a car or motel. This app doesn't give you the option of additional tax rates that applies to the purchase.
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9 years ago, jnoahr
Not enough information
This app only provides state tax. It fails to provide local taxes. I was hoping to use this for a vehicle purchase but it fell way short!!
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6 months ago, Investindie
Doesn’t work
Worked fine for several months now it’s stopped working
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3 years ago, *BM* Works fine
Just crashes now
App just crashes to Home Screen after showing loading screen for 20 seconds plus. On iPhone XS Max w/ iOS 14.3
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6 years ago, Nicolas Ganea
All I want to know is the location of the % what the retail tax is instead I have to type an address of my client. What a waste of time
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3 years ago, LeeroyJenkins!
Doesn’t work
This app was wonderful for WA states pathetic taxes in each tiny municipality. It hasn’t worked for almost a year now.
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3 years ago, Bhgffdjgf
What happened?!?
This app was amazing and so easy to use! Now it’s frozen and won’t open. Please fix!!!
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5 years ago, UserNameDrew
2.0 no improvement
2.0 is not an improvement didn’t need to change the format it’s less convenient to use and smaller text
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5 years ago, Notapaidreviewer
Effectively useless
Lacks categories of goods and services to determine if they're taxable and by how much. There's no state tax rate and local rate for a given county. App is pathetic.
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9 years ago, GrnXnham
Broken Version
I've been using this app for a couple of years now. Past versions were fine. Just got this update yesterday. This update is not ready for primetime. The "Current Location" button doesn't work. You hit the button and it spins and spins until it says "Search has Timed out" Luckily, I can still manually enter an address to get the tax rate. Under the "More" menu, the "Tell a Friend" and the "Send Feedback" buttons don't work either. You hit them and nothing happens. So you can't even send feedback to let the developers know how bad this update is. Because they aren't getting any negative feedback, the devs probably think this update is working. Don't update to this version!
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12 years ago, TwoNuts
Perfect for in home sales & service
With the dividing lines between the local city and county tax rates being somewhat difficult to memorize, this app makes proper tax rates a breeze with GEO location being utilized to determine your location you don't even need to input an address. It couldn't be any easier to calculate the proper rate for my customers. I have to say the Dept. of Revenue did a great job. How often will you hear someone say that? Dennis A. Vancouver,WA.
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12 years ago, jasontiffany7583
Very easy to use on the go
How refreshing to see a state agency keep up with the times! This app is so convenient and easy to use on the go for my look up needs. Love how I can put in my taxable amounts and hit the button to calculate, then BAM, I get everything I need. And I can send myself the info I need via email. Way to go Revenue! You continue to evolve with changing business needs. Thank you!
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11 years ago, EmDrei
Great for rural unincorporated addresses!
Ordered a new computer online and they were trying to charge me 10.5% sales tax. Had the sales rep load this app to her iPhone and then plug in my rural WA address. You could hear the "thud" when it came up at 7.6%. They made the adjustment to the correct tax rate. Yea!
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12 years ago, Flyingniner
Couldn't be any easier
Calculating sales taxes in Washington can be cumbersome. With business being conduct more often on the go, and many people relying on smartphones to conduct business, this app couldn't have come at a better time. Way to go DOR!
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10 years ago, Plumbing Solutions
Sales tax rate locator
Finally a government agency that created something to help the small business person. The app is easy and quick. Kudos to you!
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9 years ago, Garuda69
Ya, they broke it😢
Have the same problem, won't "always allow" in location services. I've turned on the allow about 10 times, won't hold it. I did send a message but if it's a state employee, could be next year before it's fixed!
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8 years ago, Dr infrared
Could be better
This app would be better if it would let you look up sales tax for a city without the specific address. Having to have the specific address and ZIP Code is a hassle and makes this app less useful than it could be
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12 years ago, cmarcmc
A winner !!
I will recommend this app to my accounting friends and my clients! This app may encourage smart-phone purchases too :-)
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10 years ago, Jeromeechubby1
Calculator working now
Calculator defect seems fine after update. Awesome app now
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12 years ago, A Washingtonian
Wonderful Application
The Sales tax calculator has assured I'm charging my customers the correct sales tax rate!!
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9 years ago, Minniesoda
Doesn't let you check on previous years
I don't see where the app allows you to check on a previous years tax rate.
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9 years ago, Parallel reader
No longer works
Used to Love this app. I have used it for last 2 years and love hitting "current location" button. Since last update No longer works...just gets spinning wheel of death. Please fix!!!
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12 years ago, Metcerb
Simple and easy to use
Nice work
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10 years ago, jk4469
Fast, Convenient and Easy!
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9 years ago, Gra8pmkn
You Broke It!
Used this app for years. But the find location button times out after 30 seconds. Fix it fast so the Government can can get its money!
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9 years ago, Mad taxpayer
It's fixed!! Thank you.
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10 years ago, Wlj334
Perfect! Easy to use in the field.
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1 year ago, nickname1997!
Handy and saves me money.
Because tax rates vary from place to place, it helps to insure you are paying the least tax possible. My specific address has a low tax rate, so when I buy services like roofing, septic, propane and others I pay the tax for my address. Some companies on Amazon also use this rate. One thing would be nice to have is ability to pin drop on the map and get the tax rate at that address. That way you wouldn’t always need to type in the exact address. Just a wish list!
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5 years ago, Burn One
Must use full address or Tax rates incorrect
You must search with full addresses to get the correct tax rate. I’ve looked up a couple locations and the tax rate is reporting back incorrectly if I only put in the city and zip. For example if you put in Tacoma , 98406 it comes up as .093 which is incorrect. But, if you use a full address in a 98406 zip code it comes up correctly at .102 . Be careful, this could cause mobile vendors a lot of money over time if you don’t put in the full address of the location you are at. Users Be careful 😬
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5 years ago, perkeyburger
No updates in 3 years?
I got this app because the website tax calculator suggested it. I was looking specifically at car tax rates, which is different than my local tax rate, but that option isn’t available on the app. Even more disappointed the state thinks you just make an app and that’s it. Apps require updates in code for security (c’mon we’re putting addresses in here!) and features, like the car tax calculations. I could see all kinds of uses for this, if they’d only give it support.
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7 years ago, TD Mobile RV
Saves Me Time
This app has really been a great time saver for me. I do RV repair on site for customers, so I travel to quite a few different tax locations. I also noticed the app recently updated some addresses that weren't in it previously. I would like to see the ability to type in a "location code" and maybe have a map come up that shows the area covered by that code. Hope this review helps.
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12 years ago, dailyvignette
Awesome app
I don't typically write reviews, but this is an awesome app. Very helpful to have on hand. You can manually enter an address to get the current sales tax rate or tap an icon and it will use your current location to figure out the rate. You can save each rate provided in a list, with a confirmation code, in case you are ever audited. Good job DOR!
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