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User Reviews for Walkie-Talkie

3.13 out of 5
225 Ratings
3 years ago, Juanita7279
Needs to work across apple devices
My daughter had an Apple Watch that’s connected to my (her mother) iPhone. Her and I cannot communicate because the watch OSS on my Apple ID. She’s toon young for her own phone but this would be great for her and o to use! Please make it work across all iPhone products!
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2 years ago, iKnowMyABGs
I second that man below
I have an Apple Watch 4, iPhone 13 pro max friends got 7/13 pro and all we can do with one another is invite over and over again. Yet no notifications, emails, texts, anything to show proof of said sent invite. We both have yellow check marks on name, app data/power turned on, also the walkie talkie symbol when you swipe up is both on(yellow) and the little yellow icon is appearing up top. But still jack on it actually working or connecting us via invite or what have you. We both hard reset watch/phone also to see if that would sew up any incorrect procedures it might be having which is causing the no acceptance or use of the app.
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3 years ago, IsraelVargas
Works as intended
It works, and it’s real nice to have… if multiple parties all have an Apple Watch. Most of my coworkers have an Apple device, but only a few have an Apple Watch. You’d think that an app created by Apple would be for the entire ecosystem, not just watch users. Once there is support for all devices then I’ll definitely change to 5 stars.
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2 years ago, mattius1990
App doesn’t work
I have an iPhone 12 Pro and the latest Apple Watch SE with the latest software update. Invites never show to anyone I know with an identical setup, and we’ve checked all of our FaceTime, watch, and app settings over and over. It’s set to available and the icon comes up, but I can’t actually connect to or use it with anyone. Everything has been deleted, re-downloaded, reset, etc, and absolutely nothing. Biggest dud and disappointment I’ve ever had waste space on an iOS device.
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2 years ago, hsnwodneifnrisbdiebf
Is there any way I can get walk-talkie and App Store on my Apple Watch
My friend just got a new Apple Watch and an iPhone XR and wanted me to use walkie-talkie with her and I can’t download the app because it says It’s for iPhone 13 or later and I have an Apple Watch but it doesn’t have App Store on it and I don’t know if I can get it from there. My friend has an XR which isn’t later than a 13, she said walk-talkie came with her Apple Watch. It’s probably because she has a higher version but I’m not sure. She also has App Store on hers.
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3 years ago, Sk3tba
Walkie Talkie Watch App
Unfortunately not everyone has an Apple Watch, great app but limited capabilities without iPhone support. Apple App developers need to get in contact with the creators of the TiKL walkie talkie app and purchase that system/app. It is a true push to talk, instant, no recorded audio, walkie talkie app much like The Apple Watch App.
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2 years ago, Chief Chachi
Make available on all iOS devices
Please make this available on all Apple devices! It is so disappointing that Nextel didn’t survive and this would be a great comm tool for our farm and other places when short / instant voice is needed!
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3 years ago, Jmchurch
Needs all platform connectivity.
This is a great feature but not everyone has an Apple Watch. This would be a fantastic feature for all Apple devices ie iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. Then it would 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Gdan74
Repeat push button
the app is great but I would recommend that they put a button to repeat the received messages in case you haven't listened.
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2 years ago, Larrieboi
iPhone version needed
This would be AMAZING to have on iPhone as well. Imagine being able to talkie to your friends Apple Watch or viceversa.
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3 years ago, Alexandermic1
Support on iPhone
If this app was on iPhone it would just improve on Apple’s great communication tools like iMessage. This needs to be done Apple!
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2 years ago, mamab!scuit
Used to work
Used to work, but for some reason now I invite people but they never get a notification. I have deleted FaceTime and walkie talkie from the watch and it’s still not wanting to work. I’ve restarted all my devices and nothing. Really wish I could get this to work, very convenient
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3 years ago, ventzp
Needs iPhone version badly!!
This needs and iPhone version badly. And then the ability to talk from Watch to iPhone, and just iPhone to iPhone.
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3 years ago, ajso954
Works great!
We love the walk-in talkie app. It works great for us and it’s quicker then making a phone call. Thanks apple P.s iodate it to fix the little bugs here and there and it will be 💯
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3 years ago, Djgmofo
Put it on iPhone!!!!
Like I just don’t understand why this utility can’t be on the iPhone. Come on!
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3 years ago, Yusuf Ibn Yusuf
Iphone 12 Promax and AppleWatch 6SE
This app only works when it wants to and is not dependable in the least, 0 consistency, super aggravating when this is suppose to be one of the coolest features of having this watch. The developers need to make this work. Better yet Apple needs to make it work.
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2 years ago, Saint Patrick's
Only available for iwatch is disappointing
If this app were available across multiple platforms and devices (not just apple) it would be perfect. Otherwise it’s practically useless
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2 years ago, RNWJR
Absolutely love it!!!
Absolutely love it.  please bring this feature to the iPhone and iPad as well!!!
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2 years ago, Smoké
This Should Not Be a Watch Only App
To properly get use of this app, it should be available to all Apple users, regardless of whether it’s an Apple Watch, an iPhone or a Macintosh.
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3 years ago, NukaWax
A great app that’s handicapped.
UX and product teams… This would be a 5 star app if it was available and integrated with iPhones and iPads. Take it out of the backlog and get it in your next sprint please.
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2 years ago, poke.me
Not compatible
Why would the watch walkie not go hand and hand with the phone? This feature should be added. I would like to use my phone to walkie my contacts with iPhones, not just watch to watch.
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3 years ago, razmadzee
Apple watch to iphone
Why you can’t talk from Apple Watch to iphone? It doesn’t make any sense
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3 years ago, April King
Way too inconsistent
Even with two watches in a joined family on a shared network, it won’t connect. If it was an always-on thing that consistently connected it would be amazing. As it stands, I end up calling people instead of having this app.
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2 years ago, Matt 28_19
No Good
After trying dozens of different things, I still haven’t been able to get this app to work. It’s very frustrating. I was able to connect to 1 out of 3 friends and use the app, but working 33% is just not good enough.
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3 years ago, JSDeckard
Worthless without iPhone app
I have an apple watch but not everyone in my family does - need this on all platforms for it to be useful.
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2 years ago, spamasutra
Complicated frustrating disappointing
Why is this complicated??? It doesn't work. It seems trial and error is the way to figure this out… I thought apple just works..
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2 years ago, Damon45
Make an app for iPhone to/from iWatch
Plz, TY.
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2 years ago, Project Kurama
Does not work
Was not working with my series 4 and it still won’t work with my series 7 watch,everything up to date and FaceTime is active
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2 years ago, hhfjjjdbbjdjjjd
Never works
Sent multiple invitations with multiple people near me. No one ever received an invite on their watch, and no one else can get it to work either. Very poor execution by Apple.
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2 years ago, Invites Broken
Can’t invite anyone
I can’t seem to invite other friends that use the app. Frustrating.
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3 years ago, Kevoso
Great app for the watch
Love the concept. However WHY IS IT NOT MADE FOR IPHONES!!?!?! introduce it QUICK!!!
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2 years ago, Mingxi Xu
Not working at all
it always said check that FaceTime is signed in with Apple id. FaceTime works fine on my phone but i cannot use this app.
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3 years ago, Miguel AKA DJ MiKe
Don’t work
I wan it to give no stars but I can’t so I give one why because you guys app don’t work at all. I have the Apple Watch 6 series and don’t even work
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3 years ago, edanddebra
Add to iPhone
This app is worthless. I’m the only one in our family with an Apple Watch. We’re not all getting Apple Watches just for this to work.
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2 years ago, Mr banana man
Never worked
This never worked to begin with, kind of a joke really. Can’t receive invites and invites i send do not get received.
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3 years ago, tv be a s
Doesn’t work
This app doesn’t work and allow you to use the walkie talkie
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2 years ago, juiceeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Invite never gets seen
I’ve tried adding people on the walkie app and no one ever received the invite. 🧐
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2 years ago, Robinhood isn't Robingood
Bad app no phone work
This app ain’t it, chief. It’s not for iPhone??? But??? I thought this was Apple? Wozniak would rolling in his grave at this nonsense.
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2 years ago, Lizyy27
I hope they make this app for iPhones too it’s a good app on the watch
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2 years ago, cehoofe
App not working
I send the invite and stays on friend invited, app doesn’t work at all
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2 years ago, wickedMAYHEM
Does not work
iPhone 13 Pro max - Apple watch SE - Latest software update - NOTHING WORKS. Disappointed.
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3 years ago, Tenn Beast
I have iso 15.2 and it says I still can’t download this!!!!!!
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3 years ago, poohebd50
Wallow talkie
CAnt get my Daughters and my watches to link up n work on the walk-in talkie app
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3 years ago, Djavad Mozaffari Fard
Can't get it on apple watch 4
Can't get it on apple watch 4
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3 years ago, Orejateca
No me deja descargarlo desde el iPhone ni desde el Apple Watch. Por lo tanto no puedo obtener la aplicación.
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2 years ago, MSA70
No funciona
Hace más de un año que no funciona.. corrijan porque es una buena App..😡
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2 years ago, cutefluffycatgirl
Why does it do this?
When my friend tries to invite me it doesn’t come through and vice versa.
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2 years ago, Msworthy
Doesn’t work
I have tried EVERY suggested fix and followed all of the YouTube tutorials- No fix. Disappointed!
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3 years ago, Sigsby
Can’t get invites to even work.
I’ve watched every YouTube how go to get this app to work but no luck. Can’t even get invites to send or receive to start.
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