WAFB First Alert Weather

3.2 (139)
92.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAFB First Alert Weather

3.21 out of 5
139 Ratings
4 years ago, brbobstet
Freezes sometimes
Since the latest update have been having intermittent issues with app freezing when trying to open. Looks like it needs another bug update
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4 years ago, eflowrp
They make fun of other weather apps
When I click on this app, I have to look at a picture of the channel 9 weather folks before I get the weather. Then I get to look around ads for the weather. A notification box comes up on the screen of my phone, but when I click on it I get to wait until something that looks like weather loads. Usually I’m unable to find out what the notification was because it’s a video that won’t load, not that I want to wait to see that any way. This station has a commercial that talks about the folks in Atlanta and how they don’t know our weather. But when I click on that app, the weather comes right up. I don’t have to look at the icons of the channel 9 weather crew. Imagine that. I’m very disappointed with this app.
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2 years ago, hey!!abbott
Support has a 404 message
Clunky is not the wird. Something recently changed. I can no longer rewind or forward through a forecast video to see pertinent details, a critical thing during a forecast for active severe weather. If i try to rewind at all to see storm eta for my location, video starts over including the annoying 15-30 second ads i have already seen. If I’ve already watch the ad for the video i should be about to do a little relevant slowing and speeding. That your app support link goes to a 404 makes it clear you’re not thinking about your audience. Guess i’ll have to move on.
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9 months ago, AlanM75
Please add “feels like temp” to Hourly for iPhone
I believe the Hourly view on the iPad shows you the “feels like temperature” as well. That’s an extremely important number these days. Please add it to the iPhone version. I personally think you have room to add a column. Or you could add a setting to pick which columns to show. I’d rather that than wind direction. You could also allow the app to rotate to show all columns in landscape view.
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4 years ago, across_mountains
App Freezes Too Much 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
I can’t find my last review so that I can downgrade it. I am sick and tired of this formerly good app freezing on a regular basis. It has gotten to the point that I have also downloaded a rival station’s (WBRZ’s) weather app so that I can have a dependable, local weather app. I’m about at the point of deleting WAFB’s weather app freezes so much that has become trash. The only reason that I haven’t done so yet is that I keep hoping that the app will be updated to correct this malfunction. I am beginning to wonder if the person in charge of this is asleep at the wheel.
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5 years ago, L~o~l~a
New Update (5/9/19)
The new update needs an update! I have to go into the help menu to figure out everything! But if I had to pick one thing that changes it would be to put the location dot back on the map!!! I HATE that this has been removed! I like that I didn’t have to zoom into street view to see how close the bad weather is to my exact location. I’m on the road making multiple stops for work and on bad weather days I am always using the app before I leave a location to see what I’m going to be driving into. Please fix this!
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4 years ago, its a waste!
Too much of the picture!
My biggest complaint is waiting for the app to load and having to look at the same picture routinely. Then if you decide to check something else after just logging out, you have to go thru the same thing again, even if only out for an instant. The other thing that drives me crazy is the infomercial they constantly do for it when you’re watching the darn weather on their newscast!
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1 year ago, SophieLee2023
Tried to look at during the storm last night, didn’t work, only had info from an hour before. Had no power, sirens blaring and had to call a friend so they could try. All they got was an add from this app while trying to look at the radar. Ps the radar wasn’t even current. Downloaded this due to how the weather is down here and needed a reliable source when power goes out. Wish it would of gave us live time feed.
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5 years ago, yung mailbox
I like it needs work
Really really badly needs work on the UI its very clunky and hard to use needs a bunch of bug fixes to for the last month i havent even been able to open the app it kicks me off every time, i like the notifications and all but please fix the UI it is so god awful
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3 years ago, DavidT560
Great App. Only Wish It Had Widgets
I just wish the developers of this app would make widgets for it. I only trust WAFB WX as my source for weather and to have a Home Screen widget that I could just glance at for current temp and low temp that would be a 5 star move. Thanks in advance.
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4 years ago, SaintNicknameistaken
Needs improvement
Videos need improvement Can’t look at videos sideways and flat, have to turn phone sideways and hold it like binoculars to keep video from flipping back
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5 years ago, mollielee
Not working
The app does not open half the time. Seems as if it is stuck or something and no way to move from pictured staff. Location is on. App is good when it will open. Deleted and redone but still does same thing.
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5 years ago, Go Joshua l.
New update is horrible
This new update is TERRIBLE! I will be using a different app until this is resolved. This makes the radar 1) look majorly outdated, 2) difficult to see the precipitation because the watches and warnings are not transparent enough, and 3) look confusing because severe thunderstorm warnings are red and not yellow like TV and every other resource. It is a completely terrible update.
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4 years ago, tmeyerer
Great app but..l
Most of the time it freezes and won’t open. We need a fix, please b
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4 years ago, kkhjhyy
App not functioning properly
Just recently with the new updates the app seems to get stuck on the per launch page. Even when I reboot the phone it does not always resolve the issue. I’m hoping a new update will resolve the issue, because it is very frustrating. I’m currently running iOS 13.3 on my iPhone. Hoping this info helps developers.
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1 year ago, Reader...
Different Weather
The app weather info doesn’t match the weather info on the actual news. In the hourly forecast, it states 2:00 has a 80% chance of rain. I watched the news 30 mins later, it states a max rain chance of 50% ALL DAY long… This happens everyday…just get The Weather Channel App
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4 years ago, Mike321stars
App freezing fixed
The latest update appears to have resolved the intermittent app freezing. Thanks!
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9 months ago, Grandad2003
The radar view sometimes locks into futurecast when the settings are switched from precipitation to clouds or other setting then switched back to precipitation then saved. Returning to settings & toggling the modes can unlock the future mode.
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5 years ago, SaSaStarshine
Doesn’t open
The app is good ... when it works! About half the time it just locks on the front page with the weather people, then nothing happens and can’t move anything. So I have to go to WBRZ’s weather page. Too bad.🙁
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7 years ago, 2wise4u
Too many ads
The app is ok and gives some pretty good info. I also like the alerts but the freakin ads drive me nuts. There's an ad on each page which means I won't EVER upgrade the original WAFB app for news. I prefer not to be bombarded with useless information constantly! I plan to delete this app!
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4 years ago, RZd133
Last update has caused major issues. Never had problems before
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6 years ago, TiahB_1068
Deleting app.
Gives basic weather info WHEN YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE IT SUE TO ADDS ON TOP OF EVERYTHING!!! Deleting this app and going with WBRZ CHANNEL 2 because of it So frustrating that you can’t see what you cans there for 80% of the time
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4 years ago, AbrahamsBeard
Way too many ads can’t see content
If you want to watch a 15 second weather update you have to watch 2.5 minutes of ads. No thanks instantly deleted their app
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2 years ago, 2180ooooooooo
Too much color
So many color patches can’t even see the Hurricane needs an option to turn them off and on
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4 years ago, OhSuzyQ2
Often “application not available in my location” recent weeks ?!?!
After years of depending on this app and decades of depending on ch 9 now I repeatedly get a message application not available in my location. Wth Centreville, MS
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4 years ago, lorilyn59
Need help
My app since update days mot available in your area disappointed need this for when the storm hits
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5 years ago, Dementedmadman
The new update causes the app to crash
Since the latest update the app doesn’t even open. When I click to open it closes out.
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7 years ago, Dapukapluggah
Late timing
You guys need to fix the timing on the notifications for lightning and rain. When it pops up lightning is located 4.6 miles away but starts flashing like its 4.6 feet away there is a problem.
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4 years ago, Nannastubbs
Since the last update, I can’t get it to work!
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2 years ago, jallen491
Why are there so many colored sections on the map? It looks like an overlay but there is no way to turn them off.
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9 years ago, Rw238800
Good app but...
This app is very good-pretty graphics and accurate radar. That is, it's good when it works. It crashes on start very often causing me to delete the app then redownload it. Get a more stable app and this is a 5 star review.
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4 years ago, fayecoop
App freezes
App is frequently freezing. Please fix this bug. Like the app. Hate the inconvenience of daily freezes.
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4 years ago, Scrap123
Freezes too much
Needs work to keep from freezing up.
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5 years ago, jeighcee
Ad Loaded
Use this app and you will have to wade thru crap ads first. Users likely want to know weather first. Tone it down!
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5 years ago, Will.i.am9669
Won’t open at all after update.
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4 years ago, carolmelancon
Hijacks Kindle widget
Best weather for my region, but it opens when I activate my Kindle widget. Annoying; I’ll delete it.
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6 years ago, Beprimeaux
Not optimized
Not optimized for iPhone X, too many ads, outdated feeling design.
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7 years ago, rrrrbbb
Quit pushing this app during the news
Every day when watching the news on WAFB the two meteorologists push installing this app to get the "latest weather" updates. The app is a total joke. Each time there's an update you're forced to watch 30 second ads before you can see anything. Static ads are fine, although you'd think between online ads, broadcast ads, and revenue from cable services that an ad on a weather app would be superfluous, but the ads in this app are full screen and no way to exit out of them. This app is nothing more than a blatant money grab providing very little useful content that can't be obtained elsewhere faster and more accurately without the necessity to line the pockets of WAFB to watch a radar.
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9 years ago, RobbieB76
Old version was better
The older version of this app was better because the map would show up first and stay up. The new version has a setting for the map to be the first thing to show up but that doesn't always work, the tabs just flip around in a circle and you hope you can catch the map like on a slot machine...I mainly want to look at the radar. Everything else is secondary.
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8 years ago, JH70706
Cool but not functional
The "new look" is still functionally awful. Instead of seeing a map, forecast, current conditions, and perhaps a scrolling alert, along with a menu for less-used items, now you get just current conditions and headlines in this cooool rotating format. Yes, it's so cool. News flash, WAFB: I don't check the weather app for its coolness factor; I want to see what the weather is. The old app did that better. WBRZ still uses the functional template WAFB did previously, for now at least. You open it, and what you need is right there on the screen.
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12 years ago, Cee San
Video on weekend
I really love this app! I like knowing what the weather is like at all times and this app does it all... EXCEPT there is no videos posted on the weekend for the weather... Doesn't matter how severe the wether is this app doesn't show any news coverage... I love the app and it would be perfect if there was video coverage on the weekend...
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7 years ago, maranuna
You don't get it
WAFB does not even see these reviews!!!!!!!!! They STILL show the weather team for way too many seconds!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!! WAFB, to first gaze seconds upon the weather team ( as much as I think they do a good job) then an ad, THEN to get to the actual weather menu.....that is difficult at best........ Just doesn't get it!!!!!!!!!! I am sticking with Weatherbug for my typical, everyday news info. True that it is not geared to our area only, but at least I can get current info without the hassle WAFB puts you thru. No good local weather app.... Certainly not Shingleton's weather mess! Certainly are not updating the weather info. Might as well not even bother to look at this one, but I keep hoping!
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8 years ago, Fern1955
A+ app
Best weather app I've got! Love the way you can add locations to track weather around the country. Great for keeping an eye on vacation weather or weather near my far flung family.
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11 years ago, Shin Dipper
WAFB Titan 9 Weather App
Excellent app for severe storm warnings. We used it exclusively on Christmas Day 2012 while we were in Louisiana. During that time, a tornado formed over us as it moved east. I can not say enough good things about this app.
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9 years ago, Rock_n_56
Great update!
Love the new update! More user-friendly. I really like the new real-time maps. I didn't like the "past-future" radar maps. Thank you!!
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13 years ago, DavRodr
Fantastic weather map! Loads fast. Had been using national weather maps, this one is better and pops right to BR.
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13 years ago, Danny-Bird80
Add on
I love this app, I would really love push notifications for severe weather or even daily weather.
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7 years ago, RS7RS
Best Weather App I have found!
I really like this App, the Future model for Radar is really helpful!
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9 years ago, Kneeda
Too complicated
I've gone back to the older version. It has less complicated maneuvers to see the radar. This version is for someone really into the weather. I just want to see the radar and hurricane warnings. No thanks! And, please, stop telling me to upgrade........
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9 years ago, Zel On Tha Beat
Great app
Great app I use whenever I travel and before I plan a trip.
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