WAFF 48 First Alert Weather

4.8 (17.8K)
76.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raycom Media Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for WAFF 48 First Alert Weather

4.76 out of 5
17.8K Ratings
3 years ago, I Trust WAFF
What I Like About WAFF Weather
I know I can count on the meteorologists from WAFF to keep me updated on local weather conditions. When the weather is uncertain I keep my TV on Channel 48. Brad and the whole team are there, giving us minute by minute details about storms and don’t leave us in doubt as to what might happen when and where. They stay on the air whenever there are weather conditions in our local viewing area, never leaving us to guess where a storm might be. The meteorologists speak very clearly and in a calm tone, never sounding alarmed or uncertain. They speak slowly enough so I’m able to understand what they’re saying. Meteorologists on other stations in the valley talk so fast it’s hard to understand what they’re saying and they zip from one radar picture to another so fast it makes my head spin. Like I said before, if we’re having questionable weather, my TV is on WAFF 48!
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6 months ago, PrettiGurl-MommaBoss
The are my favorite
I just wish WAFF update their website each hour ., hour by hour lol as they say for those that are working driving and can’t receive. Clear connection on streaming! Especially when it is dangerous weather or any kind of threats in our area ( THE VALLEY) Huntsville AL and surrounding areas ! You all are still my favorite and the BEST in my book! -Chell 🥰
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3 years ago, Jdree3
The most recent live broadcast
I enjoy the app and have used it for years. I miss the feature on the Live Broadcast of it playing the most recent broadcast when Love is not available. This was a nice feature to get a detailed weather report when I was not able to view it at the time it was being aired. Please bring this option back. Thanks. I used to love this app.... I downloaded this because it covers my local area (North Alabama). When I started watching the severe weather coverage today, it started up in the Birmingham and Tuscaloosa area. Then swapped to the middle eastern Mississippi area, then cover some of Myrtle Beach, SC, then the Huntsville area came in and out. What happened? That’s about as useful as a pocket on the back of a t-shirt! It’s as if the app has merged with other organizations and made a constant live stream of the SE of the United States. If I knew that I would’ve just downloaded the weather channel app. Is this the new format from now on?
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4 years ago, need timely weather reports
Should have left it alone.
I have been using this app or at least the original one for years. The original was good. Then it got better. Now after changes that were made last year it is not the worst but it is close. The app used to send notifications faster than any of the weather apps I have installed. Currently it is the slowest one. It doesn’t send warnings until several minutes after the NOAA warnings are sent. A year ago I would receive notifications before NOAA sent out its notifications. Pinpoint notifications are slower too. I was notified this morning about a storm in my location after the storm was moving away. I used to get those before the storm reached my location. Radar maps were changed so that they are not as easy to use also. What ever the developers changed have made this apps less likely to be one I will keep. My family agrees with my assessment too.
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4 years ago, Lk23vbnmx
Great app but now it’s crashing on me
I have always always loved this app. It’s always been my #1 go to app for weather but for some reason now 95% of the time it pops “this application not available in your location”. And won’t even let me open it. Even if I didn’t live in the location it still shows tropical stuff brewing everything. It use to never do this & I haven’t moved. I’m still in the area for the app. It has done this all morning actually & as I write this review I went back to it & now it’s working. It makes no sense. Whats more aggravations is when it does it during a storm like the other night. Although when I’m able to use it, it’s an amazing app. Like I said, it’s my favorite weather app to use.
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3 years ago, nick3737474
Way too many useless alerts that make me look at my phone constantly
I was just about to uninstall this app and was looking for a way to send feedback to the creators and the. Convenient review window pops up. The app itself is great but the constant alerts just to say it’s a good day is so annoying. It’s one thing to give us a heads up if it’s going to rain or storms but good grief. The app pops up and say sunny today but next week it might rain! Wow.. now the review window doesn’t even let you see what you are typing. I’m just going to uninstall it and go back to my whnt app. At least I don’t ha e to look at my phone 20 times a week for this app to tell me it’s sunshine!
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2 years ago, AppReviewer2023
Needs improvement with faster radar refreshing
I think the meteorologists are great but the app needs improvement with accuracy. I still use it as one of my main apps, but I have noticed that it can be up to 10-15 minutes behind timing on the radar for my location. I know this because it is not the only app I use. This matters when we have severe weather entering the area. I have just learned not to rely only on this one app. Of course, it’s best to always have a NOAA weather radio as well.
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4 years ago, Yrwot
Have had on my phone and iPad until recently. Live just over the Al/Tn state line and kept receiving a message that it could not service this area. Called the station, had to leave a message concerning the problem. Of course I did not hear back for anyone....so I deleted the app and looking at another station’s weather report.....you snooze you loose customers.
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1 year ago, fhrirudhdud
Feeling Safe
We have been watching Brad Travis since he joined WAFF 48 News. He’s our first and only choice to turn to every afternoon and evening to give us an accurate forecast. He and Eric together give us a sense of peace when severe weather hits. They are sincere and truly care about the viewers. We trust Brad completely. Huntsville is blessed to have him to protect us during severe weather.
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3 years ago, mad customer paid too much
Make sure when you’re promising most storm or rain
Find new promise some of thunderstorms and not see a cloud in the sky at the time you say that’s gonna be What do you call a wolf call about going to have bad weather and have absolutely nothing something wrong there that seems crazy to look at my weather report on Friday Saturday or changeHow many ten-day forecast is a complete jag sometimes I go to bed thinking it’s going to storm the next morning and don’t have a drop of rain that’s weird or vice versa
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2 years ago, 369DGT
Can’t stream live…
…at last check. I use to love to watch news in the morning every morning as I got ready for work. Now, the video stops playing and I get an error message. I can restart my phone before and it fixed the problem most of the time. Now, that doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, heyhappiness
Problem with app?
I’m having the same problem recently with my First Alert weather app. Most of the time I get the not available in your current location! Why? What’s going on there with this app? It’s always been so reliable and accurate, now not so much! Would appreciate some feedback.
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4 years ago, southern gunslinger
48 weather app
I like this app. It gives me great information . My only problem is one that started about a month ago. When you click on the app it takes awhile to come on. Sometimes it will not come on. I deleted it and reloaded it hoping that would help but so far no. I think it had developed a glitch that needs tweaking .
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6 years ago, f105av8r
A Good App But Needs Some Changes
The app provides timely weather information but runs patrons through the same advertising each time it is accessed. During dangerous weather this delays access to important information while one waits 5-10 seconds viewing advertising that has already been viewed.
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5 years ago, GREAT APP!!👍🏼
Please fix the map
I used to love this app but ever since the last update the map is difficult to read with the new colors and contrast. It is impossible to tell where you are on the map because it is so dark and there is no contrast to see roads. Please return the map back to the way it was. All the other features are great and still usable except the map and I RELY ON THE MAP THE MOST!!! I would give the other version 5 stars but since the map is so hard to use and I rely on it the most my rating is very low :(
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2 months ago, JBain1
Latest Update Disastrous
This is my go to weather source on live tv. I love Brad Travis. However this latest update to the app is a complete sell out. Very disappointing. A weather app shouldn’t be a fake advertising overload on completely useless stuff that is nothing more than clickbait. Ads for gutters, men over 50 testosterone builders, here’s why these affordable showers are sweeping the nation, and see what insurance companies on your area are overcharging for are not ads. They are clickbait. They are not wanted. I am changing my go to weather app. Do better WAFF48 or rather Raycom.
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2 years ago, akckaN
Only works when…
App only works when there is no rain on the radar. Once you start tracking storms this app is crap! Find another more reliable app to look at the radar during storm events.
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5 years ago, jdal15
Missing one thing...
great app for the most part. I prefer this app over the pre-installed Weather app. THE ONLY THING I WOULD LOVE that would make this a 5 star app is a widget for the notification screen. it can't be too hard to do since almost 90% of the apps on my phone, even some games, come with widgets. I'd just like to take a glance at the weather instead of always having to open the app
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3 years ago, The Bank Lady
Very informative & accurate weather!
This is the ONLY weather app I have on my phone! We are up & outside very early only after I check our weather. We appreciate all of the great features of this app!!
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5 years ago, Crazy money these people want
Radar is a joke
You guys always tell us to watch the radar to keep up with weather but it isn’t close to accurate. It doesn’t show any rain at my house, the closest is over 50 miles away and it’s pouring. Other recent days it shows my house covered and should be for a good hour or so but the sun is shining and nothing. One day you even did a video showing all these storms 20 miles away heading right at us, nothing.
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2 years ago, bunky9248
Weather and news
We watch your news and weather morning and night plus most night shows
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4 years ago, Lol Willie
48 Weather
My app is upside down and will not correct so you must turn the phone upside down to view the data. It has worked well until today so I’m changing to 32 weather app.
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4 years ago, Was hopeful
Why do you refuse to fix your video problem?
The last part of forecast videos are cut off. They are cut off by the exact amount of time that ads play at the beginning of the video. This is EASY to reproduce. So, why have you not fixed it? Is the last 20 seconds of your video not important? Is it filled with useless blather so cutting it off is actually saving me time from useless info? If not, then be a real weather authority, put your viewers safety first, be professional and FIX EASY BUGS.
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2 years ago, Grandmom1
Best weather station
I use WAFF weather daily, especially if I have plans to go out that day. It is very helpful also to make advance plans . This is the only weather station app that I use.
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5 years ago, Jhglover
Delete then Reinstall app if problems after latest update
This is my favorite WX app, however, after last update, app would open, then immediately close. Simply deleting app then reinstalling it fixed the problem... works fine now without problems.
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3 years ago, FG_BotBrad
Correct Weather
I like it. When they tell you what the weather is gonna do, instead of guessing and getting it wrong like channel 19 or 11 or weather channel.
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5 years ago, Bluebirdsunrise
App is sleepy and won’t open.
Had this app for years and it worked fine for IPhone . My software is up to date . Now when I try to open there is stalling out at the face page and it never opens. I rely on this app every day but have to either turn my phone off to reset or I have to delete WAFF Weather app and download it again. Wha happun? Baby come back. Maybe Weather Bug got jealous and did smite? Sincerely, Tornado Alley.
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5 years ago, Imsaved01
The update ruined the app
This app used to be awesome!! When you guys updated the app it ruined it!!! It will show it’s raining where I’m at and the sun will be shining or vice versa!! It’s so frustrating!!! I’ve looking to find another app that works better as soon as I do I’m deleting your app!!! I don’t like the graphics you guys changed to either!!! It’s hard to tell where the rain is headed!! Please either switch back to old app or update this because it doesn’t work!!!
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11 months ago, 𝔸𝕄𝕆ℕ𝔾 𝕌𝕊
Amazing app!!
This sends me notifications when I am outside playing. This helps a lot because I can see where lightning is. This app is great! 100% recommend.
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5 years ago, hgcbngv
Locks up
I used this app regularly for a couple of years. It was reasonably dependable. However, it’s gotten to where it stays locked up and unresponsive 1/2 the times I try to access it despite several attempts to reload and reconfigure it. Being a “first alert” it should be dependable above everything else. And yes, I agree that the intrusion and delays introduced by the advertising is substantially more annoying than other apps in its class.
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8 months ago, Eat_Sleep_Sing
LOVE, but...
I'm not even from alabama, but this app is just as accurate as (if not, more than) my local weather radar back home. My only complaint is that this app needs widgets (if there aren't any already)!!!!
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3 years ago, glamourbylisa
Love the app
Love this app have used it for yrs. for some reason lately it keeps making it so my location it’s not right , and I can’t see where anything is moving into now or into the future.
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6 years ago, Dee129111
Doesn’t work adequately
Doesn’t give storm/tornado warnings for my area, but flood and other warning for other areas. Yes, I set it for my area in the settings. Too many ads on the app. I just want weather.
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5 years ago, Kels13J15
This was a good app...
The “warning” boxes are so dark you can’t even see the radar. So then you have to take the extra time to turn off the “warnings” on the radar. This doesn’t help the situation, especially if you are unfortunately basing most of your alerts off this app. I know you aren’t suppose to but sometimes you don’t have a choice either. I just feel it could be more user friendly.
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1 year ago, Jeanninekjr
Weather app
When is it is bad weather very good app and when rain comes it will let you know to keep us safe
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3 years ago, jfire914
Great App to have for your safety
This is and awesome app to have where you can look at radar and see before it’s too late to take precautions . You can view it when your not around a TV .
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3 years ago, RT in Athens
Great weather app
Great app. Wish that you would also show the barometric pressure. Interesting to know with approaching storms and would also be very interesting to fishermen.
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2 years ago, sarah grace jones
Love it
It gives helpful information about the weather the lord is good I hope and pray that God helps you keep up the good work.
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3 years ago, SearchLooker
Weather Info
I need to see radar conditions for selectable locations and scales of observation, and movement during short intervals, showing size & speed of approach. I need almost instant access with my choices of supporting information that is available to the meteorologist. I appreciate No interruptive advertisements.
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3 years ago, Seagreensee
I looked for a place to post my weather pictures
This was it
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3 years ago, A. Hervert
Thank you
The most reliable radar source and weather service I trust
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3 years ago, Destroyer Man PO3
Great APP!
Love this app and use it daily. Many thanks for your professional work and caring for the well-being of we the people.
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5 years ago, Woebegame
Daily wind strength and direction does not match hourly
App is slow to load, especially radar, which sometimes won’t load at all. You can’t rely on daily wind info, as it doesn’t match hourly, and precipitation is often off from daily to hourly also. Looks like no one ever checks for errors like this. Unreliable.
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3 years ago, painter cataloger
Thank you
This is the first place I go when I need weather info. Whether in severe weather or just figuring out what to wear.
Show more
3 years ago, dustitrail
I like live!
Appreciate the details from weather person.
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2 months ago, mzmyewski
I like the app but it would be great to have a widget.
I like the app but it would be great to have a widget so I could see the current conditions as well as high/low temps for the day.
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2 years ago, Rochelle3491
Too many notifications
In the settings of your app I have checked only Tornado warnings and watches under severe. However I am getting all kinds of notifications. Including one today telling me it was sunny. I want these important alerts but don’t want to be annoyed with the others. Can you address this?
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3 years ago, James521965
Best weather app there is
I’ve got several different weather apps cause I work out side 48 is the best by far and the radar definitely the best thanks!!
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3 years ago, Counselor-ed
Love the app
Love the app especially for my outdoor activities. Suggestion, add humidity percentages both on the daily and hourly tabs. That would make the experience complete for me, ALL encompassing. In Florida it so matters!
Show more
3 years ago, Tedricko
Always there
Brad Travis is a North Alabama treasure! He’s always there to help keep us informed and safe. Only channel I watch for updates is WAFF 48. Thank you Brad for your service and dedication to our communities.
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